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The Best New Biographies of 2023

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Read on to discover nine of the best biographies published within the last year. Included are life stories of singular people, including celebrated artists and significant historical figures, as well as collective biographies.

The books included in this list have all been released as of writing, but biography lovers still have plenty to look forward to before the year is out. A few to keep your eye out for in the coming months:

  • The World According to Joan Didion by Evelyn McDonnell (HarperOne, September 26)
  • Einstein in Time and Space by Samuel Graydon (Scribner, November 14)
  • Overlooked: A Celebration of Remarkable, Underappreciated People Who Broke the Rules and Changed the World by Amisha Padnani (Penguin Random House, November 14).

Without further ado, here are the best biographies of 2023 so far!

Master Slave Husband Wife cover

Master Slave Husband Wife: An Epic Journey from Slavery to Freedom by Ilyon Woo

Ellen and William Craft were a Black married couple who freed themselves from slavery in 1848 by disguising themselves as a traveling white man and an enslaved person. Author Ilyon Woo recounts their thousand-mile journey to seek safety in the North and their escape from the United States in the months following the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act.

The art thief cover

The Art Thief: A True Story of Love, Crime, and a Dangerous Obsession by Michael Finkel

Written over a period of 11 years with exclusive journalistic access to the subject, author Michael Finkel explores the motivations, heists, and repercussions faced by the notorious and prolific art thief Stéphane Breitwieser. Of special focus is his relationship with his girlfriend and accomplice, Anne-Catherine Kleinklaus.

King cover

King: A Life by Jonathan Eig

While recently published, King: A Life is already considered to be the most well-researched biography of Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. published in decades. New York Times bestselling journalist Jonathan Eig explores the life and legacy of Dr. King through thousands of historical records, including recently declassified FBI documents.

Why Willie Mae Thornton Matters cover

Why Willie Mae Thornton Matters by Lynnée Denise

This biography is part of the Why Music Matters series from the University of Texas. It reflects on the legendary blues singer’s life through an essay collection in which the author (also an accomplished musician) seeks to recreate the feeling of browsing through a box of records.

Young Queens cover

Young Queens: Three Renaissance Women and the Price of Power by Leah Redmond Chang

Historian Leah Redmond Chang’s latest book release focuses on three aristocratic women in Renaissance Europe: Catherine de’ Medici, Elizabeth de Valois, and Mary, Queen of Scots. As a specific focus, she examines the juxtaposition between the immense power they wielded and yet the ways they remained vulnerable to the patriarchal, misogynistic societies in which they existed.

Daughter of the Dragon cover

Daughter of the Dragon: Anna May Wong’s Rendezvous with American History by Yunte Huang

Anna May Wong was a 20th-century actress who found great acclaim while still facing discrimination and typecasting as a Chinese woman. University of California professor Yunte Huang explores her life and impact on the American film industry and challenges racist depictions of her in accounts of Hollywood history in this thought-provoking biography.

Twice as hard cover

Twice as Hard: The Stories of Black Women Who Fought to Become Physicians, from the Civil War to the 21st Century by Jasmine Brown

Written by Rhodes Scholar and University of Pennsylvania medical student Jasmine Brown, this collective biography shares the experiences and accomplishments of nine Black women physicians in U.S. history — including Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the first Black American woman to earn a medical degree in the 1860s, and Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.

Larry McMurtry cover

Larry McMurtry: A Life by Tracy Daugherty

Two years after the Pulitzer Prize-winning author’s death, this biography presents a comprehensive history of Larry McMurtry’s life and legacy as one of the most acclaimed Western writers of all time.

The Kneeling Man cover

The Kneeling Man: My Father’s Life as a Black Spy Who Witnessed the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. by Leta McCollough Seletzky

Journalist Leta McCollough Seletzky examines her father, Marrell “Mac” McCollough’s complicated legacy as a Black undercover cop and later a member of the CIA. In particular, she shares his account as a witness of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lorraine Motel.

Are you a history buff looking for more recommendations? Try these.

  • Best History Books by Era
  • Books for a More Inclusive Look at American History
  • Fascinating Food History Books

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The 14 best YA listens of 2023

This year’s YA adventures had young heroes worrying about college, loving despite the fear of losing their beloved to the law or illness, and stepping up to lead their family dynasties.

The 14 best YA listens of 2023

Being a teenager is not easy, and it never was. Teens have to learn so much about the world in a short period of time—the transition between childhood and adulthood—and sometimes all at once. This year’s young adult stories had us looking at familiar things—like summer camps and chess—and challenging the status quo in a new way. We loved along with our characters for the first time, and lived their first big mistakes too, which, in the end, made everyone into a better person. That’s the beauty of being young and impressionable—you can make yourself over and over again.

Save this list to your Library Collections now.

The Davenports

The Davenports

Krystal Marquis’s debut novel boasts not only heart but depth, exploring the lives of a wealthy Black family navigating Chicago society in 1910, inspired by the family of real-life inventor Charles Patterson. In this story, everything I didn’t know I was seeking in my next listen unfolded before me—romance, heroines rebelling against social constructs, and a thoughtful exploration of what it meant to be a successful Black person in society and the weight they carried. Joniece Abbott-Pratt’s narration captures the energy of the characters and vibe of the time with thoughtful cadences and endearing rasps. — Kelley S.

Divine Rivals

Divine Rivals

Divine Rivals is an epistolary love story set against the backdrop of a war of literal mythological proportions. Trolley cars and old-fashioned newsrooms conjure a cozy mystery vibe, while magical typewriters whisper steampunk. Heart-wrenching love letters and teen angst delivered in swoony dual narration by the super talented Alex Wingfield and Rebecca Norfolk round out the romance. Whatever this mash-up is, it's boldly and beautifully untethered from reality, and I gobbled up every minute of it. The countdown is on for the sequel! — Emily C.

Check & Mate

Check & Mate

No joke, I listened to Ali Hazelwood’s YA debut in about 24 hours. It’s an underdog story done right, and I learned a lot about what the world of chess might be like for women, who are all unfairly underdogs in the professional realm. I rooted for Mallory fiercely as she learns her true worth and takes a lot of names at the chessboard. And narrator Karissa Vacker made me laugh out loud with her delivery of the creative insults and quick wit that Hazelwood’s characters are known for. — Melissa B.

Girls Like Girls

Girls Like Girls

Hayley Kiyoko’s trajectory and creative prowess fascinates me. She’s a pop star, actress, social media sensation, director, and now we can add author to the list. Her debut YA novel, based on her hit song of the same name, covers grief, longing, and belonging in a multifaceted yet approachable way. Coley, who is voiced by Kiyoko, is facing devastating loss and seismic shifts in her world when she meets and falls for Sonya, a confident, popular girl in the new town she never wanted to move to. This coming-of-age story about losing and finding yourself in formative relationships delivers. — K.S

Their Vicious Games

Their Vicious Games

I was absolutely mesmerized by this unpauseable thriller from writer-to-watch Joelle Wellington. Part satire, part social commentary, Their Vicious Games reimagines the college admissions process as a sinister game of life or death. When her acceptance to Yale is rescinded due to a fight with a fellow classmate, prep school student Adina snags an invite to an exclusive competition in hopes of securing a second chance. Ariel Blake’s beautifully complex performance infuses Adina with a defiant determination to succeed, balanced by tender moments of vulnerability, as she learns harsh truths about privilege and power in this searing debut. — Margaret H.

Change the Game

Change the Game

No stranger to making waves, football quarterback and civil rights activist Colin Kaepernick shares the moving true story of the first time he had to challenge the expectations the world had set out for him. As a high school senior and star baseball player (you read that right), Kaepernick was being heavily recruited by colleges and the MLB, but he had football in his heart. In this YA multicast dramatization starring Kaepernick and Jaden Michael, he shares the genesis of the truth that has driven his life and career: Never stop imagining—and fighting for—the world and life that you want. — E.C.

The Wicked Bargain

The Wicked Bargain

I can honestly say I’ve never listened to anything quite like The Wicked Bargain . It’s the story of a nonbinary teen pirate who has magic inside them that needs to be released and is quite hard to control. Mar is very powerful, but the problem here is that not many people have magic, and those that do are feared. The stakes kept getting higher and higher, and I ended up falling deep inside Mar’s world of Diablos, demonios, and the open sea, narrated so lushly by the beautiful voice of Vico Ortiz. I didn’t want to leave it behind. — M.B.

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute

Talia Hibbert’s The Brown Sisters trilogy is one of my favorite romance series, so when I learned that she was writing a young adult romance, I knew it would not disappoint. Featuring delightful narration from Amina Koroma and Jonathan Andrew Hume, Hibbert’s YA debut is a hilarious rom-com centered on former friends who sign up for a wilderness survival course with a college scholarship—and their hearts—on the line. Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute was this year's first release from Joy Revolution, an imprint led by YA powerhouse couple Nicola Yoon and David Yoon. — M.H.

We Are All So Good at Smiling

We Are All So Good at Smiling

This vibrant novel-in-verse is made ever more stunning by its audio production. Narrated by the author herself, Amber McBride’s poetic words land with grace, even as she depicts clinical depression and the trauma of grief. When the main character, Whimsy, meets a boy named Faerry who she realizes has magic inside of him just like she does, I was hooked—I had to discover what tied them to each other. Full of wisdom that can be appreciated at any age, this story is ultimately the tale of two adolescents finding refuge in friendship despite the harsh realities they have lived through. — Madeline A.

Imogen, Obviously

Imogen, Obviously

Becky Albertalli, perhaps best known for her Simonverse series and its film adaptation, was once subjected to online scrutiny and invalidation surrounding her identity. But now, nearly three years after her own complicated and public coming-out journey, she’s ready to reflect on those experiences with Imogen, Obviously . With a character that not only mirrors Albertalli’s experiences surrounding sexuality and coming out, this story also dives headfirst into the issues of biphobia, gatekeeping, and the fraught discourse that still surrounds coming out, with Caitlun Kinnunen sensitively narrating Imogen’s story. — Michael C.

The Blackwoods

The Blackwoods

Alaska Jackson is quickly making a name for herself as a go-to YA narrator. She expertly juggles the three young women at the heart of The Blackwoods , Brandy Colbert’s captivating love letter to Black Hollywood. In the aftermath of their great-grandmother Blossom Blackwood’s death, teenage cousins Ardith and Hollis must navigate the ups and downs of being born into a famous family. Chapters that follow a 15-year-old Blossom, starting in 1942, chart the Hollywood star’s historic rise to fame—and showcase how events of the past can reverberate across generations. Jackson gives each woman’s POV a distinct voice that complements their character’s individual personality. — M.H.

Ander & Santi Were Here

Ander & Santi Were Here

After finishing this listen, I fully understood why it has been called “a love letter to queer Latinx communities.” The story, which revolves around a nonbinary Mexican American teen falling in love with the sexy new waiter at their family’s taqueria in San Antonio, Texas, is both heartwarming and painfully realistic as ICE threatens to come between the young lovers. Truly captivating, Ander & Santi Were Here follows the plight of an exceptional couple you can’t help but root for and won't soon forget. — M.A.


Jarrett J. Krosoczka is back again after his award-winning Hey, Kiddo with a moving story about the hope and joy to be found at a summer camp for sick children and their families. In high school, Jarrett volunteered at Camp Sunshine, where he at first felt totally out of his depth. But as it turns out, being out of your depth can be a good thing. Along with a full-cast narration, Sunshine features sound effects that thrust you right into the heart of camp. The quality and emotional authenticity of the performances made me homesick for something I’d never experienced—and made me remember high school in a way I hadn’t thought about in years. — M.B.


It was a surprise and a delight to be able to listen to Murtagh , a continuation of the series that began with Eragon more than 20 years ago. The events begin after the conclusion of the first four books, so in a way it feels like starting over. What could Murtagh be striving for in this new beginning? It’s just him and his dragon, Thorn, as they try to do right in a world that never wants to see their faces again. Gerard Doyle, our original series narrator, returns with iconic performances of characters both familiar and new. — M.B.

The 18 best bios & memoirs of 2023

The 18 best bios & memoirs of 2023

In turns heartrending and quick-witted, these candid listens are exemplars of the genre.

  • Best of the Year

Your Complete Guide to the Most Anticipated Young Adult Books of 2023

Your TBR list is about to get a whole lot longer.

11 best young adult books 2023 most anticipated young adult books

Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most. We may earn commission from the links on this page.

While exploring important subjects such as love, loss, identity , and race , the best young adult books tell stories that often impart poignant life lessons. So, where do you start in adding to your TBR list for the rest of the year? There are tons of titles, but we’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are the best and most anticipated young adult books of 2023.

Psst… looking for a community of book lovers just like you? Then look no further than Open Book: The Seventeen Book Club . Every winter, spring, summer, and fall, we pick a new YA book to read, discuss, ponder, and gush over. Join us on Discord , and at the reading period’s end, look out for a Seventeen exclusive interview with the novel’s author.

“The Stolen Heir” by Holly Black

the stolen heir

Holly Black’s The Stolen Heir is the first book in a duology series from the author. The novel returns to Elfhame and chronicles the perilous adventures of a prince and a changeling queen.

