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Published October 18, 2017

Updated May 4, 2024

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Fashion is one of the most critical industries in our world today. Style has become one of the primary ways in which people express their personality and distinguish themselves from those around them. With every New Year which comes and goes, new fashions arrive on the scene, and they all endeavor to be more colorful and fashionable than those which saw last year. There’s inspiration everywhere, from online retailers like Roden Gray to printed magazines. The desire to express one was present throughout human history.

People of all ages are addicted to new trends in fashion. There is a tremendous amount of competition within the industry and also among consumers. The style is also different among different cultures and nationalities, which is why it’s so exciting when one travels to various parts of the planet to observe firsthand how people dress in those countries. Our clothes have become more than merely a way to cover our nakedness. Instead, it has also become one of the primary ways in which people express themselves.

Garments which may fit one person may not necessarily be equally suitable for someone else. And even if those clothes are fantastic designer efforts, it does not mean everyone would be equally comfortable wearing them. Different people will need different styles and designs, which will be an expression of their uniqueness and personality before they will not be comfortable wearing that specific fashion design. Human beings are complicated creatures; everyone has different desires, dreams, and objectives that they deem essential to success in their life. Fashion trends are a critical aspect of that success.

There is a lot of discrimination among human beings and also a lot of criticism. People will do everything possible to avoid such criticism. Peer pressure continues to affect people throughout their lives, and it is a powerful motivator when it comes to crucial fashion decisions. It is also true that fashion design has reached a very sophisticated level, and therefore some of the most popular models can be very costly.

It has the result that such fashion may only be accessible to affluent people. It can make it very difficult for people of average income to compete in fashion designs. Fortunately, there has been a lot of progress by fashion designers to cater to middle-income consumers. It is why there are a lot of fashion designs available, which can make it possible for less fortunate people to own still fashion designs that will be of very high quality and attractive.

There are fashion items for every season and every occasion, making it possible for people to express themselves differently depending on the specific season or time of the year. Looking at all the consumer needs that have emerged in modern times, it becomes easy to see why fashion design has become such a specialized industry.

Another aspect that deserves contemplation is the fact that there is a measure of similarity in those fashion trends which aim at the low-income person. It is going a long way in avoiding discrimination or unnecessary competition because there is a lot of similarity in the designs which aim at this consumer market. Therefore, less affluent people can avoid unwarranted discrimination and criticism because, they are dressed very similarly in many ways to their friends, colleagues, or family members.

Care should be taken to avoid fashion designs of poor quality, especially in cases where failed fashion experiments are nevertheless mass-produced and then dumped on the low-income consumer. On the other hand, some poor people cannot afford anything better, leaving her with no choice but to purchase low-quality products.

Nevertheless, an eye for detail can be a blessing because this can help a person who may only have access to low-quality fashion items to mix and match those things very efficiently so that the overall result is nonetheless beautiful. There is some truth to the statement that it’s not what you wear but how you wear it, which is the most critical issue.

Unfortunately, many people never seem to learn how to combine different fashion items correctly and adequately. Knowing which colors go together is a rare gift that some people never master. Therefore, even affluent people with access to very costly fashion items often fail to do those things justice because of a lack of understanding regarding color matching.

Many people seem to think tight clothing is more attractive than a loose-fitting dress, and then they make fools of themselves by wearing unnecessarily close-fitting clothes. It is why it is essential to have at least a basic understanding of choosing your fashion items and mixing and matching those things for the best results. Access to the most expensive fashion trends on the market is undoubtedly a benefit. Still, it’s even more important to have a basic sense of how to maximize how the wearer will display those clothes and other articles.

Clothes are also known to impact people’s moods substantially; likewise, some colors are more effective than others in putting people in a better place as far as their mindset and emotions are concerned. Every person should do at least an introductory modeling course to understand how to make the best of their free clothes and accessories. Like we said earlier, it is not so much what you are wearing but rather how you are wearing it, which will ultimately provide proof of your competence as far as fashion and personal appearance is concerned.

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235 Fashion Essay Topics to Write About

Are you looking for unique fashion topics to discuss? StudyCorgi has prepared a list of ideas about fashion trends and problems. Feel free to use these engaging and controversial fashion topics for your research, speech, essay, or for article writing.

