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10 PowerPoint Slides You Need for Your Next Financial Report or review

10 Slide Ideas for Financial Report Presentation

Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Anastasia

Working on a company financial report, and want to make it different this time? Financial reviews full of data and analysis are typically difficult to digest by non-financial audiences, and it can be challenging to communicate the meaning behind the figures. If you want to disclose your quarterly or annual numbers in a simple and understandable way to your key stakeholders, check our blog for examples and inspiration.

A financial report is a management tool used to communicate key financial information to both internal and external stakeholders by covering aspects of financial affairs with the help of KPIs, such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, or financial ratios analysis. See how to prepare structured and professional financial slides smoothly using PowerPoint tools.

All graphics examples presented below can be downloaded as an editable source. Explore the Financial Report and Performance Indicators Presentation for PowerPoint.

Get inspired by seven examples of how you can illustrate the components of your financial report presentation and a quick instruction on how you can create a P&L Statement table using simple design tricks.

Visualize your key financial indicators

Financial Summary Overview with Key Indicators- Global Net Revenue, Like for Like Growth, Cash Conversion Cycle, Profit Before Tax

Such a general slide with a financial report presentation summary will help to analyze the big picture and ensure you’re on the same page with the audience.

You can list the common key indicators such as Global Net Revenue, Like for Like Growth, Cash Conversion Cycle, and Profit Before Tax. A neutral background picture makes the slide more attractive and circles with highlights on the right help to stay focused on important numbers.

Show revenue and profit snapshots on one dashboard slide

Revenue and Profit Snapshot Dashboard Net sales and Profitability Evolution in 5 years

This slide shows how you can summarize net sales and profitability evolution using gauges and a simple bar chart. The dashboard illustrates typical profitability measures: Net Sales, Operating Expenses, EBIDTA, and PBT as easy-to-read gauge charts. The profit growth over the years is shown as a clear bar chart.

Illustrate revenue highlights with clear charts

Revenue Highlights over Time Sales Distribution Breakdown Chart by Months and Categories

If you’d like to include additional data, for example, revenue highlights over time or regions, you can do it as on the slides above. The first one presents a sales distribution breakdown by months and categories. The second slide example presents sales split by worldwide market geographies on a world map as a light background underlining the location of the markets.

Small elements, like pin icons, doughnut charts, and color-coding will help you add a professional look to your presentation.

Pro tip: To help non-financial people digest the data, keep your slides short, don’t stuff them with jargon words . Use illustrations, and make the most essential data points clearly visible.

Include balance sheet and cash flow tables

Balance Sheet Table with Current, Fixed, Intangible, Total Assets, Current, Long-Term Liabilities, Shareholders’ Equity

The very common problem is the unreadability of massive tables. The balance sheet and cash flow statement will be definitely complex, as you need to squeeze many numbers inside.

Notice how color-coding is used for various table sections, and illustrative symbols, which don’t steal attention from the content, but rather nicely add up. A text box aside can be used for your comments or notes.

Compare key drivers of revenue growth

Annual Revenue Key Growth Drivers E-commerce, Emerging Markets, Organic Growth, New Product Lines Categories Stacked Chart

To illustrate the comparison of several growth drivers, you can apply such stacked bars.

Notice how specific drivers (E-commerce, Emerging Markets, Organic Growth, New Product Lines) are illustrated by corresponding icon symbols, all in one consistent style.

Visualize revenue analysis for each quarter in your financial report

Revenue Analysis over YearData Chart with Split by Quarters and Channels in financial report

To present an analysis of sales revenue over the year, you can use such a bar chart. It’s slightly enhanced by adding quarter signs over the data chart.

This data chart illustrates revenue analysis split by quarters and channels. If you have some comments or notes you’d like to discuss, we advise putting the most essential point in bold.

Present your financial metrics and indicators as a dashboard grid

Financial Metrics and Indicators Explained Definitions Template Growth, Profitability, Liquidity, Efficiency, Solvency and Capital Market Ratios

Want to go deeper and include the analysis of some ratios? A good idea is to firstly remind your audience what are those indicators and what exactly they show.

If you have more items to show on one slide, it’s good to organize them into some regular grid. Make sure all elements are aligned to make it look professional.

If you have more items to show on one slide, it’s good to organize them to some regular grid.

Capital Market Ratios Dividend – Price Ratio, P:E Ratio Financial Metrics KPI Chart

You can include general definitions and development of key financial analysis ratios e.g. growth, profitability, liquidity, efficiency, solvency, and capital market ratios. On the slide example, you can see the capital market ratios KPI line chart which shows the Dividend Yield and P/E Ratio change over the years.

Guide on how to redesign P&L Statement to a stylish table

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can create a P&L Statement table using simple shapes, icons, and a few tricks that will save you time.

1. Use simple PowerPoint shapes to create a stylish table design.

guide on P&L Statement table redesign step first

2. Adjust your source P&L table to be readable.

The trick is to have enough margin inside the table cell.

guide on P&L Statement table redesign step second

3. Enhance the table header

Add ribbon shapes as an additional header row to make the table look nicer.

guide on P&L Statement table redesign step third

4. Redesign the first column

You can add stylish arrows in a place of 1st table column.

guide on P&L Statement table redesign step fourth

5. Enrich your table with icons and a background picture.

guide on P&L Statement table redesign step final

See the whole instruction and other visual examples here: How to Create an Effective Company Financial Report Using PowerPoint.

Need to prepare a broader annual report and focus on business highlights? See how to create a comprehensive overview of activities using graphs, icons, infographic elements, and data-driven charts in this blog .

Resource: Financial Report and Performance Indicators Presentation

The graphics in this blog are a part of our financial report layouts collection. Our financial review deck incorporates 30 infographic slide templates for a financial summary overview, balance sheets with assets and liabilities, financial analysis presentation, income statements, profit and loss reports, revenue and profit snapshots, cash flow statements, explain types of financial ratios, key growth drivers, or breakdown of your operational expenses.

You can reuse graphs and charts, and tailor them to your needs in order to make your slides clear and easy to understand. See the full deck here:

Financial Report and Performance Indicators PPT Presentation

Using concise, modern images will make your PowerPoint structured and consistent. To make your presentations even more appealing, consider also using this collection of professionally designed diagram layouts .

More Resources to Get Inspired

If you’re looking for more design inspiration, check our movie guide on how to present financial reports, financial analyses, and financial highlights professionally (you’ll find many more practical tips on our YouTube channel):

Subscribe to the newsletter  and follow our  YouTube channel  to get more design tips and slide inspiration.

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Blog Data Visualization 15 Financial Report Examples to Communicate Financial Data

15 Financial Report Examples to Communicate Financial Data

Written by: Danesh Ramuthi Oct 26, 2023

Financial Report Examples

A financial report offers an in-depth view of a company’s financial status over a specific period, encompassing crucial documents like the balance sheet, income statement and the statement of cash flows. 

Such reports provide a clear lens into a company’s operations, enabling stakeholders, financial analysts and investors to evaluate both short term and long term assets and liabilities, net income and the overall financial health.

From the intricacies of accounts receivable and payable to the clarity provided by the statement of cash flow reconciles, financial reports are indispensable.

Furthermore, they reflect a company’s performance, detailing sales revenue, operating expenses and even non-operating revenue. These documents are governed by international financial reporting standards and generally accepted accounting principles, ensuring accuracy and transparency

Dive into our curated collection of 15 financial report examples that elucidate the art of communicating intricate financial data. 

And if you’re seeking an intuitive tool to craft your own financial reports, check out Vennagge’s report maker and access a range of tailored financial report templates . 

Click to jump ahead:

  • 15 Financial report examples

How to write a financial report?

What is the difference between financial reports and financial statements, 15 financial report examples to communicate financial data.

Financial reports play a pivotal role in communicating a company’s financial position, performance and projections to its stakeholders. Let’s explore a few types of financial report examples and a comprehensive view of its components and significance.

Annual financial report

The annual financial report is like a yearly check-up for a company’s money. It starts with the company’s mission and vision, which tell us what the company wants to do and where it hopes to go. 

Next, there’s a financial overview that includes important things like the profit, income, budget, expenses, net income and revenue. 

Corporate Healthcare Financial Annual Report Template

Beyond the numbers, the year’s milestones, challenges and achievements come alive in this section. 

Be it a record-breaking sales figure, expansion into new markets or innovative product launches, the highlights offer a narrative, bridging financial data with the company’s operational journey. 

Healthcare Financial Annual Report Template

Financial analysts often look at this section to gauge the company’s performance against its mission and vision, assessing its trajectory for future growth.

Monthly financial report

Monthly financial reports play a pivotal role in the financial management and oversight of any business.

These concise yet comprehensive documents capture the essence of a company’s financial activities over a month, providing valuable insights into revenue streams, expenses incurred and overall profitability.

Professional Business Financial Report Template

Tracking these monthly figures allows businesses to swiftly identify trends, pinpoint areas of concern and react to any short-term challenges before they escalate.

The timely nature of these reports means that any deviations from projected performance can be quickly addressed, ensuring that the business remains on a path of sustained growth. 

Mint Editable Financial Report Summary

Furthermore, by offering a detailed breakdown of aspects like sales revenue, operating expenses and potential liabilities, these reports empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize cash flow and fortify their financial health in the competitive marketplace.

Income statement financial report

The income statement, commonly referred to as the profit and loss statement, is one of the three paramount financial statements used by businesses to showcase their financial performance over an accounting period. 

While the balance sheet provides a snapshot of assets and liabilities and the cash flow statement details cash movements, the income statement zooms in on the company’s revenues, expenses, and overall profitability.

It illuminates crucial aspects like operating expenses, sales revenue and net income, offering insights into the company’s operations and its relative standing in the industry. 

Financial Income Statement Report Template

By deciphering the data within an income statement, companies can identify areas of efficiency, detect underperforming sectors and align their strategies to ensure optimal financial performance.