Release date: January 3, 2023

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

statistical probability of love at first sight

Okay, so technically this book came out in 2011, but since it's being adapted for the screen this year, we're including it on the list. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but if we were to judge a book by its name, we'd immediately grab The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight . Now is the perfect time to read Jennifer E. Smith's YA novel, which came out in 2011 but is coming to Netflix soon, starring Haley Lu Richardson. The love story centers on Hadley Sullivan who meets the perfect boy, Oliver, at the airport after missing her flight to her dad's wedding. She ends up sitting next to him on the plane, but after losing track of him in the airport after landing, it's up to fate to bring them back together.

“French Kissing in New York” by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

french kissing in new york

One night in Paris, Margot meets Zach and falls head over heels in love. One year later, she arrives in New York to start her career as a chef, and hopefully, reunite with Zach. But then she meets the line cook at her restaurant, Ben, and begins to question whether Zach is her one true love after all.

“Cool. Awkward. Black.” by Karen Strong

cool awkward black

This multi-genre anthology edited by Karen Strong shares captivating stories that feature exclusively Black characters and per the book’s official description, “challenge the concept of ‘the geek.’” Contributors include Elise Bryant, Leah Johnson, Terry J. Benton-Walker, and Ibi Zoboi.

Release date : January 10, 2023

“Live Your Best Lie” by Jessie Weaver

live your best lie

Summer Cartwright is a high school student and social media influencer who chronicles her seemingly perfect life in beautifully curated posts. She’s even landed a book deal, but during her annual Halloween party, Summer is found dead — and it’s up to those closest to her to find out what happened.

Release date: January 24, 2023

“Begin Again” by Emma Lord

begin again

Andie Rose transfers to Blue Ridge State from community college, making her one step closer to her dream of becoming a self-help guru. But upon her arrival on campus, her plans fall apart when she learns that her boyfriend has transferred out of Blue Ridge, her roommate needs a major and Andie has no idea how to help, and her grumpy RA is seemingly determined to ruin her outlook on love and relationships.

“Promise Boys” by Nick Brooks

promise boys

J.B., Ramón, and Trey attend the prestigious Urban Promise Prep School, where they adhere to high expectations and strict discipline. But when their principal is murdered, the three students become the prime suspects. To prove their innocence, they must unmask the true killer.

Release date: January 31, 2023

“The Davenports” by Krystal Marquis

the davenports

This is a historical romance perfect for Bridgerton fans. Inspired by the real-life story of C.R. Patterson (the first African American automotive manufacturer) and his family, The Davenports follows four young Black women — Olivia, Helen, Amy-Rose, and Ruby — living in the United States in 1910 and learning how to forge their own path in following their dreams and finding love.

Release date : January 31, 2023

“Always the Almost” by Edward Underhill

always the almost

Miles Jacobson is 16, trans, and determined to win back his ex-boyfriend, Shane McIntyre. He’s also intent on defeating his number one opponent in the upcoming piano competition. While Miles has never felt like enough, he then meets new kid Eric Mendez, who seems to understand him better than anyone.

Release date: February 14, 2023

“Chaos Theory” by Nic Stone

chaos theory

A thoughtful, realistic take on mental health as told through the lens of two teens, Andy and Shelbi, who form a friendship and find love while navigating their own sets of challenges.

Release date: February 28,2023

“The Next New Syrian Girl” by Ream Shukairy

the next new syrian girl

This dual narrative takes the perspective of Khadija Shami, a Syrian-American high school student who cannot wait to escape her sheltered life, and Leene Tahir, a Syrian refugee who feels lost in her new suburban Detroit high school. Although their backgrounds are different, the two girls are bonded in the pressure they feel to be the perfect Syrian daughter and soon discover a life-changing truth that brings them even closer together.

Release date: March 14, 2023

“Stars and Smoke” by Marie Lu

stars and smoke

Winter Young is a pop sensation who’s been recruited by a private intelligence company, The Panacea Group, to help take down a criminal billionaire. Sydney Cossette, the organization’s youngest agent, poses as Winter’s bodyguard for the mission, and what starts out as palpable tension between the two, soon develops into something more.

Release date: March 28, 2023

“Chaos & Flame” by Justina Ireland and Tessa Gratton

This is an image

Justina Ireland and Tessa Gratton team up to deliver Chaos & Flame , book one in a fantasy duology. After Darling Seabreak’s entire family is murdered by House Dragon and her adopted father is kidnapped in battle, she becomes intent on saving him. She soon comes across Talon Goldhoard, a War Prince for House Dragon. But rather than fight, the two learn that they must band together to save their world.

“Never Vacation with Your Ex“ by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

never vacation with your ex

Lauded as a book perfect for fans of The Summer I Turned Pretty , Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka’s Never Vacation with Your Ex follows 17-year-old Kaylee Jordan and the boy she recently dumped, Dean Freeman-Yu. Kaylee can’t wait for the sanctity of summer… the only problem? She and Dean will be together all summer, as their families vacation together.

Release date: April 4, 2023

“Not Here to Stay Friends” by Kaitlyn Hill

not here to stay friends

Reality TV lovers, this one is for you. Kaitlyn Hill’s Not Here to Stay Friends follows two childhood friends, Sloane and Liam, who reunite after five years when they both end up on a Bachelor -esque teen dating show.

“Queen Bee” by Amalie Howard

queen bee

Another historical romance set in a Bridgerton -esque setting? Yes pls. After she was betrayed by her best friend and her reputation was ruined, Lady Ela Dalvi returns home under the guise of a mysterious heiress, intent on getting revenge on all who played a part in her downfall. But Ela’s reunion with her one true love, Lord Keston Osborn, makes her falter in her plans.

“Throwback” by Maurene Goo


Samantha Kang is the daughter of a first-generation Asian American immigrant. She and her mom, Priscilla, have never seen eye to eye. Then, after one particularly bad fight, Sam suddenly realizes she’s back in high school — in the ‘90s, with her 17-year-old mom.

Release date: April 11, 2023

“Viva Lola Espinoza” by Ella Cerón

viva lola espinoza

Lola Espinoza sets off to Mexico City to spend the summer with her grandmother. There, she meets and falls for charming Rio — but soon discovers that she’s been cursed, and to truly fall in love, she must break it. So she enlists the help of Javi, who promises to help rid Lola of the curse once and for all.

“Imogen, Obviously”

imogen obviously

Imogen Scott, “hopelessly heterosexual,” is a passionate queer ally to her little sister and her best friends, Gretchen and Lili. So during her spring break of senior year, she’s thrilled to visit newly-out Lili at the college she herself will be attending in the fall. There, she learns that Lili told a tiny lie: she and Imogen used to date. A ride-or-die friend, Imogen pretends to be bisexual for Lili, but the more time she spends with Lili’s new friend Tessa, the more she explores her true sexuality and identity.

Release date: May 2, 2023

“Flirting with Fate” by J.C. Cervantes

flirting with fate

After missing the chance to be by her grandmother’s bedside the night she passed away, Ava Granados is determined to reclaim the mythical blessing she left behind — even it means befriending the mysterious boy she got into a fender bender with the night her grandma died.

Headshot of Leah Campano

Leah Campano is an Associate Editor at Seventeen, where she covers pop culture, entertainment news, health, and politics. On the weekends, you can probably find her watching marathons of vintage Real Housewives episodes or searching for New York City’s best almond croissants. 

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The Perpetual Page-Turner

The Perpetual Page-Turner

Book Recommendations and Book Lists For Adults And Kids

The Most Anticipated Young Adult Books For 2023 (January – June)

February 11, 2023 - Updated January 22, 2024 // Leave a Comment

This new release list was painstakingly hard for me to narrow down because there are so many new young adult/teen books I’m excited about for 2023.

Pain aside, it’s heartening though because a few years ago it seemed I wasn’t that excited about YA new releases as I used to be and I really thought that I might be falling out of love with them. Fortunately that didn’t end up being the case and definitely not the case when I made my list of most anticipated YA books for 2023!

I’m finding that for 2023 I’m all about cozy YA fantasy books and YA romcoms — funny because, if you know me, I always had a higher number of dark/sad books on my list.

Think the last few years has made me gravitate towards all things lighter and it’s so nice to have such wonderful media to lean into (both books/tv) that I can curl up with. I hate when people act like more lighthearted things aren’t as worthy as more serious works. It’s a gift to be able to create something that is like a balm to the soul or something to wholly get lost in when everything else feels too dark.

As always, this list is MY personal most anticipated YA reads for 2023 — not what I think is going to be the hottest or the most popular. It’s tailored to my reading tastes — which are eclectic but mine nonetheless. I think that’s the beauty in perusing all these different lists from different people — different tastes and trends people are excited about.

I typically pick books to add to my must read books list for the year if 1) it’s a favorite author that I’m looking forward to reading new stuff from 2) if I read the description and think OMG I MUST HAVE THIS NOW and can’t stop thinking about it 3) if I had a publishing/librarian/reviewer friend already read it and rave about it.

My taste runs pretty wide so there’s something on this list for everyone and I’m sure you’ll find quite a few things to be excited about.

P.S. If you love adult fiction — check out my list of new book releases for adults!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and purchase something I’ve talked about or recommended, I’ll receive a very small percentage of the sale. Please see my disclosure policy for more info .

Must-Read New YA Releases For The First Half of 2023

As a reminder this list is only a list about young adult books to read in 2023 for the first half of the yea r so January through June. I will add my second half of the year posts later on in the year so bookmark my website to check back later.

I have it broken down into genres — fantasy, contemporary, mystery/thriller, historical, sci-fi and all things supernatural. You can click on the genre to take you to want you want if there are genres you don’t prefer. I also have my top 10 picks if you are looking for what is must-read for me!

Too overwhelmed by the whole list? Here’s my 16 most anticipated books off this list:

  • Nightbirds by Kate J. Armstrong
  • Flowerheart by Catherine Bakewell
  • Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi Burton
  • Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute by Talia Hibbert
  • We Are All So Good At Smiling by Amber McBride
  • Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling by Elise Bryant
  • Remind Me To Hate You Later by Lizzy Mason
  • While You Were Dreaming by Alisha Rai
  • Forget Me Not by Alyson Derrick
  • Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko
  • Going Bicoastal by Dahlia Adler
  • Delicious Monsters Liselle Sambury
  • Good As Gold by Candace Buford
  • The Davenports by Krystal Marquis
  • If I See You Again Tomorrow by Robbie Couch
  • She Is A Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran
  • The Memory Eaters by Rebecca Mahoney

2023 Most Anticipated YA Fantasy Books To Read

There is some incredible new teen books to read in the fantasy genre that it really was hard to pick which ones I was MOST excited about out of all the upcoming YA books.

Book cover for City of Nightmares

City of Nightmares by Rebecca Schaeffer Out January 10, 2023

At A Glance : monsters, morally grey characters, villainy, for fans of VE Schwab & Laini Taylor, Gotham-esque city Why It Makes The List : I heard Gotham meets Strange the Dreamer and I came running. In a world where falling asleep and dreaming will make you turn into a literal nightmare, Ness is desperate to keep herself safe after her sister turned into a man-eating spider and went on a killing spree. She’s afraid of becoming like her sister and also afraid of being murdered by Nightmares. To keep herself safe, she ends up joining a dodgy organization (that might be a cult) and, in an attempt to prove herself to them, ends up only putting herself in more danger as she ends up in the center of a criminal syndicate conspiracy and uncovering sinister truths about the corrupt city she lives in.

Book cover for Spice Road by Maiya Ibrahim

Spice Road by Maiya Ibrahim Out January 24, 2023

At A Glance : Arabian-inspired fantasy, trilogy, journey/quest, monster-slaying assassin, colonialism, family Why It Makes The List : I’m here for the desert monsters and tea magic as much as I am here for our main character who is a notorious monster slaying assassin and what looks to be a vibrant world to escape into. A notorious monster-slayer on her way to becoming one of the greatest to protect her nation from the monsters that lurk in the sand must journey to find her brother, whose betrayal is now the greatest threat to her country as well as to her reputation, and bring him back home to neutralize his threat and to pay for his betrayal .

Book cover for Nightbirds by Kate J. Armstrong

Nightbirds by Kate J. Armstrong Out February 28, 2023

At A Glance : magic sisterhood, forbidden magic, witches, Roaring Twenties inspired world, political intrigue, feminist Why It Makes The List : All the buzz about this one raves about the worldbuilding and I can say that the Roaring Twenties-esque world is what intrigued me off the bat. Also young women wielding coveted powers that men want to control? Here for it. Love a good patriarchy-smashing YA book ! In a world where magic has been outlawed, a rare group of four teen witches (Nightbirds), descended from more powerful witches, have been protected and kept secret by an elite group in exchange for their ability to temporarily gift doses of their magic to paying clients. Once their season is over they must marry one of the men from the Great Houses and continue on the line of Nightbirds in addition to only bestowing their magic to their husband. When an attack and attempt to unmask them is launched, the girls find out there are others like them and that their magic is far more than what they’ve been told.

Book cover for Flowerheart by Catherine Bakewell

Flowerheart by Catherine Bakewell Out March 14, 2023

At A Glance : cozy fantasy romance, cottagecore, standalone, mental health, witchy Why It Makes The List : While I love dark fantasy SO much I have been really drawn to more cozier fantasy lately and this looks incredible — a whole cottagecore vibe! Clara’s magic has always been a bit uncontrollable and unruly but never dangerous until she accidentally curses her father and causes poisonous flowers to bloom from his chest. To save her father, she turns to her former friend to train her to perform a complex spell called a blessing who agrees to help her but for a price. As the pair works together, Clara tries to reconcile the boy who used to be her friend to the secretive and distant person he is today and realizes that his reason for becoming distant is not the only mystery to unravel.

