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A Simple, Fast, and Intelligent AI Homework Helper

A Simple, Fast, and Intelligent AI Homework Helper

A Simple, Fast, and Intelligent AI Homework Helper

HomeworkAI Is The Ultimate AI Homework Helper You Need

Struggling with piles of homework and tricky assignments? Let HomeworkAI help you out! Our smart AI homework helper delivers detailed, step-by-step solutions, transforming study sessions into smooth sailing.

Covering all subjects, from complex calculus to intricate biology, our homework AI is here to ease the stress and boost your grades. Say hello to effortless learning and wave goodbye to study blues with HomeworkAI!

HomeworkAI Is The Ultimate AI Homework Helper You Need

Get Instant Answers From Our Homework AI

Description: This is how to unlock comprehensive answers and master your studies with our homework AI, in a fast, accurate, and educational fashion.

Step 1

Upload Your Assignment - Simply upload images, text files, or type your question to get started.

Step 2

AI Processing - Our advanced AI homework helper will process your assignment and provide detailed, accurate solutions.

Step 3

Learn & Understand - Review the step-by-step guidance to improve your knowledge and complete your homework with confidence.

Gain Academic Advantages From HomeworkAI's Top Features

Gain Academic Advantages From HomeworkAI's Top Features

Instant Solutions

Quick, clear-cut answers are just a click away with an instant AI homework helper—skip the headache and let our homework AI do the heavy lifting for you.

Maximum Accuracy

Count on Homework AI for spot-on answers. Our advanced AI algorithm digs deep into a vast knowledge base to ensure you get the most accurate solutions every time.

Around-the-Clock Help

Day or night, our homework AI is at your beck and call, ready to dismantle any academic obstacle you encounter, so learning never has to pause for a break.

Around-the-Clock Help

Comprehensive Support

Whatever the subject, our intelligent AI homework helper has you covered. Get expert help from algebra equations to zoological classifications with ease.

Easy to Use

Enjoy a super user-friendly platform with our homework AI, tailored to empower students and academic professionals at every level to navigate through assignments with confidence.

Our Homework AI Can Help You With All Subjects !

Turn to HomeworkAI for tailored homework and assignment assistance in every subject of your choice.


Solve complex equations and tackle calculus challenges with our AI-powered homework helper that turns numbers into knowledge.

From cellular structures to ecosystem dynamics, easily manage your biology assignments with clear, detailed explanations.

Balance chemical equations and understand reaction mechanisms with a quick online problem solver that simplifies the periodic table.

Analyze literary themes and decipher figurative language with insights that breathe new life into classic texts.

Connect historical dots with ease, as HomeworkAI helps you interpret events and understand their lasting impacts.

Discover Success Stories with Our Homework AI

Ever since using HomeworkAI for my math homework, studying has been way less stressful, and I can say that I'm enjoying math now. My grades are up and I actually get the hang of algebra now!

- Priya K., University Sophomore

I was dreading chemistry all semester, but HomeworkAI totally turned that around. I'm now breaking down reactions and acing quizzes with confidence. The step-by-step solutions it provides are a lifesaver for someone like me! Totally recommended. 

- Marcus D., High School Junior

HomeworkAI made sense of all those crazy bio terms I could never remember. HomeworkAI’s explanations have made it manageable. My test scores are also much better, and I'm not a bundle of nerves anymore!

- Lina J., College Freshman

No more panicking over biology assignments with this AI homework helper!! Nailed my biology midterm, all thanks to HomeworkAI! It's like having a tutor in my pocket, ready to help with homework anytime, day or night.

- Carlos M., High School Senior

Why HomeworkAI Is Your Go-To AI Homework Helper

Why HomeworkAI Is Your Go-To AI Homework Helper ?

What types of files can i upload to homeworkai.

HomeworkAI supports a variety of file formats, including text files such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, and image files like JPEG and PNG. This allows you to easily upload assignments, worksheets, and questions in the format that best suits your needs.

Is HomeworkAI suitable for all educational levels?

Yes, HomeworkAI is tailored for students and educational professionals of all levels—from middle schoolers to university undergrads—providing support and solutions customized to each educational stage.

Can HoweworkAI process practice questions from textbook material?

Yes. Simply upload the textbook material with practice questions, and our homework AI will analyze them to provide detailed solutions and explanations, just as it would with any other homework assignment or study query.

Does getting help from HomeworkAI considered cheating?

HomeworkAI is an AI question answerer designed to aid your learning process, much like a traditional tutor. Thus, utilizing HomeworkAI may not be considered cheating, as long as it aligns with your institution's guidelines for using external help.

Can I use HomeworkAI to prepare for my exam?

Absolutely, HomeworkAI can be an effective tool for exam preparation. It offers practice questions, solutions, and thorough explanations to help reinforce your understanding of the subject matter, giving you an extra edge in your study routine.

How does HomeworkAI handle problems with multiple solution methods?

HomeworkAI does have the ability to handle problems with multiple solution methods. It can provide a primary solution and, where applicable, may offer alternative approaches or explanations to give you a well-rounded understanding of the problem at hand.


Get Your Hands on The Best AI Homework Helper Right Now !

HomeworkAI doesn't just deliver answers—it teaches problem-solving, becoming your ultimate homework companion.


Need Help with Your Homework ?

Your AI copilot for study

Question Answering & Homework Helper

Go with QuestionAI App, AI Powered Question Answering helper & Summarizer, instantly resolve all kinds of problems, summarize all kinds of texts and help to answer your questions with concise solution. Choice of more than 10 million users. A marvelous homework finisher!

Why Use Question AI Tool?

Our Question AI has unique features and all free, also known as Homework AI.

Snapping & Problem Solving

Just take a picture of your math problems and then get the answers quickly! Wonderful Homework AI copilot.

24-hour AI copilot

24 hours online answer questions and provide u with professional and concise solutions! Question AI is your good AI copilot.

Respond to your needs promptly and quickly. You can also discuss a pdf file or pdf files with your darling Question AI.

No Fear textbooks. Show you authoritative textbook solutions in all subjects with a clear and understandable way.

1. Can Question AI handle complex or technical language?

Yes, it can. The AI has been trained on a big dataset, so technical or complex data won’t be a problem. Question AI can handle any academic or technical langauge.

2. Can Question AI be used on mobile devices, or is it only available on desktop?

Question AI is accessible on both desktop and mobile. Question AI supports Windows and Mac systems as well as IOS and Android.

3. How fast Question AI generate an answer?

Within seconds. Never doubt Question AI's speed.

