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Best Things To Do In Louisville, KY

resume services louisville ky

Louisville, Kentucky is the proud hometown of the Kentucky Derby, the most famous horse race in the U.S. It is a fast-growing tourist destination, and it’s not hard to see why—the city has far more to offer than its equestrian activities. What other incredible entertainment, history, food, and tourism can you find in Louisville? Check out the best things to do in Louisville, KY.

About Louisville, KY

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and is rich in culture, history, and entertainment. It is most well known for hosting the Kentucky Derby, yet it has unique features that expand beyond this annual event. For starters, Louisville is the hometown of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, actress Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games), actor Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time), and other celebrities. Kentucky’s food and drink scenes are also off the charts. 

Fun Fact: Kentucky is responsible for 95% of bourbon worldwide and is home to cuisines from across the globe, including Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican and French dishes. 

How To Get There

There are many accessible travel options to visit Louisville. 

Best Things To Do: Entertainment

resume services louisville ky

Go Racing to the Churchill Downs

When people think of Louisville, Churchill Downs Racetrack is the first attraction that comes to mind. This famed spot is home to the Kentucky Derby, yet it hosts a variety of races throughout the year. This is a great place to stop and watch some lively horse races while you eat, drink, and relax. You can check their calendar to see their races and activities on the docket. They also offer themed experiences, including the kid-friendly Family Adventure Day and holiday-specific race brunches. It’s not hard to see why this is the prize gem of the city!

Louisville Game

Even if you are not a Louisville Cardinal fan, attending one of these athletic events will be amazing. As a division 1 school with no professional sports in the city, you will have a great time. No matter when you go to Louisville, be sure to check out any of the sports, from basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, and swimming. No matter what sport you watch, you will likely watch the next top olympian or professional player.

Check Out the Slugger Museum

Despite lacking a Major League Baseball team, Louisville is proud of its storied sports history. The Louisville Slugger, the best-known bat in baseball, is produced out of Louisville. Want to know the history of this great bat? Check out the Slugger Museum , where you can learn about the Slugger’s conception, production, and legacy. Plus, you’ll see the world’s largest baseball bat—a 68,000-pound, 120-foot tall steel replica of Babe Ruth’s famous hitter.

Best Things To Do: Food

Eat your way through louisville’s neighborhoods.

Louisville is home to food from a range of cultures. You can find everything from barbeque to chicken to oysters. 

Go to a Bourbon Distillery

Remember what we said about Kentucky producing most of the world’s bourbon ? Fortunately, there are plenty of distilleries within Louisville that offer tastings and tours to the general public. Some popular locations for touring are Angel’s Envy Distillery , Kentucky Peerless Distilling , and Stitzel-Weller Distillery .

To try a variety of bourbons, take the Bourbon Urban Trail Tour . This tour takes you through numerous distilleries—historic and new—within downtown Louisville. They provide both bourbon tasting and historical commentary on bourbon production. You can also try the Kentucky Bourbon Tours . This company lets you customize the number of distilleries you visit. If you don’t want a full tour, don’t sweat it—you can pop into the nearest bar for a famed Mint Julep or a classic bourbon.

Best Things To Do: Nature

Soak up sunshine at jefferson memorial forest.

For tourists who appreciate the outdoors, Louisville has plenty to offer. One of the most popular natural attractions is the Jefferson Memorial Forest. This 6,500-acre stretch of forestland is a gorgeous area for hiking, horseriding, picnicking, and other outdoor activities. Follow peaceful trails through the woods to see wildlife, natural bodies of water, and historical structures. You can also scale the trees on an epic rope-ladder course with Ape Treetop Adventure .

Cycle Through the Louisville Mega Cavern

Of all the bike trails in the United States, this may be one of the coolest. The Louisville Mega Cavern is an underground bike park and is the largest in the world. In the cavern, you’ll see beginners and pros traversing the range of bicycle courses. For tourists, they offer electric bike rentals, bike tours, and zip lines to sail over the action. If you get tired, you can ride their Tram Tour through the fascinating network of underground passageways.

Best Things To Do: Off the Beaten Path

Experience dark tourism at waverly hills sanatorium.

If you’re a fan of ghost-hunting shows, cemeteries, or other dark tourist activities, you’ll want to visit Waverly Hills Sanatorium . This frightening spot, located a half-hour outside Louisville, is a feat of Gothic architecture. It has a history rooted in one of the U.S.’s worst plagues: tuberculosis. Those who dare can take a guided tour through the haunting structure. If you’re lucky, you may see some paranormal activity!

Learn the Spooky Tale of the Witches’ Tree

From a distance, the Witches’ Tree may look like a normal tree, but it has a disturbing history. According to local lore, the tree hosted a coven of witches in the 19th century. During May Day, despite warnings, locals chopped the tree to the ground. The vengeful witches cast a curse on the city, and eleven months later, a tornado tore through Louisville. The storm struck the tree’s stump with lightning and a new tree sprouted. Now, the tree is a hearty (yet mangled) landmark, covered in beads and other offerings from locals and tourists.


resume services louisville ky

Fun Facts About Louisville, KY

Bourbon, disco balls, baseball bats, and more

 TripSavvy /  Alison Czinkota

If you've never been to Louisville or don't know much about it, you may vaguely associate it with horse races or bourbon. And while both of those things are hugely important to Louisville, Kentucky's biggest city also has so much more . Whether you're getting ready for an upcoming trip or just looking for some inspiration in the Bluegrass State, read up on some practical and quirky information about visiting Louisville.

Planning Your Trip

Louisville is not Kentucky's capital city—that would be Frankfort —but it is the biggest city in the state. If you're arriving on a domestic flight, there are many direct options to Louisville Muhammad Ali Airport , while most international flights arrive at Cincinnati International Airport, which is on the Kentucky side of the border just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, and about 90 minutes from Louisville.

