visualization of geometric white clouds on dark purple background

2022 Landscape Architecture Thesis Prize: Liwei Shen’s “The Echoes of Sky River – Two Pre-modern and Modern Atmospheric Assemblages”

by Liwei Shen (MLA I ’22) — Recipient of the Landscape Architecture Thesis Prize. The…

Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, Faculty Advisor

Spring 2022

Black and white photo of wood architectural model shown on angle; structural is one story and long with a moderately sloped roof

2022 James Templeton Kelley Prize: Isaac Henry Pollan’s “This Is Not A Firehouse”

by Isaac Henry Pollan (MArch I ’22) — Recipient of the James Templeton Kelley Prize,…

Sean Canty , Faculty Advisor

Section Perspective

2022 Clifford Wong Prize in Housing Design: Brian Lee’s “People’s Park Complex: Repairing the Modern City”

by Brian Lee (MArch ’22) — Recipient of the 2021 Clifford Wong Prize in…

Grace La and Jenny French , Faculty Advisors

design graduate thesis

2022 Peter Rice Prize: Hangsoo Jeong’s “Upon Concrete: Retrofitting Architecture with Malleability”

by Hangsoo Jeong (MArch ’22) — Recipient of the Peter Rice Prize   Upon Concrete:…

Mark Lee, Faculty Advisor

Exploded axonometric.

2022 Digital Design Prize: George Guida’s “Multimodal Architecture: Applications of Language in a Machine Learning Aided Design Process”

by George Guida (MArch II ’22) — Recipient of the Digital Design Prize. This thesis…

Andrew Witt and Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez , Faculty Advisors

Drawing of a boulevard with grocery store, ice cream stall and people strolling around

2022 Urban Design Thesis Prize: Rogelio Cadena’s “How Are ‘We’ Living? Reevaluating the Chicago Boulevard System”

by Rogelio Cadena (MAUD ’22) — Recipient of the Urban Design Thesis Prize. At its…

Stephen Gray , Faculty Advisor

Infographic titled Research Overview showing power outlet labeled electrification, a house labeled envelope upgrades and sun with thunder labeled renewable energy

2022 Design Studies Thesis Prize: Allison Hyatt’s “Priorities in Building Decarbonization: Accounting for total carbon and the time value of carbon in cost-benefit analyses of residential retrofits”

by Allison Hyatt (MDes ’22) — Recipient of the Design Studies Thesis Prize. Energy consumption…

Holly Samuelson , Faculty Advisor

Rendering split in two parts horizontally. The upper parts shows buildings in the city context and below part shows the underground part in black and white colors

2022 James Templeton Kelley Prize: Qin Ye Chen’s “Fluid Permanence – A Shotengai-Archive in Tokyo”

by Qin Ye Chen (MArch I ’22) — Recipient of the James Templeton Kelley Prize,…

Mohsen Mostafavi , Faculty Advisor

Derby Vassall

2022 Design Studies Thesis Prize: Nicole Piepenbrink’s “HERE LIES DARBY VASSALL: Rendering the obscured and concealed history of slavery at Christ Church Cambridge”

by Nicole Piepenbrink (MDes ’22) — Recipient of the Design Studies Thesis Prize. The material…

Susan Snyder, George Thomas and Krzysztof Wodiczko , Faculty Advisors

visualization of swirled formation; blue dusk sky in the background

2022 Landscape Architecture Thesis Prize: Lucy Humphreys Chebot’s “Reciprocal Optimism: Projecting Terrestrial Analogues”

by Lucy Humphreys Chebot (MLA I ’22) — Recipient of the Landscape Architecture Thesis Prize.

Danielle Choi , Faculty Advisor

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How to write the perfect design dissertation

Tutors and students from top design colleges share their advice.

design graduate thesis

Studying design is about crafting a great design portfolio that will wow potential employers, right? Well, yes. But don't discount the importance of astute creative thinking, and expressing yourself eloquently through the written word. In short, your design dissertation matters.

"I don't believe that design students should be focused entirely on portfolio work," argues Myrna MacLeod , programme leader for Graphic Design at Edinburgh Napier University. "They should also be able to demonstrate an interest in the contexts that underpin their work, and the histories and connections that have informed our practice."

  • 5 top tips for graduate designers

"Think of a dissertation as an opportunity, not a burden," urges Craig Burston , Graphic and Media Design course leader at London College of Communication (LCC). "It gives us visually-minded people an opportunity to demonstrate that we too can construct arguments and distil complex notions." 

As Burston points out, this is not just an academic exercise: the power of persuasion is often key to success as a commercial designer. "Clients seek clarity, and project concepts or proposals need to be put into context," he says.

Read on to discover some top tips from leading tutors and their students for nailing your design dissertation…

01. Treat it like a design brief

"A great dissertation should be a designed artefact, and portfolio-worthy in its own right," says Burston. And like a design brief, it should be about solving a problem: "Make sure it has clearly stated aims, strong focus, and doesn't lack opinion or rhetoric," he adds.

  • Best laptops for graphic design

"The value of a designed dissertation as a portfolio piece is that it's a holistic view of the individual," agrees Sarah James , senior lecturer in Visual Communication at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). 

"It shows, type, editorial, research and aesthetic skill, as well as the personal interests and convictions of the individual."

For her AUB dissertation on responsive type, Maarit Koobas conducted an extensive research process

James identifies AUB student Maarit Koobas , who investigated responsive type in both her dissertation and final project, as a particularly strong example of this. "Her design version was one of the most authentic, restrained and elegantly expressive I have ever received," she enthuses.

Koobas conducted a huge amount of initial research into both the contexts in which responsive type can be seen – such as advertising, product design, science and material cultures – and the theories behind its analysis, including semiotics, philosophy and politics. "Creating and analysing ideas, before they end up in your portfolio, is what design is all about," argues Koobas.

  • 5 must-read books for design students

02. Write about your passion

"To develop essay questions, AUB students are asked to consider what they love, hate or are puzzled by in their practice – essentially, what moves them," says James. 

"A poor dissertation is inauthentically chosen for ease as opposed to interest," she adds. "It rambles and blusters, using complex language to mask insufficient research." 

"You can tell a mile off when the writer isn't interested," agrees Burston. "How can you expect the reader to care about it if you don't? Write about something that reflects your interests, focus and direction. I've read fascinating dissertations on topics as diverse as patterns in nature, and Brutalist car parks. Make me interested in what interests you."

Research by Napier graduate Fiona Winchester on typography in graphic novels

For Edinburgh Napier graduate Fiona Winchester , this topic turned out to be typography in graphic novels. "I love reading them, but I think people still don't take them seriously as an art form, which is a shame," she says. For her dissertation, she conducted qualitative interviews using modified pages with and without imagery (shown above). 

Her advice is simple: "Narrow down your idea to be as precise as possible. The smaller your question, the easier it is to research and try to answer it."

If you're struggling to get the ball rolling on the actual writing process, Winchester advocates starting with whichever bit you have ideas for. "If you're stuck, it's so much easier to write in whatever order it comes to you, and then edit it into a dissertation, than to try write straight through from beginning to end," she insists.

03. Don't be afraid to talk to people

"I always think my students get the most out of the new streams of knowledge they find from talking to people," says McLeod. "It breaks down barriers and allows them to find answers to problems. Hopefully they will adopt that approach when designing for people also."

In some cases, this can involve interviewing your design heroes. "Students are very surprised when they send a question to Stefan Sagmeister , Milton Glaser or Michael Wolff and they reply with the most precious nugget of knowledge," smiles McLeod. 

But remember: it's your dissertation, so don't get lazy and expect your interview subject to do all the heavy lifting.

Kaori Toh's CSM dissertation on Mapping as a Creative Agency: Revelations and Speculations in the Age of Infrastructure

In other cases, it could be as simple as asking friends or family to help proofread. "It is quite daunting writing such a large body of text," admits Kaori Toh , a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins, whose dissertation explored the politics of design and technology.

"I often felt I'd get lost in all that text and research," she confesses. "Therefore, I would often send my drafts to a couple of friends to have them look through, and keep my writing cohesive."

04. Reflect on your design practice 

Most of all, dissertations are an opportunity to reflect on, and develop, your creative process as a designer. "Ultimately, it's your job to make your work relevant and credible, and the dissertation helps you learn how to do this," adds Burston. 

Of course, writing doesn't always come easily to visually minded people – and Burston highlights the fact that dyslexia is not uncommon amongst designers. 

"You're not on your own – in our profession, quite the opposite in fact – so do seek academic support, and just enjoy thinking and writing about 'stuff' that informs your practice," is his advice.

Entitled New Faces, Tom Baber's thesis at LCC discusses the craft of type design in the 21st century, inspired by his own experience creating a working typeface: Elephant Grotesk

One of Burston's stand-out students from this year, Tom Baber , welcomed support from the university to help with his dyslexia. Baber's dissertation focused on type design, and particularly the extent to which the longwinded design process is worth the effort, compared to using an existing typeface.

"I saw it as an opportunity to approach other type designers and see what they thought. Turns out I'm not the first to ask the question," he smiles. "Writing my dissertation helped me change from a 'maker' mentality to a 'designer' mentality, and be more critical of my ideas."

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Nick Carson

Nick is a content strategist and copywriter. He has worked with world-class agencies including Superunion, Wolff Olins and Vault49 on brand storytelling, tone of voice and verbal strategy for global brands such as Virgin, Pepsi and TikTok. Nick launched the Brand Impact Awards in 2013 while editor of Computer Arts, and remains chair of judges. He's written for Creative Bloq on design and branding matters since the site's launch.

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Industrial Design student work

You are here

  • Graduate Program

Graduate Thesis

Visit our new website to learn more about the Master of Design (MDes) program.

Online information sessions for 2023 MDes applicants:

  • 4pm on November 3, 2022 – sign up
  • 9am on December 1, 2022 – sign up

The thesis is an opportunity to enrich the field of design with an original contribution. It may exist as a written document, designed artifact, multimedia presentation or any combination of the above. Graduate thesis projects have covered a wide range of topics and reflect both the interests of the student and the concerns of the program with forward-looking investigations into the professional, technological and social questions facing the discipline. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the significant resources of the University to further their interests while extending the influence of design into the larger community. Recent topics for thesis projects have included the history of African-American design (Envisioning Black Aesthetics in Graphic Design), Asian “cute” design (Cute Culture), interactive journalism (Interactive Structures for Accessing News Online), explorations in typography and letter forms as they change over time, and design criteria (Analysis of the Holocaust Museum Across Design Media).

During the Spring Quarter of their first year, each student is responsible for developing a proposal and organizing a thesis committee. The committee must consist of at least two Design faculty, one of whom is the Chair. Students work closely with their Chair and committee throughout the project. In the final three quarters of study, degree candidates produce a substantial thesis document and/or exhibition that can be publicly presented. In addition, students are required to give a public presentation on their thesis prior to graduation.

This website exists as an ongoing collaborative experiment in digital publishing and information sharing. Because this website functions as a wiki, all members of the School of Art community—graduate students, faculty, staff, and alums—have the ability to add new content and pages, and to edit most of the site’s existing content.

Content is the property of its various authors. When you contribute to this site, you agree to abide by Yale University academic and network use policy, and to act as a responsible member of our community.

Page last changed by: Julian Bittiner

Graphic Design

Graphic design (mfa).

Program overview The graphic design program focuses on the development of a cohesive, investigative body of work, also known as the student’s thesis. At Yale, the graphic design thesis is conceived as a loose framework within which each student’s visual method is deployed across many diverse projects during the two-year course of study. While every thesis project is unique, there are several common features: a focus on methodology, the application of a visual method to studio work, and the organization of the work in a thoughtfully argued written document and “Thesis Book.”

The individual collection of graphic design work by each student is supported on several levels simultaneously: studio work led by faculty meeting weekly; small six-person thesis groups meeting biweekly; individual sessions with writing and editing tutors; and lectures, presentations, and workshops.

Facilities The School of Art provides digital lab facilities however all graphic design students are expected to have their own personal computer. Each student has a designated work space in the design studio loft and has access to equipment including bookbinding materials, wide format printers, a RISO duplicator, Vandercook press, and work spaces in the School of Art buildings. More resources supporting interdisciplinary projects including motion capture and VR is available at the nearby Center for Collaborative Arts and Media. In addition, students draw on the extraordinary resources of Yale University courses, conferences, films, lectures, and museums, and especially the extensive research and rare book collections of Sterling, Haas, and Beinecke libraries.

Two-year and preliminary-year programs Each year, up to ten students are admitted into the two-year graphic design program, and up to eight students are admitted into the preliminary-year program. Two-year program students typically have a BFA in Graphic Design and are expected to have substantial and distinguished professional experience. Students applying to the preliminary-year program typically have relevant experience in a field of study outside design and demonstrate evidence of strong visual acuity. After successful completion of the preliminary year, these students automatically continue on in the two-year M.F.A. program.

Last edited by: Taryn Wolf

Edit access: Everybody

Credit Requirements

Last edited by: Julian Bittiner

Typical Plan of Study

Preliminary-Year The preliminary year has a required studio course sequence and additional electives are not recommended.

Fall Art 710a, Preliminary Studio: 6 credits Art 264a2, Typography: 3 credits Art 370a, Designing with Time, Motion and Sound: 3 credits Art 468a, Advanced Graphic Design: Series and Systems: 3 credits

Total minimum credits for fall term: 15

Spring Art 711b, Preliminary Studio: 6 credits Art 265b, Expression, Structure, and Sequence: Typography: 3 credits Art 369b, Interactive Design and the Internet: 3 credits Art 469b, Advanced Graphic Design: History, Editing, and Interpretation: 3 credits

Total minimum credits for spring term: 15

First year There are 3 required courses in the first year of the two-year program, totaling 15 credits. The remaining 15 credit requirements for the year must be fulfilled through a combination of studio and/or academic electives.

Fall Required courses: Art 720a, 1st-year Graduate Studio: 6 credits Art 949a, Critical Practice: 3 credits

6 credits from design elective sequence:

Design electives offered: Art 743a, Letterform Design: 3 credits Art 744a, Moving Image Methods: 3 credits Art 750a, Programming as Writing: 3 credits

Spring Required courses: Art 720b, 1st-year Graduate Studio: 6 credits

3 academic credits and 6 credits from design elective sequence:

Design electives offered: Art 742b, Networks & Transactions: 3 credits Art 743b, Letterform Design: 3 credits Art 745b, Total Typography: 3 credits

Second year minimum credits There are 4 required courses in the second year of the two-year program, totaling 18 credits. The remaining 12 credit requirements for the year must be fulfilled through a combination of studio and/or academic electives.