4. How many questions can Question AI tool handle at once?

There’s no limit. Question AI can handle several questions at the same time.

5. Can Question AI make several versions of the Same text, each with a different level of detail?

Question AI can give you a longer or shorter text, depending on your wishes.

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AI-Powered Assistance for Essays &   Homework

Effortlessly ace your assignments and essays with Homework Hero, your 24/7 AI-powered academic companion.

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Get Homework Answers Instantly

Ai-driven homework help.

Stuck on a tough homework question? Our AI-powered tool delivers instant, accurate answers. Say goodbye to late-night Google searches and hello to stress-free study sessions.

Understand Complex Questions

Our AI understands even the most complex questions, providing you with accurate answers and helping you learn more effectively.

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Submit your best work with our real-time grammar and style checker. Write confidently, knowing you're avoiding common errors.

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Customized Homework Assistance

Help 24/7, whenever you need it.

Whether it's 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., get homework help whenever you need it. With round-the-clock assistance, we're always here for you.

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Everyone learns differently. That's why we create a customized learning path just for you, helping you understand complex concepts and improve your grades.

Support from Expert Tutors

Don't understand a concept? Get support from expert tutors whenever you need it, and ace your homework with ease.

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Maria Rodriguez

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Get rid of your anxiety over your study. Learn with no stress and watch your grades soar with our AI tutor and AI homework helper!

Powered by our state-of-the-art tutor AI, GeniusTutor offers all-around support for your study and homework. You'll not only get answers to your problems, but also tailored, in-depth guides to clear your path to your academic success.


Multitalented Tutor & Homework AI

Driven by the latest GPT language models with the fine-tuning by our experts, GeniusTutor offers accurate AI homework help across the academic spectrum, from STEM to the humanities.

The subjects GeniusTutor's tutor AI can offer support for includes:

Foreign Languages

AI Homework Helper That Dives Deep

AI Homework Helper That Dives Deep

Understanding the 'why' and 'how' behind every problem is crucial for true learning. That's what we've designed our AI homework helper to offer.

Contextual Analysis

GeniusTutor's tutor AI algorithms understands the context of each question. This allows it to generate explanations that are relevant and tailored to the specific problem at hand.

Step-by-Step Breakdown

For each problem, our homework AI provides a step-by-step breakdown. Each step is clearly explained, showing you the exact process from the question to the solution.

Key Formulas and Theorems

Any pertinent formulas, theorems, or rules are highlighted and explained within the context of the problem, ensuring you know when and how to use them.

Tailorable Tutor AI for Everyone

As a versatile AI tutor, GeniusTutor can adapt to the learning requirements of all students.

High School Students

High School Students

Our AI tutor offers personalized learning assistance and in-depth explanations for high school students, helping them grasp complex concepts and excel in their studies.

College Students

College Students

College studies can be demanding. Our AI tutor offers advanced guidance for college students to help them relieve the pressure and reach their academic goal.

Lifelong Learners

Lifelong Learners

We know learning doesn't stop after formal education. That's why we've designed GeniusTutor to also cater to lifelong learners and offer study guidance on a wide range of subjects.

Interactive, Easy to Use AI Homework Solver

GeniusTutor is here to help you around the clock, offering you a quick and interactive process to learn and understand.

Ask Your Question

Ask Your Question

Type in your homework question or upload a photo/document of that problem.

AI Analysis

AI Analysis

Our AI tutor instantly analyzes the question using our smart natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

Receive Solution

Receive Solution

Get a comprehensible, step-by-step solution with well-explained important concepts and formulas for better understanding.

What makes GeniusTutor different from other AI homework helpers?

GeniusTutor sets itself apart with its sophisticated homework AI that not only solves homework problems but also explains the process in detail and relevant concepts and theorems, aimed to deepen your understanding.

Is GeniusTutor's AI homework solver free?

GeniusTutor is free to try, and our paid plans are budget-friendly with no hidden costs. Our commitment is to provide accessible educational support to everyone.

How can your tutor AI provide such detailed explanations?

Our AI homework solver uses sophisticated AI that understands the context of your questions, breaks down solutions into manageable steps, and provides comprehensive and clear explanations for the answers.

Can this AI homework solver help me prepare for exams?

Yes, with its detailed explanations and interactive tool tutor AI, GeniusTutor is an excellent choice for exam preparation. You can also use it to help you understand your textbooks or complete your homework.

Turn Your Academic Dreams Into Reality

Use GeniusTutor today and start your path to becoming a genius in your studies!

smart solve

Loved by 10,000+ students

Instant Answers, Any Subject

Instant Answers for Any subject

Instant Accurate Answers

From homework help to exam prep, SmartSolve is the perfect study assistant! With a 98.97% accuracy rate, confidently get answers to questions in any subject, including math, science, history, and more.

What was the last currency to be used in the US before the Dollar?

  • 1. Sol and Double Sol
  • 2. Continental currency
  • 3. British Shinplaster

After the American Revolutionary War began in 1775, the Continental Congress began issuing paper money known as Continental currency, or Continentals.

Powered By AI

SmartSolve utilizes next generation AI backed by industry leaders to ensure every answer provided is as detailed and accurate as possible!

Completely Undetectable

Customer privacy is our #1 concern. With various proprietary techniques embedded into SmartSolve, usage when browsing any website is completely hidden!

SmartSolve can be used in three different ways to ensure universal support across all websites and questions.

Direct Integration

Click a button and instantly get the answer on various learning platforms such as: Blackboard, Canvas, Cengage and McGraw Hill.

Simply highlight and solve any question found online.

Take a picture of any complex or image problem and let SmartSolve handle the rest.

Loved by Students and Teachers

SmartSolve has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and is embraced and cherished by both teachers and students across the world.

Seaweed Background - Second Section

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ai homework solver free

AI-Powered Homework Helper for Students

Our homework solver in action.


Online Homework Help for Everyone works with the brightest minds of our future ─ the students. Their academic life can be pretty tough, and we see our mission in enlightening their life by simplifying their routine tasks. That is why we designed a tool that quickly helps with homework effortlessly. Moreover, you get unlimited use of a wide variety of subjects and academic levels free of charge! It is all created for students who look for reliable solutions to their homework tasks, which cannot always be easy to search on the web. It is also helpful for tutors looking for fast assistance with questions in class, study sessions, or quizzes.

Choose AI Assistant That Stands Out

We are proud to help the best students who use the easiest methods to address their academic needs. Our team works daily on its features to provide top services to its users. Here are some outstanding features:

Why Our AI Homework Helper Excels?

