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10 Tips to Enhance Your Resume

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Resumes are an important tool in any job search, and they can make or break you as a candidate. This may seem like a lot of pressure, but getting the right format for a resume is easier than it seems at first. Use this advice to make your resume better than it’s ever been before.

Use Concrete Success Measurements

Don’t just say that you did something; give some stats that show how much you succeeded. The right way to do this will vary depending on your career. If you’re in sales, for example, you can say “negotiated $10.2 million in contracts” rather than just saying “negotiated numerous important contracts.”

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Show, Don’t Tell

Don’t use subjective statements like “great communicator.” Instead, give examples of why that’s true. You can say something like “counseled patients from a variety of different backgrounds” or something similar to show how you use your skills.

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Keep It Short

Resumes aren’t places for complete sentences. Make all your descriptions short and to the point so the reader can scan through and get a good idea of what you’ve done. Use the smallest number of words possible to make your point.

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Format It Right

It’s a good idea to structure your resume in discrete sections and use bullet points or other formatting tricks to keep it organized. The goal is, again, to make it scannable and do the hiring manager a favor by avoiding taking up too much time.

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Work From the Job Description

It’s essential to tailor your resume for each individual job description. You’ll want to emphasize different aspects of your skill set and experience based on what each individual employer is asking for.

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Include the Right Keywords

As part of working from the job description, include some of the language used in the job description. Keywords, especially those used to describe specific qualifications and job responsibilities, are often the first step in screening resumes. Whether it’s a computer or a person doing the screening, they’ll probably do a quick search to see if you’ve included the right keywords.

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Put Education in Its Proper Place

How important is your education to the position you’re applying for? If the employer specifically asks that applicants have a specific type of degree, you should emphasize that more than less-relevant information, like an objective statement or skills the job post didn’t ask for. If education isn’t mentioned in the post at all, you may want to leave it out so you can have space to include more relevant information.

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Use Creativity Judiciously

Your resume can be more than just a list of what you can do; it can also show off how well you understand the industry. If you’re applying for a job at a buttoned-up law firm, keep your fonts and formatting simple and clean. If you’re applying for a job at a fun tech startup, you can get a little more creative with colors and graphics, but don’t waste space with this formatting.

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Optimize for Mobile

A one-column design can make it easier for prospective managers to read your resume on their cellphones. You never know how and when they’re going to look at it, so it makes sense to make your resume as readable on different devices as possible.

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You don’t need to include every single job you’ve ever had on your resume. Only include what’s most relevant for where you are right now. If you’re concerned that doing this will make it look like you have employment gaps, you can use a header like “selected experience” or “relevant experience” to clarify.

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help me resume

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This was a great help, i had no Idea how to make a resume but this website really helped in every way possible and made it incredibly easy to get a professional looking resume in no time at all.

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You did a great job. I struggled to summarize my work experience, but now I feel like I see my past path much clearer. I am grateful. The site provides attractive templates and comfortable division into the points of interest.

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Reference professional resume examples in your industry

Browse our collection for job-title and industry-specific samples that make resume and letter writing easier than ever.

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Build a professional resume and cover letter with help from the experts.

ResumeHelp’s resume builder provides a simple and quick solution to resume writing with custom feedback from career coaches.

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ResumeHelp offers more than resumes and cover letters. Our career coaches and community of professionals offer support and feedback every step of the way.

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Our career coaches are certified resume writers allowing them to offer professional guidance on how to make a resume for your job type.

You are never alone in this process! Share your experiences, ask a question, read one of our many guides or get support from our community.

FAQ: Resume Builders

Have questions? We’re here to help.

What is a resume builder?

A resume builder is an online tool that allows users to quickly and easily upload their resume or build a brand new one from scratch using templates that offer a variety of options to fit the job requirements. With ResumeHelp’s resume builder you get access to a wide variety of template options with the ability to customize each template to your specific industry.

What should a resume include?

A good resume will include 5 critical sections:

Read more on what a resume is to understand each of these sections.

Are there different types of resumes?

Yes. Resumes come in different formats and there are 3 common formats used by professionals in their job hunt. Combination/hybrid , functional and chronological . Each of these follows a specific layout and can be tailored based on your skillset and experience.

Should I include a cover letter with my resume?

Absolutely. Even if the job application doesn’t require a cover letter, this is your opportunity to call out skills that may not be easily conveyed on your resume. It also helps the hiring manager understand how you differ from other applicants to get you one step closer to landing your dream job. ResumeHelp offers a cover letter builder to match your resume in minutes while tailoring it to your unique skills and experiences.

What makes ResumeHelp’s builder different from all the others?

With ResumeHelp, you not only get the ability to create a professional resume in minutes, you also get access to career coaches. These are certified resume writers with the ability to help you craft your resume and help you land your dream job. We also offer a community of professionals at various stages of the job application process willing to help guide you further on your career journey.

Couldn’t find the answer you’re looking for? You can always contact us.

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Expert Advice from the MyPerfectResume Career Blog

Our guidance goes beyond resumes. Whether you’re looking for your first job or if the executive level is within your reach, we have the resources to help you in all stages of your career. We can assist with your resume, cover letter, interview prep, networking, job offers and more.

How To Write Resume

How to Make a Resume in 2023

Create a memorable resume using our step by step guide.

Cover Letter Tips And Free Templates

How to Write a Cover Letter with Tips and Examples

Expand on your skills and career with an outstanding cover letter.

Cv Maker

Best CV Maker - Easily Build a Professional CV in Minutes

Our powerful builder software makes creating a professional CV easy.

How To Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

Top Ten Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Practice the most common behavioral questions before your interview.

Top Skills For A Resume How To Write Skills For A Resume

Top Skills for a Resume with Examples

Learn how to impress recruiters by showcasing your top skills.

Ats Friendly Resume

How to Write an ATS-Friendly Resume

Learn how to pass the ATS test with this guide.

Get inspired with My Perfect Resume examples

Our professionally written resume and cover letter examples show you what a high-quality resume looks like. Each example is crafted to showcase the most sought-after skills in your industry. Choose a resume example for your industry or job title and customize it to your liking!

Top Resume Examples

Top resume examples

Top Cl Examples

Top cover letter examples

Top Cv Example

Top CV examples

Last Updated: February 08, 2023

What is a resume?

A resume is a one- to two-page document that formalizes and summarizes your work experience, skills and education. When you submit a resume for a job application, you’re showing employers what you’re capable of and the abilities you possess that allow you to fulfill the job responsibilities.

Whether you’re attaching a resume to an email or filling out a job application that asks you to submit a resume online, having a complete professional resume is crucial.

How do I create a resume?

What is a resume template?

A resume template is a resume with placeholder text to show job seekers how the document could look. A template helps you visualize and understand how the resume will be seen by recruiters and hiring managers.MyPerfectResume resume templates were designed to maximize the space and, in some cases, show a bit of your personal style.

What do resumes look like?

A perfect resume has five key elements. Here are what they are and some tips on how to create resume sections:

How long should a resume be?

In most cases, a resume should be no longer than two pages. If you don’t have much work experience, it’s OK to have a one-page resume. But if you’re a career professional with plenty of relevant experience in your field, you can create a two-page resume that accommodates your growth. 

You can always preview your resume in our builder before you save and download it, ensuring it looks its best. If you need them, check out how to include references . 

How do I build a resume in MyPerfectResume builder?

It is simple to build a resume in MyPerfectResume builder

You’ll be guided by prompts during the entire process. Save to skip, edit and return. Once you’re done, download in multiple formats. If you want to look at your resume with fresh eyes, save it and return to the document later. 

Remember, MyPerfectResume can also educate you on how to write a resume, what skills to include for your industry, and see examples that work. And, the Career Center can help prepare you for your interview , networking and more. 

Can I customize my resume in the builder?

Yes, you can customize your resume on our builder. We provide industry specific expert suggestions that you can include as is or edit them using our editing tool. If you want to write a section on your own, skip the suggestion and write your content in the text box.

Do I need to include a cover letter with my resume?

We recommend including a cover letter in your application, even if the employer doesn’t request it. Cover letters are a great way to expand on what’s written in your resume and elaborate on your career highlights, explain your interest in the job and truly market yourself to the hiring manager or recruiter.

Our user-friendly Cover Letter Builder has dozens of cover letter templates that will help you complement your resume. We also have a detailed How to Write a Cover Letter article and hundreds of cover letter examples you can use as inspiration.

Are MyPerfectResume’s templates ATS-friendly?

Yes. Our resume templates are designed to pass the ATS test. Our templates are professionally designed and employer-ready, which includes creating templates for e According to a KellyOCG and Human Capital Media survey , 66% of recruiting organizations use ATS. Make it through the system with our ATS-compliant templates.

Can you show me resume examples made in the MyPerfectResume builder?

Of course! We have 800+ resume examples , 300+ CV examples and 200+ cover letter examples to check out. These examples are categorized by industry and roles, making it even easier to find the right one for you. Each example provides access to our tips and expert advice, and can be edited in the Builder.

What is the best resume builder?

Look no further. My Perfect Resume has, well, the perfect resume builder . You can build a resume and cover letter in one place. We take you step-by-step through the resume writing process and help match your resume to the right job. Real experts have created everything to help you at every stage of the process. And if you need more, our Full Access plan can take you further.

Can I download my resume in multiple formats?

Yes, you can download and save your resume in multiple formats: PDF, Word, RTF and TXT.

What can I do if I need help with my My Perfect Resume account?

My Perfect Resume has a dedicated customer support team waiting to help you! If you have any issues with your account, you can reach out at 855-213-0348. If you’re outside the U.S., check out our Contact Us page.

What should I consider when choosing a resume builder?

When choosing a resume builder, consider what the builder offers you. Write down a list of what you need to evaluate. For example:

With our Resume Builder, you can create your resume, use our Cover Letter Builder, and receive guidance for the entire job search process through our how-to guides, tips and interview prep.

Make a resume with My Perfect Resume

Start now. Use our Resume Builder now!

*The names and logos of the companies referred to above are all trademarks of their respective holders. Unless specifically stated otherwise, such references are not intended to imply any affiliation or association with MyPerfectResume.

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Zety Online Resume Builder. Create a Professional Resume for Free.

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Resume writing can be stressful, confusing, and time-consuming if you do it all on your own. With our Resume Maker, it’s quick, pain-free, and effective.

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We’ve developed our resume builder with one goal in mind: to help you find a great job faster. Our resume maker comes with ATS-optimized layouts and a wizard that guides you through every step of the process. Plus, you'll get ready-to-use AI-generated suggestions for every section of your resume, personalized to match your desired position. Don’t feel like writing? Just drag and drop the content that suits you and let our resume editor do the rest. Have a hard time choosing which style is right for you? Check out all our resume templates here , and read more about their advantages. Looking to make a CV instead? Try our easy-to-use CV Builder that comes with professional CV templates .

As seen in:

Here’s what people say about our online resume creator:

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What’s in it for you? Here’s what our resume maker has to offer:

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1. Professional templates for all types of jobs

Our resume creator comes with 18 fully customizable templates. You’ll get advice on which one to pick depending on your industry, seniority level, and the kind of company you’re applying to.

2. Resume score

Once you’re done with filling your document in the editor, our resume builder will score it against your competitors and give you detailed tips on how exactly to improve your resume.

Resume creator built-in career expert tips

3. Matching cover letter builder

You can create a cover letter that matches the design of your resume—recruiters will appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. Read more about our cover letter builder’s features here.

4. Generate a resume & download in PDF or DOC without limits

Create, save, and download multiple versions of your resume to apply for different positions. Switch between templates in a flash. Add or remove content. Our easy resume generator will make sure the layout stays intact. You can download your resume in PDF, Word, or even as an image. Make and download your resume with no compromises.

Resume builder PDF and Word download feature

5. Resume creation made easy with ready-to-use suggestions for major professions

When making a resume with our online resume builder, you’ll get dozens of personalized content suggestions for every section. All of the pre-written tips have been curated by our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers.

6. Upload and automatically reformat your old resume

Already have a resume? Disappointed with the boring layout? Upload it to our builder with a single click and let our resume software make it look just right. All your resumes are saved in our cloud, so you can edit them as your career progresses.

Resume maker upload feature

If you don’t know how to build your own resume from scratch, don’t worry—the website walks you through the process step by step and tells you what information you need to input for each section… Zety is the best online [resume] builder overall.

Reviewgeek logo

The Zety resume maker is pretty powerful and offers a great degree of control without being overwhelming.

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One word? HIRED

You’ll finally get a job you want, not the one you have to take. Break free from the vicious cycle of lowering expectations just to get any job.

Start picking between offers you actually want. Apply the resume generator’s advice, optimize your application, and get that dream job.

