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A homework to-do list is a simple yet effective planner that helps students stay organized and manage their assignments. It is essentially a checklist that outlines all the tasks that a student needs to complete for their homework. This list can be handwritten or created electronically, depending on the student's preference. By using a homework to-do list, students can ensure that they keep track of all their school assignments and complete them in a timely manner.

A homework to-do list allows students to prioritize their assignments based on urgency and importance. By listing all the school or university asks that need to be completed, students can determine which assignments need to be done first. This helps prevent procrastination and ensures that time is allocated appropriately to each task. Students are less likely to forget about an assignment or constantly feel overwhelmed when they have a clear list to refer to.

We do know that homework assignments can be overwhelming, especially when we have multiple subjects to handle. To help manage this workload efficiently premade homework to-do list templates can be a valuable tool.

Don’t Forget About Homework - Note it Down!

If you are a student and would like to create a homework to-do list with the help of templates, we’d like to outline some benefits you probably can guess! Cost-efficiency. There are many websites that offer freebies, the same goes with The website has a wide range of templates, including printable homework to-do lists that are designed according to recent trends and with creative outlines.

Well-structured. One of the key advantages of using templates is that they promote organization. These templates are typically designed with sections for each subject, allowing students to list all their assignments in one place.

Editable. This feature allows students to prioritize their tasks according to their importance and urgency. Students can add due dates to their assignments and sort them in order of priority. It is easy to revise the same template or even copy it to work with two lists.

Stress reduction. The overwhelming feeling that can arise from a long list of assignments can cause anxiety and hinder productivity. However, when tasks are broken down and presented in a clear and concise format, students are more likely to feel a sense of control over their workload.

Saving a Template for Future Work

If you are looking for a general to-do list or maybe cute homework to-do list templates, welcome to check out website. There are dozens of creative professional-looking templates created in different designs and formats: from simple elegant, aesthetic to vibrant and abstract. All templates can be filtered according to the format – Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets.

To save a template, click the Edit Template button and here you go.

Simple Customization: You are Free to be Flexible

The customization of homework to-do list templates in Google Docs offers students a convenient way to organize their assignments. These templates serve as a framework that enables students to tailor their to-do lists to their specific needs and preferences. By customizing them, one can enhance their productivity, manage their time effectively, and reduce the chances of missing deadlines.

It is simple to categorize all tasks based on subject or project, making it easier for them to focus on specific areas and ensure that all subjects receive equal attention. Use a toolbar to highlight text or change fonts.

Thus, if you are fighting with doing your assignments on time, consider using printable homework to-do list templates!



Inspiring and educating bright minds.

25 Examples of Aesthetic Note Layouts To Steal Right Now

Note Layouts Inspiration

Last Updated on April 29, 2024

Table of Contents

You’ve probably seen them on Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr: those cute notes with legible handwriting and tons of colors on the page. Perhaps you have classmates who do these on their notebooks as well. Aesthetic notes have been around for a while, but they’re currently enjoying more spotlight with most people stuck at home .

If you’ve always wanted your science or math notebooks to look Instagram-worthy, then you’re going to need a few pens and highlighters.

Why make aesthetic notes?

YouTube video

Why bother making notes appear cute or colorful?

For one, students learn differently . There are those who learn by doing, while others are more visual. For most kids and teens, notes are their lifeline. It helps them process information faster, as well as make sense out of difficult subject matters.

Second, aesthetic notes can help you study more efficiently because everything looks clean and well-organized. Many of these include helpful elements, too, such as graphs, bullet points, and diagrams. These make notes fun to read and review.

Lastly, cute notes can also benefit the whole class. For those taking digital lessons , why not scan and upload them to help your classmates with tricky topics? Set it up so they can add their own input and thoughts; thereby producing unique notes everyone will enjoy.

Basic tips for aesthetic note-taking

One of the best things about note-taking is that it doesn’t require a lot to get started. If you’ve ignored your notes up to this point, you can always get a fresh start with a new notebook .

First things first: gather essential materials like leaf papers, binders, pens, and highlighters. Don’t worry if you only have a couple of colored pens and no high-quality paper. Make do with what you have for now. Buy what you want later once you get the hang of it.

Next, practice your handwriting . This is perhaps the most important component to aesthetic note-taking. If you hate looking at your handwriting or you envy someone else’s, train your hands so they create beautiful, legible scribbles you – and those around you – can understand.

Another benefit is that your teachers don’t need to suffer while grading your essays. It’s a win-win situation, so try not to skip this process. Soon enough, you’ll find that you’re able to balance consistency and speed. Be patient and practice everyday .

Don’t forget to think about the overall style you want your notes to look like. Search the Web for inspiration. Aside from markers and highlighters, some students add stickers, notepads, and doodles . There’s NO hard and fast rule. Figure out the style that suits your studying habits as well as your personality.

Aesthetic notes to motivate you

Don’t beat yourself up if you draw wonky lines or your headers are uneven. The important things are that a) your notes are correct , and b) you’re having fun ! Despite people posting their notebooks online, keep in mind that notes are still personal – unless you want to share them.

Tiny imperfections are what make these aesthetic notes charming and delightful. So add your own twists. Let this collection of aesthetic notes inspire you to turn studying into an artform.

aesthetic homework list

Posted by: Igor Ovsyannnykov

Igor is an SEO specialist, designer, photographer, writer and music producer. He believes that knowledge can change the world and be used to inspire and empower young people to build the life of their dreams. When he is not writing in his favorite coffee shop, Igor spends most of his time reading books, taking photos, producing house music, and learning about cinematography. He is a sucker for good coffee, Indian food, and video games.

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Unlock your potential and manage your classes, tasks and exams with mystudylife- the world's #1 student planner and school organizer app..

school timetable app hourly planner

School planner and organizer

The MyStudyLife planner app supports rotation schedules, as well as traditional weekly schedules. MSL allows you to enter your school subjects, organize your workload, and enter information about your classes – all so you can effortlessly keep on track of your school calendar.

Homework planner and task tracker

Become a master of task management by tracking every single task with our online planner – no matter how big or small.

Stay on top of your workload by receiving notifications of upcoming classes, assignments or exams, as well as incomplete tasks, on all your devices.

aesthetic homework list

“Featuring a clean interface, MyStudyLife offers a comprehensive palette of schedules, timetables and personalized notifications that sync across multiple devices.”

” My Study Life is a calendar app designed specifically for students. As well as showing you your weekly timetable– with support for rotations – you can add exams, essay deadlines and reminders, and keep a list of all the tasks you need to complete. It also works on the web, so you can log in and check your schedule from any device.”

“MyStudyLife is a great study planner app that makes it simple for students to add assignments, classes, and tests to a standard weekly schedule.”

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“Staying organized is a critical part of being a disciplined student, and the MyStudyLife app is an excellent organizer.”

aesthetic homework list

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The MyStudyLife student planner helps you keep track of all your classes, tasks, assignments and exams – anywhere, on any device.

Whether you’re in middle school, high school or college MyStudyLife’s online school agenda will organize your school life for you for less stress, more productivity, and ultimately, better grades.  

school planner

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aesthetic homework list

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aesthetic homework list

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aesthetic homework list

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aesthetic homework list

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aesthetic homework list

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aesthetic homework list

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school timetable app hourly planner

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aesthetic homework list

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Our easy-to-use online study planner app is available on the App Store, the Google Play Store and can be used on desktop. This means that you can use MyStudyLife anywhere and on any device.

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aesthetic homework list

An online Pomodoro Timer to boost your productivity

What is pomofocus.

Pomofocus is a customizable pomodoro timer that works on desktop & mobile browser. The aim of this app is to help you focus on any task you are working on, such as study, writing, or coding. This app is inspired by Pomodoro Technique which is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo.

What is Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is created by Francesco Cirillo for a more productive way to work and study. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Each interval is known as a pomodoro, from the Italian word for 'tomato', after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that Cirillo used as a university student. - Wikipedia

How to use the Pomodoro Timer?

  • Add tasks to work on today
  • Set estimate pomodoros (1 = 25min of work) for each tasks
  • Select a task to work on
  • Start timer and focus on the task for 25 minutes
  • Take a break for 5 minutes when the alarm ring
  • Iterate 3-5 until you finish the tasks

Basic Features

  • Estimate Finish Time: Get an estimate of the time required to complete your daily tasks.
  • Add Templates: Save your repetitive tasks as templates and add them with just one click.
  • Visual Reports: See how much time you've focused each day, week, and month.
  • Custom Settings: Personalize your focus/break time, alarm sounds, background sounds, and more.

Premium Features

  • Add Projects: Track how much time you spend on each project.
  • Yearly Reports: View your focus hours for each year.
  • Download Reports: Download your focus history in CSV format.
  • No Template Limit: Save more than 3 templates.
  • Todoist Integration: Load tasks from your Todoist account.
  • Webhook Integration: Connect to other apps (Zapier, IFTTT, etc).
  • No Ads: Enjoy a clean and distraction-free app experience.