Fall Required courses: Art 720a, 2nd-year Graduate Studio: 6 credits Art 739a, Degree presentation: 3 credits

6 credits of academic and/or from design elective sequence:

Design electives offered: Art 740a, Intermediality: Topography: 3 credits Art 752a, Mobile Computing: 3 credits

Spring Required courses: Art 730b, 2nd-year Graduate Studio: 6 credits Art 739b, Degree presentation: 3 credits

Design electives offered: Art 752b, Print to Screen: 1.5 credits Art 762b, Exhibition Design: 3 credits

Yale GD MFA Alumni 1998–2023

Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science in Sustainable Design

This collection of graduate thesis documents from the Master of Science in Sustainable Design program addresses multicultural aspects of ecological thinking for built environments across scales . These design-research theses are positioned at the intersection of architectural design, computation, material lifecycle, embodied and operational energy. They focus on enabling actionable expertise in sustainable and regenerative design methodologies in the context of climate change.


Usage metrics, authors ( 2 ).

Dana Cupkova

  • Architectural Design
  • Building Science and Techniques
  • Architecture not elsewhere classified
  • Architectural Science and Technology (incl. Acoustics, Lighting, Structure and Ecologically Sustainable Design)
  • Built Environment and Design not elsewhere classified
  • Design Innovation

The Emerson Grad Life Blog

  • Graduate Programs
  • Request Information

Boston Skyline with Emerson College's Blog Logo

What is a Thesis? Everything You Need to Know about a Graduate Thesis

A student typing their graduate thesis on a laptop with a phone on the desk

If you’re looking into graduate school, you may have read about graduate thesis requirements. In today’s blog, we’re giving you the rundown of what a graduate thesis is and whether you need to complete a thesis at Emerson . 

What is a graduate thesis?

A graduate thesis is a capstone project that demonstrates what a student has learned in graduate school. Some programs require students to conduct research for their thesis, while others may require a creative project. Regardless of what form it takes, a graduate thesis is a substantial project that showcases your ability to do independent, graduate-level work.

At Emerson, a graduate thesis can take multiple forms and might be optional, depending on your program. You may have the option to complete research, write a creative manuscript, or complete a film or other creative project as a graduate student at Emerson. 

Regardless of what format your thesis takes, students are expected to submit some form of academic or creative writing as part of their thesis. 

For a research thesis, this written submission will take the form of an academic research paper that presents your research question and findings. Programs at Emerson offering a research thesis track are:

  • Communication Disorders
  • Publishing and Writing
  • Theatre Education & Applied Theatre 

If your thesis is a piece of creative writing, such as a novel or collection of poems, your manuscript will count as the written portion of your thesis. You would complete this type of thesis in the following programs:

  • Creative Writing
  • Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing

For a film or creative project as a thesis, the written portion of your thesis would include an explanation of your work and what purpose it serves within your field of study. These are the programs in which you might complete this type of thesis:

  • Media Design
  • Film and Media Art
  • Writing for Film and Television
  • Publishing and Writing 
  • Theatre Education & Applied Theatre

A student working a film camera that is focused on a woman talking

Do I have to complete a thesis as part of graduate school?

It depends! Some of Emerson’s graduate programs don’t even offer thesis options, and many offer optional thesis opportunities. Only a handful of our programs require a thesis. 

A Commuication Disorders student completing research work in one of the faculty's research labs. The student sits at a desktop computer and holds a drawing of a face with different points of the face highlighted

The following programs at Emerson require students to complete a graduate thesis:

  • Students complete a design book that includes a literature review, creative portfolio, media design for a specific organization’s need, and plan for continued work with the partner organization.
  • Students complete a film or multimedia installation project as their thesis. They must also write an academic paper about their project.
  • Students in this program complete at least 100 pages of a near-publishable novel. The novel can fall within any genre, from mystery to science fiction to romance. Along with the manuscript, students also write a 3-4 page synopsis of their thesis.
  • Students submit a near-publishable manuscript in one of three categories: fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction. Page requirements vary based upon the genre in which students are writing. 
  • Students in this program complete a screenwriting thesis project. Generally, students can choose between writing a feature length screenplay, two pilot screenplays, or one pilot screenplay for a mini-series plus Treatment for Series that includes a summary for the other episodes in the series. 
  • In the MA track of the Theatre Education & Applied Theatre program, students write a research paper about a topic that interests them. The research must be about a topic within the theatre education or applied theatre fields.
  • Students in the MFA track of this program complete a two-part thesis, consisting of a thesis project and thesis paper. The thesis project is an opportunity to gain experience in the field of theatre education and/or applied theatre. For example, students could direct a play or design and implement their own curriculum as a thesis project. Students can either complete the thesis project independently or collaborate with 1-2 other MFA students for the project. Each student also completes a thesis paper, which is a critical reflection on the thesis project. 

An empty theater stage set with chairs and tables

For other programs, completing a thesis is optional.

The following Emerson graduate programs offer optional thesis tracks:

  • Theatre Education & Applied Theatre, MA

Where do I start with a thesis?

A student working on her thesis on her laptop at the kitchen table

The prospect of completing an entire research study or creative project yourself can be daunting, but Emerson faculty support students throughout the thesis process. While graduate theses are largely self-directed, each thesis student receives support and guidance from a thesis advisor. 

Usually, the thesis advisor is a faculty member within the student’s graduate program who has interest in or experience with the student’s thesis topic. The process of finding a thesis advisor varies slightly from program to program, but the advisor will schedule periodic check-ins with their thesis students, offering advice and support as needed. A graduate thesis is the student’s responsibility, but students are not alone in the process!

What are the benefits of completing a graduate thesis?

Having a graduate thesis under your belt can help set you apart as someone who is capable of self-directing large projects or research. This is helpful when you’re looking for work after graduation, or if you’re applying to PhD programs or want to work in research. 

Additionally, completing a creative project for your graduate thesis is a means for students to get their work recognized. For students in our writing MFAs, the thesis requirement gives them a polished, near-publishable manuscript that they can use to query agents after graduation. Students completing a film or media art project for their thesis will leave graduate school with a professional-level piece of work to showcase. Whether it’s a manuscript, film, or other creative project, completing a creative thesis in graduate school gives students material they can use to establish themselves in their field after graduation. 

Lastly, a graduate thesis is an excellent way to grow and challenge yourself. Whether you’re writing a novel, completing a research study, or creating a marketing design for a company, a graduate thesis will challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone. You’ll try new things and learn through your mistakes, all of which will help you grow both personally and academically.

We hope today’s blog has made the thesis process at Emerson a bit clearer. If you still have questions about graduate theses at Emerson, be sure to schedule a call with someone from our admissions team. To get an idea of what kinds of theses Emerson students complete, check out our Project Spotlight blog page. 

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Olivia Wachtel

Writing Assistant

Olivia is a second-year student in Emerson's Communication Disorders MS program. Originally from Ohio, she is loving Emerson and city life. When she's not writing for the Grad Life blog, she loves to read, bake, and crochet.

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Our Theatre Education & Applied Theatre Programs - March 19, 2024
  • What’s the Difference between an MA and MFA, and Which is Best for You? - March 12, 2024

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Past Graduate Thesis Documents

Below is a listing of graduate thesis documents produced by students in the Department of Design. (DAIM) indicates students from the Digital Animation and Interactive Media degree track. (DRD) indicates students from the Design Research and Development degree track. Project-based theses and the most recent thesis documents may not appear in the state library database. Links to newer documents will be provided as they become available.