Statement of cash flows financial report

A cash flow statement stands as a crucial pillar in a company’s financial reports, detailing the movement of money within the business. 

It captures all cash inflows, from everyday operations to external investment sources, and all outflows, including those that cover various business activities and investments. 

Statement of Cash Flows Financial Report Template

By examining this statement, one can understand if a company is generating enough cash from its operations or relying on external financing. 

Moreover, it helps in ascertaining how a company is managing its cash resources, providing insights into its financial health and operational efficiency.

Statement of change in equity financial report

The statement of change in equity delves deep into the shifts in a company’s equity over a defined accounting period. Commonly known as the statement of retained earnings, this document offers insights into the financial decisions that impact shareholder value. 

Statement of Change in Equity Financial Report Template

It encompasses elements like net profits or losses and the distribution of dividends. By analyzing this statement, stakeholders can grasp how well the company is doing in terms of increasing its retained earnings and thus, enhancing its overall financial health. 

This report plays a vital role in deciphering the company’s commitment to its shareholders, reflecting on its strategic financial decisions.

Financial reporting template

Summary financial report

A summary financial report can be visualized as a bird’s-eye view of a company’s financial terrain. Unlike exhaustive reports that delve deep into the numbers, this summary highlights the key aspects: revenue, expenses, cash flow, assets, liabilities and equity. 

It’s a tool that encapsulates the company’s financial story, helping investors and stakeholders quickly gauge the business’s fiscal position. 

Blue Financial Report Summary Template

Whether released quarterly or annually, this summary serves as a preliminary tool for deeper financial exploration, offering a concise yet informative glimpse into the company’s financial trajectory.

Chic Financial Report Summary

Analysis financial report

Financial reports are crucial documents that provide detailed insights into a company’s financial health and performance. At the heart of this analysis is the income statement, which offers a breakdown of a company’s sales revenue, operating expenses and net income over a specific accounting period. 

Fashion Company Financial Budget Report

Another essential element in the analysis is the balance sheet. This statement provides a snapshot of the company’s assets, liabilities and shareholders’ equity at a particular point in time. 

By comparing the company’s assets to its liabilities, one can gauge its financial stability and solvency. Additionally, elements like retained earnings give an insight into the company’s reinvestment strategies or dividend payments to shareholders. 

One should not forget the importance of financial ratios derived from these reports, such as the earnings per share (EPS), which can influence the company’s stock price. 

Blue Editable Financial Report

By following generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) or international financial reporting standards (IFRS), companies ensure that their financial reporting examples are consistent and transparent.

Business financial report

A business financial report serves as a compass, indicating the fiscal direction and health of a company over a specified duration.

The linchpin of this report is the income statement, which paints a vivid picture of the company’s earnings landscape by detailing its total sales revenue and segregating operating from non-operating revenue.

It also shines a light on the net income or loss for the period under scrutiny. 

Yellow Business Financial Report

Another critical component of the business financial report is the balance sheet. This offers a consolidated view of the company’s assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity. 

The balance between assets and liabilities gives stakeholders a clear picture of the company’s financial stability and its ability to meet short-term and long-term debt obligations. 

For instance, accounts receivables might indicate the company’s efficiency in collecting dues, while accounts payable can provide insights into the company’s management of its debts. To supplement these, the cash flow statements show how the company manages its cash from operations, investments and financing. 

Blue Financial Report Examples

When combined, these financial documents create a holistic view of a business’s financial health, guiding decisions related to investment banking, marketable securities, and other financial accounts.

Budget financial report

A budget financial report is a forward-looking document that provides an organized and detailed plan for a company’s financial activities for a specific period. This type of report typically includes projected income statements and expected cash flow statements. 

One primary purpose of such a report is to set financial targets for the upcoming reporting period, be it short-term or long-term. By comparing these forecasts with actual financial data as the period progresses, companies can gauge their financial performance and make necessary adjustments to their business operations.

Modern Financial Budget Report Template

Budgeting plays a pivotal role in financial planning. This report delineates where a company expects its revenue to come from, be it sales revenue, operating revenue or non-operating revenue, and how it plans to spend it.

On the expenditure side, the budget might break down operating expenses , dividend payments, investment in marketable securities and more.

Additionally, this report will often account for both current assets and liabilities and long-term assets and debts. 

By analyzing the budgeted financial statements against the actual financial statements, stakeholders can understand the company’s financial position, its capacity for future growth and its overall business’s financial health. 

Moreover, the budget financial report aids in strategizing investment activities, financing activities and managing the company’s operations effectively, ensuring that the company remains on track to achieve its financial objectives.

Financial reports are instrumental in illustrating a company’s financial position and performance over a specific period. They serve as a roadmap for stakeholders, guiding business decisions and investments.

Crafting an insightful financial report involves a structured approach, detailing various financial activities and metrics.

Step 1: Offer a company overview

Begin by providing an overview of your company. This section should shed light on the company’s operations, market position and business objectives.

Ensure that the company’s financial health and major business operations are highlighted, offering readers a foundation upon which they can base the forthcoming financial data.

Step 2: Delve into sales projections and key financial aspects

Detail your company’s sales forecast, illuminating expected sales revenue and any factors influencing these projections. Additionally, delve into other crucial sections like financial targets, operating revenue and any non-operating revenue.

This offers stakeholders a bird’s-eye view of the company’s expected financial performance for the reporting period.

Step 3: Ascertain the company’s value

Incorporate a section dedicated to the company’s valuation. This should encapsulate assets and liabilities, shareholders equity and any long-term or short-term debt. The company’s valuation is pivotal for investors and financial analysts to ascertain the company’s worth and its potential for future growth.

Step 4: Add the summaries of key financial statements

A comprehensive financial report encompasses summaries of vital financial statements. Furnish a brief overview of the company’s income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. 

These statements provide insights into the company’s net income, assets liabilities, cash flows and the overall financial health. By adhering to international financial reporting standards or generally accepted accounting principles, you ensure transparency and consistency in financial reporting.

Step 5: Finish with the summary of the entire report

Conclude the report by summarizing your findings. This section should encapsulate your final views about the company’s financial position, performance and potential. Share opinions on whether the company is poised for profit or might incur a loss. 

Consider weaving in financial ratios or any other important financial statements that can bolster your claims. A succinct summary aids stakeholders in quickly grasping the crux of the financial report, influencing their decisions about the company’s prospects.

Related: 20 Professional Report Cover Page Examples & Templates [100% Customizable]

While both financial reports and financial statements serve as pivotal tools in illustrating a business’s financial health, they each have distinct roles and attributes.

At their core, financial statements are essentially a subset within the broader scope of financial reports. Below are the primary contrasts between these two financial tools:

Scope of the report & statement

A financial statement, such as an income statement or a cash flow statement, zooms in on a specific financial aspect. In contrast, a financial report is an amalgamation of multiple related financial details, often encompassing several statements. 

Formatting of the report & statement

Precision in presentation is important for financial statements like the balance sheet. They adhere to set standards, categorizing assets, liabilities and owner’s equity into clear segments with aggregated values for each segment. 

Financial reports, while encapsulating this data, enjoy more flexibility in their presentation format, allowing for variations that might not be possible in individual financial statements.

Length of the report & statement

Given its comprehensive nature, a financial report is typically more voluminous than a single financial statement. 

It paints a holistic picture of a company’s financial terrain, necessitating the inclusion of diverse financial metrics and analyses. 

On the other hand, a financial statement is a concise document focusing on a singular financial facet. 

From assessing an organization’s overall financial health annually to understanding monthly financial fluctuations, the variety of financial report examples underscores the importance of thorough and diverse financial reporting. 

These reports, ranging from the granular focus of income statements to the broader analysis found in summary and business reports, offer stakeholders, both internal and external, a clear window into an entity’s financial position and performance. 

Mastering the nuances of each type can significantly enhance financial transparency and decision-making.

If you’re looking to craft insightful financial reports, tools like Venngage report maker can make the process seamless. Their extensive range of financial report templates ensures you have the perfect layout and design for every financial insight you wish to share.

Discover popular designs

financial results presentation example

Brochure maker

financial results presentation example

White paper online

financial results presentation example

Newsletter creator

financial results presentation example

Flyer maker

financial results presentation example

Timeline maker

financial results presentation example

Letterhead maker

financial results presentation example

Mind map maker

financial results presentation example

Ebook maker

Financial performance presentation: A comprehensive guide

Learn to choose the right data, visuals, and storytelling techniques to impress your audience.

Raja Bothra

Building presentations

colleague preparing financial performance presentation

Welcome to the ultimate guide on crafting a stellar financial performance presentation.

In this comprehensive article, we'll delve into the world of financial presentations, covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Whether you're a seasoned financial analyst or a newbie in the field, we've got you covered.

What is financial performance?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's establish a clear understanding of what financial performance entails. Financial performance refers to the evaluation of a company's fiscal health and efficiency. It encompasses a range of critical elements, including revenue, profitability, and financial stability.

Benefits of financial performance presentation

A well-structured financial performance presentation offers numerous advantages. It serves as a powerful tool for communicating your organization's financial story effectively. Here are some key benefits:

  • Clarity and transparency : A compelling presentation ensures that your financial information is presented clearly, fostering transparency.
  • Informed decision-making : Stakeholders can make informed business decisions based on the insights provided in your presentation.
  • Engaging stakeholders : Engage your audience with visually appealing slides that convey complex financial data in an understandable manner.
  • Demonstrate expertise : Show your expertise in financial matters by crafting a presentation that reflects your knowledge.

KPIs and metrics to include in financial performance presentation

Now, let's get into the meat of the matter - the key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that should feature prominently in your financial performance presentation.