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  • Fast Fashion and Its Impact on the Fashion Industry
  • Vinted Fashion Company Building Brand Awareness
  • Customer Satisfaction in the Fashion Industry: H&M Case
  • Business Plan of Personal Fashion Market and Clothing
  • JD Sports Fashion Plc’s Financial Analysis
  • Fashion Media Effects on Society
  • Chloé Fashion House’s Business Model Analysis
  • Zara in the United Kingdom’s Retail Fashion Market This paper explores the strengths and weaknesses that Zara (UK) has, including its ability to exploit the available opportunities.
  • Fashion Design as a Major Fashion design has long become global and spans across a multitude of industries, including clothing, modeling, retailing, and advertising.
  • H&M, Zara, Benetton Firms Supplying Fast Fashion The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Supply Chain Management (SCM) of three famous and successful fashion retail brands, H&M, Zara, and Benetton.
  • Child Labour in Fashion Industry The major reason why child labour thrived in the fashion industry is because children are paid less wages, a third of what adults are paid for the same or similar tasks.
  • The Future of Fashion Industry Wearable technology, design for inclusivity, and digitalizing the value chain are transformed due to socio-economic and cultural impacts.
  • Popular Culture’s and Fashion Industry’s Influences The popular culture influences particularly the youth. This paper creates awareness for the audience concerning the effects of the manufacturers’ advertisements.
  • Fashion Industry and Social Media The impact of networking services causes more competition, honesty, and creativity in professional clothes design and marketing.
  • Influencer Marketing Essay: Application in the Fashion Industry & Examples This paper explored the emerging field of IM and provided valuable information regarding the background and current research on best practices of using influencers.
  • The Luxury Market and Fashion in Nigeria This paper provides an overview of the luxury market in Nigeria, with a focus on the fashion industry and Polo Luxury.
  • Fashion and Technology: Modern Fashion The consolidation of fashion and technology is becoming one of the most modern trends in the creative industry that need detailed research and identification of prospects.
  • The True Cost: Fast Fashion, Garment Workers, and Environment The True Cost is a documentary that shows the background of the fast-fashion world, where garment workers live in terrible conditions, facing poverty and a lack of safety.
  • Computer Technologies in Fashion Industry The advancement of the fashion industry and modern fashion patterns have consistently been reliant on technological inventions, generation, appropriation, and utilization.
  • Fashion Industry Analysis: Interview With J. Jamshed In future Junaid Jamshed plans to expand its business internationally, and opening more opportunities for young entrepreneurs, providing training through workshops.
  • Paris as the Fashion Centre The French were the very first people to make a successful industry out of fashion. This was in the 17th century.
  • ASOS Company: Business Plan, Fashion Sector ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty retailer and offers more than 50,000 different product lines for men, women and children.
  • The Impact of Societal Change on Female Fashion and Identity in the 60’s and 70’s The paper argues alterations in how people perceive themselves and the world around them are inherently tied to a greater range of factors lying outside of the culture spectrum.
  • Marie Antoinette’s Influence on Fashion When discussing fashion, the name, Marie Antoinette is mentioned frequently. Her contribution is so significant to fashion that some fashions are associated with her.
  • The Impact of Fashion Marketing on Middle Eastern Culture Factors contributing to the growth of the fashion industry in Middle Eastern culture combine both the principles of fashion itself and consumerist behavior.
  • Digital Marketing in the Fashion Industry This essay presents how the fashion industry uses digital marketing technologies to attract new customers and increase customer engagement.
  • Fashion Sustainability for High-End and Low-Cost Brands The purpose of this paper is to evaluate sustainable fashion in order to compare and contrast the probability of the future for luxury and low-cost brands.
  • Fashion in the Clothes Industry The term “fashion” is heavily used in the clothing industry and it is sometimes taken to be synonymous with its trends.
  • The 1920s Fashion: Historical Overview It was said that the evolution of women in the workplace influenced a great deal on early 1920s fashion until the 1930s.
  • Fast Fashion and Its Impacts on Global Warming Fast fashion contributes to this change in weather conditions due to its improper disposal, leading to the release of emissions into the atmosphere, thus causing global warming.
  • Effective Public Relations in the Fashion Industry The influence of public relations on other aspects of marketing, as well as on the perception and attitude of potential buyers to the promoted product.
  • Anti-Fashion as Trends of the 1970s This paper concentrates on anti-fashion as one of the most remarkable fashion trends of the 1970s, including its most significant icons and the factors affecting its development.
  • How AI and Machine Learning Influence Marketing in the Fashion Industry The study aims to determine if the perception of AI in fashion is a novel concept and whether it holds enough appeal to impact the purchasing decisions of fashion consumers.
  • The Interrelationship Between Fashion and Architecture The interrelationship between fashion and architecture plays an important role in advancing new technologies in both fields as well as other fields.
  • The Dandyism Style in Fashion This paper examines the style of dandyism, which appeared and spread in Europe in the 19th century, and then found its reflection in the fashion and culture of other countries.
  • Sustainability in Fashion Overview Sustainable clothes remain to be mass-produced, affecting the future of our planet. The company should also focus more on designing for the longevity of the use.
  • Feathers Fashion: The UAE Brand in Saudi Arabia In order for Feathers Fashion to open a branch in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the company will need to take a look at the local market and its key features.
  • Inventory Control in Fashion Clothing Production The paper creates a periodic inventory control system for the Fine Garments Company that sells fashion clothing.
  • Fashion Affecting People’s Health Lots of people put much focus on slim figures and fashion clothing, forgetting that there is some link between the fashions displayed and the health of the people.
  • A Body Image in a Contemporary Fashion The modern fashion industry has long been criticized for establishing unhealthy standards for women’s bodies by producing clothing that looks well only on underweight individuals.
  • Thai-Lay Fashion Company: Marketing Plan Assignment In this discussion, the topics analyzed are financial sections overview, break-even analysis, sales forecasting, and expense forecasting.
  • Fashion in Architecture: Museum of Architectural Fashion The project under consideration will fulfill the function of the combination of fashion and architecture reflecting all stages their development and gradation.
  • Digital Marketing in Fashion Industry The projections show that about 10,000 similar outlets are set to close their operations this year because of similar reasons.
  • John Galliano, a Fashion Designer Fashion design is the practical art concerned with clothing and daily life accessories created in the cultural and societal influences of a certain period.
  • Dog Fashion as an Extension of Personal Style One of the ways in which pet dogs are treated well is by being clothed. This literature review proves that dog fashion is just an extension of a personal style.
  • Millennials Influence on the Fashion Purchasing Behavior The research study attempts to reveal new details about the generation of Millennials and their effect on the purchasing behavior of the fashion industry in the UK.
  • Thai-Lay Fashion Company’s Operations Management The paper reviews operations management in business with reference to the Thai-Lay Fashion Company Ltd., which is situated in Hong Kong.
  • The United States Fashion Industry’s Overview The American fashion industry’s primary utility involves adorning oneself, making one’s identity, and protecting oneself from external elements.
  • The Influence of Euphoria on Fashion The show’s Euphoria costumes present a mix of older items with nostalgic undertones and more modern outfits, such as skinny jeans and knitted blouses.
  • Cinderella Syndrome’s Impact on Sustainable Fashion Cinderella syndrome promotes not only unsustainable fashion but the degradation of the soul as well, encouraging dysfunctional consumption and narcissism.
  • Current Fashion Trends’ Analysis 2020-2021 The design of the Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection can fit any individual character since there is a blend of different patterns.
  • Fashion Brands Cooperation and Its Attractiveness The author discusses the topic of possible collaborations of fashion brands and concludes that the attractiveness of cooperation stems from the uniqueness of the final result.
  • Pangaia: An Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand Pangaea is an ethical fashion brand that employs the latest advancement in the textile industry to diminish the adverse impact on the environment.
  • Fast Fashion: Segment of the Fashion Industry Fast fashion is a segment of the fashion industry that massively produces clothes from low-quality materials and uses cheap labor.
  • Business Plan and All Aspects That Includes Successful Fashion Industry According to recorded research, the fashion industry keeps on evolving every decade, and it is unlikely that a particular trend will spread past one decade.
  • Jack Wills in China: Fashion Consultancy Project The promotion of Jack Wills in the Chinese market may be fraught with specific difficulties due to the specifics of the local cultural, economic, and political environment.
  • The Unique Fashion Style: Changing Standards and Ideals Each woman tries to find her unique style in the world of fashion. Still, having completed a difficult journey in order to find the exclusive style, many women choose to follow well-known standards and images.
  • Fast Fashion Industries: Threats to Society Fast fashion industries pose various threats to society. However, poverty traps, limited opportunities for child development, and pollution are among the prominent ones.
  • Thai-Lay Fashion Company: Barriers to Communication This paper discusses barriers to communication in Thai-Lay Fashion, communication barriers at the organization level and complexity in organizational structure, information overload, technology.
  • Alessandra Rich Fashion House’s Launch of Menswear The paper presents an overview of Alessandra Rich fashion house, including brand identity, a brief competitor analysis, and a target market.
  • Dressing Constructs Identity with Fashion Materials The history of fashion is interconnected with the history of humanity. Ever since ancient men and women started wearing furs to cover their bodies, the concept of fashion was born.
  • Small and Medium-Sized Fashion Retail Enterprises The current dissertation proposal offers to investigate several success factors for small and medium-sized enterprises in fashion retail business in the UK.
  • The Competition of Personnel in the Fashion Industry The paper states that the competition of personnel in the fashion industry is very high. Many factors affect a company’s ability to attract employees.
  • The Fast Fashion and Related Ethical Problems This research paper discusses the ethical problems related to fast fashion and the clothing industry in general.
  • Nigerian Luxury Fashion Stores in Dubai Nigerians love designs and fashion, which is seen in their involvement in the Dubai fashion trade market. The Nigerian fashion design industry is on the rise in the 21st century.
  • Fashion Nova’s Labor Standards and Transparency Fashion Nova should recheck its outsourcing contracts to be certified by labor standards. Also, they should increase the company’s transparency in terms of financial activities.
  • Fashion Magazine Analysis. Race and Ethnicity Cosmopolitan’s target audience includes females aged between 18 and 35. At the same time, the general target audience that Vogue reaches is females aged from 20 to 40.
  • The Spanish Fashion Industry: Business Model Innovation The Spanish companies tend to move from the idea of fast fashion models to more sustainable innovative business models.
  • Is Imitation the Sincerest Form of Fashion? Imitation as a form of fashion is not as sincere as many think. It has filled the market with knock off fashion accessories like handbags, shoes and clothes.
  • Supply Chain as a Crucial Component of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry The fashion industry has always been one of the most influential drivers of society. Designers of apparel dictated the rules, and millions of people worldwide obeyed them.
  • Young Female Customers’ Luxury Fashion Purchasing in the UK The research study presents an insight into the motives defining the purchasing and consumption of luxury fashion among young female customers in the UK.
  • Fashion in the USSR: Soviet Clothing Fashion in the USSR became a recognized part of the Soviet way of life. The clothing reflected the social processes of creating a unique fashion tradition.
  • Sustainable Fashion Design Strategies: Product Strategy Concept A company’s product strategy is a plan for how it will create and introduce new products to the market. It encompasses decisions about what types of products to develop.
  • The Fashion Channel Competition Issue and Solution The Fashion Channel faces problems represented by the inability to compete with rivals due to the firm’s unwillingness to accept changes.
  • Shifting Gender Politics in Fashion and Textiles As cultural changes are reflected in cinematography, so does the changing perception of gender influences movies.
  • The United States Fashion Industry’s Future Performance The fashion industry’s primary utility involves adorning oneself, making one’s identity, and protecting oneself from external elements.
  • How the Internet Transformed Design Fashion By using the Internet, people can shop online and avoid overcrowded shopping malls. It saves time, and people do not get tired while looking for a specific product.
  • Fashion and Interior Design: From the XX Century to Current Times Currently, the world of fashion and design is in search of new meanings, turning to past eras for inspiration, and eclectic styles, retro and neoclassical, are in fashion.