  • Brooks, Ashley An Intersectional Lens: Using Participatory Design to Redefine Inclusivity and Foster Belonging in Community-Driven Civic Environments with Black Indigenous Women of Color (BIWOC) (DRD)
  • Chu, Hsi-Yuan Designing Diegetic Cues to Guide Users' Attention Toward Interactive Components in a VR Experience (DAIM)
  • Snyder, Camille Imagining Together: Sexual & Reproductive Futures (DRD)
  • Subr, Emily Dance of the Sea King: Integrating Cultural Identity into the Design of Interactive Animation ( DAIM)
  • Bowman, Amber  Co-designing a Future Home Learning Environment for a Post-Pandemic World (DRD)
  • Downie, Andrea (Simone). Once Upon a Game: Improving Motivational Factors Contributing to Aliteracy Through Arts- and Narrative-Driven, Interactive Gameplay (DAIM)
  • Gao, Jiaxing.   Prevent Childhood Trauma: Using a Psychological Horror Game to Arouse Empathy (DAIM)
  • Gruebel, Rhys The Recycling Distraction (DRD)
  • Huard, Marie-Josée Distance Education for Design Education: Exploring Opportunities and Challenges Through Speculative Design Method (DRD)
  • Lehman, Kayla   Self in Progress: Designing an Animated Mental Health Narrative Inspired by the Principles and Aesthetics of Surrealism (DAIM)
  • Olson, Kenneth  The design process for a small group Immersive, interactive experiences: bringing storytelling to life through themed entertainment design (DAIM)
  • Perales, Raul (DAIM)
  • Souza Correa, Luiza  Redesigning Processes to induce Social Change: The African American Women’s College Application Experience (DRD)
  • Rodrigues, Natalia Co-designing with “She Has A Name”: Active Learning for Johns and Best Practice Tools for John School Administrators (DRD)
  • Valluri, Meg Taste of Motion: Developing a Systematic Framework to Explore Motion Graphic Design Within Brand Experience (DAIM)
  • Zhou, Heran Invigorate a Vital Part of the Digital World: Designing Play Activities With Digital Animals (DAIM)
  • Caudill, Sara Greater Heights: An Intern’s Field Guide to Design Storytelling at NASA (DAIM)
  • Chen Yang, Muhammad  Exploring the User Experience of Virtual Reality and its Integration into Design and Academia (DRD)
  • Duffield, Jason The future of social work: Using co-design to explore a hybrid model for in-person vs. online social work practice (DRD)
  • Himes, Lucas   An Exploration of Interface Designs for the Dissemination of News and Information During Covid-19 (DRD)
  • Jenkins, Maya Implementing Service Design Methodology Towards the Student Journey for Mental Health Challenges (DRD)
  • Merkel, Latesha   Embrace: Exploring Asexuality Through Autoethnographic Animation (DAIM)
  • Ayers, Abigail   The Collaborative Nature of Designing Narrative VR Applications  (DAIM)
  • Behnam Asl, Sana   Designing for Breast Cancer Survivors’ Empowerment: Integration of Technology for Self-management Promotion through Participatory Design  (DRD)
  • Booher, Susan   Investigation of biophilic interventions to improve mood and behavior of persons with dementia  (DRD)
  • Campbell, Victoria  Designing for Expressive Character Performance in Virtual Reality (DAIM)
  • Chambers, Joseph  Visualizing Ancient Culture Through the Design of Intermodal Extended Reality Experiences (DAIM)
  • Coleman, Leah  From You to Me: A Conversation with Animation. (DAIM)
  • Lalonde, Simon   Advocating for a More Democratic Process: A critical analysis of co-design plenary sessions within a public project development (DRD)
  • Murteza, Noor   Designer Fractal Patterns: Ecological validity and the psychological wellbeing effect of fractal patterns in interior spaces.  (DRD)
  • Nickley, William   Making for One Another: An exploration of design-based making in Positive Youth Development program delivery.  (DRD)
  • Olsen, Taylor  Animation as an Instrument: Designing a Visual-Audioizer Prototype  (DAIM)
  • Sabatelli, Madison   Navigating the Design Process Through Writing: An Ethnographic Study of Academic Design Studios  (DRD)
  • Wang, Yiting   Co-designing with Older Adults for Voice Assistive Technology  (DRD)
  • Yu, Shasha   Facilitating a Creative Growth Mindset: A Creative Process that Integrates Gameplay with Maketools  (DRD)
  • Atallah, Joelle   Perceptions of Public Transportation with a focus on Older Adults (DRD)
  • Baker, Jeremy Charles   Observational Animation: An Exploration of Improvisation, Interactivity and Spontaneity in Animated Filmmaking (DAIM)
  • Beach, Lindsay Brooke   The Interaction of Color in the Context of Electronic Media: Providing a New Platform for Exploratory Learning in the Additive Color Space (DRD)
  • Bell, Emily Louise   An Exploratory Lighting Study on the Effects of Correlated Color Temperature in Senior Living (DRD)
  • Benzenberg, Elizabeth Marie Acox   Exploring Design Process Evolution in Architecture and Interior Design Firms (DRD)
  • Biesboer, Allison Marie   The process of designing animation and motion graphics as a visual response to surveyed opinions on hyperreality, reality, and film (DAIM)
  • Braun, Erika L.   Framing Wicked Problems Using CoDesign and a Hybrid Design Toolset  (DRD)
  • Bruggeman, Kevin Using Biofeedback-Based Virtual Reality Applications to Enhance Coherence of Mindfulness Practice (DAIM)
  • Bryant, Molly E.   Physical Environments Conducive To Creativity and Collaboration Within the Work Environment (DRD)
  • Buehrer, Joseph  Exploring narrative and science fiction through digital environments (DAIM)
  • Burns, Mikaila Marie   Mapping the Gap: Using Growth Opportunity Items and Principles as well as Design Thinking to Eliminate the Creative Achievement Gap (DRD)
  • Butters, Breanne  Isle of Sign: Animation as Documentary (DAIM)
  • Cecil, Amber   Mental Process Narrative Film: Design Techniques for Visualizing Character Psyche in Animated Shorts (DAIM)
  • Chen, Renee Chia-Lei   Autoethnographic Research through Storytelling in Animation and Video Games (DAIM)
  • Chew, Selene Se Lui   Designers as Entrepreneurs: An Investigation on Why Startups Need Design and Design Need Startups  (DRD)
  • Chow, George  Sustainable Sanitation System for Rural Communities in India and Beyond. (DRD)
  • Cleaver, Dreama D   Breaking the Fourth Wall: A Study of Gender Fluidity Using Immersive Storytelling as a Medium for Evoking Empathy (DAIM)
  • Cochran, Allen J   A Participatory Action Research Case Study: Designing for a Transformative Service Experience with a University Graduate Student Governance Organization (DRD)
  • Dadgar, Majid   Pattern Language: Identification of design opportunities for the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to develop his/her social skills  (DRD)
  • De Laney, Velvette L   Designing for Sustainability: A Path Forward to Improve Graphic Design Practices  (DRD)
  • Del Rio Kuroiwa, Susana. Bridging Tradition and Technology: Virtual Recreation and Animation of the Peruvian Retablo. (DAIM)
  • Denison, E. Scott   When Designers Ask, "What If?" (DRD)
  • DeVore, Kelly C. O'Gorman   Design Activism and Design Education: Seeds for Responsive Design Education (DRD)
  • Doustmohammadi, Saeide   Product Customization Through Digital Fabrication Technology (DRD)
  • Dreser, Melanie   Design, Fun and Sustainability: Utilizing Design Research Methods to Develop an Application to Inform and Motivate Students to Make Sustainable Consumer Choices (DRD)
  • Drozd, Jane Claire  Narrative Animation and Family Memory. A Documentation of the Process for Creating the Animated Film: Garden of Memories (DAIM)
  • Duncan, Erin   Design and Critical Thinking: A Process Model to Support Critical, Creative and Empathic Learning in Studio-based Design Education (DRD)
  • Dunten, Stacey  Remembrance: An Object Driven Narrative (DAIM)
  • English, Ryan Timothy   Designing an Anatomic Based Eyelid Rig for the Facilitation of Expressive Anthropomorphized Character Animation (DAIM)
  • Evans, Bruce  The Message in the Mechanics: Designing Game Mechanics that Reflect a Character’s Mental State (DAIM)
  • Fromme, Adam   Co-designing with Older Adults to Create an Age-friendly Evaluation Tool for Public Places (DRD)
  • Fry, Joshua R.  The Approach: Exploring Sublime Experience Through Animation (DAIM)
  • Ganci, Aaron Michael   Redefining the Textbook: A user-centered approach to the creation, management and delivery of digital course content in higher education (DRD)
  • Grishchenko, Alice   Navigating the Pixelated Waters of Voxel Bay: Designing a Virtual Reality Game for the Pediatric Patient-Player Experience  (DAIM)
  • Heban, Thomas Edward   Representations of Scale and Time: Reinterpreting Cinematic Conventions in Digital Animation to Create a Purposeful Visual Language (DAIM)
  • Hernández, Abel   Fast and Slow Fashion as Seen Through the Millennial Mindset (DRD)
  • Hoang, Kien Tran   Space Tells, Space Expands, Space Acts: An Exploration of Computer Animation through Spatial Concepts ( DAIM)
  • Hu, Lingyue   Design Research Planning and Execution: A comparison between undergraduate design students’ and design research practitioners’ processes of design research planning and execution (DRD)
  • Jones, Taurean A.   Mobile Wayfinding: An Exploration of the Design Requirements for a Route Planning Mobile Application (DRD)
  • Jordan, Laura L   Exploring How Design and Digital Interactive Technology Assists in Health Information Communication in the Context of Missed Oral Contraceptive Pills  (DRD)
  • Karaca, Ece   Interactive Data Visualization: Applications Used to Illuminate the Environmental Effects of the Syrian War  (DRD)
  • Keller, Katharine   Meaning Making and the Design Student: Fostering Self-Authorship in a Studio Based Design Course (DRD)
  • Larrimer, Sheri   Where Storytelling and Interactivity Meet: Designing Game Mechanics that Tell a Story (DAIM)
  • Lawler, Sarah The Creation Process of Storybook Cinema:  A Digital Performance (DAIM)
  • Lemon, Nicole E.   Previsualization in Computer Animated Filmmaking (DAIM)
  • Lin, Meihui   The Design of a Storage Product to Help People Live Happier and more Comfortably in Small Spaces based on Design Research and Environmental Psychology  (DRD)
  • Lipman, Julianne   Designing for Senior Wellness: An Accuracy Technology System for Home Exercise Programs in Physical Therapy (DRD)
  • Lothrop, Thornton   Design Drawing - An Integrated Visualization System (DRD)
  • Maicher, Kellen R   Exploring the Relationships between Affective Character Design and Interactive Systems (DAIM)
  • Mattos, Alessandra Cerqueira   Scent as a Medium for Design: An Experimental Design Inquiry (DRD)
  • Maynard, Zachary C.   Designing Compressed Narrative using a Reactive Frame: The Influence of Spatial Relationships and Camera Composition on the Temporal Structure of Story Events (DAIM)
  • McKenzie, David L   Prototyping with Co-designers to Imagine Future Experiences  (DRD)
  • Meyer, Kendra Louise   Creativity in Repurposing Textiles (DRD)
  • Moreland, Jessica A   Design for Sustainability Transitions: An Intervention Research Study for Zero Waste Residence Halls (DRD)
  • Morrow, Joshua B   Co-Designing with Veteran Students: Incorporating Co-Design Thinking to Understand Current and Future Experiences of Veterans in a University Environment (DRD)
  • Muljono, Darwin   The Relevance of Emergence in Human-centered Design (DRD)
  • Pei, Wuyang. "Exploring Distributed Design Research." (DRD)
  • Piersanti, Joshua R.  Online Critiques: Developing a Digital Tool to Improve the Experiences of Design Instructors and Students Critiquing Student Work in Design Courses (DRD)
  • Ramnath, Priya   Planned and Emergent Design in USA and India: A Study of the Impact of Cultural Norms on Interior Space (DRD)
  • Reed-DesJardins, Robin   Social Design, Field Studies, Sustainable Development: How Design Research Methods have been Applied to Fieldwork Study and Enable Sustainable Community Development in Three Case Studies (DRD)
  • Ribeiro, Bruno B. R.  Reshaping Visual Communication Design Curriculum to Support Collaboration with Computer Science and Engineering (DRD)
  • Ross, Karen C   “Awake:” An Animated Exploration of Self-Discovery Through Mindfulness  (DRD)
  • Sanders, Emma Caitlin   Expanding the Use Phase of Products (DRD)
  • Shah, Trisha Designing a New Path to Improve Inclusivity in Healthcare for the LGBTQ+ Community (DRD)
  • Simon, Miriam R.   Design and Engineering of Wind-Powered Machinery for Developing Countries (DRD)
  • Singh, Sapna  Future And Value Of Graduate Design Education Master of Design 2031 (DRD)
  • Spicer, Malory E.   Digital Animation as a Method of Inquiry (DAIM)
  • Strouse, Emily Elizabeth   Collective Creativity through Enacting: A Comparison of Generative Design Research Methods (DRD)
  • Strouse, Robert V.   Design Research in Design Education: Relevance and Implementation (DRD)
  • Taylor, William D   A Comparative Analysis of Problem Solving Approaches Between Designers and Engineers  (DRD)
  • Tiberio, Jason The Dynamic and Adaptive Learning Platform: Exploring the Self-Initiated Learning Experience. (DRD)
  • Tippery, Gabriel J.   Learning to Be in the Digital Era: 
A Holistic Learning Framework for Design Education (DRD)
  • Turner, Craig  Purpose-Aligned Brand: Process Tools at the Intersection of Business, Brand, & Design (DRD)
  • Twohig, Mary. The Process of Visualizing Memory in the CG Animated Film: The Games I Made Up. (DAIM)
  • Udakandage, Lakshika Creating Characters from Natural Phenomenon using their Inherent Properties (DAIM)
  • Unrath, Katie C   Collaborative Creativity in the Physical Work Environment: A Pre-Test, Intervention, Post-Test Case Study (DRD)
  • Venkataraman, Hemalatha   Narrative Probes in Design Research for Social Innovation (DRD)
  • Walker, Jacinda N.   Design Journeys: Strategies For Increasing Diversity In Design Disciplines (DRD)
  • Wallace, Kyle S   An Exploratory Study of Learning Journeys for Makers in the Fields of Art, Craft and Design: An Investigation of the Blurred Boundaries between Art, Craft, and Design (DRD)
  • Wanjema, Richard Wachira   INTERACTIVE MEDIA and CULTURAL HERITAGE: Interpreting Oral Culture in a Digital Environment (DRD)
  • Welch, Jonathan D   Designing in Emerging Media through Linguistic Forms  (DRD)
  • Winegardner, Zachary   The Digital Tool in the Curious Maker’s Hand: Critical Exploration Processes to Engage Historical Paintings for New Inquiry and Dialogue (DAIM)
  • Woolley, Elise M.   Fun: An Exploration in its Relevance to Interaction Design (DRD)
  • Zhang, Cheng   The Moon Experience: Designing Participatory Immersive Environments for Experiential Learning  (DAIM)
  • Zhao, Shumeng   The Boy Who Draws Cats: 3D Animation As a Medium For Telling Culturally-specific Ghost Stories (DAIM)
  • Abell, AnneMarie  Keeping Students in the Green: Examining Social Media as a Tool to Improve Communication with University Students
  • Albright, Laura Beth  2D Spatial Design Principles Applied to 3D Animation: A Proposed Toolset for Filmmakers
  • Alenquer, Daniel Pittella   Integrating visual stimuli into automotive head-up display to enhance driver performance
  • Arnold, Geraldine  Developing spatial visualization in engineering students combining graphic interface, games, and the internet
  • Bain, Matthew N.   Real Time Music Visualization: A Study in the Visual Extension of Music
  • Belland, Charlotte Jane   Optimizing interactive animation-can sound substitute for inbetween frames?
  • Burns, Shana McKay   Creating an educational tool utilizing design intensities for the set design process of 3D computer animation
  • Chen, Hung-Hsiang  Ignoring user-centered needs: addressing the factors that allow multi-function and multi-purpose product proliferation
  • Chung, Hyejin   Kitchen-related lifestyle design: an investigation of cultural and social issues of Korean kitchen design
  • Craft, Brandan  Why Branding Can Increase a Professional Athlete's Value: A Rationale for Designer Engagement
  • Diol, Phillip Pritam  Incorporating interactive design threads into four-year university undergraduate visual communication design curricula
  • Espinosa-Morazán, María Fabiola  How can visual communicators improve social marketing campaigns in Nicaragua's decentralization policy of the education system?
  • Evensen, Erik A.  Making it Fun: Uncovering a Design Research Model for Educational Board Game Design
  • Gantzer, George Edward  Discovering the Process of Creating an Animated Biography
  • Gladden, Jonathan  Applications, methods, tools, and virtual environments for mapping web site structures
  • Graell-Colas, Mercè  Exploring Visual Means For Communication And Collaboration In Multidisciplinary Teams, An Interpretation And Implementation For Design Education
  • Harmon, Joseph Leslie  The real time art production pipeline: an examination of modeling for surfacing as used by professionals from electronic arts tiburon
  • Jiao, Long  Identification of Issues and Opportunities of Design Entrepreneurship: Product Commercialization as a Design Business Trend
  • Kalal, Katherine Frances Talmadge  Combining Performance Animation and Virtual Reality for Early Childhood Education Role-Play
  • Kelceoglu, Bekir  Preventing carpal tunnel syndrome : a product design study to assist carpal tunnel syndrome prevention techniques
  • Kelley, Keith  The animator's eye: an approach for observing and interpreting the expressive quality of movement for beginning animators
  • Khanna, Amar  Exploring human response to odors as a design research tool: a qualitative investigation
  • Koo, Heesung  Web Interplay: A Children's Web Browser Interface Design
  • Kuhlman, Lane M.  Gesture Mapping for Interaction Design: An Investigative Process for Developing Interactive Gesture Libraries
  • Lien, Yu Cheng  International design project collaboration issues: comparing differences in organization and culture of American and Asia design firms
  • Lioi, Iuri  Framework for the Development of Schemata in Character Design for Computer Animation
  • McClurg-Genevese, Joshua David  Temporal models of interaction as support for analysis in user-centered design
  • Miller, Louis James  Combining Media Processes for Ideation in 3D Character Design for Computer Animation
  • Murnieks, Andre Christopher  Mediating an experience: an approach to designing a compelling synchronous, distant, virtual communication environment
  • Nestor, Carl E.  Designing for encoding specificity: research-based visual design criteria that enhance encoding in educational material
  • Nguyen, Hai Minh  Investigation of alternative approaches for ecologically responsible and culturally friendly composting toilet
  • Novak, Beth Alison  A user-centered approach for designing web sites in the realm of health care with an emphasis on web-based information for breast cancer patients
  • Paepcke, Verena Natalie  Tools for balancing design: analysis and evaluation methods for restricted workspaces
  • Penrod, Joyce Ann  Discovering the Role of Internships in Undergraduate Curricula through the Insights and Experiences of Interior Designers
  • Pereira-de-Araujo, Joao Lucas  Promoting residential energy conservation throught real-time consumption feedback
  • Reynaldo, Tony   Bauhaus color pedagogy; exploring influences and relevance in today's U.S. visual communication design programs
  • Roesler, Axel  A compositional based approach to 3-dimensional form generation in product design based on music
  • Scudieri, Paul Anthony  Information in Complex Product Systems
  • Steele, Samantha L.  Animation as an Effective Tool for Communication: A Digital Prototype for Midwest Alive
  • Tashfeen, Asheer I.  The Presentation of Spatial Design using Autonomous Characters in Virtual Environments
  • Tuzar, Gert-Dieter  An interaction design concept to reduce re-orienting costs while driving
  • Wang, Chun-Yen  Knowledge-Based Design: Networked and Visualized Knowledge for Improved Product Development
  • Youté, Tony   Digital age house: a mass-produced alternative domestic environment
  • Boradkar, Prasad  A System of Evaluation for Design Based on the Principles of Product Semantics
  • Stone, R. Brian  Design Education, New Media, and Distance Learning: An Interactive Multimedia Program in Design History
  • Vanka, Suryanarayana  A methodology for cross-cultural semantic design

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Rhode island school of design, index to industrial design graduate theses: subject.

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Animal waste

Anti-globalization movement

Apparatus for the blind

Appearance (Philosophy)

Application design

Application software

Art - study and teaching

Art and society

Art and technology

Artificial intelligence

Artificial legs

Artists' materials - effect of light on

Arts and youth

Asian Americans

Automatic speech recognition

Autonomous vehicles

Avatars (Virtual reality)

Bamboo furniture

Bicycle commuting

Bicycles  see also  Cycling

Biodegradable plastics

Bird attracting

Business communication

Cell phones

Chair design

Child psychology

Children and the environment

Children - nutrition

Children of gay parents

Children with visual disabilities

Children's clothing

Chinese art

Chinese diaspora

Circadian rhythms

Commercial products



Communication devices for people with disabilities

Communication in design

Communication in medicine

Community-supported agriculture

Computational learning theory

Computer software

Consumer behavior

Consumer education

Consumer goods

Consumer protection



Cooperative societies

COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020-

Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)

Creative ability

Creative activities and seat work

Data mining

Data protection


Decision making

Decoration and ornament

Delivery of goods

Design - human factors

Design - methodology

Design - moral and ethical aspects

Design - psychological aspects

Design - research

Design - social aspects

Digital electronics

Digital preservation

Dinners and dining

Disability awareness

Discourse analysis, narrative

Disruptive technologies

Diving suits

Domestic space

Early childhood education

Educational toys

Electric bicycles

Electric vehicles

Electronic apparatus and appliances

Electronic waste



Emergency vehicles

Energy conservation

Environmental education

Environmental policy

Ethnic identity

Experimental automobiles

Facial expression

Fashion design

Fear of death

Filipino Americans

Flexible manufacturing systems

Food allergy in children

Food supply

Football helmets

Form (Aesthetics)

Furniture design

Future life


Gender identity

Generation Y

Generative programming (Computer science)


Graphical user interfaces

Green products

Health and fitness

Health facilities

Human-animal relationships

Human beings - effect of environment on

Human behavior

Human-computer interaction

Human ecology

Human engineering

Human locomotion

Human-machine systems

Human mechanics



Imaginary places

Implements, utensils, etc.

