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The Kindness Project: The Power of Cooperation {Speech is Beautiful}

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Do any of your students have trouble cooperating? Sarah Wu from Speech is Beautiful offers the perfect easy solution (and freebie) for you today as we continue our Kindness Project Series.  Sarah reminds us of why teaching cooperation should be important to SLPs.

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Cooperation is a skill that we start learning about when we go to preschool and interact with other kids (or at home if we have siblings). Those skills of learning to share in those small moments can echo throughout the lifetime of children. Knowing and realizing that other people have needs and require respect helps kids understand and put themselves in another person’s shoes.

All of those little chances to cooperate, share, and work together teach the value of kindness to kids from a very young age. I’ve always been a huge believer in early childhood education for so many reasons but that is one of the major reasons kids need preschool. In my opinion, social skills are at least as important as academic learning for kids.

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Not to mention cooperation is the bedrock of human society. We work together in our families, in our communities and in our larger world. We all work together to help our people move forward. It’s important for kids to know that they have a place and a role in their communities –and that it starts in school.

That’s why I created my cooperation puzzles in English and Spanish with images and words for kids to use to learn about the kind of actions they need to make to cooperate with other kids. It’s a free no prep puzzle set just for you and your students. Kids can use it right away — all the teacher needs to do is print it off! Kids can even learn fine motor skills by using scissors to cut them. Click here to download:

Bio: Sarah Wu is a bilingual speech-language pathologist based in Chicago, Illinois. It is her 11th year as an SLP. She blogs at


Check out more wonderful ideas from the Kindness Project  here  (links at the bottom of the page).

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Thank you for including me in your kindness series! I really appreciate it! 🙂

Thank you so much for adding your wonderful ideas, resources and insights about this important topic, Sarah!

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[I] love connecting with SLPs and educators.


Speech on Life Is Beautiful

Life is a beautiful journey, filled with unending surprises and lessons. Every day, you encounter new experiences, each adding a unique hue to your existence.

Life’s beauty doesn’t just lie in joyous moments, but also in the challenging ones. They shape you, making your life’s painting even more vibrant.

1-minute Speech on Life Is Beautiful

Good day, everyone! When we say “Life is Beautiful”, what does it mean? It means to find joy in the small things, to feel hope in tough times, and to believe in the power of dreams.

Life is beautiful because it’s full of colors. Just like a rainbow, it is full of different shades – sometimes bright, sometimes dull. Each color tells a story, each color brings a lesson. And all these colors together make life a beautiful painting.

Life is beautiful because it’s full of surprises. Imagine if everything was predictable, wouldn’t it be boring? It’s the unexpected moments that add excitement to our lives. It’s like opening a surprise gift every day!

Life is beautiful because it’s full of love. Love is not just about hearts and roses. It’s about caring for each other, helping each other, and sharing happiness and pain together. It’s the warmth of love that makes life beautiful.

Life is beautiful because it’s full of dreams. Dreams give us a reason to wake up every morning, a reason to try something new, and a reason to keep going. It’s the pursuit of dreams that makes life interesting and beautiful.

In conclusion, life is a beautiful journey. It’s a journey of colors, surprises, love, and dreams. It’s not always easy, but it’s always beautiful. So let’s celebrate this beautiful journey and remember, no matter how tough the path is, always keep believing that life is beautiful!

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2-minute Speech on Life Is Beautiful

Good day everyone! I am here to talk about a simple, yet profound idea – Life is beautiful. I truly believe that if we stop for a moment, look around us and breathe in the world, we will see how wonderful life really is.

Let’s begin by thinking about nature. Picture a sunrise, the way the sky changes colors from dark to light, the warmth of the sun touching your skin, and the peaceful sound of birds singing. Isn’t that beautiful? Or imagine the sight of an open field, filled with flowers of every color, swaying gently in the breeze. These are the simple things around us that show us the beauty of life.

Next, think about the people in your life who care about you. Can you see their smiling faces? Can you hear their laughter? Can you feel their hugs? Your family, your friends, your teachers – they all make life beautiful. They help you when you’re down, cheer you up when you’re sad, and celebrate with you when you’re happy. They add color, warmth, and joy to your life.