These metrics provide a snapshot of your organization's financial health:

  • Revenue analysis : Start by showcasing your revenue growth over time. Use graphs to illustrate quarterly and annual revenue trends.
  • Profitability Metrics : Discuss your profitability with metrics like gross profit margin and net income. Use charts and tables for a visual impact.
  • Balance sheet insights : Dive into your balance sheet to highlight assets and liabilities. Ensure that you represent this information in an illustrative manner.
  • Cash flow statement : Explain your cash flow with clarity. This is vital for demonstrating liquidity and solvency.
  • Financial ratios : Incorporate key financial ratios like debt-to-equity and return on investment to give a comprehensive view.
  • Income statement details : Present your income statement data, emphasizing operating income and net sales.

How to structure an effective financial performance presentation

To create an impactful financial performance presentation that conveys complex financial information efficiently, follow these steps:

1. Introduction:

Begin your presentation with a captivating introduction that sets the stage for what's to come. Start by highlighting the purpose of your presentation, the key financial metrics you'll be discussing, and provide a brief overview of your company's financial performance.

2. High-level overview of financial performance:

Start with a high-level overview of your company's financial performance. This should include key metrics such as revenue, profit, and cash flow. Make sure to compare your current performance to prior periods and industry benchmarks. Use this section to give your audience a snapshot of where your company stands financially.

3. Key trends and developments:

Dive deeper into your company's financial performance by discussing any key trends or developments. This could encompass a wide range of factors, from new product launches to market expansion and changes in customer behavior. Utilize charts, graphs, and tables to illustrate these trends and make the data more digestible.

4. Financial outlook:

Provide insights into your company's financial outlook for the future. This should include your expectations for revenue, profit, and cash flow. Additionally, discuss any significant risks or opportunities that could impact your financial performance down the line. It's crucial to offer a forward-looking perspective to guide your audience's understanding of your company's financial trajectory.

5. Conclusion:

Summarize the key points of your presentation in a concise and impactful manner. Reinforce the main takeaways and leave your audience with a positive impression of your company's financial health.

Additional tips for delivering an effective financial performance presentation:

  • Clear and concise language: Avoid using technical jargon or acronyms that your audience may not understand. Communicate your message in plain, straightforward language to ensure clarity.
  • Visual support: Incorporate visuals such as charts, graphs, and tables to support your presentation. Visual representations of data can enhance understanding and engagement.
  • Q&A preparation: Anticipate questions from your audience and be well-prepared to address them. Clear and concise responses will reinforce your expertise.

Sample presentation structure:

Slide 1: Title slide

Slide 2: Introduction

  • Purpose of the presentation
  • Key financial metrics
  • Brief overview of the company's financial performance

Slide 3: High-level overview of financial performance

  • Comparison to prior periods and industry benchmarks

Slides 4-6: Key trends and developments

  • Discussion of significant trends or developments
  • Use of charts, graphs, and tables for visual support

Slide 7: Financial outlook

  • Future expectations for revenue, profit, and cash flow
  • Discussion of key risks and opportunities

Slide 8: Conclusion

  • Summary of key presentation points
  • Leaving the audience with a positive impression of the company's financial health

Remember that you can adjust this structure to suit your specific audience and purpose. Whether presenting to investors, employees, or other stakeholders, tailoring your approach will enhance the effectiveness of your financial performance presentation.

Do's and don'ts of a financial performance presentation

To ensure your presentation hits the mark, here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind:

  • Know your audience: Tailor your presentation to the specific needs and interests of your audience. Consider what they need to know about your company's financial performance and anticipate the questions they are likely to have.
  • Be clear and concise: Avoid using technical jargon or acronyms that your audience may not understand. Explain complex concepts in a simple and straightforward manner, ensuring that everyone can follow along.
  • Use visuals: Visual aids, such as charts, graphs, and tables, can significantly enhance the understandability and engagement of your presentation. Visuals provide a clear and visual representation of data.
  • Tell a story: Don't just present numbers and metrics; use your presentation to weave a narrative about your company's financial performance. Highlight key trends and developments and discuss their implications for the future.
  • Be prepared: Anticipate questions from your audience and be well-prepared to answer them. Clarity and confidence in your responses reinforce your expertise.


  • Avoid information overload: Resist the temptation to overwhelm your audience with an excess of information. Focus on the most critical metrics and trends that provide valuable insights.
  • Steer clear of jargon: Refrain from using industry-specific jargon or acronyms without clear definitions. If you must use technical terms, ensure they are explained clearly for everyone's understanding.
  • Don't over-depend on slides: Your presentation should go beyond the slides. Use them as aids to explain the data and provide context, but don't let them do all the talking. Your spoken words should complement the visuals.
  • Admit when you don't know: It's okay not to have all the answers. If you're asked a question during the presentation that you cannot answer, acknowledge it, and offer to follow up with the individual afterward.

Summarizing key takeaways

  • Financial performance involves assessing a company's fiscal health.
  • Benefits of a presentation include clear communication, informed decisions, and engagement.
  • Key metrics to include are revenue, profitability, balance sheet, cash flow, ratios, and income statement data.
  • An effective presentation structure includes an intro, overview, trend analysis, financial outlook, and conclusion.
  • Presentation tips: Use clear language, visuals, prepare for questions, and adapt to your audience.
  • Do tailor to your audience, be clear, use visuals, tell a story, and be prepared.
  • Don't overload with information, use jargon, rely solely on slides, or hesitate to admit when you don't know an answer.

1. What is a financial performance presentation, and how does it differ from a traditional powerpoint presentation?

A financial performance presentation, often referred to as a financial report presentation or financial powerpoint presentation, focuses specifically on showcasing the financial results and overall financial health of a company. Unlike a typical powerpoint presentation ppt, which may cover various topics, this presentation is dedicated to presenting financial information, including important financial data and performance data.

2. Can I use prezent to create a financial performance presentation with editable templates and financial slides?

Yes, Prezent offers a range of editable templates designed for financial presentations deck. These templates make it easy to present financial data and make your slides visually compelling. Whether you need a dashboard slide or a pie chart to display financial kpi information, Prezent has you covered.

3. How can I effectively display financial information, such as revenue and profit, in my financial performance presentation?

To effectively display financial information, consider using charts and graphs, such as pie charts and doughnut charts, which are available in Prezent's presentation templates. These visually compelling ways of presenting financial data can help your audience understand the performance data at a glance.

4. What should be included in an executive summary of a financial performance presentation?

An executive summary in your financial performance presentation should provide a concise overview of the financial results, including turnover, profit and loss (P&L) statements, and KPIs. It's essential to make your presentation easy to understand, especially for shareholders and creditors who may need additional information presented in a clear and straightforward manner.

5. How can I turn complex financials into a one slide presentation that drives results?

Transforming complex financial information into a single, impactful slide is a skill that Prezent can help you develop. With Prezent's templates and tools, you can create a dashboard slide or a presentation template that condenses many numbers into an easy-to-understand format. This can be especially useful for presenting financial data in meetings or during slide shows.

Create your project financial performance presentation with prezent

Now that you've gained insights into crafting an impactful financial presentation, it's time to put your knowledge into action. Utilize Prezent's powerful features, including slide templates and a plethora of design options, to create presentations that truly represent your financial data.

  • Templates and designs : Access brand-approved designs and templates for a professional look.
  • Time efficiency : Utilize a vast library of pre-made elements to save time on creation.
  • Data visualization : Easily incorporate charts and graphs to visualize financial data.
  • Collaboration : Collaborate in real-time with team members for input and review.
  • Compliance : Ensure 100% compliance with brand guidelines for consistency.
  • Document management : Organize and manage presentation materials efficiently.
  • Customization : Personalize presentations to match project needs and goals.
  • Overnight service : Get a polished presentation overnight to meet tight deadlines.

Try our free trial or book a demo today with Prezent!

Start impressing your audience today!

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Create a Perfect Financial Slide (Tips Examples & Templates)

Learn to create engaging financial slides for startup pitch decks with insights from top examples. Discover digital tools to enhance your presentation.


6 minute read

How to make a financial slide in a pitch deck

helped business professionals at:


Short answer

What is a Financial Slide in a Pitch Deck?

A financial slide in a pitch deck provides a snapshot of a startup's current financial status and future projections. It showcases key metrics like revenue, expenses, and profitability, offering investors insight into the company's monetary health and growth potential.

How to Craft an Artful yet Scientific Financial Slide for Your Pitch Deck

Creating a financial slide for your pitch deck necessitates a blend of investor assurance and financial foresight demonstration.

Begin by constructing robust financial models, and employ clear, visually engaging elements such as bar graphs, line charts, and pie charts to depict crucial metrics including projected revenue, expenses, EBITDA, and cash flow for the upcoming 3 to 5 years.

These visual elements not only enhance comprehension but also make data digestible, ensuring investors remain engaged during the presentation.

It's imperative to clearly state the underlying assumptions behind your projections, and when feasible, juxtapose them with industry benchmarks to provide a comparative perspective.

Let’s delve into why it’s pivotal and how you can master it.

Why is the Financial Slide Crucial in a Pitch Deck?

The financial slide in a pitch deck is crucial as it offers a clear picture of a startup's financial health and future prospects.

It helps investors gauge the viability and potential return on investment, building trust and making the funding pursuit compelling and convincing.

5 benefits of having a well-constructed financial slide in your pitch deck:

Investor Assurance: Gives a clear view of financial viability and revenue potential.

Strategic Planning: Aids in aligning financial goals with business strategy.

Performance Metrics: Showcases key financial benchmarks for growth monitoring.

Risk Assessment: Helps in evaluating and mitigating financial risks.

Future Funding: Lays a financial foundation for securing further investments.

What is the Importance of Portraying Financial Health?

Portraying financial health goes beyond just showing what you have in the bank. It's about how well you manage resources, generate revenue, and plan for future growth.

Use realistic projections, backed by solid data.

Highlight past financial milestones, if any, to build credibility.

When discussing feasibility, it's about showing your understanding of the market and how you plan to maneuver your startup in the midst of financial uncertainties.

