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  2. 17 PowerPoint Presentation Examples That Show Style & Professionalism

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  4. 25 Free Microsoft PowerPoint And Google Slides Presentation Templates

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  1. Create a presentation in PowerPoint

    Open PowerPoint. In the left pane, select New. Select an option: To create a presentation from scratch, select Blank Presentation. To use a prepared design, select one of the templates. To see tips for using PowerPoint, select Take a Tour, and then select Create, . Add a slide.

  2. PowerPoint 101: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

    Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation design software that is part of Microsoft 365. This software allows you to design presentations by combining text, images, graphics, video, and animation on slides in a simple and intuitive way. Over time, PowerPoint has evolved and improved its accessibility to users.

  3. 20 Great Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design [+ Templates]

    6. "Blitzscaling: Book Trailer," Reid Hoffman. If you're going to go the minimalistic route, I'd take note of this PowerPoint presentation example from Reid Hoffman. This clean design adheres to a simple, consistent color scheme with clean graphics peppered throughout to make the slides more visually interesting.

  4. How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation (Step-by-Step)

    To do that, simply go up to the Home tab and click on New Slide. This inserts a new slide in your presentation right after the one you were on. You can alternatively hit Ctrl+M on your keyboard to insert a new blank slide in PowerPoint. To learn more about this shortcut, see my guide on using Ctrl+M in PowerPoint.

  5. Free Online Slide Presentation: PowerPoint

    One person. Sharing and real-time collaboration. PowerPoint for the web and PowerPoint desktop app for offline use. Premium templates, fonts, icons, and stickers with thousands of options to choose from. Dictation, voice commands, and transcription. Advanced spelling and grammar, in-app learning tips, use in 20+ languages, and more.

  6. Create a presentation in PowerPoint

    Create a blank presentation. Open PowerPoint. Select one of the Blank Presentation and start typing. Note: Microsoft 365 subscribers will find Design Ideas based on the words you type. You can browse and select a new look.

  7. Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint presentation

    Select the text. Under Drawing Tools, choose Format. Do one of the following: To change the color of your text, choose Text Fill, and then choose a color. To change the outline color of your text, choose Text Outline, and then choose a color. To apply a shadow, reflection, glow, bevel, 3-D rotation, a transform, choose Text Effects, and then ...

  8. How to create a presentation in PowerPoint

    In PowerPoint, you can create a presentation from scratch, or from a theme with built-in graphics, fonts, and placeholders for your text, images, and content...

  9. 8 Tips to Make the Best PowerPoint Presentations

    A good presentation needs two fonts: a serif and sans-serif. Use one for the headlines and one for body text, lists, and the like. Keep it simple. Veranda, Helvetica, Arial, and even Times New Roman are safe choices. Stick with the classics and it's hard to botch this one too badly.

  10. How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation: A Beginner's Guide

    Open the PowerPoint app, select a template and theme, then like "Create.". Click the text box to add your title and subtitle to create your title slide. Click the "Insert" tab, then "New Slide" to add another slide. Choose the type of slide you want to add, then add text and pictures. Rearrange slides by dragging them up or down in ...

  11. 25 PowerPoint Presentation Tips For Good PPT Slides in 2022

    Get your main point into the presentation as early as possible (this avoids any risk of audience fatigue or attention span waning), then substantiate your point with facts, figures etc and then reiterate your point at the end in a 'Summary'. 2. Practice Makes Perfect. Also, don't forget to practice your presentation.

  12. Free Google Slides themes and Powerpoint templates

    Download the Background Infographics presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. High school students are approaching adulthood, and therefore, this template's design reflects the mature nature of their education. Customize the well-defined sections, integrate multimedia and interactive elements and allow space for research or group ...

  13. How to structure a good PowerPoint Presentation

    Length and Structure. The main part should make up about 70% of the presentation and also include a clear structure. Explain your ideas in detail and build them up logically. It should be organized chronologically, by priority or by topic. There should be a smooth transition between the individual issues.

  14. 17 PowerPoint Presentation Examples That Show Style ...

    A PowerPoint presentation example that shows consistency and style by using a strict color scheme: orange, beige, and deep blue. Orange and blue are one of the most popular contrasting combinations widely used in all kinds of designs. If you are not sure what colors to go with, simply choose a tested color scheme. 13.