Incubators (Pediatrics)

Industrial design - environmental aspects

Industrial design - psychological aspects

Industrial design - social aspects

Information display systems

Information networks


Interactive multimedia

Intergenerational communication

Interior decoration

International space station

Internet addiction

Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal relations

Labor mobility

Landscape assessment

License agreements

Living alone

Local foods

Long-distance relationships

Long-term care facilities

Low-income consumers


Marine ecology

Mass customization

Mass production

Material culture

Materials - philosophy

Materials - research

Materials - study and teaching

Medical care

Medical innovations

Medical personnel - caregiver relationships


Medicine and art

Medicine - data processing


Mental health


Mind and body

Mobile apps

Mobile communication systems

Motor ability

Movement (Philosophy)

Music - health aspects

Musical instruments

Narragansett Bay (R.I.)

Nature (Aesthetics)

Nature - effect of human beings on

Nature - psychological aspects


New products

New York City

Object (Aesthetics)

Object (Philosophy)

Older people

Online social networks

Organic wastes - recycling

Organizational effectiveness

Parasympathetic nervous system


People with disabilities

Perceptual motor processes

Performance art

Personal belongings

Personal finance

Personal space


Personnel management

Pet industry

Petroleum industry


Physical fitness

Play - Design

Play environments

Play (Philosophy)

Problem solving

Produce trade

Product design

Product engineering

Product life cycle

Product management

Programming languages


Public buildings

Public health

Public lands

Public libraries

Public spaces

Puerto Rico

Queer theory

Recycled products

Reflection (Philosophy)

Refuse and refuse disposal

Self-help devices for people with disabilities

Senses and sensation


Sepulchral monuments

Sex differences (Psychology)

Sex discrimination

Shared virtual environments

Skin cancer - prevention

Slip casting

Small business


Social skills

Social interaction

Social media

Social responsibility of business

Solar energy

Souvenirs (Keepsakes)

Space (Architecture)

Space flight

Special libraries

Splints (Surgery)

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable design

Sustainable development

System design

Tacit knowledge

Tarot cards

Technological innovations

Technology assessment

Terminal care

Three-dimensional printing

Transgender athletes

Transgender people

Transit stations

Transitional objects (Psychology)


Triage (Medicine)

Ubiquitous computing

Urban agriculture

Urban animals

Urban ecology (Sociology)

Urban transportation

User-centered system design

User interfaces (Computer systems)

Video games

Virtual reality

Visual communication

Visual perception

Waiting (Philosophy)

Waste (Economics)

Waste products

Water resources development

Web browsing

Women employees

Work and family

Work clothes

Written communication

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The Visual Communication Design MFA Program's graduate thesis showcase is an inspiring exploration at the heart of creativity. This engaging exhibition offers a unique look at the potential of design, interaction, and narrative futures. Step inside and let the diversity of projects guide you through an innovative landscape where the boundaries of visual communication are expanded. From captivating digital experiences to designs that challenge and provoke, each thesis is a vibrant showcase of the possibilities that lie in our interconnected future. Whether you're deeply invested in design, intrigued by narrative exploration, or simply curious about the next wave of interactive media, this exhibition is an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the ideas that will shape our collective future.

Visual Communication Design MFA

Exhibitor Mike Strobert Adam Smith Phoebe Huey tianyi zhang Xuning Li Yichen Hou Abigail Weber Bing Chen Bingchang Zhang Charmy Patel Eshaan Sojatia Honey Ashvinkumar Gardharia Ipek Koprululu Ipshita Pal Olaya Ordieres Ortega Pat Casey Philip Pham Pranjal Sawai Precious Onwubuche Quincey Williams Ritul Chaudhary shg6124 Samara Sudhir Shreya Talegaonkar xx5520 Surabhi Singh ssj8037 Tiancheng Si xi yang Xueer Wang Yiling Jiang Zhengyu Pan

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Consisting of a final body of work and a written component , the thesis is both a culmination of the graduate experience at RISD and a catalyst for future professional and creative practice.

To view examples of discipline-specific projects online, please visit Digital Commons @ RISD or search the Fleet Library at RISD’s graduate thesis index . You may also view highlights from recent thesis projects in the Book of Thesis Books .

Required Electronic Submission of Thesis Book

Go to Digital Commons@risd and upload your thesis PDF by Friday, May 24, 2024 (or before). The electronic thesis (which does not have to include signatures) will be cataloged by the Library and will also be posted to RISD’s Digital Commons.

A complete set of submission instructions can be found here .

Library requirements for cataloging :

  • Official title page that includes your full name, the names of all thesis committee advisors, department, year, etc. Use this sample page for guidance. Thesis committee signatures would be added in the bound copy, typically during final critique.
  • Copyright page
  • Table of contents
  • Captions or list of illustrations (including image credits as needed)
  • Footnotes/endnotes and bibliography (source citation)
  • Page numbers

Your thesis will be recorded in both the Fleet Library’s online catalog and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)—an international bibliographic database.

Making your master’s thesis available to the RISD community and future grad students, and to artists, designers, scholars and employers worldwide is an important and valuable part of higher education. However, you may not want to have your thesis available online for reasons of publishing agreements, patents or other intellectual property issues.

If you need to opt-out or have any questions, email [email protected] .

Optional Submission of Bound Thesis Book

If you would like to submit a bound, physical copy of your thesis to the risd library, check with your department or contact marc calhoun ([email protected]) to make arrangements..

The physical copy must be the same content as the digital version. Your thesis is a snapshot of a moment in time, the library cannot accept re-edited or substantially different versions. All materials must be archivally sound (acid-free paper, sturdy binding, etc.). If your thesis is bound unconventionally and/or includes original artwork such as prints or loose pages, please include an appendix describing the materials and/or process to ensure accurate library cataloging, and please note it will be housed in Special Collections (viewable by appointment), rather than on the open, accessible shelves.

Watch a thesis presentation

Thesis presentation: jiaai he, interior architecture.

Recent Interior Architecture graduate Jiaai He shares her thesis and experience in the MFA program.

Thesis Presentation: Steven Kaplan-Pistiner, Jewelry + Metalsmithing

Recent Jewelry + Metalsmithing graduate Steven Kaplan-Pistiner shares his thesis and experience in the MFA program.

Thesis Presentation: Ayumi Kodoma, Furniture Design

Hear about the thesis making and writing experience from recent Furniture Design program graduate Ayumi Kodoma.

Thesis Presentation: Rohit Sen, Industrial Design

Recent Industrial Design graduate Rohit Sen shares his thesis and experience in the MFA program.

Thesis Presentation: Joon June Yoon, Digital + Media

Recent Digital + Media graduate June Joon Yoon shares her thesis and experience in the MFA program.


Each graduate department has its own written thesis guidelines. Please consult your graduate program director and thesis chair, and familiarize yourself with departmental guidelines for written thesis criteria and deadlines for proposals, outlines, drafts and final copy.

Past graduate thesis books—which are archived in the RISD Fleet Library and stored in many departmental offices—provide general examples. The Center for Arts & Language offers thesis workshops, individual tutoring and additional support materials.

RISD Grad Show 2023 on view online

In celebrating the collective accomplishments of this year’s graduating class, RISD Grad Show 2023 invites viewers to experience an expansive range of exploratory work by emerging artists and designers. The culmination of extensive research, experimentation, critical thinking and production, the works on view represent each student’s experience in RISD’s dynamic and diverse graduate programs.


Home > Industrial Design > Industrial Design Masters Theses

Industrial Design

Industrial Design Masters Theses

The Master of Industrial Design program explores design as a vehicle for addressing social, cultural, environmental and other concerns, recognizing that design is not simply a professional service, but rather a way of connecting individual interests and values with a social framework. Students with undergraduate degrees in other fields or with limited design experience are invited to enter the program during Wintersession as a means of preparing to begin the two-year master’s program the following fall.

ID covers a broad range of fields, from product and furniture explorations to design for aerospace and medical applications. Graduate students work independently under the guidance of a faculty advisor and thesis committee, and present their final work verbally, visually and in writing. They also participate in the RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition , a large-scale public show held annually.

“Graduate candidates in ID don’t necessarily need an undergraduate degree in the field, but they do need strong visual communication skills. For those without an ID background, learning CAD, drawing and model making can be beneficial, and taking a general product design course can provide insight into the design process. Materials-based courses in a medium such as metal, glass, textiles, ceramics or wood also provide a good basis for work in ID.” - Andy Law, Graduate Program Director

Graduate Program Director: Andy Law

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License .

Theses from 2023 2023

Kole , Isaiah Aladejobi

Fungi in Flux | Designing Regenerative Materials and Products with Mycelium , Arvind Bhallamudi

MILITURE , Bingdong Duan


Freedom is a Leaky System: Living Together in the Mess , Calgary Haines-Trautman

Food, Drink, Time, New Year and Cloth , Jian Li

Making That Carries Over , Jae Nam

How to make a hybrid workplace more human? , Ray Sun

Unveiling Pain: Wearables for Objective Pain Measurement , Hanqing Tang


Knot, Just Craft It , Qingxian Xu

Theses from 2022 2022

Ready made, made ready: everyday objects for everyday emergency , Dara Benno

Memories unboxed: connecting people with stories of our possessions , Megan Tzu-Hsien Chao

To be seen to be heard: embracing social anxiety in the workplace , Jingxuan Chen

Attuning the viewfinder , Ian de Silva

Disoriented: navigating the nuances of communication , Ann Dinh

Sobremesa , Charlie Herbozo-Vidal

Vulva gazing: power and the gendered body , Aaliya Jamal Zaidi

A fleeting landscape: resurrecting the edges of the estuary , Vrinda Mathur

Material Illumination , Lauren Mikaela Glenn

Extended reality interface , Neil Nelson

Breaking | Grounding | Growing: Expanding the Rhode Island gardening reentry programs as a pathway towards stability , Juliana Soltys

We got this... , Julian Wellisz

Sub Sequence : building a participatory infrastructure , Aaron Wright

Theses from 2021 2021

Designing for space; exploring ways of simulating nature and everyday activities in zero-g environment , Sayit Alisan

Psychological well-being through music listening , Majed BouGhanem

Shoes for advanced urban surfaces , Karan Buasakdi

After plastic waste : plastic bottle knitting machine - design for value of recycling plastic , Du Cheng

Katti-Batti : a digital tool for young adolescents to transgress the limitations of gender socialization through empathy & friendship , Chetan Dusane

Beyond conscious: the knowing of self-owned anxiety , WenYu Du

Rebuilt the fading vicinity , Yifan Du

The portal : a tool for uncertain times , Sophie Engel

Inter - : design for fostering action-oriented awareness towards sustainable transition , Elena Danlei Huang

Move in the internet , Jennifer Ziyuan Huang

Living objects , Katie Tzu Hua Huang

The art of microbe maintenance: value and applications in design , Yujin Hwang

Distilling the Narragansett Bay , Parker Ives

Kitsch study and Chinese kitsch market , Jiaqi Ellie Liu

Beacon Public Library: expanding radical civic care for an uncertain future , Katrina Machado

Ars Technica , Bayan Mashrequi

Inside the bubble 2.0 , Sunny Yuqing Ma

Wild things: outdoor toys for nature play , John Mawhorter

Indefinite origin: decentralizing knowledge , Tong-June Moon

No winners: transgender athletes in cycling , Max Pratt

Zoomorphic extended body , Nicholas Tamas

Uncertainty wanted: deconstructing gender gap in parenting mentality , Zimeng Xiang

A family game: tell the stories that shape us , Zhuoyan Xie

Theses from 2020 2020

Sol , John Beck

Repairer's recipe : volume 0 , Joyce Chang

Experience the world: How the ever-present accessibility of hands-on opportunities & play enhance logistical learning , Mary E. Chavez

Ocean state food stories , Charlotte Clement

Beautiful dirt : exploring the American taboo of death through the things we leave behind , Jake Dangstorp

Designed body , Jingwei Deng

Acute , Alex D'Haeseleer

Mimesis : human-centered digital profiling visual identity , Yangyang Ding

Voran Test Lab : An exploration of teaching collaborative problem solving and critical thinking through emergent gameplay , Taber Gifford

inVisible: a guide to understanding & designing for introverts , Ashesh Gohil

Through the labyrinth , Rebeca Gonzalez Morales

+ one : a new companionship , Vivien Mengjiao Han

Lift a life , Vidur Madhav

Night Knights: reminding children that their nighttime fear isn't something they have to face alone , Ji Hyung Moon

Fifty fifty: redefining domesticity , Ziying Qiao

The objects around us. , Rohit Sen

Accessibility to possibilities : discover the unknown unknown worlds , Yutong Shen

Totem: An embodiment of human character and personality in footwear design , Sushant Shivaram

Togather: To gather together , Kyungah Sohn

Surviving in a gregarious world , Shiyang Yao

Ether: a social design , Zihan Zhou

Theses from 2019 2019

Biomatters : future of biology as material source , Tareq Alzawawi

Mindful interactions , Shreyans Bhandari

Unimproved : land observation at the edge of progress , Adam Somers Bowen

Bitter son , Adam Chuong

Pekka : social software to improve in-game dynamics , Yu Mo

Theses from 2018 2018

Autonomous vehicle futures : designing experiences that enable trust and adoption , Jeremy Bass

Foodways for earthlings : recipes and tools for eating in extreme environments , Maggie Coblentz

Curious things , Allison Davis

Idiosyncratic uniform , Erica Efstratoudakis

Really clean no problems at all , Christina Johnston

Letsqube , Biniam Assegid Kebede

For a better normal : fostering the informal sector in post-hurricane Puerto Rico, as a pathway for economic stabilization , Jonathan W. Melendez Davidson

Harmless Studio , David Thomas Pittman

Dispatches from planet nowhere , Aaron Field Simmons

Radically normal : the menstruation issue , Kathryn Smiley

Talking to computers , Jen Spatz

A place for plastics : bioplastics, bacteria and our thoughtless acts , Megan Valanidas , Yu-Hsing Wu

Theses from 2017 2017

Communicatronics , Adi Azulay

Balance speaker : efficient work and break , Jin Cao

Talistones : a handful of help for homecoming soldiers , Atulya Changanty

Magkasama , Christina Chen

Retooling : experiments in digital apprenticeship , Ryan Ferguson

Body (less) fitness , Dan Gioia

Love view , Wudi Hong

Connections : a new model to customizing everything , Shao-Hsuan Hou

Motivated motivation : a consulting tool to find new platforms for business , Xiaoxio Jin

Embracing traditional Chinese culture through design , Jiaxuan Li

P-Lax : toys for adults, to play & relax , Zhizi Liu

Empowerment of people of all abilities , Kasia Matlak

Jettison all stories : experimenting with our relationship to the physical , Alyssa R. Mayo

Transitions : designing acceptance in a world of change , Hanna McLaughlin

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Think of yourself as a member of a jury, listening to a lawyer who is presenting an opening argument. You'll want to know very soon whether the lawyer believes the accused to be guilty or not guilty, and how the lawyer plans to convince you. Readers of academic essays are like jury members: before they have read too far, they want to know what the essay argues as well as how the writer plans to make the argument. After reading your thesis statement, the reader should think, "This essay is going to try to convince me of something. I'm not convinced yet, but I'm interested to see how I might be."