Dropbox's Pitch Deck Example: Dropbox effectively illustrated user growth alongside revenue projections, painting a compelling, credible financial narrative that enthralled potential investors.

What Constitutes the Core of a Financial Slide?

The core of a financial slide rests on simplicity, truth, and foresight.

Avoid financial jargon, be transparent with your current financial status, be realistic with projections, and showcase a well-thought-out financial strategy for the future, to craft a compelling narrative for potential investors.

6 basic components of a financial slide:

1) Balance Sheet Overview

The balance sheet is your financial snapshot, showcasing your assets, liabilities, and equity. It should be simple, clean, and easy to digest at a glance.

Use visual aids like graphs or pie charts to represent the data.

Show a brief comparison with industry standards or competitors if possible.

2) Income Statement Summary

This section demonstrates how your company has performed over a specific period.

It clearly depicts your revenue, expenses, and net income , providing a transparent financial snapshot for potential investors to scrutinize.

3) Financial Projections

Financial projections are where you get to shine a light on your foresight. It's where you paint a picture of financial growth and stability.

Back your projections with data, market trends, and a solid business strategy.

4) Marketing Budget Estimation

Your marketing budget is a reflection of your understanding of the market and your strategy to penetrate it.

Example: Showing how a specific percentage of your budget will be used for different marketing strategies and the expected ROI can be helpful

5) Growth Projection

Growth projections should mirror your ambitious yet achievable targets, laced with a realistic timeline.

Tip: Align growth projections with industry standards and market trends.

6) Gross Profit Margin

This metric showcases the efficiency of your business model, where a higher margin indicates better efficiency and potential profitability.

Compare with industry averages to show your standing.

Highlight any positive trend in improving this margin.

Share strategies to enhance this margin in the future.

3 Expert Advice to Make Financial Slides Easily Digestible

Complex financial data can be challenging to navigate, but with the right approach, it can be made digestible, engaging, and informative.

1) Visual Representation

Charts, graphs, and infographics are excellent tools for simplifying complex financial data.

Incorporating interactive tools is essential as they engage investors better, allowing them to explore data at their own pace, and providing a deeper understanding of your financial narrative.

2) Simplification of Financial Terms

Avoid jargon and use simple terms to explain your financial position and projections. If a term needs to be used, explain it briefly.

In case a term like "EBITDA" must be used, briefly explain it as, "a measure of a company's operational performance, excluding costs of capital investments and tax implications.

Tip: A glossary slide at the end can be useful for investors to refer to.

3) Consistent Formatting

Maintain a consistent format for presenting financial data to help the audience follow along without getting lost in varying styles or formats.

Your pitch deck is a gateway to endless possibilities, and the financial slide is its cornerstone.

Getting it right means you're a step closer to making your startup dream a reality.

2 Exemplary Financial Slides from Renowned Pitch Decks

Observing and learning from the success stories in the startup ecosystem can significantly aid in honing your pitch deck.

Several renowned startups have excelled in portraying their financial narratives creatively and effectively.

Key insights:

Benchmarking Success: Examining successful pitch decks can provide a benchmark for creating an engaging financial slide.

Storytelling through Numbers: How numbers are not merely figures but narrators of a company's journey and potential.

For enhanced storytelling in content design , merge text, images, and multimedia into engaging "scenes." Segment your content, add multimedia, and let readers control pacing for optimal experience.

Here are 2 examples of effectively showcasing revenue growth:

1) Dissecting Dropbox's Revenue Projection

Dropbox’s pitch deck was a masterpiece in displaying a clear revenue projection alongside user growth, making their financial narrative compelling.

The correlation between user growth and revenue growth in Dropbox's pitch deck reflects a realistic and promising financial trajectory.

2) Airbnb's Historical Revenue Growth

Airbnb showcased its revenue growth effectively, portraying a success story that investors could buy into.

When Airbnb highlighted its historical financial growth, it provided a strong base for illustrating future financial projections.

Dissecting the Blue Guy Kawasaki Financial Pitch Deck Template

The Guy Kawasaki pitch deck template is revered in the startup ecosystem for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Here's a dive into its financial slide structure and content.

Structure and Content Analysis

The template emphasizes a 10/20/30 rule - 10 slides, 20 minutes, and a 30-point font .

The financial slide adheres to these principles, ensuring clarity and brevity.

Sticking to a simplistic structure while ensuring all vital financial data is presented comprehensively.

Highlighting Key Metrics

Focusing on key metrics rather than bombarding them with numerous financial data can help in keeping the investors engaged.

Showcasing the cost of customer acquisition, lifetime value, and burn rate in a clear, understandable manner.

How Can Digital Tools like Storydoc Aid in Creating an Engaging Financial Slide?

Creating an engaging financial slide involves a blend of storytelling, data analysis, and aesthetic presentation. Digital tools like Storydoc can be invaluable assets in this endeavor.

Streamlining Branding Across the Pitch Deck

Starting with a template, tailor it to echo your financial narrative, ensuring cohesiveness. Customize colors, graphs, and data points to mirror your brand's identity.

Leverage Storydoc's interactive charts and real-time collaboration to enrich your financial slide.

Consistent brand representation across the pitch deck fosters a professional, trustworthy image for potential investors.

Utilizing interactive charts lets them delve into the data at their pace.

Here’s an example of a financial slide:

Financials slide example

Exploring Storydoc’s Financial Templates

Storydoc offers a variety of templates that can help in crafting a financial slide that's not only informative but visually appealing.

Choosing a template that aligns with your brand and the story you wish to tell.

Here are examples of financial slide templates:

Create story from scratch

Financial strategy slide

I am a Marketing Specialist at Storydoc, I research, analyze and write on our core topics of business presentations, sales, and fundraising. I love talking to clients about their successes and failures so I can get a rounded understanding of their world.

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Creating an Effective Financial Presentation

January 29, 2017 / Blog, Presentation, Presentation Science, Tips & Tricks business, financial presentation, presentation, presentation design, presentation tips, Rick Enrico, SlideGenius

Creating an Effective Financial Presentation

At some point in your career, you’ll have to give at least one complex and data-heavy presentation. It’s inevitable for entrepreneurs to venture into the financial side of business and deliver fiscal reports such as those involving business charts that reflect the company’s performance against goals and financial analyses.

But the thing is, financial data can be boring. They may appeal to analytical brains, but what about the rest? In order to hold your audience’s attention, you need to make your financial presentation interesting. Don’t just conduct a data dump. Explain where the figures come from and how they affect your audience. Provide examples as to how those numbers can be relevant in their lives. [blockqoute text=”Looking for a Financial Deck Design Expert?”] In other words, harness the power of financial storytelling. Present a narrative-driven angle that will give your presentation a new light. Show the numbers but let the story behind them shine through.

Mastering the Art of Financial Storytelling

Financial presentations don’t have to be dull. Here are some tips to successfully deliver an intellectually-stimulating yet engaging presentation.

1. Pattern your presentation after the GPS approach

Organize your facts and figures by planning your presentation. Create a structure so your message will be clear from start to finish. One method you can apply to achieve this is the GPS approach .

First of all, identify who your audience is. What’s the extent of their knowledge and the level of their expertise? Once you know this, you have the starting point . You can then proceed to identifying the goal of the presentation. What would you want the audience to think, feel, understand, or do when you step out of the limelight? What end point are you trying to achieve? This is the destination .

From there, it’s just a matter of choosing the best route. How do you go from Point A to Point B? Outline your main idea first, then follow it up with the supporting ideas. You can create a script to help you with internalizing the flow of the presentation.

Master the Art of Financial Storytelling: GPS

2. Establish credibility from the outset

Since you’ll be presenting critical figures, it’s important to appear trustworthy. Cultivating credibility and cementing a good reputation will make it more likely for your audience to believe in what you’ll say. If necessary, use supporting materials to validate your claims.

3. Outline your goals to build anticipation

If you inform your audience about the goals of your presentation, they’ll be more prepared to process any chunk of data you give them. It helps them to follow along since they already know what to expect and what material you’ll cover. It allows them to focus on the goal and take part in your presentation.  

4. Follow the three-part story structure

When communicating the story behind your data, it’s good to divide your narrative into three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the ending.

Start your presentation by describing things as they are. This is key to creating a bond with your audience. If you tell them something that they already know or can agree with, you ignite a small fire of recognition in them. Naturally, that will make them more interested in your talk.

After establishing the facts, you can show them how things could change. Establish a gap between what is and what could be. Make sure your claims hook and intrigue them enough.

Finally, when concluding your financial presentation, don’t forget to include a call to action. Introduce what presentation expert Nancy Duarte calls the “ new bliss ,” a state where your audience’s world can be a lot better if they adopt your ideas and follow your suggestions.

Follow the Three-Part Story Structure: Employ visuals instead of spreadsheets

5. Employ visuals instead of spreadsheets

Don’t limit yourself to Excel. Embrace the perks of technology so you can create a financial presentation that drives home with your audience. Present numbers, graphs, and tables using PowerPoint.

However, if you really want to take your presentation to the next level, you can ask a presentation design specialist to do the job for you. Let an expert turn your numeric data into graphics and visual images that are equally credible-looking and interesting. Your audience will be able to better make sense of your presentation this way.

6. Use simple and effective design elements

To make your slides more visually appealing without going over the top, use a sans serif font instead of a fancy one. Also, choose a template that isn’t too loud. Observe a good balance of colors to avoid design clutter . If you can, use a color contrast calculator to make sure that the colors in your presentation match.  

7. Reiterate your claims repeatedly

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer , you need to be exposed to a piece of information three to five times for you to absorb it and act on it. Also, you need to hear it from different sources for your brain to validate the information. Repeat your message throughout the presentation, but say it in different ways.

Keep Calm and Speak Like a Pro

With the proper tools and the right techniques, you can be more confident in delivering a good financial presentation. All you need is some storytelling and a few basic design skills. If you prepare well, you can get your message across without losing your audience in the process.

Duarte, Nancy. “Structure Your Presentation Like a Story.” Harvard Business Review. October 31, 2012.

Jeavons, Sheri. “Financial Presentations That Won’t Put Your Audience to Sleep.” Sales Gravy. n.d.

Mogilner, Geoffrey. “Perfecting the Art of Financial Storytelling.” Edelman. February 2, 2015.

Piontek, Katelyn. “7 Ways to Make a Financial Presentation Interesting.” Turbine HQ. September 9, 2014.

Riggins, Nash. “15 Ways to Create Effective PowerPoint Presentations.” Small Business Trends. July 5, 2016.

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Theriault, Michel. “9 Tips for More Powerful Business Presentations.” Forbes. November 4, 2013.

“Creating Effective Financial PowerPoint Presentations.” 24Point0. January 16, 2014.

“Don’t Start by Copying Previous Slides.” Think Outside the Slide. June 24, 2014.

“Edelman Trust Barometer.” Edelman. 2009.

“Five Tips to Make PowerPoint Business Presentations More Effective.” Think Outside the Slide. n.d.

Looking for creative presentations that can leverage your business? Enjoy free PowerPoint templates from SlideStore! Sign up today.

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financial results presentation example

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Present financial information visually in PowerPoint to drive results

  • Business Slides
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  • Present financial information visually in PowerPoint to drive results

If you work in a company that generates money, financial presentation is a part of its reality. Finance professionals are responsible for organizing all performance data to display financial information to stakeholders and explain investments, revenue, or loss. Almost every week, these specialists present financial slides with PowerPoint crammed with numbers and lines of text.

If you are a financial professional, you would probably like not to deliberately torture your listeners. One way is to address our skilled people from a presentation design company since we know what your board members and executives expect and want. Another way is to find better ways of presenting reports that keep the attention and provide enough credible information. Therefore, let’s reflect on how your financial PowerPoint presentation can drive your results.

Present a financial information

How to Present Financial Information?

Unfortunately, if people do not possess great experience or presentation skills, they create not compelling, not differentiated, and not professional presentations. They make typical mistakes like a sheet of text with no space or numbers that never end.

Consider the following recommendations to improve your PowerPoint financial presentation:

  • Using PowerPoint slides is not the best format for lengthy statement use. You should use PowerPoint slides only to highlight key points.
  • If some slides require detailed explanations, supplement them with a printed report.
  • Show the data in discrete animated segments throughout the slide to deliver data in a clearer way.
  • Give only one statement or statistics per slide.
  • Use bars, graphs, and charts instead of countless numbers and percentages.
  • Use maps together with animation to make the presentation of the sales data more visually appealing.
  • Combine logos, images, text, and animated graphics evenly to keep the attention.

financial presentation example 1

Here is a great example of a correct slide: one comprehensive statement per slide, use of bars, and animated data.

But the main advice is to imagine yourself in the chair of an executive, CEO, or board member. Does your presentation give confidence in the company’s financial achievements? Do you know what these numbers really mean? Do you understand what the slides are trying to say? Is this chart easy to grasp? Do these colors attract attention? And many more questions to ask yourself before presenting financial information. Make your credibility pop out properly!

Why is PowerPoint Good for Financial Presentation Slides?

Powerpoint slides are visually consistent.

For example, to emphasize the consistency point, you can use one color palette for all slides and one font family throughout the whole presentation. It helps viewers to move from one slide to another with less resistance. It refers to techniques that display text and slide transitions between presentation sections.

financial presentation example 2

Here is an example of a visually attractive slide with one color palette to help the audience perceive better.

The more, the merrier is not a good approach

If you’ve seen financial presentation examples in ppt, you might notice that good ones are simple, straightforward, and clear in their message. PowerPoint provides a lot of visual opportunities, but it also invites you to be frugal in the use of animations and other motion graphics. The slide has boundaries, and you’d notice that you overdid.

Take a maximum of charts

Bars, graphs, and charts are underestimated elements of PowerPoint. Some of them are hard to create, but practice makes perfect. Besides, use typical pie charts along with, e.g., non-traditional cascade charts to impress people. If you look for something unusual, google slides design to find skillful and proficient assistance.

financial presentation example 3

Here is an example of simple chart usage, but it still looks more attractive than writing pure numbers everybody hates.

How to Present a Financial Report or Types Financial Presentation

Financial investor presentation.

Investors and lenders always have a lot of opportunities to invest. It means you have to create a PowerPoint presentation on finance that stands out and captivates both their attention and capital. They’re looking at projects day in and day out, so you need to do your best to fit into their portfolio.

So, we know they are looking for something unique and compelling to differentiate their portfolio. But how to make your presentation the one and the only?

  • Start the draft with the table of contents and define the audience.
  • Remember that every slide must answer the “Why you?” question.
  • Avoid wordy and bland slides that make people indeed bored.
  • Avoid extensive Excel spreadsheets and transform them into more attractive and easier-to-understand graphs.
  • Create a branded presentation look that will resonate with investors.
  • Create “Why?” slides with key highlights and answer them: Why this region? Why invest here? Why now?
  • Every slide must give investors confidence in your company or startup’s success and credibility.
  • Talk about the things you really know and spend time learning them to answer possible additional questions after the presentation.
  • Investors are smart people, but everyone likes stories more than dry financial facts.

80% of what investors are looking at is bland, so make sure you are in the top echelon to get a desirable investment.

Presentation on Financial Planning

If your company plans to raise more money, connect with new partners, or invest in smaller headquarters, it needs a financial plan to avoid losing money or getting into debt. Thus, financial professionals are invited to analyze the current situation and propose a solution accompanied by attractive PowerPoint slides.

  • Presentation slides for finance planning include many numbers. So, your task is to resolve questions like “What is this slide about?”.
  • It is your task to guide people to where you want them to look. Do you want them to go from left to right or vice versa? Make sure you decide before the actual presentation.
  • When telling about financial planning numbers, you need to give your subsequent opinion to preceded questions like “How is it going to impact our business decisions?”.
  • The financial plan must include the client’s objectives and financial situation, your analysis, proposed strategies/solutions, and the implementation plan schedule.

financial presentation example 4

Despite many numbers on the slide, the table is constructed well, and it doesn’t even need additional explanation.

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is the bigger picture of a business that takes into account all assets and liabilities. You should add it to the main presentation.

However, the balance sheet is not an impactful display of financial data, and it doesn’t make it easy to grasp a quick picture of the company. Even if you’re good at using PowerPoint presenter features like a laser pointer or highlighter, it’s still challenging to deliver a clear message about the company’s finances.

We advise the next steps to create comprehensive balance sheet slides:

  • Dissect the report into small pieces that are easier to assimilate.
  • Use those parts to build an overview for the audience that sees it first.
  • Follow the overview with additional analysis in one or more slides.
  • Use bars, graphs, and charts for income statements.
  • Avoid adding a lot of text with more explanatory comments.
  • Speak additional explanations with references to information in the slide.

Since they are located in neighboring financial realities, you can use these recommendations for the balance sheet, cash flow statements, or income statements.

Why Does It Matter to Present Financial Data to Your Executives Effectively?

For most presenters (beginners especially), executives look like dark and super strict people who do not know what they want. Meanwhile, they just want to know, e.g., the company’s revenue, debt size, number of investments in the previous month, etc. Commonly, they get bored or angry if your presentation complicates everything and just wastes their time.

To begin with, walk yourself through these questions to present effectively:

  • What information is needed?
  • What will it be used for?
  • Who will see the information?
  • How does it need to be presented?
  • What does my audience expect from me or this presentation?

Presenting data can be intimidating if you do not understand what people want from you. You should always ask for clear instructions or expectations to deliver the needed information. If you want satisfied executives, you should tell a financial story by splitting your slides and describing all charts with words and some analysis that simplifies every number.

Your next financial presentation can be a career booster. Or, it can be just a lost opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills. If you consider the information presented above, you have more chances to rise above the crowd due to presenting financial data in visually compelling ways. If you can’t, you could remain stuck in the mosh pit. However, if you use non-traditional forms of presenting financial reports, you increase credibility and positively impact the company’s strategy and your career perspectives.

#ezw_tco-2 .ez-toc-widget-container ul.ez-toc-list { background-color: #ededed; } Table of contents

Presenting techniques.

  • 50 tips on how to improve PowerPoint presentations in 2022-2023 [Updated]
  • Keynote VS PowerPoint
  • Types of presentations

Annual report design templates and tips: how to tell a great story with financial data in 2023

  • Design Tips

Annual report design templates and tips: how to tell a great story with financial data in 2023

Presenting techniques

Make an impact with an engaging medical presentation

35+ Best Finance PowerPoint PPT Templates (Financial Presentations)

Big numbers and data play an important role in every financial PowerPoint presentation. It’s how you validate and prove your claims.

But the way you present the data in your PowerPoint slides is the key to delivering a successful presentation.

Whether it’s a pitch deck for a financial project, a yearly financial report, or promoting a finance consulting firm, your presentation slides need to be designed in a way that makes your statements and data easy to understand.

Of course, not everyone has the time or the experience to design over-the-top presentations. And thanks to pre-made PowerPoint templates, you don’t have to.

We handpicked a collection of financial PowerPoint presentation examples that you can use to find inspiration for your slideshow designs. The best part is you can download these templates to make amazing finance presentations within minutes. Have a look.

2 Million+ PowerPoint Templates, Themes, Graphics + More

Download thousands of PowerPoint templates, and many other design elements, with a monthly Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 presentation templates, fonts, photos, graphics, and more.

BeMind Minimal Template

BeMind Minimal Template

Animated PPT Templates

Animated PPT Templates

Fully animated.

Pitch Deck Templates

Pitch Deck Templates

Startup pitch deck.


Pitch PowerPoint

Mystify Presentation

Mystify Presentation

Explore PowerPoint Templates

Investor – Financial Consulting PowerPoint Template

Investor - Financial Consulting PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is designed with financial consulting firms and agencies in mind. It’s perfect for making presentations for showcasing your business as well as for promoting your services. The template includes 30 unique slide layouts with useful designs including pricing tables, charts, editable graphics, and more.

Financial Pitch – PowerPoint Presentation Template

Financial Pitch - Powerpoint Presentation Template

If you’re working on a pitch deck design for presenting a financial project, you can take inspiration from this PowerPoint template. It includes 30 must-have slides for every pitch deck presentation. And you can easily download and customize each slide to make your own pitch decks as well.

Financy – Financial PowerPoint Template

Financy - Financial PowerPoint Template

Financy is a multipurpose PowerPoint template that you can use for all kinds of finance-related presentations. It includes 40 unique slides with flexible designs. You can edit them to make unique layouts for financial reports, agency portfolios, business profiles, and much more. You’ll also find editable graphics, device mockups, and charts for making your presentations more convincing.

Investment & Financial Consulting PowerPoint Template

Investment & Financial Consulting PowerPoint Template

Making slides with a clean and minimal design makes it easier to give more attention to the text, quotes, and data in a presentation. This PowerPoint template is designed with that goal in mind. It features 32 different slides with clean designs. The slides also include editable graphics, image placeholders, and more.

Dashi – Financial Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Dashi - Financial Dashboard PowerPoint template

If you want to create financial dashboard slides to showcase data and statistics in visual form, this template will come in handy. Dashi is a PowerPoint template that features a collection of financial dashboard layouts. Each slide in the template has fully customizable charts and graphs for showcasing data with attractive designs.

Sales Planning – Free Finance PowerPoint Template

Sales Planning Process - Free Finance PowerPoint Template

This is a free PowerPoint template you can use to create presentations related to the sales planning process. It gives you 35 different slides to choose from to create powerful and effective presentations. It also features charts, graphs, and infographics as well.

Financo – Financial Technology PowerPoint Template

Financo - Financial Technology Powerpoint Template

Financo is a modern PowerPoint template you can use to craft presentations related to finance and technology. It comes with 25 different slides with colorful and highly visual designs. You can easily edit them to change colors, fonts, and images too.

Finance Company PowerPoint Template

Finance Company PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is made for financial companies. It has 20 unique slides you can use to make various types of presentations for financial reports and monthly meetings. The template has master slides and image placeholders as well.

Fintech Finance PowerPoint Template

Fintech Finance PowerPoint Template

You can use this PowerPoint template to design presentations for fintech startups and businesses. There are 40 different slides in this template that come in both light and dark color themes. They include editable graphics and changeable colors.

Coins – Finance PowerPoint Template

Coins - Finance Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template includes a set of professional slides that are ideal for making corporate finance presentations. It has 30 different slides that have modern and simple designs. The slides are available in 3 different color themes and in light and dark versions.

Financial Meeting Free PowerPoint Template

Financial Meeting Free PowerPoint Template

This is a free PowerPoint template you can use to create attractive presentations for your financial meetings. There are 20 slides included in this template and it comes in Google Slides format too.

Fintech – Payment Finance PowerPoint Template

Fintech - Payment Finance PowerPoint Template

Just as the title suggests, this PowerPoint template is made with fintech startups and businesses in mind. It has a modern and attractive design you can leverage to create attention-grabbing slideshows to talk about finance tech topics.

Investment – Finance PowerPoint Template

Investment - Finance PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template has the perfect design for making presentations for investment-related topics. There are 30 unique slides in this template with fully editable layouts, changeable colors, image placeholders, and more.

PerfectPitch – Investor Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

PerfectPitch – Investor Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

The colorful design and its sleek layouts make this PowerPoint template a great choice for creating pitch decks for finance-related projects. It includes 40 unique slides with editable graphics and free fonts.

Finova – Financial & Business PowerPoint Template

Finova - Financial & Business Powerpoint Template

A bold and professional PowerPoint template for creating business and finance presentations. This template comes with more than 27 unique slides with master slides, free icons, and editable graphics.

Tax Agency – Free Finance PowerPoint Template

Tax Agency - Free Finance PowerPoint Template

Download this PowerPoint template for free to create slideshows for all kinds of tax-related presentations. It includes 21 different slides with colorful designs and an icon pack with 500 icons.

Financial & Data Consulting Free PowerPoint Template

Financial & Data Consulting Free PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template includes a complete toolkit for creating presentations for financial consulting firms. In addition to its unique style of slide design, this template comes with a total of 51 slides full of editable graphics and icons.

Finance Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Finance Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Another minimal and clean PowerPoint template for designing effective pitch presentations. This template is ideal for presenting your ideas and financial plans in an attractive way. You can choose from 30 different slide layouts to create various types of financial pitch presentations.

Finzo – Finance PowerPoint Presentation

Finzo - Financial PowerPoint Presentation

Finzo is a PowerPoint template for making company profiles and portfolio presentations. And it’s specially designed for finance-related businesses. The template has 30 slides with fully customizable layouts, editable graphics, image placeholders, as well as master slide layouts.

Alaza – Financial PowerPoint Templates

Alaza - Financial Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template comes with a creative layout that allows you to make presentations for financial consulting firms and agencies. It includes a total of 40 slide designs with editable colors, vector icons, device mockups, master slides, and vector graphics. You can also change the images and fonts to your preference as well.

Apollo – Modern Finance PowerPoint Template

Apollo - Modern Finance Powerpoint Template

Apollo is another colorful finance PowerPoint template that comes with slides full of gradient colors. The creative and colorful design of these slides will surely help make your presentations stand out from the crowd. It includes 40 slides with fully customizable layouts as well as editable graphics, image placeholders, and more.

Profit & Loss – Finance PowerPoint Infographics Slides

Profit and Loss - Finance PowerPoint Infographics Slides

This slides template pack is a must-have for showcasing your data in visual form. It includes 33 different infographic slides you can use to create charts and graphs for presenting statistics on profits and losses. Each slide is available in 12 different color schemes and you can also change colors and text with just a few clicks.

Microfinance – Free Financial PowerPoint Template

Microfinance - Free Financial PowerPoint Template

Just as the name suggests, this free PowerPoint template is designed with microfinance presentations in mind. It includes 12 different slide layouts that you can easily customize to create your own beautiful presentations.

Finance & Investment – Free PowerPoint Template

Finance & Investment - Free PowerPoint Template

With 25 different slides to choose from, this free PowerPoint template includes everything you need to design an effective presentation for your financial meetings and events. Each slide can be easily customized to your preference as well.

Financial Report PowerPoint Presentation Template

Financial Report Powerpoint Presentation Template

Creating financial reports usually involves lots of diagrams, pie charts, and timelines. The good news is this PowerPoint template has them all and more for creating effective financial report presentations. It includes a total of 130 slide designs that are available in 50 different XML color themes, as well as light and dark designs.

Finanza – Finance PowerPoint Template

Finanza - Finance PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is perfect for making company profile presentations for showcasing your financial consultancy firms, agencies, and businesses. It lets you choose from 45 different slide layouts that include changeable colors, editable vector graphics, image placeholders, and more.

Fund Investing Finance PowerPoint Template

Fund Investing Finance PowerPoint Template

If you’re working on a PowerPoint slideshow to present the financial data related to investing or funding rounds, this template is made just for you. It features lots of highly visual and colorful slides for showcasing stats and data in creative ways. There are 65 different slide designs included in this template.

FINCASH – Finance & Consulting PowerPoint Template

FINCASH - Finance & Consulting Powerpoint Template

Fincash is a PowerPoint template made with modern finance consulting firms in mind. It features a set of beautiful slide layouts with professional layouts. There are lots of charts, graphs, and infographics for visualizing data. You can also choose from more than 60 different slides to create unique presentations.

Finance Infographics PowerPoint Template

Finance Infographics Powerpoint Template

Looking for clean and professional infographic templates for showcasing your data in visual form? Then be sure to download this PowerPoint template. It comes with a total of 60 infographic slides with charts and timelines for presenting your data in different ways. Each slide is available in light and dark color themes and they can be easily customized to your preference.

Investment Business Free Financial PowerPoint Template

Investment Business Plan Free Financial PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template uses a simple and minimal design for making financial and investment presentations. It includes 30 unique slides with minimal colors. You can also edit the slides to change colors and images as well.

Free Finance Infographics PowerPoint Templates

Free Finance Infographics PowerPoint Templates

This PowerPoint template includes a collection of creative and colorful infographic slides for presenting different types of data and statistics. There are 30 different slides included in this free template. And it’s also available in Google Slides format.

Banc – Business & Financial PowerPoint Template

Banc - Business & Financial Powerpoint Template

Banc is a professional PowerPoint template designed for making all kinds of business and financial presentations. It comes with 30 different slide layouts that include company profile slides, team management slides, charts, graphs, and more.

Financie – Finance PowerPoint Presentation Template

Financie - Finance PowerPoint Presentation Template

With this PowerPoint template, you can create modern slide decks for delivering powerful presentations. It’s especially suitable for creating presentations related to the latest trends in finance, cryptocurrency, trading, and more. The template has a total of 150 slides, featuring 30 slides in 5 different color schemes.

Annual Report – Business & Finance PowerPoint Template

Annual Report – Business & Finance PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is great for making various annual report presentations, including financial reports. It features a total of 34 unique slides with fully editable designs. You can also include pyramid charts, graphs, timelines, and more in your presentations with pre-made slides in the template.

Financial Planning & Investment PowerPoint Template

Financial planning & Investment PowerPoint Template

You can use this PowerPoint template to create more sophisticated presentations for financial planning and investment management meetings. It includes 10 carefully crafted slides that are useful in presenting your data and ideas.

For more professional templates, you can check out our best business PowerPoint templates collection.

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How to make a financial presentation interesting in 7 steps

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Let’s face it; financial data has a reputation for being boring and a financial presentation can fill even the most devoted professionals with dread.  

To change this perception, you need to create a financial data presentation you’re excited to give . Hold the interest of your audience instead of making them feel like they are being held captive. Use these tips to make a financial presentation interesting and make sure people listen to what you have to say.

1. Communicate the story behind the data

People respond to stories better than data and figures. When you plan your business presentation, plan to tell the who, what, when, where and why behind the numbers. Data will appeal to people's analytical brains, but to maintain their interest you also have to use examples to explain who the numbers affect, where the figures come from and why they are important.

You don't need to be a born storyteller to do this, you just have to go a bit deeper. So rather than simply saying 'These are the projections for next year' or 'these are our business goals', go further and and talk about where that projection has come from, what has and can still influence it, and why it's important for your audience to know.

But, remember this: keep it simple. In the words of the great Steve Jobs :

'That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity.'

2. Follow the 10-20-30 rule

PowerPoint presentations used to be great, but overused and, quite frankly, poorly-made presentations have branded them an instrument of evil in meeting rooms around the world.

But, there is hope.

Guy Kawasaki's 10-20-30 rule is simple: a presentation should include:  ten slides , last twenty minutes, and use thirty point font .

By following this process, you keep the presentation concise and it forces you to get to the point. This sets up ideal conditions for your audience to tune in to what you're saying.

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3. Hide your notes and bullet points

There’s nothing wrong with a handout or takeaway, but if you put your whole business presentation on the handout or on the screen behind you, your audience will read ahead and then tune you out. It's a fact of human nature and we've all done it at least once in our careers.

Make sure your handouts and slides don’t detract from what you're saying. Remember that you and what you have to say are the main event. Keep your slides simple and then expand and explore with your own commentary.

In the words of Mary Angelou : 

'People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'

4. Make it picture perfect

Too much text will kill any presentation. People just don't respond to blocks of uninterrupted information. To make a financial presentation interesting, slides ensure you have at least a few interesting and relevant graphics. A well-designed, simple presentation will catch your listeners’ eyes and attention.

If design isn’t your thing, apps for finance like Roambi  or Collabmobile turn data into attractive visuals that will back up what you have to say. And, if it's appropriate, throw in a funny picture or gif to illustrate a point. We're all human and making us crack a smile during a data-heavy presentation can be refreshing.

Cat meme-min

5. Channel the pros

Once you’ve planned what to say and what materials you will use, you have to know how you're going to say it. This means learning to communicate with your audience by taking some tips from the masters .

Warren Buffet, financial investment guru, talks about finances all the time, and if you watch his talks online, he’s a charming, relatable speaker , not boring at all. When Steve Jobs spoke , he took technical information and made it interesting.

How you talk affects how people listen, so work on your public speaking abilities even if you only present in the meeting room.

6. Arrange for discussion

People are more interested in conversation than a speech. To engage your audience in your presentation, allow time for discussion. They might have plenty to say or nothing at all, but it's always good to offer the floor for comments, questions and suggestions for improvement. Interaction reigns in the attention of the audience since they have to participate and prove they've been listening.

7. Open and close

Steve Jobs began keynotes with ‘I have four things I want to talk about today.’ Guy Kawasaki's talks always consist of ten points. By doing this, they are letting their audience know how long their talk is going to last so that the audience know how long they have to concentrate for.

Letting them know what to expect in terms of how much material you have to cover gives your audience something to watch out for and helps them to follow along, knowing there's a fixed endpoint. On your final point, include a ‘and just one more thing’ to let them know you're coming to a close.

If you have a lot to cover, try to find a way of condensing it down into fewer points because if you start your presentation by telling the audience you have 25 things to cover then you're in for a collective groan and disengagement (plus, it's not good for business productivity ).

Make a financial presentation interesting

Financial presentations don’t have to be boring and a meeting about finance no longer has to fill your colleagues with dread.

Giving meaning to your numbers, making your financial information visual and interesting to look at and engaging with your audience will help ensure your finance meetings become the highlight of your colleagues calendars, not the dread of their diaries.

You might not get it right the first time, but as long as you're always trying to improve, you'll get there - and your audience will thank you for it.

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Presentation Geeks

How To Make A Financial Presentation That Engages Audiences

Table of contents, what is a financial presentation.

A financial presentation is a communication tool consisting of a series of slides used by businesses to help communicate and share information relating to finances such as an organization’s net income, net profit, the balance sheet, the overall budget and other important information.

What you’ll find included in a financial presentation are charts and graphs often depicting analysis on projections, total company assets and other critical business information that would communicate the financial health of a company. These presentations can be shared internally with employee and board members or they can be shared externally with the public if your company is publicly traded.

We’ve helped multiple business operating in the financial sector create engaging financial presentations that not only communicate complex data effectively, but in an engaging way that keeps your audience interested. Most financial presentations simply transfer data from statements sheets onto a PowerPoint slide, but don’t provide context on what the numbers mean. They forget to explain the greater picture and this is where most financial presentations fail. We will help take your financial presentation and make it engaging so you can present your financial information with confidence.

For ING Financial, we used real data to create a multitude of graphs & figures to help showcase their successes.

financial results presentation example

We Create Engaging Financial Presentations That Make Financial Data Interesting!

At Presentation Geeks, we pride ourselves in our ability to make financial presentations engaging. Whether they are created using Prezi , PowerPoint or Google Slides , we create some of the presentations in the world. Rather than taking complex data points and leaving it up to the audience to decipher what the numbers mean, we collaboratively work with you to create an engaging story with the numbers.

Most people remember information as it relates to a story. Give people random numbers and data points without context and they will likely forget the information or get lost with how the numbers relate to one another. Package the numbers and data in a story and you will be able to provide your audience with an impactful message that is relevant to them and one they will remember.

Whether it is presenting a financial presentation to a group of stakeholders or highlighting the key figures of a financials analysis, we can help you start a more engaging, robust conversation around finances with key audiences. Below is an example of a financial presentation we put together for Citibank , a well-known, globally respected financial institution.

Citibank Presentation Example Slides

financial results presentation example

Why You Should Get Financial Presentations Professionally Made

You should consider having your presentations professionally made because they help communicate vital information. Not only do you need to worry about the information being presented, but you also need to keep in mind that presentations are a representation of your brand.

At the end of the day, a presentation is a tool used to communicate with your audience. If you have a tool that does not effectively do the job it is designed to do, then it has failed its purpose and your audience will take not of this. It is obvious when a presentation is bad. Do not leave this to chance. Ensure your company presentation is professionally made. Let’s take a closer look as to why you should have your presentation professionally made.

Communicating Information

A presentation is a tool and when a tool is defective, it does not serve its intended purpose. At Presentation Geeks, we are professional presentation designers who have mastered the art of creating powerful presentations that work as effective communication tools. We help support presenters with their presentation needs to ensure they are fully enabled to present data on slides that will engage an audience.

This ability is even more critical when sensitive and important information is being presented like finances. When you are tasked with giving financial suggestions, providing financial tips or figure out what direction the business should go in based on data analysis work, then you need to have a well-crafted presentation.

financial results presentation example

Brand Representation

Presentations are not always internal meetings. Presentations can be externally facing where your presentation will be seen by an audience outside of your organization. When presenting, what message do you want them to have of you and your company?

Misaligned slides that are off brand with no clear tone or design in the PowerPoint slides makes your company feel disjointed and sporadic. These are characteristics you do NOT want associated with your business when dealing with finances. At Presentation Geeks, we ensure your brand is respectfully and properly displayed throughout all slides of a presentation – from beginning to end. A consistent tone of message will provide key stakeholders with the confidence they need to move forward in building professional relationships and with you.

Not convinced? Take a look at one of our multiple financial presentation examples we’ve created for some country’s top financial/investing companies.

Can Financial Statements Be Incorporated In A Presentation?

Of course financial statements can be incorporated in a presentation and we make it fun!

You’re probably hesitant to incorporate financial statements and other financial key points because it will get overwhelming with all the numbers and figures. It will be a burden on your audience to analyze the information effectively. Luckily, this is not the case when working with Presentation Geeks.

We are able to focus on the details that matter most. Sifting through the numbers and picking out the high-level numbers that matter most to the audience you’re presenting to. Not all audiences need to look at the same numbers. This is another reason why some financial presentations fail.

They try and follow a one-size-fits-all approach, hoping one financial presentation can be used for multiple audience groups. This does not work. We work collaboratively with you to identify which audience group you will be presenting to and then highlight the numbers based on this group. If it is an internal group of employees from various departments, focus on the high-level numbers showing a company’s growth. If it is to shareholders, you will be required to share financial information as required by law.

Are You Looking For A Financial Presentation? We Love Making Financial Information Engaging!

Not only are we Presentation Geeks, but we are geeks in general. We love taking complex financial information and creating understandable graphs and charts that help break down large figures and make sense of them in a story format.

We believe interaction within presentations and getting your audience to participate is critical to help them fully understand the information you are trying to explain as the presenter. How can this be done with financial presentations? Let’s connect and explore how we can transform your financial PowerPoint into a more engaging experience.

Author:  Content Team

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financial results presentation example

Make your financial presentations more impactful

Your presentations should engage your audience with key insights from your analysis. You need a way to clearly communicate and visualize your data.

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

Use impactful formatting and modern charts in Excel to visualize your data in compelling ways. Or use Power BI to share secure, interactive dashboards, enabling self-service with your stakeholders.

If you have a big presentation, don’t lose time trying to create a perfect design. Use the Designer feature in PowerPoint and immediately choose from professionally designed layouts.

Communicate clear insights and actions for your audience.

Analyze and visualize your data quickly.

Keep confidential information secure.

