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Judaism power point


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Judaism presentation

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powerpoint presentation about judaism

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powerpoint presentation about judaism

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powerpoint presentation about judaism

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powerpoint presentation about judaism

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powerpoint presentation about judaism

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powerpoint presentation about judaism

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powerpoint presentation about judaism

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powerpoint presentation about judaism

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AP World History

El Segundo High School

Major Sects

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Major Sects, cont.

The 13 Articles of Faith

Rituals & Practices

Torah Scrolls

Sacred Texts

"Intelligent people know of what they speak; fools speak of what they know.”

-Minchas Shabbos Pirkei Avos 3:18 / -Ethics of The Fathers (Talmud)


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An Introduction to Judaism

Published by Felix Morrison Modified over 4 years ago

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Presentation on theme: "An Introduction to Judaism"— Presentation transcript:

An Introduction to Judaism

Chapter 7 Study Guide 6th Grade.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

Judaism: Tradition and Change. Distinctive characteristics Dialogical Dialogical Jewish history is “a continuing dialogue with God” rooted in a covenant.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

World Religions: Judaism. Our Experiences Take Two Sticky Notes: Take Two Sticky Notes: Write on #1: What I admire about Judaism/the Jewish People Write.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

Judaism The first monotheistic religion.. Sinai Peninsula.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

Judaism Christianity Symbols. The Ten Commandments 1.“You should have no other gods before Me.” 2.“You shall not make for yourself a carved image--any.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

The Religion of Judaism The oldest surviving monotheistic religion.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

Origins of Judaism. Judaism Religion developed 3,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent Monotheistic (belief in one God) Shaped other religions like Christianity.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

The Religion of Judaism. Judaism is… “A 4000 year old tradition with ideas about what it means to be human and how to make the world a holy place.” (Rabbi.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

Core Beliefs Judaism. Judaism is one of the world’s oldest religions, dating back approximately four thousand years. The belief in one God, who is personal.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

Key Vocabulary Basic Beliefs Bye, Bye Egypt Origins LeadersSacred Writings Early Kingdoms Potpourri

powerpoint presentation about judaism

The Birth of Modern Judaism

powerpoint presentation about judaism

First- turn in your notes from last night!. Judaism Basic Beliefs Belief in God.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

The Ancient Hebrews.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

Judaism.  One of the three Abrahamic faiths  Christianity and Islam  13 million Jewish people in 2007  Most reside in United States and Israel  Judaism.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

Judaism Brief Overview. Origins God established covenant with Abraham –Divine promise to Abraham that his descendants would enjoy God’s blessing –In turn,

powerpoint presentation about judaism

JUDAISM Judaism About 3500 years old, Judaism is the mother religion of Christianity and Islam. Monotheism: belief in and worship of only one god. Jews.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

Pages The Jews’ early history began in Canaan and ended when the Romans forced them out of Israel. 2. Jewish beliefs in God, justice and law.

powerpoint presentation about judaism

HEBREW MONOTHEISM. As states and empires increased in size and contacts between regions multiplied, religious and cultural systems were transformed. Religions.

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