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Speech to Text (Voice Recognition)

An easy to use speech synthesis and recognition tool for your browser!

Speech to Text (Voice Recognition) is an extension that helps you convert your speech to text. It can recognize a wide variety of languages and related dialects. In order to work with this extension, simply open the addon's UI and then press on the big microphone icon to start converting your voice to text. Please note that, when the add-on is first started, it asks for microphone permission. Please accept the permission to start working with the add-on. All the captured text is placed in the top text-area within the UI. In order to copy the text, use (Ctrl + C) keyboard combination. This add-on has no background activities when it is closed. Moreover, it does not need an internet connection for operation. If you found a bug to report, please fill the bug report form in the add-on's homepage (

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Reawakening Helpline Dec 10, 2023

One of the best extensions to work with really really convenient.

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Hannah Desmond Nov 27, 2023

it spells out 'full stop', 'comma' etc. Not fit fur purpose.

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Karl Pearson Nov 7, 2023

I give it 2 stars for working at all, after those who say it doesn't work. HOWEVER, why doesn't iot know things like, "new line", "paragraph", "period", "comma", or any other punctuation? That's kind of important, isn't it? Even my phones 'Messaging" app knows to automatically punctuate. It does it wrong half the time, but at least it's trying. This app tries nothing at all. Example using my first sentence above: I give it two stars for working at all comma after those who say it doesn't ... Show more

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speech to text chrome extension

V2T: Voice To Text

Use speech recognition to convert your voice to text on any tab without typing

speech to text chrome extension

LipSurf - Voice Control for the Web

Use voice to type, click anything, scroll, watch videos, open webpages, make custom voice shortcuts and more.

speech to text chrome extension

VoiceFiller Speech To Text for Website Forms

VoiceFiller - Fill the website forms and inputs with your voice, via latest Speech To Text technology, for Free

speech to text chrome extension

This extension listens to you and copies what you said to the clipboard.

speech to text chrome extension

Voice In - Speech-To-Text Dictation

Use dictation to type in 10k+ sites in 50+ languages. VoiceIn transcribes your speech to text in real time.

speech to text chrome extension

Voice Typing

Use your voice to type on any website

speech to text chrome extension

Speech to Text

Speech recognizer application to keep it as text.

speech to text chrome extension

Speech Recognition Anywhere

Use Voice Recognition to fill out forms and dictate email with speech to text. Control the Internet with custom voice commands!

speech to text chrome extension

Speech To Text Engine

For your browser, there's an easy-to-use speech synthesis and analysis program!

speech to text chrome extension

Talk & Write

A listening notepad

speech to text chrome extension

Speech Recognition Anywhere 365

speech to text chrome extension

SpeechAgent - Live Voice Typing

Speech to text converter to fill active text area with your voice using the built-in speech recognition engine of your browser

speech to text chrome extension

10 Best Speech to Text Chrome Extensions (Complete List)

For any online work, typing is essential. But if you have limited mobility, injuries that affect your typing, or your brain works faster than your hands, it can feel time-consuming.

As a writer, I spend hours at my desk writing down ideas, structuring my work, and turning it into finished articles like this one. But even with my ergonomic keyboard, typing hurts my hands and sometimes speaking my ideas out loud is quicker than typing.

That’s where dictation comes in handy. Using a dictation Chrome extension means you can speak into a microphone and speech recognition software writes it out for you (without the need to slog over your keyboard).

I’ve researched and tested several extensions to see how they stack up. Here’s a list of the 10 best speech to text Chrome extensions, complete with a list of features, drawbacks, and pricing information.

The 10 Best Speech to Text Extensions for Chrome

Best for transcribing web page audio

With our Chrome extension, you can turn any web-based audio into text with up to 98.86% accuracy. Download the Notta extension from the Chrome web store and transcribe any web page containing speech audio . This is handy for turning YouTube videos, podcasts, or webinars into text. Just like our Web app, the extension supports 104 languages. When you’re finished recording, your transcript is saved to your Notta dashboard where you can edit, summarize, share, and export it.

Notta Features

Up to 98.98% accuracy with high-quality audio

Lightweight Chrome extension

Notta AI summarizes transcription 

Condense transcript into chapters and actionable insights with Notta AI

Export in a variety of formats including TXT, SRT, PDF, and Excel

Share with your team to collaborate via a URL or invite

Transcriptions are encrypted to protect your data

Notta Drawbacks

Only records web page audio—-you’ll need to open Notta for Web to record from your microphone

Notta Pricing

There’s a free subscription that provides 120 minutes of transcription per month (though it limits transcription duration per recording to 3 or 5 minutes). Paid accounts start at $8.25 per month, billed annually.

Notta's transcription turns your spoken interactions into searchable text. One-click to record client priorities and replay conversations whenever, wherever. With Notta, your voice and ideas are always at your fingertips.