Book cover for A Door in the Dark by Scott Reintgen

A Door in the Dark by Scott Reintgen Out March 28, 2023

At A Glance : fantasy thriller, teen wizards, locked room mystery Why It Makes The List : Wizard-filled fantasy book with a locked room mystery element (but on an island) — that seems fun!! A group of teenage wizards must find their way home after a spell goes wrong leaving them stranded, and one dead, in the wilderness where dragons and monsters once roamed.

Book cover for Spin by Rebecca Caprara

Spin by Rebecca Caprara Out March 28, 2023

At A Glance : greek mythology, retelling, novel in verse , sapphic, feminist Why It Makes The List : Like everyone else, I have been head-over-heels for all the Greek mythology in fiction recently — especially as evidenced by my must read adult fiction books for 2023 . But this one is written in verse? I love a good novel in verse and it’s so rare to find something that isn’t a realistic fiction story in that realm. A young weaver, a skill and way to use her voice born out of being ostracized in her village, flees to a new city with her best friend when tragedy strikes. Her talent for weaving becomes well known and draws the ire of Athena who wants her to repent. Instead, refusing to be silenced, Arachne challenges Athena and an ill-fated weaving contest ensues.

Book cover for Divine Royals

Divine Royals by Rebecca Ross Out April 4, 2023

At A Glance : historical fantasy romance (alternate WW2-esque setting), warring gods, magic, rivals to lovers, epistolary elements Why It Makes The List : I’m intrigued by this — warring gods during a WW2 type setting and magical letter writing that brings two rivals closer together? It feels a bit reminiscent of Lovely War and I’m excited! Of note — I saw the author call this a romantasy so definitely expect the focus to be on the romance instead of a fully built out world. The gods are warring again and Iris is just trying to, in the midst of war, keep it together with her brother missing on the front lines and her mother’s drug addiction while also vying for a promotion at the newspaper she works at. Worrying for her brother, she attempts to send him letters through her magical wardrobe but they instead get rerouted to her rival co-worker and one day he decides to write back anonymously forging a connection that will lead them through the war.

Book cover for Something Close To Magic by Emma mills

Something Close To Magic by Emma Mills Out June 13, 2023

At A Glance : light-hearted fantasy, adventure, missing prince, royalty, enchanted woods, for fans of Gail Carson Levine Why It Makes The List : Emma Mills is a wonderful writer of contemporary YA and I can’t wait to see what she does in the fantasy space — especially a more cozy, light-hearted YA fantasy! A baker’s apprentice, with an old-fashioned and rare magic skill, is reluctantly roped into using her skill to find a hapless prince from the dangerous Underwood in what turns out to be the adventure and quest of a lifetime.

Book cover for Threads That Bind by Kika Hatzopoulou

Threads That Bind by Kika Hatzopoulou Out June 13, 2023

At A Glance : modern Greek mythology (descendants of Greek gods), mystery/thriller vibes, sisters, fated romance with a twist Why It Makes The List : Magic, Greek mythology vibes and mystery? This just sounds original and unputdownable! In a world where the children of the gods inherit their powers, a descendant of the Greek Fates must solve a series of impossible murders targeting women to save her sisters, her soulmate, and her city.

Book cover for Starlings by Amanda Linsmeirer

Starlings by Amanda Linsmeier Out June 27, 2023

At A Glance : dark YA fantasy, folk horror, Stars Hollow-esque setting, fans of Midsommar and House of Hollows, family, generational trauma Why It Makes The List : I love dark & atmospheric fantasy, folk horror and creepy small towns. In a world where the children of the gods inherit their powers, a descendant of the Greek Fates must solve a series of impossible murders to save her sisters, her soulmate, and her city.

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Book cover for Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi Burton

Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi Burton Out June 27, 2023

At A Glance : mythology, mermaids/sirens, forbidden romance, political intrigue, morally grey goodness Why It Makes The List : I have been looking for another good YA mermaid book after loving To Kill A Kingdom. Saorise, a siren who is a soldier by day and an assassin by night, has a lot of lies to keep her identity safe — including lying to her family about the true nature of her powers. When she’s forced to guard the crown prince (son of a prejudiced ruler) in order to investigate a threat to her sister, she finds him to be different than she thought and the two end up working together to stop a deadly killer — an investigation that is a little too close to home for Saorise.

New Young Adult Realistic Teen Fiction Books For 2023

Book cover for The Love Match by Priyanka Taslim

The Love Match by Priyanka Taslim Out January 3, 2023

At A Glance : rom-com, match-making/meddling mom, Bangladeshi, love triangle, debut novel, coming of age Why It Makes The List : I love a good rom-com with a meddling mother and a dash of fake dating to appease the parents — a bit To All The Boys meets Jane Austen. A Bangladeshi American teen is starting to have a connection with a boy unlike any other she’s had before at the same time her meddling mother is arranging a match to secure their family’s financial security. When she finds out the boy is just as disinterested in the match, they devise a plan to sabotage the match while they fake date to keep their parents happy.

Book cover for Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute by Talia Hibbert

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute by Talia Hibbert Out January 3, 2023

At A Glance : romcom, friends to enemies to lovers trope , wilderness program setting, mental health Why It Makes The List : I LOVE Talia Hibbert’s adult rom-coms/romances and I love a good childhood friends to enemies to lovers story! Ex-childhood friends and opposites, Celine and Bradley, are forced to work together during a wilderness survival program where the stakes are high for them both of them in the form of a university scholarship. As they work on their relationship to survive their adventure, their long-standing history reminds them of the good times they shared and just might provide a spark for something more romantic.

Book cover for We Are All So Good At Smiling by Amber McBride

We Are All So Good At Smiling by Amber McBride Out January 10, 2023

At A Glance : novel in verse, contemporary fairytale/magical realism, mental illness, trauma, heavy yet whimsical, friendship Why It Makes The List : It looks so unique — a story about clinical depression and trauma told in verse while also weaving in a fairytale-esque world that comes into play? YES. I honestly didn’t know where to place this book within the sectioning I have in this post — it’s not quite realistic fiction and the fantastical/magic elements seem more, to me not having read it yet, like it serves more as an allegory to explore clinical depression and trauma and I think readers of typical contemporary/realistic fiction dealing heavily with these subjects may gravitate towards it more Whimsy, back in the hospital for clinical depression, meets a boy named Faerry who is magical and who has moved to her same street. At the end of their street, is a forest that terrifies them both and yet beckons them at the same time. The Forest holds many monsters and folklore entities, when Faerry gets lost within it, Whimsy takes the journey to go through the forest to save him and bring them both out of the Forest safely — a huge feat thwarted by the evil entity Sorrow that tries to keep them from finding their way out among other challenges they face within the Forest.

Book cover for As You Walk On By by Julian Winters

As You Walk On By by Julian Winters Out January 17, 2023

At A Glance : contemporary, queer romance, coming of age, The Breakfast Club-esque plot, Black Boy Joy, high school party setting Why It Makes The List : Julian Winters is an incredible YA author but anything remotely resembling A Breakfast Club-esque vibe is a must for me (John Hughes movies live rent free in my mind) and then they had to also go comp it to one of my favorite 90’s teen movies (Can’t Hardly Wait)! On a dare from his best friend, Theo throws caution to the win and asks his long-time crush to prom at a party. When the promposal is an epic fail, Theo retreats to an empty bedroom upstairs to get away from the party and the fight he just had with his best friend. As he seeks refuge, an ensemble of fellow party-goers (both familiar and unfamiliar to him) join him to seek refuge from the things they are avoiding or hiding from in the midst of the party — a night that has Theo reconsidering the current and future status of his life and relationships.

Book cover for 6 Times We Almost Kissed (And One Time We Did) by Tess Sharpe

6 Times We Almost Kissed (And One Time We Did) by Tess Sharpe Out January 24, 2023

At A Glance : sapphic romance, more angsty/emotional romance than lighthearted romcom, enemies to lovers-esque, slow burn, mother/daughter relationships Why It Makes The List : I love Tess Sharpe’s writing and Far From You is still one of my favorite YA contemporary books. Penny and Tate’s moms have been lifelong friends but the girls’ friendship just has never quite panned out despite growing up together. A truce is formed between the girls when Penny’s mom donates part of her liver to Tate’s mom and they have to co-exist when the moms decide to combine households to help support the recovery that is physical, financial and emotional. As they learn to live together drama-free for their moms’ sake, they will also need to figure out a way to ignore the fact that over the years they’ve almost kissed several times and prevent it from happening now that they are in close quarters.

Book cover for Begin Again by Emma Lord

Begin Again by Emma Lord Out January 24, 2023

At A Glance : contemporary YA/romcom, coming of age, sunshine/grump pairing, college-setting, for fans of Sarah Dessen & Morgan Matson Why It Makes The List : I have really enjoyed all of Emma Lord’s contemporary YA — definitely my new go-to in the space– as the way she gives equal attention to the romance plot and the family/friendship/finding yourself aspects is really what I look for in contemporary YA. I also really love books set during college (especially freshman year a la Fresh by Margot Wood). The carefully laid plans college student Andie Rose has crafted for her life are all coming together now that she is transferring to her dream college from community college. Until quickly things go off the rails when she realizes that her boyfriend, who she was trying to surprise, has just transferred OUT of the college and to the community college to be near her. Determined to make the best of the situation, she dives right in to her new life with a new roommate, plenty of mishaps & challenges and a grumpy RA only to find herself in ways that weren’t part of her plan.

Book cover for Reggie and Delilah's Year of Falling by Elise Bryant

Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling by Elise Bryant Out January 31, 2023

At A Glance : heartwarming romance, Black romance, meet cutes, dual POVs, music & nerd culture, invisible illness/disability Why It Makes The List : Elise Bryant’s books are seriously just heartwarming and wonderful! Swoon-worthy romances and tackles real issues — can’t wait for this book that chronicles the year in the life of two teens as they fall in love with each other (and themselves). Over the course of a year, two teens — both trying to find themselves but feeling most themselves while engaged in their respective hobbies in music and gaming — keeping accidentally bumping into each other and slowly start to fall for one another one random interaction at a time .

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Book cover for This Time It's Real by Ann Liang

This Time It’s Real by Ann Liang Out February 7, 2023

At A Glance : romcom, fake dating, celebrity love interest, Beijing setting, elite international school setting, for Cdrama fans Why It Makes The List : I love a cute fake dating rom-com and it’s so rare to find them with international settings. Plus, always something about that “normal girl dating a famous person” trope that gets me — maybe because I spent a ton of times daydreaming about scenarios involving my celeb crushes as a teen. When a teen girl writes an essay for school based on a lie (all about love and her boyfriend that she doesn’t have) that goes viral, her social standing at her new international school skyrockets and she’s offered an amazing internship giving romantic advice. Desperate to not be exposed as a liar, she proposes a mutually beneficial and advantageous fake dating situation to her fellow classmate and famous actor.

Book cover for Remind Me To Hate You Later by Lizzy Mason

Remind Me To Hate You Later by Lizzy Mason Out February 28, 2023

At A Glance : realistic fiction, social media, mental health, grief, tearjerker, for fans of Jandy Nelson and Gayle Forman Why It Makes The List : I love a beautiful story about grief (in the vein of Jandy Nelson and Gayle Forman who are two of my favorites) and I’ve known Lizzy Mason for nearly a decade through the book world so this is definitely one of my absolute most anticipated new YA books coming out in 2023. A teen girl mourns the loss of her best friend — a teen girl who is the daughter of a popular mommy influencer whose life has been exploited for content and greatly affected her life. In the midst of her grief she finds out that the mother plans to release a tell-all memoir about her friend’s life and death and, in her anger at knowing the truth about her life and her death, decides to expose her mother and share the truth behind the Instagram feed along with the help of Jules’ boyfriend who shares in her grief .

book cover for Last Chance Dance by Lakita Wilson

Last Chance Dance by Lakita Wilson Out February 21, 2023

At A Glance : romcom, breakup, high school dance, Black main characters, perfect for fans of Elise Bryant and Leah Johnson’s You Should See Me In A Crown Why It Makes The List : It’s such a fun premise for a romcom that I can’t resist — a high school tradition (Last Chance Dance) that matches you with potential dates to the last dance of high school by students submitting the names of other students that they have past or current crushes on. Leila is blindsided when her long-term boyfriend, through all 4 years of high school, dumps her three weeks before they graduate — just in time for the last dance of her high school career. With the urging of her friend, she decides to distract herself by signing up to take part in the Last Chance Dance — a dance where students are, in the weeks leading up to the dance, matched based on who they’ve listed as an unrequited crush. When Leila’s first three matches don’t pan out during the trial period, she is left with the unlikely wild-card match who happens to be her nemesis ever since an incident sophomore year.

Book cover for There Goes The Neighborhood by Jade Adia

There Goes The Neighborhood by Jade Adia Out March 7, 2023

At A Glance : contemporary YA with a dash of murder mystery, the power of community, gentrification, South LA setting, found family, humor Why It Makes The List : This sounds so good with darkly funny hi-jinx vibe while also shedding light an important light on and examining what gentrification does to communities of color A group of teens invent a wave of faux gang violence using social media in the hopes of protecting their little slice of South L.A. and pushing back against the gentrification of their neighborhood that keeps pushing out shops and threatens to tear them apart. The illusion of gang violence seems to work at first in scaring the developers until a murder is pegged on this fake gang.