If you're visiting the city in early May during derby season, make sure to finalize your travel plans as early as possible. To say that the Kentucky Derby is the biggest event of the year in Louisville would be an understatement, and the nickname of "Derby City" gives you an idea of how the locals go crazy for the races. The festivities aren't limited to the racetracks at Churchhill Downs , since the spirit of the Derby runs through all of Louisville with firework shows, mint juleps, and full-blown parties.

Fun Facts About Louisville

Fun facts aren't just about learning some obscure trivia. If you're planning a trip to Louisville, use these interesting tidbits of information to help inspire your travel itinerary.

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What to do in Louisville, KY

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As any Louisvillean will tell you, geography is destiny: happy to be pulled by every point on the compass, this crossroads city has one foot in the East and one in the West, its head in the North but its heart in the South. The result is a frontier salad of big-town sophistication and small-town charm. Louisville is celebrated for its state-of-the-art theater, some of the best antiques shopping this side of the Ohio River, an extraordinary diversity of architecture (from winsome Victorian to world-class postmodern; call the Main Street Association, 502/568-2220, for tours, or the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council, 502/635-5244, for a free walking guide) and, of course, the Kentucky Derby. And did we mention a percolating youth scene?

local talk Repeat after me: "It's ' Loo -uh-vul,' never ' Loo -ee-vil.'" —Thomas Meeker, CEO of Churchill Downs

out and about Whitehall 3110 Lexington Rd.; 502/897-2944. An 1855 Italianate farmhouse that was converted in the early 20th century into a larger mansion with two magnificent acres of terraced Florentine gardens. Water Tower 3005 River Rd.; 502/896-2146. You haven't been to Louisville if you haven't visited this National Historic Landmark, a Classical Revival pumping station built in the form of a Greek temple. The famously elegant example of industrial architecture dates to 1860. Louisville Slugger Museum 800 W. Main St.; 502/588-7228. Another can't-miss, this time because of the 120-foot bat that projects surreally over the five-story building's roofline. The museum exhibits historic Sluggers swung by Henry Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Roger Maris; a tour of the adjoining factory shows how the Slugger is crafted from the wood of 50-year-old ash trees. Actors Theatre of Louisville 316 W. Main St.; 502/584-1265. The theater's Humana Festival of New American Plays, February 24 to March 28 this year, is one of the most important events on the American theatrical calendar. Agnes of God, Extremities, and Crimes of the Heart all premiered here. Two- and three-day Tourist Ticket Packages offer seats to multiple productions at discount prices (502/585-1210).

louisville nightcrawling The Connection 120 S. Floyd St.; 502/585-5752. At more than 20,000 square feet, this gay but straight-friendly dance club-cum-entertainment complex seems large enough to serve the entire mid-South. Is there a bigger drag theater in America than the Connection's?I don't think so. (No, that wasn't Diana Ross.) Plus go-go boys right off the pages of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue. Sparks 104 Main St.; 502/587-8566. A straight but gay-friendly warehouse-style haunt that continually makes Details magazine's list of the country's top nightspots. Rave, house, techno-industrial, and jungle.

take home fabulous treats! A bag of stone-ground Weisenberger grits . "They have more texture and flavor — earthy flavor — than people are used to." Woodford Reserve , a small-batch bourbon from Labrot & Graham. "Drink it as you would a great cognac, not a cocktail." —Kathy Cary, chef at Lilly's

good grub Jack Fry's 1007 Bardstown Rd.; 502/452-9244; dinner for two $50-$60. This is where Louisville's professional class takes out-of-towners to impress them. Salmon with wasabi vinaigrette and pickled ginger, and veal with Swiss chard strudel are served in snuggly booths under a pressed-tin ceiling. Le Relais Bowman Field, 2815 Taylorsville Rd.; 502/451-9020; dinner for two $60-$75. French fare in a working Art Deco air terminal. The restaurant offers a 25-minute pre-meal flight over Louisville in a Cessna 172 for $50. Kurtz's 418 E. Stephen Foster Ave.; 502/348-8964; dinner for two $20. Since 1937, serving fried chicken so crisp it crackles, cooked in cast-iron skillets. Lilly's 1147 Bardstown Rd.; 502/451-0447; dinner for two $65. Pan-cultural cooking using lamb from Jamison farms and local organic vegetables. Kathy Cary has been a guest chef three times at New York's prestigious James Beard House. Lynn's Paradise Café 984 Barret Ave.; 502/583-3447; breakfast for two $15. Cloudlike buttermilk biscuits and bourbon-soaked French toast are served until 3 p.m. by a pierced Gen-X staff at this funky mainstay. Decorations might include milk-carton cats and dogs made by grade-schoolers.

louisville shops Louisville Antique Mall 900 Goss Ave.; 502/635-2852. Some 200 dealers are spread over 75,000 square feet in this late-19th-century brick cotton mill. Look for the highly collectible mint-julep glasses commemorating past derbies. Shelly Zegart Quilts 12Z River Hill Rd.; 502/897-7566. Even Japanese collectors are onto Zegart, a kinetic woman who sells museum-quality quilts, some dangling six-figure tags, out of her home. By appointment. Ear-X-Tacy 1534 Bardstown Rd.; 502/452-1799. "Any recording brought in by a Louisville artist, we'll carry," vows the manager of this alternative record store. Objects of Desire 3704 Lexington Rd.; 502/896-2398. Romanian-born Julia Comer should get a prize for creating a market for avant-garde contemporary furniture — much of it limited-edition or one-of-a-kind — in Louisville. Hadley Pottery Co. 1570 Story Ave.; 502/584-2171. Naïve and rustic blue-and-white ceramics, made here since 1940.