  • Fashion in the United States: Revision of History Revisions might represent the growth of a particular fashion house or a designer. It might show the formation of the fashion centers throughout time.
  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness in Fashion Sustainability, which stands for eco-friendly and rational socio-economic development, has become critical, and hence needs incorporating into everyday life.
  • Digital Blackface: The Popular Fashion The Digital Blackface is a modern example of wearing the mask on the Internet. Imitating the behavior and culture of black people was a thing even in the 20th century.
  • Kaptivate Kulture is Preparing for Delightful Debut at Couture Fashion Week New York Kaptivate Kulture’s mission is to be a luxury brand that strives to empower cultural diversity worldwide by allowing people to express their individuality in our garments.
  • Effectivenes of Fashion Blogs Analysis One of my most favorite fashion blogs is Penny Pincher Fashion. I have started to follow Penny’s style insights because I enjoyed her approach to the industry.
  • Cardigan History. Fashion Industry Issues Cardware Company, a family business that the Cardigans run, has earned the reputation of a reliable sweater designer manufacturing for a wide range of customers.
  • Overseas Sweatshops in the Fashion Industry This paper covers a brief history of the issue and reasons why fashion giants decided to move their production abroad.
  • Fashion Merchandising and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Education There has been substantial research about the ability level, motivation, self-efficacy at schools specialising in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.
  • The Council of Fashion Designers of America The Council of Fashion Designers of America played a critical role in the development and the area of American fashion design and art culture along with fashion trading.
  • Child Labor in Fashion Industry Fashion industry and the idea to use child labor in sweatshops continue bothering many people but still, nothing is done to change the situation for the better.
  • Michelle Obama Effect on the Fashion Industry The author analyzes an article by D. Yermack on the impact of Michelle Obama on the fashion industry and argues how she destabilized the balance of the stock and fashion markets.
  • What Ideas About Gender & Sexuality Are Communicated by Contemporary Fashion Images? The paper examines diverse ideas about gender and sexuality that are communicated by contemporary fashion images that are taking dominance in the media.
  • Fashion Trends 2009: International Collections Trend report 2009 showed that this year will see unexpected extravagance in style of clothes and its mixture with accessories.
  • Yumi Company’s Fashion Marketing The aim of this paper is to analyze a consumer’s image of the Yumi fashion company and analyze the presence of the company on the market of women’s clothes.
  • Headscarf as an Ingredient of Fashion and Cultural Traditions The meaning of the headscarf is described in this paper, the functions and purposes of its wearing, its social impacts in terms of religion and culture are outlined.
  • The Contemporary Fashion Collections of Ann Demeulemeester and Gucci Ann Demeulemeester and Gucci deserve their titles for being the best known designers. However, both designers have their own idea of style.
  • Thai-Lay Fashion Co. Ltd.: Financial Accounting Analysis The goal of working capital management is to manage the firm’s current assets and liability in such a way that a satisfactory level of working capital is maintained.
  • Thai Lay Fashion Co Ltd.: Managing a Business Enterprise The review of sixth week of learning about managing a business enterprise, dedicated to the financial aspects of running a business.
  • Thai-Lay Fashion Co., Ltd Company Strategy Thai-lay fashion Co. Ltd. is a garment manufacturing company in London. It is engaged in production of garments from 100% organically grown cotton.
  • Thai Lay Fashion Company: Business Plan Suitable business plans have to be formulated for managing the business successfully at each stage of the business growth cycle.
  • Thai-Lay Fashion Company Ltd.: Managing Resources The Thai-Lay Fashion company Ltd. is a well-managed company with more than twenty-seven years of experience in the garment export and manufacturing business.
  • The Thai Lay Fashion Company: Franchising The initial franchise fee for obtaining a license will help to bring in capital at a later stage which can be used to develop the business. This paper is a marketing plan for the franchise business plan.
  • Thai-Lay Fashion Company Ltd.’s Financial Management There are several methods that will help managers make capital investment decisions. These will be discussed here with reference to the Thai-Lay Fashion Company Ltd.
  • Operations Management in Thai-Lay Fashion Company Ltd. Thai-Lay is a textile manufacturing company in Hong Kong with its markets situated mainly in Europe. The company produces a wide range of ready-made garments for adults and children of both sexes.
  • Accounting in Thai-Lay Fashion Company A comprehensive study of Thai-Lay Fashion Company Ltd. has been done here with reference to the accounting and management practices of the organization.
  • Thai-Lay Fashion Company’s Marketing Plan Thai-Lay Fashion Company needs to develop a modified marketing plan considering the financial and economic conditions in the environment.
  • Thai-Lay Fashion Ltd.: Leadership and Motivation A study with regard to how motivation can be improved in the Thai Lay Fashion Company has been conducted here.
  • Bonobos: Digital Economy in the Fashion Retail Sector This paper will discuss the organization’s digital initiatives and their success, and the financial effect of the online strategies the company has adopted.
  • Fashion Solving Irrational Anxieties in People Fashion’s primary function is to help people to solve their class-related anxieties that reflect one’s instinctual preoccupation with trying to win a dominant social status.
  • Company’s Success in Online Fashion Market The success of Company is a result of its online advertising strategy. The internet offers a lot of potentials based on consumer trends.
  • Maintaining Ethical Standards in Fashion This paper explores the degree of responsibility of three major actors, consumers, fashion houses, and retailers, of maintaining ethical standards in the fashion industry.
  • Social Media Applications in the Fashion Sector Social media has resulted in marketing being easier and cheaper than traditional techniques, and fashion houses have gained to a large extent.
  • Carmina Campus Company’s Fashion and Society Carmina Campus was a pioneer in implementing fashion sustainability in their production process. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the company’s policy regarding society.
  • Fashion as Performance – The Ballets Russes Fashion and the performing and visual arts have always been intertwined for those with the financial resources to indulge in one or all three.
  • Body Image, Self-Esteem, and the Fashion Industry
  • Fashion and Business Cycles With Snobs and Bandwagoners in a Multi-Sector Growth Model
  • Industrial Revolution, Gender Distinction, and Fashion
  • Fashion Cultural Historical Studies Gender Masculinity and Femininity
  • “Diesel for Successful Living”: Branding Strategies for an Up-Market Line Extension in the Fashion Industry
  • Challenges Facing the Fashion Industry in Ghana
  • How Fashion and Appearance Are Central to the Construction of Social Identities
  • Does Men’s Fashion Reflect Changes in Male Gender Roles?
  • Fashioning the Future: Entrepreneuring in Africa’s Emerging Fashion Industry
  • Fashion, Gender Distinction, and the Industrial Revolution
  • Comparison of Elizabethan and Jacobin Fashion
  • How Did Women’s Fashion Create Changes in Society in Australia and the World Between 1901-1945
  • How Innovative Fashion Turns Into a Perspective Entrepreneurial Venture
  • General Information About Second World War Fashion and Social Trends
  • What Will Happen if the Fashion Industry Continues to Use Ultra-Thin Models?
  • How Subcultures Use Fashion as a Way of Embracing Their Differences
  • Fashion: Victorian Era and Higher-Class Women
  • How Fashion and the Social Role of Women Has Changed
  • Managing Demand and Supply Networks of the Chinese Fashion Apparel Industry Under the Complexity of the New Economy Transition
  • Consumer Buying and Decision-Making Processes in the Fashion Industry
  • How Did the Fashion Industry Show the Changing Position of Consumerism and Youth Culture in the 1960s
  • The Role of Western Fashion Effects on Islamic Fashion for Women Out-Wear
  • How Fashion Has Impacted Consumers Pursuing Habits
  • Fast Fashion Feedback and Imitation of Fashion Trends
  • Economic and Social Issues in the Fashion Industry
  • The Unrealistic Beauty Standards of the Fashion Industry
  • Fashion Industry, Anorexia and Orthorexia Among Young People, Models and Celebrities
  • How Luxury Fashion Brands Centralize Public Relations
  • Analyze for Zara’s Success in the Fashion Retailing Business
  • Relationship Between Gender Empowerment and Fashion
  • Understanding Agile Supply Chain Management in the Fashion Industry
  • Global Sourcing: Insights From the Global Clothing Industry – The Case of Zara, a Fast Fashion Retailer
  • Case Study Zara the Technology Giant of the Fashion World
  • Fashion Marketing and the Effects of Technology and Economics
  • Fashion: Logo and Online Personal Shopper
  • Status Consciousness and Its Effect on Men’s Fashion Consumption
  • New Fashion Styles and Trends Sets the Standards for the Rising Generation
  • How Are Fashion and Appearance Central to the Construction of Social Identities
  • Conformity-Based Behavior and the Dynamics of Price Competition: A New Rationale for Fashion Shifts
  • How Fashion and Appearance Are Central to the Construction of Social Identities?
  • Brand Competition, Peer Influence, and Purchase Intentions Towards Fashion Apparel in Mexico
  • How Government Can Support Street Art and Fashion in Hong Kong
  • Coco Chanel: Most Influential Women’s Fashion Designer
  • The Clothing Manufacturer and the Consumer Trends in the Fashion Industry
  • Fashion for Middle-Class Women in the Medieval Age
  • Great Britain’s Black Community and the Empowerment of Fashion
  • Entrepreneurship and Regional Development: Case of Fashion Industry Growth in South Africa
  • Comparing the Similarities, Differences, and Qualities Between Native American Clothing and American Fashion
  • The Fashion Trends and Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls
  • The Link Between Eating Disorders and the Fashion Industry
  • Fashion and the Long-Term Prospects of Relationship Marketing
  • The Substantive Approach for Sustainable Demandsupply Chain Management in Fashion Industry
  • Consider How National Identity and Culture Is Constructed Through Fashion
  • Fashion and Its Evolved From a Typical White Model to a Diverse Runway Show
  • Fashion Photography and the Effects of New Image Technology
  • Barbie Doll Fashion Versus Medieval Children’s Fashion
  • Overview of Fashion and Women’s Movements in the Past Century
  • Are Ethical Purchases and Fast Fashion Mutually Exclusive?
  • How Fashion Professionals Are Inspired by History and Culture
  • How Technology Can Affect Fashion in the Marketing of Armani Company
  • Fashion Trends and Evolution of Women’s Clothing Throughout History
  • Communicating Green Fashion Across Different Cultures and Geographical Regions
  • Virtual Organization for Supply Chain Integration: Two Cases in the Textile and Fashion Retailing Industry
  • Traveling Around the Fashion Trends of Women: 20th – 21st Century
  • Applying the Four Theoretical Perspective to the Problem of Fashion Case Studies
  • Fashion for Ideal People and How They Are Defined
  • How Elizabethan Fashion Has Influenced the Modern Day Fashion World
  • Dealing With Your Teenager and the Latest Fashion Trends?
  • Vertical Integration and Rapid Response in Fashion Apparel
  • Consumer Behavior and the Luxury Fashion Industry
  • What Fast Fashion Is and to Know Which Factor Influences Fast Fashion?
  • How Fashion Evolved Throughout the Centuries and Its Influence on Our Looks Today
  • Does Buy-Back Induce More Fashion Sub-Sourcing?
  • Does the Macroeconomy Predict U.K. Asset Returns in a Nonlinear Fashion?
  • When Did Fashion Start in History?
  • What Are Three Interesting History Facts About Fashion?
  • How Does Clothing Fashion Aid in the Social Construction of Gender?
  • How Are Fashion and Appearance Central to the Construction of Social Identities?
  • How Are People Involved in Fashion?
  • How Does Branding Influences Consumers’ Luxury Fashion Choices?
  • Who Is the Father of Fashion?
  • What Is a Theme in Fashion?
  • How Does Celebrity Fashion Affect Teen’s Self-Image?
  • Who Was the First Female Fashion Designer?
  • Where Was the First Fashion Week Held?
  • How Christian Principles Can Be Applied to Ethical Issues That Relate to Cost of Fashion?
  • What Are the Ten Main Sources of Inspiration in Fashion?
  • What Are the Four Main Fashion Weeks?
  • Who Invented Fashion Week?
  • How Does Social Media Affect the Fashion Industry?
  • How Does the Fashion Industry Market to Women as Consumers?
  • How Elizabethan Fashion Has Influenced the Modern-Day Fashion World?
  • What Causes Changes in Fashion?
  • How Many Types of Fashion Shows Are There?
  • What Is the Biggest Fashion Week?
  • How Fashion Professionals Are Inspired by History and Culture?
  • Why Is Paris Known for Fashion?
  • How Fashion Trends Can Make You Stand Out?
  • What Fast Fashion Is, and to Know Which Factor Influences Fast Fashion?
  • When Did Fashion Start in India?
  • What Makes Fashion Offensive?
  • What is the impact of fast fashion on consumer buying behavior?
  • What are the environmental effects of fast fashion?
  • How can 3D printing help make fast fashion more sustainable?
  • How do fast fashion marketing strategies affect consumers’ body image?
  • What are consumer attitudes toward the ethics and sustainability of fast fashion?
  • What are the psychological effects of fast fashion on customers?
  • How does fast fashion affect the local economies of developing countries?
  • How can fast fashion companies balance profitability and sustainability?
  • What is the contribution of fast fashion to the throwaway culture?
  • How do social media drive the demand for fast fashion?
  • The case against animal cruelty in fashion.
  • Fashion marketing should promote body positivity.
  • Fashion companies should respect and protect cultural traditions.
  • Is there a need for gender-neutral fashion?
  • Is it ethical to buy counterfeit luxury fashion goods?
  • Fast fashion vs. Slow fashion: which is more ethical and sustainable?
  • Inclusivity of luxury fashion: is it ever possible?
  • The fashion industry perpetuates consumerist culture.
  • Should fashion be recognized as art?
  • Does the fashion industry have an ageism problem?

