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Book Bolt Review (2023): Worth Its Cost?

Ashleigh Ferguson

Ashleigh Ferguson

Book Bolt Review cover

If your New Year’s resolution is to make more money, then we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you. Passive income can change your life, and digital assets are a proven avenue to making this possible. But where do you start?

We heard from a few writers in our community that they liked using Book Bolt to create quick, low-content books to publish on Amazon. We trust your judgement, so we decided to check it out for you.

Let’s get into what exactly Book Bolt is, and all that it offers.

What Is Book Bolt?

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Book Bolt is a beginner-friendly low-content book publishing software that allows you to create books from scratch.

Not only that, it allows you to scale a book publishing business without writing a single word. Book Bolt offers a lot not only to business owners but to writers of all different types.

What is Book Bolt?

Book Bolt ties product and keyword research together with design in a single comprehensive tool. It also has a few other really cool features such as niche suggestions and competitor spying.

We checked out their reviews to see how their users use the tool:

"Lets you create no content books in several formats, including wide-ruled, journal, college-ruled, and sheet music.” “With this program, you can develop one or many no-content books and easily list them on Amazon’s KDP.” “You can search for the most demanding niches, keywords, and designs. The cover creator makes sure the right proportions of your cover are in order and that you have the most enticing photos and texts for your novel.”

Book Bolt will help you with all stages of publishing for your low-content book. When they say self-publishing, they mean it.

What Are Some Book Bolt Features?

What are Book Bolt Features

Book Bolt’s major features can be classified under three categories:

Book Bolt offers several features to ramp up your research game. It has a tool called "Cloud" that allows you to easily find emerging trends and hidden niches. Wouldn’t it be great to hop onto trending low-content books before they even become mainstream? Book Bolt also offers user-friendly keyword research, which presents Amazon search volumes in real time so you can get ahead of your competitors.

Alternatively, you can also find niches through its Chrome extension "KDP Spy" which gives you a list of keywords and popular customer searches on Amazon.

Book Bolt simplifies designing. Even if you have no previous design experience, Book Bolt makes it easy. It offers a cover designer and an interior generator . The best thing is that you don’t have to do any measuring of bleed margins or think of best practices for Amazon publishing standards because Book Bolt does that for you.

Book Bolt offers webinars and training on how to create low-content books and scale your business. Being a newbie to publishing can be daunting, but we found these resources easy to use. Book Bolt also guides you through the process of listing your books on Amazon KDP so you can start making money right away.

And if you hit a snag, no worries; they have a ticketing system, so know that support will be on the way.

What are low content books?

There are many genres of books out there. Of course, readers love a good plot, evolving characters, and captivating settings. But creating all of these elements can take months—years, even—and there's no guarantee that you'll get a good financial return on that time investment.

For many of us, that isn't why we write. We want to share our stories and connect with readers. But if your aim is to generate passive income in the book world, there is an easier way.

There are millions of people across the world who are looking for books that are, essentially, empty. Low-content books have limited to no text or imagery. Instead, they are spaces for readers to be creative. A few examples are journals, puzzle books, calendars, recipe books, planners, and even sheet music notation books.

Low-content books offer a number of benefits to creators:

Benefits of low content books

This last point is especially important. Low-content books are often print-on-demand books. They only get printed when someone orders one, so you don't have to worry about keeping stock on hand or the logistics of shipping and handling.

Your first step is deciding on what kind of book you'll create. Book Bolt helps you out here, with a whole list of templates to get started with.

Here’s a comprehensive list of low-content books that you can create using Book Bolt:

Types of low content books

While this is a generic list, the possibilities are almost endless. That’s because there are niche areas that you can get into—adult coloring books, gym log books, wedding planners, etc.

Let’s look into these a bit more.

1. Journals

There are many different types of journals, from your basic daily diary to the recently-popular bullet journal. Or how about a gratitude journal? More people are beginning to practice mindfulness, so gratitude journals are becoming increasingly popular. You can create one that focuses on specific prompts to help guide your readers through the process, or you could just give them a set amount of lines on a dated page so they can wing it.

2. Prompt Books

Sometimes, people need a little inspiration. In this case, prompt journals are another genre that you can explore. Give your customers something to think about. Prompt journals are popular for writers and artists. Look for a niche, like sci-fi prompts, and get creative. This one requires a little more work in coming up with the writing prompts, but if you have a creative side, this could be your chance to help others tap into theirs.

3. Coloring Books

They might seem childish, but coloring books aren’t only for kids, they’re for adults too. That’s not to say you can’t create coloring books for kids. Your options include themes like animals, shapes, landscapes, etc. Of course if you’re going after a more mature audience, these types of coloring books can also include nudity and profane language.

3. Log Books

Log books are good for people who want to track something. That can be expenses, meals, exercises, habits—you name it. Think of your target audience, and use Book Bolt to create a cover that would entice that group.

4. Daily Planners

Daily planners take a bit more effort to create in comparison to the other types of books on this list because there’s more on the interior pages. But that’s also what makes them one of the best types of low-content books. Your unique twist will separate you from the competition. The key here is research and planning what niche and sub-niches you can target. And of course, Book Bolt offers keyword research to help you get started.

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a platform within the Amazon marketplace that allows anyone to sell and publish books for free. And we mean anyone—it requires no experience whatsoever.

Traditional publishers publish low-content books, too. But if you're a designer, or a content writer, you may not get credit for the books you work on. The publisher will also take the biggest cut of the revenue, and you won’t have 100% control over the publishing process.

KDP allows you to publish on your own and go where your potential readers are. You have full creative control, and you get 100% of the profit.

What is Amazon KDP?

But why Amazon specifically? Amazon controls almost half the US market for printed books. Love it or hate it, if you want to make money publishing low-content books, you'll probably need to do it on Amazon.

Now, back to how Book Bolt works. In order to self-publish with Book Bolt, there are a few steps:

Firstly, you need to create a KDP account , where you’ll be prompted to give some basic information in the "My Account" section. These include your country, full name, address, and phone number. Secondly, they’ll require your banking information, and lastly a few tax-related questions. Honesty is the best policy when filling out this information.

Steps for Self Publishing

Book Bolt has been built with publishing via KDP in mind. We found that the tools they offer map clearly to the publishing process on Amazon.

Creating and publishing a low-content book requires three steps.

You can complete the first two on Book Bolt before heading over to Amazon:

In order to understand exactly how Book Bolt works, we’re going to briefly walk through the book creation process.

1. Niche Research

Using Book Bolt’s Cloud feature, look at the categories of books that are most popular. You can also niche down by searching specific keywords. This is the first step in identifying what’s selling versus what’s not.

2. Book Creation

Book Bolt grants you easy access to designing both covers and the interior. The first is creating the cover, and its toolbox is easy to use. Firstly, you pick a size (there are 16 options), then you begin designing. You can add background images, shapes, and different colors. You can use your own images or you can choose from the thousands of royalty-free images that Book Bolt has.

Now it’s time for the interior. You can either use Book Bolt’s interior wizard, where you can simply choose from the templates available, select the template, size, and pages, and then click download. Or you can design from scratch, in the same way you would have created your cover. Book Bolt is your oyster!

3. Publishing

When your book is complete, all you have to do is upload it using the KDP account you created. Book Bolt also has a listing tool that makes this hassle-free. Simply create a profile and enter all your book metadata and backend information such as title, subtitle, keywords, author name, description, etc. This way, when you’re uploading new books in the same niche, all you have to change is the title and subtitle.

It seems like a straightforward process, right? From our experience with Book Bolt, it is!

A grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.


For all that it offers, we’re pretty shocked that Book Bolt is so reasonably priced. They have two packages depending on your needs: Standard and Pro .

Both packages offer keyword and product research, cover design, Amazon search volume, competitor spy tools, and 24/7 customer support. The Pro Package steps it up a bit by offering all the aforementioned and PuzzleWizz, a puzzle-generating software. Puzzle books are another type of low-content book and with this software you can create many puzzle genres, such as:

Here’s the price breakdown for both packages: *

Are There Any Free Trials?

If you aren’t ready to make the commitment right away, Book Bolt offers a three-day free trial. The trial includes all of Book Bolt's features:

If you don’t want to sign up for a free trial, there are still a few features of Book Bolt that you can access. These include:

Book Bolt free features

Yes! You can get 20% off Book Bolt with the code prowritingaid .

The link above is an affiliate link, which means that ProWritingAid will receive a small commission, but it won't cost you anything extra. This helps us to keep improving our editing software for you so that the words you do write in your low-content book can be polished and error-free.

We also had to take a look at the possible alternatives to Book Bolt. There are a few software options that can offer at least one of Book Bolt’s features, but none that offer them all. Let’s get into it.

Book Bolt Alternatives

Canva is a user-friendly designing software. It offers thousands of templates from different categories that you can use when designing your interior or cover. However, there are fewer low-content book specific templates here.

Canva is free but there are certain elements or templates that are locked behind a paywall. However, they do have a 30-day free-trial period (you have to provide your credit card information, though).

Amazon Suggestion Expander

If you’re looking for help with research, Amazon Suggestion Expander is a KDP niche research extension that shows you what your customers are searching for. This will help you to identify what niche products are most popular.

This is a free tool that allows you to find keywords and niche ideas for your low-content books. They specialize in long-tail keywords and allow you to filter those that are useful to you.

Tangent comes the closest to Book Bolt in terms of packaged offerings. It allows you to design the cover and can generate interiors. It has a one-time fee and the interface is pretty top-notch. However, it doesn’t offer keyword research like Book Bolt does.

In conclusion, as far as alternatives go, there isn’t any single software that offers every feature that Book Bolt does. Of course, you could always just have a number of different software applications doing different things, but we think having everything in one place is pretty efficient.

Book Bolt is worth it. It’s the only software that offers you keyword research, cover design, interior generation, and KDP Spy abilities all in one convenient package. It offers everything you need if you’re interested in creating low-content books. If you need any help getting started, Book Bolt also has a blog with tons of resources to help you on your journey.

If you’ve ever used Book Bolt before, let us know about your favorite features in the comments.

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20 Editing Tips from Professional Writers

Whether you are writing a novel, essay, article, or email, good writing is an essential part of communicating your ideas., this guide contains the 20 most important writing tips and techniques from a wide range of professional writers..


Ashleigh Ferguson is a Copywriter on the ProWritingAid Team. With an affinity for learning new things, you can always count on her to know some random fact. She’s a self-proclaimed ‘Fix-it Felix’ and a newly minted ‘candle lady’.

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The definitive Book Bolt Review: Does it make money?[Updated 2021]

Will BB help you make money on KDP? I’ve been using it for years as a paid member, and here is my definitive, long term Book Bolt review. Let’s get right into it…

What is Book Bolt?

Feature 11: cover designer makes design easy, introduction.

Book Bolt is a software that has all the tools needed for a successful low content book business. It is by far the most complete as it covers all of the steps of the low content book creation process from keyword research to exporting PDF cover and interior files. It is from the same people behind Merch Titan, an excellent Amazon Merch tool. The website is bookbolt.io

Busy? Here’s what you need to know:

The complete Book Bolt review is below, if you are short on time, here’s the skinny of what you need to know.

about book bolt

I have used BB for years so I asked the owner to give my readers a coupon, he agreed. Simply click the button below and put the code at checkout for 20% off.

The skinny of my Book Bolt review: If you are in low content publishing or think of getting into it, you NEED Book Bolt. It’s built from the ground up for low content book publishers and if you are just starting, all you need to make money is a Kindle Direct Publishing account and Book bolt.

It’s 5 tools rolled into one (Keyword research, interiors, exteriors, design and uploader) and each one are worth the price ALONE. So getting all five makes getting Book bolt a no brainer. You can also get it at 20% off with the  book bolt coupon code  “ nicheperfect “.  Get it here .

In short: It’s a must-have swiss army knife for low content book publishers, even if you just use one of the blades.

Also, before you ask there are no direct alternatives . That’s it for the short version of it, here’s the in depth Book Bolt review:

Book Bolt Review: A low content book swiss army knife

If you want to make money with low content books, the closest thing that can describe the Book Bolt software is a swiss army knife. It’s not just one piece of software, it’s 5 rolled into one. There’s more but they all fall under 5 broad categories.

That is why all you need to make money with low content books is pretty much an Amazon KDP account and Book Bolt, it covers everything a low content book publisher would ever want. That’s what makes it so great, and that is also what makes it possibly overwhelming at first glance. When you log in, you are greeted with this page:

about book bolt

So…yeah, there’s a lot to it. But as you can see, the software authors made tutorials for every step of the way. The tabs on the left selects the “app” and you can go into the keyword research module, tutorials module, and more. Right off the bat, there is a usability problem. Where’s the interior generator? Where’s the book cover generator? Why isn’t it on the left? Hence I’ll start this Book Bolt review with…

Book Bolt review downside: The usability needs work

Using Book Bolt WORKS. Everything does. It’s just that the usability needs a bit more polishing. To be fair, it IS in beta, but here are a few frustrations:

about book bolt

In order to update this Book Bolt review, I didn’t realize a few things have changed since the last time. They’ve added a dropdown menu that separates Research for Creation.

There is no longer a wait time for keywords and the re-login has been fixed. The only downsides are the fact that you need multiple Chrome extensions if you want to do research while browsing Amazon and want batch upload. The other one is the fact that some of the tools would be better off consolidated together

Is it a deal breaker? Nopes. Like I said, this is beta and the little usability issues do not compare to the amount of software you get. Before getting into a review of the features, let’s get into…

How Book Bolt helps making money in low content

about book bolt

There is a formula to making it in low content book publishing. It’s keyword research + Product + Description. If you want to add fuel to the fire, you add ads to the mix.

So it’s all about finding niches that you can compete in, creating low content books (and price it correctly) and writing compelling descriptions. Here’s how Book Bolt helps:

Now you know why I said it’s a swiss army knife, right? In short…

It’s the ONLY software you need to make it in low content

Unless you plan to make all the low content books interiors yourself and you have graphics software already, chances are, you will have to invest some cash to do low content publishing. You’ll need to invest in interiors, possibly graphics software, research tools and more. If you are a normal person without the graphics software or the knowledge of how to create interiors, all you need is Book Bolt. With a few clicks it generates the interiors, makes it easy to make exteriors and you have a product ready to sell. You can see the complete process in my Book Bolt tutorial .

about book bolt

Because of the nature of the beast, you probably won’t end up using ALL of the features of Book Bolt, but only a few. I’m a graphic designer and I use professional graphics suite, so I don’t use the exterior designer. However I use the cover designer to output the correct size of the cover for the amount of pages. The interiors saves me hundreds of hours creating this stuff.

So if you are reading this Book Bolt review to figure out if it’s worth it, it absolutely is. Just a few of the included tools make this worth the price alone . Which tool depends on the person but for me it has to be the research tools, templates and the uploader.

Let’s make a deep dive into our book bolt review and check out the features one by one…

Feature 1: Find exactly how a book sells

about book bolt

If you are going to sell something, you better make sure that there is a demand for it. This is where the products tab come in. Punch in a keyword and you get the results of the top low content book with a show of the best seller rate (the ranking of all of Amazon’s books) but more importantly the amount of estimated sales.

So you not only get a feel for the competition and what they are doing you also get an estimate of the traffic a particular keyword has with similar keywords that can jolt your creativity. The keyword count shows the top ones so that you can use them an rank high right off the bat.

Feature 2: What’s working well for a particular seller

The seller tab allows you to reverse engineer a particular seller to find out their top titles but also what keywords they are ranking for.

Feature 3: Find out what’s selling right now

about book bolt

With the “Cloud” tab, you can find out exactly what’s selling right now. Simply put in the top result you want and the type of LCB like music sheets and click search. This will output the top results, for example on top it searched for the top 100 Guestbooks. This is different then the other search tab because with this you don’t really need to know what you are searching for, it simply outputs what’s selling really well.

Feature 4: Find out what keywords a title is using to rank

about book bolt

The BOOK Scout is a complete reverse engineer tool. Put in ONE book’s ASIN  and you will know everything about it. This is the only limited tool at 25 lookups per day but you will be hard pressed to actually use it all. After a minute what it does is it reveals the keywords that particular title is using. Use the same and the A9 Algorithm will probably rank you similarly.

Feature 5: Create an idea board / favorites list

This tab is a collection of your saved books that you’ve encountered during your research. This is great to use as an idea board where you collect titles you can get inspired from.

Feature 6: Find out how much traffic and competition a keyword has

about book bolt

If you want to find out how many keywords a search term has, click on the keyword tool tab. This will not only give you the estimated amount of Amazon searches, but also Google searches AND the competition level from low to high. If you want to do ads there is an estimate of how much click will cost you. So if you search for Nurse notebook it might be popular but it is also very competitive. Once you save this you can then save them and upon clicking, have the Google trends interest to see if this is a topic that is winding up or down.  

Feature 7: Know what categories to put your books in

about book bolt

One of the worst parts about uploading your titles is figuring out where to  put the book. Input a search term in this tool and it will tell you exactly which is the appropriate category to put the title in for maximum relevance.

Feature 8: Book Bolt lister: Worth the asking price alone

about book bolt

If you are reading this Book Bolt review for THE reason to get it, this is it. Book Bolt comes with a Chrome extension that helps your uploads to KDP quickly. You save your description and select the categories and keywords and call it back when it’s time to upload with a keyboard shortcut (like ctrl+alt+1). This allows you to upload 30+ notebooks in a hour, and there is absolutely no other way to do this besides lister .

This is way different then something like “Text expander” or “Phrase express”. If you tried to replicate lister with these, it would take like 10 shortcuts, and you would still need to select each field and then input the shortcut. Plus you would have to manually input the categories.

Pro tip: Just use one shortcut. I started to run out of space in my keyboard, and I simply use one shortcut and simply select “is active” to select the batch I want. It’s simple math that the more books you have up, the more money you make, and lister helps upload things FAST and crank up your number of uploads.

Feature 9: Easy Amazon KDP Research: KDP Spy

about book bolt

Also included with Book Bolt is KDP Spy, another Google Chrome extension. Simply search Amazon and click on the KDP Spy icon. It will search the listings and tell you what the estimated sales are and how much they are making. That red notebook for example is making an estimated $5595. Nice! You can sort the data by number of sales, etc.

One word of warning however, sometimes it picks up other Amazon products, like here I searched for “Notebook” and in the results there were Samsung laptops listed too. Not a big deal, just make a mental note that not all of the results are 100% KDP, sometimes 3% of the results are other products.

I much prefer this then going on the Book Bolt website, it makes research very practical.

Feature 10: Interior wizard has all the different interiors and templates you would ever need

about book bolt

As a graphic designer, making KDP interiors for different sizes is a pain in the butt. The interior wizard lets you generate interiors for different sizes in a snap. Select the size, amount of pages and done. Even better is the amount of interiors available. Just looking at the variety interiors make your brain kick into overdrive of what you can do both in terms of no content and low content.

Anyone can add a few dashes in Word to create a lined notebook, but the interiors offered by Book Bolt take it to another level. You are probably looking at $1000 worth of interiors with many added from time to time. From the last time I used the interior designer to taking a screenshot, there’s been 10 more added. All of these interiors (about 150 from the time of writing) are business opportunities than can exploited. The pro version adds activity book generators to the mix.

All of these, once generated output a well prepared PDF. But these only output say 120 pages of the same thing, what if you want to add a front and back page? This is where the Interior designer pro feature comes in.

about book bolt

Interior designer pro is a new feature that was added recently when the first edition of this Book Bolt review was published. The regular interior designer exports all the pages and they all are the same, this pro module allows to mix and match the interiors and also upload you own, for those who want to have more control over their interiors but don’t have Indesign or Affinity publisher.

about book bolt

Book Bolt also comes with it’s built-in design suite. What I like most about it is it takes into account the spine size. Nothing is more frustrating than designing a cover, only to have it rejected automatically because the size was wrong. I don’t know how they do it but the design suite knows exactly how thick the cover should be.

As a graphic designer, this is surprisingly powerful. You can add the basics like text and graphics, but there’s some stuff that impresses even me who’s been doing this stuff for 10 years. There’s built-in Pixabay integration (Free images you can use commercially)

about book bolt

But that’s not all, there’s also layers, masking and effects. Effects that make the cover grungy, etc. The complete design suite is really a nice point to consider if you don’t have a design suite. I have uploaded thousands of books and never had a problem with the cover size the Book Bolt designer gave me.

On a more “advanced” note. The design app recognizes transparency direct from Pixabay, and pushing a graphic up and down layers is pretty easy:

about book bolt

One of the most frustrating aspects of creating and uploading books is getting the correct size of the spine. The more pages, the ticker the spine needs to be and if you do not set the right dimensions your title might be returned from a customer.

No need for good luck, one of the best parts of the cover creator is that is creates the right proportions of your cover with the correct spine size. Even I as a professional designer export directly from this because it pays close attention to the needed size.

I hope you have enjoyed my Book Bolt review. By now, you get it, there’s MANY features, and it is the ultimate tool to sell no content books. Nothing out there comes close to it. This is great for those looking to make their first book to those who are already have an established publishing company or publishing house of Low content books. A free trial is available and if you are ready click here to get it at the best price of 20% off with code “NICHEPERFECT”.

9 thoughts on “The definitive Book Bolt Review: Does it make money?[Updated 2021]”

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' src=

This was an inspiration and a nudge to use Book Bolt, thank you! I’m still searching about ISBN and who is the actual owner of my publishes, hhmmm? I guess I will continue to search YouTube for that answer.

' src=

Excellent review! I will definitely subscribe. What about the free trial? Are they legal and honest with that?

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' src=

I personally have problems with color gradients not saving when outputting to PDF (especially when changing the transparency of a background color), I’ve had other UI glitches such as selecting a layer, trying to move it, and another layers moves instead – forcing me to have to “undo”. Also, with Interiors, once downloaded, some seem compressed and not lossless (the PDFs). On top of all oft his, when uploading my own Interiors with Interior Pro, MY OWN PDFs output compressed (not as sharp), and sometimes Smaller! I have contacted bookbolt about the colors not saving issues and they started “we cannot recreate this on our end” very frustrating.

Pingback: Top 3 Low content books courses to profit from KDP Niche Perfect

' src=

Agree w Chris – there are a lot of glitches with Book Bolt interiors, and it wasted a lot of my time learning the tool when it can’t even move or manipulate objects the way it should. I’m no pro, but I know most design apps, and at least the most basic functions like moving objects or applying characteristics to an object should work without fail. Also, it’s so weird that you have to choose a text box with the font already pre-picked – who thought of that? I don’t want to make another text box each time I change fonts.

Definitely still in beta, and it’s a good in theory. But it’s like BB advertised something that doesn’t even work. At least there’s more value in the other stuff they launched.

' src=

Like I said in the above Book Bolt review, the design part is not the greatest. I generate the cover for perfect size and use Affinity.

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Book Bolt Review: Find Ideas, Design, and Publish Books

<a class="txt-link" href="https://www.nichepursuits.com/author/jrole7/">Jennifer Leach</a>

By Jennifer Leach

Last updated: February 21, 2023

book bolt review.

You've been scouring the internet trying to find a Book Bolt review to figure out if it's really worth it.

We've got you covered.

You'll discover what Book Bolt is, how it works, pricing, pros and cons, and more. We'll also share our recommendations if we think it's worth it to invest in this Amazon selling tool.

Check out Book Bolt right here

Book Bolt Review

Overall, Book Bolt is a solid bookseller software tool. It's easy to use and has a ton of valuable built-in tools to help booksellers through each step in the book creation and publication process. Try Book Bolt for 3 Days Free Here.

How does Amazon KDP work?

Book bolt overview, keyword research, trendspotting, cover creator and interior design, what are low-content books, low content books vs no content books, listing optimization, how does book bolt work, what is the puzzle creation software, is book bolt free to use, book bolt alternative, how does canva work, canva pricing, canva pros and cons, book bolt vs canva comparison, book bolt review: is it worth it, can you make money on amazon kdp.

Yes, you can make money on Amazon KDP .

Nat from Rags to Niches published her April 2021 Amazon KDP income report , revealing her monthly income of over $4,500!

She along with other sellers is making money monthly using Amazon KDP.

It has a low barrier to entry so anybody can write or create a book, join Amazon KDP for free and start selling. It's also passive income-friendly .

Whether you're creating low content books or not, Amazon KDP can be the door to passive income.

Amazon KDP (or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing) is Amazon's self-publishing program for authors. After joining, you can upload your book, set the price, write your description and publish it to Amazon all using their Amazon KDP program.

It's free for Book Bolt members and you'll get access to a centralized dashboard so you can manage all your book sales.

Book Bolt goes hand in hand with Amazon KDP, giving you access to valuable tools and insights to help you optimize your product listings and make more money selling your books on Amazon.

about book bolt

Book Bolt is bookseller software that helps Amazon KDP sellers make the most money in their book business.

With Book Bolt, you'll be able to get key insights about the competition, trends, conduct keyword research, create and design book covers and book interiors, and more with just a few clicks.

From start to finish, Book Bolt can help you create and sell your books from ideation to publication in whatever form of book publishing endeavor you choose.

Here's a look at some of their key features…

Key features

Book Bolt members get access to key features like:

about book bolt

With the Amazon search volume on your side, you'll have the power to find the precise keywords Amazon customers are typing into search. With that knowledge, you can integrate those keywords into your listing titles and description to get more clicks which can translate to more Amazon KDP sales!

Book Bolt offers a built-in keyword research tool that will give you access to real-time data like Amazon search volume to put your books in front of your target audience that's searching for what you're selling.

Uncover hidden product categories and identify trends in just a few clicks with this trend-spotting feature built into your Book Bolt subscription.

You'll be able to browse their database of 5 million titles to dive deep into research to find trends and get ahead of the competition.

The KDP spy extension helps you find lucrative niches that are making the most money and you can do this live in Amazon as you're browsing!

about book bolt

The Book Bolt cover designer has a drag-and-drop editor, over 1,200 fonts, access to over one million royalty-free images, patterns, scaleable designs, and filters.

You can use the design tools to help you create professional-looking book covers and book interiors which can be especially helpful if you're selling low-content books.

about book bolt

These are books that are geared more toward writing than reading and can include:

Low content bookselling is an opportunity to earn passive income and Book Bolt makes it easy for beginners to break into this industry without any design background.

Low content book publishing can be a lucrative industry. This bookseller makes thousands every month from it!

When you hear about a low-content book publishing business, you may also hear about no-content books.

Both are pretty similar and involve the book reader doing more writing in both types of books than reading.

A low content book publishing endeavor can be activity books like a coloring book, word puzzle books, gamebooks like word search, sudoku, crossword puzzles, log books, and related activity books. The book reader writes in the book to complete an activity, like playing a word game.

No content books include journals, diaries, or notebooks. These books are filled with notebook lines, and the reader uses the book to write or journal.

Both kinds of books are much easier to create than content-filled books like fiction or non-fiction reads. When you hear about the low content book industry, no content books are usually included.

To learn more, read this article on how to start a book publishing business selling no content or low content books .

Make your book listings better on Amazon with listing optimization. You'll feel confident about picking the right categories for your books and optimized product listings can lead to more sales in your KDP business.

Book Bolt offers many tools to help Amazon booksellers grow a succesful business.

Once you sign up to join Book Bolt, you'll have access to all their tools instantly.

Here's a look at the KDP category finder  which helps you find the precise book categories you need:

Book Bolt

The  interior generator pro looks like this:

about book bolt

You can hit the ground running, starting your research for keywords, niche, and category research. Explore the design tools to create eye-catching book covers and interiors and set up your book for Amazon publishing start to finish with Book Bolt.

Book Bolt Pricing

You get a choice of monthly or annual pricing, with a discount if you go with the annual option.

Both plans offer full access to most of Book Bolt's tools except the puzzle creation software which is reserved for Pro plan users only.

The Puzzle Wiz and Interior Wizard Pro can help you create activity books with ease.

You get an all-in-one software tool with hundreds of low-content interior files and hundreds of premium templates.

It lets you create tons of different low content books such as puzzle books like:

They even provide a step-by-step tutorial on creating activity books using their software.

Book Bolt Pros and Cons

These are the pros and cons of using Book Bolt.

The pros outweigh the cons here.

First, Book Bolt is a software you can appreciate that takes you through the book publishing process from the cover design to publication. They offer a lot of tools with your subscription which really makes you feel like you're getting great value for the money.

The tutorials available provide easy-to-follow walkthroughs so beginners can easily adapt to the software and become comfortable using it.

The main drawback with Book Bolt is the price.

You'll like that they have flexible payment options, with monthly and annual plans available but, it comes with a recurring subscription.

That means if you like Book Bolt then you'll continue paying for the software forever, or until you're done with your book business.

Competitors like Publisher Rocket , for example, offer lifetime pricing which means you pay once and you have access forever.

Book Bolt shouldn't put too much of a strain on your wallet but in the long run, it's very expensive.

Then, the interface leaves much to the imagination. The interface design is poor, in my opinion. It feels like it's in its first or second version of the software but as evolution happens, I expect to see a more clean, well-designed layout in the future.

No, Book Bolt is not free.

But, they do offer a free trial on any plan you choose to try.

The free trial is available for 3 days which gives you some time to test drive the software and see if it's a good fit for your business.

Not sold on Book Bolt yet?

There are Book Bolt alternatives you can try like Publisher Rocket or Canva . Here's a look at how Book Bolt and Canva compare.

Book Bolt vs. Canva

Canva is a graphic design software tool that creators and business owners use for virtually any kind of creative needs they have, including:

It's a one-stop-shop for creating graphics whether you sell books, run an e-commerce store, or need graphics for any other purpose.

Canva is beginner-friendly and very easy to use. It's meant to be an easy tool for the non-designer to use and it definitely delivers on that.

Once you sign up, you can choose a free or paid plan and begin using the software right away.

They have a drag-and-drop interface with thousands of templates you can use as a blueprint for your custom graphic.

Starting your first design is as easy as typing the kind of design you're trying to make in the search bar or browsing their library of templates.

about book bolt

Then, use their drag-and-drop editor to make the template your own, changing out the text, font, colors, images, adding video, etc.

about book bolt

When you're done, you can save and download your work and you're done!

You have three options with Canva:

The free plan gives you a lot of access.

You can go pretty far using Canva's free plan but, if you're looking for features like premium stock photos, access to the brand kit where you can save your logo, brand colors, and more, 100GB of storage, magic resize and some other features, going with the paid plan is your best bet and at under $13/month, it's a pretty affordable option (and even cheaper if you pay annually).

Then, the enterprise plan gives you control features so you can choose the type of access your team has when they work on logos, graphics, etc. You also get single sign-on (SSO), unlimited storage, and some other features.

Let's look at the pros and cons of Canva.

Canva is an easy-to-use and budget-friendly graphic design software.

Whatever profession you're in, it can serve your needs. It's not just for booksellers like Book Bolt is.

In terms of the design features it offers, it's far superior to Book Bolt but, because it appeals to so many different kinds of design needs, it makes sense that it should be.

The free version of Canva is valuable and offers a lot but for the lackluster stock photos, that's reason enough to upgrade and you'll be glad you did.

Glitches can happen with any software. It happens a little more than I'm happy with on Canva and when it does happen, you won't be able to save your work and you'll be forced to quit the application and restart.

Overall, how do the two software tools compare?

Well, Book Bolt is clearly for booksellers. It's not going to serve any other industry, including other non-book sellers on Amazon.

As such, it's built specifically for the bookseller community, with their needs in mind and offering the tools that will help them run a thriving book business.

Canva is more of an overall graphic design tool.

Can it help Amazon KDP booksellers?

But, the help you'll get with Canva is strictly on the design side and that's where it stops. There's no keyword research tool, no ability to research competitors, spot trends, or any of the other features Book Bolt offers outside of design.

Which software is better for booksellers?

It goes to Book Bolt.

This wraps up our Book Bolt review.

And now for your burning question.

Is Book Bolt worth it?

Yes, it is.

Book Bolt offers a full package: keyword research, design, trend spotting, competitive analysis, and more.

For booksellers, I think it's no-brainer. If you want some additional support to help you grow a successful book business, check out Book Bolt.

Start your 3-day free trial of Book Bolt.

Jenn Leach is an entrepreneur & content creator, educating millennials on how to achieve their financial dreams through smart money choices. Sharing tips and advice for wealth building and income growth through saving strategies, investing, entrepreneurship and side hustles. She blogs at Millennial Nextdoor and has reached thousands of readers and students looking to transform their money situation and take action in their finances.

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

Learn how i built my niche site empire to a full-time income.

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about book bolt

The Ultimate No Content Book Tool

bookbolt logo

Book Bolt does it all. It helps you create no content books easier than ever before. From the research of hot trends to then the design and selling process, it has you covered.

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Ready to find your niche?

I would love to learn about…

Ultimate Book Bolt Review

Is It Worth It?

Before you go...

Wouldn't it be nice to have access to 50 low content book ideas right now?

How much easier would life be if you didn't have to struggle to come up with the next book to try? ​ Sign up to learn how you can grow your KDP business for under $5!

A lot of people have questions about Book Bolt and how it can help them, especially people who are just starting out with low and no content books on Amazon KDP. 

Book Bolt is a tool created specifically for KDP research, to make it easier to decide what type of book to create, and to help you create great interiors and book covers. If you are thinking of starting a business selling low or no content books on Amazon KDP, keep reading this Book Bolt review to decide whether Book Bolt is right for you. 

Black Friday Deal!

Save with promo code lisamichele, what is a low-content book.

A no content book is a book that has just that, no content. It could consist of a journal with blank pages, lined pages, or a book with dot grids or graph paper.  A low content book would include things like puzzle books, journals with prompts, and activity books. In both instances, the majority of the text will be provided by the customer, instead of the author as is the case in a traditional book.

Because no content and low content books do not contain lots of text, the business of selling these types of books is very attractive. This also means that there is a much lower bar to entry making it essential to create the very best book you can if you want to get noticed. Unique interiors and attractive, eye-catching book covers are crucial to the success of anyone going into this business. Luckily, there are tools out there to help us succeed.

Join Us for This Free Low Content, High Profit Webinar!

How great would it be to know exactly what types of books you should sell on Amazon KDP? Learn how to avoid the "saturated" niches and set yourself apart from the crowd in this Free webinar!

How Can Book Bolt Help You Make Money?

Book Bolt can help your Amazon KDP business in three different ways: product and keyword research, interior design tools, and book cover design tools. Let’s see how Book Bolt tackles these three areas.

How Book Bolt Helps With Research

Easy amazon kdp keyword research: kdp spy.

KDP Spy is a free Chrome extension. KDP Spy only works on Amazon.com , the U.S. market. With the KDP Spy you can enter the type of book you plan to create and get information on the top 100 books in that category. KDP Spy will show you the best sellers rank of each book, estimated sales, the sale price, and you’ll also see the cover of the books. This gives you good insight into your competition and what you would need to create to get to the top in that category.

Book Bolt’s KDP Book Scout

Book Scout is a great tool to help you figure out which keywords are used for the best-ranking books in your category. This tool also allows you to see how many times each keyword is showing up in those Amazon KDP books, along with the search volume for each keyword. This is extremely helpful because it allows you to see how many people are searching for that keyword versus how many books are already out there, giving you a good idea of how competitive that keyboard really is. 

Book Bolt Review: Cloud Search

If you have no idea what type of book you want to create, the Cloud Search can definitely help. If you enter a book category or type, you will get real-time data showing what books are selling on Amazon KDP and how they are ranking. You can see the search volume and the sales history of each book. You can also see the keywords that they used. Keep in mind that the sales history is most likely an estimate that Book Bolt is able to calculate using their own search analysis, but an estimate is still better than flying blind when trying to decide what type of book to sell. Scrolling through the results in Cloud Search can also give you ideas of less known and possibly more profitable niches.

Book Bolt Product Search

Very similar to Cloud Search, the Product Search tool will pull up the best-selling books in a particular category. It will give you the most popular keywords that are used and information on the top-selling books’ best-seller ranks, the book prices, and an estimate of the number of sales each book gets per month.

Creating KDP Book Interiors With Book Bolt

Book Bolt can help you create Interiors for your Amazon KDP book. You can choose from a variety of different page sizes and you can create a custom interior with a minimum of 24 pages. Rather than create my own interiors within Book Bolt, what I prefer to do is use their pre-made interior templates when I need a simple journal page. They offer templates for just about every type of page you can imagine. If I need to create a unique interior for something like a prompted journal, I prefer to use a tool like Canva because that’s just my go-to design tool for just about everything.

One of my favorite things about Book Bolt’s interior generator is the Interior Pro. This allows you to organize and reorganize your pages so that you can mix and match interiors from Book Bolts and other interiors that you may have purchased from another site or created on another platform. 

For example, if you purchase KDP interiors from a site like C reative Fabrica , you can mix in your own pages to create a truly unique book. All you have to do is make sure that all of the page sizes are the same and you can create a cohesive book by adding pages into the Interior Pro tool.

Learn All About Amazon KDP!

See how easy it is to get started in this lucrative field with no money up front!

Creating KDP Book Covers With Book Bolt

Book Bolt’s Book Cover Designer tool is pretty easy to use. You’re able to add different elements from within Book Bolt or from your computer, you can layer different elements, you can use masking and distressing to make your designs pop. I also like the fact that you can easily add text effects like curved text and things like that. You can also upload your own fonts and use free royalty-free images from Pixabay, right inside of the design tool. You can also change the stroke and fill colors of their elements, which makes it nice because you can easily have your text color match the rest of your design.

How To Make Puzzle Books Easily

Inside of Book Bolt is another application called Puzzle Wiz.  Puzzle Wiz makes it super easy to create 14 different types of puzzles from word search to hangman to crossword puzzles.

All you have to do is select the type of puzzle you want, the solutions to be included, and a few other criteria, depending on the type of puzzle you want to create. Once you’ve selected everything you want in your puzzle, Puzzle Wiz will generate it for you. you can then include it in your book, or customize it for your specific audience. Watch the video below where I show you how to create a word search puzzle using Puzzle Wiz.

How Book Bolt Helps With Listing a Book on Amazon KDP

Book bolt lister is a serious time saver.

The Book Bolt Lister is a Chrome Extension that allows you to upload your books in a breeze. When you are uploading a new book into Amazon KDP you’ll be asked to include the name and subtitle of your book, the author name, description of the book, keywords to help customers find your book, and other criteria. 

If you’re creating similar types of books this can be tedious when you have to basically include all the same information, book after book. The Book Bolt Lister allows you to set up a profile so you can just hit a hotkey (something like shift+6) when you’re inside of Amazon KDP to automatically populate your book information. 

So, for example, if you’re someone who only creates activity books for children, all you have to do is set up your profile one time, and then just hit your hotkey once on the Amazon KDP new listing page, and a lot of your information will auto-populate. This saves so much time. Before I used Book Bolt for this I would have to save all of my descriptions and keywords in a Google doc and then go back and forth cutting and pasting text for each book. Now I don’t have to do that.

KDP Book Category Finder Tool

When you upload a book on Amazon KDP you’ll be asked to select two categories. You’ll want to choose the categories that will allow customers to find your book. So for example, if you were selling a weight loss tracking Journal you would want to use a category related to health, diet, weight loss, or exercise. Adding in your book to these categories will just make it easier to find. Inside of Book Bolt there is a tool called KDP Category Finder. All you have to do is put in the type of book you’re creating and you will be given suggested categories for your book. This will save you time and you will also see which categories may be more competitive than others.

What Does Book Bolt Cost?

Book Bolt offers two different price plans. One for newbies which costs $9.99 per month and one for pros which costs $19.99 per month. There is a bit of a discount if you purchase your plan by the year. 

The good news is, you can save 20% on either plan by using a promo code just for our readers. Just use the code LisaMichele!

Can I Use Book Bolt For Free?

Book Bolt offers a 3-day free trial, so if you’re able to use the tool and create your interiors and covers within that time, you will have what you need and you will not be charged.

The Cons About Book Bolt

this wouldn’t be an ultimate Book Bolt review without a con, right? The only real con I have with Book Bolt is the look of the interface. If you’re someone who likes web tools with lots of fancy images, animation, bells, and whistles, you may find the Book Bolt dashboard a little boring. 

Also, the book cover design tool could be a little easier to use. Because I’ve been using Canva for so long, I’m used to using a more intuitive platform. But cosmetics for me in the long run are minor, so if you can get past it you will benefit greatly from its other features.

Conclusion: Is Book Bolt Worth It?

I can definitely say without a doubt that Book Bolt is worth it. Because I create puzzle books , the Puzzle Wiz alone is worth the subscription (Puzzle Wiz is included in the Pro plan). Keyword research is also critical to make sure you’re creating the right type of books. This is also one of the best features of Book Bolt and one of the reasons why I will keep the subscription as long as I’m selling books on Amazon. I suggest you give Book Bolt a try to see whether you think it’s worth it. 

Did this Book Bolt review help? Have you already tried  Book Bolt? If so, how was your experience? Let us know below in the comments.

Enjoy These Book Bolt Tutorials

Check out book bolt design studio updates, subscribe to the youtube channel make money at home with lisa michele, make money selling journals: how to get started with amazon kdp.

Learn how to make money selling journals on the world’s largest marketplace.

Kindle Direct Publishing: What Are Low Content Books

A low content book or no content book is one with little to no text inside. It can be completely comprised of lined, dotted, or even blank pages. Books like journals with prompts, notebooks, planners, and activity books are just a few examples.


Ultimate Book Bolt Review: Is It Right For You? [2023]

Affiliate disclosure.

Book Bolt Review - Summary Table

What Is A Low Content Book?

My self-publishing journey, is book bolt right for you, is researching the market before creating a book important to you, is using the correct amazon kdp templates showing the margins you need to work within important to you, do you like using many different types of software for researching and creating your books, introducing book bolt.

Book Bolt Logo

Book Bolt - Home Page

Book Bolt Home Page Screenshot

Book Bolt - Research

Book Bolt Research Screenshot

Products Feature

Book Bolt Products Icon

Seller Feature

Book Bolt Seller Icon

Cloud Feature

Book Bolt Cloud Icon

This feature is similar to Products but you can filter your search results by Best Seller Rank (BSR) range and/or Price range. For each specific book in the search results, you can also click on the little clock underneath it to check out its historical BSR and price history in graph form.

Book Scout Feature

Book Bolt Book Scout Icon

Use this feature to find out important information about a specific book. Using a book's Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), you can find out what keywords that book is currently ranking for, the total number of books using the same keywords, and the monthly Amazon search volumes for each of those keywords.

Favorites Feature

Book Bolt Favorites Icon

Keywords Feature

Book Bolt Keywords Icon

KDP Categories Feature

Book Bolt KDP Categories Icon

KDP Spy Feature

Book Bolt KDP Spy Icon

You can use this included Chrome extension when you're doing keyword research on Amazon.com. After installing the extension and logging in with your Book Bolt credentials, you can run KDP Spy for a given keyword to see summary information on the top 100 best-selling books using that keyword.

Book Bolt Lister Feature

Book Bolt Lister Icon

You can use this included Chrome extension if you have a lot of similar low content books for uploading to Amazon KDP and want to create hotkeys (shortcuts) for automatically completing certain fields required during the upload process. For example, this could include your author name, 7 backend keywords, title, subtitle, description, etc. I've never used this Chrome extension because I find the information I upload to Amazon KDP is different each time, so I don't really have a need for it. But you might!  

Book Bolt - Create

Book Bolt Create Screenshot

Book Bolt Studio Feature

Book Bolt Studio Icon

You can use this powerful feature to create your new low content book. You start by creating a new project, choosing the project type (softcover or hardcover, interior, cover, or both interior and cover in the same project), giving your project a name, selecting your trim size, interior type, and paper type, bleed or no bleed and page count. Once your project loads, the correct KDP template clearly showing all the important margins is there and ready for you to start creating your new low content book. You can be as creative as you like with the easy-to-use graphic design tools. Insert different elements, text types, images, patterns, mask effects, and choose from hundreds of different pre-made interior templates. If you have a Pro subscription, you will also have access to the collection of puzzle wiz interior templates within the Book Bolt Studio.   With only a few clicks, the puzzle wiz templates enable you to easily create crosswords, sudokus, word searches, missing vowels, connect the dots, mazes, word scrambles, and more (with automatically generated solutions)! Once you're happy with your final low content book, simply click on download, and the cover and interior are automatically converted to PDF, ready for uploading to Amazon KDP. 

Bolt Mass Cover Converter Feature

Book Bolt Mass Cover Converter Icon

You can use this feature if you have images you want to convert to covers with just one click. Simply select the trim size, page count, and background color for your covers, upload your images and click on start to convert them to PDF cover files ready for upload. I've never had a need for this feature. But you might!  

Book Bolt - Free Weekly Live KDP Calls

Book Bolt Weekly KDP Calls Screenshot

Case Study: How I Used Book Bolt To Research And Create My Own Low Content Book

Step 1 - book bolt training.

Book Bolt Video Tutorials Screenshot

Step 2 - Low content book plan

Low Content Book Plan Template Cover Page

Step 3 - Niche and sub-niche selection

Book Bolt Cloud Screenshot

Step 4 - Competitor analysis

Book Bolt Favorites Screenshot

Step 5 - Keyword analysis

Book Bolt Book Scout Screenshot

Step 6 - Book details

Book Bolt Cloud Search Results

Step 7 - Interior plan matrix

Interior Plan Matrix Screenshot

Step 8 - Cover ideas

Cover of Adult Coloring for Stress Relief

Step 9 - Categories

BISAC Categories

Step 10 - Plan my launch activities

Step 11 - create my book in book bolt.

Book Bolt Studio - Project Set Up Screenshot

What Are Others Saying About Book Bolt?

Book bolt users, jacob bates - entrepreneur, fisnik - business builder, greg - kdp seller.

The entire KDP process has been quick and painless after Book Bolt was launched. What used to take hours is not an issue anymore!

Book Bolt Reviewers

Book bolt pricing.

Book Bolt Pricing Table

My own personal experience with Book Bolt pricing

20% book bolt discount offer, alternatives to book bolt.

Book Bolt Review - Alternatives Summary Table

What is Book Bolt?

Is book bolt legit, can you use book bolt for free, does book bolt have templates, how do i find keywords using book bolt, can i use book bolt to create ebooks, can i use book bolt to create no content books, is book bolt suitable for beginners, how much is book bolt, what is puzzle wiz.

Ultimate Poo Activity Book: Fun Things To Do During A Number Two!

Ultimate Poo Activity Book: Fun Things To Do During A Number Two!

Book Bolt Software


Book Bolt Review + Coupon 2023: Top 5 Features & Pricing

Book Bolt is a service platform where authors can sell “no content books.” This is the business model for Amazon and authors who sell coloring books and news journals without any traditional content. It offers you publishing software for the low content book. The software comes with fabulous features to meet the seller’s requirements. Book Bolt helps you make the selling process simple and ensure you save time and increase overall revenue.

So, let’s see a detailed Book Bolt review with definition, its advantages, disadvantages, pricing, features, and a lot more information.

Quick Summary on Book Bolt

If you are using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing , then Book Bolt is something that is going to power your product listings to increase your book sales. It offers all the set of tools and features like keyword research tool, KDP spy, trendspotting tool, listing optimization and more which can power Amazon’s bookselling business and boost their revenue. The tool is easy to use and has an intuitive dashboard that can guide you through the process right from book creation to publication and selling the book!

Book Bolt pricing starts from $9.99/month , and the Annual plan begins from $89.99/year . As Amazon KDP is now becoming an attractive way to earn good passive income, Book Bolt will give you the extra edge to boost your income from selling books online. We recommend that booksellers out there try out Book Bolt once and see the magic of this tool and how it makes your book business successful.

What is Book Bolt?

Book Bolt

Book Bolt is a leading tool for low content self-publishing that works smoothly with Amazon KDP and gives you a stage to publish or sell your books. The program helps in saving time so you can work on it effortlessly. For the special discount, you have to apply the coupon code and claim at bookbolt.com.