best-kept secret "Who would have thought that Louisville has sunsets to rival New Mexico's?Watch them from the Falls of the Ohio State Park , with its incredible fossil beds." (201 W. Riverside Dr., Clarksville; 812/280-9970) —Jon Jory, producing director, Actors Theatre of Louisville

where to stay Lodgings are difficult to come by during the derby — it's not unusual for rooms to be reserved a year in advance. Also expect grossly inflated prices and minimum-stay requirements. Old Louisville Inn 1359 S. Third St.; 502/635-1574; doubles from $95. This stately 1901 inn, on one of the city's loveliest streets, has 10 pretty rooms with antique quilts and, in some, Victorian furniture, bay windows, and working fireplaces. Many bathrooms (nine en suite, one down the hall) have their original fixtures. Owner Marianne Lesher coddles guests with breakfast popovers and her own granola, and there's always a jigsaw puzzle in progress in the parlor. Seelbach Hilton 500 Fourth Ave.; 502/585-3200; doubles from $129. For many well-heeled derby veterans, only this 95-year-old classic will do. Fitzgerald stayed at the Seelbach, then set a scene in The Great Gatsby here. Guest rooms have pencil-post beds, lavish window treatments, marble bathrooms. Stop in if only to see the lobby's barrel-vaulted ceiling, Hello, Dolly! staircase, and murals depicting early events in Kentucky history. Camberley Brown 335 W. Broadway; 502/583-1234; doubles from $199. Opened in 1923, this is the only hotel in Louisville that gives the neighboring Seelbach a run for its money in grandeur. Think potted palms, ormolu chandeliers, old-world glamour. Traditionally decorated guest rooms have a distinctly American feel. In the clubby, paneled English Grill, try chef Joe Castro's salad of mâche and endive or confit of duck with white asparagus (dinner for two $80).

louisville parks Louisville has one of the most impressive public park systems in the United States, with more parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted's firm than any other city in the country. Cherokee Park has a Scenic Loop that attracts walkers, runners, cyclists, skaters, and slackers. The great draw at Iroquois Park is the beautiful view from its 260-foot hill. Shawnee Park hugs the Ohio River and has facilities for almost any game that requires a ball.

the greatest two minutes in sports It's already too late: for reserved seating at the 125th running of the Kentucky Derby , to be held on May 1, your written request had to have been in by September 1 of last year (Churchill Downs Derby Office, 700 Central Ave., Louisville, KY 40208; 502/636-4400). Those lucky enough to secure a six-seat box in sections 116 or 117, which flank the finish line, paid $510. But all is not lost. General admission tickets are available on Derby Day for $30 at the gate, which opens at 8 a.m. The Kentucky Derby Festival (502/584-6383) ignites on April 17 with Thunder Over Louisville, the largest annual fireworks display in the country. Other festival highlights: the Great Balloon Race at the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, April 24; the Great Steamboat Race, on the Ohio River, April 28; and the Pegasus Parade, on Broadway, April 29. All four events are free except for bleacher seats and chairs for the parade ($8 and $10; call 800/929-3378). At Brown-Waterhouse-Kaiser Jewelers (332 W. Broadway; 502/583-2728), you can buy a 12-inch-tall sterling silver Official Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Cup, engraved with the year and winner.

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Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY

6 Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY (2023)

Liz Hogan

Liz is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and career specialist. Together with Find My Profession, her work has been featured on sites like Forbes, Inc., Times, Fast Company, and more.

Best Louisville Resume Writer Badge 2023

2023 Winners: Add your badge to your marketing materials.

The annual Kentucky Derby takes place in Louisville and attracts a crowd of 150,000+ people.

So you shouldn’t feel like you’re off to the races all alone when it comes to your Louisville job search either.

Finding a great resume writer is a lot like having a great jockey.

You need a writer who can take your experience and accomplishments to the winner’s circle!

How do you find a resume service that is willing to go the extra mile for you?

We have narrowed down the top Louisville resume writers that will leave your competition in the dust.

Best Louisville Resume Writers

Best resume services in louisville.

Find My Profession

How We Choose Winners

Each of the Louisville resume services below was reviewed by a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) taking into consideration the following:

The cost of the service compared to other Louisville resume writers.

The speed at which the resume is completed.

Overall experience, awards, and certifications.

The design, style, and overall look of the resume.

Guarantees, number of edits, and reviews.

This list was hand-curated to serve all industries, professions, and career levels. While many of the writers on this list are from Louisville, these services are virtually available whether you are in Louisville, Shelbyville, Radcliff, Frankfort, Lexington, Owensboro, Bowling Green, or any other Kentucky city.

Average Louisville Resume Cost

Louisville resume writer reviews.

Find My Profession

Find My Profession

Find My Profession is much more than a Louisville resume writing service. They are a global company whose work has been featured on sites like Forbes, Inc., Zety, Fast Company, and more.

Their elite resume writing team has experience in 85+ industries and professions. This allows them to assign you a professional writer based on your unique background and experience. Every resume also includes a 1-on-1 phone consultation with your writer.

They have successfully landed their clients positions at companies like Apple, Amazon, EA, Oracle, GM, Facebook, DoJ, Morgan Stanley, and Tesla just to name a few.

Find My Profession has 650+ 5-star reviews and offers a 60-day interview guarantee. Every resume created is Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compatible and highly customized to meet your specific needs.

You will work one-on-one with an elite and certified resume writer in the United States. Find My Profession commits to working with each client until they are 100% satisfied. Don’t worry about having a limited number of edits or a set amount of time with your writer.