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These essay examples and topics on Fashion were carefully selected by the StudyCorgi editorial team. They meet our highest standards in terms of grammar, punctuation, style, and fact accuracy. Please ensure you properly reference the materials if you’re using them to write your assignment.

This essay topic collection was updated on January 8, 2024 .

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30 Fashion Essay Topics to Write Papers About


Are you looking for a captivating fashion topic to write about? The fashion industry is very exciting and controversial. It is definitely worth studying. Fashion is an integral part of daily life and includes popular aesthetics that become a frenzy among the masses. In many cases, fashion dictates different aspects of our social life related to clothing, hairstyle, footwear, accessories, lifestyle, and makeup. There are countless ways to explore elements of fashion within the different fields, such as history, drama, sociology, and business.

Writing about fashion can confuse students because it can be found in almost everything. Students find it difficult to fixate on a single thing about fashion. This article will inspire you to write fashion essays, whether you desire to write argumentative or persuasive essays. You will find a list of topics to discuss and write papers about. But first, let’s understand different elements of topic ideation when you want to write fashion papers.

Fashion Topics Ideation

Fashion is both an expression of culture and art. There are countless ways of exploring fashion within multiple fields of inquiry. If you are a fashion major, elements you can explore include pattern drafting, historical and emerging trends, intersections of fashion and journalism, and the influences of fashion icons. Remember that if you choose historical essay topics about fashion, make sure you consult primary and secondary academic resources. You can also include other sources like pamphlets and circulars. Most importantly, there are communities and cultures whose fashion trends and businesses are not covered sufficiently in traditional sources, such as interactions by communities of color and queer groups. So if you are interested in exploring topics about the business of fashion, you should conduct extended research to gather the most credible information

When selecting the topic, consider that fashion is seasonal and requires students to stay updated on the trends. Students are interested in knowing how fashion affects their life. Personal observation and essay writing are great ways to learn about fashion. Many students have no difficulties with making personal observations. However, the biggest challenge that students face is developing interesting essay topics about fashion. Most learners end up writing topics that are boring and unoriginal. To ensure your essay stands out, put forward a unique voice by writing an interesting argumentative essay.

Remember that you’ve got to read fashion to write fashion. The first step to identifying good fashion essay topics and writing excellent content is reading high-quality studies on the subject. There are all kinds of information online that you can use to research fashion, such as magazines and blogs. Additionally, do not restrict your reading to fashion content. Read about unique personal experiences, thoughts, and stories of other people. Outside opinions can inspire an appreciation for different styles and give you fashion essay topics that you can replicate in your writing. Reading also helps you to break away from the monotony of content. Professors appreciate essay papers that are well thought out, which adds value when you want to get good grades.

Some Tips for Essay Writing on Fashion

As a beginner, coming up with a fashion topic and writing an essay can be daunting. However, there are various opportunities that you can take to help you learn and grow as a fashion student. Specifically, there are many professional online writing services that help students write essays and attain high grades. Therefore, if you are intimidated and feel that essay writing is not your strong suit, you can work with an expert. A paper writing service CustomWritings has many professional essay writers who can help you to come up with an interesting topic, review your drafts, or write a custom paper from scratch at a cheap rate.

Alternatively, you can come up with a great fashion topic and write it yourself. All you need are samples to guide and inspire your writing. Practice also makes perfect when it comes to writing about fashion. In the contemporary world, fashion has permeated almost every aspect of life. Still, many students struggle with the non-academic discourse related to fashion. There are many styles of thinking about fashion in ways that reflect different periods, social statuses, cultures, and evolutions. A fast way to come up with interesting fashion essay topics on your own is to explore the different elements of humanity and apply them across different disciplines related to fashion. You can also make your writing easy by using words that define you and topics that you relate to. Lastly, ensure the topic you choose to write about allows you to lay a good impression on your reader.

Top 30 Fashion Argumentative Essay Topics to Write Papers About

The topics listed below will inspire you to write interesting argumentative fashion essays. They include creative, investigative, and educational topics that you can use for your own original essay.

  • The role of technology in the fashion industry
  • The ethics of flesh and fur in high fashion
  • The use of fashion for social agendas
  • The main methods of conducting research in fashion
  • The origin of western fashion
  • Fashion as a form of cultural expression
  • Politics and fashion
  • The influence of fashion on individual identity
  • The use of pop-up stores by high fashion brands
  • Fashion makeup: The impact of vegan products that contain natural-origin ingredients
  • Exploring the intersections of style and comfort in high fashion
  • The use of graphic designs in clothes
  • Cultural appropriation in fashion design
  • Icon case study: Rihanna’s influence on fashion
  • Lessons that working from home has taught us about our personal style
  • Market targeting in fashion
  • The psychological effects of fashion advertisements on teen consumers
  • The roles of merchandising, buying, and financing in the fashion business
  • 1950s fashion and cultural ideas
  • The influence of music on fashion: Trends in the 1990s
  • Fashion and subculture identification
  • The impact of climate change on the current fashion trends
  • Fashion in the middle ages
  • Piracy in the fashion industry
  • Digital marketing in the fashion industry
  • The fundamentals of fashion design
  • The role of fashion in creating a material culture
  • The causes of the retail crisis in the fashion industry today
  • Consumer behavior in the fashion industry
  • Fashion as a form of communication

Wrapping Up

Coming up with a fashion essay topic does not have to be a difficult task. Fashion is an interesting and dynamic subject with a lot to write about. When stuck, use online resources to identify an interesting argumentative topic to write about. You can also ask for help from professional writers as you gradually develop an understanding of essay paper writing.

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104 Fast Fashion Essay Topics & Fast Fashion Research Questions

Looking for fast fashion essay topics and discussion questions? Look no further! Here, you will find best fast fashion titles related to environmental and ethical problems of fast fashion industry and its sustainable alternatives.

🔝 Top 10 Fast Fashion Essay Topics

🏆 best fast fashion topic ideas & essay examples, 🔎 interesting fast fashion topics to write about, 💡 good fast fashion research topics, ❓ fast fashion research questions, 🤔 discussion questions about fast fashion.