Download App

  • For macOS (zip file) *Right click the icon to open
  • For Windows (zip file)

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12 Aesthetic Online Planners & Cute Planner Apps In 2024

aesthetic homework list

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase something, I will receive a commission with no extra cost to you. For more information, please read my disclaimer .

Planner features are important, but it’s often the look and feel of your planner that inspires you to track progress and makes you want to use it every day.

If you are looking for a planner that not only keeps you on track but also looks fabulous, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll showcase 12 aesthetic online planners available in 2024 that offer not only great functionality but also visual appeal .

This article has two sections: online planner apps and digital planners .

Looking for paper planners? Here are the best productivity planners for 2024!

Using an aesthetic planner every day can be a refreshing change from the usual mundane routine.

Rather than staring at a plain empty planner day in and day out, an aesthetically pleasing planner can help ignite your creativity and inspire new ideas! It makes the planning experience more engaging while also ensuring you remain organized and stay on track.

When you have a planner that you enjoy using, you’ll find yourself checking it more often, making it easier to stick to your tasks and achieve all your personal and business goals faster.

Get ready to add a touch of beauty to your daily planning routine while still keeping things efficient and effective! Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the most aesthetic online planners.

7 Best Aesthetic Planner Apps In 2024

Whether you are looking for a way to keep your to-do lists in order, schedule appointments, or organize your projects, these tools offer a range of features to help you stay on track and boost your productivity.

From minimalist designs to customizable interfaces, each app has its own unique strengths and advantages. Here are my top picks for aesthetic planner apps of 2024!

Sunsama is an aesthetic planner app designed to make your daily planning an efficient experience while keeping it stress-free and preventing burnout.

It brings all your task management tools, calendars, emails, and issue trackers together in one dashboard so you can avoid the overwhelm of using multiple apps.

Through these powerful integrations, you can literally drag and drop tasks from Trello, Todoist, Notion, Asana, ClickUp, or other project managers you have. The coolest part? You can even pull emails and Slack messages onto your agenda as tasks in a super convenient way.

Sunsama allows you to integrate your workflow, manage your tasks, and even plan your strategic goals in a visually stunning way. The clean and intuitive interface of this timeboxing app makes organizing your life and work an enjoyable process.

One of the best parts about Sunsama is a guided daily planning ritual that walks you through a quick review of the day and mindful planning for the next one.

Whether you’re a business owner, a creative professional, a freelancer, or anyone who wants to work smarter and not just do more, Sunsama stands out as the best aesthetic online planner in 2024.

As an entrepreneur, Sunsama is my online planner of choice. It helps me see a clear picture of everything I have on my plate and make sure my workload is realistic and not overly ambitious.

Sunsama helps me prioritize the most important work, quickly create tasks for the day based on my other tools, and focus on actually getting things done. Best planner I’ve ever used in so many ways!

ClickUp is a versatile productivity tool that offers a customizable and aesthetically appealing interface for managing your tasks, goals, and projects. It is a powerful online weekly planner that allows you to easily organize and prioritize your tasks for the week ahead while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

It’s a very scalable app that can handle anything from your everyday life chores to huge projects with multiple teams working together.

If you are curious to try it out, ClickUp has a free forever plan that includes basic features to get you started!

There was also a recent 3.0 update of the ClickUp app in which they completely revamped the interface, added even more customization features, and introduced an artificial intelligence-powered assistant that can speed up your work.

With ClickUp, you can create custom templates, track progress, and collaborate with others in a stylish and easy-to-use platform. Whether you need to manage your personal projects or organize business processes , ClickUp can help you stay on top of your workload and achieve your goals in an intuitive and aesthetic way.

Have you been looking for a simple and sleek daily online planner? Notion might just be the perfect tool for you. Not only is it a fantastic way to keep track of your tasks and notes in one place, but it also has a visually pleasing and extremely customizable aesthetic look.

With Notion’s planner templates, you can easily create your own personalized planner to match your unique style and needs. Whether you are a student, professional, or just looking to stay organized, Notion is a great option. While it might have a bit of a learning curve, it’s amazing how much it can improve your productivity when you get the hang of it!

Todoist is my number one task management tool to organize to-dos and projects effortlessly.

With its minimalist design and easy-to-use interface, this online aesthetic planner helps you stay focused on your priorities without any unnecessary distractions. And its customizable themes allow you to personalize your planner and make it look just the way you want.

Whether you are working on a team project or juggling personal responsibilities, Todoist can make your life so much easier!

Taskade is a smart collaboration platform that provides a flexible and visually pleasing workspace for mapping out your ideas, tasks, and workflows. It’s a robust real-time organizer that supports you in crafting and implementing your daily to-do lists, while never losing sight of your ultimate objectives.

Since it’s based on artificial intelligence (AI), Taskade offers a variety of unique features most cute planner apps don’t have, such as automatically breaking down your goals into smaller tasks or assisting in your brainstorming process.

Taskade offers a free version with core functionalities to introduce you to its dynamic environment, which even includes the limited use of AI!

With Taskade, you can establish project roadmaps, share ideas, and work together with team members in a vibrant and straightforward interface. Whether you’re tracking individual responsibilities or orchestrating complex team projects, Taskade facilitates your productivity journey in a practical and eye-catching manner.

6. Fantastical

Fantastical is an innovative scheduling tool that presents a sleek and visually engaging calendar for managing your appointments, reminders, and events. It’s an intelligent digital assistant that lets you easily plan your day, week, or month with a clear view of what’s ahead.

Should you wish to explore it, Fantastical offers a free trial that lets you access essential functions to jump-start your scheduling! There is also a free version which might be enough for many as it includes all the basic functionality like events, tasks, notifications, and various integrations.

With a cute online planner like Fantastical, you can sync multiple calendars, set personalized alerts, and integrate with other applications in a chic and user-friendly environment. Whether you’re arranging personal engagements or coordinating professional meetings, Fantastical helps you stay punctual and prepared with a seamless and attractive approach.

8 Best AI Day Planner Tools & Apps In 2024

7. Planbella

Planbella is an iOS app that provides a modern and minimalistic approach to planning and organizing your schedule. With its bullet journal-style interface, you can easily log tasks, important events, and random thoughts for every day.

The app offers a calendar view and a journal view, as well as the ability to set reminders, add highlights, and create recurring tasks.

Find Accountability Calendar That Works: Types, Tips & Best Picks

Planbella is a nice personal planner app that allows you to import events from your Apple or Google calendar and manage your schedule in one place. It even offers cute widgets for your home screen to keep your planning accessible and easy!

Whether you need to schedule appointments, manage tasks , or take daily notes, Planbella can help you stay organized in an aesthetic and stylish way.

5 Best Aesthetic Digital Planners In 2024

If you are seeking cute planners, you are probably an artistic soul who uses a planner as not only a task manager but as a creative expression, too.

As an alternative to online planning software, digital planners usually come as a PDF you need to upload into a basic planner on your tablet. Then you can customize it in various ways and use a stylus such as an Apple Pencil to add handwritten tasks or draw.

Now that we’ve explored the world of online planner apps, let’s take a closer look at some of the best aesthetic planners available for iPads or tablets today.

1. That Girl Planner by Manifestable

When it comes to choosing an online planner, finding an aesthetic one that matches your vibe is key to maximizing your daily productivity!

That Girl Planner is perfect for women who want to prioritize self-care and reach their full potential in 2024. With its modern, chic design and user-friendly layout, this digital planner is packed with all the tools you need to stay organized and motivated.

The planner features hyperlinked monthly, weekly, and daily pages , as well as extra resources for productivity, finance, and wellness planning . Additionally, quarterly overviews and self-reflection questions help you track your progress and stay on course throughout the year.

I see That Girl Planner as not just an aesthetic journal but a comprehensive digital planner designed to help you create a balanced and fulfilling life. With its dreamy design, useful features, and easy navigation, this planner will be an excellent companion to help you thrive in 2024 and beyond.

2. Paperlike Digital Pro Planner

Paperlike Digital Pro Planner offers an easy and elegant way to stay organized in 2024. This aesthetic daily planner has a clean, minimalist feel that keeps you focused and reminds you of the pleasures of paper planning.

With ten different planner templates to choose from, you can surely find the ideal layout to suit your needs. Besides weekly and daily planning pages, there are calendars, to-do lists, a space to set your priorities straight, and blank spaces for note-taking.

Paperlike planner offers a light and a dark mode, and you can choose whether you want to start your week on Sunday or Monday. With hyperlinks for easy, clickable navigation and aesthetic design, this planner is as practical as it is stylish.

And the best part? You only need to make a one-time purchase to get free updates every year !

Compatible with almost every notetaking app, and made with the iPad and Apple Pencil in mind, the Paperlike Digital Pro Planner is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make their planning process more efficient.

3. Aesthetic iPad Planner byInma

Looking for a way to keep your schedule and to-do list organized without the hassle of carrying around a heavy paper planner? Look no further than this aesthetic digital planner for 2024 from the byInma Etsy store!