An effective thesis cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." A thesis is not a topic; nor is it a fact; nor is it an opinion. "Reasons for the fall of communism" is a topic. "Communism collapsed in Eastern Europe" is a fact known by educated people. "The fall of communism is the best thing that ever happened in Europe" is an opinion. (Superlatives like "the best" almost always lead to trouble. It's impossible to weigh every "thing" that ever happened in Europe. And what about the fall of Hitler? Couldn't that be "the best thing"?)

A good thesis has two parts. It should tell what you plan to argue, and it should "telegraph" how you plan to argue—that is, what particular support for your claim is going where in your essay.

Steps in Constructing a Thesis

First, analyze your primary sources.  Look for tension, interest, ambiguity, controversy, and/or complication. Does the author contradict himself or herself? Is a point made and later reversed? What are the deeper implications of the author's argument? Figuring out the why to one or more of these questions, or to related questions, will put you on the path to developing a working thesis. (Without the why, you probably have only come up with an observation—that there are, for instance, many different metaphors in such-and-such a poem—which is not a thesis.)

Once you have a working thesis, write it down.  There is nothing as frustrating as hitting on a great idea for a thesis, then forgetting it when you lose concentration. And by writing down your thesis you will be forced to think of it clearly, logically, and concisely. You probably will not be able to write out a final-draft version of your thesis the first time you try, but you'll get yourself on the right track by writing down what you have.

Keep your thesis prominent in your introduction.  A good, standard place for your thesis statement is at the end of an introductory paragraph, especially in shorter (5-15 page) essays. Readers are used to finding theses there, so they automatically pay more attention when they read the last sentence of your introduction. Although this is not required in all academic essays, it is a good rule of thumb.

Anticipate the counterarguments.  Once you have a working thesis, you should think about what might be said against it. This will help you to refine your thesis, and it will also make you think of the arguments that you'll need to refute later on in your essay. (Every argument has a counterargument. If yours doesn't, then it's not an argument—it may be a fact, or an opinion, but it is not an argument.)

This statement is on its way to being a thesis. However, it is too easy to imagine possible counterarguments. For example, a political observer might believe that Dukakis lost because he suffered from a "soft-on-crime" image. If you complicate your thesis by anticipating the counterargument, you'll strengthen your argument, as shown in the sentence below.

Some Caveats and Some Examples

A thesis is never a question.  Readers of academic essays expect to have questions discussed, explored, or even answered. A question ("Why did communism collapse in Eastern Europe?") is not an argument, and without an argument, a thesis is dead in the water.

A thesis is never a list.  "For political, economic, social and cultural reasons, communism collapsed in Eastern Europe" does a good job of "telegraphing" the reader what to expect in the essay—a section about political reasons, a section about economic reasons, a section about social reasons, and a section about cultural reasons. However, political, economic, social and cultural reasons are pretty much the only possible reasons why communism could collapse. This sentence lacks tension and doesn't advance an argument. Everyone knows that politics, economics, and culture are important.

A thesis should never be vague, combative or confrontational.  An ineffective thesis would be, "Communism collapsed in Eastern Europe because communism is evil." This is hard to argue (evil from whose perspective? what does evil mean?) and it is likely to mark you as moralistic and judgmental rather than rational and thorough. It also may spark a defensive reaction from readers sympathetic to communism. If readers strongly disagree with you right off the bat, they may stop reading.

An effective thesis has a definable, arguable claim.  "While cultural forces contributed to the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, the disintegration of economies played the key role in driving its decline" is an effective thesis sentence that "telegraphs," so that the reader expects the essay to have a section about cultural forces and another about the disintegration of economies. This thesis makes a definite, arguable claim: that the disintegration of economies played a more important role than cultural forces in defeating communism in Eastern Europe. The reader would react to this statement by thinking, "Perhaps what the author says is true, but I am not convinced. I want to read further to see how the author argues this claim."

A thesis should be as clear and specific as possible.  Avoid overused, general terms and abstractions. For example, "Communism collapsed in Eastern Europe because of the ruling elite's inability to address the economic concerns of the people" is more powerful than "Communism collapsed due to societal discontent."

Copyright 1999, Maxine Rodburg and The Tutors of the Writing Center at Harvard University

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Prize-Winning Thesis and Dissertation Examples

Published on September 9, 2022 by Tegan George . Revised on July 18, 2023.

It can be difficult to know where to start when writing your thesis or dissertation . One way to come up with some ideas or maybe even combat writer’s block is to check out previous work done by other students on a similar thesis or dissertation topic to yours.

This article collects a list of undergraduate, master’s, and PhD theses and dissertations that have won prizes for their high-quality research.

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Table of contents

Award-winning undergraduate theses, award-winning master’s theses, award-winning ph.d. dissertations, other interesting articles.

University : University of Pennsylvania Faculty : History Author : Suchait Kahlon Award : 2021 Hilary Conroy Prize for Best Honors Thesis in World History Title : “Abolition, Africans, and Abstraction: the Influence of the “Noble Savage” on British and French Antislavery Thought, 1787-1807”

University : Columbia University Faculty : History Author : Julien Saint Reiman Award : 2018 Charles A. Beard Senior Thesis Prize Title : “A Starving Man Helping Another Starving Man”: UNRRA, India, and the Genesis of Global Relief, 1943-1947

University: University College London Faculty: Geography Author: Anna Knowles-Smith Award:  2017 Royal Geographical Society Undergraduate Dissertation Prize Title:  Refugees and theatre: an exploration of the basis of self-representation

University: University of Washington Faculty:  Computer Science & Engineering Author: Nick J. Martindell Award: 2014 Best Senior Thesis Award Title:  DCDN: Distributed content delivery for the modern web

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design graduate thesis

University:  University of Edinburgh Faculty:  Informatics Author:  Christopher Sipola Award:  2018 Social Responsibility & Sustainability Dissertation Prize Title:  Summarizing electricity usage with a neural network

University:  University of Ottawa Faculty:  Education Author:  Matthew Brillinger Award:  2017 Commission on Graduate Studies in the Humanities Prize Title:  Educational Park Planning in Berkeley, California, 1965-1968

University:  University of Ottawa Faculty: Social Sciences Author:  Heather Martin Award:  2015 Joseph De Koninck Prize Title:  An Analysis of Sexual Assault Support Services for Women who have a Developmental Disability

University : University of Ottawa Faculty : Physics Author : Guillaume Thekkadath Award : 2017 Commission on Graduate Studies in the Sciences Prize Title : Joint measurements of complementary properties of quantum systems

University:  London School of Economics Faculty: International Development Author: Lajos Kossuth Award:  2016 Winner of the Prize for Best Overall Performance Title:  Shiny Happy People: A study of the effects income relative to a reference group exerts on life satisfaction

University : Stanford University Faculty : English Author : Nathan Wainstein Award : 2021 Alden Prize Title : “Unformed Art: Bad Writing in the Modernist Novel”

University : University of Massachusetts at Amherst Faculty : Molecular and Cellular Biology Author : Nils Pilotte Award : 2021 Byron Prize for Best Ph.D. Dissertation Title : “Improved Molecular Diagnostics for Soil-Transmitted Molecular Diagnostics for Soil-Transmitted Helminths”

University:  Utrecht University Faculty:  Linguistics Author:  Hans Rutger Bosker Award: 2014 AVT/Anéla Dissertation Prize Title:  The processing and evaluation of fluency in native and non-native speech

University: California Institute of Technology Faculty: Physics Author: Michael P. Mendenhall Award: 2015 Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics Title: Measurement of the neutron beta decay asymmetry using ultracold neutrons

University:  Stanford University Faculty: Management Science and Engineering Author:  Shayan O. Gharan Award:  Doctoral Dissertation Award 2013 Title:   New Rounding Techniques for the Design and Analysis of Approximation Algorithms

University: University of Minnesota Faculty: Chemical Engineering Author: Eric A. Vandre Award:  2014 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award in Fluid Dynamics Title: Onset of Dynamics Wetting Failure: The Mechanics of High-speed Fluid Displacement

University: Erasmus University Rotterdam Faculty: Marketing Author: Ezgi Akpinar Award: McKinsey Marketing Dissertation Award 2014 Title: Consumer Information Sharing: Understanding Psychological Drivers of Social Transmission

University: University of Washington Faculty: Computer Science & Engineering Author: Keith N. Snavely Award:  2009 Doctoral Dissertation Award Title: Scene Reconstruction and Visualization from Internet Photo Collections

University:  University of Ottawa Faculty:  Social Work Author:  Susannah Taylor Award: 2018 Joseph De Koninck Prize Title:  Effacing and Obscuring Autonomy: the Effects of Structural Violence on the Transition to Adulthood of Street Involved Youth

If you want to know more about AI for academic writing, AI tools, or research bias, make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples or go directly to our tools!

Research bias

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  • Self-serving bias
  • Availability heuristic
  • Halo effect
  • Hindsight bias
  • Deep learning
  • Generative AI
  • Machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Supervised vs. unsupervised learning

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ACTION The A' Graduate Thesis Award is an international indicator of quality and perfection in graduate thesis, the A' Graduate Thesis Award is recognized worldwide and takes the attention of design-oriented companies, professionals and interest groups.

Graduate thesis Awardees

WHO IS AWARDED? The A' Graduate Thesis Award is given to best graduate thesis. Submission is open to all concept stage works, prototypes as well as finished works and realized projects.

Graduate thesis Trophy Details

UNIQUE AWARD TROPHY The A' Graduate Thesis Award Trophy was designed to be realized by the newest production techniques in order to underline the innovation behind award-winning designs.

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WHAT IS AWARDED? You can nominate original and innovative graduate thesis work designed within the last 5 years; including but not limited to products, projects, services, experiences and designs..

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WHO IS AWARDED? The A' Graduate Thesis Award is open to all entities, especially accepting nominations from brands, manufacturers, creative agencies, architecture offices and design studios..

Design award in New York Times Square

WHEN IS AWARDED? There are six entry periods, First, Early, Standard, Late, Last, Omega. It is recomended to join before the end of Late Entry Deadline, that is on February 28 th . Results are announced every year, starting from April 15 th to winners and May 1 st to Public.

MOOD Design Museum Logo

GRADUATE THESIS EXHIBITION The Museum of Outstanding Design, the moving design museum was founded by A' Design Award & Competition in order to exhibit the award-winning graduate thesis in Italy and abroad, internationally.

Exhibit of award-winning designs

ARE YOU IN THE MOOD? Eligible A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are provided free of charge exhibition space in the MOOD. No matter how big or small your graduate thesis, it will be exhibited.

Design award exhibition in art gallery

WE DO IT FOR YOU If you are unable to send a physical version of your award-winning graduate thesis, A' Graduate Thesis Award will prepare a large poster presentation and exhibit your work on behalf of you.

Design award exhibition in trade show

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION A' Design Award works hard to exhibit all award-winning graduate thesis in multiple countries each year to ensure your graduate thesis is properly exhibited worldwide.

Design exhibition

TRAVELING THE CONTINENTS For each international design exhibition, as well as for exhibition of your graduate thesis in Italy, you will be given a certificate of exhibition that may be relevant for your academic progression.

Design award exhibition

SHOWCASE YOUR GRADUATE THESIS We will also provide you with photos of your works from the international graduate thesis exhibitions we organize, and you may find these photos useful in promoting your graduate thesis to new audiences.

40 x 40 Design Logo

40×40 EXHIBITIONS 40×40 Exhibitions are international good design exhibitions featuring outstanding works of 40 Designers from 40 Countries.

Award trophies on platform

GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION The A' Graduate Thesis Award Winners are invited to take part in 40×40 Exhibitions by sending their works. Acceptance to 40×40 Exhibition is subject to the exhibition curator.

Designs exhibited in gallery

POWER TO YOU The A' Graduate Thesis Award laureates are also empowered to host and curate their own 40×40 Exhibitions, allowing them to take the center stage as the curators.

Museo del Design logo variations

MUSEO DEL DESIGN Museo del Design, the super contemporary design museum in Como, Italy will be accepting select A' Graduate Thesis Award winner graduate thesis to its permanent collection.

Exhibition of designs in the museum

AWARD WINNER'S EXHIBITION All A' Graduate Thesis Award Winners are exhibited at Museo del Design at the annual A' Design Award Winner's Exhibition, free of charge.

Closeup of a work being exhibited in design musuem

PUBLIC EXHIBITION The A' Graduate Thesis Award Exhibition at Museo del Design, located right behind Villa Olmo, allows the award-winning works to get exposed to affluent design-loving tourists visiting Como, Italy.

Award Certificate

GRADUATE THESIS AWARD CERTIFICATE Eligible award-winning graduate thesis are given a unique framed certificate, printed on heavy paper, featuring the name of the awarded work, achievement status and the designer.

Certificate in Frame

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QR Code

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Yearbooks of designs shown next to each other

WINNER GRADUATE THESIS YEARBOOK The A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are published in the annual yearbook by DesignerPress in Italy. The yearbooks helps to disseminate the award-winning graduate thesis.

Award-winning designs yearbook

SEND TO PRESS The Hardcopy version of the A' Design Award Winner Designs Yearbook is distributed to key press members, universities and design associations.

Yearbook of good designs

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Winner Design Yearbook

HARDCOVER & DIGITAL The A' Graduate Thesis Award Winners Annual Yearbook are available as hard-copy editions in addition to digital editions, designed, registered, printed and distributed in Italy, in English, registered with valid ISBN numbers.

Preface from the design book

HIGH-QUALITY PRINTING The A' Graduate Thesis Award books are full color digital printed on acid-free paper to preserve the design for long periods of time, and are great additions to any design library.

Co-editors page of the design book

GET & CHECK IT The hardcover versions of the winner's yearbooks are gifted to laureates of the A' Graduate Thesis Award free of charge during gala-night and award ceremony. Yearbooks are available for sale at select retailers and museum shops.

La Notte Premio A'

THE GALA NIGHT A' Graduate Thesis Award organizes a unique gala night and award ceremony near the beautiful Como Lake in Italy for winners to celebrate their success.

Gala-Night Location

A' GRAND CELEBRATION Press Members, Industry Leads, Prominent Designers and Companies are all invited in order to create networking opportunities for winners.

Gala-Night Reception

WINNERS ARE INVITED Eligible A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are able to participate the Gala-Night and Award-Ceremony free of charge. Winners have also opportunity to order additional tickets for their guests.

