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  1. How to Start a Speech: The Best Ways to Capture Your Audience

    The introduction is the formal greeting for speeches, so let's be sure to get this right to hook the audience. Understanding the importance of speech openings can significantly impact making a strong first impression. Planning and delivering the first words with confidence and relevance is essential, as they set the tone for the entire ...

  2. 15 Powerful Speech Opening Lines (And How to Create Your Own)

    Analyze their response and tweak the joke accordingly if necessary. Starting your speech with humour means your setting the tone of your speech. It would make sense to have a few more jokes sprinkled around the rest of the speech as well as the audience might be expecting the same from you. 4. Mohammed Qahtani.

  3. How to Start a Speech: 7 Tips and Examples for a Captivating Opening

    4. Make them laugh. Injecting a little humor into your opening line puts everyone at ease and makes your speech more memorable. Just make sure your joke is relevant and doesn't offend your audience. Example: "They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is cute, forget the fruit!". 5.

  4. How to Write a Welcome Speech: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

    Ask a question they can respond to or tell a joke — anything to connect with the audience. Do something that grabs their attention and excites them and makes them thrilled about the event. 3. Add individual greetings for any special guests. Include the names of special guests that are part of the audience.

  5. How to write a speech introduction: 12 of the best ways to start

    9. It's in the news. Take headlines from what's trending in media you know the audience will be familiar with and see. Using those that relate to your speech topic as the opening of your speech is a good way to grab the attention of the audience. It shows how relevant and up-to-the-minute the topic is. For example:

  6. Welcome Speech in English: Best Samples, Examples & Tips

    The objective of a welcome speech in English is to introduce yourself and the rest of the attendees at the event. This is done through a short introduction about who you are, what you do, why you're attending, etc. The following are the objectives of a welcome speech: Introduce yourself. Provide Information regarding the event.

  7. 50 Speech Opening Lines (& How to Create Your Own) l The Ultimate Guide

    Step 2: Based upon this audience analysis, figure out their set expectation regarding the topic you are about to deliver your speech on. Step 3: Shred that expectation by challenging that set expectation in your opening remark. Remember not to be offensive and play by the rule of your moral compass.

  8. How to write a welcome speech in 3 steps (with sample speech)

    There are six common or standard content items in a good welcome speech. These are: Greetings to welcome everyone and thanking them for coming along. Acknowledgement of special guests, if there are any. An introduction of the event itself and a brief overview of special highlights the audience will want to know about.

  9. 26 Ways To Start a Speech and Capture People's Attention

    Here are 26 different techniques for beginning your speech: 1. Use a quote. One method of starting a speech and gaining the audience's attention is to use a famous or relatable quote. This approach can give your audience context for your topic and connect it to something they recognize. For instance, if you plan to give a speech on a political ...

  10. How to Start a Speech: The Best (and Worst) Speech Openers

    Opening Lines of the Top 10 Greatest Speeches of All Time. #1: Socrates - "Apology". "How you, men of Athens, have been affected by my accusers. I do not know.". #2: Patrick Henry - "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death". "Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope.".

  11. How To Start a Speech/Presentation: Learn to Greet and Introduce

    It's time to compose the speech with an introduction, body, and conclusion once you've studied your audience, chosen a topic, gathered supporting resources and developed an outline. The broadcaster's maxim is followed in these important parts: (1) Let them know what you're about to say. (2) Inform them.

  12. Start Strong!

    You may remember from your school days that a speech has three parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. And while that may be generally true in a broad sense, most presentations include a fourth component: the Greeting. Your greeting is an essential part of your Introduction because it presents both you and your topic to your audience.

  13. 12+ Opening Speech Examples for Presentations & Quick Tips

    2. Open the Speech by Giving Compliment & Show Gratitude towards your Audience. Secondly, just after wishing greeting to your audience give them compliment and choose some words which show that you are delighted to see them there. Example: It's great to see you all, Thank you for coming here today.

  14. How to Write a Great Welcome Speech

    Set the Tone of the Event. Express Gratitude. Give an Overview. Offer Words of Encouragement. End on a High Note. Examples of Effective Welcome Speech. Example 1: Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event. Example 2: Welcome Speech for a Church Event. Example 3: Welcome Speech for a Cultural Event.

  15. How to Write an Introduction Speech: 7 Easy Steps & Examples

    Write down any relevant achievements, expertise, or credentials to include in your speech. Encourage the audience to connect with you using relatable anecdotes or common interests. Rehearse and Edit. Practice your introduction speech to ensure it flows smoothly and stays within the time frame.