We provide impeccable services to improve your grades, help you retain more valuable information, and enhance the overall learning experience. Here is a detailed list of our benefits:

  • Unlimited use: we have no limits or restrictions on the number of tries and questions.
  • No signup: no additional registration is required.
  • Free of charge: we give help with homework online at no cost, unlike similar services.
  • Variety of subjects: you can access up to 90 subjects, e.g., History, Astronomy, etc.
  • Fast generation: our AI machine creates credible answers in 10 seconds.
  • Wide library: we trained our AI tool on multiple academic resources for the best results.
  • Extra tips: we add solutions/steps to follow for complex subjects like Math or Chemistry.
  • Saved health: we take off irrelevant stress from your life fully automated AI tool.

Collaborate with AI that does homework in 10 seconds and finally enjoy your academic life!

Powerful AI Assistance With Multiple Subjects

Algebra, Accounting, Biology, and more. Be sure to find assistance with a plethora of subjects to solve your homework tasks. Here are some examples of how artificial intelligence helps you find answers:

  • English help: AI relies on accessible English grammar, etymology, or stylistics to write, check, or analyze texts.
  • Science answers: AI learns from the past and builds experiential knowledge by observing data to produce scientific replies.
  • Math solutions: AI combines observational data with pre-programmed information to perform complex calculation tasks.

Keeping Your AI Requests Secure and Confidential

Total security of your data is the utmost priority to us. First, our tool operates without necessary registration, so we do not extract any personal information. Second, we do not charge for our services so no card details are required too. We also guarantee that your details are safeguarded using the latest encryption technology. Make sure that you work with the homework helper under complete confidentiality!

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Take a picture of any homework problem, and get the answer right away.

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Upload a screenshot and solve any math, physics, or accounting problem instantly with MathGPT!

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Your AI Homework Helper Gauth it, Ace it!

The only ai companion you need to succeed.

Unleash the power of Gauth AI to conquer all STEM questions


Solve all STEM problems using our industry-leading algorithms and AI technology.

Tutor service, thousands of real experts are available 24/7. get your solution in minutes., solves the top 5% most difficult problems, solutions within as little as 10 minutes..

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Embrace the AI revolution with Gauth Join our global community

We strive to deliver the best to students worldwide

ai homework solver free

When faced with complex derivatives that I can't type, I just open Gauth, take a picture, and their experts, backed by the powerful Gauth AI, are always ready to help.

Sep 03, 2022

ai homework solver free

I was amazed when Gauth, with its robust AI and dedicated experts, solved my challenging SAT problems within just 3 minutes, even at midnight! It's unparalleled in the world of homework helping apps!

Nov 15, 2022

ai homework solver free

As I strive to get into USF's nursing program from my Community College, Gauth, with its live experts and Gauth AI, has been a significant help in my final exam!

Jul 05, 2021

ai homework solver free

I aced my final exam, thanks to Gauth PLUS's unlimited solutions and professional experts, and earned those AirPods—it made my day!

May 17, 2022

With Gauth PLUS, I instantly received 12 tickets, making question-asking more affordable and the quality of answers incredibly improved!

May 07, 2023

Gauth PLUS's experts are top-notch. They eased my struggles with calculations in Roblox coding—plus, it's ad-free!

Oct 23, 2021

ai homework solver free

AI Homework Help by TutorEva

Free ai homework solver, need help with your homework join millions of college students and get tutoreva - your top ai tutor..

AI Homework Helper

Upload PDF or Images here to solve

From homework help to exam prep ,

Eva’s got you all covered, essay writer, ai coursemate.

AI Problem Solver

AI Problem Solver

The latest cutting-edge ai technology:, powered by gpt4, more than just gpt4.

assignment helper online

Animated and interactive AI tutoring

- your personal expert assignment helper.

homework help website

Instant solutions for all subjects

Answers & step-by-step solutions, chat with eva to get 24/7 support, ace college writing with essay writer.

math ai solver

Top AI study buddy for course studies - AI CourseMate

tutor helper

Struggling with a homework document?

Upload it to doclearn.

textbook homework solver

Got a pile of textbook homework?

Find quick solutions here.

TutorEva extension

Having trouble with online study?

Try tutoreva extension now.

Expert Help

Expert Homework Help Available 24/7


Instant, Expert Homework Help

Reach academic excellence with our AI homework solver

  • 100K+ active users
  • 10M+ questions solved

Our AI Features For Your Assignments.

Get instant answers.

With just a click of a button, our homework solver will provide you with the answers to any question. It can provide you guidance on any website, even those without specialized support.

Additionally, it is fully integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as McGraw Hill Connect, Blackboard, Canvas, Smartbook, Moodle, and many others.

Include graphs and image based questions

With a simple screenshot, you can capture any visual challenge — be it a detailed graph or a complex image.

Our advanced AI automatically detects the type of visual content, analyzing it to provide you with the most accurate answer.

Get step by step answer explanations

Get detailed, step-by-step guidance for each question, boosting your understanding and academic results. Whenever you're stuck, our AI steps in to clarify concepts and expand your expertise.

The most advanced tool ever

Selects the correct answer in your LMS automatically

Prevents websites from detecting our AI quiz solver

Camouflage Mode

Invisible, discreet exam chrome extension that goes unnoticed.

100% encrypted

Start Boosting Your GPA Now

What students say.

ai homework solver free

Zebby Baker University of Miami

Was kinda doubtful at first, but no joke, college tools is the real deal—no plagiarism worries at all. It's ace for nailing assignments without sweating about cheating. Feels good to keep it honest

ai homework solver free

Jessica Mutepa Harvard University

explanation feature is very useful to break down complex questions into simpler terms

ai homework solver free

Sebastian Breynart Yale University

Downloaded it right before my midterm and it works great...

ai homework solver free

Gabriel Mitchell University of California, Los Angeles

the screenshot feature is making passing chem 1411h possible

ai homework solver free

Hunter Munson University of Michigan

As someone who's back to studying as an adult, college tools is a godsend. Fits right into my crazy schedule and lets me study smart—not hard. Quality of my learning hasn't dropped a bit

ai homework solver free

Kimmy Jeremy New York University

helps with more than just homework, legit

ai homework solver free

Emiliano Cook University of Pennsylvania

This chrome extension is a time saver for Khan Academy assignments

Satisfied customers.

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93% students increase grades

Chrome Reviews 300+

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  • Works on graph & image based questions
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Follow these simple steps and you'll find the correct answers to your homework in no time.

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ai homework solver free

Protect your identity while using our accurate quiz solutions with AI.

College Tools prevents websites from detecting our extension.