  • Fast Fashion and Body Image
  • Strategies to Reduce Textile Waste
  • Working Conditions in Fast Fashion
  • The Carbon Footprint of Fast Fashion
  • The Psychological Impact of Fast Fashion
  • The Impact of Fast Fashion on Local Artisans
  • Cultural Aspects of Fast Fashion’s Global Reach
  • The Ethics of Fast Fashion Borrowing from Different Cultures
  • The Role of Fashion Influencers in Promoting Fast Fashion
  • The Societal Implications of a Disposable Fashion Culture
  • The Effects of the Fast Fashion Industry on the World This led to the creation of shops that made garments to meet the needs of such a category of people in the community.
  • Zara, H&M, United Colors of Benetton: Supplying Fast Fashion Benetton has adopted the technology strategy in its distribution by automating its warehouse activities to store, pack, and assemble individual orders for all its retail outlets.
  • Fast Fashion and Sustainability This paper includes a brief analysis of the ways to address consumers’ fashion-related needs and reduce the negative environmental impact of the fast industry.
  • Fast Fashion Brand Advantages and Risks in Chinese Market The paper also looked at the risks that the fast fashion brand has to face in the Chinese market and ways in which these risks can be managed to help the organisations consolidate its advantages.
  • Child Labor in the Fast Fashion Industry To free girls from this choice and reduce the presence of kids in factories, it is necessary to combat poverty in rural areas actively.
  • Fast Fashion’s Negative Impact on the Environment And this is the constant increase in production capacity, the low quality of the product, and the use of the labor of the population of developing countries.
  • How 40 to 50-Year-Old Irish Women Choose Fast Fashion and Why The replication of styles and the use of synthetic materials is meant to ensure that the product is made as affordable as possible while at the same time meeting the expectations of the market.
  • Purchase of Fast Fashion Clothing and Ethical & Personal Values On the other hand, the emergence of the practice threatened the aesthetic value and ethical approach based on the utilization of the available facilities.
  • Just in Time: Management Operations in the Fast Fashion Industry Sourcing is implemented using the famous lean or Just in Time (JIT) models. This means that required materials are acquired and delivered whenever they are needed.
  • Fast Fashion and Ethical Consumption A narrative literature review is selected to analyse and synthesise available information on the impact of fast fashion on society. The integration of articles is expected to reveal the gaps, tendencies, and limitations that exist […]
  • Fast Fashion Business Model Pros & Cons Specific Purpose: The presentation is meant to inform listeners about the advantages and disadvantages of fast fashion as the business model and discuss possible strategies retailers can use to increase customer attraction.
  • Astonishing Success of Zara in the Fast Fashion Industry The origin of the company is the retail group Inditex the headquarters of which is located in Spain. However, The Gap, H&M, and Benetton are called the major competitors of Zara in the study by […]
  • ZARA: Chic and Fast Fashion It is evident from the case study that organizations need to observe changing trends in the market in order to cope with the competition. This can be attested by the fact that the company has […]
  • Zara: Fast fashion from Savvy Systems These factors contribute in the determination of the internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats in the external environment.
  • Fast Fashion, and the Corporate Globalization
  • Global Fast Fashion: Analysis of Clothing Retailers & Its Competitor
  • Fashion and Society: The Impact of Fashion on Our Society
  • How Hugely Fast Fashion Is Involved in the Fashion Industry
  • Paradigm Innovation Through the Strategic Collaboration Between Toray & Uniqlo: Evolution of a New Fast Fashion Business Model
  • Fast Fashion and Its Influence on the Industry in the 21st Century
  • The Impact of Healthier Global Consumerism Within Sustainable Fashion
  • Marketing Plan for Fast Fashion Products
  • Fast Fashion: The Rise of Zara and Uniqlo
  • The Fast Fashion Model Spreading Across the Apparel Industry
  • Workers and Social Upgrading in Fast Fashion: The Case of the Apparel Industry in Morocco and Romania
  • League Supply Chain for the Fast Fashion Industry
  • Fast Fashion Achieving Global Quick
  • The Impacts of Fast Fashion and Technology on the Fashion Industry
  • How Fast Fashion Manipulates People
  • Fast Fashion Retailing: Customer and Retailer’s Perceptions
  • The Relationship Between the Consumers’ Need for Uniqueness and Purchase Perception of Fast Fashion Co-brands
  • Fast Fashion and Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Why Fast Fashion Is Unethical and Should Be Replaced
  • Fast Fashion Has Become a Global Industry
  • The Impact of Fast Fashion on the Environment, Human Health, and Employees
  • Fast Fashion and Impact of Technology
  • Logistics Performance Measurement for Sustainability in the Fast Fashion Industry
  • Fast Fashion and Barriers to New Entrants
  • Zara: Information Technology for Fast Fashion
  • Fast Fashion Versus Luxury Fashion
  • Fashion Marketing: E-Tailing and Fast Fashion Brands
  • A Career in Fast Fashion
  • Supply Chain Management for the Fast Fashion Industry
  • What Is the Challenge of Keeping up With Fast Fashion Products
  • Material Culture and Environmental Woes: Devotion to Fast Fashion
  • Fast Fashion: The Consequences of the Fashion Industry
  • What Fast Fashion Is, and to Know Which Factors Influence Fast Fashion
  • Fast Fashion Feedback and Imitation of Fashion Trends
  • Consumers’ Attitudes Towards the Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion Speed
  • Fast Fashion Industry: Growth of Zara and Inditex
  • The Fast Fashion Industry Promotes a Culture of Obsolescence
  • Negative Effects of Fast Fashion on the Environment
  • Fast Fashion Supply Chain Management
  • Fashion Flow Theories: Misconceptions on Fashion and Fast Fashion
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Fast Fashion?
  • How Has Marketing Strategy Changed Within the Fast Fashion Industry?
  • How Can We Stop Fast Fashion Waste?
  • How Do You Spot Fast Fashion?
  • How Is Fast Fashion Bad for the Economy?
  • What Would Happen if Fast Fashion Stopped?
  • What’s Wrong With Fast Fashion?
  • How Fast Fashion Manipulates People?
  • What Is a Fast Fashion Example?
  • What Are the Social Impacts of Fast Fashion?
  • Why Is Fast Fashion a Social Justice Issue?
  • Is Fast Fashion Eco Friendly?
  • What Will Happen if We Don’t Stop Fast Fashion?
  • Who Consumes Fast Fashion the Most?
  • How Much Waste Is Produced by Fast Fashion?
  • How Much Pollution Does the Fashion Industry Produce?
  • Why Should We Stop Buying Fast Fashion?
  • What Would Happen if Everyone Stopped Buying Clothes?
  • What Are the Benefits of Fast Fashion?
  • How Is Fast Fashion Killing the Earth?
  • What Is Fast Fashion, and to Know Which Factor Influences Fast Fashion?
  • How Will Fast Fashion Affect the Future?
  • How Does Fast Fashion Affect the Environment?
  • How Does Fashion Cause Pollution?
  • How Hugely Fast Fashion Is Involved in the Fashion Industry?
  • What Can the Government Do About Fast Fashion?
  • What 3 Things Define Fast Fashion?
  • How Much Money Does Fast Fashion Make?
  • Who Is Being Affected by Fast Fashion?
  • How Is Fast Fashion Destroying the World?
  • How Does Fast Fashion Differ from Traditional Fashion Manufacturing Practices?
  • How Did Fast Fashion Contribute to Environmental Issues?
  • What Are the Ethical Concerns Associated with Fast Fashion?
  • How Does the Fast Fashion Business Model Contribute to Overconsumption?
  • What Are the Implications of Fast Fashion on Consumer Behavior?
  • How Do Fast Fashion Companies Keep Up with Changing Trends?
  • What Are the Effects of Fast Fashion on Local Economies?
  • How Can Consumers Make More Responsible Choices Regarding Fast Fashion?
  • What Are the Sustainable Alternatives to Fast Fashion?
  • How Do Brands Address Issues of Transparency in the Fast Fashion Industry?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2024, February 29). 104 Fast Fashion Essay Topics & Fast Fashion Research Questions.

"104 Fast Fashion Essay Topics & Fast Fashion Research Questions." IvyPanda , 29 Feb. 2024,

IvyPanda . (2024) '104 Fast Fashion Essay Topics & Fast Fashion Research Questions'. 29 February.

IvyPanda . 2024. "104 Fast Fashion Essay Topics & Fast Fashion Research Questions." February 29, 2024.

1. IvyPanda . "104 Fast Fashion Essay Topics & Fast Fashion Research Questions." February 29, 2024.


IvyPanda . "104 Fast Fashion Essay Topics & Fast Fashion Research Questions." February 29, 2024.

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The Ethical Quandaries of Fast Fashion: an Argumentative Examination Essay

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Brooks, A. (2015). Clothing poverty: the hidden world of fast fashion and second-hand clothes. Zed Books Ltd.Choi, T., Hui, C., Liu, N., Ng, F., & Yu, Y. (2014). Fast fashion sales forecasting with limited data and time. [...]

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an argumentative essay on fashion

Argumentative Essay Examples to Inspire You (+ Free Formula)

Argumentative Essay Examples to Inspire You (+ Free Formula)

Table of contents

an argumentative essay on fashion

Meredith Sell

Have you ever been asked to explain your opinion on a controversial issue? 

  • Maybe your family got into a discussion about chemical pesticides
  • Someone at work argues against investing resources into your project
  • Your partner thinks intermittent fasting is the best way to lose weight and you disagree

Proving your point in an argumentative essay can be challenging, unless you are using a proven formula.

Argumentative essay formula & example

In the image below, you can see a recommended structure for argumentative essays. It starts with the topic sentence, which establishes the main idea of the essay. Next, this hypothesis is developed in the development stage. Then, the rebuttal, or the refutal of the main counter argument or arguments. Then, again, development of the rebuttal. This is followed by an example, and ends with a summary. This is a very basic structure, but it gives you a bird-eye-view of how a proper argumentative essay can be built.

Structure of an argumentative essay

Writing an argumentative essay (for a class, a news outlet, or just for fun) can help you improve your understanding of an issue and sharpen your thinking on the matter. Using researched facts and data, you can explain why you or others think the way you do, even while other reasonable people disagree.

Free AI argumentative essay generator > Free AI argumentative essay generator >

argumentative essay

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is an explanatory essay that takes a side.

Instead of appealing to emotion and personal experience to change the reader’s mind, an argumentative essay uses logic and well-researched factual information to explain why the thesis in question is the most reasonable opinion on the matter.  

Over several paragraphs or pages, the author systematically walks through:

  • The opposition (and supporting evidence)
  • The chosen thesis (and its supporting evidence)

At the end, the author leaves the decision up to the reader, trusting that the case they’ve made will do the work of changing the reader’s mind. Even if the reader’s opinion doesn’t change, they come away from the essay with a greater understanding of the perspective presented — and perhaps a better understanding of their original opinion.

All of that might make it seem like writing an argumentative essay is way harder than an emotionally-driven persuasive essay — but if you’re like me and much more comfortable spouting facts and figures than making impassioned pleas, you may find that an argumentative essay is easier to write. 

Plus, the process of researching an argumentative essay means you can check your assumptions and develop an opinion that’s more based in reality than what you originally thought. I know for sure that my opinions need to be fact checked — don’t yours?

So how exactly do we write the argumentative essay?

How do you start an argumentative essay

First, gain a clear understanding of what exactly an argumentative essay is. To formulate a proper topic sentence, you have to be clear on your topic, and to explore it through research.

Students have difficulty starting an essay because the whole task seems intimidating, and they are afraid of spending too much time on the topic sentence. Experienced writers, however, know that there is no set time to spend on figuring out your topic. It's a real exploration that is based to a large extent on intuition.

6 Steps to Write an Argumentative Essay (Persuasion Formula)

Use this checklist to tackle your essay one step at a time:

Argumentative Essay Checklist

1. Research an issue with an arguable question

To start, you need to identify an issue that well-informed people have varying opinions on. Here, it’s helpful to think of one core topic and how it intersects with another (or several other) issues. That intersection is where hot takes and reasonable (or unreasonable) opinions abound. 

I find it helpful to stage the issue as a question.

For example: 

Is it better to legislate the minimum size of chicken enclosures or to outlaw the sale of eggs from chickens who don’t have enough space?

Should snow removal policies focus more on effectively keeping roads clear for traffic or the environmental impacts of snow removal methods?

Once you have your arguable question ready, start researching the basic facts and specific opinions and arguments on the issue. Do your best to stay focused on gathering information that is directly relevant to your topic. Depending on what your essay is for, you may reference academic studies, government reports, or newspaper articles.

‍ Research your opposition and the facts that support their viewpoint as much as you research your own position . You’ll need to address your opposition in your essay, so you’ll want to know their argument from the inside out.

2. Choose a side based on your research

You likely started with an inclination toward one side or the other, but your research should ultimately shape your perspective. So once you’ve completed the research, nail down your opinion and start articulating the what and why of your take. 

What: I think it’s better to outlaw selling eggs from chickens whose enclosures are too small.