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Book cover for While You Were Dreaming by Alisha Rai

While You Were Dreaming by Alisha Rai Out March 21, 2023

At A Glance : rom-com, South Asian MC, immigration, love triangle, fake dating, viral moment Why It Makes The List : I am such a fan of Alisha Rai in the adult romance space and I’m excited to see what she brings to YA books — plus it’s inspired by one of my favorite 90’s movies While You Were Sleeping. When Sonia goes viral, while dressed in cosplay, for saving her crush’s life she is desperate to stay out of the spotlight and anonymous to not bring any attention to her family situation. Trying to juggle her family life and the threat of her identity being exposed was stressful enough but soon, while trying to connect with her crush, she finds herself unable to ignore the chemistry growing with someone else.

Book cover for Forget Me Not by Alyson Derrick

Forget Me Not by Alyson Derrick Out April 4, 2023

At A Glance : romance, sapphic, amnesia via an accident, small town setting, found family, for fans of Nina LaCour Why It Makes The List : The amnesia trope can be hit or miss for me but all the early buzz I’ve read about this one has me thinking it’s going to REALLY work. Stevie and Nora are in love and have plans to leave their small, close-minded town (and families) for California and finally not have to keep their relationship a secret anymore. Right before they are set to leave there is an accident that leaves Stevie without the last 2 years of her life — completely erasing all traces of Nora and the future they planned and leaving Stevie to have to rediscover a life she doesn’t remember.

Book cover for Her Good Side

Her Good Side by Rebekah Weatherspoon Out May 30, 2023

At A Glance : Romcom, fake dating scheme, late bloomer, Black female lead, high school Why It Makes The List : This author’s adult romance is not to be missed so I’m so excited for her YA romcom debut which sounds like so much fun! A late bloomer is all out of ideas for dates when Homecoming comes around and reluctantly agrees to go with a platonic date in her best friend’s boyfriend, which is a little awkward, but becomes much more awkward when her friend breaks up with him before the dance. The two, feeling like they are bad at dating and relationships, agree to make the best of it and use it as a chance to practice dating and get more experience for future prospects — a great plan until their dating research and practice starts to feel more like something real.

Book cover for Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko Out May 30, 2023

At A Glance : sapphic romance, coming of age, based on a hit song/video Why It Makes The List : I’m honestly intrigued. I’ve heard the song and watched the video and I think it’s really cool to flesh out the story from the video. I normally avoid celeb-written fiction but, in this case, in Hayley I trust. The summary is vague but just watch the video to get the drift of what it’s based on .

Book cover for When The Vibe is Right by Sarah Dass

When The Vibe Is Right by Sarah Dass Out May 30, 2023

At A Glance : romance, Trinidad-set, Carnival, enemies to lovers, family Why It Makes The List : I LOVED Sarah Dass’s Where The Rhythm Takes you and I am excited for another Caribbean-set realistic fiction book from her. A young Trinidadian teen, an aspiring Carnival costume designer, must work together with her enemy, a boy who is a social media influencer and friends with her horrible ex, to save her family’s business — the masquerade band she one day will take over leadership up if it’s not torn apart by family rivalry.

Book cover for Actually Super by Adi Alsaid

Actually Super by Adi Alsaid Out May 30, 2023

At A Glance : high concept contemporary, gap year, travel, set throughout East and Southeast Asia as well as South and Central America Why It Makes The List : I fell in love with Adi’s books when he debuted the book Let’s Get Lost and I have continued to appreciate his wholly unique and high concept premises that always surprise me. This one especially appeals to me with the travel element especially if you follow Adi and know what a world traveler he is. A teen girl, feeling a loss of faith in humanity at large, decides to embark on a global quest to restore her faith in humanity when she stumbles upon a corner of the internet that talks about people. who might have a power or two, engaging in impossible acts of heroism.

Book cover for Rhythm & Muse

Rhythm & Muse by India Hill Brown Out May 30, 2023

At A Glance : romcom, music, pining, high school, light read , Black MCs Why It Makes The List : I saw this pitched as Cinderella meets Cyrano and I pray to the book gods that it delivers. A Black teen boy has resigned himself to pining for the new girl, his dream girl as far as he is concerned, from afar. But when his friends anonymously submit the song he wrote about her, it becomes the front-runner in a theme song contest for her popular podcast and she begins the search for whoever wrote the song.

Book cover for Going Bicoastal by Dahlia Adler

Going Bicoastal by Dahlia Adler Out June 13, 2023

At A Glance : queer romcom (MC is bi), sliding doors plot, summertime in LA & NYC, divorced parents, YA summer romance Why It Makes The List : Dahlia Adler is one of my favorite people in the book community and she also happens to write books that I just ADORE. Also, y’all know that Sliding Doors-esque plots are my jam and I can’t wait to see how each decision will play out for our main character over the course of the summer. A teen girl must make an impossible decision between summer in NYC with her dad (and the girl she’s always wanted) or in LA with her estranged mom (and a guy she never saw coming out) — both of which plays out for readers in alternating timelines.

Book cover for What She Missed

What She Missed by Liara Tamani Out June 13, 2023

At A Glance : literary coming of age story, summertime, lake setting, family (huge part of this book), friendship, change, summer romance (childhood friends to lovers), self-discovery, belonging Why It Makes The List : It feels very Dessen-esque and I’ve been looking for more books to read like Sarah Dessen — family, romance, great setting and friendship! After both of her parents lose their jobs, a teen girl is forced to move to her late grandmother’s house in a small lakeside town — the same place her grandmother drowned in the lake. The only upside is reconnecting to her childhood best friend, Jalen, but soon after settling in she finds her and Jalen drifting and a friendship with his older (rebellious) sister becoming a more prominent friendship in her life as she tries to fit into this new life and find reprieve from the anger she feels from all this change. Over the course of the summer, she’ll find a rocky path to acceptance and working through her feelings of loss.

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New YA Mystery/Thriller Releases For 2023

Book cover for Live Your Best Lie by Jessie weaver

Live your Best Lie by Jessie Weaver Out January 24, 2023

At A Glance : thriller/murder mystery, influencer/social media culture, for fans of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and Karen McManus thrillers, mixed media format (social media posts/texts/police interviews), discussion-worthy ( great for teen book clubs ) Why It Makes The List : I love a good soapy-feeling thriller that examines a social issue on a deeper level. A bit One of Us Is Lying/A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder with a dash of Gossip Girl vibes so this one is definitely high on my must-read new YA books list. Mega popular social media influencer, Summer Cartwright, has it all and is living her best life ever — according to the carefully curated feed she maintains. Until one night Summer disappears at a Halloween party and is found dead after a scary post is published on her feed claiming she will be dead in 5 minutes leaving those closest to her believing she was murdered.

Book cover for Promise Boys by Nick Brooks

Promise Boys by Nick Brooks Out January 31, 2023

At A Glance : YA murder mystery/thriller , systemic racism/inequality Why It Makes The List : I love a good mystery/thriller that also explores social issues deeply (a la Ace of Spades) as well as just being ridiculously addictive and thrilling. Three students — all boys of color — become prime suspects when the founder and principal of their all-boys charter school is mysteriously found shot dead and they decide to work together to clear their names and their futures by finding out who murdered the principal.

book cover for Delicious Monsters by Liselle Sambury

Delicious Monsters Liselle Sambury Out February 28, 2023

At A Glance : psychological thriller, haunted mansion, ghosts, revenge, creepy Why It Makes The List : I loved this author’s debut, Blood Like Magic, and this book sounds deliciously creepy and atmospheric as well as thrilling. The comps have been The Haunting of Hill House meets Sadie which definitely piques my interest. Looks like a perfect Halloween read ! Two teen girls with difficult mothers and their own trauma — a decade apart — become connected by a mysterious mansion that has a treacherous past. Daisy can see the dead and escapes an abusive relationship by moving in with her controlling mother to this inherited mansion. 10 years later Brittany, a film student with an abusive mother with her own connection to the house, investigates the house and the case of a missing Black girl (Daisy) who used to live there as the next subject of her haunted house web series . When she gets further into the investigation she realizes the story she intended to expose might not be the one that comes to light.

Book cover for My Flawless Life by Yvonne Woon

My Flawless Life by Yvonne Woon Out February 14, 2023

At A Glance : slow-burn mystery/thriller, scandal, Washington DC high society setting, a teenage fixer a la Olivia Pope (or in the vein of The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes ), high school drama Why It Makes The List : A teenage Olivia Pope-esque character? I loved that in The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes so I can’t wait for all the D.C. scandal and secrets to be uncovered in this one! While she hasn’t been able to escape her own problems after a scandal hit her family and plummeted her social standing, everyone at her prestigious school knows that if they have a problem that Hana is the one to hire to clean up the mess and keep secrets buried. When she gets hired by an anonymous person for a case involving her former best friend she takes it and unearths some dark secrets about the people who were once part of her life which forces her to face a secret of her own.

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book cover for I Will Find You Again by Sarah Lyu

I Will Find You Again by Sarah Lyu Out March 14, 2023

At A Glance : mystery, grief, f/f love, first love, mental illness, substance abuse, emotional, dark, Asian American MCs, Long Island setting Why It Makes The List : I love a good emotional read with an unraveling mystery with a (seemingly) purposeful vague summary. I’ve heard this one is gut-wrenching — my favorite kind of read! When Chase’s best friend turned first love disappears and is later found dead, the pressure to keep up with life and sort through her grief becomes too much and she spirals out of control especially when she begins to investigate what really happened to Lia.

Book cover for Into The Light by Mark Oshiro

Into the Light by Mark Oshiro Out March 28, 2023

At A Glance : mystery/thriller, coming of age, LGBTQ, Latinx, non-linear, religious trauma, adoption/foster care, family, White Saviorism, homelessness Why It Makes The List : This looks like such a compelling and important coming of age story with a mystery/thriller bend. Seventeen year old Manny is currently homeless and searching for his missing sister. The pair had were adopted a year ago by a super religious family and Manny, a month later, got cast away to (and kicked out of) a religious wilderness camp. When he hears about a body being found outside of the Reconciliation, he worries it could be his sister and sets off to the camp with a family (and their teen son) who have recently taken him and give him hope for a different future — one he hopes includes his sister alive and back with him.

Book cover for Lying in the Deep by Diana Urban

Lying in the Deep by Diana Urban Out May 2, 2023

At A Glance : murder mystery thriller, Semester At Sea-esque ship, locked room vibes, Death on the Nile retelling, betrayal Why It Makes The List : Diana Urban has been one of the best newer authors of YA thrillers so I’m definitely looking forward to this one plus the Semester At Sea setting sounds perfect for locked room vibes! If you’ve been loving Karen McManus, definitely add this to your list of new YA books to read in 2023! Jade is ready to put an entire ocean between her and the ex-boyfriend and best friend who betrayed her with a 4 month semester abroad cruise only to show up on the ship and see both of them also there. Things get even worse when a murder happens on board that leaves Jade having to clear her name and figure out which of fellow cruisemates could be the murderer.

Book cover for We'll Never Tell by Wendy Heard

We’ll Never Tell by Wendy Heard Out May 16, 2023

At A Glance : thriller, murder mystery, Hollywood, notorious murder house, great for fans of Pretty Little Liars Why It Makes The List : Wendy Heard is definitely an underrated mystery/thriller in the YA space and this one sounds like it could be one of her best yet! A group of teens, part of an anonymous Youtube channel that trespasses famous LA locales, decide to make a notorious Hollywood murder house their final episode. As they head into the house, the scene of a bloody homicide from the 1970’s that’s been left untouched, it’s everything they hope the footage will be — until an alarm is tripped and they have to flee. When one of them doesn’t make it out and is found slain in the house, the group is left to to figure out what happened to their friend and try not to get murdered themselves.

Book cover for Good As Gold by Candace buford

Good As Gold by Candace Buford Out June 6, 2023

At A Glance : Soapy drama with a dash of mystery/suspense, Outer Banks meets Gossip Girl, haves versus have-nots, lakeside setting Why It Makes The List : I have been CRAVING something with vibes of Outer Banks ever since watching and this looks perfect. After a fall from grace that puts her future in jeopardy, a teen girl and her new group of friends set out in search of their town’s legendary sunken treasure in order to clear her family’s name and save her future – a summer adventure that will unearth a lot more than a rumored treasure.

New YA Historical Fiction Releases In 2023

If you love historical fiction and young adult books, check out my list of the best YA historical fiction I’ve read!

Book cover for The Davenports by Krystal Marquis

The Davenports by Krystal Marquis Out January 31, 2023

At A Glance : historical fiction, romance, Chicago in 1910, Black high society, classism Why It Makes The List : I love historical fiction (and historical romance) and I often feel that’s an area lacking in YA (while I do have some incredible favorites) so I am beyond excited for this historical romance that explores a wealthy Black family following the Reconstruction but mostly importantly on that of the young women of the family and the expectations/constraints saddled on them. The story of 4 young women, amidst the backdrop of Chicago high society in 1910, trying to find their own way in the world amidst societal/family expectations, romance, racism and class lines.