Find My Profession is a virtual company. While they provide services in Louisville , they don’t have a physical office for in-person visits. You’ll communicate directly with your writer via email and phone calls.

4.9/5 based on 394 Trustpilot reviews 4.9/5 based on 276 Sitejabber reviews 5/5 based on 147 Google reviews 5/5 based on 53 Facebook reviews 5/5 based on 8 BBB reviews 5/5 based on 4 Yelp reviews

3 – 5 business days (can expedite to 2 business days)

$395 – $995

(831) 888-0967 or [email protected]

Check out some of our 5-star reviews:

Belda Villalon on July 1, 2022

BR on September 4, 2022

Excellent Results

John on August 18, 2022

Very pleased with services

Michelle T on November 10, 2022

Professional Resume

SGM on October 10, 2022

Great Resume Service

Beh on September 20, 2021

Professional. Experts…

Brian L on August 12, 2022

Was skeptical but…

Chad B on May 2, 2022

Wonderful investment


ResumeZest is trusted by professionals from companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Oracle, GE, Adobe, Uber, and Facebook. Their resume writing team has written resumes for more than 75 industries. A 60-day interview guarantee backs up every resume they write. Each resume is also ATS compliant and keyword-optimized.

ResumeZest is a very well-rounded company. They offer affordable pricing and quick turnaround times. You will work with a high-quality, certified writer and receive excellent customer service. They are also members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC).

ResumeZest is one of the newer companies on this list. While they do a great job and their writers have many years of experience, the company was only founded in 2020.

4.9/5 based on 113 Trustpilot reviews 4.9/5 based on 83 Google reviews 4.8/5 based on 68 Sitejabber reviews 5/5 based on 12 Facebook reviews 5/5 based on 4 Yelp reviews

$279 – $479

(888) 530-4911 or [email protected]

Best Companies That Help You Find a Job

Need Help With Your Job Search?

Did you know there are companies you can hire to help with your job search? Whether you need resume help or want someone to apply to jobs for you, we’ve reviewed the 20 best agencies to help you find a job.



Careers2000 has been in business since 1993. So far, they have written over 10,000 resumes for job seekers. The founder of the company, Sam Shah, is a Certified Executive Resume Writer (CERM). He has a staff of Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRWs) to write your resume.

Careers2000 offers a 30-day interview guarantee and will rewrite your resume for you if you don’t get interviews. Also, if you work with Careers2000, you will receive free updates to your resume for 3 months.

You will need to call the service for a quote and to begin the process. The website doesn’t provide many details about the resume writers other than Sam. Also, there are no resume samples for you to review.

5/5 based on 99 Google reviews 5/5 based on 11 Yellow Pages reviews

3 – 5 business days (can expedite)

$145 – $575+

(502) 214-4000

Melodie Power

Melodie Power

Melodie Power is a popular career coach and resume writer in Louisville. She translates the vast expertise she gained during her corporate training and recruiting career into resume writing. Melodie is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).

Melodie Power offers one-on-one meetings with every single service she offers. So, if you want a direct relationship with your resume writer, she’s a great choice. In-person and phone conference meetings are available.

Melodie Power’s main focus is not necessarily resume writing. You may want to use a resume service that focuses on resume writing if that is important to you. Resume samples are not available on the website.

5/5 based on 21 Yellow Pages reviews 4.9/5 based on 16 Google reviews 5/5 based on 3 Yelp reviews

$325 – $750+

(502) 245-1733 or [email protected]


John Hancock Resumes

John Hancock Resumes works on all things writing-related when it comes to job searching. Since 2003, owner Wesley Pearce has been creating resumes for professionals in the Louisville area. They have two offices in Kentucky located in Louisville and Lexington. Wesley brings over 15 years of experience to the table.

John Hancock Resumes ensures that all of their resume writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRWs). They offer a quick standard turnaround time. In-person appointments are available.

You have to wait for a quote back from them in order to find out exactly how much their resume writing is going to cost. There is no estimated cost for their senior-level resume service.

5/5 based on 125 Google reviews 5/5 based on 5 Yellow Pages reviews

$175 – $395+

(859) 940-2013 or [email protected]

resume services louisville ky

Career Compass Global

Career Compass Global has the necessary credentials to not only craft your resume but guide your career as well. Laura Hill received her master’s degree in Career Counseling from the University of Maryland, which is consistently ranked as number one for that major. She is also a Certified Career Counselor (CCC).

Career Compass Global specifically mentions what scenarios they are great at, such as parents re-entering the workforce as well as general career changes. The company has a number of very positive reviews for their services.

Career Compass Global has an hourly rate depending on their service. So, to get an exact quote you have to contact them. Resume samples are not available on the website.

5/5 based on 21 Google reviews 5/5 based on 5 Facebook review

5 business days

(502) 418-6091 or [email protected]

Previous Years Winners

Resume writing winners (2022).

Find My Profession, ResumeZest, Careers2000, Melodie Power, John Hancock Resumes, Career Compass Global

Resume Writing Winners (2021)

Find My Profession, Careers2000, Melodie Power, John Hancock Resumes, Career Compass Global

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How Much Does Find My Profession Cost?

How Much Does Find My Profession Cost?

Best Staffing Agencies in Boston, MA

10 Best Staffing Agencies in Boston, MA (2023)

resume services louisville ky

resume services louisville ky

Louisville Resume Writing Service

In addition to offering professional services in Lexington, John Hancock also meets with KY residents within the greater Louisville area. Regardless of your location, we’re here to provide you with the guidance and tools to propel your career.

John Hancock Resumes 2001 Spring Dr. #2, Louisville, KY 40205

Partner With a Certified Resume Writer

John Hancock Resumes is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW) and a long-time Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). By combining tried and true techniques with knowledge of the latest hiring practices (e.g. applicant tracking systems and keywords optimization), we deliver professional, polished documents.

Since 2003, we have worked with professionals at all levels to propel their career through both drafting documents and offering guidance throughout the job search process. Because working with a local CPRW is an essential part of the writing process, we’re available to meet you in-person at one of our local offices. Learn More .

About Resume Writing

Because every client is different, an integral part of the writing process is taking the time to understand your goals, identify your accomplishments and fully document your skills so we can draft a compelling document. Whether you’re an executive or are seeking your first position, we’re here to help.

As technology continues to evolve, resumes have moved from paper to MS Word & Adobe PDF files and to LinkedIn. We’re here to provide you with the technical writing expertise needed to establish a presence on LinkedIn that will help shorten your job search. Learn More .

John Hancock Resumes has delivered top-rated professional services since 2003. We are based in Louisville & Lexington, KY as well as Cincinnati, OH. Call (859) 940-2013

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Best Professional Resume Writing Services in Louisville, Kentucky of 2023

Best Professional Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY Badge

Recruiters and HR professionals in Louisville are looking for candidates who can demonstrate their value. The right resume can go a long way toward helping you achieve that goal. The best way to get your resume past applicant tracking systems (ATS) is to consult with a professional resume writer who can make you stand out from the crowd. We did the legwork for you to find the best professional resume writing services in Louisville, KY, looking at cost, turnaround time, and customer feedback to come up with our chosen companies.

The Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY


Careers2000 Homepage

Careers2000 is run by Sam Shah, who has 20 years of experience with job search materials and has served more than 10,000 clients. Sam is a Certified Executive Resume Writer and career strategist, and his website features glowing reviews from clients who have worked with him. Resume packages start at $145 and include prompt turnaround time, a free consultation, and edits/revisions for three months. Sam will also help with your LinkedIn profile and executive summary and can help upper-level executives with video script writing and industry brand message development. Upper-level packages include professional LinkedIn headshots, background photos, and email signatures. He also offers interview coaching, a free session to start you off on the right foot, and outplacement services for businesses and organizations.

How to get started. You can call Sam at (502) 214-4000 to begin working on your job materials. He also publishes an e-newsletter, which you can sign up for on the home page of his website.

John Hancock Resumes

John Hancock Resumes Homepage

The brains behind John Hancock Resumes is Wesley Pearce, a Certified Professional Resume Writer with 15 years of resume-writing experience and a former career as an executive recruiter. Wesley and his team work out of several offices in Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati, and they are available for in-person meetings to discuss your resume goals. Wesley offers three resume packages: associate, professional, and senior levels, each of which includes a personalized consultation and a cover letter along with a resume. There is also a LinkedIn package that focuses on new account creation and includes optimization and privacy settings. If you already have a resume and just need some editing done, you can work with one of John Hancock Resumes’ certified writers to polish your job documents and make them shine.

How to get started. You can contact John Hancock Resumes using the form on the website, by phone at (859) 940-2013, or via email . Once you’ve contacted them, you can set up a time and date for your initial consultation session.

The Resume and Interview Coach

The Resume and Interview Coach Homepage

The Resume and Interview Coach is Melodie Power, a Certified Professional Resume Writer who spent 20 years as an award-winning pharmaceutical rep in sales and sales management. She’s been in the resume business since 2009 and is a Second Act Honoree with Louisville Business First. She is a skilled interview coach using competency-based review systems similar to those used by hiring managers and recruiters. She has several resume packages, including early workforce, professional, technical, and executive resumes and CVs, and will also do cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. If you want to go the do-it-yourself route, Melodie is available on an hourly basis for customized consultations offering guidance on career path direction and job search processes. When you get that job interview, Melodie will work with you on coaching and interview role-playing to help you identify your personal branding message.

How to get started. Melodie includes a form on her website where you can reach her and upload your existing materials if you wish. You can also call her at (502) 245-1733 or email her.

resume services louisville ky

What are you looking for?

Resume Service in Louisville, KY

1. Career Management Resume Services

Serving the Louisville Area

First place i went was not good which made me very skeptical with second place (career management resume services) so glad i ran across this place.…

2. Academy Resume Writers

From Business: We Have Years of Experience. Call Now. * You don't have to spend a fortune to have a first class resume. * SERVICE LEVEL: This resume service is ideal for: Basic…

3. Executive Resume Writing Service

From Business: WRITING COMPETENCY: This proven service is designed to assist C-level professionals to advance their career. We are true experts at our craft. * QUALIFICATION:…

4. ABS Associated Business Services

#Very Professional #Expert

5. Melodie Power, The Resume & Interview Coach

Melodie was great to work with. She did an incredible job crafting a resume for me as well as teach me invaluable skills/tips for interviews.

6. Careers 2000 - Certified Resume Writer, Career & Interview Coach

Sam is a first-rate professional who is deeply knowledgeable and understands his business intimately. Sam is a gifted listener and a supportive…

7. Parker + Lynch

THIS BRANCH APPEARS TO BE RUN BY CHILDREN! Multiple unreturned phone calls. Multiple emails without a response. Multiple appointments made but not…

8. Resumes Etc

From Business: "Unlocking Your Potential"

9. Audreys Desk

10. careers 2000, 11. louisville classified, 12. the interview league, 13. jobrockit.com, 14. top notch clerical, 15. career dynamics usa, 16. hatching house mentoring services, inc..

From Business: Teaching youth life skills to empower them to make better life choices.

17. Nicholas Consulting Inc

18. the transition group, llc.