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Does it work on any learning platform or website, can my school detect i'm using the extension, is it more accurate than chatgpt, can i promote college tools, how do we ensure your data's safety, ready to fast-track your homework.

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AI Math Problem Solver

Instant step by step answers to your math homework problems. Improve your math grades today with unlimited math solutions. Try for Free 👉

AI Math Calculator Reviews

Top organizations trust our math lessons and content

Oxford University

5 Million Students Helped Each Year

Interactive Mathematics helps over 5 Million students each year, who use our free lessons to help get ahead in math. We've taken that expertise and paired it with AI to provide a free to try AI math problem solver and math tutoring chat platform.

Math Problems, meet Math Solutions.

We've combined a powerful mathematical computational engine with large language model artificial intelligence to create a state of the art math problem solver and AI math calculator. More accurate than ChatGPT, more powerful than a math calculator, and faster than a math tutor! Whether it's a tough word problem, algebra equation or advanced calculus, our AI math problem solver and calculator can solve it.

Math Word Problem Solver

Math Word Problem Solver

Math calculators and online math solver apps aren't built to handle math word problems. We've fixed that! Our solver can interpret math word problems and determine what mathematical operations needs to be used to solve the problem.

Easily snap a picture from your phone or upload a screenshot from your computer or copy/paste into the solver to get your step by step math solution.

Snap a pic of your math problem

Fast Solutions

Our proprietary AI model can answer math questions 10x faster than a human tutor and beats most other large language models on speed and solution accuracy!

Step-by-Step Solutions

Stuck on a hard math homework problem? Upload a picture of your math problem or enter it and immediately get a step-by-step solution to your math problems.

Step-by-Step Math Solutions

Get Math Help, 24/7

Studying for a big math test or quiz? Stuck on a difficult math homework problem in the middle of the night? Sign up and stop stressing and start improving your math grades!

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Do you want better math grades? Do you want to stop stressing over hard math problems? Stop waiting, sign up now and in addition to our AI Math Problem Solver, we'll include free and exclusive discounts on courses, textbooks, and academic services valued at $1085.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the math solver help me improve my grades (yes).

Now, we can't guarantee you'll get better grades, since the AI Math Solver is only half of the success equation, but the majority of students who use the application report full letter grade improvements in their grades. Most see improvements in their homework grades immediately.

How long does it take to get an answer to my math problem?

Our application is available 24/7 and will start working on a solutions immediately after you send it. The time it takes to solve each problem is dependant on the complexity of the problem. The application will post a step by step solution.

Can I really ask unlimited questions?

How is this app different from your tutoring service.

The AI Math Solver is FREE to try and powered by our proprietary mathematical computation engine and AI while our Tutoring service enables students to chat with professional (human) math tutors.

Can it answer Physics questions?

Yes, the AI has been trainined on physics concepts and problems. However if it can't answer a question, then we recommend subscribing to our Tutoring service to connect with a physics tutor.

Will it work on my phone?

Yes, the application is optimized for mobile and tablet, no need to download another app onto your phone. An internet connection is required.

Can I submit a picture of my math problem?

Yes, simply tap or click the carmera icon next to the Solve button in the application then select the image or if you're on your phone open your camera to immediately take a picture of your math problem.

The application can interpret most handwritten or typed math problems.

Is it free to use?

Yes, it's free to try! You can ask 3 questions for free before reaching the free question limit.

Which math subjects are covered?

The AI LLM has been trained on a large array of mathematical subjects including, but not limited to Basic Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Physics and much more.

Can it Solve Basic Math Problems?

Yep! The AI LLM has been trained on a large array of mathematical subjects including, but not limited to Basic Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Physics and much more.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription very easily in several ways.

1) Login, go to the Manage Account tab, then click the Cancel Plan button.

2) Click the cancel plan link in your sign up email.

3) If you can't find it or no longer have it, just send us an email at [email protected] and we'd be happy to assist you.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes you certainly can! You can change your subscription by accessing the Manage Account page within the application or using the link provided in your sign up email. If you can't find it or no longer have it, just send us an email at [email protected] or ask your tutor for assistance they will be happy to assist.

How much does it cost?

You can view the price of our subscription packages here . We're also providing freebies and exclusive deals from our large network of high quality partners. We obsess over the details to ensure you get 10x more value than the price tag!

Can it Solve Calculus Math Problems?

Can it solve geometry math problems.

P.S. We're currently working to enable in app graphing to accompany solutions.

Can it solve Trigonometric Functions?

Can it solve simple equations math problems.

Yep! The AI LLM has been trained on a large array of mathematical problems and subjects including, but not limited to Basic Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Physics and much more.

Can it solve any math problems and equations?

How do i get math solutions.

Simply upload an image of your math problem or enter it and click Solve. Our AI math problem solving calculator will provide a step by step solution to the problem with the answer.

Can it solve word problems?

Yes! Our AI math word problem solver will provide a step by step solution and answer to any word problem.

How do you find the answers to math word problems?

Step by step solutions and answers to any word problem or equations can be found in the chat window indicated in blue text bubbles.

Omni scient

Omni is the most accurate AI homework solver on the market!

See Omni in Action


How to use Smodin Omni

1. type your homework question into the search box.

Make your question as precise as possible. The more clearly worded your question is, the more likely Smodin Omni will be able to find the answer to your question.

2. Search for Answers

Click the search button. Smodin Omni will search our large question-and-answer database as well as the internet for the solution to your question. This typically takes around 10 seconds. We will find relevant internet content, helpful images, and useful explanations.

3. Look for your answer

Majority of common questions are easy to answer, and you will see your answer appear in the answer list. However, more unique questions may not have sufficient answers in our database or on the web.

4. Ask Smodin Omni your Question

Smodin Omni uses various machine learning models to determine the answer to your question. The more questions you ask it, the smarter the Omni becomes. Currently, Smodin Omni can answer a limited amount of question types, but it is growing its understanding of topics daily.

5. Share your answer with your classmates

You love it when your friends help you with your homework, so why not help them with their homework? Share your answers from Smodin Omni to help your classmates with their homework!

Other Homework Solving Tools

How does smodin omni work.

Smodin Omni first searches for your homework question across the we and our large database of questions to see if your question has been answered. If your question is still not answered, Smodin Omni will attempt to answer your question using large machine learning models that understand various school subjects in depth.

Who is Smodin Omni for?

Smodin Omni is designed for students that want instantaneous answers to homework problems. It is designed for students who want to see related information on problems to their homework they cannot easily get from searching on the web. Smodin Omni is also designed to be a replacement for most tutor related needs. Smodin Omni can easily answer questions while you"re in class, in a study session, or any where else you need fast answers to homework questions. Smodin Omni was specifically designed for languages that don't have as many resources available on the web. It can help popular languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, German, French, Norwegian, and many other languages. Smodin is on a mission to provide useful tools to every language, and Smodin Omni is part of that mission.

Smodin Omni improves your grades

A student's grades are one of the most important factors that determine his or her future opportunities. Having higher grades in school can help a student get into a good university, thus getting a better job after graduation. Trying to get better grades can be very hard at times, especially when the workload is too heavy and there is not enough time to study properly. The main problem of many students is that they lack time for studying due to their other priorities. Studying for hours on end is pointless if you don't understand the material. Students need to be able to absorb information quickly and easily so that they can focus on other aspects of school life. A student homework answer generator can help students learn different subjects more efficiently, which will lead to improved grades across all subjects. Students can use AI learning assistants during their free time while commuting or during breaks at school. These programs make it possible to learn new concepts even when there isn't a lot of time available. In addition, the use of an AI assistant makes it possible for students to learn without having to spend money on additional tutoring or educational courses.

An Answer Generator Enhances the Learning Experience

Tools like our AI student answer generator can help students review material more effectively and efficiently. They can also provide students with automatic feedback and suggestions that they should incorporate into their work or study practices. When used correctly, these tools are invaluable in helping students improve their learning curves and produce better quality work. Students can use them as self-help tools to complete projects on their own.

Smodin Omni Helps You Retain More Information

While the Internet is a great source of information, students often have limited time to retain information. As a result, they need to review their notes and textbooks repeatedly. An answer generator makes it easy to save time finding the right answer. Smodin Omni helps students retain information by offering answers to questions instantaneously leading to greater subject matter retention.

Student Answer Generators Provide an Equal Education Opportunity

The students who have the most trouble with their studies are those in rural and inner-city schools, as well as those in underprivileged neighborhoods. All these students are often at a disadvantage because they lack the resources for individual tutoring time or time with their professors. With Smodin Omni, an artificial intelligence answer generator, students of all backgrounds can spend time understanding their curriculum by receiving answers to all their questions instantly. This can help students reach his or her full potential and succeed in school.

Type Your Questions into Smodin Omni Today

Use our AI answer generator to receive the answers to all your questions. Our service is constantly improving with each inputted question. Continuing to use our service will only make it better. And a better Omni means better answers, improved grades, and a better student life.

Available Subjects

earth science

environmental science

organic chemistry

Answer homework questions in any of the following languages

© 2024 Smodin LLC

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The Must-Have Math AI & Calculator for Students

Don't stress over math for another minute. Instantly get step-by-step solutions to all types of math problems. Try our math solver for free.


Instantly Solve Math Problems with Our Math AI Tool

Stop searching for math answers in the back of the textbook. Mathful's math solver shows you how to get there yourself. Type or upload a photo of any math question, and we will provide the full working out, so you can learn as you go.

Instantly Solve Math Problems with Our Math AI Tool

Cutting-Edge Photo Math Solver that Outshines ChatGPT

Our photo math solver can instantly scan image uploads of math problems to provide step-by-step solutions with unmatched accuracy and precision, making it a far more powerful alternative to conversational AI tools like ChatGPT.

Key Features of Our Powerful Math AI Solver

98% Accurate

98% Accurate

Our AI math solver provides step-by-step math answers with an unparalleled level of precision, ensuring accurate solutions for your math problems.

0 Cost

Forget about expensive math tutors our AI math solver helps you or your children solve math problems for free in one click. Save money while getting accurate solutions.

10+ Math Branches Covered

10+ Math Branches Covered

Our AI math problem solver helps you effortlessly handle questions in various mathematical subjects, including algebra, calculus, geometry, and more.

24/7 Solutions

24/7 Solutions

Get detailed, step-by-step mathematical explanations 24/7 from our AI math problem solver. Master math effortlessly online.

Quick & Precise Math Calculator With Steps

Using advanced AI algorithms, our step-by-step math calculator can process complex math problems to generate accurate and detailed solutions in seconds. They include:

  • Basic arithmetic operations
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Linear and quadratic equations
  • Derivatives and integrals
  • Matrix operations
  • And so much more!

Math Topics Covered by Our AI Math Problem Solver

3 Simple Steps to Use Our Math Solver & Calculator

Have trouble with a math problem or just want to check your work? Our math AI is ready to help. Here's how:

Input Your Math Problem

Input Your Math Problem

Type the math problem into the input box or upload an image of the math problem. Alternatively, input the problem into our math calculator.

Let Mathful Formulate a Solution

Let Mathful Formulate a Solution

Our math AI or math calculator will work to generate a detailed, accurate solution to your math problem.

Get Math Answer Instantly

Get Math Answer Instantly

Nearly instantly you'll receive the step-by-step answer to your math problem so you can actually learn.

Can a math AI help me improve my math grades in school?

Certainly! A math solver like Mathful can significantly boost your math grade by offering round-the-clock access to step-by-step solutions across a wide array of math topics, from algebra to calculus.

Does this math AI tool cover all types of math?

Yes, Mathful is capable of tackling any type of math question, from arithmetic and geometry to algebra and number theory.

How long does it take for the math AI solver to get an answer to my math question?

Once you submit your math problem, Mathful will quickly formulate the correct answer and generate a solution almost instantly.

Can I try the Mathful AI math solver for free?

Yes, the Mathful AI math problem solver is free to try. Cost-friendly subscriptions are available to ask even more math questions.

Is the math solver and math calculator accurate?

Yes, the math solver and step-by-step math calculator provided by Mathful are designed to deliver highly accurate results. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, these tools process and solve a vast range of math problems with precision.

Is the math AI and math calculator safe to use?

Yes, our math solver and step-by-step math calculator use encrypted transmissions, and your personal information is never stored or shared. It was created with your privacy and safety in mind.

Why should I use a photo math solver?

By using a photo math solver, you can simply take a photo of a math problem. No more need to type out complex equations or search for similar examples online. It's an instant way to begin tackling your math homework or study questions.

What problems can I solve with a math calculator?

With a math calculator from Mathful, you can solve a broad spectrum of mathematical problems across various domains, including basic arithmetic operations, algebraic equations, and geometry calculations to more complex calculus derivatives and integrals.

Solve Math Problems Essily with Our Math Solver & Math Calculator

Solve Math Problems Easily with Our Math Solver & Math Calculator

Get instant, accurate answers to your math problems and boost your math grade. Try our AI math problem solver and math calculator with steps for free today.

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Top 10 Homework AI Tools to Get Answers and Study Help Fast

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your assignments, an AI homework solver can help. AI homework tools are designed to make your learning experience easier and more efficient by providing step-by-step solutions that help students understand the process. Using the latest in AI technology, these intelligent homework helpers provide in-depth answers and explanations to a wide variety of homework questions in seconds. From basic math and arithmetic to calculus and trigonometry, AI homework tools can help you master any topic. By utilizing AI-powered learning, students can reduce stress, save time, and gain a deeper understanding of their coursework. Let’s uncover some of the best AI homework help tools on the web.

1. HIX Tutor – Best Homework AI Tool for Better Grades


HIX Tutor is an advanced homework AI for students to use the power of machine learning and advanced AI algorithms to solve their homework problems and get study help. The AI tutor covers many subjects, from math and physics to literature and foreign languages.

Whether you’re a high school or college student, you can benefit from HIX Tutor. This versatile AI homework helper seamlessly adjusts the complexity of its answers and explanations to match the homework topic and grade level of the student.

Learners can get started with HIX Tutor’s AI homework helper for free. However, they need to upgrade to gain access to the tool’s full features and capabilities.

  • Can clearly explain concepts in textbooks. 
  • Helps students prepare for exams.
  • Creates a personalized learning experience. 
  • May take a while to learn how to use it if your requirements are complex. 
  • Requires an upgraded plan for full access to features. 

Save time and headaches and solve difficult homework problems with HIX Tutor!  

2. GeniusTutor – Best Homework AI Tool for Instant Learning


GeniusTutor can serve as your personal AI tutor by providing instant assistance, guidance, and feedback. The tool is easy to navigate and available 24/7, allowing students to complete assignments at their own pace.T he revolutionary AI homework help tool is trained on a large database of information, ensuring that students can get the most accurate answers and explanations possible.

It also adapts to each user’s unique learning requirements and delivers personalized feedback based on their specific needs. GeniusTutor offers a free trial to determine if the tool is right for you. If it is, you can upgrade to a paid subscription to continue using the AI homework helper without interruption.

  • Enables students to verify their homework answers. 
  • Can improve math skills and comprehension. 
  • Students can try the tool for free, no credit card is required. 
  • The free trial has some limitations
  • Cannot replace a classroom environment. 

3. HomeworkAI – Best Homework AI Tool for Multiple Input Options


HomeworkAI is a powerful tool to help students gain an advantage in their study. The fast and intelligent homework AI delivers instant solutions to even the most complex homework questions. It is also easy to use and supports several file formats, such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, and file images. Simply upload your assignment and HomeworkAI instantly gets to work to formulate a reliable solution.

HomeworkAI is suitable for students and educators at all levels, ranging from middle school to university. The AI homework tool also covers most subjects, such as mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, and more.

  • Can help students study for exams.
  • Accurate solutions can increase academic performance. 
  • Strengthens problem-solving skills. 
  • Cannot read very large uploads.
  • Does not currently offer an app.

4. Question AI – Best Homework AI Tool for Ease of Use


If you want to improve your homework skills, an AI homework help tool like Question AI is an effective option. Question AI has a 98% accuracy rate to ensure that students learn with confidence.  You can use Question AI’s versatile platform to get in-depth solutions to challenging homework problems or prepare for exams.

This AI homework tool also offers flexible input options to make asking homework questions easy. Just type in your query or upload an image or document to get started. Try Question AI at no cost. If you’d like to integrate the sophisticated AI homework helper into your homework routine, consider upgrading to a paid subscription.

  • Highly accurate homework helper 
  • Offers multilingual support in over 100 languages
  • The interface is easy to navigate. 
  • Customization is limited.
  • Does not currently offer a mobile app.

5. ExamUp – Best Homework AI Tool Overall


ExamUp is a leading AI homework tool that helps students reach academic achievement at all grade levels. Simply snap a photo of your homework and the tool will rapidly generate the correct answer. With this innovative AI homework helper, students can improve their comprehension, grasp challenging homework concepts, and improve their time management when completing assignments.

ExamUp is recommended for students and learners who face difficulties with certain homework topics and want to improve their grades in school. It also caters to learners across the globe by supporting over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and more.

ExamUp offers a free plan that allows students to ask homework questions at no cost, 24/7.

  • Has a 99% accuracy rate. 
  • Delivers in-depth, step-by-step solutions. 
  • Covers many subjects, such as math, physics, biology, and more. 
  • Advanced features require a subscription. 
  • Free plan is limited.

6. AI Math – Best Homework AI Tool for Mastering Math


Math is one of the toughest homework subjects to master. Fortunately, AI Math makes it easy to learn a wide range of mathematical concepts. Boasting an accuracy rate of 99%, this powerful AI math tool covers many subjects, such as arithmetic, calculus, and trigonometry. It can also solve math word problems and reinforce your understanding of the key math concepts.

Like other homework AI mentioned above, AI Math offers a free trial at no cost. But for continued homework help in math, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

  • Offers native-level comprehension of 30+ languages.
  • Generates math solutions in less than 10 seconds. 
  • Creates transparency in the problem-solving process. 
  • Only offer math study help.

7. SmartSolve – Best Homework AI Tool for Smart Web Learning


SmartSolve is the ultimate study assistant. The AI homework helper has a 98.97% accuracy rate and covers a full range of subjects, such as history, science, math, and more. This ChatGPT homework AI alternative provides three ways to gain universal support when asking homework questions. Students can directly integrate the tool into learning platforms like Canvas or McGraw Hill. They can also highlight homework questions found online or take a picture of the problems, and get instant solutions from SmartSolve.

SmartSolve offers a 4-day free trial, followed by a paid subscription. Pay $9.99/month for unlimited question-solving and access to SmartSolve’s Chrome extension. Or save 20% with a 6-month subscription for $7.99/month.

  • A SmartSolve Chrome extension is available. 
  • Online browsing is kept private. 
  • Finish homework assignments up to four times faster.
  • Requires students to sign up to try the tool. 
  • Some users may find a monthly paid subscription too costly.

8. OddityAI – Best Homework AI Tool for Greater Comprehension


From physics and chemistry to biology and literature, OddityAI provides a range of homework solutions. Get help with core subjects like math or science or use the innovative AI essay writer to generate high-quality essays in your own writing style. This AI homework help tool simplifies the homework process by allowing students to quickly generate answers and step-by-step solutions to their schoolwork. Just upload an image and get answers instantly.

OddityAI offers a free trial that includes 30 free uses. Their monthly subscription plan is just $9.99/month for unlimited use. If you prefer to buy as you go, pay just $4.99 for 150 uses.

  • Helps students gain a deeper understanding of homework topics.
  • Flexible pricing options. 
  • Can help with essay writing with features like grammar and spell checks. 
  • The tool does not always provide detailed explanations. 
  • Students must sign up before they can try the tool. 

9. Smodin – Best Homework AI Tool for Detailed Homework Help


Smodin Omni uses the power of the internet to help students succeed in school. Ask your homework question and Smodin will rapidly search the internet for the correct solution and provide relevant content, explanations, images, and links to related sites. The AI homework help tool covers the most common languages and offers dedicated tools for individual subjects, such as math, physics, chemistry, and biology. It also crafts a list of useful resources, including web results and relevant YouTube videos.

Smodin offers three convenient subscription plans. The Limited Starter Plan is free, the Essentials Plan is $10/month, and the Productive Plan is $29/month.

  • The output includes both a short answer and a longer explanation. 
  • Students are provided one free credit to try the tool.
  • Answers to homework questions can be shared with friends.
  • Some unique questions may not have adequate answers in the database.

10. AI Tutors – Best Homework AI Tool for Live Tutor Support


For students who want an option to speak with a human tutor, AI Tutors is a diverse platform that connects students and tutors with 24/7 support. Students simply need to download the app or sign up on the website, post a homework question, and select a tutor. Choose to either connect with a live tutor via Zoom or receive instant feedback.

With AI Tutors, users also have access to unlimited features, such as a plagiarism checker and Google translator. You can get started with AI Tutors by creating a student account. Once you’re signed in, you can post a homework help request for a minimum of $1.

  • Offers a free chat where students and tutors can communicate. 
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices. 
  • Provides a modern UI design that is easy to use and navigate. 
  • Answers provided may include plagiarized content.
  • Anyone can sign up to be a tutor and may not be qualified. 

Final Thoughts: Use AI to Do Homework and Study More Easily

Students often struggle to keep up with homework and learn new concepts, and homework AI tools can help them with those tasks. The AI homework helpers listed above can give students access to extensive and accurate homework and study helps.  When used ethically, homework AI tools can help students develop their skills in many subjects and boost their grades in school. So integrate AI technology into your daily homework routine and see how it can make your study easier!

This is a   guest post,   created for informational purposes only, and should not be considered as professional advice. Readers are encouraged to conduct their   own research   and consult with relevant experts before making any financial or investment decisions.

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What kind of Experience do you want to share?

Top 10 ai tutor platforms: revolutionizing homework help with free ai homework solvers.

In the rapidly evolving educational landscape, AI tutors are becoming indispensable tools for students across the globe. These platforms leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide personalized learning experiences, making homework help more accessible and effective than ever before. 

This listicle explores the top 10 AI tutor platforms, highlighting their unique features and how they stand out in offering free AI homework help and solver services. From comprehensive homework AI systems to specialized AI homework helpers, these platforms are transforming how students learn and succeed academically.

ai homework solver free

Table of Contents

1. GeniusTutor: The Premier AI Homework Helper

Genius Tutor leads the pack as the most advanced and user-friendly AI tutor platform. Powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, it offers unparalleled support across a wide range of subjects, including math, physics, chemistry, biology, literature, and foreign languages. What sets GeniusTutor apart is its ability to not only provide answers but also offer detailed, step-by-step explanations and contextual analysis, ensuring students not only get solutions but understand the underlying concepts.

Features that Make GeniusTutor Stand Out:

  • Comprehensive Subject Coverage: From STEM to the humanities, GeniusTutor caters to a broad spectrum of academic fields.
  • In-depth Explanations: Every solution is accompanied by a thorough breakdown, highlighting key formulas and theorems.
  • Adaptive Learning: Tailored to meet the needs of high school students, college attendees, and lifelong learners alike.

ai homework solver free

2. AI Study Buddy: Your Personalized Learning Companion

AI Study Buddy is renowned for its personalized learning plans, which adapt to each student’s unique learning pace and style. This platform uses advanced algorithms to identify strengths and weaknesses, offering customized homework help and practice exercises.

Why AI Study Buddy is a Great Choice:

  • Personalized Learning Paths: Custom exercises and feedback help students focus on their areas for improvement.
  • Wide Range of Subjects: Offers support across various academic disciplines with an emphasis on interactive learning.

3. MathMaster AI: The Ultimate Math Homework AI

MathMaster AI specializes in offering free AI homework help for math students of all levels. Its powerful AI algorithms can solve complex mathematical problems and provide step-by-step solutions, making it an invaluable resource for students struggling with math.

Key Benefits of MathMaster AI:

  • Focused Expertise in Math: Tailored specifically for mathematics, ensuring highly accurate and relevant solutions.
  • Interactive Problem Solving: Engages students with dynamic solutions that enhance understanding.

4. ScienceSolver AI: Expert AI Homework Helper for Sciences

ScienceSolver AI is dedicated to helping students excel in the sciences. It covers physics, chemistry, and biology, offering detailed explanations and interactive simulations that bring scientific concepts to life.

What Makes ScienceSolver AI Unique:

  • Specialized Science Support: Focuses exclusively on the sciences for more targeted assistance.
  • Interactive Simulations: Helps students visualize complex scientific principles.

You can learn the importance & examples of concurrent powers with tips from this link .

5. LitHelper AI: Literature and Humanities AI Tutor

LitHelper AI is perfect for students seeking assistance in literature and the humanities. It provides insights into literary analysis, historical contexts, and critical thinking, enhancing students’ understanding and appreciation of the humanities.

LitHelper AI’s Standout Features:

  • Humanities-Focused: Offers specialized support in literature, history, and more.
  • Critical Analysis Tools: Aids in the development of analytical and critical thinking skills.

6. LanguageLearner AI: The AI Homework Solver for Languages

LanguageLearner AI supports students in learning new languages, offering practice exercises, grammar guides, and conversational practice. It uses natural language processing to provide feedback on pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

Why Choose LanguageLearner AI:

  • Comprehensive Language Learning: Covers a wide array of languages with tools tailored for language acquisition.
  • Interactive Conversational Practice: Enhances language skills through practical application.

7. CodeCraft AI: Programming Homework AI Assistant

CodeCraft AI is designed for students learning programming. It offers code analysis, debugging help, and programming project guidance, making it a go-to resource for computer science students.

Unique Aspects of CodeCraft AI:

  • Programming-Specific Assistance: Specializes in computer science and programming languages.
  • Project-Based Learning Support: Helps students with coding projects and assignments.