Award Ceremony Garden

RED CARPET GRADUATE THESIS EVENT A' Graduate Thesis Award gala night and award ceremony is super exclusive, black-tie, red-carpet event for graduate thesis.

Gala-Night Stage

BLACK TIE GRADUATE THESIS EVENT Very Important People, Ambassadors, Influential Journalists and Industry Juggernauts are provided VIP invitations to attend the A' Graduate Thesis Award gala night and award ceremony.

Gala-Night Awarding Ceremony

FULL GLAMOUR GRADUATE THESIS EVENT Each and every eligible A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are called to stage to celebrate their success and to retrieve their graduate thesis prize.

Guests of design award ceremony

LA NOTTE PREMIO A' Celebration occasion exclusively reserved for top A' Graduate Thesis Award winners. Hosted in addition to our gala night to celebrate the "Prime Designer of the Year" title.

Ars Futura Cultura logo on red background

ARS FUTURA CULTURA Designers meet to discuss strategies and policies to advance the design discipline. A' Graduate Thesis Award winners may reserve their seat to join the meetings.

Musician playing violin in gala night

ARTS FOR FUTURE Ars Futura Cultura means arts cultivate the future, that is why A' Design Award & Competition invest heavily in promoting good design, art and architecture every year.

Designers posing in front of gala-night wall

WORLD DESIGN CONSORTIUM World Design Consortium is a global design, architecture, innovation and engineering agency, winner of tens of thousands of awards.

World Design Consortium logo overlay on event photo

GOOD IN ALL INDUSTRIES World Design Consortium have uniquely specialized members in each and every industry, especially graduate thesis, thanks to its world-class members representing the very brightest in all fields.

World Design Consortium certificate of membership in wooden frame

MEMBERS IN ALL COUNTRIES Winners of the A' Graduate Thesis Award are invited to join the World Design Consortium. WDC Partners rely on each other to expand the range of services and capabilities they offer professionally.

Design award gala venue

PATRONS & SPONSORS Over the years, A' Graduate Thesis Award have earned the patronage of many prestigious institutions. While the sponsors and patrons vary every year, the awards had been previously endorsed by institutions such as: BEDA, Bureau of European Design Associations, Politecnico di Milano University, Como Municipality Culture Department and Ragione Lombardia, among other respectable and reputable organizations.

Design award flags

MARKETING INVESTMENT Taking part in the A' Graduate Thesis Award is almost totally risk free through preliminary preliminary checking service that tells how good your work is prior to nomination. Preliminary score is provided completely free of charge to each entrant. The A' Graduate Thesis Award does not ask contractually obliged further fees from its winners. The A' Graduate Thesis Award spends most of its operating income for promoting its laureates, creating a significant advertisement value. Companies and designers use the A' Graduate Thesis Award Winner Logo to promote themselves and attract new customers.

Historical castle hosting design award exhibition

AWARD IN NUMBERS The A' Graduate Thesis Award is gaining significant popularity each year. Currently the A' Design Award has 300.210.743 page views, 194.952 members, 64.509 submissions, 1500 gala-night and exhibition participants, and winners from 122 countries. Updated numbers and statistics could be found at A' Design Award In-Numbers page. We believe numbers are important for designers to understand what it means to be a winner.

Well-dressed designers smiling at gala-night

A' GRADUATE THESIS AWARD JURY A' Design Award Jury is truly great and powerful, composed of 224 established professionals, influential press members and academics, each design is given importance and equal consideration during voting.

Designers checking artwork and designs in design exhibition

EXPERIENCED & BALANCED JURY A' Design Award Jury although changes every year features a balanced composition of graduate thesis professionals, journalists, scholars and entrepreneurs to ensure each graduate thesis is voted fairly.

Gala-night guests queued for entry to award ceremony

RESEARCH THROUGH VOTING During the voting processes, A' Graduate Thesis Award jury members fill a custom criteria survey, and indicate how the graduate thesis should be voted better in the future.

Exhibition poster, cotton bag and merchandise

THE A' METHODOLOGY A' Graduate Thesis Award features a highly developed, ethical methodology for voting graduate thesis which makes use of standardised scoring, pre-established criteria and bias removal.

Omega particle prototypes

STANDARDISED SCORE A' Graduate Thesis Award Scores are standardised based on the a) The Weights of Criteria, b) Average Score of Jury Members, c) Average Scores of All Years.

Red award trophy on top of other metal trophies

INTUITIVE VOTING A' Graduate Thesis Award Jury votes online, therefore no jury member effects another jury member's votes, the voting panel is easy to use yet requires a careful analysis of the works to be voted.

Left page from design award yearbook

RESEARCH DRIVEN A' Design Award and Competition was developed as a part of a Ph.D. thesis at Politecnico di Milano, in Milan, Italy, after analysis of over 800 Design Competitions.

Right page from design award yearbook

MORE RESEARCH The A' Graduate Thesis Award platform is constantly in development, and is improved thanks to survey results and through ongoing research in order to provide the most value for the competition participants.

Hardcover design yearbook page

FAIR COMPETITION A' Graduate Thesis Award is not affiliated with any subculture, politic group, interest group or institution, and the jury is equally free during voting, your graduate thesis will be judged fairly.

Macro detail from design award winner kit box

GRADUATE THESIS PRIZE The A' Graduate Thesis Award Prize is composed of logo license, public relations, publicity and reputation services, as well as the winner's kit that contains physical items, such as trophy, yearbook and certificate.

Winner kit box

GRADUATE THESIS AWARD PRIZE Eligible A' Graduate Thesis Award Winners will receive their personalized Winners' Kit Package that include printed and framed award certificate, 3D printed metal award trophy, A' Design Award Winners Yearbook, Award-winner's Manual Booklet, A3 Posters and A3 Certificate, and more.

Winner kit package

FREE AT GALA NIGHT The A' Graduate Thesis Award Winners' Kit is free and given to all pro-edition winners at the Gala-Night & Exhibition. If you are unable to join the gala-night and award celebration events, you can order your kit to be shipped to your address.

Highlight Your design value

GRADUATE THESIS AWARD WINNER LOGO Winners of the A' Graduate Thesis Award are provided a special license to use the graduate thesis award-winner logo. The A' Graduate Thesis Award winner logo can be freely implemented to product packages, marketing materials, communications and public relation campaigns to help differentiate award-winning graduate thesis.

Bronze Award Winner Logo

AVAILABLE IN MANY FORMATS The A' Graduate Thesis Award Winners' Logo is available in many formats and can be incorporated into all sorts of advertisements free of charge, and can be used freely by your agents and dealers with regards to your award-winning graduate thesis.

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LIFETIME USAGE The Graduate thesis Award Winners' Logo is provided free of charge to all A' Graduate Thesis Award winners, and A' Design Award and Competitions grants unlimited usage to winners, without yearly fees, without recurrent costs.

Platinum Selection Logo

ADDED VALUE A' Graduate Thesis Award Winner Logo helps you communicate the excellent design values embedded in your graduate thesis to your customers, consumers and clients.

Award Winner Red Flag

IN COMMUNICATIONS To leverage their award-winner status and get further benefits, A' Graduate Thesis Award Winners use the logos in their communications prominently and visibly.

Award Winner Logo

MAKES THE DIFFERENCE The A' Design Award Winner Logo's is expected to create a positive impact during a client's decision towards you and your work, and is designed to orient consumers and customers towards purchase of your graduate thesis.

Selection Badge

SYMBOL OF EXCELLENCE The A' Graduate Thesis Award Winner Logo is an excellent symbol to communicate your design excellence, quality and capabilities.

Bronze Trophy

FOR ALL INDUSTRIES There is a distinct award-winner logo for each and every industry. The graduate thesis award winner logo was designed following industry best practices, and taking into consideration historical use and heritage.

Iron Trophy

EXCLUSIVE FOR WINNERS Many awards require annual payments for unlimited logo use license. A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are able to use their award-winner logos unlimitedly and free of charge without annual licensing fees.

Design Mediators Logo

DESIGN MEDIATION Being an A' Graduate Thesis Award winner is just the beginning, eligible laureates are provided with complimentary mediation and brokerage services for selling their conceptual designs.


GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENT Designers are kind, polite individuals who might have difficulty in making contracts with businesses, but we will be there to help.

Design Mediator Signature

HELP WITH CONTRACTS A' Design Award, together with Design Mediators, provides support to eligible designers to help form legal contracts with companies who are interested in buying design concepts.

Salone del Designer Logo

SALONE DEL DESIGNER A' Design Award has founded the Salone del Designer, with the sole purpose to provide a platform for award winners to sell their designs.

Salone del Designer Website

SELL GRADUATE THESIS CONCEPTS A' Graduate Thesis Award Winner Designers can set a sales price and also customize their contracts for selling their award-winning designs through the Salone del Designer platform.

Salone del Designer Platform

LIST YOUR DESIGNS FOR SALE The Salone del Designer platform access and sales listing service is provided free of charge to all winners, however only award-winning designs can be listed for sale.

Design Mega Store Logo

THE DESIGNMEGASTORE At DesignMegaStore winner designers and companies can sell any of their designs or products, not only winning entries.

Design Mega Store Packaging

SELL GOOD GRADUATE THESIS DesignerMegaStore normally requires a registration fee and annual listing fees to sell your graduate thesis. Registration and listing is provided free of charge to all winners without annual fees.

888 Price Tag

%0 SALES COMMISSION The DesignMegaStore is not just free for winners, but also does not take any commissions from the sales of designs, products or projects. You keep all the revenues.

Buy Sell Design Logo

JOIN DESIGN TENDERS Not just sell designs; but join design tenders to give a price quote for design and production of custom graduate thesis products, services and more for international buyers.

Sell Your Design

SELL HIGH-LEVEL SERVICES Are you a manufacturer? Give price quotes to big buyers for turnkey design and manufacturing solutions. Are you a designer? Find high-profile requests.

Buy Design

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE The BuySellDesign network is exclusive to A' Design Award Winners, who wish to provide graduate thesis services to worldwide clients.

Winners' Package

A unique public relations campaign will be made for the Graduate Thesis Design Award winners. Your work and your details will be communicated to thousands of press contacts, and also we will prepare a media kit for you. You can use this professionally prepared media kit to contact local press contacts. The winning design and the designer or the design studio will also be featured in the design annual and yearbook which is distributed by Design PR Wire to key figures in the design industry such as high-profile editors, press members and multi-national companies.

Proof of Design Creation Logo

PROOF OF DESIGN CREATION Can you prove that you are indeed the original creator of your work? The Proof of Creation certificate given by A' Design Award can be useful.

Protect Your Design

DULY SIGNED AND TIMESTAMPED The Proof of Creation document is a signed and timestamped paper to help you prove that at a given time, you had the design concept in your hands.

Free Design Protection

FREE & EASY TO OBTAIN A' Design Award provides an easy way to obtain the Proof of Design Creation document, free for all participants. Please note that this is not a patent or registration.

Design PRWire Logo

GOOD PR SERVICES A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are provided with numerous public relations and promotion services through DesignPRWire to celebrate their success.

Public Relations for Design

BEHIND THE CURTAINS The scope of PR Services is not just digital, throughout the year, DesignPRWire visits tradefairs and introduces winner graduate thesis to design-oriented companies.

Press Kit for Designers

CONNECT WITH PRESS With services such as press release preparation and distribution, all free of charge, A' Graduate Thesis Award increases your connectivity with the media and provides you with exposure throughout the year.

excellence in design.

Join A' Graduate Thesis Award and communicate your good graduate thesis values.

Press Kit Logo

PRESS RELEASE PREPARATION A' Graduate Thesis Award prepares a press release for all winner graduate thesis, in addition to allowing winners to upload their own releases to our platform for international press release distribution.

Press Release Preparation

PRESS RELEASE DISTRIBUTION Graduate thesis Award Winner press releases are distributed by DesignPRWire to a wide range of press members including both the traditional and online digital media.

Eye Graphic

IT IS FREE & HIGH RES. Electronic multi-media press release preparation and distribution services are provided to all A' Graduate Thesis Award winners automatically and without any payments.

Designer Interviews Logo

DESIGNER INTERVIEWS A' Graduate Thesis Award publishes interviews with the award winning designers at and all graduate thesis award winners are eligible for complimentary interviews.

Designer Interviews Website

PICKED BY THE PRESS Designer Interviews are also available at A' Design Award Website and are part of the Electronic Press Kit that are distributed to media members and journalists.

Designer Interviews Platform

USED BY JOURNALISTS Designer Interviews are provided in a way to encourage usage without attribution to A' Graduate Thesis Award, this helps the press members to write their articles faster.

Design Interviews Logo

GRADUATE THESIS INTERVIEWS A' Graduate Thesis Award publishes interviews regarding award winning graduate thesis at, and the interview service is provided free of charge for all graduate thesis award winners.

Design Interviews Website

DESIGNED FOR THE PRESS Graduate thesis Interviews, which are also available at A' Design Award Website, are part of the Electronic Press Kit that are distributed to journalists.

Design Interview

INTEGRATED BY THE PRESS Design Interviews platform was designed in a way to incentivize coverage by the press without attribution to A' Graduate Thesis Award, to help journalists write feature stories faster.

Design Legends Logo

DESIGN LEGENDS A' Graduate Thesis Award publishes interviews with legendary designers at and as a laureate, we would be honor to feature you and your award winning graduate thesis.

Design Legends Website

LEGENDARY INTERVIEWS Design Legends interviews help award-winning designers express themselves and explain their graduate thesis better to worldwide audiences in long text format.

Design Legends Platform

LEGENDARY COMMUNICATION. Design Legends interviews are included in your Electronic Press Kits that are distributed to graduate thesis media, and are also available to you for your own communication.

Magnificent Designers Logo

MAGNIFICENT DESIGNERS A' Graduate Thesis Award publishes interviews of Magnificent designers at, award-winners are all contacted to schedule for an interview and talk about their award-winning graduate thesis.

Magnificent Designers Website

MAGNIFICENT MEDIA Magnificent Designers platform allows laureates to communicate their perspectives on graduate thesis with easy to follow questions and answers format.

Magnificent Designers Platform

LOVED BY GRADUATE THESIS LOVERS Magnificent Designers, along with other interview platforms provide design-oriented audiences rich and high quality knowledge and wisdom into philosophy of designers behind original and creative graduate thesis.

Explore Thought-provoking Design Interviews

Explore thought-provoking design interviews published by The Graduate Thesis Design Award at these fine design interview blogs : — Magnificent Designers #1 Magnificent Designers — Design Interviews #2 Design Interviews — Design Legends #3 Design Legends — Designer Interviews #4 Designer Interviews


IDNN NETWORK International Design News Network helps your graduate thesis get international coverage through publications in all major languages.

Design News Website

REACH THE WORLD IDNN publications reaches almost all of the world population in their native language, and helps you communicate your graduate thesis to audiences far and beyond.

Design News Platform

IN 108 LANGUAGES IDNN Network publishes award-winning graduate thesis news in 108 languages, in 108 publications, for true global outreach.


BDCN NETWORK Best Design Creative Network is all about communicating your excellence in graduate thesis to your locality. BDCN helps you get discovered when best graduate thesis in your region is searched for.

BDCN Website

122 SHOWCASES There are 122 BDCN websites, each specialized in a distinct geographic area. Each BDCN Network website showcase the best of the best graduate thesis from a specific region.

BDCN Platform

PROMOTE YOUR GRADUATE THESIS When you win the A' Graduate Thesis Award you will be listed in your local BDCN publication aimed to attract local clients, consumers, customers and buyers to your graduate thesis.

Best Logo

BEST DESIGNERS NETWORK Best Designers Platform is all about delivering due respects, recognition and good reputation rightfully deserved by A' Graduate Thesis Award laureates. Winners of the A' Graduate Thesis Award are listed in the Best Designers Network.

Best Website

ACCLAIMED AND BRILLIANT Get recognized, respected and published among other acclaimed and brilliant graduate thesis masters, and get found when good graduate thesis is searched for.

Best Design Promotion Platform

FAMOUS AND INFLUENTIAL A' Graduate Thesis Award winners, with their outstanding and excellent designs deserve all the fame and influence. Getting listed at Best Designers Platform, is only one of the many perks of winning the A' Graduate Thesis Award.


DXGN NETWORK Design News Exchange Network spotlights, publishes and features good graduate thesis worldwide. DXGN features and publishes articles on award-winning good graduate thesis.

DXGN Website

PROMOTE YOUR GOOD DESIGN DXGN is composed of 127 amazing magazines that feature award-winning designers and their work. A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are published.

DXGN Platform

REACH GREAT AUDIENCES A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are provided free editorial coverage and free news articles featuring their graduate thesis at the DXGN Design News Network.

Good Logo

GOOD NETWORK Good Design News Network is composed of 50 publications that feature good design in different industries. GOOD Network is composed of many publications, each specialized in a given industry.

Good Website

GRADUATE THESIS PUBLICATION For each and every industry, there is a distinct GOOD Network publication that will feature, spotlight and highlight your award-winning works. Get your graduate thesis published in the GOOD Network.

Good Platform

GOOD DESIGN SHOWCASE Good design deserves great recognition. Winners of A' Graduate Thesis Award will be prominently featured and published in the GOOD Design News Network.

Press member checking screen

NEWSROOM A' Graduate Thesis Award provides many tools for press members to reach good graduate thesis content. Accredited journalists are given access to exclusive interviews, graduate thesis images and press releases.

Journalist on Video Conference

REACH GRADUATE THESIS JOURNALISTS A' Graduate Thesis Award Newsroom empowers journalists to interview award winners. Journalists can download press releases and high-resolution images of awarded graduate thesis.

Editor typing on computer

DESIGNED FOR MEDIA COVERAGE A' Graduate Thesis Award Newsroom provides graduate thesis journalists with ready to use images, interviews and content. A' Graduate Thesis Award Newsroom allows journalists to easily feature your award-winning graduate thesis and provide you with fast media coverage. Logo

DESIGNERS.ORG premium portfolio service is provided to all A' Graduate Thesis Award winners, free of charge. Award winners use their premium portfolio to showcase their award-winning graduate thesis to design-oriented audiences worldwide. Website

PREMIUM PORTFOLIO is highly selective for the quality of graduate thesis that are accepted, showcased and exhibited in their platform; only award-winning graduate thesis are accepted for showcase promotion. Platform

SHOWCASE AND EXHIBIT Get your work exhibited and showcased beautifully. By winning the A' Graduate Thesis Award you will get a premium portfolio created for you, without you doing anything, we will list all your award-winning graduate thesis on your behalf at platform.

Data scientist checking design servers

SECURITY COMES FIRST The Security of your submissions, your personal data and graduate thesis is of uttermost importance to A' Graduate Thesis Award. Your password is secured with the SHA algorithm and even we do not know your password. Furthermore, your connections are secured and encrypted with SSL.

Electronic data security for design

CONCEALED CATEGORIES Normally all A' Graduate Thesis Award results are public and heavily promoted, however A' Graduate Thesis Award allows you to make a concealed nomination. If you make a concealed nomination, your work is not published if it is awarded but you can still use the winner logo. The concealed nomination method is relevant for patent-pending designs and trade-secrets.

Computer scientist ensuring designs are stored securely

CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT A' Graduate Thesis Award is continuously improved to provide your award-winning graduate thesis with new and exciting promotion and publicity opportunities. Every year, we do our best to refine and improve the A' Graduate Thesis Award Prize to serve you better.

How to Participate in Graduate Thesis Award 2023 - 2024

Joining the Graduate Thesis Design Award is easy; first create an account at the A' Design Award and Competition, login to your account and third submit your design. When you enter your work, your design will be checked by the preliminary jury for its presentation. Afterwards, your design will be assigned a preliminary score from ten (10 - best) to zero (0 - worst), your work may also be marked approved or rejected to take part in the competition. If your entry is approved you can continue nominating your design for Graduate Thesis Awards consideration. If your entry is rejected, you are suggested to update your presentation before nominating your design to Graduate Thesis Award.

Designer Rankings Logo

DESIGNER RANKINGS A' Design Award and Competition publishes Designer Rankings that is easily accessible by public and media. The Rankings feature the number of awards won by each designer and total rankings. Top 10, Top 100 and Top 1000 Designers can be accessed.

Designer Rankings Website

HIGH-RANKING DESIGNERS Designer Rankings allow potential customers to find high-ranking designers. High-ranking design teams allow their designer ranking status to impress clients and customers. Journalists check Designer Rankings and discover good designers.

Designer Rankings Platform

RISE IN RANKINGS A' Graduate Thesis Award Winners are included in the Designer Rankings, each award-winning graduate thesis contributes a point towards better and higher ranking. Designer Rankings help award-winning designers and their awarded designs gain exposure.

World Design Rankings Logo

WORLD DESIGN RANKINGS A' Design Award and Competition publishes the World Design Rankings that ranks countries and regions based on the number of award-winning designers from each territory. Journalists use World Design Rankings to find best graduate thesis talent from your region.

World Design Rankings Website

PRESTIGE AND HONOUR Each country and region further lists the best brands, designers, artists and architects within the territory. For each A' Graduate Thesis Award you win, you will be increasing your regional score in the global World Design Rankings, bringing honor and prestige to your region.

World Design Rankings Platform

THE FIRST AND ONLY World Design Rankings is a very inclusive ranking system for design, with representation from all major industries and territories. Obtaining a high rank in the World Design Rankings will help you communicate your graduate thesis excellence to journalists and buyers from a unique perspective.


AIBA Alliance of International Business Associations. Free membership for award winning associations, organizations, institutions and clubs.


ISPM International Society of Product Manufacturers. Free membership for award winning product manufacturers and companies.


IBSP International Bureau of Service Providers. Free membership for award winning businesses and institutions in tertiary sector of the economy.

IAD Logo

IAD International Association of Designers. Free membership opportunity for A' Graduate Thesis Award laureates.


ICCI International Council of Creative Industries. Free membership for award winning businesses and institutions related to creativity.

IDC Logo

IDC International Design Club. Free membership for award winning creative agencies, architecture offices, artists workshops and designer studios.

Zooming on designs

FREE PRELIMINARY SCORE A' Graduate Thesis Award will review your submission and inform you how good your graduate thesis is prior to nomination. You will get a score from zero (0) to ten (10). Ten (10) is the highest preliminary score. Preliminary score service is provided completely free of charge to you and is confidential.

Inspecting designs

FREE PRELIMINARY REVIEW Preliminary score service is provided to you free of charge. Preliminary score is confidential. When you submit your work to A' Graduate Thesis Award, your submission will be reviewed, and you will be provided a numerical preliminary score together with suggestions on how to improve your design presentation.

Reviewing designs

FREE GRADUATE THESIS REVIEW You will get your graduate thesis reviewed for free and you will learn how good your graduate thesis actually is. If you get a high preliminary score for your graduate thesis you may want to nominate your graduate thesis for A' Graduate Thesis Award consideration.

Design influencer looking at camera

SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are featured in social media platforms. A' Graduate Thesis Award have created many tools to help you advertise and promote your graduate thesis in social media.

Design influencer in frame

GRADUATE THESIS PUBLICITY Reach out to your prospective customers and connect with your existing clients in social media. A' Graduate Thesis Award winners benefit from exclusive social media promotions created to promote award-winning graduate thesis.

Design influencer post

PR AGENCY FOR GRADUATE THESIS If you need a public relations agency for graduate thesis, you will be happy to learn that A' Graduate Thesis Award Prize includes many public relations and promotions services. Public relations services are provided free of charge to all A' Graduate Thesis Award winners.

Design of the Day

DESIGN OF THE DAY Design of the Day initiative aims to create social awareness for a distinct award-winning graduate thesis each day. Design of the Day is promoted in hundreds of publications as well as social media.

Designer of the Day

DESIGNER OF THE DAY Designer of the Day initiative aims to create social awareness for a distinct graduate thesis award winner each day. Designer of the Day is promoted in hundreds of publications as well as social media.

Design Interview of the Day

INTERVIEW OF THE DAY Design Interview of the Day initiative aims to create social awareness for a distinct award-winning graduate thesis interview each day. Design Interview of the Day is promoted in hundreds of publications as well as social media.

Design Legend of the Day

DESIGN LEGEND OF THE DAY Legend of the Day initiative aims to boost and promote a distinct graduate thesis award-winner in social media as well as at hundreds of magazines and publications.

Design Team of the Day

DESIGN TEAM OF THE DAY Design Team of the Day initiative aims to boost and promote an award-winning graduate thesis team in new media as well as at hundreds of magazines and publications.

Design Highlight of the Day

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY Highlight of the Day initiative helps us promote your graduate thesis and your image as an award-winner in social media, as well as hundreds of magazines and publications.

Designers getting their photo taken

CASE STUDY As a business, you might already be spending tons of money on the advertisements, you already know the costs & prize for publications, advertorial and editorial placements but most importantly you know it is best when customers find you, when you are the spotlight.

Designers posing in Wall of Fame

GET PUBLICITY Winning the A' Graduate Thesis Award could help you secure some editorial space at both the traditional, new and social media and could create free publicity that your graduate thesis very much deserves. Winning the A' Graduate Thesis Award could help you attract prospective clients and customers to your business.

Design Award Gala-Night Host

ADVERTISE GRADUATE THESIS A' Graduate Thesis Award provide its winners with really good PR services, electronic and traditional press release preparation and distribution, mass media syndication and access to an exclusive advertisement network. Winning the A' Graduate Thesis Award will help you advertise your graduate thesis easily.

Blue haired designer

AWARD SPONSORSHIP The A' Graduate Thesis Award offers many scholarship programs to provide opportunity for start-ups and young designers to take part in the competition free of charge with their designs. The purpose of these sponsorship programs is to make the graduate thesis competition more fair, ethical and accessible.

Designer with red drink

UNIVERSAL ACCESS By taking part in our award sponsorship programs, you can earn free entry tickets to nominate your graduate thesis for A' Graduate Thesis Award consideration. There are many sponsorship programs available, some of them are very simple to take part.

Designer smiling

DESIGN AMBASSADOR PROGRAM Design Ambassador program is one of the many graduate thesis award scholarship programs we offer. If you perform a few simple tasks to help us create an awareness for good design, you may be granted free entry tickets to nominate your graduate thesis for awards consideration.

Language Icon

DESIGN TRANSLATIONS A' Graduate Thesis Award winner designs are translated to almost all major languages free of charge. A' Graduate Thesis Award award-winning graduate thesis are published and promoted in all major languages.

Macro photograph of Rosetta Stone

TRANSLATION PLATFORM In addition to the free of charge translation services provided by the A' Graduate Thesis Award, award winners could further provide translations of their work in their native languages.

Rosetta Stone illustrator

UNIVERSAL REACH Reach majority of the world population in their native language. Get your graduate thesis promoted to buyers, journalists, businesses and design enthusiasts that speak foreign languages. Help the world discover your graduate thesis.

Heat Back III Down Jacket

COMPETITION CATEGORIES A' Design Award & Competition features many competition categories in order to reach the widest audience possible. Large number of categories allow designers and brands from different industries to compete in a truly international multi-disciplinary competition.

Prism reflecting and refracting light beautifully

WIDE REACH Research indicates that the worth and value of an award increases proportionally to its reach. Having a large number of competition categories allows the A' Design Award to reach a large number of people from diverse backgrounds.

Abstract liquid particles

OPEN TO ALL GRADUATE THESIS A' Graduate Thesis Award is open to nomination of all types of graduate thesis. You can nominate graduate thesis already realized and released to the market. You can also nominate graduate thesis concepts and prototypes that are not yet released to the market.

Organized by A' Design Awards.

A' Design Award has over 100+ competition categories. — Hospitality #35 Restaurant Awards — Web #99 Website Design Awards — Manufacturing #57 Manufacturing Design Awards — Vehicle #9 Mobility Design Awards — Care #78 Universal Product Awards — Web #99 Web Design Competition — Vehicle Accessory #59 Automotive Accessory Awards — Interior #8 Interior Design Awards — Agricultural Equipment #31 Agricultural Design Awards — Interior #8 Museum Design Awards — Photography #14 Design Photography Awards — Playground #157 Playground Awards are some of the accolades organized by the A' Design Awards.

Arrangement of XXL Trophies

RESPECT GRADUATE THESIS The A' Graduate Thesis Award respects designers and companies who take part in the accolades. The graduate thesis awards logo and publicity services are provided free of charge to all eligible winners. Graduate thesis award trophies, yearbooks and certificates are distributed free of charge during the gala night to eligible winners.

Design Award Trophy in black case

WINNERS' PACK A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are eligible to obtain the A' Graduate thesis Prize which includes public relations, advertising and promotion services. A' Graduate Thesis Award winners are given a broad logo license to promote their graduate thesis worldwide as award-winning graduate thesis.

Designer holding a phone, smiling to camera

WINNERS ARE WINNERS If you win the the A' Graduate Thesis Award, you do not have to pay any contractually obliged further fees. A' Graduate Thesis Award does not force its laureates to pay so called winner fees.

Prestige Logo

PRESTIGE SYSTEM The A' Graduate Thesis Award grants you access to its unique A' Prestige System that provides you with a special opportunity to benefit from very exclusive intangible and tangible benefits.

Prestige Token

PRESTIGE TOKENS Winners of the A' Graduate Thesis Award are able to accumulate A' Prestige Tokens that could be exchanged for a plethora of privileged benefits and highly exclusive services.