Now, let’s consider the experiences that life offers us. Each day, you learn something new. You face challenges and overcome them. You set goals and achieve them. All of these experiences make you stronger, wiser, and more confident. And isn’t it beautiful how life constantly gives you opportunities to grow and learn?

Finally, think about love and kindness. Imagine a world where everyone helps each other, where everyone shares and cares. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? And the best part is, you can help make that world a reality. By being kind to others, by showing love and compassion in all that you do, you can make life beautiful not just for yourself, but for others as well.

In conclusion, life is beautiful in so many ways – through the natural world around us, the people who love us, the experiences that help us grow, and the love and kindness we can spread. So, let’s celebrate the beauty of life. Let’s appreciate the simple joys. Let’s cherish the love we receive and give love in return. Let’s be grateful for each day and make the most of it. Because life, my friends, is truly beautiful. Thank you!

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The Married to Medicine Ladies Slayed Their Season 10 Reunion in "Sultry" and "Elegant" Gowns

The  Married to Medicine  cast's incredible Season 10 reunion looks featured florals, tulle, and trains, trains trains! 

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If there's one thing the  Married to Medicine   cast will do, it's bring the slay for a fashionable occasion.

How to Watch

Watch Married to Medicine Sundays at 9/8c and streaming next day on  Peacock .

The women did just that for their Season 10 cast photo , with  Toya Bush-Harris ,  Dr. Heavenly Kimes ,  Dr. Jackie Walters ,  Dr. Simone Whitmore , and  Quad Webb  joined by new cast members  Phaedra Parks ,  Lateasha Lunceford , and  Dr. Alicia Egolum  in epic blue dresses. 

Now, for the Season 10 reunion , the ladies once again made our hearts stop with jaw-dropping gowns in various colors and styles, each with its own head-turning details and unique flourishes. We saw tulle, floral embroidery, sparkly elements, curve-hugging silhouettes, sexy, plunging necklines, and trains, trains, trains! 

Here's What You May Have Missed on Bravo: Why Did Lateasha Lunceford Marry Dr. Gregory on Married to Medicine? She Spills the Sweet Tea Phaedra Parks Reveals Where She Stands with Her Ex-Husband Apollo Nida Today Married to Medicine's Quad Webb on Toya Bush-Harris Relationship: “I Don’t Have Time to Get in the Mud with Her”

What's more, the ladies turned up the heat with stunning accessories, glamorous makeup, and various hairstyles, with everything from long, luscious waves, to sexy-messy updos that featured face-framing pieces (and some purple highlights!). 

The Married to Medicine Ladies Dazzle in Beautiful Blues for Their Season 10 Cast Photo

Scroll down to see all the incredible details of the Married to Medicine  cast's Season 10 reunion looks, and get more details on the cast members' fashion inspiration.  

The  Married to Medicine  Season 10 Reunion Looks

Dr. alicia egolum.

Alicia Egolum smiling in a sheer, floral embroidered, gown in front of a vineyard-inspired set.

Dress: Fjolla Haxhismajli; shoes: Piferi; jewelry: Swarovski; hair: Shu  and Britney ; makeup: Marsha  

Toya Bush-Harris 

Toya Bush-Harris wearing a pink mini dress with white florals in front of a vineyard-inspired set.

Dress: Nicole + Felicia Couture; shoes: Mach & Mach; jewelry: Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Chanel earrings; hair: Keiashia Stanley; makeup: George Miguel; Fashion Stylist: Toya Bush-Harris & Craig Janifer

"Today I'm giving babydoll," Toya shared with while getting ready backstage. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes  

Heavenly Kimes wearing a jewel-encrusted, green, sheer gown in front of a vineyard-inspired set.

Dress: Brides By Nona; shoes: Christian Louboutin; jewelry: Tiffany's; hair: Theo Barrett; makeup: Latisha Chancey; f ashion stylist: Lashae Hardin; inspiration/vibe: "Garden party." 

Heavenly shared with backstage: "I think we came up with something beautiful for a beautiful lady." 