Why: Because if you regulate the enclosure size directly, egg producers outside of the government’s jurisdiction could ship eggs into your territory and put nearby egg producers out of business by offering better prices because they don’t have the added cost of larger enclosures.

This is an early form of your thesis and the basic logic of your argument. You’ll want to iterate on this a few times and develop a one-sentence statement that sums up the thesis of your essay.

Thesis: Outlawing the sale of eggs from chickens with cramped living spaces is better for business than regulating the size of chicken enclosures.

Now that you’ve articulated your thesis , spell out the counterargument(s) as well. Putting your opposition’s take into words will help you throughout the rest of the essay-writing process. (You can start by choosing the counter argument option with Wordtune Spices .)

an argumentative essay on fashion

Counterargument: Outlawing the sale of eggs from chickens with too small enclosures will immediately drive up egg prices for consumers, making the low-cost protein source harder to afford — especially for low-income consumers.

There may be one main counterargument to articulate, or several. Write them all out and start thinking about how you’ll use evidence to address each of them or show why your argument is still the best option.

3. Organize the evidence — for your side and the opposition

You did all of that research for a reason. Now’s the time to use it. 

Hopefully, you kept detailed notes in a document, complete with links and titles of all your source material. Go through your research document and copy the evidence for your argument and your opposition’s into another document.

List the main points of your argument. Then, below each point, paste the evidence that backs them up.

If you’re writing about chicken enclosures, maybe you found evidence that shows the spread of disease among birds kept in close quarters is worse than among birds who have more space. Or maybe you found information that says eggs from free-range chickens are more flavorful or nutritious. Put that information next to the appropriate part of your argument. 

Repeat the process with your opposition’s argument: What information did you find that supports your opposition? Paste it beside your opposition’s argument.

You could also put information here that refutes your opposition, but organize it in a way that clearly tells you — at a glance — that the information disproves their point.

Counterargument: Outlawing the sale of eggs from chickens with too small enclosures will immediately drive up egg prices for consumers.

BUT: Sicknesses like avian flu spread more easily through small enclosures and could cause a shortage that would drive up egg prices naturally, so ensuring larger enclosures is still a better policy for consumers over the long term.

As you organize your research and see the evidence all together, start thinking through the best way to order your points.  

Will it be better to present your argument all at once or to break it up with opposition claims you can quickly refute? Would some points set up other points well? Does a more complicated point require that the reader understands a simpler point first?

Play around and rearrange your notes to see how your essay might flow one way or another.

4. Freewrite or outline to think through your argument

Is your brain buzzing yet? At this point in the process, it can be helpful to take out a notebook or open a fresh document and dump whatever you’re thinking on the page.

Where should your essay start? What ground-level information do you need to provide your readers before you can dive into the issue?

Use your organized evidence document from step 3 to think through your argument from beginning to end, and determine the structure of your essay.

There are three typical structures for argumentative essays:

  • Make your argument and tackle opposition claims one by one, as they come up in relation to the points of your argument - In this approach, the whole essay — from beginning to end — focuses on your argument, but as you make each point, you address the relevant opposition claims individually. This approach works well if your opposition’s views can be quickly explained and refuted and if they directly relate to specific points in your argument.
  • Make the bulk of your argument, and then address the opposition all at once in a paragraph (or a few) - This approach puts the opposition in its own section, separate from your main argument. After you’ve made your case, with ample evidence to convince your readers, you write about the opposition, explaining their viewpoint and supporting evidence — and showing readers why the opposition’s argument is unconvincing. Once you’ve addressed the opposition, you write a conclusion that sums up why your argument is the better one.
  • Open your essay by talking about the opposition and where it falls short. Build your entire argument to show how it is superior to that opposition - With this structure, you’re showing your readers “a better way” to address the issue. After opening your piece by showing how your opposition’s approaches fail, you launch into your argument, providing readers with ample evidence that backs you up.

As you think through your argument and examine your evidence document, consider which structure will serve your argument best. Sketch out an outline to give yourself a map to follow in the writing process. You could also rearrange your evidence document again to match your outline, so it will be easy to find what you need when you start writing.

5. Write your first draft

You have an outline and an organized document with all your points and evidence lined up and ready. Now you just have to write your essay.

In your first draft, focus on getting your ideas on the page. Your wording may not be perfect (whose is?), but you know what you’re trying to say — so even if you’re overly wordy and taking too much space to say what you need to say, put those words on the page.

Follow your outline, and draw from that evidence document to flesh out each point of your argument. Explain what the evidence means for your argument and your opposition. Connect the dots for your readers so they can follow you, point by point, and understand what you’re trying to say.

As you write, be sure to include:

1. Any background information your reader needs in order to understand the issue in question.

2. Evidence for both your argument and the counterargument(s). This shows that you’ve done your homework and builds trust with your reader, while also setting you up to make a more convincing argument. (If you find gaps in your research while you’re writing, Wordtune Spices can source statistics or historical facts on the fly!)

an argumentative essay on fashion

Get Wordtune for free > Get Wordtune for free >

3. A conclusion that sums up your overall argument and evidence — and leaves the reader with an understanding of the issue and its significance. This sort of conclusion brings your essay to a strong ending that doesn’t waste readers’ time, but actually adds value to your case.

6. Revise (with Wordtune)

The hard work is done: you have a first draft. Now, let’s fine tune your writing.

I like to step away from what I’ve written for a day (or at least a night of sleep) before attempting to revise. It helps me approach clunky phrases and rough transitions with fresh eyes. If you don’t have that luxury, just get away from your computer for a few minutes — use the bathroom, do some jumping jacks, eat an apple — and then come back and read through your piece.

As you revise, make sure you …

  • Get the facts right. An argument with false evidence falls apart pretty quickly, so check your facts to make yours rock solid.
  • Don’t misrepresent the opposition or their evidence. If someone who holds the opposing view reads your essay, they should affirm how you explain their side — even if they disagree with your rebuttal.
  • Present a case that builds over the course of your essay, makes sense, and ends on a strong note. One point should naturally lead to the next. Your readers shouldn’t feel like you’re constantly changing subjects. You’re making a variety of points, but your argument should feel like a cohesive whole.
  • Paraphrase sources and cite them appropriately. Did you skip citations when writing your first draft? No worries — you can add them now. And check that you don’t overly rely on quotations. (Need help paraphrasing? Wordtune can help. Simply highlight the sentence or phrase you want to adjust and sort through Wordtune’s suggestions.)
  • Tighten up overly wordy explanations and sharpen any convoluted ideas. Wordtune makes a great sidekick for this too 😉

an argumentative essay on fashion

Words to start an argumentative essay

The best way to introduce a convincing argument is to provide a strong thesis statement . These are the words I usually use to start an argumentative essay:

  • It is indisputable that the world today is facing a multitude of issues
  • With the rise of ____, the potential to make a positive difference has never been more accessible
  • It is essential that we take action now and tackle these issues head-on
  • it is critical to understand the underlying causes of the problems standing before us
  • Opponents of this idea claim
  • Those who are against these ideas may say
  • Some people may disagree with this idea
  • Some people may say that ____, however

When refuting an opposing concept, use:

  • These researchers have a point in thinking
  • To a certain extent they are right
  • After seeing this evidence, there is no way one can agree with this idea
  • This argument is irrelevant to the topic

Are you convinced by your own argument yet? Ready to brave the next get-together where everyone’s talking like they know something about intermittent fasting , chicken enclosures , or snow removal policies? 

Now if someone asks you to explain your evidence-based but controversial opinion, you can hand them your essay and ask them to report back after they’ve read it.

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Learning Objectives

  • Examine types of argumentative essays

Argumentative Essays

You may have heard it said that all writing is an argument of some kind. Even if you’re writing an informative essay, you still have the job of trying to convince your audience that the information is important. However, there are times you’ll be asked to write an essay that is specifically an argumentative piece.

An argumentative essay is one that makes a clear assertion or argument about some topic or issue. When you’re writing an argumentative essay, it’s important to remember that an academic argument is quite different from a regular, emotional argument. Note that sometimes students forget the academic aspect of an argumentative essay and write essays that are much too emotional for an academic audience. It’s important for you to choose a topic you feel passionately about (if you’re allowed to pick your topic), but you have to be sure you aren’t too emotionally attached to a topic. In an academic argument, you’ll have a lot more constraints you have to consider, and you’ll focus much more on logic and reasoning than emotions.

A cartoon person with a heart in one hand and a brain in the other.

Argumentative essays are quite common in academic writing and are often an important part of writing in all disciplines. You may be asked to take a stand on a social issue in your introduction to writing course, but you could also be asked to take a stand on an issue related to health care in your nursing courses or make a case for solving a local environmental problem in your biology class. And, since argument is such a common essay assignment, it’s important to be aware of some basic elements of a good argumentative essay.

When your professor asks you to write an argumentative essay, you’ll often be given something specific to write about. For example, you may be asked to take a stand on an issue you have been discussing in class. Perhaps, in your education class, you would be asked to write about standardized testing in public schools. Or, in your literature class, you might be asked to argue the effects of protest literature on public policy in the United States.

However, there are times when you’ll be given a choice of topics. You might even be asked to write an argumentative essay on any topic related to your field of study or a topic you feel that is important personally.

Whatever the case, having some knowledge of some basic argumentative techniques or strategies will be helpful as you write. Below are some common types of arguments.

Causal Arguments

  • In this type of argument, you argue that something has caused something else. For example, you might explore the causes of the decline of large mammals in the world’s ocean and make a case for your cause.

Evaluation Arguments

  • In this type of argument, you make an argumentative evaluation of something as “good” or “bad,” but you need to establish the criteria for “good” or “bad.” For example, you might evaluate a children’s book for your education class, but you would need to establish clear criteria for your evaluation for your audience.

Proposal Arguments

  • In this type of argument, you must propose a solution to a problem. First, you must establish a clear problem and then propose a specific solution to that problem. For example, you might argue for a proposal that would increase retention rates at your college.