8. QuizMaster AI: Test Prep AI Homework Helper

QuizMaster AI focuses on exam preparation, offering practice quizzes, flashcards, and study guides. Its AI algorithms analyze performance to provide targeted practice on weak areas, making it ideal for students preparing for standardized tests.

QuizMaster AI Highlights:

  • Targeted Test Prep: Offers specialized practice for a variety of standardized tests.
  • Performance Analysis: Identifies and helps students improve on their weak points.

9. HomeworkHarbor AI: All-Around AI Homework Solver

HomeworkHarbor AI is a versatile platform that offers homework help across a broad range of subjects. Its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive support make it a favorite among students looking for quick and reliable homework assistance.

Advantages of HomeworkHarbor AI:

  • Broad Subject Coverage: Provides homework help for a wide array of academic disciplines.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Makes finding and understanding solutions straightforward and hassle-free.

10. LearnLogic AI: Cognitive Skills AI Tutor

LearnLogic AI focuses on developing cognitive skills and critical thinking. It offers puzzles, logic games, and problem-solving exercises designed to enhance mental agility and academic performance.

Why LearnLogic AI is Beneficial:

  • Cognitive Skill Development: Aims to improve memory, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Engaging Learning Materials: Uses games and puzzles to make learning fun and effective.

In conclusion, the rise of AI tutor platforms offers students innovative ways to tackle homework challenges and excel in their studies. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive homework help, specialized support in subjects like math and science, or tools to enhance language learning and cognitive skills, there’s an AI tutor out there to meet your needs. Among these top contenders, GeniusTutor stands out for its depth, breadth, and adaptability, making it a premier choice for students aiming for academic success.

' src=

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  • Artificial Intelligence 13
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  • Concept & Definition 34
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  • Continuous Inspection 1
  • Continuous Integration 10
  • Data Analytics 15
  • Data Science 15
  • Deep Learning 17
  • DevOps Community 30
  • DevOps Practice and Process 53
  • DevOps Tooling 24
  • DevOpsSchool 17
  • DevSecOps 14
  • Elastic Stack 20
  • Elasticsearch 9
  • Framework 11
  • General 410
  • Hacking & Security 2
  • Hyderabad, India 1
  • IDEs and Editor 8
  • Incident and Bug Tracking Systems 2
  • Internet of things 20
  • Interview Questions & Answers 120
  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools 12
  • Javascript 22
  • Kubernetes 82
  • Laravel 164
  • Linkedin Groups 2
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Alexa, can you help me with my child’s homework?

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Amazon Alexa smart assistant device connected at home

What did you do when you couldn’t solve a tricky maths equation?

Did you search for the answer on Google, skip doing the homework altogether and tell your teacher dog ate it, or watch as your parents asked Alexa for the answer?

As bizarre as it may sound, the latter scenario is happening at an alarming rate, as parents and grandparents struggle to help kids complete their homework – particularly mathematics. 

There comes a time when homework becomes a little too advanced for parents to help with, especially as many forget how to do tricky long divisions, algebra or the names of all the triangles once they finish school . With over 500 million Alexa-enabled devices sold worldwide, people are using technology to their advantage when it comes to maths.

New data commissioned by the Department for Education ’s Skills for Life campaign and Kindred found that 54% of parents would say they ‘would struggle to know where to start’ if left to their own decisions when helping children with their maths homework.

The Skills for Life campaign is encouraging adults of all ages to up their skills and learn something new, and to boost their confidence when helping their children at home and potentially improve their own career prospects. 

Of the 2,250 adults surveyed, 69% said they use the internet to help solve schoolwork problems and 20% reported using virtual assistants, like Alexa and Google Assistant, to help tutor their kids at home. Maths was revealed to cause the most angst and was voted the least favourite homework subject among parents and grandparents.

Rear view of girl writing homework on table while sitting at home

The data comes as education groups raise concerns about the growing use of AI in students’ work. Asking a virtual assistant for help on a task you plan to finish yourself is quite different to asking ChatGPT to come up with the answers for you, it raises questions about how much we rely on technology. 

A 16-year-old student identified only as Fiore previously told that he turned to ChatGPT when he realised an English essay was due the next day. It’s 2024 after all, and his story serves as a stark reminder that the days of cramming the assignment into an all-nighter or turning to SparkNotes for help are long gone.

Although many people would fear plagiarism detectors or eagle-eyed lecturers spotting AI-generated essays , the student wasn’t afraid about being caught. 

However, not all students are using AI to cheat and not all are using ChatGPT, with some turning to Gemini, which was developed by Google. Chatbots have also been found to be helpful for students with dyslexia when it comes to comprehending in-depth academic texts. 

Jane Basnett, director of digital learning at Downe House School in Berkshire admits that homework can be tricky for parents. ‘In the old days, parents turned to the Encyclopaedia Britannica to find responses, visited the library with their child or they asked a more informed friend,’ she told ‘They had conversations and made discoveries about different topics that perhaps they had not known about before.’ 

This practice, however, has changed drastically now that technology is just one tap, swipe or voice command away. ‘Finding the knowledge is one thing, understanding it and engaging with it properly is another.

‘Parents need to encourage their child to understand the GenAI output and to put their own responses together.

‘These are just the sort of conversations that teachers are having with their students in classrooms across the country. Gen AI (generative artificial intelligence) is a tool that can very quickly do your homework for you but in doing so, it takes away the key important elements of education: learning, discovering and critical thinking.’

One dad, Paul Duggan, 68, from London made a huge life change after realising he couldn’t help his daughter with her homework. He completed a Skills for Life Numeracy course in 2020, when his daughter Rebecca was 10, after she inspired him to sign up.

He has since gone on to achieve a Functional Skills qualification in maths, which is equivalent to a Maths GCSE. 

‘I always had a difficult relationship with maths,’ he said. ‘I think a lot of people do. When my daughter, Rebecca, started needing more help with her homework I realised that if I didn’t tackle my fear of numbers now, not only would I be unable to help, but I’d also risk passing on my negative relationship with maths, which I certainly didn’t want to do.’

Not all parents will be able to find the time to brush up on their maths skills, as they often have to balance full-time jobs, the needs of other children, the cost of living and general life stuff. But for those like Paul who could, it has proven to be invaluable.

‘Signing up to the Skills for Life course was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s helped boost my confidence with everyday sums, and I’ve also grown a lot closer to my daughter, Rebecca, in the process, helping her solve equations and more complex problems as she studies for her maths GSCE.’

Do you have a story to share?

Get in touch by emailing [email protected] .

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