  • Lateasha Lunceford

Lateasha Lunceford wearing a lilac and mauve, silk, gown in front of a vineyard-inspired set.

Dress: JoJo's Atleier; shoes: Steve Madden; jewelry: JoJo's Atleier (Johnice Lindsey); makeup: Brittany Wright; hair: Sasha Bee; fashion stylist: JoJo's Atelier; inspiration/vibe: "Royal floral" 

Phaedra Parks 

Phaedra Parks wears a beaded red and pink gown with floral embellishments in front of a vineyard-inspired set.

Dress: Geyanna Youness; s hoes: Gucci; hair: Drek; makeup: Na'Chera Brown; fashion stylist: Icon Billingsley

Dr. Jackie Walters 

Jackie Walters wearing a black tulle gown with pink floral embellishments in front of a vineyard-inspired set.

Dress: Marchesa; shoes: Giovanni Rossi; jewelry: David Yurman; makeup: Joyua Gibson; hair: Rhondalyn Patterson; fashion stylists: Iman Ramadan and Craig Janifer 

Dishing with backstage, Dr. Jackie noted that her look was "sexy, sultry, and simplistic." 

Dr. Simone Whitmore 

Simone Whitmore wearing a floral dress in front of a vineyard-inspired set.

Dress: Oscar De La Renta; shoes: Tom Ford; hair: Yancey Edwards; makeup: Christopher Michael: i nspiration/vibe: "Elegant vineyard cocktail hour." 

Quad Webb smiling in a yellow cut-out dress in front of a vineyard-inspired set.

Dress: Carolina Herrera; shoes: Jimmy Choo; jewelry: House Of Emmanuel; hair : Walter; makeup: Gina Nicole; fashion Stylist: Jeremy Haynes

"I'm giving garden goddess," Quad shared backstage with of her floral yellow gown. "The set will be the vineyard [and] I'm gonna be the grape, I will not be a raisin!" 

Additionally, Quad's makeup artist Nicole noted that the fashion maven's glam was "playing off the dress," evoking  a "vibrant" style but "not too dramatic." Likewise, hairstylist Walter said the team went for a "blonde bombshell-type look" and opted for a "messy updo" style to make sure the dress took center stage. 

  • Alicia Egolum
  • Heavenly Kimes
  • Jacqueline Walters
  • Phaedra Parks
  • Simone Whitmore
  • Toya Bush-Harris

Married to Medicine

  • Looks Reveal

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Julia Keeps This Fashion Item on Hand "Just in Case"

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Your First Look at the Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion

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Quad Webb Has an Awkward Run In with Dr. Gregory at Gala

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Helldivers 2 Review – Beautiful, Crushing Chaos

Rhett waselenchuk, helldivers 2 review.

Though my time with Helldivers 2 has been sporadic – stemming from a sea of server issues – I can at least say that when it works, it is tremendous. It’s a shining example of what all developers should strive for when creating a sequel. Helldivers 2 bursts at the seams with style, offering a blisteringly fun gameplay loop that requires skill, strategy, and determination. Many will crumble at its steep difficulty curve, but if you can come to terms with that, Helldivers 2 offers one of the finest gameplay loops in a long time.

speech is

If you haven’t been caught up to speed, Helldivers 2 takes place a century after the first game’s events. Having pushed their foes to the brink of extinction, Super Earth’s elite task force, the “Helldivers,” was disbanded, ushering in an era of peace for the once war-torn planet. Eventually, the Terminids that the Helldivers valiantly fought all those years ago return to wage another destructive campaign. The Helldivers are reassembled, and away we go.

We’re Here to Shoot

If you’re looking for Shakespeare when you first launch Helldivers 2, you may want to keep your expectations in check. However, a strong narrative has no bearing on the overall quality of the experience. We aren’t here to listen to monologues and have our heartstrings pulled. We’re here to infiltrate planets, shoot aliens, and blow a bunch of stuff up. And Helldivers 2 delivers all of that and then some. Much like the first game, the story is pushed forward by the collective efforts of every player logging in to Helldivers 2. It’s as interesting a concept as it was in the original and one that truly encapsulates what PvE is all about.

First and foremost, the gunplay found within Helldivers 2 is utterly  excellent . Each weapon has a distinctive feel, catering to every play style you could ever hope to have access to. If you’re into heavy artillery, you’ll feel right at home. If you prefer to stay back and pick off enemies from a distance, you absolutely can. Or, if you’re more of an all-around aficionado of up close and personal assaults, you can be precisely that. Every round fired rings out into a satisfying symphony of chaos, creating an atmosphere of combat that some of the most popular shooters of today don’t come close to emulating.

You’re In For a Hell of a Time

Just bear in mind that Helldivers 2 comes with a  steep  difficulty curve. Anybody should be able to tackle the easiest difficulties independently, but missions devolve into catastrophic punishment quicker than a hiccup. It gets so rough that, at times, I couldn’t fathom completing a mission without a competent four-man squad. Helldivers 2 is the new poster child for what it means to take no prisoners. I can’t help but feel like this will turn off a large portion of the audience that isn’t expecting something so blazingly aggravating, but time will tell.

speech is

When it’s time to lay your weapons down and get a little R&R, Helldivers 2 offers a solid number of customization options to encourage different playstyles. While on your ship, you can purchase upgrades paid for by the spoils of your incursions. Strategems are the key to your success, and with dozens of different options to choose from at launch, you and your squad are guaranteed to find something everyone can enjoy. I had a blast figuring out which combinations of upgrades would work best for the mission at hand. It’s not hard to imagine Helldivers 2 living and dying by how the developers handle the inclusion of new stratagems. Still, plenty’s already here to keep anyone satiated for a long time.

Growing Pains

Be forewarned, however, that even if you’re ready to go toe-to-toe with some of the most formidable foes in gaming today, you may end up waiting on “server full” screens for a long time. The success of Helldivers 2 has caught the development team at Arrowhead Game Studios off guard. More often than not, while reviewing the game, I found myself unable to log in or even launch to the main menu. With no end in sight, the server issues have become a massive pain in the ass for nearly the entire player base, and it could be some time before we have any clue as to when this will no longer be the case.

Regardless of the early-day technical issues, Helldivers 2 is an absolute blast… When it works. The high-octane, exhilarating, take-no-prisoner approach to fighting off horde after horde of enemies is utterly fantastic. Tight gunplay, excellent coop, varied and rewarding missions, and a fun upgrade system all come together to create a perfect blend of shoot-em-up chaos that I simply can’t get enough of. While server issues continue to be a considerable nuisance, I can’t help but wonder what Arrowhead Game Studios have cooking for Helldivers 2 in the years to come. Now, step forth, Cadet. The day ahead is uncertain without you.

***A Steam key was provided for the purpose of this review***

  • Exhilarating combat
  • Excellent coop
  • Fun upgrade system
  • Severe server issues
  • May be too difficult
  • Weak narrative

speech is

Developer: Arrowhead Game Studios

Publisher: PlayStation Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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LA Times

Sam Waterston talks about his final 'Law & Order' episode and Jack McCoy's 'beautiful exit'

“It’s been a hell of a ride.”

With those parting words, Jack McCoy stepped down from his job as Manhattan district attorney after decades of public service — and Sam Waterston bid farewell to his signature role on “Law & Order” after 19 seasons and 405 episodes spread over 30 years.

To put this run into perspective, Waterston made his debut appearance as McCoy in September 1994 in the Season 5 premiere of “Law & Order” — the same week that “ER” and “Friends” premiered on NBC. The Dick Wolf procedural — which famously told stories about “the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders” was already a well-established hit, but it had yet to become a ubiquitous, seemingly indestructible pop culture franchise.

Waterston, who joined the series after the contentious departure of actor Michael Moriarty , helped prove that the format was durable enough to withstand major cast shakeups. Yet he also became the closest thing “Law & Order” had to a central protagonist — the “ultimate conscience of the show,” as Wolf has put it.

Well before male antiheroes took over TV, Waterston played McCoy as a no-nonsense attorney who was passionate about justice but also willing to bend the rules in order to obtain a conviction — a prickly character whose sharp edges were somehow softened by Waterston’s soothing voice and avuncular demeanor. And though McCoy’s personal life was hinted at only fleetingly throughout the series, the character clearly wrestled with private demons (including a proclivity for affairs with his glamorous assistant district attorneys).

A Yale-educated actor who has played Hamlet on Broadway, Waterston admits there was a time he looked down on TV. Initially, he only planned to do a single season of “Law & Order.” But Waterston remained on the series until it was canceled in 2010. He is the rare actor to star in a long-running TV series who managed not to be pigeonholed by the part that made him famous, working continually in the dozen years “Law & Order” was off the air in shows including "Grace and Frankie." He agreed to reprise his role when NBC revived the series in 2022, anchoring a new cast that included Hugh Dancy as assistant district attorney Nolan Price. But earlier this month, NBC announced that Waterston would be leaving the series, with Tony Goldwyn set to star as the incoming D.A.

Waterston’s farewell episode — written by Rick Eid and Pamela Wechsler and fittingly titled “Last Dance” — follows the case of Scott Kelton (Rob Benedict), a billionaire tech mogul who is accused of murdering a young woman in Central Park. Mayor Robert Payne (Bruce Altman), whose son is implicated in the case, pushes the D.A.’s office to cut a deal with Kelton — or else he’ll support McCoy’s opponent in the coming election. McCoy resists the pressure and decides to try the case himself, urging the jury to rule fairly and without prejudice despite the high-profile defendant. It works: Kelton is convicted. Over a celebratory drink with Price, he announces he’s going to retire so that the governor can appoint “someone with integrity” to the job. In the closing shot of the episode, McCoy stands alone at night outside the Supreme Court building in Lower Manhattan — then walks off into the darkness.

The Times recently spoke via Zoom with Waterston, who will play Franklin Roosevelt in Tyler Perry’s upcoming World War II drama “Six Triple Eight.” At 83, he is eager to tread the boards once again — and to continue working as steadily as he has for the last six decades.

“Actors don’t really get to tell the future,” he said. “But I'm open for business. If anybody's reading this and thinking, 'Oh, too bad. He retired.' I haven't retired.”

Let’s start with the obvious: W hy did you decided to leave now? 

I always knew that I was going to stay on a short time. I didn't want to turn on the TV and see somebody else playing the part when the show came back [in 2022] but I knew it was not for the long term. This was always going to be the year [to leave]. And then "Law & Order" designed just a beautiful exit. I couldn't have been more pleased with it. They gave me this fantastic send-off, with a pop-up delicatessen on the set, called Sam's Delicatessen. The last shots were all in the courtroom and speeches were made. Dick Wolf showed up. It was something else.

What did you make of McCoy’s decision to step down rather than face likely defeat in an election? 

Once he found out that Sam Waterston was leaving, it was pretty much a done deal.

Take me back to 1994, when you were cast on the show. What made the role appealing to you? 

Dick Wolf took me out to lunch and persuaded me that it was a really good idea. Ed Sherin was the executive producer in New York, and he set the tone and made it a really interesting place to work. He was a theater director, and he did a lot of work in television. He had the dream of a lifetime to set up a resident theater somewhere, but he said that this was the fulfillment of that dream. And he grew talent, staff, sound guys, focus pullers — people that are now directors out in the world because of him. It was an extraordinary place to be. It was easy to stay, but I always thought I was gonna leave the next year. I kept on signing up for one more season.

It was known for drawing many actors from New York theater.

We used to joke that it was the Café de la Paix of television. You know that saying about the Café de la Paix, “If you sit there long enough, the whole world passes by?” We used to joke, that was what went on [at "Law & Order"]. We had fantastic guest stars, and all kinds of people who then grew up to be stars on their own. Don't ask me to name them.

One of the things that’s interesting about “Law & Order” is that we never learn much about the characters outside of work. Jack McCoy’s backstory is pretty patchy, even after 19 seasons. Does this present any challenges — or rewards — to you as a performer? 