With over 820 pages of dated and undated layouts , this planner has everything you need to stay on top of your busy schedule. The vertical weekly layout with hours is perfect for time-blocking and ensuring you make the most of your day.

Inma’s aesthetic online planner is filled with extras like monthly goals, habit trackers, templates for finances and wellness , and many more, giving you all the tools you need to set and achieve your goals. And with over 2000 pretty stickers available, you can decorate and customize it to truly make it your own.

4. Undated Planner by CreativeDreamersCo

If you want the latest aesthetic planner available, CreativeDreamersCo recently launched the Undated Goodnotes Planner which might be a good deal for you. As I’m writing this in early December of 2023, they have a ridiculously low launch price of under two dollars!

This digital planner is perfect for those who use Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, or any other PDF annotation app, and it can be customized to your preference as it comes with a collection of aesthetic stickers.

Undated Planner by CreativeDreamersCo includes templates for yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning , as well as sections for setting goals, tracking gratitude and mood, and budgeting . I also love the bonus stickers, pretty digital covers, and dividers that come with it – they add a fun and personal touch to the planner!

5. Aesthetic Weekly Planner by LHAgenda

Need an aesthetic weekly planner that not only looks great but helps you stay focused and excited about your goals ? Then the 12-month LH Planner might be exactly what you need. With its comprehensive features, it’s the perfect tool to help you achieve everything you have in mind.

Regardless of being designed as printable, this planner comes as a PDF that you can easily import into your usual note-taking app on your iPad.

The weekly layout is particularly impressive, featuring a ‘Dashboard’ section for your weekly intentions and a horizontal table on the right page for planning your days and priorities.

Other than traditional monthly, quarterly, and to-do list pages , LH Planner focuses on helping you build a success mindset with leadership tips, empowering quotes, and prompts for reflecting on your progress .

And if that’s not enough, there are pages for goal planning, success routines, self-care, and project planning . And with 20 dot-grid pages for notes and brainstorming, you’ll have plenty of space to jot down ideas and stay organized.

What is an online planner?

An online planner is a digital app that helps you manage all your projects and daily tasks in one place on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

It combines the best features of a project management tool, a daily planner, a time tracker, and more. It helps you stay organized, track your progress, and be more productive every day.

You can create to-do lists, track deadlines , and assign tasks to team members, all while having access to the information from anywhere with an internet connection.

A good online planner can save you lots of time by keeping your projects neatly organized and making sure you stay focused and on track with your goals.

Make sure to try one or several of my top picks for the best aesthetic online planners and start planning for success today!

Online planner app vs digital planner: which is better?

Whether you prefer to use a tablet with a digital planner to organize your days or rely on online software is a matter of personal choice.

While iPad planners offer a more tactile and hands-on experience, online planning apps provide greater flexibility and accessibility, allowing you to manage your schedule and tasks from anywhere with an internet connection.

Personally, I tried various kinds of planners and totally understand the aesthetic appeal of an iPad planner (especially after using a paper planner for many years).

However, I realized that online planner apps allow me to minimize my time spent on planning and put that extra time into more meaningful work instead.

So, if you are seeking the best online planner for productivity, I would recommend looking at the software tools listed above, or even try AI schedulers .

And if you are more creative than practical and seeking aesthetic experience when planning, then a digital, or PDF, planner might be a better choice for you.

8+ Accountability Partner Apps To Put Your Excuses To Bed

Is an online planner better than a paper planner?

An online planner has many advantages over a paper planner, such as the ability to access your information from anywhere, an option to collaborate with team members, and convenient reminders about task updates and upcoming deadlines.

In an online planner, you can easily update the information, label tasks, and remove old tasks out of sight, which is either time-consuming or impossible with a paper planner.

Some of the features that make online planners awesome are time tracking, reporting, analytics, and switching between different project views in one click, none of which are available with a paper planner.

That being said, some people still prefer the simplicity and tactile feel of a paper planner . In this case, choosing a digital planner with a stylus is a step away from paper that keeps the familiar experience in your routine.

It really comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. However, if you are looking for a tool that can help you stay organized, productive, and connected with your team, then an online planner app might be worth considering.

The idea is to find a system that helps you be more organized, work faster, and feel motivated to work on your goals, regardless of their shape or form.

Final thoughts on aesthetic planners

Aesthetic online planners offer more than just a pretty design – they provide a way to keep your tasks, appointments, and notes organized in a visually appealing and easy-to-use format.

Whether you prefer a clean minimalist look or a more personalized approach with cute stickers all over, there is for sure an aesthetic planner on this list that will fit your needs.

By choosing an aesthetic planner that resonates with you, you can boost your daily productivity and achieve your goals faster than you can imagine. Don’t be afraid to try out different accountability planners and find the one that works and looks best for you!

Frequently asked questions

An aesthetic online planner is a digital tool that combines functionality and visual design to help you manage your tasks, schedule, and projects with an aesthetically pleasing interface. A good planner has customizable design elements and a wide variety of planner templates for all your planning needs.

Yes, many good online planners, such as ClickUp or Taskade , offer a simplified free version, which might be enough for you depending on your needs and workload.

The best places to hunt for aesthetic digital planners are Etsy and HappyDownloads , and sometimes you can find real gems at CreativeMarket .

You can create your own aesthetic online planner using online design tools such as Canva and Visme . These platforms offer a ton of customizable templates and design elements that you can use to make a planner that suits your needs. Simply sign up for an account, choose one of their aesthetic planner templates, and customize it with your preferred colors, fonts, and layouts to create a planner that reflects your personality.

aesthetic homework list

Juliet is an AI strategist for digital businesses and a content creator herself. With MS in Computer Science and a decade of hands-on experience in tech and marketing, she shares her best tips for leveraging AI tools to grow and scale your brand.

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20 Aesthetic Work Desk Ideas to Create Your Perfect Workspace

aesthetic work desk ideas to boost your productivity

Loved the read? Please share or comment, and we'll deliver even better content!

As I sit here, sipping on my warm cup of coffee, I can’t help but think about how much of my day is spent at my work desk. 

It’s not just a space where I tackle my to-do list; it’s where creativity blossoms and ideas come to life. 

So, I’ve been on a quest to find 20 aesthetic work desks that not only boost productivity but also inspire and add a touch of beauty to our daily grind. 

Let me share with you these little havens of creativity that I’ve fallen in love with.

Quick Navigation

Black Vibes

Wrapping things up.

I’ve always believed that the space around us can significantly impact our mood and productivity. 

That’s why, when it comes to creating cozy vibes around my work desk, I pay extra attention to the little details that make a big difference. 

Aesthetic work desk 1

For starters, I lean towards a warm color palette—think soft whites, gentle beiges, and earthy tones. 

These colors have a magical way of making a space feel more inviting and relaxed.

Aesthetic work desk 2

I also love adding a variety of textures to bring warmth and depth. 

A plush rug underfoot, a soft throw over my chair, and even a few fluffy cushions can transform the feel of my work area. 

And let’s not forget about lighting; a warm, dimmable desk lamp creates a soothing ambiance that’s perfect for those long hours.

Aesthetic work desk 4

Plants are my go-to for adding life and a breath of fresh air to my desk. 

A small, easy-to-care-for potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers does wonders for my spirit. 

Aesthetic work desk 5

Lastly, personal touches like my favorite photos, a cute mug for my pens, and a couple of inspirational quotes framed nearby keep me grounded and remind me of what’s important.

Aesthetic work desk 8

These simple tips and tricks have turned my work desk into a cozy retreat that I look forward to spending time at. 

It’s all about creating a space that feels uniquely yours and where comfort meets functionality.

Aesthetic work desk 10

When I think about infusing my work desk with black aesthetic vibes, it’s all about channeling elegance and sophistication into my workspace. 

I start with a sleek, black desk as the centerpiece—it’s not just a practical piece but also a statement of style. 

Aesthetic Black Work Desk 1

To complement this, I choose accessories with dark hues and matte finishes, from a stylish lamp to minimalist stationery holders.

Aesthetic Black Work Desk 2

Choosing materials plays a huge role in achieving that chic look. 

I opt for smooth, matte black metals, rich, dark woods, and even touches of smoked glass to add layers of texture without overwhelming the space. 

For a bit of contrast and to keep the area from feeling too heavy, I sprinkle in some grey or silver accents—they add a subtle sparkle that beautifully offsets the darker tones.

Aesthetic Black Work Desk 4

I’m particularly fond of incorporating geometric shapes and clean lines in everything from my desk organizer to wall art. It keeps the aesthetic sharp and modern. 

Aesthetic Black Work Desk 6

And while the color scheme might be on the darker side, I make sure there’s plenty of light. 

A sleek, black desk lamp with a soft, white bulb ensures that the space is well-lit, creating an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for productivity.

Aesthetic Black Work Desk 8

In terms of decor, less is definitely more in achieving that black vibe. 