  16. Organize Your Introduction for a Presentation [+ FREE Presentation

    Ask a question and get your audience to respond by raising hands. Get the complete Presentations in English Series: Part 1: How to Prepare for Your Presentation in English. Part 2: How to Start with a Great Introduction in Your Presentation. Part 3: How to Organize Your Presentation in English.

  17. 7 ways for opening a speech! The perfect speech introduction

    The goal of an ideal introduction to your speech; Giving a speech: seven perfect speech introductions. 1. He who asks, leads - starting with a question; 2. Start your speech with a quote; 3. Inspire your audience with storytelling; 4. Start with an open loop; 5. Enchant the audience with parables; 6. Facts, figures and statistics as an ...

  18. Greeting your audience to start any speech

    1. To greet someone very happily and eagerly; to give someone a very warm, enthusiastic welcome. Before beginning a presentation, you may find yourself questioning what you should do first. As you make your way to the front of the room, remember that one of the best ways to kick off your speech is by simply and effectively greeting your audience.

  19. Welcome Speech

    A speech introduction has to be brief and energetic in order not to bore the audience. The speaker needs to be lively and high-spirited as well when delivering the speech. All these are but additives and factors to create a good welcome speech. Welcome Speech Format Opening. Greeting: Begin with a warm greeting to the audience. Example: "Good ...

  20. Meeting Introduction Examples: The Power of First Impressions

    Some examples of meeting ground rules are: State your name before you begin speaking. Stay 100% focused during the meeting by avoiding incoming emails, direct messages, and text messages. Never interrupt the individual who is speaking or sharing a point. Come prepared with action items to discuss with the team.

  21. Introduction Speech

    Example: "Good afternoon, everyone.". 2. Self-Introduction (if introducing yourself) State your name and your role or position. Example: "My name is [Your Name], and I am [your position, e.g., 'the new marketing manager'].". 3. Purpose of the Speech. Explain why you are speaking and the context of the event.

  22. 70 Short Welcome Speech Samples To Address any Event

    Welcome speech must address all the guests and the chief guests of the event (if any) thanking them for being present and giving the auspicious event their valuable attention. Make proper introductions of the Chief guests and hosts along with the motive of the function to achieve more attention and appreciation.

  23. 38 Top Opening and Closing Remarks for Meetings

    Opening and closing remarks for meetings are statements that introduce and wrap up workplace get-togethers. The purpose of these remarks is to set the tone of the subject matter and summarize topics covered during the meeting. Examples of opening and closing remarks for meetings include quick welcomes to attendees, announcements explaining the ...

  24. Remarks by Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves at the 2nd Annual

    Thank you, Eric, for that introduction, and for your continued leadership. Hello everyone, and welcome to the Department of Commerce! It's such a pleasure to join you all here to speak about the efforts we're undertaking to ensure that all Americans and businesses have the resources they need to succeed and thrive.

  25. RNC Day 3 highlights: JD Vance makes first speech as Trump VP pick

    What to know about Day 3 of the Republican National Convention. Sen. JD Vance focused heavily on his family and his upbringing in his first speech since he was named former President Donald Trump ...

  26. RNC day 1 takeaways: Trump's grand entrance and a VP pick

    None of the speeches at the convention offered much of a detailed explanation as to why prices went up. That would require acknowledging the broken supply chains after the pandemic as well as how Russia's invasion of Ukraine pushed up food and energy costs. But Biden pushed through $1.9 trillion in pandemic aid and the GOP argued that ...

  27. JD Vance speech tonight: Trump VP pick, 'Hillbilly Elegy' author, gets

    J.D. Vance got his political introduction at the RNC Wednesday as Donald Trump's pick for vice president. He is the author of "Hillbilly Elegy."

  28. Dana White rallies for Donald Trump re-election at RNC

    UFC CEO Dana White has once again put his full political support behind former U.S. president Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election in November.. For the third time, White spoke at the Republican National Convention in support of his friend, but on this occasion, he had the privilege of being the last speaker before Trump took the stage to accept the Republican presidential nomination.

  29. JD Vance speech tonight: Trump VP pick, 'Hillbilly Elegy' author, will

    RNC Day 3 live updates: Vance to make prime-time speech Still, most Americans - and Republicans - don't know much about Vance. According to a new poll from the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs ...