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Why this program?

With four chairs (i.e. professors) in English Literature and four chairs in English Linguistics (incl. Switzerland's only full professorship in English Historical Linguistics), the UZH English Department offers the broadest range of courses among Swiss universities. The UZH Master program in English Literature and/or Linguistics is designed to offer a great deal of flexibility to advanced students wishing to pursue courses in one or both areas:

What can I do with it later?

The Master programs in English Literature and/or Linguistics prepare students for later employment in a wide range of areas. Moreover, graduates with a strong academic record will have the option of pursuing a PhD and thus lay the basis for a possible career in higher education.

Many of our Alumni/Alumnae work at Swiss Maturitätsschulen. In addition, former students of English have been employed by:

What will I learn?

In English Literature, students will develop their ability to describe aesthetic phenomena with great precision and increasing nuance, contextualizing works of literature in the broader cultural field and situating their own interpretations within specific critical debates.

In English Linguistics, students will learn how to reflect critically on their own choice of method and theory, and continue to hone their skills in preparing, analyzing, and interpreting increasingly complex sets of linguistic data.

In addition, the UZH Master program in English Literature and/or Linguistics includes advanced writing and media studies modules. By the end of their studies, students will thus have acquired all the necessary skills to conduct independent scholarly work.

Additional information

Master's degree program in English Literature and Linguistics study guide (PDF, 257 KB)

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