Client's avatar

I utilized Zety’s builder app to the fullest, applying everything I learned, and even added some unique touches the resume software offered. Now, instead of stressing over what keyword or language to use on my resume, I can focus on which job offer to accept.

Client's avatar

I went from fired to hired in less than 3 weeks. I was let go from my old job due to downsizing. With Zety, I was able to build custom resumes tailored to the jobs I was applying to quickly and easily. My last day was 3/9/18 and I had several offers by 3/25/18. Accepted an excellent job on 3/27/18. I can't thank you guys enough. You really helped save my family from some serious hardship.

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Zety is what will make you stand out. In less than a month and a half, I got contacted by six employers and went in for three interviews. They’ve all commented on how my résumé caught their eye, and how “visually pleasant" it is. The cover letter tool has been a tremendous help as well. It has made my life so much easier!

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Zety saved my resume and my career. I was applying for jobs with my own made resume and kept failing... until I came to Zety. I enhanced my resume and was amazed how professional the resume builder and the tips are. Guess what? I started to receive phone calls and emails for interviews. I have a job offer in the spring!

…and what will your story be?

Frequently Asked Questions about Zety Resume Builder

Which resume builder is the best in 2023.

Zety's resume builder offers more features than any other app of this kind. It allows you to create as many documents as you want for free, and provides you with:

Want to see how it compares against other apps? See this ranking of the best resume builders available online .

What is a resume?

A resume is a brief document with a collection of achievements in professional, academic, and personal areas that serves to represent you in a job hunt —a formal display of opportunities you've taken for a better future. It showcases your skill set and experience to a prospective employer.

A resume is typically formatted into sections and sent alongside a cover letter.

What's the best resume template to use in 2023?

The best template for a resume in 2023 is one that looks professional and modern, while being easy to read or skim through . All the resume templates available in our Resume Maker tick those boxes, and are fast and easy to fill out online. Our templates are also entirely customizable (section order, colors, fonts, margins, etc.). All the changes are applied in real-time, and visible on a preview. Want to see how your resume would look with another template? Just swap the template at any time and our resume software will reorganize your content automatically. Want to have a look at different styles of resume templates? Here are our best resume templates .

What is a resume builder?

A resume builder is an online app or piece of software that provides users with interactive forms and templates for creating a resume quickly and easily. Zety Resume Maker offers tips and suggestions to help you build each resume section fast, even if it's your very first job application.

Plus, our Resume Builder formats your documents automatically, everytime you make any change. This allows you to swap templates, colors, content or fonts dynamically, without losing any of your progress or messing up your formatting. In short, online resume creators are a much quicker, more efficient alternative to creating your resume manually.

Do I need a different resume for every different job application?

We strongly advise you to make a different resume for every application. Generic documents don't stand a chance against a tailored resume . You should always at least change the skills on your resume and the job title to make them match the job ad you're applying for. In our resume generator, inputting the job title will give you suggestions for your list of skills, resume summary , and everything else. Also, you can easily duplicate, modify and save every resume you make, which will help you to create a tailored document in less than 5 minutes. Now you don't have to mass-send the same resume or spend hours creating a tailored one from scratch!

What is the best resume format to use in 2023?

There are several resume formats you can choose from. The most popular and useful is the reverse-chronological resume . This format displays your work history from the most recent to the oldest positions. An overwhelming majority of recruiters prefer receiving this type of resume, as they are mostly interested in your fresh skills and recently completed projects and diplomas. However, depending on your career path, you may need to pick:

Our online resume maker and all of our templates support all of these resume formats , so you can try them all and see what works best for you!

What should I include on my resume?

A resume consists of several parts , some of which are optional, depending on the job requirements and your career path. Here's what you should include on your resume in 2023:

When building a resume in our application, you’ll be guided through each step of the resume creation process, given expert tips and even generated content tailored to the job you’re applying for.

After you're done, your resume should be one-page long in most cases. But there are exceptions! Find your ideal resume length here . For help making each of these sections, read more on all resume parts here , and if you're starting from scratch or want to nail every step of the resume creation process, read our guide on how to write a resume .

Can I have my resume reviewed when I've finished writing?

One of the main features of our resume creator is called Resume Check . While you're working on each part of your resume, our software will score it and give recommendations on how to improve it. The Zety resume builder will also provide an overall review and grade for your resume , so you can predict how well it will perform in your job hunt against other candidates. To score your resume, our resume checker compares your document with thousands of other resumes made for the same job title. With the Zety resume app, you'll no longer be sending resumes blindly, unsure of whether they're actually any good. If you follow all the creator's tips, you'll only ever send top-notch job applications.

What does ATS-friendly resume mean?

An ATS-compliant resume template is one that will be fully readable and understandable by Applicant Tracking Systems. Most companies use such software to scan resumes to filter them before a recruiter has to go through pre-selected applications. If you don’t make your resume using an ATS-friendly resume template , your resume won't be readable by those systems, and your application will be automatically rejected. All the templates in our resume builder are 100% ATS-optimized. You'll avoid the risk of your resume getting rejected before a human even sees it.

Are there any good resume examples that I can use?

Even though our resume builder helps you with pre-written content, tailored suggestions, and career-expert tips, it is still essential to understand what recruiters are looking for in resumes for specific job titles. And this largely depends on the jobs, experience levels, and industries they hire for. To help you make a resume easily, we have created over 500 free resume examples for any job application . There's a guide for everyone, no matter your experience level and industry.

Do I need a cover letter for my resumes?

Cover letters are necessary , even in 2023. More than 25% of recruiters consider them critical, and half of them prefer when applicants attach a cover letter to their resume. Submitting a covering letter is one of the best ways to boost your resume and prove just how motivated you are. Of course, a cover letter will only work if it is as tailored and unique as your resume. Check out our guide on how to write a cover letter , help yourself with our hundreds of free cover letter examples , or use our professional cover letter templates that will match your resume in our resume builder.

Is Zety Resume Maker safe and legit?

Yes, Zety is a legit business , and you can learn more about it on the About Zety page. The website, our resume maker, our cover letter builder and any other tool we provide are safe thanks to a secure SSL https encrypted connection. Your personal data is processed according to stringent policies you can learn more about in the terms of use , privacy policy , and cookie policy . Want to know what users say about our services? Read our customers' reviews on our Trustpilot page !

Is Zety resume builder free?

You can use Zety Resume Builder for free to create resumes, CVs, and cover letters. The app follows the “try before you buy" credo—you pay once you're satisfied with the results. Downloading a printable resume as a PDF or MS Word .doc file from Zety costs just 2.99 USD for a two-week trial. Pricing may vary depending on the plan and subscription.

Try zety's professional resume builder now

Get Resume Help from the Experts at Resume Now

Resume Now’s free-to-use builder makes creating a professional resume easy. Our resume help includes recruiter-approved examples and templates tailored to the job you want and expert writing tips to customize your resume quickly.

resume now

Professional resumes approved by recruiters and loved by job seekers

Choose an ats-friendly resume template.

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Creative Director

Graphic designer, software engineer, bank teller, create a custom resume now in 4 simple steps, find the perfect example..

With thousands of resume examples , searchable by job title or industry, you’re sure to find your inspiration. Review them to see what a strong resume looks like.

Select a design.

We offer resume templates appropriate for every experience level, job and industry. Just select a template and create a professional resume online in minutes.

Customize your resume.

Our expert prewritten suggestions and professional editing tools help ensure your resume is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Format it, download it and send it.

Polish your resume with our easy-to-use formatting tools. Then save it, download it in your preferred format and send it!

See What People are Saying About Us

Get expert resume help, resume review.

Ever wonder, what does a resume look like? Resume Review takes the guesswork out of resume creation. Our resume helpers review your resume and provide feedback to help you stand out from the competition by:

Professional Resume Writing

The quickest way to get a professional resume is to let a pro do the work! Let our professional resume writers create a customized resume for you in just three business days. Our resume helpers will:

Great impressions start with Resume Now

Laurette T

“Resume building for me has always been so overwhelming, this is the easiest ever!! You cannot go wrong!!”

Laurette T.

Laurette T

“Your site was very helpful in creating my resume. I have been in education for 30 years, and needed to compile all of my experience onto one page. You made it very simple. Thank you.”

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Take your resume to the next level

We strive to help job seekers navigate the job application process quickly and easily. Each of our interview-winning products* was created to help you stand out from the competition and take your application to the next level.

Resume Examples

Find your inspiration from our comprehensive library of resume examples covering hundreds of industries and thousands of job titles.

Resume Builder

Build a resume online with ease. Our Resume Builder makes creating a standout resume a snap.

Cover Letter Builder

Use our Cover Letter Builder to quickly and easily create the ideal companion for your resume.

Who can help me with my resume?

When you are learning how to write a resume , look no further than Resume Now. We offer free content full of resume-writing tips, advice and how-to guides written by career experts and certified professional resume writers (CPRW). For personalized help writing your best resume, you can also check out our selection of professional resume-writing services to get connected with a resume writer. Within days, you are guaranteed a finished resume or cover letter (or both) that will help you get noticed.

What is a CPRW?

CPRW stands for Certified Professional Resume Writer. The CPRW credential is awarded by the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC) to those who have passed a rigorous resume-writing exam. This credential is the global industry standard for professional resume writers and shows that the individual with the credential possesses the highest level of resume-writing knowledge and a commitment to excellence in the field.

How can I create a resume?

The quickest way to create a professional resume on your own is using a resume builder . Our builder provides you with professional resume templates and prewritten text suggestions, making it simple for even novice writers to create a document that will help you land the job you want. Customize the content to your needs, or use it as is to get a finished resume quickly and easily.

Do I need a different resume for every job application?

Yes! The best way to get your resume through an applicant tracking system (ATS) is to customize it for every role you apply to. Study the job description to understand which skills are critical to that specific role and then update your resume accordingly, focusing on the professional summary or resume objective , the skills section and the bullet points in your work experience section . Customizing your resume doesn’t take long and can help set you apart from the competition, helping you land an interview.

How long should my resume be?

A resume should be no longer than two pages. If you are new to the workforce or have only worked for a few years, it shouldn’t exceed one page. A good rule of thumb is to write one page for every decade of experience you possess, and to keep your document focused on the last 20 years of your professional experience. If you need more than two pages, you may want to look into writing a curriculum vitae (CV) instead.

Are resumes made with Resume Now's Resume Builder ATS-friendly?

Yes! All of Resume Now’s resume templates are designed to be easy to scan by both humans and applicant tracking systems (ATS). An ATS is software that scans resumes, screens them for critical information — such as specific skills and experience — and eliminates unqualified applicants. In addition to offering ATS-friendly templates, our builder’s prewritten content suggestions help you choose the critical keywords employers look for in top candidates for your specific job title. Available in our Resume Builder, these content suggestions make it quick and easy to build a strong resume.

Where can I get support from the Resume Now team?

Need help with your resume or cover letter? Have questions about billing or need technical support? Our customer service team is here for you seven days a week. Click here to contact us via telephone, chat or email today!

Which resume template is best in 2023?

The best resume templates in 2023 should match the industry to which you are applying. For example, an understated resume template works best for conservative industries, like insurance or finance, while a more colorful resume template is appropriate for creative fields, like advertising or design. What all good resume templates have in common is that they are clean, easy to scan and organized into one of the three main resume formats .

How do I make a CV on Resume Now?

Resume Now’s builder allows you to create a resume or a CV, depending on your needs. While the vast majority of job seekers in the U.S. will use a resume, CVs — an abbreviation for the latin term “curriculum vitae” — are another type of job application document that is used in certain fields, including academia. Or study our CV Examples for more inspiration.

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Resume Genius

The World's Smartest Resume Builder


The best free resume builder online

Make a professional resume in 12 minutes, how resume genius can boost your career.

Regardless of where you're at in your career, our guides, samples, and templates can help you take your professional life to new heights.

Powerful Resume Builder

Professional cover letter and resume builder software perfected over a decade by HR experts. Our tools will ultimately save you hours of time and effort.

Job-Winning Examples

Need a few ideas before submitting your application? View hundreds of resume, cover letter, and CV examples for different jobs and life situations.

Free-to-Download Templates

500+ resume and cover letter templates in a wide range of colors and formats. Each template can be downloaded instantly for Word or opened in Google Docs.

Expert Writing Guides

Making a resume and writing a cover letter is easy with the right instructions. Our certified career coaches walk you through every step and detail.

FAQ Database

Can’t find the answer to your most pressing career-related questions? Our FAQ library is a good place to start.

Additional Career Resources

Resume Genius provides resignation letter templates, tips on writing thank you and recommendation letters, interview advice, and more.

Professional Resume Templates

Get your job hunt going with an easy-to-edit template. Download one of our 240+ resume templates and build a resume today.

Professional Resume Builder

Resume Genius features some of the most effective cover letter and resume maker software on the internet. If you need a job as soon as possible, our cover letter and resume generator tools can help you quickly create customized applications for multiple jobs.

HR-Approved Examples

There are 600+ resume & cover letter examples (and counting) hosted on Resume Genius. Each sample is reviewed by a certified expert, and is thoroughly vetted to ensure it's up-to-date and suitable for today's job market.

Popular Resumes

Popular cover letters, the genius career blog.

Whether you're new to job hunting, happily employed, or looking to land a higher-paid gig, our blog has resources to help you at each stage of your career.

A hero image for the resume formats page.

The Best Resume Format for 2023

Not sure how to format your resume and best highlight your qualifications? We'll show you, and also provide downloadable examples.

Image showing how to write a cover letter that impresses recruiters.

Learn the art of cover letter writing step by step. Knowing how to write a cover letter is a skill that'll help you throughout your career.

45+ Resume Summary Examples

Your resume summary showcases your top qualifications in 2-3 concise sentences. Use our examples as a reference when writing your own.

What Is a CV? (Definition & Meaning)

A CV (or "curriculum vitae") is similar to a resume, but it's not the same — especially in the US. Don't worry, we'll explain.

Videos for Job Seekers

Prefer video content? We cover the job application basics and more with in-depth YouTube tutorials. And don't forget to check out our TikTok content featuring the joys of work life.

How to Make a "No Experience" Resume

No work experience? No problem. Chloe walks you through the process of making a full 1-page resume that showcases the skills and experience you do have , so you can start applying for jobs.

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship

The best internships are competitive. Corissa explains how to write an internship cover letter that makes your application stand out from others vying for the same opportunity.

How to Assert Dominance in an Interview

Life on the job hunt is often full of surprises. And sometimes those surprises can be pretty funny.

Top Soft Skills for Your Job Search

Soft skills make you a more desirable candidate for a job. Are you highlighting these skills in your resume and during interviews?

Ready to level up your job hunt?

Increase your chance of landing interviews and earning job offers with these four proven steps .

Make a compelling resume

Write and format a job-winning resume with tips and tricks from certified career experts.

Write a complementary cover letter

Pair your resume with a great cover letter to make your application irresistible to hiring managers.

Get ready for the interview

Prepare for the interview by studying tricky interview questions and learning how to respond.

Send a thank-you email

Email a polite thank you letter to impress the hiring manager and improve your job prospects.

The Genius resume builder helps users get job offers from top companies

Frequently asked questions, what is resume genius.

Resume Genius is the internet’s premiere free resource for job seekers, and features powerful resume builder and cover letter generator software for anyone looking to apply for competitive jobs across the globe.

Over the past decade, Resume Genius has helped millions of users put together winning job applications by providing thorough writing guides, cutting-edge software, and free downloadable templates. Staffed by a team of seasoned career experts and HR professionals, Resume Genius seeks to help users (both old and new) find and grow their careers.

How do I build a resume?

You can build a resume with our resume creator — simply upload your existing resume and edit it or start from the beginning. Check out our free resume builder today and learn how to make a resume that gets you more job offers in your chosen industry.

Is Resume Genius legit?

Yes, Resume Genius is legit. is SSL Certified and protected by Norton AntiVirus, and all of the downloads and software on are protected as well.

Read, download, and navigate our content with ease, so you can spend more time focusing on that job you’ve got your eye on and getting ready to submit an application that earns you that job.

Is my information GDPR compliant and safe?

Yes, your information is GDPR/CCPA compliant and safe. We take the privacy of each user seriously, and allow everyone to opt out of some or all of the non-essential cookies we use across the website. If you’d like to request that we remove any of your personal data or check what personal data we’ve collected from you simply click here , or send us an email at [email protected] .

We outline the data we collect and why we collect it in our privacy policy . And if you’d like to see a list of cookies our website collects and how to opt in or out of cookies, read our cookie policy .

Can you help me build a cover letter?

Yes, we can help you build a cover letter. Our cover letter builder helps you fill out each line of your cover letter quickly — without the need to actually write it yourself. Simply put in your information and our software will provide suggestions for every sentence, helping you make a professional cover letter in just a few minutes.

Do you support languages outside of US english?

No, we do not support languages outside of US English yet. However, we’re hard at work translating our services so we can help more job seekers from around the world build successful careers. If interested, please check out our UK English content on , and French content on .