Prestigious designer

GOLDEN TICKETS Having your name written and showcased on the walls of a contemporary design museum in large gold letters, and to have your graduate thesis accepted to a permanent collection of a design museum are only some of the perks that may be obtained by using your A' Prestige Tokens.

A' Design Star Infographic

A' DESIGN STAR The A' Design Star is a special design recognition programme that is aimed to recognize and reward time-proven graduate thesis excellence.

A' Design Star sign macro photograph

A' STAR EMBLEM A' Design Star Emblem is a very special symbol awarded to multiple award-winning designers, brands, innovators, companies and agencies that are able to repeatedly and consistently create good graduate thesis.

A' Design Star wall sign photograph

A' STAR GUIDE The A' Design Star guide lists the A' Design Star recognized 8-Star, 7-Star and 6-Star designers. A' Design Star is aimed to help large enterprises and brands to find reliable graduate thesis providers.

World Design Ratings Logo

WORLD DESIGN RATINGS A' Graduate Thesis Award winners will be listed at World Design Ratings, together with their WDC-Rank, Designer Title and Designer Honorifics.

World Design Ratings Website

DESIGNER HONORIFICS A' Graduate Thesis Award winners will be able to obtain respectable honorific titles based on their creative merits and tenets, including but not limited to Master and Grand-Master designations.

World Design Ratings Platform

HONOURING DESIGNERS Your designer honorific title serves more than just to praise your excellent skills, they serve to signal your audiences to treat you with the uttermost respect you deserve as an outstanding designer.

Scene from video interview with designer

VIDEO INTERVIEWS Select A' Graduate Thesis Award winners will be eligible to have a video interview published about their profile and award-winning graduate thesis.

Snapshot of recording video interview with designer

SPOTLIGHT VIDEOS Eligible laureates will have the opportunity to get their award-winning graduate thesis professionally spotlighted and video-captured.

Video interview with designer during design exhibition

VIDEO CHANNELS Your Video Interviews and Spotlight Videos, will be published and actively promoted at our online video channels to help you reach new audiences.

Secret Society of Design Logo

RESOLUTE MOTTO The motto of the A' Graduate Thesis Award is "Ars Futura Cultura" i.e. Arts Cultivate the Future, Arts for the Culture of Future. We believe that the future is shaped by arts, design and technology, thus there is need of good graduate thesis for a better future.

Design award proto symbolism

DESIGNED FOR DESIGNERS The A' Graduate Thesis Award is created to bring together designers, companies, audiences interested in graduate thesis and graduate thesis journalists. A' Graduate Thesis Award aims to highlight good graduate thesis products and services to design-oriented audiences.

Design award symbolism

THE MYTH, THE LEGEND Winning the A' Graduate Thesis Award is a certificate of excellence for designers, a proof of quality for companies. Having the A' Graduate Thesis Award attracts the eyes of design-oriented audiences worldwide.

Graduate Thesis Prize

In a world where there are countless projects released yearly, The Graduate Thesis Design Award aims to bring forward the excellent qualifications of leading Graduate Thesis designs and Graduate Thesis design concepts by providing them with advertising and visibility. The A' Graduate Thesis Award is an international graduate thesis competition with an aim to recognize, spotlight and promote good graduate thesis worldwide. The A' Graduate Thesis Prize includes many items such as Graduate Thesis Award Winner Logo, Graduate Thesis Trophy, Graduate Thesis Excellence Certificate as well as public relations and marketing for promoting awarded graduate thesis.

Red trophy

5 TIERS OF HEAVEN A' Graduate Thesis Award is always awarded in five tiers: Platinum A' Graduate Thesis Award, Gold A' Graduate Thesis Award, Silver A' Graduate Thesis Award, Bronze A' Graduate Thesis Award and Iron A' Graduate Thesis Award. These award tiers are reserved for winner graduate thesis.

Bronze trophy

5 LEVELS OF RECOGNITION In addition to award levels, there is also honorable A' Graduate Thesis Award Runner-up and A' Graduate Thesis Award Participant status, the A' Graduate Thesis Award Nominee tag, together with A' Graduate Thesis Award Withdrawn and the A' Graduate Thesis Award Disqualified status.

Iron trophy

FORESIGHT TO YOU When you sign-up and upload your graduate thesis to the A' Graduate Thesis Award you gain professional insight; preliminary jurors will score your work from zero (0) to ten (10), free of charge, and completely confidential, you will know well in advance what to expect if you nominate your work.

A' Design Award & Competition Logo

GOOD AWARD A' Graduate Thesis Award gives a lot of importance to promote and advertise award winning graduate thesis adequately. We believe that a good graduate thesis award should offer more than a logo, a good graduate thesis competition should provide more than a certificate, a good graduate thesis prize is more than a trophy.

Omega Particle Technical Drawings

ENGINEERED Every single element that makes the A' Graduate Thesis Award for good graduate thesis was synthetically designed and engineered to help your award-winning graduate thesis reach its true potential, to help you find new markets and audiences.

Premium winner kit package

COVETED PRIZE Graduate thesis award winner logo, graduate thesis award trophy, graduate thesis award winners book, graduate thesis award winners certificate, graduate thesis award gala-night, graduate thesis award exhibition, and marketing services for good graduate thesis. awaits eligible winners.

All-Plus trophy

YOUNG DESIGN PIONEER Young Design Pioneer is a special recognition granted by International Design Club to a young yet highly professional and creative designer under the age of 40.

Young Design Pioneer recipient

SPECIAL RECOGNITION Young A' Graduate Thesis Award laureates are eligible to be nominated for the Young Design Pioneer title and obtain their special certificate and trophy to celebrate the occasion.

Young Design Pioneer laureate

HIGHLIGHTING POTENTIAL Young Design Pioneer recipients are also given the All-Plus Trophy, featuring a plus sign in all six perspectives, highlighting the immense, multi-dimensional creative and professional growth capacity.

All-Star Trophy

INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR Innovator of the Year title is a special recognition granted by Alliance of International Business Associations to a select A' Graduate Thesis Award winner enterprise that implements good design as a core value in their business.

Innovator of the Year recipient

RECOGNIZING GOOD DESIGN Innovator of the Year title recognizes the use of good design in business to create superior products and projects that benefit the society, customers, clients as well as employees.

Innovator of the Year laureates

INNOVATION TROPHY Innovator of the Year recipients are given the Innovation Trophy, to highlight, recognize and celebrate their stellar innovation, creativity and expansional growth, as well as to thank them for making the world a better place with their good design.

Pi-Head Trophy

DESIGNER OF THE YEAR Designer of the Year is title the highest achievement granted by International Association of Designers, to award-winning designers to celebrate their success. Every year, only one Prime Designer of the Year title is granted.

Signing the Designer of the Year certificate

SIGNED BY MASTERS Designer of the Year Certificate is signed by 40 world-class master designers. Obtaining the Prime Designer of the Year title is a great honour.

Designer of the Year recipients taking their certificate from the gala-night host

SPECIAL METAL TROPHY Prime Designer of the Year award recipients are also given a special metal trophy to celebrate their success. A' Graduate Thesis Award winners have a chance to get elected as the Prime Designer of the Year.

Omega Particle trophy corner view

GRADUATE THESIS AWARD TROPHY Omega Particle is the name of the trophy given to A' Graduate Thesis Award winners. The A' Graduate Thesis Award Trophy represent infinite possibilities of a design process.

Omega Particle trophy middle view

SOFT ORGANIC INTERIOR The soft organic curves within the A' Graduate Thesis Award Trophy signify our emotions. the emotional content that is implemented in design process.

Omega Particle trophy end view

HARD GEOMETRIC EXTERIOR The hard geometric edges of the A' Graduate Thesis Award Trophy signify logic, the scientific content that is embedded in design process.

Media Partners Logo

MEDIA PARTNERS A' Graduate Thesis Award has 41 media partners this year, when we talk about Media Partners, these are different from the list of publications we reach via pr campaigns or press releases; these are the list of publications that will definetely publish a selection of our winners.

Young journalist reviewing press release

DIRECT EXPOSURE By taking part and nominating your work, you gain direct exposure to our Media Partners, which combined, have more than hundred million page views annually, your graduate thesis will have a chance to tap on their audiences, and get your work seen by the millions. We had already provided 36.105 media placements for our laureates.

Design award promotion in New York Times Square

INDIRECT EXPOSURE In addition to getting your work seen by 41 Media Partners, your graduate thesis will also get an opportunity to be discovered by 500.000+ journalists, editors and media members that receive our press releases. Logotype and Symbol

DESIGNER.ORG is a highly prestigious global marketplace and community for good design. brings together the finest minds in the design industry to showcase their exceptional projects to prospective clients, design buyers, customers, and the media, with a clear call to take action towards business and collaboration. Platform

GOOD DESIGN connects award-winners with leading brands and enterprises. This collaboration-centric approach allows designers to expand their horizons and gain global exposure. For companies, listing on signals a dedication to good design, quality and innovation. Profile

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MAIN IMAGE To take part in A' Graduate Thesis Award you need one primary main image that represents your graduate thesis. Your graduate thesis image shall be placed in a canvas that is 3600 x 3600 pixels, and should be a 72 dpi resolution, jpeg file.

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OPTIONAL IMAGES If you wish to represent your graduate thesis better, we would further recommend that you upload up to 4 optional images, each placed on a 1800 x 1800 pixel canvas, your images should have 72 dpi resolution, and should be jpeg files.

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OPTIONAL PDF, LINK OR VIDEO Finally, you will have an opportunity to support your graduate thesis presentation with an optional video presentation, a private access link or a PDF document up to 40 pages, accessible only to jurors.

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TAKE PART STEP #1 Register to A' Design Award & Competition for taking part in A' Graduate Thesis Award. During graduate thesis award registration, you will type in your name, surname and email. Confirm your e-mail address after registration to fully activate your profile. It is free to create an account.

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TAKE PART STEP #2 Login to A' Design Award website. Upload your graduate thesis. You can upload as many graduate thesis as you like. It is free and very easy to upload your designs.

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TAKE PART STEP #3 Select the award category that you wish to compete for and nominate your graduate thesis for the A' Graduate Thesis Award before the competition deadline.

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References and Sources.

Lists of award-winning projects featured, from first row to last row, from left to right, in order of appearance: — 1 #137691 Nature Dreams Digital Art Exhibition — 2 #39467 Maxplo Tire — 3 #58126 Phenotype 002 Bracelet — 4 #114604 Flexo InForm Assembly Pavilion — 5 #57860 The Breathing House dynamic facade of sliding terraces — 6 #65401 Photoptosis installation — 7 #50635 Titanium Choker Parametric Design — 8 #24667 Vertical + Horizontal Farm Tower Farming and Crop distribution tower — 9 #67565 CityWays Data Visualization — 10 #98037 Megalopolis X Shenzhen Super Headquarter — 11 #76249 Vapor Breeze Tea Set — 12 #39628 Reflect Dynamic design generation system — 13 #130038 Shape Grammars Book — 14 #150656 Parametric Generation Building — 15 #50936 Cilllia 3D Hair Generator — 16 #148603 Aria AR Spray Controller — 17 #27591 3rd Dimension Airship — 18 #112156 Lamellae Multifunctional Shelving — 19 #145460 Nature Dreams Digital Art Exhibition — 20 #86317 Maxplo Tire — 21 #28801 Phenotype 002 Bracelet — 22 #61892 Flexo InForm Assembly Pavilion — 23 #144874 The Breathing House dynamic facade of sliding terraces — 24 #104473 Photoptosis installation — 25 #52433 Titanium Choker Parametric Design — 26 #27603 Vertical + Horizontal Farm Tower Farming and Crop distribution tower — 27 #144425 CityWays Data Visualization — 28 #102975 Megalopolis X Shenzhen Super Headquarter — 29 #141914 Vapor Breeze Tea Set — 30 #139457 Reflect Dynamic design generation system — 31 #45158 Shape Grammars Book — 32 #66852 Parametric Generation Building — 33 #48354 Cilllia 3D Hair Generator — 34 #137691 Aria AR Spray Controller — 35 #149549 3rd Dimension Airship — 36 #78042 Lamellae Multifunctional Shelving — 37 #120086 Self Service Checkout SCO — 38 #139912 Viage11 Modular Eyewear System — 39 #45387 Afa Advance Firefighting Apparatus — 40 #48394 Wind Tower skyscraper — 41 #27540 Pearl Atlantis Floating Resort and Marine Observatory — 42 #32786 Urban Skyfarm — 43 #39966 GREEN HIVE Tire — 44 #54880 Smart Plate — 45 #76274 Parametric Ceramics Pottery — 46 #134434 J16 Smart Multi Purpose Barcode Scanner — 47 #149108 Explorer Scientific Research Vehicle — 48 #73153 n01 Race Car — 49 #93170 Cava Light Installation — 50 #119044 W-3E Mask Expressive Emotion — 51 #127554 Tipit Cashless Tipping Device — 52 #56149 Bengal Classical Music Festival — 53 #56977 Amheba Bookcase — 54 #106928 X Transport Cargo Transportation .

Graduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Day

faculty gathered for poster session

Graduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Day (GRSCAD)

To showcase the innovative work of SDSU graduate students, the Graduate School will be sponsoring Graduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Day (GRSCAD) on April 23, 2024 . The day will begin with a featured speaker/presentation, followed by graduate student poster presentations, culminating with the Graduate Student Recognition Event.

The event is open to ALL graduate students, regardless of discipline or type of degree being earned. Students not completing a thesis or research paper are welcome to present on a project, portfolio, written work or any other type of creative activity. A group of faculty judges will select the top 2 posters to receive awards.

The deadline to register for the event is Friday, April 12, 2024 . Graduate students will need to provide a brief abstract of the project, as well as other pertinent information.

GRSCAD Registration Form

Schedule of Events

April 23, 2024 2-6 p.m. Volstorff Ballroom A - University Student Union

  • Featured speakers/presentation: 2-3 p.m.
  • Poster show/project judging: 3-5 p.m.
  • Graduate Recognition Event: 5-6 p.m.

Instructions for GRSCAD Poster Creation

Graduate students who will be participating in the poster presentation will need to create and print a 36-inch by 48-inch poster for display during the event. Students may create their own template for the poster, however, SDSU has created various templates students are encouraged to utilize. Students are encouraged to utilized BluePrint & Print Center, located in the lower level of the Student Union to print posters.

SDSU Research Poster Templates

Blueprint Design and Print Center

The Graduate School will reach out to those who registered prior to the event. For any questions, please reach out to the Graduate School via email or at 605-688-4181.

Architecture student in Northern Virginia embraces deaf community in design and in life

Craig Newcomb

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Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC) graduate student Kim Le’s master’s thesis is on deaf architecture. Going beyond conventional research, she is both learning American Sign Language and is active in the greater Washington, D.C., metro area deaf community. “I think my thesis in a way has changed my life. By being fully immersed in the deaf community, I just have a completely different perspective now,” said Le.

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  • Student Life
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