It deserves NEGATIVE rating. I contacted Anthony Santamassino to help me update my Resume and Cover Letter. According to his web site: “Interview…

19. Careers 2000

20. john hancock resumes.

Wes and team did an amazing job with my resume. I've got an extensive diverse background and he was able to work with me to highlight and detail…

21. Career Guiders

From Business: Career Guiders Resume online writing building and Professional resume writing services .. log in to http://www.careerguiders.com > click on CV writer to know more

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3 Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville

Connect with the best online resume writing services in Louisville. We have sorted top 3 resume writing services based on real customer reviews from most trusted platforms. Select best professional resume writers and editors based on real customer feedback, affordability and response time. Choose and hire the best resume writers in Louisville for your career needs.

resume services louisville ky

Creative Resumes, Inc.

Creative Resumes offers top-rated services in America, including federal and job-winning resumes. They also provide cover letters, KSAs, resumes, resumes, resume templates, resumes for government, KSAs, and curriculum vitae. A Certified Resume Professional (CPR more...

Resume That Works reviews

Resume That Works

Over 120 000+ Resumes Written. $47.95 per Custom Resume Writing by Certified Professional Resume Writer! Since 2010, we've helped many job seekers and built a stellar resume writing team that can help you land the job you want. No matter if you're look more...

John Hancock Professional Resume Writing reviews

John Hancock Professional Resume Writing

John Hancock Resumes provides professional services in the Greater Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati area since 2003. We help you turn your resume into an achievement-based document. This highlights the best aspects of your character and emphasizes your maj more...

Careers2000 - Certified Resume Writers, Career & Interview Coach reviews

Careers2000 - Certified Resume Writers, Career & Interview Coach

How to distinguish yourself and stand out from your competition Be confident and ready for the interview To find out if the company is right for you, research it. Establish a solid foundation to ask thoughtful, probing questions Learn how to negotiate your sala

Melodie Power, The Resume and Interview Coach reviews

Melodie Power, The Resume and Interview Coach

The job market can be competitive, whether you're looking for a promotion or to change companies. It is important to be a standout candidate. Melodie Power is my name and I am The Resume and Interview coach. Since 1998, I have been helping business people, more...

10 BEST College Essay Editing Services - 5 Star Rated

9 best admissions essay writing services - 5 star rated, top 9 resume writing services online.

resume services louisville ky

Sequence Resumes

We don't just write RESUMES. We write new lives.

aesthetic notch

Louisville’s Premiere Resume Writing Service and Professional Resume Writers

GET YOUR Resume Written by one of our Professional Resume Writers Today!

Sequence provides a wide array of job search, career planning and professional resume writing services for career-minded individuals. At Sequence, as part of our resume writing services, we have a team of professional resume writers, branding and candidate marketing specialists who are highly capable of developing your resume, building your brand, and transforming your career plans into action to achieve your personal goals and expectations. From resume assistance to resume writer service and professional resume writing help, find out why local Louisville residents turn to Sequence time and time again to write their resume.

Special 5% Discount Available if you Live Local to the Louisville  Area!

Use discount code 2017city5.

We interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers in the marketplace. We are especially known for providing job seekers an exceptional level of professional and personalized service and expertise in career planning, personal branding and candidate marketing for the finest positions with leading organizations throughout the United States and around the world. We have written resumes for every conceivable role.

There are things you learn after engaging with thousands and thousands of professionals to write their resumes. Our expertise in this regard is unparalleled. Additionally, we proudly partner on a regular basis with some of the most professional organizations, government agencies and companies in these sectors.

As a Louisville  local, trust our professional resume writers to help you develop a powerful resume.


Choose Your Résumé Package Today.

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Louisville was founded in 1778, making it one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains. It is home to many American institutions, including the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Louisville Slugger baseball bats.

City Website: www.loukymetro.org

Chamber of Commerce: www.greaterlouisville.com

County Website: www.loukymetro.org

Situated in Jefferson County, with a population of 615366, the City of Louisville is unique as one of Kentucky’s Largest Municipalities (Ranked #30 in the Nation!).

Economy / Education

The economy for Louisville is expected to show a Projected 5-Year Growth Rate of 1.8%. It is also fairly educated with 76.1% having earned a high school diploma and 21.3% of residents having earned a Bachelor or Higher. All helping to make the city one of the state’s most competitive markets for job seekers.

Industry Sectors

Industries sectors for Louisville and Jefferson County are diverse and encompass Contractors, Education, Finance, Food Services, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Transportation.

Major Employers

Major employers in the area include: ADP Benefits Solutions, Airport Industrial Center, American Hospital Directory, Anthem Health Plans, Bank of America, Baptist Health, Brook Hospital, Brown-Forman Beverages, Cardinal Hill Hospital, Chase Bank, Columbia Hospital, Fire Arms Training Center, Ford Kentucky Truck Plant, GE Appliances, Glowtouch Technologies, Harambee Health Center, Humana, JBS, Jefferson County, Jewish Hospital, KFC, Kindred Healthcare, Kosair Children’s Hopital, MD Now Medical Center, Norton Audubon Hospital, Paragon Rehabilitation, PNC Bank, UPS, University of Louisville, US Veterans Medical Center, Whayne Supply Co, and Yum! Brands.