A few select pieces—a monochrome clock, a black-framed inspirational quote, or a single, striking piece of art—stand out against the simplicity of the dark background. 

This approach not only enhances the elegance but also ensures that my desk remains a place of focus and creativity.

Aesthetic Black Work Desk 10

As we wrap up our exploration of 20 aesthetic work desks, I’m filled with hope that you’ve found your slice of inspiration to make your workspace a reflection of what you love.

It’s been a joy sharing these ideas with you, and I can’t wait to hear how you bring your own space to life.

Huy Pham

Huy ‘Anyxel’ Pham is a Pinterest marketer and writer . He’s curious about how the human mind works and how people grow mentally. These interests shape his writing, making it useful and valuable. When he’s not working, Huy enjoys the peace he finds at his favorite Buddhist temple or while reading a good book.

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33 Aesthetic Room Ideas for a Trendy Space

Design your bedroom with on-trend ideas in a range of aesthetic styles

aesthetic homework list

The Spruce / Jason Donnelly

Aesthetic rooms are having a major moment. Popular especially among TikTok users, aesthetic rooms are characterized by the presence of greenery (think plants or hanging vines, both real or faux ); muted colors (neutrals and pinks are most common); and fun light fixtures (like LED strands or string lights ).

What Does "Aesthetic" Mean?

The term "aesthetic," when used in the decor examples featured on TikTok, Instagram, and other image-based websites, refers to any attractive room style that makes use of personal touches that are also on-trend.

For TikTok and Instagram enthusiasts, "aesthetic" can apply to a room of any style—from cottagecore to indie or postmodern—but personal expression and trend-setter timeliness will always be just as important as the classic standards for visual appeal.

"Personal expression plays a major role in what is deemed aesthetic, as there are so many different design styles to draw from," TikTok user and design enthusiast Emily Shaw says. Many aesthetic rooms also incorporate personal touches like photo collages, printed photographs, and art prints.

Looking to bring the trend into your own space? Look no further than the aesthetic bedrooms below.

Add Calming Pink Tones

@gabysbohohome / Instagram

When in doubt, try an accent wall . This pale pink adds warmth in an otherwise neutral bedroom. Plants are a key component of aesthetic rooms, and what better way to display them than on a floating shelf? Dried pampas grass is also a glam touch and will last much longer than a traditional bouquet of flowers, making it a low-maintenance fave.

Stock Up on Candles

@lottaaliving / Instagram

Candles are also a must for any aesthetic room, whether they're real or battery operated . Scatter a few on your nightstand, dresser, desk, or anywhere else that could use a little bit of ambiance. If you have a nonworking fireplace in your room, you can always fill the insert with candles as well to fake the look of a roaring fire.

@bellazogheib / Instagram

Wall collages are a key component of aesthetic rooms. This budget-friendly idea is easy to recreate in your own space. Simply go through your collection of magazines, tear out pages that inspire you, and arrange them on the wall. Bonus points if you're able to stick to a particular color scheme, which will help make the setup look sleek.

Add Natural Scents / Instagram

This room layers in different types of plants to create a collected, cozy feel. Fresh eucalyptus adds a subtle scent that will last for weeks. Let it dry naturally in the vase and it will keep for months.

Layer In Texture

@turning_number2_into_new_ / Instagram

Experiment with different textures to make a space feel more elevated and layered. In this room, dyed pink sheepskin pillows and a feathered pendant light pair wonderfully with traditional quilted bedding. And mixing in new patterns is fair game, too. Who can resist those spotted sheets?

Spell It Out in Neon

@knackeredmavis / Instagram

By no means are neon signs solely for commercial spaces. Neon lights are an excellent way to customize an aesthetic room, and the options are endless when it comes to choosing what to spell out. Whether you opt for your name, a favorite quote or phrase, or meaningful song lyrics, your neon design is sure to be the star of the show in your sleep space.

Take a Moon Shot

@inmimisgarden / Instagram

Moon phase garlands are a fixture in many aesthetic rooms. This accent piece looks great when hung over a bed but could also be installed above a desk or dresser. In this atmospheric bedroom, a small gallery wall above the bed adds more personality.

@makemynewbuildpretty / Instagram

This room features brighter colors than we see in many aesthetic rooms, with a vibrant bedspread, a pink accent wall that anchors the room, and a floating display shelf that serves as a cheerful focal point.

Work the Corners

@mydecorworld1 / Instagram

Make use of the corners of your room and use them to hang up little wall shelves, plants, or both. Even if your bedroom is small, you can still embrace the aesthetic look by getting creative with square footage.

Green the Windowsill

@plantenstek / Instagram

This windowsill is a makeshift home for a collection of plants. Windowsills also make for excellent places to set a stack of books, an alarm clock, or even a jewelry dish.

Keep It Zen

@astrid.huetti / Instagram

Keep it simple—nothing is more zen than white bedding. Plants in woven hanging baskets add warmth to even the most stark of spaces and are a happy compromise for those who aren't too crazy about color but want to add some life to their bedroom.

Utilize Lots of Textural Pieces

@suad_aziz / Instagram

Incorporating various textures into your bedroom will make it feel extra cozy and will add interest to an all neutral color palette. Hang a macrame plant holder on the wall, toss a knit blanket on your bed, and display some dried flowers to get started.

Don't Skimp on Lighting Options

@travelistamum / Instagram

Aesthetic rooms are all about creating ambiance. By picking up table lamps, string lights, and fixtures of that nature, you'll be able to read and relax in bed without the harsh glare of an overhead light.

Add a Photo Wall

@mkennajoe / Instagram

String lights plus rumpled, lived-in bedding is a winning recipe for a cozy aesthetic room. Add a personal touch to your bed area by turning your headboard into a photo wall.

Spell It Out

@brighteyesanddreamyspaces / Instagram

No aesthetic room is going to feature over-the-top word art, but a simple, motivational phrase is a go. Vibrant orange bedding makes a major statement, too.

Stay Neutral

Almost Makes Perfect

This bedroom is a neutral-lover's haven, with plenty of shapes, heights, and textures to keep the space interesting despite the low key palette.

@houseofharvee / Instagram

Soft shag carpet and rattan seating are fan favorites that blend together perfectly in this aesthetic room designed for a teenage girl. And how cool is the fan turned art piece that's hung above the bed?

Add Faux Vines

@alisizzle / Instagram

The vines strung up above this pet-friendly bed are a common characteristic of aesthetic rooms and make the space feel dreamy and complement the garden-themed bedding.

Get Ready in Style

@willow_and_the_crystal_moon / Instagram

Make getting ready for the day feel a bit more fun and glamorous by wrapping a strand of string lights around your vanity mirror, too. Bonus: They'll make those essential OOTD selfies really shine as well.

Add a DIY Brick Feature

This bedroom includes a DIY brick wall that adds texture and complements the black, white, and beige palette. Wood tones and plants add warmth.

Let It Sparkle

@elsahome / Instagram

Disco balls are an affordable way to add a retro touch to a space and always yield compliments. Here, a disco ball tucked away in the corner makes the light dance around the room.

Add Cozy Touches

@fleurrell / Instagram

Soften up your everyday furniture pieces by adding cozy touches to make your room more inviting and laid back.

Place a soft cushion on your desk chair to make working or completing homework a bit more comfortable, layer pillows of all sizes on your bed to make catching ZZZs extra pleasant, and don't forget to set out a knit rug to add color to your space (and keep those feet happy).

Use Warm Lighting

@herzenstimme / Instagram

If disco balls aren't your thing, standard string lights will add a magical touch to any space, too. In this bedroom, they sparkle and shine above the bed and zig-zag behind a sheet hanging from the ceiling like an indoor 'grammable night sky.

Embrace Color

@kspring / Instagram

A collection of small rugs, pops of greene, and a peppy mix of pink and orange textiles makes this a welcoming spot to unwind.

Stay Minimalist

@anysiaalice / Instagram

This bedroom is ultra minimal , with bare walls that showcase the shadows from a nearby window, and an exposed Edison bulb lamp that adds an industrial edge.

Light it Up

@whimsygirldesign / Instagram

This room combines two key aesthetic room components—plants and string lights—to create a stunning display to hang above the bed that invites sweet dreams.

Climb the Walls

@the doormouse / Instagram

Who can resist hanging vines? Many aesthetic rooms incorporate this fun feature behind the bed. Combined with white lights, the faux vines are ultra dreamy.

Accent with Rattan

@the.weavers.residence / Instagram

Rattan accents, faux palm leaves, and muted colors bring the fun in this bedroom. Using a tray table instead of a regular nightstand keeps the space feeling cool and casual.

Layer Garlands Above the Bed

@rachs_home_n_life / Instagram

Why should you have to choose between a moon phase garland and some vines? Hang both if you wish—and add some twinkly lights while you're at it to complete the look.

Headboards can be expensive, so if you're unable to purchase a new one, try these hacks. These are all simple ways to spice up a plain headboard to make it appear more aesthetic.