Book cover for Stateless by Elizabeth Wein

Stateless by Elizabeth Wein Out March 14, 2023

At A Glance : historical thriller, pre-WWII Europe (1937), murder mystery, female pilot/aviation Why It Makes The List : Elizabeth Wein is one of my favorite YA writers of historical fiction (and honestly just in general) and I’m delighted to see this one is a historical thriller/murder mystery! The pressure is on for Stella North as the only female pilot, picked to represent Britain, in Europe’s first air race for young people to promote peace in a Europe where civil wars are raging and Nazis are gaining power. When Stella witnesses a cutthroat sabotage right off the bat, she realizes the stakes are life or death.

New YA Science Fiction/Speculative Books In 2023

Book cover for Made of Stars by Jenna Voris

Made of Stars by Jenna Voris Out March 28, 2023

At A Glance : space, Bonnie & Clyde retelling, adventure, romance (a queer hate-to-love and a friends-to-lovers) Why It Makes The List : Bonnie & Clyde but in space! I have been eager for some YA books set in space and a chaotic duo of outlaws in space is certainly high on my list of must-read new YA books! Two space bandits, notorious for their daring heists, discover a plot that would threaten their home planet and set out to thwart it with the help of an unlikely ally who is a pilot for the enemy.

Book cover for The Half Life of Love by Breanna Bourne

The Half Life of Love by Brianna Bourne Out March 7, 2023

At A Glance : love story with a speculative bend, doomed love, death, introspective, emotional Why It Makes The List : I love this concept in books (knowing when you are going to die a la They Both Die At The End) and I know it’s going to make me bawl like a baby. I just really like very introspective books like this that explore death and what it means to live. 16 year old Flint knows he’s about to die soon — he’s known when ever since he was 8 and experienced the half-life that lets him know that he’s reached the halfway point of his life. He’s prepared for the last little bit of his life but one thing he didn’t count on was his world colliding with a girl named September — a girl so vibrantly alive and dedicated to finding a curing the half-life through her internship. The more they spend time together, the harder it becomes for Flint to tell her about his impending death and September is hiding her own secrets with a past she refuses to deal with all the while the clock keeps ticking threatening the end of their time together..

Book cover for "If I See You Again Tomorrow"

If I See You Again Tomorrow by Robbie Couch Out April 18, 2023

At A Glance : speculative love story, time loop, m/m romance, mental health, set in one day (for the most part) Why It Makes The List : I am a sucker for a time loop book! Definitely one of those key phrases that will get me adding a book immediately! For the past 309 days Clark has woken up and lived the same monotonous Monday over and over again. But on Day 310 a boy walks into his math class, whom he’s never seen before on any of the other Mondays, and he throws caution to the wind in a full-filled day across the city with him even though he knows this day won’t exist for Beau once the day resets.

Book cover for Star Splitter by Matthew J. Kirby

Star Splitter by Matthew J. Kirby Out April 25, 2023

At A Glance : space exploration, abandoned planet, 2198 setting, romance-free story, sci-fi meets a dash of horror & mystery Why It Makes The List : When it comes to science fiction, I tend to gravitate more towards more commercial/accessible sci-f books or books with speculative elements. This one seems like a perfectly accessible, space-set book in the genre for me. Plus the science of the world is super intriguing — space travel teleportation via a 3D printer. Sixteen year old Jess has been beckoned to join her parents on a research mission in outer space after many years of being apart. When she climbs out of the printer, light years away from earth, she expects to be greeted by her parents but instead finds an empty lander that is destroyed on the desolate planet her parents were supposed to be orbiting to research. Her clue that something really bad happens is further solidified when she finds bloody hand prints and unmarked graves of strangers leaving her to unravel the mystery of what happened.

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Book cover for She Is A Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran

She Is A Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran Out February 28, 2023

At A Glance : gothic, horror, haunted house, ghost story, Vietnam setting, family history, colonialism, house restoration Why It Makes The List : It sounds so creepy and I am interested in YA horror that is as multi-layered as this one sounds as, in addition to being creepy, also being a story about family & generational trauma (among other things). Looks like a great Halloween read for teens and YA readers. Two sisters head to Vietnam to spend the summer with their estranged dad who is restoring an old French Colonial house with ties to their family. As she tries to survive the summer playing happy family — in order to get college money — she realizes something is VERY wrong with the house when strange and terrifying things begin happening to her and begins to learn more about the house’s history and protect her family.

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Book cover for The Memory Eater by Rebecca Mahoney

The Memory Eaters by Rebecca Mahoney Out March 14, 2023

At A Glance : monsters, grief, trauma, sapphic romance, eerie & atmospheric, coastal Maine-setting Why It Makes The List : A monster who devours memories! That is all. An orphaned teen is trying to keep her family’s business afloat — a business being caretakers to an imprisoned, memory-devouring monster who needs to stay locked up and be fed. Part of her job is feeding the monster by taking people, with unhappy memories they wish to be rid of, to the cave for them to offer up to the monster. After an incident in the cave, she starts having strange gaps in her memory — gaps that include her knowledge of how to keep the monster contained leading to its escape. She sets out to figure out how to save her town (and her memories) but stumbles on to shocking secrets related to her family business showing her the price of memory tampering.

Book cover for I'm Not Supposed To Be in the Dark

I’m Not Supposed To Be In The Dark by Riss M. Neilson Out May 9, 2023

At A Glance : paranormal, ghosts, romance (friends to enemies to lovers ), family secrets, mystery Why It Makes The List : I loved Liss’s debut, Deep In Providence , and this looks like another amazing paranormal YA from her! A teen, who keeps her connection to the spirit world severed by an elixir, decides to (at potential great cost to her family) reconnects to the afterlife after she suspects her best friend-turned-enemy is possessed by a ghost when he starts acting extremely out of character. While trying to sort out the ghost to his after life, she always must face her feelings for him and the reason that drove them apart.

What new teen books are you excited for in 2023? This is only a small sample of all the young adult new releases on my radar — stay tuned via my newsletter or my social media for what I’m reading!

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ya biographies 2023

The 10 most anticipated YA books of 2023

Article   •  21 March 2023

The 10 most anticipated ya books of 2023, check out 10 of the most-anticipated ya books to read in 2023. trust us, add them to your tbr now.

Must-read books of 2023 from Rick Riordan, Karen M. McManus, Jennifer Lynn Barnes and more.

'It's Not Summer Without You' book cover.

It’s Not Summer Without You (The Summer I Turned Pretty 2)   by Jenny Han

The second book in  The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy ,  It’s Not Summer Without You , has received a new TV tie-in cover to match up with the second season of the Amazon Prime adaptation of the novel. Revisiting Cousin’s Beach, the book once again joins Belly on her journey to figure out exactly what – and who – she wants. Full of summer vibes, grade-A friendships and dramatic love triangles, fans of the series will adore this book. Coming 4 April 2023.


'Chaos and Flame' book cover.

Chaos & Flame   by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland

An assassin, a soldier, a prince . . . and a deadly game of power where no one knows the rules. Darling Seabreak is a deadly assassin who has sworn to avenge her family. Her target? Talon Goldhoard. But when the two finally come face-to-face, he recognises her as the subject of her brother’s obsessive paintings. He knows he must keep her alive, but he is unprepared for the thrilling havoc she’s about to wreck on his life. Coming 4 April 2023.


ya biographies 2023

The Shattered Lands by Brenna Nation

From TikTok author, Brenna Nation, comes this brilliant Sapphic Fantasy full of magic and secrets. After an eighteen-year disappearance, Sapphire returns to Eriobios where she is the heir to the throne. But despite being the princess, she doesn’t understand the magic and secrets that rule the country. A dark witch, Ashes, has the power to bring down Sapphire and her kingdom – but she’s also the only person that can help uncover the truth.


'The Sun and the Star' book cover.

The Sun and the Star   by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro

From the Percy Jackson universe comes  The Sun and the Star,  a tale about demigods Nico di Angelo and Will Solace. In an attempt to rescue an old friend, these sons of gods must face the terrors of Tartarus. Co-written by best-selling author Rick Riordan and award-winning Mark Oshiro, it’s sure to be a wild ride – and readers can’t wait. As soon as the book was announced, Mark’s Instagram post was flooded with comments of support, excitement and fear for Nico and the adventure he’s about to face. Coming 2 May 2023.


'Liar's Beach' book cover.

Liar’s Beach   by Katie Cotugno

Knives Out  meets  We Were Liars  meets  Gossip Girl  in this unputdownable YA Thriller. Linden has always felt like an outsider, spending the summer at his best friend’s vacation house surrounded by extravagance. But when a body is found in the pool, his concerns become far greater than just fitting in. With privileged teens, beach parties, and a splash of dark academia,  Liar’s Beach  is a book you won’t soon forget. Coming 9 May 2023. 


'Girl, Goddess, Queen' book cover.

Girl, Goddess, Queen  by Bea Fitzgerald

To hell with love, this goddess has other plans. Thousands of years ago the gods told a lie about Persephone being kidnapped, but the real story is much more interesting. She wasn’t taken to hell. She jumped. And now, she’ll have to face the consequences. Convincing Hades to agree to her plan won’t be easy, but Persephone is determined to shake Mount Olympus to its core. Even if the consequences are deadly. Coming 18 July 2023.


'One of Us is Back' book cover.

One of Us is Back   by Karen M. McManus

The thrilling close to the One of Us . . . series is back. And it’s just as explosive as you’re hoping. Almost two years after Simon’s death, the after-effects are still rippling through Bayview. When a mysterious billboard pops up, reading ‘Time for a new game, Bayview’ and a member of the Bayview Crew disappears, it’s clear this ‘game’ is serious. Everyone is a target, and Simon was right. Secrets all come out – and Bayview has a lot it’s still hiding. Out 1 August 2023.


'The Spider and Her Demons' book cover.

The Spider and Her Demons  by sydney khoo

Between surviving high school and working at her aunt’s dumpling restaurant, all Zhi wants to do is find time for her friends . . . and to make sure no one finds out she’s half spider-demon. But it all goes wrong one day when she accidentally kills and eats a man in front of the most popular girl in school. The book is a sprawling urban fantasy that explores what it means to be yourself and the struggle for belonging. Coming 15 August 2023.


'Eleanor Jones is Not a Murderer' book cover.

Eleanor Jones is Not a Murderer   by Amy Doak

Eleanor has just started her ninth high school in less than five years. So maybe it’s just bad luck that the very first person she talks to at Cooinda Secondary college is stabbed and left for dead the same day. When the police investigate her, Eleanor realises that they don’t have all the facts, so she bands together with a group of eclectic students, all with their own reasons to solve the mystery. Coming 4 September 2023.


'The Brothers Hawthorne' book cover.

The Brothers Hawthorne  by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Four brothers. Two mysteries. One explosive read. Return to the world of the #1 bestselling Inheritance Games series. With his billionaire grandfather dead, Grayson Hawthorne (heir apparent) knows it’s up to him to look after his family. While he tries to save his half-sisters from trouble, his brother Jameson is on the other side of the globe, attempting to infiltrate an underground gambling club. With the help of their brothers and the girl who inherited her grandfather’s fortune, the two must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to win. 


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ya biographies 2023

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ya biographies 2023

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ya biographies 2023

Find out what you can expect from the Percy Jackson and Olympians: The Chalice of the Gods, coming in September 2023.

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Best Sellers in Teen & Young Adult Biographies

Unbroken (The Young Adult Adaptation): An Olympian's Journey from Airman to Castaway to Captive

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ya biographies 2023

Five of the best young adult books of 2023

ya biographies 2023

The best memoirs and biographies of 2023

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Penguin Random House

Biographies and Memoirs To Read in 2023

Pick up new nonfiction about famous figures and inspiring memoirs about ordinary people who have triumphed in the face of obstacles..

I Can't Save You Book Cover Picture

I Can’t Save You

By anthony chin-quee, hardcover $28.00, buy from other retailers:.

Spare Book Cover Picture

by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Hardcover $36.00.

Life on Delay Book Cover Picture

Life on Delay

By john hendrickson, paperback $17.00.

Empress of the Nile Book Cover Picture

Empress of the Nile

By lynne olson, paperback $23.00.

Enchantment Book Cover Picture


By katherine may, hardcover $26.00.

What Just Happened Book Cover Picture

What Just Happened

By charles finch.

Glow in the F*cking Dark Book Cover Picture

Glow in the F*cking Dark

By tara schuster, paperback $18.00.

Liliana's Invincible Summer Book Cover Picture

Liliana’s Invincible Summer

By cristina rivera garza.

The Absent Moon Book Cover Picture

The Absent Moon

By luiz schwarcz.

We Should Not Be Friends Book Cover Picture

We Should Not Be Friends

By will schwalbe, paperback $19.00.

The Urgent Life Book Cover Picture

The Urgent Life

By bozoma saint john, hardcover $29.00.

Unscripted Book Cover Picture

by James B Stewart and Rachel Abrams

Paperback $20.00.

Dyscalculia Book Cover Picture


By camonghne felix, hardcover $27.00.

Hijab Butch Blues Book Cover Picture

Hijab Butch Blues

Rough Sleepers Book Cover Picture

Rough Sleepers

By tracy kidder, paperback $22.00.

A Few Days Full of Trouble Book Cover Picture

A Few Days Full of Trouble

By reverend wheeler parker, jr. and christopher benson, paperback $18.99.

Good for a Girl Book Cover Picture

Good for a Girl

By lauren fleshman.

The Other Family Doctor Book Cover Picture

The Other Family Doctor

By karen fine.