Area / Size

Louisville is surrounded by or in close proximity to the cities of: Anchorage, Audubon Park, Bancroft, Barbourmeade, Beechwood Village, Bellemeade, Bellewood, Blue Ridge Manor, Briarwood, Broad Fields, Broeck Pointe, Brownsboro Farm, Brownsboro Village, Buechel, Cambridge, Cherrywood Village, Coldstream, Creekside, Crossgate, Douglass Hills, Druid Hills, Fairdale, Fairmeade, Fern Creek, Fincastle, Fisherville, Forest Hills, Glenview Hills, Glenview Manor, Glenview, Goose Creek, Graymoor-Devondale, Green Spring, Heritage Creek, Hickory Hill, Highview, Hills and Dales, Hollow Creek, Hollyvilla, Houston Acres, Hurstbourne Acres, Hurstbourne, Indian Hills, Jeffersontown, Keeneland, Kingsley, Langdon Place, Lincolnshire, Lyndon, Lynnview, Manor Creek, Maryhill Estates, Meadow Vale, Meadowbrook Farm, Meadowview Estates, Memory Place, Middletown, Mockingbird Valley, Moorland, Murray Hill, Newburg, Norbourne Estates, Northfield, Norwood, Okolona, Old Brownsboro Place, Parkway Village, Penile, Plantation, Pleasure Ridge Park, Plymouth Village, Poplar Hills, Prospect, Richlawn, Riverwood, Rolling Fields, Rolling Hills, Seneca Gardens, Shively, South Park View, Spring Mill, Spring Valley, Springlee, St. Dennis, St. Matthews, St. Regis Park, Strathmoor Manor, Strathmoor Village, Sycamore, Ten Broeck, Thornhill, Valley Station, Watterson Park, Wellington, West Buechel, Westwood, Whipps Millgate, Wildwood, Windy Hills, Woodland Hills, Woodlawn Park, and Worthington Hills.

It incorporates area code 502 and zip codes 400xx-402xx.

With Consideration of the size, market and diversity of Louisville, it is more important than ever to have a resume writing service with professional resume writer craft a resume that helps you stand apart from others in the job market.

Don’t Just Advance Your Career

Advance your life.  And harness the power of a custom-designed resume today.

It’s time to get started

We Are Sequence

Expert Resume Writing Services

The premier resume writers and writing experts for professional and technical industries in Louisville.

Everyone has a story. At Sequence our resume writers have been pioneering the art of telling stories compellingly through custom resumes and high impact professional career branding materials for more than a decade.

Just as you are more than a worker with an assigned number, your resume is more than a simple piece of paper communicating dates, titles and tasks. You are a dedicated professional, craftsman, innovator, leader and in many cases artist of your trade. A unique brand.

But no one will know this in today’s hyper-competitive job market where impressions and decisions are made quickly and data is systematically processed unless you can articulate your message and that brand.

On average, in our experience, you have just 9 seconds to make an initial impression. Decisions happen that fast. Only a custom produced resume, exclusive to you and crafted to “catch an eye” by a Sequence expert knowledgeable of the distinct demands of your industry will enable you to make that impression.  Gaining this competitive advantage over others in today’s Louisville area job market is something individuals turn uniquely to Sequence for again and again.

Learn more about what our professional resume writers can do for you.

Sequence: Trusted Resume Writing Service

Trusted by major professional associations

We interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers in niche professional and technical marketplaces throughout the United States and internationally. We have also partnered with leading professional trade associations engaged in these industries.

Because of our collaboration with these trade organizations, we have become trusted experts and consultants providing an array of career planning and resume writing services. Our expertise in these key industry sectors is widely recognized and sought after because we understand the fields inside and out. Beyond resume preparation, our professional resume writing services are unique because we know specifically what employers in Louisville are looking for and how best to market your resume and get it moved to the top of the pile.

We are particularly noted for serving as keynote speakers and leading an assortment of career planning related seminars, workshops, resume clinics, and special sessions on career branding and resume writing for organizations like the American Planning Association, International Code Council, among others, and lending our industry-specific expertise to career-minded professionals in our country’s leading industry sectors.

Key difference between Sequence and others? We don’t just write resumes and branding materials, we impart valuable expertise and educate individuals about how to use these tools to get jobs, obtain better compensation and further their careers.

Learn More About Why We Are A Trusted Partner

LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

Build your resume and professional profile for the digital age

Generic and basic resumes of the past no longer work in today’s new digital age. In our world of electronic media, large HR databases, impersonal connections, and strong competition for fewer jobs, you must cleverly navigate through these unseen obstacles to rise above all others if you hope to have any chance of being seen and heard.

Producing a resume and professional profile for  Louisvillelocals that successfully moves you through these perilous channels and elevates you to consideration or an interview requires a special effort, keen skills and adaptability. At Sequence, we understand ATS systems, absorption, keywords, and various applications and have the expert know-how to produce personal brand marketing materials that get you noticed. In addition to profession and executive resume writing services, we are experts at writing custom LinkedIN and Social Media profiles that go beyond paper into digital- one of the reasons we are noted as the best resume writing service by our satisfied customer.

We know and understand what employers are looking for in a job candidate. It’s why our products and online resume writing services are geared towards garnering the attention of employers and can significantly increase your brand awareness in the Louisville job marketplace.

More than ever, your resume and profile are the key to successful employment and career advancement. Failure to craft these properly is not an option. Trust Sequence to create a resume / digital profile and help you build and market your brand online.

Learn how you can get the competitive edge

Sequence Resumes’ parent company, Sequence Staffing, is the premier executive recruitment firm committed to providing employment solutions for the core enterprises responsible for planning, building and maintaining our communities, infrastructure, natural resources, and environment throughout the United States and around the world. We interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers throughout the U.S. and around the world. Unlike other local resume companies, we know and understand what employers are looking for in a job candidate when creating a resume. It’s why our products and online resume writing services are geared towards garnering the attention of employers and can significantly increase your brand awareness in the job marketplace. Our industry-specific experts and resume writers will personally work with you directly to develop the most powerful, comprehensive resume package that will highlight your knowledge, skills, experience, education and training, and key characteristics and attributes that clearly demonstrate to employers how you are the best match to the opportunity. As a Louisville local, discover why our resume writing services and professional resumes writers can create the most compelling and best resume to empower you in your career.