Keep it Chill

@safranzimtundhonig / Instagram

Aesthetic rooms are meant to be laid back and inviting—so don't fuss about making the bed perfectly or ensuring that things are put away just so. The more carefree, the better, in these types of spaces.

Let Plants Float

@deborah_sweethome / Instagram

Fake hanging vines are great, but real plants will do the job, too! Install a floating shelf above your bed (be sure to place it high up if your plants are already sizable or to allow room for them to grow) and enjoy falling asleep in your own little jungle every evening.

Hang Lots of Lights Behind the Bed

@eddieterrace / Instagram

A thick strand of hanging lights like this one serves many functions. It makes it easy to read or study in bed without turning on an overhead light, it acts as artwork, and it eliminates the need for a pricy headboard! If you wish, you can simply push your bed up against the wall and allow sparkly strands to do the rest.

Keep It Simple Yet Personal

@citychicdecor / Instagram

Aesthetic rooms generally do not feature bulky furniture pieces, so streamline your setup by hanging wall sconces (no need for a large nightstand with a sizable table lamp) and cut the excess clutter.

To ensure that your room style reflects your personality, though, work in some thoughtful accent pieces that speak to you. A statement mirror, neon sign, or curvy chair—or all of the above—will certainly do the trick.

Aesthetic rooms encompass a variety of particular styles and decor elements. But some items that are prominent in many current aesthetic decorating trends include vines, string lights, LED strands, disco balls, rattan, hanging plants in macrame hangers, and photo wall collages.

Aesthetic decor styles are an internet-based category of attractive room styles that incorporate personal touches that are also "on-trend." Some aesthetic room styles include shabby chic, minimalist, bohemian, cottagecore, dark academia , indie, postmodern, boho style, anime, and grunge.

Cottagecore is a social media hashtag and internet-based lifestyle trend inspired by a quaint vision of country life. Think rural living, the English countryside, earth tones, floral wallpaper prints, cozy quilts, lacy doilies, fresh or dried flowers, and vintage farmhouse furniture.

A preppy bedroom has many of the same elements as a preppy wardrobe. Think classic materials, nautical themes, plaid patterns, vintage sports equipment as decor, and colors that range from bold reds and navy blues to pastel mashups like pink and green. 

A Y2K bedroom is named after the Y2K bug of the turn of the century. It is an aesthetic trend that traffics in 1990s/2000s nostalgia, incorporating decor elements such as neon colors, blingy metallics, period wall collages, glittery beaded curtains, and wavy mirrors.

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25+ Best Aesthetic Notion Templates [2023]

Add aesthetic to your Notion dashboard.

aesthetic homework list

If you’re looking for aesthetic Notion templates, you’ve come to the right place.

Notion is a versatile tool that you can use for everything from taking notes and tracking projects to managing your personal finances. It is very flexible and you can customize it to fit your specific needs.

One of the best things about Notion is that you don’t have to start from scratch when creating dashboards. There are thousands of users who create templates to help you in getting started by simply duplicating to your Notion workspace.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best free Notion templates used for a variety of purposes. These are not just any templates, but ones that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Table of Content

25 best aesthetic notion templates – make your dashboard aesthetically beautiful.

Notion has a huge community of users that creates templates for personal and professional purposes.

If you prefer your journal writing, habit tracking, or note-taking to be visually appealing, these templates are for you. Thankfully, the majority of them are free.

Let’s check them out one by one.

Aesthetic Notion Dashboard Templates

Dashboards are a great way to see all of your important information in one place. These templates will help you keep everything organized to stay on track. Let’s check them out!

If you’re looking for general templates, read our article on the best Notion dashboard templates .

1. Ultimate Aesthetic Daily Dashboard

Having trouble keeping track of everything in one place? Ultimate Aesthetic Daily Dashboard is a beautiful Notion template that’s a perfect guide to aesthetic living, tailored just for you. You can now organize your life under one single dashboard. 

From planning your meals and managing your finances to following your workout routine, tracking your reading progress, and many more things. Not to mention, it’s super easy to use!

At a very minimal price, this template offers cute widgets and a beautiful aesthetic appeal that would make getting things done easier and more fun. 

Key Features

  • Task Manager comprising a built-in sleek progress bar
  • Functional widgets (clock, calendar, weather, counter, unit converter)
  • Event Reminders
  • Ultimate Finance Planner with Income goal widget
  • Easy meal planner with a recipe database
  • Workout Routine Tracker
  • Reading list tracker indicating progress 
  • Bookmarks collection

And it has many more functions than that!

💡 notionzen recommends this template as the best aesthetic Notion template because it includes all of the features you’d need in your daily life.

Get Aesthetic Daily Dashboard

2. Your Daily Dashboard

Your Daily Dashboard is one of the best picks to keep track of everything in your personal and professional life. Though there are several aesthetic widgets, what I like about using this template is that it has a clean user interface and nothing too fancy. This makes it a good choice for professional use as well.

Key Features:

  • Set reminders, events, and exam dates, in brief, using the calendar.
  • Calendar events can be made more aesthetic with the help of icons, cover image , text boxes, and more.
  • Be thankful for your life events by writing a quick journal.
  • Organize your reading list like a bookshelf.
  • Plan your meals and manage your daily tasks.

Get Your Daily Dashboard

3. Deborah’s World 

Deborah’s world is just the aesthetic Notion template that one would love to have. This well-structured template helps you manage your life events, academia, hobbies, and career.

It is what you can call both an appealing and multi-use template for everyday use. 

  • Each event card has a to-do list, scheduling, memo pads, a calendar, and note-taking tools.
  • The Academia card has a detailed weekly planner for you to track your progress.
  • Working on personal and professional dashboards can sometimes be boring; use the Spotify playlist Notion widget to keep your mood grooving.
  •  Track your current projects, and your older projects are automatically imported into the project manager. 

Get Deborah’s World 

4. Welcome Home 

Welcome Home is a simple yet aesthetically beautiful Notion template for multi-purpose. You can find a beautiful aesthetic video cover when you first duplicate this template. Even so, you can later choose to replace it with one of your own GIFs to make it feel more at home.

  • Appealing weather and digital clock widgets
  • Listen to your Spotify playlist while you are working
  • A to-do list to track your progress and set your daily goals
  • Track academics and organize the reading list
  • Add a calendar widget and sync all your Google calendar events

Get Welcome Home 

5. Light Aesthetic Dashboard

The Light Aesthetic Dashboard is a Notion aesthetic template for a weekly planner that makes it easier to plan your week. With the weekly, daily, and monthly lists, you can write down things you need to do or goals you want to accomplish.

You can keep adding widgets to this aesthetic dashboard and customize the dashboard as per your needs. 

  • Weekly, daily, and monthly daily tracker.
  • To-do list to make a more efficient dashboard
  • Easy navigation to other pages
  • Add more widgets to keep your aesthetic dashboard rich

Get Light Aesthetic Dashboard

6. Template Lifebook

One of the most aesthetic Notion templates on the list, Template Lifebook is a must-have. It is loaded with features that can make your life easier while also attractive to use.

  • Much detailed dashboard with widgets such as a to-do list, calendar, clock, notes to self, and event cards
  • Daily planner for efficient task management
  • Reward center to appreciate task completions and positively motivate towards goals
  • Write journals, affirmations, and track your habits

Get Template Lifebook

7. Dashboard – Aesthetic Template

The Dashboard aesthetic template is a dashboard that can be used on the go to keep track of and plan personal life events.

You can find prominent tools such as habit tracking, content planning , bucket list, and journal writing. There are more tools and options which make the dashboard a perfect choice. 

  • Agenda and content planner
  • Budget and habit tracker
  • Personal notes, recipes, workouts, goal panner and more
  • Shopping list and custom-made planners for home cleaning

Get Aesthetic Dashboard

8. Vantage Cozy Home

The Vantage Cozy Home is a great neutral dashboard for work, life, and school that has a classic vintage look. It comes with stylish fonts and is filled with useful widgets that make our lives simpler and aesthetically beautiful. 

  • Calendar view with a detailed planner
  • Save web pages and references
  • Track goals and projects, and create notes, resources, to-do lists, and a book library
  • Pen down a journal from your daily life

Get Vantage Cozy Home

Aesthetic Student Templates

Aesthetic student templates are a great way to add a touch of personality to your schoolwork. With features like multi-device support, sync to the cloud, a feature-rich free plan, dedicated mathematical and code block, table database & more, Notion is the ultimate app for taking and organizing lecture notes.

If you’re looking for general templates, make sure to check out our article on Notion templates for student . You can also read our other article about using Notion as a student .

9. Ultimate Student Hub

The  Ultimate Student Hub  is an all-inclusive template that will help you stay on top of everything from coursework to exam schedules to job applications to project management and beyond.

Students at any level can benefit from this practical template, which aims to create a productive Notion environment for studying.

