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psychology personal statement template

Heriot-Watt University

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psychology personal statement template

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psychology personal statement template

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psychology personal statement template

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psychology personal statement template

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psychology personal statement template

What to include in a Personal Statement

psychology personal statement template

Personal Statement Tips

Personal statement examples psychology personal statements.

Discover personal statement examples written by students accepted onto psychology and related courses. Read through the examples to help shape your own personal statement.

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Calling all curious minds! Delve into the depths of human behaviour at Swansea.

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Make a difference to society through innovations in policy and research.

Study a British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited Psychology degree from University of Kent, enabling you to confront the issues that humans face using scientific principles.

Psychology Personal Statements

Submitted by anonymous

Psychology and Philosophy Personal Statement

For centuries humanity has pondered the definitions of truth and fals...

Psychology Personal Statement

While growing up, an individual experiences countless differing field...

My first experience in the field of psychology was in year 9, I was a...

My desire for wanting to pursue psychology in higher education not on...

Psychology influences our everyday decisions and moulds us into who w...

Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement

Little interests me more than trying to unwind the endless enigma of ...

“What was life without connection?” Oliver Sacks is highlighting that...

A few years ago, I watched as one of my best friend battled with anor...

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” (Margaret M...

Submitted by Gianna

Freud’s Psychosexual Stages and the correlation between childhood act...

Submitted by Karolina

Paul Valery stated' The purpose of psychology is to give us a complet...

Submitted by Bethany

BSc Psychology Personal Statement

My decision to study psychology was not a difficult one. It is someth...

Submitted by Maisie Glover

Psychology with Criminology Personal Statement

Psychologist Phillip Zimbardo is quoted to have said “I have been pri...

Submitted by Antoinette

Every few minutes since the age of 9 I have put on hand cream. It was...

Submitted by Suri

Psychology with Business Personal Statement

Psychology's wide applications to everyday life, such as how psycholo...

Submitted by Cindy

Psychology with Foundation Year Personal Statement

“It is not primarily our physical selves that limit us but rather our...

Submitted by Caroline

Psychology and Neuroscience Personal Statement

Purpose for learning is a key difference between animal and human bra...

Submitted by Chloe

The dynamics of psychology affect our everyday lives and behaviour wh...

Submitted by Jenny

Psychology has drawn me in since I began studying it at GCSE. For me,...

Submitted by Lauren

The mind has a daily impact on our lives; influencing every decision,...

Submitted by Keren

Psychology with Forensic Psychology Personal Statement

Psychology has been part of my life indirectly for many years, from t...

Submitted by Sasha

During the holidays of 2016, I took part in some scientific based wor...

Psychotherapy and Counselling: Practices and Principles Personal Statement

I have always desired to understand feelings, behaviour and the human...

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psychology personal statement template

Psychology Personal Statement Advice

When applying for a psychology degree, you need to provide a persuasive psychology personal statement. Alongside your application form, your psychology UCAS personal statement is a description of your skills, ambitions and interests. Writing a personal statement for a psychology masters or undergraduate programme is a big deal: it’s a really popular discipline, so this is your chance to set yourself apart from the other candidates. Don’t worry about combing the internet for psychology quotes for personal statements. The course leaders are interested in you, not your ability to choose a punchy sound bite from Freud. Use your word count to show them who you are!Be honest, clear and specific. Sharing personal statement examples for university can be helpful; reading your friends’ drafts and giving each other feedback can help you pick up on mistakes. Check out our examples of personal statements for psychology for more ideas, and read on to discover how to start a personal statement… Your main goal is to summarise your subject-based strengths and evidence them. A top-notch psychology personal statement example would reference elements of the course and link them to personal qualities, goals and successes. E.g. your experience as a peer mentor at college supports your psychology / mental health personal statement. When applying to multiple universities, keep your comments broad enough to suit different joint honours choices. A psychology and sociology personal statement combined with a forensic psychology personal statement could, for example, mention an interest in criminal behaviour, as it complements both disciplines. Creating a postgraduate psychology personal statement can tough, so gaining clinical work experience can give your application the edge. The main difference between a psychology masters personal statement and undergraduate will be demonstrating expertise; really consider your achievements, experiences and interests in this narrowed field. For example, a psychology and law personal statement might highlight a legal internship, and a criminology and psychology personal statement could highlight voluntary work with the police.

psychology personal statement template

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    Check out our examples of personal statements for psychology for more ideas, and read on to discover how to start a personal statement… Your main goal is to summarise your …