Every Resume Package Includes

Sequence’s Revolutionary  VITAE EXERCISE I-Book & Materials!

resume services louisville ky

The professional assigned to me is by far the best career coach I have worked with. He took the time to get to know each of his clients, and creates a plan of attack will help you achieve your goals. No “Cookie-Cutter” shortcuts

resume services louisville ky

15%!  That was the jump in raise due to the Resume, so thank you once again for the effort on this.  I can now have money to help out my family back home… Great Job guys!!

Live the life you’ve always wanted.

Let us write your resume, and get you that career you’ve been searching for.

Discover Pricing & Packages


Kentucky Career Center

Finding a quality job is stressful. You don’t have to go it alone.

Our career specialists at the Kentucky Career Center can support you in every aspect of your job search. We provide counseling and workshops to help you with your goals, resume, interview skills, and connect you to quality jobs. All services are free of charge.

Connect with uS

kcc fb-01.png

Nina moved to Louisville and couldn't find a job. After working with career counselors at the Kentucky Career Center, she was able to find a great career in the administrative field.

Jump to a section to explore our career resources

Browse job openings at Focus Career . You can also complete this form or call (502) 388-3010 to get connected to a career specialist to guide you on your next step.

Upcoming Events

Visit our event calendar for a full list of workshops and events.

Hiring Events

View more events on Loxi.io

Career Training

Our career training programs will help you start a job in a growing local industry. Like all of our career services, these programs are free of charge.

resume services louisville ky


The Lineworker Training Program prepares students to enter and be successful in the Line Utility Industry.

resume services louisville ky


Our virtual Customer Service Training will get you certified and connected to jobs in this in-demand field.

resume services louisville ky


The Workforce Readiness Training classes include: Resume & Portfolio Workshop, Job Search Strategies, Networking, and Interview Skills.

Career Workshops

Led by expert career counselors, our workshops will help you sharpen your job search skills and explore new career pathways. All workshops are also available by appointment.

Upcoming Workshops include: Job Search Strategies, Resume Help, Interview Success, Using LinkedIn, Intro to Tech Careers, Intro to Healthcare Careers, Intro to Manufacturing Careers, Online Learning, and Career Edge (our virtual learning platform).

Lisa participated in the Kentucky Career Center career workshops. They helped her sharpen her skills and find a new job.

1-on-1 Career Coaching

You can work with a career specialist by phone or video chat on every aspect of your career journey.

Career Services we offer include:

Custom Career Planning

Resume Review and Optimization

Interview Guidance and Practice

Labor Market Information

Job Search Assistance

Information on Training Opportunities

resume services louisville ky

Visit a Career Center Near You

We offer multiple career center locations across the seven county Louisville region. In addition to our locations in Jefferson, Bullitt, Henry, and Shelby counties, we are also at public libraries each week in Oldham, Trimble, and Spencer counties.

What if there isn’t a center close to me? Our mobile team can meet with you close to where you live or work and provide career services.

You can reach the Kentucky Career Center at the Nia Center in Louisville by calling (502) 208-6485 .

Meet Rick. Hear how the Kentucky Career Center in Shelbyville helped Rick land a quality job shortly after getting out of prison.

Meet Jay. He was able to get a great paying job as an Operations Manager at Amazon with the help from a career coach at the Kentucky Career Center.

Additional Resources

Local Career Data

Kentucky Unemployment Insurance website

What do you need to file your Unemployment Insurance claim?

Unemployment Insurance FAQs ( En español )


Academics & Programs

Faculty & research, ulmer career management center, alumni & friends, news & events.

About the College of Business

The UofL College of Business enhances the intellectual and economic vitality of our city, the region, and the broader business world through our academic programs, research, and community outreach activities. We strongly believe that lives improve through entrepreneurship, innovation, critical and rigorous thinking, diverse ideas, and people.

The University of Louisville College of Business offers a wide variety of degree programs to help you accelerate your success and achieve your professional goals. Whether you’re laying a strong foundation for your business career, taking the next big step on your professional journey, or building specialized industry expertise, we’ve got you covered.

UofL College of Business faculty pride themselves on real-world experience and depth of research. They value innovation, critical thinking, and the exchange of new ideas. Our distinguished faculty will help you achieve your goals — before and after graduation.

The Ulmer Career Management Center is a state-of-the-art resource connecting local, regional, and international employers with high-potential College of Business students and alumni.

The UofL College of Business continues to succeed thanks to the commitment and resources of alumni and friends. Learn about our latest initiatives, the impact of our alumni on our mission, and how you can stay involved.

Get up-to-date on the latest news from the College of Business community.

resume services louisville ky

Resume Assistance

There is no stronger statement that can be made to introduce you to a prospective employer than a concise, solid resume. A resume consists of components such as contact information, job objective, education, employment history, skills and abilities, activities, and honors. The resume serves as a marketing tool to sell yourself to potential employers. The primary objective of a resume is to get an interview in order to sell your product – YOU!

Resume Review Days

All business students and alumni are invited to come to Resume Review Days for resume assistance, tips, and guidance. On a walk-in basis, bring your resume to the Ulmer Career Center between 9AM-6PM and get it reviewed – no appointment needed on these days.

Customized Resume Assistance

Individual appointments with an Ulmer Career Center staff member are available to help you create a resume or review an existing document. Call (502) 852-7756 or stop by the Ulmer Center to schedule an appointment.

In the meantime, check out these 10 Resume Writing Tips to help get you started.

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