The Body Liberation Project Book Cover Picture

The Body Liberation Project

By chrissy king.

Undercooked Book Cover Picture


By dan ahdoot.

How Not to Kill Yourself Book Cover Picture

How Not to Kill Yourself

By clancy martin.

George VI and Elizabeth Book Cover Picture

George VI and Elizabeth

By sally bedell smith, paperback $24.00, preorder from:.

Beautiful Trauma Book Cover Picture

Beautiful Trauma

By rebecca fogg.

True West Book Cover Picture

by Robert Greenfield

Hardcover $30.00.

I Swear Book Cover Picture

by Katie Porter

The Forgotten Girls Book Cover Picture

The Forgotten Girls

By monica potts.

Life in Five Senses Book Cover Picture

Life in Five Senses

By gretchen rubin.

Remedies for Sorrow Book Cover Picture

Remedies for Sorrow

By megan nix.

Mott Street Book Cover Picture

Mott Street

By ava chin.

Don't Tell Anybody the Secrets I Told You Book Cover Picture

Don’t Tell Anybody the Secrets I Told You

By lucinda williams, hardcover $28.99.

Winnie and Nelson Book Cover Picture

Winnie and Nelson

By jonny steinberg, hardcover $35.00.

Deliver Me from Nowhere Book Cover Picture

Deliver Me from Nowhere

By warren zanes.

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Anya Taylor-Joy

Actor Anya Taylor-Joy won a Golden Globe for her leading role in the miniseries The Queen's Gambit and is known movies like Split and The Menu .

anya taylor joy wearing a dior dress for a photocall and posing in front of a marble staircase


Quick Facts

Early life: parents and ethnicity.

  • Movies: Split, The Witch, and The Menu

TV Shows: Peaky Blinders and The Queen’s Gambit

Who is anya taylor-joy.

Actor Anya Taylor-Joy starred in the hit Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit and has appeared in movies such as The Menu and Split. Growing up in Argentina and the United Kingdom, the American-born future star trained as a dancer before dropping out of school to pursue acting at age 16. Her breakthrough performance came in the 2015 horror movie The Witch . Since then, she has received three Golden Globe nominations—winning one for The Queen’s Gambit —and one Emmy nomination, also for the Netflix series. Taylor-Joy plays the titular character in the upcoming sci-fi movie Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga , in theaters this May.

FULL NAME: Anya-Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy BORN: April 16, 1996 BIRTHPLACE: Miami, Florida SPOUSE: Malcolm McRae (2023-present) ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Aries

Anya-Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy was born on April 16, 1996, in Miami. Her parents are Dennis Alan Taylor, a former banker, and Jennifer Marina Joy, a psychologist. Anya is the youngest of six siblings, some of whom are from her father’s first marriage.

Taylor-Joy comes from a multiethnic background. Dennis is Scottish-Argentinian, and Jennifer is Spanish-English but was born and grew up in Zambia. Anya was born while her parents were on vacation in Miami, granting her American citizenship. She also holds British and Argentinian citizenship.

Taylor-Joy, whose first language was Spanish, partially grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she was 6, her family moved to London in search of a less tumultuous political climate. Taylor-Joy refused to speak English for two years, thinking it would force her parents to take her back to Argentina. When it became apparent her plan wouldn’t work, she learned her second language by reading the popular Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling . “As lame as it sounds, those characters really were my first friends,” she told TV host Graham Norton.

While attending Hill House in Knightsbridge and the Queen’s Gate School in South Kensington, Taylor-Joy trained as a ballet dancer. She has described herself as “very insecure and deeply unhappy” during this time and admitted to struggling with body image.

In September 2016, she told W magazine she had a very compact head as a child, meaning her eyes were positioned far apart on her face. While this became less prominent as she grew older, she remained self-conscious about her eyes and social media posts related to it. “I didn’t enjoy it and I kind of stopped looking in mirrors for a very long time. I still don’t really spend a lot of time in front of mirrors because I don’t really have to deal with my face. Unfortunately, y’all do,” she said.

Taylor-Joy dropped out of school at age 16, and although she was scouted by and briefly worked as a model for Storm Management, acting remained her desired path.

Movies: Split , The Witch , and The Menu

Beginner’s luck wasn’t in the cards for Taylor-Joy, whose first professional audition was for the 2014 Disney movie Maleficent . She hoped to portray a younger version of Angelina Jolie ’s titular character but didn’t get the part. “It was my first experience of, like, rejection, like true rejection,” she later told BuzzFeed Celeb . “Even though I look nothing like [Jolie], but I definitely cried for a very long time after that happened.”

She did begin to earn smaller parts, such as an uncredited role in the 2014 teen flick Vampire Academy and a one-episode appearance in the British TV series Endeavour that same year. Her breakout role in a cult classic scary movie wasn’t far off.

Taylor-Joy played a teenage girl named Thomasin in 2015’s The Witch , an atmospheric horror film about a family in Puritanical New England that encounters supernatural forces in the woods near their settlement.

On the same day she was cast in the movie, Taylor-Joy also received an offer to star in a Disney Channel pilot episode. However, she “had this really good feeling” and committed to The Witch instead.

Despite her initial optimism, Taylor-Joy was “devastated” upon watching her performance and thought she would never work in movies again. “It was just the worst feeling of, ‘I have let down the people I love most in the world. I didn’t do it right,’” she told the Awards Chatter podcast . “And I’m quite verbose, I like to talk, I like to communicate. I did not talk, I just cried. I couldn’t handle seeing my face that large.”

Luckily, critics and moviegoers felt differently. The Witch was a financial success, grossing $40 million worldwide against a $4 million budget. Taylor-Joy’s acting career was off and running.

Split , Emma. , and The Menu

m night shyamalan and anya taylor joy pose for photos while standing together, he wears a gray suit with a white collared shirt and navy tie and smiles as he looks to the left, she wears a black suit with a large beaded multicolor necklace and looks over her shoulder at the camera

Off her performance in The Witch , Taylor-Joy appeared in the sci-fi thriller Morgan (2016) and the Netflix movie Barry (2016), based on the early life of former President Barack Obama .

That same year, she played protagonist Casey Cooke in the M. Night Shyamalan thriller Split , also starring James McAvoy. The movie, set in the same universe as Shyamalan’s previous movie Unbreakable , spawned the 2019 sequel Glass , again starring Taylor-Joy and McAvoy, as well as Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson .

Having proven she could act alongside Hollywood heavyweights, Taylor-Joy soon garnered her first major award recognition for 2020’s Emma. , based on the Jane Austen novel of the same name. The actor received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for playing the movie’s namesake, Emma Woodhouse.

Since then, Taylor-Joy has been in high demand, appearing in movies such as Last Night in Soho (2021); The Northman (2022), marking another collaboration with The Witch director Robert Eggers; and Amsterdam (2022).

The most prominent of her recent roles came in the 2022 dark comedy The Menu , about a disillusioned chef (played by Ralph Fiennes ) who exacts revenge on his unsuspecting diners. Taylor-Joy earned another Golden Globe nomination for The Menu , as well as the admiration of her co-star. “There are just some times when you feel the truthfulness of the person you’re acting with, and it really helps you. It really raises your game somehow. And she’s got that,” Fiennes said .

Blockbusters: Dune: Part Two and Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

In 2023, Taylor-Joy lent her voice to The Super Mario Bros. Movie , the second-highest grossing movie of the year that made more than $1 billion at the global box office . In the film, based on the Nintendo video game, she voiced Princess Peach, the fearless leader of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Despite the immense financial success of Super Mario Bros. , Taylor-Joy is on pace for an even bigger year in 2024. She started by making a crucial cameo appearance in the science-fiction epic Dune: Part Two , also starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya .

Her next major role is starring as the titular character in the post-apocalyptic thriller Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga . The prequel to the 2015 hit Mad Max: Fury Road also stars Chris Hemsworth and is scheduled to release in theaters on May 24, 2024.

While spending time in front of a camera was nothing new for Taylor-Joy, driving a souped-up war machine as Furiosa was a learning experience. The actor doesn’t have a driver’s license, and performing stunts for the movie marked her first time behind the wheel of a car. “I can’t parallel-park, I can’t go on the highway. I still don’t have [a license], but I can do that,” she joked with TV host Graham Norton.

anya taylor joy sitting behind a chess board with her head resting against her hand

In addition to her growing list of movie roles, Taylor-Joy has starred in two of the biggest television series of the past decade.

In 2019, she joined the cast of Peaky Blinders , the popular BBC and Netflix gangster drama starring Cillian Murphy . Taylor-Joy appeared as Gina Gray in 11 episodes across Seasons 5 and 6. According to hair and makeup designer Julie Nightingale, the show took inspiration from Old Hollywood stars such as Ginger Rogers and Jean Harlow in creating Taylor-Joy’s distinctive look for the series.

In a less violent but equally thrilling alternative to Peaky Blinders , Taylor-Joy took the lead for The Queen’s Gambit , a limited series about a fictional chess prodigy named Beth Harmon. The show, which debuted during the COVID-19 pandemic in October 2020, was a smash hit. Within the first month, 62 million households watched The Queen’s Gambit , making it Netflix’s most watched scripted limited series to date.

Critics lauded Taylor-Joy’s performance, with the actor winning the 2021 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television and receiving an Emmy nomination. “I’ve never given so much of myself to a character before,” Taylor-Joy told Variety . “I usually think about a character as so different from me, and I make a real point to make them walk differently, to have a different caliber of voice, to laugh differently, to cry differently. I want them to be their own person. But for Beth, it was the first time that I just thought the only way to tell this accurately is to give bits of myself up.”

Fans clamoring for another season were disappointed to learn in January 2023 that a Tweet from Taylor-Joy referencing a second season was the result of hacking. However, the actor has teased that she is open to the idea of returning for a second part. “It would be silly of me to go, ‘There’s never going to be a second series,’” she told Elle in 2021, “and then I’m 40 and [co-creator Scott Frank’s] like, ‘Yo, how do you feel about this? You want to go back?’”

Elsewhere, Taylor-Joy starred in the 2017 BBC and PBS miniseries The Miniaturist and hosted Saturday Night Live in May 2021.

anya taylor joy and husband malcolm mcrae standing next to each other and smiling for a photo

Taylor-Joy married musician Malcolm McRae in October 2023 in Venice, Italy. A number of famous friends attended the ceremony, including actors Miles Teller , Nicholas Hoult, Cara Delevingne, and Julia Garner.

Although it’s unclear when they began dating, Taylor-Joy first made reference to McRae as “my partner” in an April 2021 interview with Elle . The two were spotted together in New York City the following month, and McRae all but confirmed their relationship status by October after posting an Instagram photo of the couple holding hands.

According to People , McRae plays guitar and piano and sings in a two-person rock band called More*, formed with former Portugal. The Man member Kane Ritchotte. His relationship with Taylor-Joy is reflected in his music, with McRae writing the song “Really Want to See You Again” only two days after meeting her in 2021.

McRae and Taylor-Joy have the same birthday, April 16, and adopted a cat named Kitsune in May 2022.

Taylor-Joy has kept details of her prior relationships private, though she was previously linked to Irish actor Eoin Macken from 2016 through 2017. “I was not a good dater, and I’m quite glad to not be. I hear stories from my friends, and I’m like, ‘God, I would suck at that,’” she said .

According to Celebrity Net Worth , Taylor-Joy’s total fortune is estimated to be around $7 million.

  • It’s bizarre that [red carpets are] a huge part of my normal life, but it’s not normal life at all. In which situation do you ever dress yourself to the nines to be photographed by 200 people who are screaming at you? It’s not normal.
  • Trying to pick a project that I’m most proud of is like trying to pick between children. Even if you do have a favorite, you’re not supposed to say it!
  • I never had any intention of being a method actor, but the more movies I do, the line is getting blurrier and blurrier. I’m finding it harder to disconnect between what is occurring for my [character] and what is occurring for me.
  • I was born in Miami, raised between Argentina and London, and my first language is Spanish. So, legally, my ethnicity is fashion week.
  • When people shake or cry when they meet you, you just feel really like, “Please don’t do that, it’s really OK!” Like, I’m not scary, and I’m not anything wild and crazy.
Fact Check: We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us !

Headshot of Tyler Piccotti

Tyler Piccotti first joined the Biography.com staff as an Associate News Editor in February 2023, and before that worked almost eight years as a newspaper reporter and copy editor. He is a graduate of Syracuse University. When he's not writing and researching his next story, you can find him at the nearest amusement park, catching the latest movie, or cheering on his favorite sports teams.