  • Centralized Dashboard for easy navigation and synchronization
  • Assignment Tracker and Task Manager for seamless tracking of progress and due dates
  • Project Management Tool for overseeing project progress
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcards for enhanced learning and memory retention
  • Automated Pomodoro Tracker for efficient time management
  • Lecture Schedule for effective planning of study sessions

Get Ultimate Student Hub

10. Class of {20..}

Class of {20..} is the perfect student workspace/dashboard and is filled with aesthetics of blue of BTS. It allows you to pen down your everyday life in academics, plan and schedule your tasks, and list out your important jobs to do.

What I like the most about this aesthetic Notion template for students is you can plan as per individual subjects; now, that’s quite detailed.

  • Subject-wise database for detailed progress tracking
  • Daily-basis to-do list for task and goal completion
  • Teacher-contact database to connect on the go
  • Spotify integration to keep you grooving 

Get Class of 20

11. Medicine – A medical student’s all-in-one home base

Medicine iis one of the clean and free aesthetic Notion templates for all medical graduates. There are a lot of good reasons to use this template.

It’s not very fancy, but it has tools like assessment trackers, habit trackers, and more to help students stay on top of their studies.

Key Features: 

  • Course and assessment tracker for study.
  • Lecture database.
  • Built-In note-taking templates.
  • Clinical skills and placement database.
  • Extra-curricular database.
  • Manuscript and abstract tracker to get a hold of your research.
  • Wellness habit tracker for improving lifestyle.

Get Medicine Template

12. Aesthetic Notion Template for School and Life

It is a perfect student Notion template for those who don’t want their dashboard to be clumsy but simply aesthetic and helpful.

The Aesthetic Notion template for School and Life does an ideal job for you to track your academics and personal life. This includes cleaning schedules, assignment tracking, routines and more. 

  • Track assignments with detailed parameters, including file upload
  • View your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly progress
  • Event cards such as academia, house cleaning, weekly scheduling, and routines
  • Spotify playlist to keep the music while you are working or writing a journal

Get Aesthetic Template for School and Life

13. Aesthetics Student Planner

Aesthetics Student Planner is a clean and claming template that includes everything a student needs to organize university schedule.

Each section has a pre-made template that you can use when creating a new page. The timetable on the student dashboard page is unique with a aesthetic touch to it.

  • Semester overview
  • Course info
  • Grade tracker
  • Assignments
  • Essay planner
  • Homework tracker

Get Aesthetics Student Planner

14. We Bare Bears Template

We Bare Bears aesthetic template is suitable for all students. There are several sections on this dashboard, but to pick up something different, you can find a manifesting widget and small memo cards to dump your thoughts and sticky notes.

 Key Features:

  • To-do lists for work and daily life
  • List to track dates of upcoming exams
  • A weekly planner and life notes
  • Individual subject cards to track the progress of each subject

Get We Bare Bears

Personal Aesthetic Templates

Aesthetic Notion template for personal use are those templates that help you keep track of your daily life. These are not specific to a single category, but rather include all of your daily task categories.

15. Light Purple Aesthetic Template

Purplish and aesthetic, the Light Purple aesthetic template is the perfect choice for academics and personal life. Though there are no fancy fonts or widgets, the template still appeals to the users with the pale combination and selection of colors.

Here, you will find every important widget to track your academics and some chapters of your personal life. 

  • Goals and habit tracker
  • A to-do list to track your daily tasks and a separate list for academics
  • Spotify playlist to groove
  • Personal dump with uncategorized lists and journal to write your heart and mind

Get Light Purple Aesthetic

16. My Life Book – Personal Growth Planner

Another template from Ella, My Life Book is a great template to get to know yourself and your life better. It covers everything, from your body to your mind, your spirituality to your relationships, your life and your vision.

  • Reflect on your body
  • Write down your thoughts and get to know yourself better
  • Define your spiritual goals
  • Understand your romantic and marriage relationship
  • Evaluate the quality of your life
  • Create a vision for your life

Get My Lifebook

17. Life Magazine

A well-designed aesthetic template to manage your life events, Life Magazine is a perfect single-page dashboard. You can manage your life events such as monthly, weekly, and daily planners , projects, notes, and daily goals.

  • Schedule your plans using a detailed calendar plan
  • Journal your gratitude, life events, and daily thoughts
  • Life notes with detailed goal tracking section
  • Each card is sectioned in a single dashboard along with quick links for easy navigation

Get Life Magzine

If you’re looking for a more general templates, make sure to check out our article on best Notion daily planner templates .

Finance and Budgeting Aesthetic Templates

Want to track your spending within Notion? The Finance and Budgeting aesthetic Notion templates can help you do just that. There are templates for everyone, whether you’re looking for personal finance or want to track business budgeting.

18. Aesthetic Finance Tracker

Finance Tracker is a simple aesthetic one page template that’s also cute and pretty to look at. It allows you to track your spendings, earning on monthly and yearly basis. You can log your monthly finances and it will

  • Track personal and business finance using the same template
  • Finance overview with goal setting
  • Monthly planner
  • Yearly planner divided into monthly summaries
  • Fixed expense or subscription tracker

Get Aesthetic Finance Tracker

19. Personal Finance Notion Template Green Aesthetic

The green-themed sections of the Personal Finance Green Aesthetic template make it easy to keep tabs on your earnings, expenditures, and savings.

There is also a section for tracking your subscription and note taking. This template is perfect for those who are looking for an aesthetic Notion template to get a better handle on their finances and to start tracking their spending.

Get Personal Finance Green Aesthetic

Work Aesthetic Templates

Aesthetic Notion templates are a great way to add some personality and flair to your work. They can help you to communicate your vision and add some visual interest to your work.

20. Simple Project Management System 

Project management can be a tedious job, requiring analysis, research, and input. With the Simple Project Management System template, you can beautifully manage your projects, teams, and status.

A timeline view gives you a detailed and well-planned schedule of your pending work and helps you organize it in time.

  • Best for task and project management
  • Attractive card boxes for each event/task
  • Timeline and well-designed calendar view for all tasks and management
  • Progress for each task by added team members along with status and controls such as blocking them

Get Aesthetic Project Management

21. Freelancer PRO Dashboard

If you’re a freelancer, you know the importance of staying organized and on top of your projects. That’s where the Freelancer PRO Dashboard template comes in.

It helps you streamline your workflow and has everything you need to run your freelancing business smoothly.

  • Productivity and Project Planner
  • Client CRM with Team Member and Collaborator Database
  • Business Finance Suite that contains Invoice, Proposal and Time Tracker
  • Social Media Hub and Content Planner

Get Freelancer PRO Dashboard

Aesthetic Journal Templates

Do you want to use Notion to effectively journal your thoughts and experiences? Check out the aesthetic journal Notion templates listed below. These templates are ideal for personal journaling or keeping a daily activity diary.

22. 10 Minute Journal

The 10 Minute Journal , as the name suggests, takes 10 minutes to complete and can be used to reflect on your day. Each page contains specific questions to help you record big moments in your life.

It’s a cute Notion template with different pastel colors for each section.

  • Let your mind wander
  • Recognize the good stuff
  • Reflect on your day
  • Find joy in the moment
  • Highlight your day
  • Explore a new idea
  • Build a lasting memory
  • Tackle the impossible

Get 10 Minute Journal

23. Journaling

Notion Journaling Aesthetic Template is the perfect way to organize your thoughts and daily happenings. The template features an orange aesthetic theme for every page of the template.

The best thing about this template are the cute Notion icons that you can use to track your daily mood. The journal board is divided into different aspects of your daily life, making it easy to journal your day.

The template also includes a notes page for writing your random thoughts.

  • Mood tracking using cute icons
  • Journaling your day across different aspect
  • Quote of the day
  • Tags for easy categorization

Get Journaling Aesthetic Template

For those who are specifically looking for the best student Notion templates , we also have a list of them. You can also read our other article, which explains how to use Notion as a student .

Miscellaneous Aesthetic Templates

Notion is also used for many random fun activities. Here are a few examples of miscellaneous aesthetic templates.

24. Home Cleaning Database

Cleaning your house can be messy when you are unorganized with your timings. Notion’s Home Cleaning Database aesthetic template will ease the job for you by helping you schedule your chores on a daily basis. 

  • List of daily cleaning chores with a progress bar
  • Database for monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning tasks
  • Schedule cleaning tasks with a detailed calendar viewer
  • Detailed task assignments on a day to day basis

Get Home Cleaning Database

25. Anime Aesthetic Book List Notion

Unlike most of the templates on this list, Anime Aesthetic Book List Notion is a Notion book tracker template dedicated only to book lovers. Here, you can track your book reading progress, manage and organize books on the shelves, and create a wishlist of books you wish to read. 

  • Bookshelf to organize and manage books
  • Book counter and books to read target
  • Reading notes to pen down valuable information or quotes

Get Anime Book List

26. Aesthetic Brand Kit

If you’re a designer or web developer, Brand Kit is the perfect template for you. It is a single Notion page template with sections for brand colors, logo variations, typography, and a mood board.