Narrative Arguments

  • In this type of argument, you make your case by telling a story with a clear point related to your argument. For example, you might write a narrative about your experiences with standardized testing in order to make a case for reform.

Rebuttal Arguments

  • In a rebuttal argument, you build your case around refuting an idea or ideas that have come before. In other words, your starting point is to challenge the ideas of the past.

Definition Arguments

  • In this type of argument, you use a definition as the starting point for making your case. For example, in a definition argument, you might argue that NCAA basketball players should be defined as professional players and, therefore, should be paid.

Essay Examples

  • Click here to read an argumentative essay on the consequences of fast fashion . Read it and look at the comments to recognize strategies and techniques the author uses to convey her ideas.
  • In this example, you’ll see a sample argumentative paper from a psychology class submitted in APA format. Key parts of the argumentative structure have been noted for you in the sample.

Link to Learning

For more examples of types of argumentative essays, visit the Argumentative Purposes section of the Excelsior OWL .

Contributors and Attributions

  • Argumentative Essay. Provided by : Excelsior OWL. Located at : . License : CC BY: Attribution
  • Image of a man with a heart and a brain. Authored by : Mohamed Hassan. Provided by : Pixabay. Located at : License : Other . License Terms :

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Fashion Industry Argumentative Essays Samples For Students

3 samples of this type

If you're seeking a viable way to streamline writing an Argumentative Essay about Fashion Industry, paper writing service just might be able to help you out.

For starters, you should skim our huge database of free samples that cover most various Fashion Industry Argumentative Essay topics and showcase the best academic writing practices. Once you feel that you've studied the basic principles of content structuring and taken away actionable insights from these expertly written Argumentative Essay samples, putting together your own academic work should go much easier.

However, you might still find yourself in a circumstance when even using top-notch Fashion Industry Argumentative Essays doesn't allow you get the job done on time. In that case, you can get in touch with our writers and ask them to craft a unique Fashion Industry paper according to your custom specifications. Buy college research paper or essay now!

An Argument Essay Against The Use Of Fur In The Fashion History Argumentative Essay

1.0 introduction.

The fashion industry is one of the fast growing industries worldwide occupying a place with the sky-rocketing information technology industry. Generally, clothing made of animal fur is expensive and a person with this expensive dress is regarded of a higher class in society.

Happiness And Physical Appearance Argumentative Essay

Example of narrative essay argumentative essay.

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Argumentative Essay on Fashion

Jump ahead to:

Here you have an Argumentative essay on fashion Let’s start…

Fashion is important and should not be taken lightly. It emphasizes the importance of dressing in your body style and what you feel comfortable with. Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is just as important as taking proper care of your clothes. Also, we will explore the general idea of ​​what clothing means to the individual and the attractive trends in trends and how we value it compared to other industries.

What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a saying that means style. Refers to the famous beauty choices of clothing, makeup, architecture, and interior design. In the past, fashion was associated with wealth and status; however, the term has changed from describing a particular social category to expressing a personal sense of ownership. Fashion is often thought of as a central part of human culture, from the birth of civilization. There is no doubt that fashion is something we all look at, question and appreciate.

Why Care About Fashion?

Fashion reflects our culture, and it is impossible to understand social styles without understanding what people wear. Manner affects how we feel about ourselves and influences our purchasing decisions. The fashion industry costs about $ 2.7 trillion, so we must pay attention to style and expand our knowledge on the subject. Here are a few important things you never knew about fashion:

Fashion Is a Choice of Life

Fashion is not just something you wear, something you live for. It can be seen as a way to express oneself or conform to a crowd. Also, people may be attracted to fashion simply because it is different from the clothes they wear in their daily life.

The Appearance of Fashion

The emergence of fashion is essential, especially for new to the field. Many techniques have changed over the years and continue to change. With each new season, designers think of different ways to express themselves in their creations.

Women Fashions

The fashion industry has changed the way women feel about themselves. Today, women are more independent and independent than ever before. They can be more confident and express themselves more.

How It Affects Everyone

Whether you are a fashionista or not, everyone gets involved in it at some point. From the clothes we wear to the labels we wear to our bodies, fashion significantly impacts everyone.

Fashion is not what you wear, and it is what people see. There is a big difference between styles that motivate you and those that do nothing without attention. Fashion does not just wear; it is an idea, a way of expressing oneself in a public way.

 Your style is a perfect combination, mixed with the various trends you follow. It’s the idea that you can wear less than ideal clothes and look like a million dollars. However, remember to drop it when needed; you do not want to be the only one dressed like a bucket of crayons.

Essential Things to Consider When Buying Clothes

Are you looking for the ideal dress for a date, a business party, or a social gathering? There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for clothes. Whether old, famous, or new from high-end designers; make sure you consider the following factors when buying clothes:

Material:  Cotton, silk, cashmere, linen, and wool have a variety of properties and textures. Also, some items may be more appropriate to wear depending on the location, occasion and season.

Cut:  A cut is the shape of a garment when worn on the body. Simple is usually the best when it comes to looking stylish, but other amounts can be as good from time to time as a coat with a high, wide lapel.

Colour:  The color of the clothes you wear is more than just an attractive attraction. Showing off your colours will also help attract attention and influence others.

Fit:  This is important as your clothes will help determine how others will see you. Make sure you choose clothes that fit you best and that highlight your features and body shape, as well as your personality.

Accessories:  Proper clothing includes not only clothing but also accessories. Make sure you show off your personality by expressing your sense of fashion using appropriate accessories.

Principles of Good Dress

Fashion is about what you want. It all comes down to who you are and how you want to be expressed. That is why people will spend so much time and money on the things they wear. They do not see fashion as a necessity but rather a luxury. It’s not about how you look but rather how you want to dress. In addition, dressing correctly requires being willing to try new things. It would help if you were willing to try different styles and stances to find your style. Being well-dressed does not mean that you can wear only black and white, but that you need to be willing to try new things and have fun with them. Dressing well is like being a modern Renaissance man. Not with just one fashion style, but rather your style.

Fashion Shopping Tips

Buying clothes has become a way of expressing ourselves and our style. We could always dress according to our needs and desires, but more recently, fashion has taken over the world with social media. While the clothing industry is highly profitable, it can also be a problem industry. The sheer quantity of options accessible might easily make one feel overwhelmed. There are so many different styles, colours, prints and cuts that one can easily get caught on the fashion web.

Here’s an easy way to find out more about fashion: When buying clothes, it’s important to remember what your purpose is. This can be very convenient if you have a particular asset you are trying to access. For example, if your goal is to look good in the workplace, it may be a good idea to buy business attire. If you are trying to look fashionable and comfortable, you may choose the most appropriate matching clothes. Think about your goal before you go shopping and keep that in mind while in the store.

Another essential thing to note is that calling is not always better. If you find that the clothes you are looking for are too expensive, look for cheap ones. Do not buy something because it is expensive but do not buy something very reasonable. You want to make sure you want quality and style.

Fashion is an essential part of one’s life. It can affect how they feel and their confidence, so it is worth considering their clothes. The fashion industry is constantly changing, but knowing what styles are on the market today can be helpful.

Download Pdf of Argumentative essay on fashion

If you want to Download the Pdf of Argumentative essay on fashion, then click on the given link it is free of cost.

1 thought on “Argumentative Essay on Fashion in 1100-1200 words | Download free Pdf”

' src=

Hey! Thankyou for visiting our website. This is essay on “Argumentative Essay on Fashion”. If you have any feedback or queries related to this blog then please comment below.

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Fast Fashion Industry | Argumentative Essay

Added on   2022-08-29

Fast Fashion Industry | Argumentative Essay_1

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Pricing Strategy for Zara and H&M lg ...

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Reading and Protesting on Campus

Readers discuss a column by Ross Douthat.

Students at Columbia sitting on grass design a protest banner.

To the Editor:

Re “ What Students Read Before They Protest ,” by Ross Douthat (column, April 28):

Historians in the future are unlikely to attribute worldwide protests against Israel’s war in Gaza to the syllabus for Columbia’s required “Contemporary Civilization” course. Yet Mr. Douthat somehow suggests that a handful of anticolonial texts read in the yearlong course are fueling widespread antisemitism.

Mr. Douthat fails to explain how students go from Gandhi’s passive resistance or Bhimrao Ambedkar’s civic liberalism to condoning Hamas’s terrorism. Nor does Mr. Douthat account for the diversity of the authors’ views (Frantz Fanon’s book “The Wretched of the Earth,” which has been on the syllabus since the ’60s, is followed by Hannah Arendt’s powerful rebuttal, “On Violence”).

Even a course as expansive as “Contemporary Civilization” cannot cover everything. But this hardly justifies Mr. Douthat’s claim that the syllabus is narrowing students’ understanding of the issues of our time. “Contemporary Civilization” requires that students think critically about a wide range of ideological commitments, including classical liberalism, civic republicanism and Judeo-Christian-Islamic thought.

Before Mr. Douthat, the most vocal critics of “Contemporary Civilization” were those students who called on us to “decolonize” its syllabus — conflating the study of a text with an endorsement of its views. One can forgive a college student for not appreciating the distinction. Mr. Douthat should know better.

Larry Jackson New York The writer is associate dean of academic affairs for Columbia College and director of its Center for the Core Curriculum.

Ross Douthat suggests that U.S. students are protesting Israel’s war on Gaza but are not as concerned about other wars and crises (in Sudan , the Democratic Republic of Congo , Armenia , Myanmar , Yemen ) because university reading lists are biased. The more likely reason is that the U.S. government is funneling billions of dollars in armaments to Israel, which are being used to kill thousands of Palestinians.

Joel Andreas Baltimore The writer is a professor of sociology, director of undergraduate studies and director of the East Asian studies program at Johns Hopkins University.