Available chart types in Office


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10 Best PowerPoint Templates for Finance Presentations

Presenting data and numbers in financial presentations (in PowerPoint and Google Slides) has proven to be a lot more effective than putting them in Excel sheets or reports. The decision-making process gets impacted if you are unable to visually engage your audience when it comes to big numbers and data. Using the best PowerPoint templates for finance presentations, you can keep your audience hooked on the things you would want them to focus on.

To ease your process of finding that perfect template, we have compiled a list from our collection of the best finance PPT templates. These templates have been designed to make your presentations stand out and let the numbers speak for themselves! Whether you’re an experienced financial analyst or a finance student, these templates have been crafted to cater to all your needs.

What is a Finance Presentation?

A finance presentation is a visual representation of all the financial data, strategies, and insights you wish to present in a PowerPoint or Google Slides. It is a powerful means of presenting financial information to stakeholders.

It simplifies complex financial statements including financial budgets , income statements , balance sheets , and cash flow statements into a clear and concise format. A well-crafted finance presentation empowers decision-makers to make informed choices and grasp the financial implications of their actions, promoting financial success and growth.

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Importance Of Finance PowerPoint Presentations

The importance of an effective finance PowerPoint presentation cannot be undermined in any professional setting. It not only adds value to your quantitative analysis, strategies and ideas but also expands the scope of your presentation. Let’s look into some of the core importance of using the best PowerPoint templates for finance presentations :

  • Decision-Making: A good PPT template empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions based on accurate financial analysis.
  • Quick Summarization: Finance presentations also help to summarize complex financial data clearly. They aid in budgeting, forecasting , and strategically planning processes for financial success.
  • Insights: Finance presentations also provide valuable insights into a business or investment’s financial health, performance, and prospects.
  • Communication : Presenting the financial information in a coherent and visual manner helps you enhance communication and understanding between financial experts and non-specialist audiences.
  • Visual Impact: With the help of charts, graphics, icons and tables, you can visually represent financial trends and comparisons during the business, project management or marketing meetings.

Let’s look at 10 of our best PowerPoint templates for finance presentations in detail.

10 Best Finance PPT Templates 

The scope of finance PowerPoint presentation template from SlideUpLift is not only limited to financial presentations but also in the areas including business , marketing , project management to name a few. Here is the list of the best finance PPT templates:

Financial Results PowerPoint Template

Balanced Scorecard KPI PowerPoint Template

Financial Summary PowerPoint Template

Financial Ratios PowerPoint Template

  • Balanced Scorecard Strategy PowerPoint Template

Pricing Table Infographics PowerPoint Template

Cash Position Waterfall Graph PowerPoint Template

Financial Cycle Management PowerPoint Template

  • Financial Asset Analysis PowerPoint Template
  • Financial Charts and Graph Isometric PowerPoint Template

These templates have been professionally cherry-picked to give your numbers and data and visually pleasing look in front of your audience. We are going to look at these templates individually so you can make an informed decision.  

Financial Result PowerPoint Template

Financial Result PowerPoint Template

  • This template allows you to engage the audience with financial illustrations using interactive charts and graphs.
  • It can be used to present financial results to potential investors and stakeholders and also to show data and reports using finance dashboards .
  • It can also be utilized by financial analysts, accountants, consultants and accounting firms to showcase financial estimates.

Balanced Scorecard KPI PowerPoint Template

  • This template is a visual representation of a set of key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • It uses charts and graphs to provide KPI data that’s easy to understand.
  • It can be used to present key performance indicators to evaluate financial performance by project managers , executives, team leaders, etc. 

Financial Summary PowerPoint Template

  • The template consists of pre-designed financial data slides for revenue , expenses, and earnings.
  • It can be used to present financial data and performance to potential investors.
  • You can also share executive summaries with decision-makers through management reporting.

Financial Ratios PowerPoint Template

  • The template is a collection of pre-designed slides for presenting various financial ratios and calculations.
  • It has graphs and charts to measure liquidity, profitability, efficiency, and solvency, making it one of the best PowerPoint templates for finance presentations.
  • It can be used to present essential financial ratios to important stakeholders and investors by financial analysts, entrepreneurs, and accountants.

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map PowerPoint Template

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map PowerPoint Template

  • This finance PowerPoint template offers a visually appealing design to represent different elements of the strategy map.
  • The balanced scorecard strategy map provides a clear overview of strategic objectives and their relationships.
  • It can be utilized to develop and present strategic plans , monitor and track KPIs, present performance reviews and showcase financial updates. 
  • It can be used by financial consultants, analysts, tax specialists, and many more.

EXPLORE: Exclusive Collection of Finance PowerPoint Templates

  • The template has pre-designed, visually appealing pricing tables for products or services.
  • It also includes elements to convey pricing options and features to customers, assisting in their understanding.
  • This can be used by sales experts, marketing teams, business professionals in retail, e-commerce and consumer business.

Cash Position Waterfall Graph PowerPoint Template

  • The template offers an impactful waterfall graph to analyze cash position changes over two-time intervals.
  • It effectively communicates complex balance sheet analysis to stakeholders.
  • This template is one of the best PowerPoint templates for finance presentations especially when it comes to discussing strategies based on cash position trends.

Financial Cycle Management PowerPoint Template

  • Financial Cycle Management PowerPoint Template is a collection of pre-designed slides covering all stages of the financial cycle management.
  • Graphs and diagrams are used to describe financial operations and data.
  • It is usually utilized by financial experts, tax specialists, analysts and strategists, accountants, etc.

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Asset Financial Analysis PowerPoint Template

Asset Financial Analysis PowerPoint Template

  • This PowerPoint template offers a comprehensive framework for analyzing assets .
  • It can be used by financial specialists and other stakeholders during financial training sessions, financial review meetings, annual meetings, etc.

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Financial Charts And Graphs Isometric PowerPoint Template

Financial Charts And Graphs Isometric PowerPoint Template

  • The template contains eye-catching 3D isometric charts and graphs to present financial data.
  • Ideal for presenting financial trends and patterns, financial data, results and displaying budget and resource allocations, making it one of the best PowerPoint templates for finance presentation.

With the help of these templates, you can add layers to otherwise boring presentations while not losing an ounce of the information that needs to be conveyed. You can also choose to browse from our wide range of financial PowerPoint templates to boost your visual appeal.

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Presentation Tips For Effective Finance Presentations

Here are some presentation tips for effective finance presentations:

  • Know your audience and their understanding of financial concepts.
  • Keep your slides simple and avoid too much numerical stuffing.
  • Visualize important metrics that support the argument of your financial presentation.
  • Whenever possible, use examples and analogies with help of your slides to convey difficult information. 
  • Make use of animations, icons, shapes, graphics, etc. to make your slides visually pleasing.

ALSO READ:  Best Google Slides Templates for Presentations

With SlideUpLift’s extensive library of the best finance PPT templates for premium and free download, you can enhance the potential and quality of your financial presentations. Our templates can be customized to meet any purpose, whether you need to show financial reports, investment strategies , or data analysis. 

You can easily create powerful presentations with user-friendly features, attractive designs, and adaptable layouts. Impress your audience by raising the visual standards of your financial communications. 

How do I structure my financial statements in PowerPoint?

The best way to structure your finance presentation is by structuring your slides into sections. Start with an introduction slide that provides an overview of the company’s financial position. Then, move on to the income statement, followed by the balance sheet and the statement of cash flows and other financial reports to support your data and arguments. 

Can I alter the templates' fonts and colors to match the branding of my business?

Yes, all the templates within our collection of best finance PPT templates are easy to customize, so you can change the colors, fonts, and text to match your logo or presentation style. In case you need expert help to customize your finance presentations, you can opt for Custom Slides feature to ease your job.

Do I need to be a designer to use these templates effectively?

No, “Best PPT templates for Finance Presentations” collection by SlideUpLift is user-friendly and includes simple features that allow anyone to make excellent presentations.

How can these templates for finance presentations be used to visualize financial data?

The Finance PowerPoint templates are specifically created for presenting financial data, with various charts, graphs, and infographics to enhance data visualization.

Table Of Content

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Financial Investment Report PowerPoint Template.

Financial Summary PowerPoint Template

Financial Statement

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Home PowerPoint Templates Business PowerPoint Templates Financial Statements PowerPoint Template

Financial Statements PowerPoint Template

Introductory Slide to Financial Statements PowerPoint Template

Financial Statements PowerPoint Template is a flat design presentation that contains the Three major Financial Statement Tables used in Accounting and Finance and a set of ratios to study their behaviour.

The Statements contained are:

  • Trial Balance:  Register Credits and Debits for your books.
  • Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position) :  Is a summary of the financial balances of a company, corporation or organization. It is generally described as a snapshot of the financial condition. Each balance sheets has three main parts (Assets, Liabilities and Equity) The balance sheet complies with the standard rule where the difference between assets and liabilities equals the equity, or the simple formula  Assets = Liabilities + Equity .
  • Income Statement (Profits and Loss – P&L):  This statement shows the company revenues and expenses for a determined period of time. Diferently from the balance sheet, this statement is the difference between two periods and not only a snapshot. Basically it shows how the revenues (money received for products and services) is transformed into net income through the use of capital and expenses.
  • Statement of Cash flows: This statements describes the cash flows (in and out) of a company. It focuses on the types of activities that generate the cash flow,  breaking down the analysis down to operating, investing and financing activities.

The ratios presented in the Financial Statements PowerPoint Template are:

  • Current Ratio
  • Quick Ratio
  • Net Working Capital Ratio
  • Return on Assets (ROA) Ratio
  • Return on Equity  (ROE) Ratio
  • Profit Margin
  • Assets Turnover Ratio
  • Accounts Receivable Ratio
  • Inventory turnover ratio
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Interest Coverage Ratio

A set of Trend Data Driven Chart are included:

  • Income and Expenses Chart
  • Operating Income & Margin

Ideal for Quarterly Reviews or Annual presentations, impress your audience with this professional and 100% Editable Financial Statements PowerPoint Template.

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