Try it Free Now

2. Speech to Text

Best for basic transcription in a multitude of dialects

Simplistic dictation extension that records from your microphone and types into a floating window. There are no frills with this tool—type in plain text with your voice and copy it using the standard keyboard shortcuts (ctrl/command + C). You can switch tabs and Speech to Text continues to dictate in real-time. There’s a wide range of languages with regional variants, such as Spanish for Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and many more.

Speech to Text Features

Wide range of languages and regional dialects

Extremely minimal interface

‘Non-destructive’ dictation—it only types in the designated window so you’ll avoid unwanted typing as you switch tabs

Speech to Text Drawbacks

There are no options to add punctuation or formatting—you’ll have to type these manually

Speech to Text Pricing

This lightweight tool is completely free, no account required

3. Transkriptor: Transcribe Audio to Text

Transcribe audio from your browser, system, or a media file

Best for creating automatic subtitle files

Transkriptor has over 70,000 downloads from the Chrome web store. It’s a feature-rich extension that transcribes speech from your browser, an audio or video file, or from a URL.

Transkriptor has a unique feature where you can choose the format of your transcript in plain text, subtitles, or separated speakers , depending on how you plan to use it. When your transcription is complete, ask the AI chat questions to interact with your transcript . Handy for creating highlights or getting clarity on a specific point.

Transkriptor Features

Resize transcript font with a slider bar

Translate the transcript using Google Translate (in-built)

Several recording options including browser tabs, windows, and screens

Toggle system sounds on or off (this could be helpful if transcribing a video on another screen, for example)

Download transcripts in TXT, SRT, and copy to your clipboard

Transkriptor Drawbacks

Transcription speed is quite slow compared with other options

You can’t download transcripts on a free account

Transkriptor Pricing

The free trial gives you 90 minutes worth of transcription. Upgrade to Pro for $4.99 per month, billed annually.

4. SpeechText.AI: Record, Capture & Transcribe

Best for quick self-recording and basic transcription  

When you install SpeechText.AI from the Chrome Web Store, choose from three functions which each open a new tab. Record your microphone for instant playback and download as an MP3—helpful to quickly share thoughts and ideas. Capture your browser audio and download it directly to your device. Then upload these files to the dashboard to transcribe them—SpeechText.AI offers unique export formats such as ODT, RTF, and HTML among others.

SpeechText.AI Features

Record directly from your microphone into the browser

Capture any browser audio and download to your device instantly

Fast and accurate transcription

SpeechText.AI Drawbacks

SpeechText.AI can’t capture audio from YouTube

You can’t sign up with Google or other accounts, just email

You can’t preview your transcript before downloading it

SpeechText.AI Pricing

For start with 15 minutes of free transcription, then pay for what you use. Pricing starts at $10 for 180 minutes.

5. Speechnotes Voice Typing

Best for quick, accurate typing on many web pages

Speechnotes offers both dictation and transcription services. With its Chrome dictation extension, you can type with your voice on most websites that have a text box. It’s quite simple—after you’ve installed it, click to activate. You’ll see a floating microphone button that you click to start and stop recording. In quiet environments, Speechnotes boast over 90% accuracy in a variety of languages. This could be invaluable for people who find it easier to speak than type by hand, whether that’s from a chronic condition or injury, or need to get ideas out quickly!

Speechnotes Features

Over 90% accurate

No account required

Floating start/stop icon makes it easy to control when to dictate

Captions show up in real-time as you speak

Types on a web page or into an individual text box which you can copy in a click

Speechnotes Drawbacks

Doesn’t work on popular sites like Google Docs or WhatsApp web—possibly because they have their own in-built speech to text options

Speechnotes Pricing

Completely free to use

Best for controlling web pages with your voice

For ultimate control over your browser and web pages, install Lipsurf’s Chrome extension to use its advanced speech to text voice recognition. If you can’t use your hands to type or mouse, but want the same level of flexibility, there’s a huge range of commands. Control your tabs, scroll websites, click links and control media playback. There are inbuilt plugins for popular websites such as Reddit, Google Sheets, and Gmail for customized functionality.

Lipsurf Features

Start recording your voice at the click of a button or set a ‘wake word’

Set your own custom commands using your voice

A wide range of language and dialect options

Language switching option if you speak multiple languages

Fast and responsive, even with complex commands

A helpful, comprehensive guide to using commands in Lipsurf

Annotate elements of a website with your voice for easier navigation

Lipsurf Drawbacks

The sheer number of commands feels overwhelming

Lipsurf Pricing

There’s a free basic option for most of the commands. If you want access to features like the ‘wake word’, you can pay for the Pro version. It’s affordable at $3 per month, billed annually.

