1. Choir Concert Makeup Assignment- Middle School Choir by The Choir Queen

    choir concert make up assignment

  2. Concert choir make up assignment for April concert

    choir concert make up assignment

  3. Choir Concert make-up assignment by Carol Teager

    choir concert make up assignment

  4. Choir Make Up Assignments by The Choir Shop

    choir concert make up assignment


    choir concert make up assignment

  6. Concert Make Up Assignment by Lone Wolf Band and Choir

    choir concert make up assignment


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  1. Finding an Effective Concert Make-Up Assignment

    In this follow-up post, I'm discussing what is a challenge for many choir directors: what to use for a make-up assignment when students miss a concert. I realize it's incredibly frustrating to have singers absent for a concert, and that it's impossible to duplicate the assessment that a concert provides.

  2. Results for choir concert make up

    Created by. MsParisotChoir. This rubric is designed for choir programs that use one-on-one student performance as their concert make - up policy. The rubric is a base starting point, feel free to elaborate upon the rubric to fit your program's needs! Subjects: Music, Other (Music), Vocal Music.

  3. Choir Concert Makeup Assignment- Middle School Choir

    If you need a super simple makeup assignment for your students who may have missed a required concert, here it is!. This is a one-page, fully editable document with two options for a makeup grade.I use this assignment for my students who have an excused absence from our concerts due to illness or family situations so they can earn credit.

  4. PDF Concert Make-Up Assignment

    Concert Make-Up Assignment Look up each song that our choir performed for the concert on YouTube and find a video/recording of a DIFFERENT choir singing that song. Write the address to the link for each video that you chose in the chart below. After watching the recording, answer the questions below for each song.

  5. Choir Concert Makeup Assignment by Rumbles Music Studio

    This concert makeup assignment encourages student independence and personal reflection. Rather than being busy work like many concert makeup assignments, this assignment assesses the same things that would be assessed if they were present at the concert: their musical abilities.

  6. Finding an Effective Concert Make-Up Assignment

    In this follow-up post, I'm discussions that is a challenge for many choir directors: what to use for one make-up assignment at students miss a concert. IODIN realize it's extraordinarily frustrating to have singers absent for adenine concert, and that it's inconceivable to duplicate the ranking the a concert provides.

  7. Concert Grades & Make-Up Assignments

    Concert Make-Up Assignment. If you missed the choir concert, you must complete the make-up assignment below. You will find the resources you need to complete this assignment in the iTunes U course for choir. If you need to enroll in the course, go to the iTunes U course page and click on the link for your class. Click here for the make-up ...

  8. DOC Concert Make-Up Assignment

    You will need to complete the following in order to make-up for missing the concert. Concerts are worth 100 points, so you may choose the appropriate amount of assignments from the following list of activities to earn those points. Record yourself playing your concert selections, beginning to end. (50 points) Submit recordings via any of the ...

  9. Concert Make-Up Assignment

    Excused concert absences can earn 100% of the points for completing this assignment (death in the family, illness, car emergency, etc.). . Unexcused concert absences can only earn up to 80% of the points (I had to work, I didn't have a ride, etc). . STEP 1: Record yourself singing YOUR part of YOUR choir's concert selections - not the combined ...

  10. Finding an Effective Concert Make-Up Assignment

    Concert Make-Up Assignment . I am not one to created assigments is are punitive, though I additionally know that loads is us teach in circumstances where it serves to have a make-up allocation that serves as a deterrent for those students that might live thinking about vaulting your concert. ... In case you are interested, here's a unite to ...

  11. Choir Concert make-up assignment by Carol Teager

    I have found that when students miss a concert, writing a paper is too easy and often plagiarized. This has worked for me and makes students work a bit harder for their concert grade. ... Choir Concert make-up assignment. Previous Next. Carol Teager. 1 Follower. Follow. Grade Levels. 6 th - 12 th. Subjects. Music, Vocal Music, Instrumental ...

  12. DOC Concert Makeup Assignment

    for this assignment and it will replace your concert grade. Assignment: A student in a performance field is graded by their performances. Since you have missed a public performance the only true way to make up for that is to perform for the choir director music from that missed performance. With the help of your parents video yourself ...

  13. PDF Meadow hill Middle School Choir Handbook

    not turn in the completed assignment by the assigned day, the student will receive a 0 for their grade. The makeup assignment can be found in the classroom and on the choir website. Concert Etiquette: Students are required to stay for the entire concert, even if their portion of the performance has been completed.

  14. Bryanna Plowe

    Choir Concert Make-up Assignment A student who misses a required performances this semester may have the option to "make up" his or her chorus grade by completing this assignment page. As stated in the choral handbook, students with excused absences (communicated to Ms. Brown before the concert such as family trips, emergencies, illnesses, etc.) can earn the entire grade.

  15. A virtual choir concert with interactive program notes

    I'm going to expect them to: 1. Open the document, and click on the first hyperlink at the top of the page. That will open up the YouTube playlist. . 2. Watch the videos included on the playlist, and have the program notes open in a separate tab. .

  16. GCMS Band and Choir

    Missed Concert Make Up Assignment. Please click the links below for your make-up assignment. Be sure to get the appropriate grade level (middle or high school). High School Missed Concert Assignment. Middle School Missed Concert Assignment. Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley | Community Unit School District #5 | Gibson City, Illinois, U.S.A.

  17. Choir Concert BUNDLE!

    Everything you need to have a successful chorus concert! This resource will change your life from being stress the few weeks around a concert to being calm, cool & collected!-Program templates-Checklist/advice on how to execute a smooth concert-Post-Concert Reflection-Make-Up Assignment

  18. COMMUNITY Resource Library

    This unit serves as a classroom resource, teaching your singers the basics of vocal technique. Video lessons and Google Form quizzes included! Download Here! Repertoire lists organized by the voicing and difficulty level. Each selection includes a URL link where you can listen to the piece (when available).

  19. Choral Educator Resources

    ChoralNet: A central portal to online resources and communications for the global choral music community. Choral Public Domain Library: Access to FREE choral works in the public domain. Also, you can find scores, texts, translations, and information about composers. Chorus Teacher Resources: a collection of FREE worksheets, assignments, and ...

  20. Concert Makeup Teaching Resources

    This versatile assignment has many uses in any band, orchestra, chorus, or other music ensemble classroom! You can use it for missed concert make up assignment alternative, easy sub plans for middle school or high school, assessment of the socio-historical context of a concert repertoire's unit of study, or building research skills using the library or online sources.What's Included ...

  21. Listening Worksheets Archives

    This worksheet asks students to critically listen to five choral pieces. Students will investigate the stories behind the works, draw comparisons between the compositions, and apply their insight to their own repertoire. Use this worksheet as homework, a sub day activity, in-class work, make-up assignment, or more.

  22. Concert Make Up Assignment Teaching Resources

    Band Choir and General Music Resources. $2.00. $1.80. Bundle. A composer research project that I used to a choir concert make up assignment. Student scan complete this is research paper or PowerPoint format. This includes the prompt for the assignment and the rubric. Subjects: Music, Music Composition, Vocal Music.