The reward is that your own life is not used up. A lot of what you can do and what you are as an actor is also not used up. That means that if somebody goes to see you in a play or a movie while you're doing "Law & Order," the audience doesn't think, "Oh, gee, I already saw this.” And the stuff that you do get to do on the show, and in the case of [when I was] playing McCoy, was very intense, very engaging. The quality control at Wolf Films is fantastically high, so it was good stuff.

Do you have a favorite scene or episode from your run on the series? 

The episode that hit me the hardest didn't really have to do with me, it had to do with Steven Hill, who was playing the D.A. [Adam Schiff] in those days. We did a death penalty [storyline in which] his wife was on life support and dying. He was against pursuing the death penalty [in a case], but the state of New York was for it. [In the episode, “Terminal,”] they juxtaposed the execution, which Jack and his assistant witnessed, with Steven Hill sitting at his wife's bedside as she was taken off of life support. It was unforgettable. It wasn't just great "Law & Order," it was great TV and not just great TV, but really, really mighty.

How do you think Jack McCoy evolved over the years? Especially in earlier seasons, he was known for doing whatever it took to get a conviction. Did he mellow with age? 

I don't think he changed. I think being the D.A. was hard on him because he didn't change, but to do what was necessary to do the job, he had to restrain himself in ways that he didn't have to before.

You came back to the show after 12 years away. Was that strange?

What was strange was how familiar it was. What was really strange was that our set, for the whole time that I was on the show, had been at Chelsea Piers, on the west side of Manhattan and they rebuilt those sets at a studio in Queens. You walked onto the set and you're back in the same world. It made the hair stand up on the back of your neck. When I did “The Great Gatsby,” I walked out of a door in Newport, R.I., and walked into a room in London. That was creepy too.

You did plenty of TV before “Law & Order,” including the NBC drama “I’ll Fly Away,” but you were primarily known for movies and theater. Did you look down on TV at the time? 

Of course I did. We all had the same prejudices and now, lo and behold, streaming services are the business. We looked down on it, and we were stupid. When I was growing up, theater was the thing. And the movies were looked down upon. How unbelievable is that? We were dumb people.

You have played Abraham Lincoln on numerous occasions (including in the miniseries “Lincoln” and as a voice actor in Ken Burns’ “The Civil War” ), What keeps drawing you back to this part? 

I always used to say that if you're an actor, there should be some reward for being plain. I counted that as the reward. [laughs] It was an excuse to go down an endless rabbit hole of fascination with a really extraordinary person. You can't exhaust the fascination, especially if you like words. I started out wanting to be a Shakespearean actor. That's all I wanted. And Lincoln had a way with words.

I have to point out that you also played Robert Oppenheimer in a 1980 TV series called “ Oppenheimer .” 

If you live long enough, all the parts you've ever played in your life will come back to you being played by somebody else.

As you look ahead at your career, are there roles that you are still hoping to play? 

Sure, but there is no planning. Bradley Cooper plans his career. I am not an actor-producer, so I am very much subject to what comes under the door. There are lots of things I want to do. Joel Gray and I want to do “On Borrowed Time,” a play that was made in 1938 and made into a movie starring Lionel Barrymore. I want to do that, but will I get to do it? We’ll see.

How have you been spending the spare time since you finished the show? 

It is mind-boggling. There's never been a time in all the 60 years of my working as an actor — for which I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people reading this article, and everybody else in the world [who is] watching — there's really been no time when I wasn't either working, or really sweating looking for work. This is the first time I've walked off a set without thinking, “What the hell am I going to do next?” It was literally a physical feeling that there was a space opening up in my head that I had not even known existed for all those years, space that was taken up by the job or the search for the job. Suddenly you're free to think about all kinds of other things. It's intoxicating and makes you feel drunk.

Fascinating. Is it the freedom of not having to learn all those lines? 

That's part of it. “I have these lines, will I know them on the day?” Also, for an actor, it's got to do with having a piece of your mind occupied by somebody other than yourself — by the character. I haven't retired, but McCoy has. I don't know where he is. He's on a beach in Brazil or something. But he's not in my head and it's really quite extraordinary and wonderful. Just wonderful! But I loved [playing McCoy]. Boy, what a blessing.