7. Speech Recognition Anywhere 365

Best for dictation when you’re focused on a single task

If you need dictation and basic control using voice commands, Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 could be what you’re after. Click the extension icon to open a new window that activates your microphone. There’s a helpful guide with a list of voice commands and formatting options. Talk and the app will dictate in real-time, typing on any website that has a text box. It has a unique feature that can read text back to you , too. This tool would be handy for reading and writing emails, sending customer messages in a CRM, or any task where you aren’t switching around to different tabs.

Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 Features

Large range of languages and dialects

Comprehensive written guide for formatting and commands

Types on any web page

Can read text back to you in an AI-powered voice

Basic controls such as annotating and navigating web pages

Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 Drawbacks

Recording only stays active when the Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 webpage is open—it’s easy to accidentally close it and stop recording

It continues to listen and type no matter what web page you’re viewing, so you might accidentally type unwanted speech

Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 Pricing

Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 is reasonably priced at $14.99 per year.

8. DictationBox

Voice typing and custom voice shortcuts with DictationBox

Best for voice typing with custom shortcuts

Speak into your microphone and DictationBox writes what you say into a floating text box, without typing into your open webpages, making it helpful to jot down ideas that you can copy wherever you’d like. This voice to text Chrome extension has a unique voice-powered text expander feature to make quick work of repetitive typing. Set a trigger phrase and type what you want it to write when you say the phrase. This could be useful for writing an email signature or answering common support questions.

DictationBox Features

Speech recognition in over 100 languages

Lightweight, easy to use extension

Unlimited custom commands

One-click to copy your dictated text

DictationBox Drawbacks

No options to format your transcription

DictationBox Pricing

DictationBox is completely free and unlimited to use.

9. Voice In Voice Typing

A lightweight Chrome extension to dictate speech in thousands of websites

Best if you need flexible dictation formatting across multiple websites

This talk to text Chrome extension made by Dictanote has over 400,000 downloads in the Chrome web store. It’s a lightweight addition to your browser to dictate your speech as text on thousands of websites including Discord, Gmail, and Google Docs. This could simplify replying to emails, sending Slack messages, and posting social media captions. There’s an expansive guide with commands to help you format your text with punctuation, emojis, and more , just by talking.

Voice In Features

Dictates in real time

Dictation in over 50 languages

Works in thousands of websites

Lightweight, non-intrusive extension

Voice In Drawbacks

You can’t switch browser tabs and continue recording with the free plan

Voice In Pricing

There’s a free plan for basic dictation. If you’d like to use advanced features like continuous recording while switching tabs, you can buy Premium for $3.33 a month, billed annually. For lifetime access, there’s a one-off option for $99.99.

10. Speech to Text

This lightweight tool is completely free, no account required.

FAQS about the Best Speech to Text Extension for Chrome

What is the best chrome speech-to-text extension.

We’d recommend the Notta Chrome extension to dictate speech from web-based audio and videos. It has a lightweight interface and transcribes audio with one click in a wide range of supported languages. 

If you want to record and dictate your own voice, we’d suggest Voice In —you can type using your voice wherever there’s a text box and it supports over 50 languages.

What is the Free Chrome Extension that Transcribes Audio to Text?

From the voice typing Chrome extensions we’ve provided, we’d recommend Notta or Speechtext.AI to create a transcription from audio. These tools provide speaker tags, timestamps, and advanced editing options, plus you can export in a variety of formats like TXT or SRT.

How Do I Turn on Voice Typing in Google Docs?

Open a document in Google Docs.

Plug in your microphone.

Go to ‘ Tools ’ > ‘ Voice Typing ’.

Choose your language from the drop down menu.

Click the ‘ microphone ’ icon to arm it, ready for recording.

Speak into your microphone and Google will begin dictating in real time.

Google Docs also supports basic formatting with voice commands—read their comprehensive guide for full voice typing functionality.

What Is the Best Speech-to-Text Add On for Firefox?

Helperbird is a speech-to-text Firefox addon that can dictate your speech and turn it into text. It floats above your browser window—speak into your microphone and Helperbird types your speech as text, ready for you to copy with one click. Other features include colored rulers and overlays and text-to-speech, designed to benefit people with Dyslexia. Voice typing is a paid feature, starting at $40 a year.

Does Google Meet Have Transcription?

You can obtain a transcript of any Google Meet Meeting without a Google dictation extension if you pay for Google One Premium or have a business account. Start by recording your meeting and enable transcription when prompted. When the meeting’s over, you and every guest will receive an email with a copy of the transcript in Google Docs—although it expires after three months unless you copy it to another folder.

No matter what kind of dictation you need, there are several voice typing Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web store that put the convenience of voice typing a few clicks away. There are extensions for dictating your speech in real-time through your microphone, capturing and transcribing web-based audio, and even the ability to control websites with your voice. Pretty handy, especially if you’re multitasking!

When you’re ready, give Notta transcription a try.

Notta understands the value of your time. Automated workflows powered by AI accelerate bulk jobs and standard requests at an affordable self-service rate.

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