There’s nothing fancy about this template but it gets the job done.

  • Clean template with everything divided into sections
  • One page template

Get Aesthetic Brand Kit

Wrapping up: 25+ Best Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

Aesthetic Notion templates are perfect to add visual touch to your Notion templates.

With all the Notion features, you will likely keep using it for a longer time, and a dull template can make your long hours boring.

You can add beautiful Notion widgets, Spotify playlists, and custom fonts to th templates on this list of aesthetic Notion templates to add a life in them.

Which is your favorite aesthetic template on this list? Let us know in the comment section. 

Disclosure : Our content is reader-supported. This means if you click on some of our links, then we may earn a commission.

Share your love

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Ahmed Chougle is a WordPress content writer with an engineering background. He enjoys using Notion for organized business management.

I`ve bought the first template, but when i tried to duplicate it, didn`t worked… please fix it. Waiting for your answer.

Hi Eduardo,

Please email the creator at [email protected] . She’ll get back to you. If the issue still persists, let me know and I’ll figure it out for you.

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Best coffee shops around LA for doing homework


Looking for a place off campus that offers a quiet space to work? Want a change of environment from your desk? Then try these coffee shops for your next homework escapade. R Cafe

Being the closest to campus on this list, this is a great place to get a coffee and do some work while enjoying the sunny valley weather. The shop is outside and offers a nice seating area within its enclosed white fence. With the pop-up designer style that is dominant in West Hollywood, you get a sense of Los Angeles while only a short distance from campus. The walls are adorned in stenciled decals, with standouts being flowers, birds, and a coffee pot—the art is enough to draw you in. A staple to the Northridge community, make sure you check it out, next time you need a coffee.

If you want a vibrant atmosphere that is full of business professionals, then Ten is your place. The interior provides a great landscape for those looking to blend in with the business professional lifestyle. With cozy spotlight orange chairs, a large marble countertop, and freshly made-in-house espresso this place can give you a fresh perspective on the LA lifestyle. This coffee shop is more than just a place to pick up a donut and coffee. Instead, its menu offers handcrafted delicacies from the owner’s recipe book. Want a whipped omelet with creme fraiche? How about an autumn parfait with seasonal fruit and homemade granola? This place is truly the jack of all trades, and to top it off, if you order to go, your latte is served in a small glass mason jar that you can keep. Breakfast with a souvenir!

Goodboybob Coffee Roasters

There’s something about having coffee with the scent of ocean waves in the air that makes your day just 10 times better. Goodboybob is an artisan cafe that feels like you’re in the waiting room of a bourbon company’s tech headquarters. The perfect blend of aesthetic classiness that doesn’t feel overpowering makes it a great spot to do your homework, especially if you are easily distracted. The selection is more than just coffee as well, and they offer some great lunch choices for the late afternoon worker. With brick-laced walls and vibrant indoor livery, this place feels like a breath of New York City in the heart of Los Angeles, a fresh change from the daily sunshine and smile of LA. Coffee and comfort are the best ways to describe this shop, so next time you’re there, find a cozy leatherbound couch and get working.

Now if I said Goodboybob’s ocean breeze can make your day better, Tanner’s is less than 100 feet from the beach. This is for those students not afraid to drive. Located in Playa Del Rey, the shop is a surfer’s fever dream and feels as if you walked onto the set of a late 90’s sitcom. There are various chairs in all shapes and sizes, perfect to cuddle up and dive into your work. If you’re going here, bring a bathing suit, a towel, and some sunscreen for a well-deserved cool down at the beach.

Civil Coffee

For students who need to put their noses to the books and focus on getting lots of work done with little distractions, then Civil Coffee is the best choice. With a modern design and a walk-in and work mentality, this coffee shop hosts plenty of Los Angeles residents who are working from their laptops. With plenty of wicker seats, and plunging white lounge chairs, this is a great place to get locked in your work. Furthermore, Civil Coffee hosts multiple locations around Los Angeles, so you have variety in layout, but still the same quality coffee. Civil offers chargers, outlets, and at some locations, desk lighting. If you don’t feel like traveling far, this might be the place, as there are locations that range from the Valley to downtown LA.

Cafe Aficionado

Located on Reseda Blvd, this coffee shop offers artisan cups of coffee, as well as a simple cup of Joe. For students wanting to support local businesses, here’s your chance. Upon entry, the family-esque atmosphere can be felt radiating from this shop. Each cup is crafted with personality, and while often quiet, offers a unique area to work and not get distracted. This is within walking distance from campus, so those who can’t or won’t drive for their morning pick-me-up can take a 10-minute walk off campus to get a fresh perspective and coffee to start their day. Next time you want a coffee that’s not Starbucks, give this little dive a chance.

Alchemist Coffee Project

The atmosphere was a surprise. From the minute you walk in, you can feel the sense of community, as everyone was engaged in conversations that gave the shop a similar comparative to a bar. Friends laughing with friends, people in the corner reading mysterious fiction, and dogs asleep under the local patrons’ feet, this place felt like a microcosm of a town within LA. With matte black walls and concrete-based floors, this place feels like a tech start-up, and the vibrant atmosphere contradicts that nature, giving a book-nook-type experience that offers a unique area for working. This place offers plenty of outlets and chatter that often makes the ambiance of a coffee shop. If you want a scenery that will put you in the mood to work, then Alchemist is your choice.

8. 10 Speed Coffee

To round out this list we have 10 Speed Coffee. Another place with multiple locations, this shop gives you a sense of nature even in the center of the city. The walls are lined in wood, and bicycles often hang from the ceiling to evoke a sense of nature on the move. The shop is full of greenery, which radiates a sense of calmness no matter the type of homework you are doing. If you want to go to a place and have a sense of feeling you’re not in Los Angeles anymore, then this coffee shop is the answer. From the minute you walk in, you feel as if you’re in a jungle tree house or a retro beachside bike repair, quite literally anything but the bustle of Los Angeles. This place is great for students who like to work outside or in nature, as this gives that atmosphere with the comfort of indoor seating. 10 Speed has plenty of outlets, and warm ambient lighting that provides an overall sense of calm within the store. If you want to experience the forest but have work to do, then try this place.

That does it for this list in the Discover L.A series. Try out these different types of coffee shops next time you’re looking for a place to sit down and work.

  • Discover L.A.

Lets go surfin - LA Waves

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20+ Aesthetic Google Docs Templates (Free & Paid)

By default, Google Docs can look dry – but there are a ton of ways to customize and use it for so much more than taking notes.

If you want beautifully designed Google Docs, but have no idea where to start – we’ve rounded up some of the most aesthetic Google Docs templates you can use to track your finances, take notes, build a resume, plan your weeks, and so much more.

Looking for ways to level up your docs? Here is a full guide we published that will show you how to make your Google Docs aesthetic .

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aesthetic homework list

How to Make a Copy of Google Docs Templates

Before we jump into the templates, here’s how to make a copy to edit and customize! All you need to do is select ‘File’ top-left, and pick ‘Make a copy’. You can then name the document to your liking and select the destination folder — then you’re done and ready to edit!

How to Make a Copy of Google Docs Templates

Notes Templates for Google Docs

Add some life to your Google Docs notes with any of these note-taking templates. Created by students themselves, you’ll be able to use these templates to help make your studies much more aesthetically pleasing!

Notes Template by Jesserie Prieto

Template Available Here

Notes Templates for Google Docs

Aesthetic Note-Taking Template by Lorie Jane Levita

Aesthetic Note-Taking Google Docs Template

Aesthetic Brown Google Docs Notes Template by Exadecent

Aesthetic Brown Google Docs Notes Template

Resume Templates for Google Docs

There are so many apps you can use to create a great looking resume, like Canva or Notion – but if you’re looking for familiarity and want to stay in the Google ecosystem, use a beautifully-designed Google Docs resume template to impress your future employer!

Modern Aesthetic Resume Template

Modern Aesthetic Resume Google Docs Template

Sophisticated Photo Resume Template

Photo Resume Google Docs Template

Pink Resume Template

Aesthetic Pink Resume Template

Blue Resume Template

Blue Aesthetic Resume Google Docs Template

Peachy Resume Template

Peachy Resume Google Docs Template

Neutral Aesthetic Resume Template

Neutral Aesthetic Google Docs Resume Template

Modern Mandala CV

Neutral Aesthetic Google Docs Resume Template

Digital Planner Templates for Google Docs

Map out your days in Google Docs with an aesthetic digital planner template. It’s an easy way to schedule plans, add notes, set goals, and more – all in the Google Docs web app!

Gradient Digital Planner

Aesthetic Digital Planner Template for Google Docs

Minimal Aesthetic Digital Planner

Minimal Aesthetic Google Docs Digital Planner

Cute Pastel Agenda & Digital Planner

Cute Pastel Agenda & Google Docs Digital Planner

Finance Templates for Google Docs

Google Sheets templates are probably what come to mind when you think of planning your finances in the Google ecosystem, but with the right templates, you can use Google Docs to create simple invoices, budget your weeks, and create billing schedules!