Emmy Awards

justin timberlake looks at the camera, he weras a black suit jacket and bowtie with a white collared shirt and brooch on his lapel

Jimmy Kimmel

john williams smiles at the camera, he wears a black tuxedo with a white collared shirt and metal rimmed glasses

John Williams

jodie foster looking ahead for a portrait photo and clasping her hands

Jodie Foster

adele at the the brit awards 2022 red carpet arrivals

Mark Ruffalo

alec baldwin wearing a suit jacket and tie and posing for a photo

Alec Baldwin

christina applegate smiles at the camera, she wears a velvet blazer and stands in front of a white background

Christina Applegate

75th primetime emmy awards arrivals

Riley Keough, Priscilla Presley Attend the Emmys

jeremy allen white looks at the camera with a slight smile, he wears a black suit and tie with a white collared shirt

Jeremy Allen White

rita moreno smiling as she holds her academy award

A List of All 19 EGOT Winners

elton john smiles at the camera from behind a podium with a microphone, he wears a purple bejeweled suit jacket, black collared shirt, and pink tinted glasses

Profile Picture



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ya biographies 2023

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JAN. 12, 2021

by Gary Paulsen

Readers will fall into this narrative of succeeding against overwhelming odds amid deep trauma. Full review >


FEB. 2, 2021

by Jeanne Theoharis ; adapted by Brandy Colbert

A nuanced exploration of a woman with a lifelong commitment to social change. Full review >


MAY 11, 2021

by Robbie Waisman with Susan McClelland

Lyrical writing focuses on the aftermath of the Holocaust, a vital, underaddressed aspect of survivor stories. Full review >


edited by Alice Wong

Ardently, intimately political instead of passively inspirational: will galvanize young activists. Full review >


APRIL 20, 2021

by Paula Yoo

An accessible and compelling account of a tragedy that resonates through the decades. Full review >

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ya biographies 2023

  A.N. Leont'ev 1904-1979 “In reality the philosophic discovery of Marx consists not in identifying practice with cognition but in recognizing that cognition does not exist outside the life process that in its very nature is a material, practical process. The reflection of reality arises and develops in the process of the development of real ties of cognitive people with the human world surrounding them; it is defined by these ties and, in its turn, has an effect on their development. Human consciousness thus ceases to be an "intrinsic quality of the human spirit" with no history or intractability to causal analysis. We begin to understand it as the highest form of reflection of reality that sociohistorical development creates: a system of objectively existing agents gives birth to it and causal historical analysis makes it accessible to us.”;  Marxism and Psychological Science Biography Works: On the development of arithmetical thinking in the child , 1929 Letter to Vygotsky , 1932 The Structure of Consciousness , 1973 Thinking and Activity , 1975 Activity, Consciousness, and Personality , 1978 Activity and Consciousness , 1977 From “Problems of the Development of the Mind” The evolution of the Psyche in Animals The problem of the origin of sensation A contribution to the Theory of the Development of the Child’s Psyche ( PDF ) Apropos the Historical Development of Consciousness On Vygotsky’s Creative Development , 1979 Further reading: The Comparative Psychology of A.N. Leontyev by Charles Tolman Yrjö Engström’s Activity Model Vygotsky Archive Ilyenkov Archive Daniil El'konin . Other works of A N Leontyev which have been published in English, not reproduced here include: Journal of Russian & East European Psychology , Vol. 43, 2005. Issue No. 3.   –     a translation written as a small book for the 100th centennial celebration of Leontiev's life and the conference in Moscow. Issue No. 4.   –     an introduction by E. E. Sokolova, and The Study of the Environment in the Pedological Works of L. S. Vygotsky ; Transference of Action as a Function of Intellect; The Problem of the Development of the Intellect and Learning in Human Psychology; Paper Presented at the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine. Issue No. 5.   –     lectures transcribed and translated. The lectures are taken from a book from 2000, Smysl. “A. N. Leontiev: Activity, Consciousness, Personality” editors by Dmitry Leontiev, A. A. Leontiev and E. E. Sokolova, 2005 See also: Activity and Consciousness , PDF 860kb Free eBooks for Leontyev Archive maintained by Andy Blunden . Buy The Development of Mind Psychology and Marxism | M.I.A. Library  

Last updated on: 07.05.2023

ya biographies 2023

First refuelling for Russia’s Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP


ya biographies 2023

The FNPP includes two KLT-40S reactor units. In such reactors, nuclear fuel is not replaced in the same way as in standard NPPs – partial replacement of fuel once every 12-18 months. Instead, once every few years the entire reactor core is replaced with and a full load of fresh fuel.

The KLT-40S reactor cores have a number of advantages compared with standard NPPs. For the first time, a cassette core was used, which made it possible to increase the fuel cycle to 3-3.5 years before refuelling, and also reduce by one and a half times the fuel component in the cost of the electricity produced. The operating experience of the FNPP provided the basis for the design of the new series of nuclear icebreaker reactors (series 22220). Currently, three such icebreakers have been launched.

The Akademik Lomonosov was connected to the power grid in December 2019, and put into commercial operation in May 2020.

Electricity generation from the FNPP at the end of 2023 amounted to 194 GWh. The population of Pevek is just over 4,000 people. However, the plant can potentially provide electricity to a city with a population of up to 100,000. The FNPP solved two problems. Firstly, it replaced the retiring capacities of the Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant, which has been operating since 1974, as well as the Chaunskaya Thermal Power Plant, which is more than 70 years old. It also supplies power to the main mining enterprises located in western Chukotka. In September, a 490 km 110 kilovolt power transmission line was put into operation connecting Pevek and Bilibino.

Image courtesy of TVEL

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Climate change indicators reached record levels in 2023: WMO

The state of the climate in 2023 gave ominous new significance to the phrase “off the charts.”

  • State of Global Climate report confirms 2023 as hottest year on record by clear margin
  • Records broken for ocean heat, sea level rise, Antarctic sea ice loss and glacier retreat
  • Extreme weather undermines socio-economic development
  • Renewable energy transition provides hope
  • Cost of climate inaction is higher than cost of climate action

Glacial icebergs floating in a calm, icy water with a hazy mountain backdrop.

A new report from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) shows that records were once again broken, and in some cases smashed, for greenhouse gas levels, surface temperatures, ocean heat and acidification, sea level rise, Antarctic sea ice cover and glacier retreat.

Heatwaves, floods, droughts, wildfires and rapidly intensifying tropical cyclones caused misery and mayhem, upending every-day life for millions and inflicting many billions of dollars in economic losses, according to the WMO State of the Global Climate 2023 report.

The WMO report confirmed that 2023 was the warmest year on record, with the global average near-surface temperature at 1.45 °Celsius (with a margin of uncertainty of ± 0.12 °C) above the pre-industrial baseline. It was the warmest ten-year period on record.

“Sirens are blaring across all major indicators... Some records aren’t just chart-topping, they’re chart-busting. And changes are speeding-up.” said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres .

“Never have we been so close – albeit on a temporary basis at the moment – to the 1.5° C lower limit of the Paris Agreement on climate change.” said WMO Secretary-General Celeste Saulo. “The WMO community is sounding the Red Alert to the world.”

“Climate change is about much more than temperatures. What we witnessed in 2023, especially with the unprecedented ocean warmth, glacier retreat and Antarctic sea ice loss, is cause for particular concern,” she said.

On an average day in 2023, nearly one third of the global ocean was gripped by a marine heatwave, harming vital ecosystems and food systems. Towards the end of 2023, over 90% of the ocean had experienced heatwave conditions at some point during the year.

The global set of reference glaciers suffered the largest loss of ice on record (since 1950), driven by extreme melt in both western North America and Europe, according to preliminary data.

Antarctic sea ice extent was by far the lowest on record, with the maximum extent at the end of winter at 1 million km2 below the previous record year - equivalent to the size of France and Germany combined.

“The climate crisis is THE defining challenge that humanity faces and is closely intertwined with the inequality crisis – as witnessed by growing food insecurity and population displacement, and biodiversity loss” said Celeste Saulo.

Comparison of global mean temperature difference data sets from the 1850s to 2023 relative to the 1850-1900 average.

The number of people who are acutely food insecure worldwide has more than doubled, from 149 million people before the COVID-19 pandemic to 333 million people in 2023 (in 78 monitored countries by the World Food Programme). Weather and climate extremes may not be the root cause, but they are aggravating factors, according to the report.

Weather hazards continued to trigger displacement in 2023, showing how climate shocks undermine resilience and create new protection risks among the most vulnerable populations.

There is, however, a glimmer of hope.

Renewable energy generation, primarily driven by the dynamic forces of solar radiation, wind and the water cycle, has surged to the forefront of climate action for its potential to achieve decarbonization targets. In 2023, renewable capacity additions increased by almost 50% from 2022, for a total of 510 gigawatts (GW) – the highest rate observed in the past two decades.

This week, at the Copenhagen Climate Ministerial on 21-22 March, climate leaders and ministers from around the world will gather for the first time since COP28 in Dubai to push for accelerated climate action. Enhancing countries Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) ahead of the February 2025 deadline, will be high on the agenda, as will delivering an ambitious agreement on financing at COP29 to turn national plans into action.

"Climate Action is currently being hampered by a lack of capacity to deliver and use climate services to inform national mitigation and adaptation plans, especially in developing countries. We need to increase support for National Meteorological and Hydrological Services to be able to provide information services to ensure the next generation of Nationally Determined Contributions are based on science", said Celeste Saulo.

The State of the Global Climate report was released in time for World Meteorological Day on 23 March. It also sets the scene for a new climate action campaign by the UN Development Programme and WMO to be launched on 21 March. It will inform discussions at a climate ministerial meeting in Copenhagen on 21-22 March.

Dozens of experts and partners contribute to the report, including UN organizations, National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and Global Data and Analysis Centers, as well as Regional Climate Centres, the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW), the Global Cryosphere Watch and Copernicus Climate Change Service operated by ECMWF.  

Key messages

Greenhouse gases.

Observed concentrations of the three main greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide – reached record levels in 2022. Real-time data from specific locations show a continued increase in 2023.

CO2 levels are 50 % higher than the pre-industrial era, trapping heat in the atmosphere. The long lifetime of CO2 means that temperatures will continue to rise for many years to come.


The global mean near-surface temperature in 2023 was 1.45 ± 0.12 °C above the pre-industrial 1850–1900 average. 2023 was the warmest year in the 174-year observational record. This shattered the record of the previous warmest years, 2016 at 1.29 ± 0.12 °C above the 1850–1900 average and 2020 at 1.27±0.13 °C.

The ten-year average 2014–2023 global temperature is 1.20±0.12°C above the 1850–1900 average.  Globally, every month from June to December was record warm for the respective month. September 2023 was particularly noteworthy, surpassing the previous global record for September by a wide margin (0.46 to 0.54 °C).

The long-term increase in global temperature is due to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The shift from La Niña to El Niño conditions in the middle of 2023 contributed to the rapid rise in temperature from 2022 to 2023.

Global average sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) were at a record high from April onwards, with the records  in July, August and September broken by a particularly wide margin. Exceptional warmth was recorded in the eastern North Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, the North Pacific and large areas of the Southern Ocean, with widespread marine heatwaves.

Some areas of unusual warming such as the Northeast Atlantic do not correspond to typical patterns of warming associated with El Niño, which was visibly present in the Tropical Pacific.

Global distribution and frequency of marine heatwaves (mhw) categorized by intensity, with accompanying temporal analysis charts, highlighting increased occurrences over time.

Ocean heat content reached its highest level in 2023, according to a consolidated analysis of data. Warming rates show a particularly strong increase in the past two decades.

It is expected that warming will continue – a change which is irreversible on scales of hundreds to thousands of years.

More frequent and intense marine heatwaves have profound negative repercussions for marine ecosystems and coral reefs.

The global ocean experienced an average daily marine heatwave coverage of 32%, well above the previous record of 23% in 2016. At the end of 2023, most of the global ocean between 20° S and 20° N had been in heatwave conditions since early November.  

Of particular note were the widespread marine heatwaves in the North Atlantic which began in the Northern Hemisphere spring, peaked in extent in September and persisted through to the end of the year. The end of 2023 saw a broad band of severe and extreme marine heatwave across the North Atlantic, with temperatures 3 °C above average.

The Mediterranean Sea experienced near complete coverage of strong and severe marine heatwaves for the twelfth consecutive year.

Ocean acidification has increased as a result of absorbing carbon dioxide.

Sea level rise

In 2023, global mean sea level reached a record high in the satellite record (since 1993), reflecting continued ocean warming (thermal expansion) as well as the melting of glaciers and ice sheets.

The rate of global mean sea level rise in the past ten years (2014–2023) is more than twice the rate of sea level rise in the first decade of the satellite record (1993–2002).

Graph illustrating the daily antarctic sea-ice extent from 1979 to 2023, with the 2023 extent showing a notable deviation from historical averages.

Antarctic sea-ice extent reached an absolute record low for the satellite era (since 1979) in February 2023 and remained at record low for the time of year from June till early November. The annual maximum in September was 16.96 million km2, roughly 1.5 million km2 below the 1991–2020 average and 1 million km2 below the previous record low maximum.

Arctic sea-ice extent remained well below normal, with the annual maximum and minimum sea ice extents being the fifth and sixth lowest on record respectively.

Ice sheets: There are two principal ice sheets, the Greenland Ice Sheet and the Antarctic ice Sheet. Combining the two ice sheets, the seven highest melt years on record are all since 2010, and average rates of mass loss increased from 105 Gigatonnes per year  from 1992–1996 to 372 Gigatonnes per year from 2016–2020. This is equivalent to about 1 mm per year of global sea level rise attributed to the ice sheets in the latter period.

The Greenland Ice Sheet continued to lose mass in the hydrological year 2022–2023 It was the warmest summer on record at Greenland’s Summit station, 1.0 °C warmer than the previous record. Satellite melt-extent data indicate that the ice sheet had the third highest cumulative melt-day area on record (1978–2023), after the extreme melt season of 2012 and 2010.

Glaciers: Preliminary data for the hydrological year 2022-2023 indicate that the global set of reference glaciers suffered the largest loss of ice on record (1950-2023), driven by extremely negative mass balance in both western North America and Europe.