Book Bolt Review

I know you will be shocked after knowing that hundreds and thousands of books are sold on Amazon every day, which are called ‘no content books’ or ‘low content books. It takes advantage of POD (Print on Demand). It means you sell the product whenever you have and then it gets printed and shipped to the customer by Amazon. As a seller, when you plan to make various earning sources through online mediums, probably affiliate marketing, blogging, and running ads that you named. But there are thousands of opportunities to sell your products to make a huge revenue month after month.

Fortunately, if you are an author and want to get too many orders for your book, nothing would be easier than the Book Bolt platform. It is considered the best tool to sell books on Amazon even without writing ‘ ANY WORDS .’

So, if you have dreamed of becoming a popular Amazon seller, you must try the Book Bolt. The best part is that it is available to access the trial version to see a demo of how it will be beneficial to boost your sales.

In a nutshell, Book Bolt is loaded with all the essential features you would need to track the orders and optimize your product listing by spying on the competitors. However, the platform comes with some consequences as well, where you need a good learning curve in the case of a beginner. Overall, with some basic technical glitches occurring from time to time, you can begin a journey to generate revenue with Book Bolt.

What is a No Content Book?

No Content is also known as a low content book- which means having fewer words or zero words written inside. It is usually published to introduce your book to the market or for promotion. Amazon KDP controls approximately 80% of the online book market . No content books might be the best option for unskilled sellers. Book Bolt usually keeps their eyes on no-content books.

What is Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)?

Amazon KDP is a platform created by Amazon to provide authors to publish their books on their own and make them available in different selling places. If you can list your books on KDP, then a large number of people will see it, and you will make more sales compared to other platforms.

With Amazon KDP, sellers and authors earn by generating royalties that depend on the number of pages, which plan you have, and much more.

Amazon KDP simply asks the author to provide the script in the expected format, title, design of the book cover, and category of the book. When Amazon KDP gets the information, they will create a book and make it available to buy for the customers. If any customers want the physical copy of your book, Amazon will get it printed and send it to them. Further, the Amazon KDP support team also takes care of issues related to customer services. And here are the quick advantages of linking your Book Bolt account with Amazon KDP.

Bookbolt Logo

Get 25% OFF on any plan of Book Bolt 100% verified

Book bolt’s kdp category founder.

Book Bolt’s Kdp Category Founder

Using the Book Bolt platform, users can design a good cover for their book. The author can publish the book by themselves to generate greater revenue. It has a low pricing range and offers you training if you are a new user on the platform. Book Bolt helps the users make many no-content books and list them on Amazon KDP very quickly. It also has 24/7 customer support to assist the sellers with their queries.

Ultimate Features of Book Bolt | Book Bolt Review

Book Bolt -Features

Many people search for books on Amazon for a different job. Book Bolt helps you take an eye on the actual audience who are visiting the site regularly. With the help of keywords, you can reach the right audience who are potentially interested in buying your book. If you use the Book Bolt in a smart way, it will save your time and money in marketing your products and increase the number of book sales every day. Let us understand the quick features of book bolt with some examples.

For instance, you wrote a story of fairy tales. So, now you would like to place the book in front of like-minded readers who are eagerly searching for fairy tales instead of targeting the users who are looking for other books like the horror or comedy genre. If you wrongly perform the keyword research, it means your targeting audience isn’t the same who takes an interest in your stories. In that case, your number of book orders may decrease in the sale consecutively, lowering the ranking of your products .

Why should you use Book Bolt? Book Bolt Review

Let’s see additional features provided by Book Bolt, the ultimate Amazon book-selling site.

KDP Keywords- Book Bolt Educational Program | Book Bolt Review

Bookbolt KDP Keywords

Keywords are the essential component of any Amazon business and the KDP users. We have heard a lot of stories of struggle. Book Bolt gives you the new keywords module inside. It divides the keywords into three sections- applicable keywords, most frequent keywords, and keywords.

Book Bolt Affiliate Program | Book Bolt Review

Book Bolt Affiliate Program

Book Bolt affiliate program is free to join, and it is easy to sign up; that does not require any technical knowledge. It offers website owners to open a door for additional income from their website. When you join the Book Bolt affiliate program , you will have a number of banners and textual links to use within your site. When someone clicks on your referral link, their activity will be tracked by the affiliate software. Further, if someone purchases the Bolt subscription, you can earn a commission based on a pre-defined commission slab.

The Book Bolt affiliate program gives you access to log in 24 hours to check your sales and account balance and to see the performance of your referral links.

Book Bolt Affiliate Program Details

Book Bolt Training & Webinar

With a new software, it can be difficult to navigate, especially in the beginning. After becoming a certified member, you can access Book Bolt training webinars to get a learning curve to operate the dashboard. So, even if you are a newbie to Book Bolt, it won’t be a difficult task to promote your products on amazon. If you are stuck somewhere, the professional trainers on the website will support you to crack the hurdles.

Book Bolt Pricing | Book Bolt Coupons 2023

Book Bolt Review - Pricing Plans

Book Bolt Monthly Plan for New Users

The Book Bolt new user monthly plan offers product research, interior designs/ covers, search volume for Amazon, 24/7 support for the customer, and KDP spy. It will cost $9.99 monthly, and for a one-year plan, it will cost $89.99.

Book Bolt Monthly Plan for Pro Users

Book Bolt monthly plan for pro users offers all the features and also the puzzle-solving software. The monthly plan for pro users is of $19.99 whereas the yearly plan for the same is of $199.99. Both the plans come with a free trial of 3-days and give you a chance to try out the software interface before placing an order.

Book Bolt Coupon Codes 2023

How to use the book bolt coupon code.

It will open a new tab that directs you to Bookbolt.com.

Select and copy the code highlighted on the page.

Paste the code in the appropriate box.

Hopefully, you saved a lot.

What if the Book Bolt coupon code doesn’t work?

FAQ’s related to Book Bolt Review

🔎what is book bolt.

Book Bolt is an easy to use low-content book publishing software that allows you to create books from scratch and sell them.

✅What does The Amazon KDP do for the Authors?

Amazon KDP creates a platform for authors where they can publish their books. It also helps them to make their books available in different selling places.

❓What is KDP Spy?

KDP is a search tool that works respectively with Amazon statistics. It works as a secret agent on other listings.

🤔What are the benefits of using Book Bolt?

Book Bolt offers hundreds of templates and designs to choose from, many of which you’re sure to love! Book Bolt allows you to find your book under the right category so that you can easily draw readers’ attention.

🤑Are there any free plans available for Book Bolt?

Book Bolt doesn’t offer any free plan, there are two plans for newbies and pro users each separately. Whereas the yearly plans comes with a 3-day free trail.

Conclusion: Book Bolt Review + Coupon

With the help of Book Bolt, users can publish no-content books very easily by themselves. The platform has already helped several Amazon booksellers generate great revenue by doing less work. Book Bolt can be very effective for the Amazon KDP program, making the work simple and easier to increase orders.

The prices are in the affordable range and have free trials as well. Finally, using the Bookbolt.com voucher code, you can get amazing rewards and benefits.

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