Neutral Basic Invoice

Neutral Basic Invoice Google Docs Template

Blue Aesthetic Weekly Budget

Blue Aesthetic Weekly Budget Google Docs Template

Bright Monthly Bill Schedule

Monthly Bill Schedule Google Docs Template

Misc. Templates for Google Docs

Google Docs is incredibly versatile. As much as it’s known to be a note-taking or report building app, you can use Google Docs to create lesson plans, build a workout schedule, design business cards, and more! Here are some templates for those other Google Docs use cases.

Pastel Teacher Lesson Plan

Pastel Teacher Lesson Plan Google Docs Template

Contemporary Student Lesson Plan

Contemporary Student Lesson Plan Google Docs Template

Light Brown Workout Schedule

Aesthetic Google Docs Workout Template

Gradient Modern Business Card

Aesthetic Business Card Template

Blue Vacation Planner

Google Docs Travel Planner Template

Which aesthetic Google Docs template is your favorite? Are we missing any other templates? Let us know down in the comments below!

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  1. The 34 Best Aesthetic Study Websites & Virtual Spaces [2024]

    Lofi Cafe - Anime Loops & Lofi Hip-Hop Radio. Lofi Cafe's retro-futuristic TV channel-hopping aesthetic is a unique take on virtual study spaces. Cycle through visual loops like Lofi Girl, cyberpunk cityscapes, 8-bit animations, and more. Tune into synthwave, lofi hip hop, and ambient radio stations for easy listening while studying.

  2. 15 Aesthetic Study Websites to Instantly Motivate You

    📚🌟 Ignite your motivation with this comprehensive list of aesthetic study websites! Find Pomodoro timer, ambiance, and aesthetic note-taking websites that will make you excited to study! If you're feeling uninspired to study, creating the right study ambiance can transform your study experience. In this article, I'll be covering ...

  3. 15 Aesthetic Study Websites to Instantly Motivate You (2024)

    Aesthetic Study Timer Websites. Whether you enjoy using the Pomodoro study method or like having a timer to track your work sessions, the following aesthetic study websites are good options. Pomofocus. Pomofocus is the simplest of the aesthetic study timer websites on this list. Nevertheless, if you enjoy using the Pomodoro method, it provides ...

  4. Aesthetic Pomodoro Timer

    25:00. start. lofi 💿 for study, chill, and more · Flocus. Preview E. Your Eyes. ·. Joey Pecoraro. An aesthetic Pomodoro timer to keep you focused and motivated. Customize your study timer and choose from a variety of aesthetic themes.

  5. Free Homework List Templates In Google Docs, Google Sheets

    A homework to-do list allows students to prioritize their assignments based on urgency and importance. By listing all the school or university asks that need to be completed, students can determine which assignments need to be done first. This helps prevent procrastination and ensures that time is allocated appropriately to each task.

  6. 17 Aesthetic Study Timers to Romanticize Studying

    If you're looking to set the right vibe for studying, then you've come to the perfect place! This post covers 17 aesthetic study timers to romanticize your study experience. Whether you're looking to be transported to a cozy coffee shop, a beautiful sunset over a harbor, or the soothing ambience of nature,

  7. 25 Examples of Aesthetic Note Layouts To Steal Right Now

    It helps them process information faster, as well as make sense out of difficult subject matters. Second, aesthetic notes can help you study more efficiently because everything looks clean and well-organized. Many of these include helpful elements, too, such as graphs, bullet points, and diagrams. These make notes fun to read and review.

  8. MyStudyLife

    Transform your study habits and get better grades with MyStudyLife's game-changing student planner. Organize your schedule, track homework and achieve success . Revolutionize the way you tackle your academic journey with MyStudyLife, the ultimate high school or college schedule planner and online organizer rolled into one. Seamlessly integrate your academic life with this comprehensive tool ...

  9. How to Take Aesthetic Notes in 5 Simple Steps for Beginners

    How to Take Aesthetic Notes in 5 Simple Steps for Beginners. If you've ever wandered into the studyspo community, you've probably seen plenty of gorgeous aesthetic notes layouts. You've probably thought Wow, if my notes looked like this, I'd actually be excited to study! However, you've probably also thought.

  10. Cute Desk Decorating Ideas for an Aesthetic Homework Space

    Come up with a fun theme that matches their personality, and purchase or create artwork to match. Consider painting the wall behind the desk in a pop of color that goes with the theme. Installing some removable wallpaper is also a fun update. Look for cute desk accessories like a mouse pad, small rug, desk lamp and office chair that further ...

  11. Pomodoro Timer Online

    Add tasks to work on today. Set estimate pomodoros (1 = 25min of work) for each tasks. Select a task to work on. Start timer and focus on the task for 25 minutes. Take a break for 5 minutes when the alarm ring. Iterate 3-5 until you finish the tasks.

  12. 52+ Aesthetic Notion Templates & Theme Ideas for 2024

    Aesthetic Daily Planner. Unique, chic, and fully customizable, the Aesthetic Daily Planner features daily schedules, inspirational quotes, life progress bars, and sticky notes. Its soft blue color scheme and cartoon aesthetics make this a creative spin on your average Notion planner template. Template Available Here.

  13. Create daily tasks checklist

    Or choose bright stickers if the checklist is for school or personal use. 3. Download and publish. When the design is ready, download the document in PDF format to print on your home printer or in the office. Keep going; create checklists in the same style for any occasion. Then, copy the design and make any necessary edits.

  14. 12 Aesthetic Online Planners & Cute Planner Apps In 2024

    1. Sunsama. Sunsama is an aesthetic planner app designed to make your daily planning an efficient experience while keeping it stress-free and preventing burnout. It brings all your task management tools, calendars, emails, and issue trackers together in one dashboard so you can avoid the overwhelm of using multiple apps.

  15. Free, custom, printable aesthetic planner templates

    715 templates. Create a blank Aesthetic Planner. Beige Tan Boho Minimalist Weekly Planner. Planner by Saga Design Studio. Monthly Meal Planner Doc in Orange Light Yellow Floral Style. Planner by Canva Creative Studio. Pale Green Beige Aesthetic Family Chore Chart Planner. Planner by Veronika Gotovceva.

  16. 20 Aesthetic Work Desk Ideas to Create Your Perfect Workspace

    Black Vibes. When I think about infusing my work desk with black aesthetic vibes, it's all about channeling elegance and sophistication into my workspace. I start with a sleek, black desk as the centerpiece—it's not just a practical piece but also a statement of style. To complement this, I choose accessories with dark hues and matte ...

  17. 60 Aesthetic Google Sheets Templates (Health, Productivity & More)

    Google Sheets To-Do List Templates. Get more done, all while keeping it stylish, by adding all your tasks to an aesthetic Google Sheets to-do template! We've curated a few top picks to get you started. Task Priority Tracker for Google Sheets. Template Available Here. Soft Pastels To-Do List Google Sheets Template. Template Available Here

  18. 71 Cute School Supplies You'll Want Even If You're Not A Student

    Whether you're taking classes from home or doing homework after a long day at school, you need an organized space to help you stay focused on your work. This desk organizer is ready to hold all your books, pens, plants, and timers to keep you on task and well-decorated. Shop Now.

  19. The Best All-in-One Aesthetic Planner App for Students—2024

    Instead of using multiple apps, learn about the only aesthetic planner app for students you need to organize your entire life! As students, we have a lot of things to organize—schoolwork, extracurriculars, personal projects, social events, etc. Luckily, there are many student planner apps that can help you get your life together.

  20. 33 Aesthetic Room Ideas for a Trendy Space

    Place a soft cushion on your desk chair to make working or completing homework a bit more comfortable, layer pillows of all sizes on your bed to make catching ZZZs extra pleasant, and don't forget to set out a knit rug to add color to your space (and keep those feet happy). Continue to 23 of 33 below. 23 of 33.

  21. 25+ Best Aesthetic Notion Templates [2023]

    7. Dashboard - Aesthetic Template. The Dashboard aesthetic template is a dashboard that can be used on the go to keep track of and plan personal life events. You can find prominent tools such as habit tracking, content planning, bucket list, and journal writing.

  22. Best coffee shops around LA for doing homework

    Then try these coffee shops for your next homework escapade. R Cafe. Being the closest to campus on this list, this is a great place to get a coffee and do some work while enjoying the sunny valley weather. The shop is outside and offers a nice seating area within its enclosed white fence. With the pop-up designer style that is dominant in West ...

  23. 20+ Aesthetic Google Docs Templates (Free & Paid)

    Neutral Aesthetic Resume Template. Template Available Here. Modern Mandala CV. Template Available Here. Digital Planner Templates for Google Docs. Map out your days in Google Docs with an aesthetic digital planner template. It's an easy way to schedule plans, add notes, set goals, and more - all in the Google Docs web app! Gradient Digital ...