Glaciers in the European Alps experienced an extreme melt season. In Switzerland, glaciers have lost around 10% of their remaining volume in the past two years. Western North America suffered record glacier mass loss in 2023 – at a rate which was five times higher than rates measured for the period 2000-2019. Glaciers in western North America have lost an estimated 9% of their 2020 volume over the period 2020-2023.

Extreme weather and climate events

Extreme weather and climate events had major socio-economic impacts on all inhabited continents. These included major floods, tropical cyclones, extreme heat and drought, and associated wildfires.

Flooding linked to extreme rainfall from Mediterranean Cyclone Daniel affected Greece, Bulgaria, Türkiye, and Libya with particularly heavy loss of life in Libya in September.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy in February and March was one of the world’s longest-lived tropical cyclones with major impacts on Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi.

Tropical Cyclone Mocha, in May, was one of the most intense cyclones ever observed in the Bay of Bengal and triggered 1.7 million displacements across the sub-region from Sri Lanka to Myanmar and through India and Bangladesh, and worsened acute food insecurity.

Hurricane Otis intensified to a maximum Category 5 system in a matter of hours – one of the most rapid intensification rates in the satellite era. It hit the Mexican coastal resort of Acapulco on 24 October, causing economic losses estimated at around US$15 billion, and killing at least 47 people.

Extreme heat affected many parts of the world. Some of the most significant were in southern Europe and North Africa, especially in the second half of July. Temperatures in Italy reached 48.2 °C, and record-high temperatures were reported in Tunis (Tunisia) 49.0 °C, Agadir (Morocco) 50.4 °C and Algiers (Algeria) 49.2 °C.

Canada’s wildfire season was the worst on record. The total area burned nationally for the year was 14.9 million hectares, more than seven times the long-term average. The fires also led to severe smoke pollution, particularly in the heavily populated areas of eastern Canada and the north-eastern United States. The deadliest single wildfire of the year was in Hawaii, with at least 100 deaths reported – the deadliest wildfire in the USA for more than 100 years – and estimated economic losses of US$5.6 billion.

The Greater Horn of Africa region, which had been experiencing long-term drought, suffered substantial flooding in 2023, particularly later in the year. The flooding displaced 1.8 million people across Ethiopia, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia and Kenya in addition to the 3 million people displaced internally or across borders by the five consecutive seasons of drought in Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Somalia.

Long-term drought persisted in north-western Africa and parts of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as parts of central and southwest Asia. It intensified in many parts of Central America and South America. In northern Argentina and Uruguay, rainfall from January to August was 20 to 50% below average, leading to crop losses and low water storage levels.

Socioeconomic impacts

Decline in global undernourishment prevalence with fluctuating number of undernourished individuals over time (2005-2022).

Weather and climate hazards exacerbated challenges with food security, population displacements and impacts on vulnerable populations. They continued to trigger new, prolonged, and secondary displacement and increased the vulnerability of many who were already uprooted by complex multi-causal situations of conflict and violence.

One of the essential components for reducing the impact of disasters is to have effective multi-hazard early warning systems. The Early Warnings for All initiative seeks to ensure that everyone is protected by early warning systems by the end of 2027. Development and implementation of local disaster risk reduction strategies have increased since the adoption of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The report cites figures that the number of people who are acutely food insecure worldwide has more than doubled, from 149 million people before the COVID-19 pandemic to 333 million people in 2023 (in 78 monitored countries by the World Food Programme). WFP Global hunger levels remained unchanged from 2021 to 2022. However, these are still far above pre-COVID 19 pandemic levels: in 2022, 9.2% of the global population (735.1 million people) were undernourished. Protracted conflicts, economic downturns, and high food prices, further exacerbated by high costs of agricultural inputs driven by ongoing and widespread conflict around the world, are at the root of high global food insecurity levels. This is aggravated by the effects of climate and weather extremes. In southern Africa, for example, the passage of Cyclone Freddy in February 2023 affected Madagascar, Mozambique, southern Malawi, and Zimbabwe. Flooding submerged extensive agricultural areas and inflicted severe damage on crops and the economy.

Renewable energy generation, primarily driven by the dynamic forces of solar radiation, wind and the water cycle, has surged to the forefront of climate action for its potential to achieve decarbonization targets.

Worldwide, a substantial energy transition is already underway. In 2023, renewable capacity additions increased by almost 50% from 2022, for a total of 510 gigawatts (GW). Such growth marks the highest rate observed in the past two decades and indicates, demonstrates the potential to achieve the clean energy goal set at COP28 to triple renewable energy capacity globally to reach 11 000 GW by 2030.

Climate Financing

In 2021/2022, global climate-related finance flows reached almost USD 1.3 trillion, nearly doubling compared to 2019/2020 levels. Even so, tracked climate finance flows represent only approximately 1% of global GDP, according to the Climate Policy Initiative.

There is a large financing gap. In an average scenario, for a 1.5°C pathway, annual climate finance investments need to grow by more than six times, reaching almost USD 9 trillion by 2030 and a further USD 10 trillion through to 2050.  

The cost of inaction is even higher. Aggregating over the period 2025-2100, the total cost of inaction is estimated at USD 1,266 trillion; that is, the difference in losses under a business-as-usual scenario and those incurred within a 1.5°C pathway. This figure is, however, likely to be a dramatic underestimate.

Adaptation finance continues to be insufficient. Though adaptation finance reached an all-time high of USD 63 billion in 2021/2022, the global adaptation financing gap is widening, falling well short of the estimated USD 212 billion per year needed up to 2030 in developing countries alone.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for promoting international cooperation in atmospheric science and meteorology.

WMO monitors weather, climate, and water resources and provides support to its Members in forecasting and disaster mitigation. The organization is committed to advancing scientific knowledge and improving public safety and well-being through its work.

For further information, please contact:


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  3. The Best New Biographies of 2023

    Einstein in Time and Space by Samuel Graydon (Scribner, November 14) Overlooked: A Celebration of Remarkable, Underappreciated People Who Broke the Rules and Changed the World by Amisha Padnani (Penguin Random House, November 14). Without further ado, here are the best biographies of 2023 so far!

  4. The best memoirs and biographies of 2023

    The best memoirs and biographies of 2023. The rise of Madonna, Barbra Streisand in her own words, plus the stormy relationship of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are among this year's ...

  5. The 14 best young adult audiobooks of 2023

    November 7, 2023. Being a teenager is not easy, and it never was. Teens have to learn so much about the world in a short period of time—the transition between childhood and adulthood—and sometimes all at once. This year's young adult stories had us looking at familiar things—like summer camps and chess—and challenging the status quo ...

  6. 39 Best Young Adult Books 2023

    Little, Brown Young Readers. Holly Black's The Stolen Heir is the first book in a duology series from the author. The novel returns to Elfhame and chronicles the perilous adventures of a prince ...

  7. 49 Must-Read, New YA Releases To Pick Up In 2023

    Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi BurtonOut June 27, 2023. Find it on Amazon. Find it on Bookshop.org. At A Glance: mythology, mermaids/sirens, forbidden romance, political intrigue, morally grey goodness. Why It Makes The List: I have been looking for another good YA mermaid book after loving To Kill A Kingdom.

  8. The 10 most anticipated YA books of 2023

    The Sun and the Star by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro. From the Percy Jackson universe comes The Sun and the Star, a tale about demigods Nico di Angelo and Will Solace. In an attempt to rescue an old friend, these sons of gods must face the terrors of Tartarus. Co-written by best-selling author Rick Riordan and award-winning Mark Oshiro, it's ...

  9. Best Teen & YA Fiction of 2023

    Best Teen & YA Fiction of 2023. A fresh voice and a setting that's pure fire. A heartfelt novel about the challenges of youth and the value of community. A striking testament to the bonds of family and a perceptive study in how events can echo throughout generations. Atmospheric, intimate, and melodic; the rich storytelling sings.

  10. The Best Biographies of 2023: The National Book Critics Circle

    Talented biographers examine the interplay between individual qualities and greater social forces, explains Elizabeth Taylor—chair of the judges for the 2023 National Book Critics Circle award for biography.Here, she offers us an overview of their five-book shortlist, including a garlanded account of the life of J. Edgar Hoover and a group biography of post-war female philosophers.

  11. 2023's Most Anticipated Young Adult Books

    Check out more of 2023's most anticipated books: Sneak Peek: Readers' Most Anticipated Books for 2023. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz: 102 Debut Novels to Look for in 2023. Heat Up Your Year with These Eagerly Awaited 2023 Romances. Find Spectacular Reads with New 2023 Fantasy and Science Fiction. Get Ready, Get Set, Get Scared: 2023's Biggest Horror Novels.

  12. 2023 YA Book Preview

    Get ready for your sneak peek at YA books coming in 2023! The Girl I Am, Was, and Never Will Be by Shannon Gibney Part memoir, part speculative fiction, The Girl I Am, Was, and Never Will Be explores the often surreal experience of growing up as a mixed-Black transracial adoptee. Cool. Awkward. Black. edited by Karen […]

  13. The Best Books of 2023: Biography

    10+ in stock. Usually dispatched within 2-3 working days. In the most eagerly-awaited memoir of 2023, Prince Harry tells his version of the story about the tragic death of his mother Princess Diana, life within the Royal Family and his marriage to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, with remarkable candour and directness.

  14. Amazon Best Sellers: Best Teen & Young Adult Biographies

    Best Sellers in Teen & Young Adult Biographies. Black Heroes: A Black History Book for Kids: 51 Inspiring People from Ancient Africa to Modern-Day U.S.A. (People and Events in History) J. Robert Oppenheimer: Beyond the Blast: A Deep Dive into His Life's Triumph, Facing Tragedy, and Legacy - A 2023 Biography and Documentary Book ...

  15. Autobiography and memoir

    Five of the best young adult books of 2023 Tales of homecoming, forbidden love, dangerous adventures on an island of ghosts and more The best memoirs and biographies of 2023

  16. 2023 Biographies Books

    James Patterson by James Patterson: The Stories of My Life (Hardcover) by. James Patterson (Goodreads Author) (shelved 1 time as 2023-biographies) avg rating 4.18 — 7,228 ratings — published 2022. Want to Read. Rate this book. 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars.

  17. Biographies and Memoirs To Read in 2023

    by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex. For the first time, Prince Harry tells his own story, chronicling his journey with raw, unflinching honesty. A landmark publication, Spare is full of insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief. Add to Bookshelf.

  18. Best Memoir & Autobiography 2023

    WINNER 132,867 votes. The Woman in Me. by. Britney Spears. One of several high-profile celebrity memoirs to drop this year, Britney Spears' big book was ecstatically received by fans—and it did quite well with the critics, too. If you're keeping score at home, Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, came in second place in this category.

  19. Anya Taylor-Joy: Biography, Actor, Golden Globe Winner

    In 2023, Taylor-Joy lent her voice to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the second-highest grossing movie of the year that made more than $1 billion at the global box office. In the film, based on the ...

  20. Best Young Adult Fiction 2023

    WINNER 68,736 votes. Check & Mate. by. Ali Hazelwood (Goodreads Author) Author Ali Hazelwood made her name in the book business by writing smart love stories for discerning adult readers. So, it's an encouraging development that her first venture into the young adult aisles is proving equally popular. Check & Mate follows reluctant chess ...

  21. Best YA Biography and Memoir of 2021

    Best YA Biography and Memoir of 2021. A history of a global luminary figure that serves as a reminder of the courageous freedom-fighting work in front of us. Inspiring, informative, and entertaining. Readers will fall into this narrative of succeeding against overwhelming odds amid deep trauma. THE REBELLIOUS LIFE OF MRS.

  22. Active carbons as nanoporous materials for solving of environmental

    Biography: Victor M. Mukhin was born in 1946 in the town of Orsk, Russia. In 1970 he graduated the Technological Institute in Leningrad. Victor M. Mukhin was directed to work to the scientific-industrial organization "Neorganika" (Elektrostal, Moscow region) where he is working during 47 years, at present as the head of the laboratory of carbon sorbents.

  23. Look out for these tax reliefs for YA 2023

    Finally, note that May 15 is the final date for the e-filing of Form BE YA 2023 and payment of taxes for individuals with employment income. This article was written by Zack Lee for MyPF.

  24. Soviet Psychology: A.N. Leont'ev

    Biography. Works: On the development of arithmetical thinking in the child, 1929. Letter to Vygotsky, 1932. The Structure of Consciousness, 1973. Thinking and Activity, 1975. Activity, Consciousness, and Personality, 1978. Activity and Consciousness, 1977. From "Problems of the Development of the Mind" The evolution of the Psyche in Animals

  25. First refuelling for Russia's Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP

    17 October 2023 . Print Email . Rosatom's fuel company TVEL has supplied nuclear fuel for reactor 1 of the world's only floating NPP (FNPP), the Akademik Lomonosov, moored at the city of Pevek, in Russia's Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The supply of fuel was transported along the Northern Sea Route. The first ever refuelling of the FNPP is ...

  26. Climate change indicators reached record levels in 2023: WMO

    In 2023, renewable capacity additions increased by almost 50% from 2022, for a total of 510 gigawatts (GW) - the highest rate observed in the past two decades. This week, at the Copenhagen Climate Ministerial on 21-22 March, climate leaders and ministers from around the world will gather for the first time since COP28 in Dubai to push for ...