Nestled among an otherwise well-reasoned and incisive argument from Ross Douthat lurks a puzzling observation: that academic syllabuses channel impulses “that anyone with eyes to see will notice all across the meritocracy, from big Ivies to liberal arts colleges to selective high schools and middle schools.” Such impulses, he suggests, may inform the mind-sets of students leading current protests at some of our nation’s college campuses.

Yet Mr. Douthat seems not to see the numerous events, teach-ins and civil debates occurring across the range of learning environments outside his cited meritocracy, where approximately three-quarters of those enrolled in higher education study.

Contrary to the curriculums Mr. Douthat bemoans, my own philosophy syllabuses at a public flagship university feature Robert Nozick as readily as Michel Foucault, Kwame Anthony Appiah as prominently as Frantz Fanon. But perhaps he does not naturally perceive students beyond the meritocracy as viable leaders of our collective future.

Mr. Douthat might consider widening the aperture on how he understands merit — and tomorrow’s leaders — should he wish to avoid being caught in the very trap he critiques: presenting one aspect of a diverse, complex landscape as the whole.

Cheryl Foster Kingston, R.I. The writer is a professor of philosophy and political science at the University of Rhode Island.

Ross Douthat writes, “Climate change looms over everything, but climate activism is expected to be merged somehow with anticolonial and antiracist action.”

If there’s such as a thing as God’s own work in 2024, it’s ending carbon pollution. Those most at risk from climate chaos are disproportionately those least responsible for causing it, including people in Africa, Pacific island nations and the Asian subcontinent.

That said, activism divorced from political reality is not only futile but also counterproductive. One hard example is reparations for climate victim nations. The moral case is overwhelming, but in a U.S. presidential campaign, it’s a loser.

William Faulkner’s line about race in America still rings true: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” But Mr. Douthat’s caution is well taken. Integrity and effective messaging are not mutually exclusive. Too often, progressive climate activists risk losing potential supporters and members of the broad-based movement we must have to succeed.

David Scott Columbus, Ohio The writer is a member and former president of the Sierra Club board.

I taught 20 semesters of “Contemporary Civilization” (or “C.C.”) at Columbia — as a graduate student, lecturer and faculty fellow. I also served on the committee that proposed some of the curricular changes that Ross Douthat criticizes.

He builds his critique of this course on a perusal of the required texts posted to Columbia’s website and an imagined propagandistic teaching style.

Hardly an exercise in brainwashing, C.C. foregrounds texts of the ancient and early modern world that make it impossible to, as Mr. Douthat maintains, “simplify and flatten history” around 21st-century sloganeering.

My students would view Frantz Fanon’s arguments for anticolonial violence as a reflection of Plato’s call in “Republic” for mass infanticide in the name of Socratic “justice. ” They considered topics like “sex and gender” not by regurgitating mantras from “Gender Trouble” but by weighing the views of its author, Judith Butler, against those of John Stuart Mill, Mary Wollstonecraft and Rousseau.

Especially in my later years teaching the course, I often omitted Michel Foucault and included instead Hannah Arendt’s “Origins of Totalitarianism,” one of Mr. Douthat’s suggested additions. Many instructors still teach Freud’s “Civilization and Its Discontents” (long a required text) and Thomas Kuhn as critiques of modern technological progress. Some spend a day on Marilynne Robinson .

Mr. Douthat would find that many of Columbia’s instructors include the very texts and topics he wants to see taught there.

Charles McNamara Minneapolis The writer is a lecturer in the department of classical and Near Eastern religions and cultures at the University of Minnesota.


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    Our article will inspire you whether you want to write an argumentative essay about fashion history or a persuasive paper about modern fashion. Here you'll find a huge list of fashion topics to discuss and write about, outlining tips, and excellent fashion essay examples. Enjoy! 🏆 Top 10 Fashion Essay Topics. Fashion as a form of self ...

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    5 Top Essay Examples. 1. Why Fashion is Important by George K. "The clothes we wear has become more than merely a way to cover our nakedness; instead it has also become one of the primary ways in which people express themselves.". George K explains that fashion separates individuals from the rest.

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    In this free directory of Fashion Argumentative Essay examples, you are given a fascinating opportunity to discover meaningful topics, content structuring techniques, text flow, formatting styles, and other academically acclaimed writing practices. Using them while composing your own Fashion Argumentative Essay will definitely allow you to ...

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    Conclusion on Is Fashion Important Argumentative Essay. Fashion is a very important part of a person's life. It can impact their mood and self-esteem, so it is appropriate to think about the clothes they wear. The fashion industry is always changing, but knowing what trends are in the market nowadays can be helpful.

  5. Essay: Why Fashion is Important

    Fashion is one of the most critical industries in our world today. Style has become one of the primary ways in which people express their personality and ... Essay: Why Fashion is Important. The Fashionisto / Published October 18, 2017 / Updated May 4, 2024. Pin Models backstage at Louis Vuitton's spring-summer 2016 show. Photo Credit: Louis ...

  6. The Impact Fast Fashion: [Essay Example], 2509 words

    This drastic decrease in the production of locally made clothing in the last few decades is due to a shift in the fashion industry. This shift is known as fast fashion. Fast fashion has taken an industry that once had 2 to 4 seasons to an industry that now has 52 seasons in a year. There has been an increase in the number of products made.

  7. 235 Fashion Essay Topics to Write About

    The True Cost is a documentary that shows the background of the fast-fashion world, where garment workers live in terrible conditions, facing poverty and a lack of safety. Paris as the Fashion Centre. The French were the very first people to make a successful industry out of fashion. This was in the 17th century.

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    Top 30 Fashion Argumentative Essay Topics to Write Papers About. The topics listed below will inspire you to write interesting argumentative fashion essays. They include creative, investigative, and educational topics that you can use for your own original essay. The role of technology in the fashion industry; The ethics of flesh and fur in ...

  9. 5.2: Sample Student Research Essay- Fast Fashion

    Reading: Student essay on fast fashion. The link below opens a version of the sample essay formatted in MLA 8th edition: Fast Fashion sample student research essay.pdf. Maroua Abdelghani and Ruri Tamimoto. Professor X. Advanced Reading and Writing. 22 February 2022.

  10. Fashion Changes in Society and Culture

    For instance, Picture 1 evidences the way fashion houses tried to illustrate the importance of being feminine, which was promoted by the culture of that time. Picture 1. The dress by Dior (Reilly 82). The main manifestation of the changes in fashion in this period was the creative use of existing attributes (Hudders et al. 72).

  11. Fast Fashion Essay Examples • Argumentative Essay Topics

    2 pages / 899 words. Fast-Fashion Fast-fashion is 'an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing fashions,' that skyrocketed at the start of the 21st century. This strategy combines three main ideologies: Quick response, frequent-assortment of changes, fashionable designs at affordable prices.

  12. PDF Argument Essay See It in Practice APA 7th Edition

    Commented [A7]: The author uses logos here to counter an argument made by the clothing company. By exploring the logic of an argument, authors can use that logic to support or counter a point. manufacturing, transportation, retail, and disposal, which makes accountability a real challenge. (p. 448).

  13. 104 Fast Fashion Essay Topics & Fast Fashion Research Questions

    How 40 to 50-Year-Old Irish Women Choose Fast Fashion and Why. The replication of styles and the use of synthetic materials is meant to ensure that the product is made as affordable as possible while at the same time meeting the expectations of the market. Purchase of Fast Fashion Clothing and Ethical & Personal Values.

  14. The Ethical Quandaries of Fast Fashion: an Argumentative Examination

    The 'fast fashion argumentative' debate compels a critical reevaluation of the fashion industry's practices and their implications for society and the environment. Fast fashion, with its relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of ethics, presents a profound moral dilemma. ... The Consequences Of Fast Fashion Essay. The documentary "The True ...

  15. Argumentative Essay Examples to Inspire You [+Formula]

    Argumentative essay formula & example. In the image below, you can see a recommended structure for argumentative essays. It starts with the topic sentence, which establishes the main idea of the essay. Next, this hypothesis is developed in the development stage. Then, the rebuttal, or the refutal of the main counter argument or arguments.

  16. 9.3: The Argumentative Essay

    In an academic argument, you'll have a lot more constraints you have to consider, and you'll focus much more on logic and reasoning than emotions. Figure 1. When writing an argumentative essay, students must be able to separate emotion based arguments from logic based arguments in order to appeal to an academic audience.

  17. How to Write an Argumentative Essay

    Make a claim. Provide the grounds (evidence) for the claim. Explain the warrant (how the grounds support the claim) Discuss possible rebuttals to the claim, identifying the limits of the argument and showing that you have considered alternative perspectives. The Toulmin model is a common approach in academic essays.

  18. Fashion Industry Argumentative Essays Samples For Students

    Example Of Narrative Essay Argumentative Essay. In "Fashion and Flesh: The Images We Project," the author notes the media's inundation of images of men and women, and particular emotions that are instilled regarding body types. For example, women with larger body types are vilified as unattractive, while there seems to be a direct correlation ...

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    2703 Words | 11 Pages. According to Wikipedia (Wikipedia, 25 February 2015), fashion is a trendy style or practice, particularly in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture. (Refer to appendix 2) In this study, we will mostly fashion in terms of clothing, at some points we shall look also at the different types of ...


    ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY ON IS FASHION REALLY IMPORTANT? Fashion is important as it is part of our culture and values. It is important because it allows everyone to celebrate their individuality by wearing what they love to wear and be themselves. Whatever a person wears describe others about their personality and distinguish them from others. Fashion is not only about what a person wears but it is ...

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    The argument seemed settled to Armstrong's detriment in the 1960s, when young Blacks were crafting new visions of racial pride and rendering harsh verdicts on their timeworn elders.

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    Ross Douthat suggests that U.S. students are protesting Israel's war on Gaza but are not as concerned about other wars and crises (in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Armenia, Myanmar ...