  15. PowerPoint: Slide Basics

    Every PowerPoint presentation is composed of a series of slides. To begin creating a slide show, you'll need to know the basics of working with slides. You'll need to feel comfortable with tasks like inserting a new slide, changing the layout of a slide, ...

  16. PowerPoint for Beginners

    Get started with PowerPoint for Beginners. Follow this 20-Minute step by step PowerPoint tutorial to start creating presentations smoothly.Contents of this v...

  17. What It Takes to Give a Great Presentation

    Here are a few tips for business professionals who want to move from being good speakers to great ones: be concise (the fewer words, the better); never use bullet points (photos and images paired ...

  18. Microsoft PowerPoint

    Archived from the original on October 8, 2015. Retrieved August 25, 2017. Microsoft PowerPoint, virtual presentation software developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin for the American computer software company Forethought, Inc. The program, initially named Presenter, was released for the Apple Macintosh in 1987.

  19. Slideshow Maker Software Guide

    With AI revolutionizing content creation, using a slideshow maker that has AI capabilities will enhance efficiency and innovation. Depending on the slideshow app you have, creating an entire slideshow could be as easy as a quick prompt, like "Make a presentation about the benefits of sustainable fashion that has 15 slides.". Animations.

  20. What is PowerPoint?: Introduction, Features, Uses & Benefits

    PowerPoint is a versatile and popular presentation software developed by Microsoft (MS). It is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite and offers various features and tools to create visually appealing and engaging presentations. MS PowerPoint allows users to combine text, graphics, multimedia elements, and animations to convey information ...

  21. Free Kids Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates

    Kids Presentation templates. Find free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates designed for Kids, educators or anyone looking for backgrounds and resources more suitable for a younger audience. With many options at your disposal, customizing them is easy as pie. Filters.

  22. 12 Mistakes That Can Doom Your Presentation To Failure

    This is where storytelling plays a role. "Boring presentations are unfortunately a common occurrence," she says. "Multiple factors can contribute to a dull, tedious, and tiresome talk ...

  23. How To Get Free Access To Microsoft PowerPoint

    Here's how to get free PowerPoint on the Microsoft 365 (Office) app: Search for Microsoft 365 (Office) on the Microsoft Store app. Install and open it. Sign in with your Microsoft account ...

  24. Create and open a PowerPoint presentation

    Create a new presentation. Open PowerPoint. Select Blank presentation, or select one of the themes. Select More themes to view the gallery and search for more. Add a slide. Select the slide you want your new slide to follow. Select Home > New Slide. Select Layout and the you type want from the drop-down.

  25. AAPA 2025 Call for Presentations

    Presentations are 45-50 minutes long, with the last 10-15 minutes reserved for questions and answers. Audiences range in size from 250-2,500 participants. Hands-on Clinical Skills Workshops. Clinical workshops include a mix of brief didactic introductions and practical application of skills. They last between two and four hours.

  26. PowerPoint parties are still bringing friends together, one hyper ...

    The concept of the PowerPoint party was formalized in 2012, when three students at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, hosted a "Drink, Talk & Learn" event. Guests of these early ...

  27. Gif not playing on presentation mode

    2. Check Animation Settings: Open the PowerPoint presentation for which the animations are not working properly. Click on the SlideShow tab in the menu and select Set Up Slideshow. Next, in the Set Up Show window, uncheck the two options, Show without animation, and Disable hardware graphics acceleration. Press OK to save the changes. 3.

  28. PDF CPE Organizational Structure Governance PowerPoint Presentation

    Organizational Structure and Governance PowerPoint Presentation Template. Instructions for Completion: Please include specific information using this PowerPoint template as a guide and responding to the specific requests listed within the template. The presentation focuses on various aspects of your organization as they relate to the operation ...

  29. How to import Powerpoint presentation into new captivate

    on the 2017 version it was one of the first prompts to start a project via Powerpoint presentation. I cant find that same option with the new 2023 version. Help! discussion. elearning projects. import powerpoint. powerpoint to elearning. Like (4) Comments (4) Share. LinkedIn. Twitter. Facebook.