You and Jerry Orbach were named living landmarks in New York City. Do you have any recollections of working with him, even though you were not often in scenes together? 

We weren't in that many scenes. But we did pass each other in the hall in the studio very often. And he's one of the most extraordinary and beautiful people I have ever known, certainly in the profession. I broke one of his rules, which was that you never leave a show while it's running. I'm going around, saying this to anybody who will listen, that I hope that the theater gods won't punish me for breaking his rules.

Do you ever find yourself in a hotel room or on a plane, watching yourself in old episodes of “Law & Order” and getting sucked in?

My wife likes to watch old episodes of “Law & Order” while she’s cooking. Sometimes I'm passing through the kitchen and I stop and I think, “Why were you so critical of how you looked in those days? Look at yourself now.”

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times .

Speech is Beautiful

Top 10 Free CEUs for Speech Pathologists

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What are ASHA CEUs?

To maintain the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), a speech-language pathologist (SLP) must earn 3.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over three years. To convert that to hours of professional development, 0.1 CEU is one hour of Certification Maintenance Hours. I calculate it as 10 hours per year and I earn them during the summer when I have a break. Additionally keep in mind that ASHA is now requiring an ethics CEU so keep that in mind as you shop for CEUs

What are the State CEU Requirements?

Make sure that you are on top of the professional development requirements for your state because they can be different than the ones required by ASHA. For example, the state of Illinois requires 20 hours per two years. I have figured out if I get 10 hours per year, I’m in the clear. Also if you have a teaching certificate, those professional development requirements could differ from the state license board as well as be different from what ASHA wants from their members.

Get CEUs At Home

Getting my CEUs online and at home really could not be more convenient. You do not have to leave home to travel to a convention. Honestly, my biggest reason to get online CEUs is because it saves me money.

I don’t mind paying for solid CEUs online (from, MedBridge, or SLP Summit). However, if you are in a financial pinch, there are many online websites where you can earn ASHA-certified CEUs for free. Below is a list of what I discovered online…

Top Ten Free CEUs for SLPs

  • Super Duper Inc. – Super Duper has offered free CEUs for SLPs for many years. They offer both live and recorded online sessions. Registration on the site is required (but if you bought from them before, you already have an account).
  • Mayer-Johnson – The brilliant company behind Boardmaker offers both live and recorded online trainings on their website. Just a warning: some trainings do not provide ASHA-approved CEUs. When you click on ‘Recorded Training’ be sure to look at the far right column to confirm ASHA-approved CEUs. Log in required to view courses:
  • Relias Academy – Most of the classes here require payment, but occasionally you can find a free class. Click ‘speech therapist’ and your state. You must register:
  • Interactive Metronome – Interactive Metronome (IM) is an online auditory/visual software program. It helps people with communication disorders learn how to increase neural efficiency by improving their timing of physical movements. They offer lots of free courses, but many of them are for people who are already IM certified. However, there are still plenty that are free to anyone. Registration required:
  • SATPAC – SATPAC is a function approach to articulation therapy. They offer one free online course related to learning SATPAC:
  • Passy-Muir Inc . – Passy-Muir is the company that produces valves for tracheostomies and ventilator dependent patients. I do not know enough about the medical side of our profession, but Passy-Muir is a product to redirect air to produce verbal speech. They offer lots of free online CEU courses to learn about their products. Registration required:
  • The Leaders Project  – I love everything that The Leaders Project shares about bilingual learners. They have a nice catalog of courses too:
  • Lingraphica – Lingraphica creates an AAC device specifically for people with aphasia. They offer free CEUs all related to use of the device. Three options include assessment courses, working with a client who uses the device, or attending a live webinar. Check it out:
  • Dynavox – Dynavox is a corporation that builds AAC devices for people to use to communicate. They offer both scheduled web courses and recorded ones. Here’s the link:
  • University of Wisconsin – Voice and Swallowing Clinic – If you are in the medical field, these courses are great! And there are so many AND they keep adding more. Keep in mind there is an expiration date. But if you stay on top of their offerings, you can get fully covered with free CEUs for a really long time:

What do you think of my list? Comment below or email me with any of your suggestions!

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