What is a CPRW?

A CPRW is a Certified Professional Resume Writer. The CPRW is a globally-recognized credential awarded to resume-writing experts to show they’re qualified to help others make professional resumes that get them noticed by employers and recruiters.

To qualify for a CPRW certification, applicants must first pass a test provided by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches .

More questions? Visit our FAQ library .

Ready to start making your resume?

Don't let your resume hold you back from getting the job you want. Our powerful resume builder helps you create a resume that highlights your qualifications and lands you more interviews.

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The Best Free Online Resume Builder

A Quick and Easy Way to Create Your Professional Resume. 30+ Professional Resume Templates Choose from over thirty modern and professional templates. All of which can be customized to your liking. Fast and Easy to Use Our resume builder lets you easily and quickly create a resume using our resume wizard.


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A Free, Quick and Easy Way to Create Your Professional Resume.

30+ Professional Resume Templates

Choose from over thirty modern and professional templates. All of which can be customized to your liking.

Fast and Easy to Use

Our free resume builder lets you easily and quickly create a resume using our resume wizard.

Robust Text Editor

Our text editor has everything you need to customize your resume. Choose different fonts, sizes, bullets and much more.

Download your resume as PDF

Download your resume and send it straight to the hiring manager. Whatever format you choose, we’ve got you covered.

Your resume is your brochure, and it is critical that it quickly and easily conveys your roles and achievements, skills, and talents in a compelling way to generate interviews. The only purpose of a resume is to get an interview so it’s of utmost importance that it works for you.

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Resume Examples

Need help building your resume? By analyzing thousands of winning resumes, we were able to build guides to help you build the perfect resume for the job you want. We’re adding more and more examples and guides every week in order to have the most comprehensive directory of resume examples. Click below to check out some of our featured resume examples along with tips for making your resume stand out!

A Resume Example for Every Job

Be sure to check out our examples to make sure your resume is built to succeed.

View all examples

Cover Letter Examples

In addition to a resume, having a strong cover letter helps you standout among other job applicants. But, it can be hard to know where to start. Below see some of our featured cover letter examples which include experience-based downloadable PDFs and a must-have checklist from hiring experts. We’re publishing cover letter examples each week to create the most comprehensive directory for job seekers.

cover letter examples

Find a free cover letter example

Often times, a cover letter is the first thing a hiring manager sees. Browse our cover letter examples to get ideas and compare your cover letter.

Resume Resource Center

How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Resume

Thank You Note Examples

Basic Resume Examples

See all guides


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It takes more than a sleek resume to get the job that’s right for you. Our extensive resources, How-to articles, and advice from real career experts will help you find the right career path and answer your lingering job questions. Our library of resume examples , our easy-to-use Resume Builder , our step-by-step writing guides, and professional resume writing services will help you every step of the way in your career journey.

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A library of  resume examples and career resources.

LiveCareer’s Resource Center helps job seekers at every stage of their careers. Our hundreds of articles contain in-depth resume help, job interview best practices, advice from industry experts, and more. Our tips make it even easier to create a resume in our builder.

Modifiable resume designs

Our library of professionally designed templates are attractive, pre-formatted and ATS-friendly to take the headache out of resume writing.

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Forty-five percent of applicants make the mistake of skipping a cover letter . LiveCareer makes it quick and easy to create a cover letter that will set you apart from the competition.

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Online resume builder

Only 2% of resumes make it past the first round. be in the top 2%.

Use professional field-tested resume templates that follow the exact ‘resume rules’ employers look for. Easy to use and done within minutes - try now for free!

Create My Resume

Effortlessly make a job-worthy resume and cover letter that gets you hired faster

Use the best resume maker as your guide.

Use our resume maker with its advanced creation tools to tell a professional story that engages recruiters, hiring managers and even CEOs.

Resume writing has never been this effortless. Pre-generated text, visual designs and more - all already integrated into the resume maker. Just fill in your details.

Our resume builder and its pre-generated content are tested by recruiters and IT experts. We help your CV become truly competitive in the hiring process.

Beautiful ready-to-use resume templates

Try our professional resume builder now, proven cover letter templates, create a professional story in minutes. use our cover letter maker., user-friendly. professional. effective. try our cover letter builder today, features designed to help you win your dream job, create perfect resumes for the modern job market, professional resumes for effective job interviews, frequently asked questions.


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