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  • July 13, 2021
  • Essay for CSS PMS and Judiciary Exam

This is an essay on “Corruption” for CSS, PMS, and All Judiciary examinations. Corruption, as it is defined by the World Bank, is a form of dishonesty or a criminal offense that is undertaken by a person or an organization that is entrusted with a position of authority, in order to acquire illicit benefits or abuse power for one’s private gain. So this is an important topic to write a complete essay. Here is an essay on “Corruption” for CSS, PMS, and All Judiciary Examinations.

Essay on “Corruption”

The term corruption as conceived today lacks a universal definition and its definition differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The word corruption comes from the Latin verb “corrupts” meaning to break; it literally means broken object. Conceptually, corruption is a form of behavior, which departs from ethics morality, tradition, law, and civic value.

“An act was done with intent to give advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others”.

“The act of an official or fiduciary person who unlawfully and wrongfully uses his status or character to procure some benefit for himself or for another person contrary to duty and the right of others”.

Corruption involves the dishonest or preferential use of power or position which has the result of one person or organization being advantaged over another.

Improper and usually unlawful conduct intended to secure a benefit for oneself or another. Its forms include briber, extortion, and the misuse of inside information. It exists where there is community indifference or a lack of enforcement policies. In societies with a culture of ritualized gif· giving, the line between acceptable and unacceptable gifts is often hard to draw.

Graham Greene said:

“I have often noticed that a bribe has that effect — it changes a relation. The man who offers a bribe gives away a little of his own importance; the bribe once accepted, he becomes the inferior, like a man who has paid for a woman.”

Levels of corruption in the different sectors indicate where corruption can be encountered. The levels are defined as follows:

  • Individual Corruption : Corruption that takes place primarily in relations between individual citizens and public officials and authorities.
  • Business Corruption: Corruption that takes place primarily in relations between enterprises/companies and public officials and authorities.
  • Political Corruption: Corruption that takes place in the higher echelons of public administration and on a political level.

Three major areas of political corruption are worth noting. First, bribery is clearly an example. Second, some people claim that certain government practices such as patronage, while legal, might be suspect. This definition sets a very high standard for political propriety. The conflict-of-interest definition-use of public office for personal gain, usually money-is the third aspect of political corruption.

This is an ethical issue dealing with the premise that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Corruption, therefore, is a catchall expression for illegal as well as ethically questionable behaviors. Ironically, the very nature of federalism contributed to the potential for corruption.

Since power corrupts, the challenge is to require accountability at all levels of government and to create virtuous and ethical citizens. Effects on politics, administration, and institutions Corruption poses a serious development challenge. In the political realm, it undermines democracy and good governance by flouting or even subverting formal processes.

Corruption in elections and in legislative bodies reduces accountability and distorts representation in policymaking; corruption in the judiciary compromises the rule of law and corruption in public administration results in the unfair provision of services. More generally, corruption erodes the institutional capacity of government as procedures are disregarded resources are siphoned off, and public offices are bought and sold. At the same time, corruption undermines the legitimacy of government and such democratic values trust and tolerance.

Economic Effects

Corruption also undermines economic development by generating considerable distortions and inefficiency. In the private sector, corruption increases the cost of business through the price of illicit payments themselves, the management cost of negotiating with officials, and the risk of breach agreements or detection.

Although some claim corruption reduces costs by cutting red tape, the availability of bribes can also induce officials to contrive new rules and delays. Openly removing costly and lengthy regulations are better than covertly allowing them to be bypassed by using bribes. Where corruption inflates the cost of business, it also distorts the playing field, shielding firms with connections from competition and thereby sustaining inefficient firms.

Corruption also generates economic distortions in the public sector by diverting public investment into capital, projects where bribes and kickbacks are more plentiful. Officials may increase the technical complexity of public sector projects to conceal or pave way for such dealings, thus further distorting. investment. Corruption also lowers compliance with construction, environmental, or other regulations, reduces the quality of government services and infrastructure, and increases budgetary pressures on the government.

Economists argue that one of the factors behind the differing economic development in Africa and Asia is that in the former, corruption has primarily taken the form of rent extraction with the resulting financial capital moved overseas rather than invested at home.

Types of Abuses

Bribery requires two participants: one to give the bribe, and one to take it. In some countries the culture of corruption ex in every aspect of public life, making it extremely difficult for individuals to stay in business without resorting to bribes. The bribe may be demanded in order for an official to do something he is already paid to do. They may also be demanded in order to bypass laws and regulations. In some developing nations up to half of the population has paid bribes during the past 12 months.

While bribery includes an intent to influence or be influenc by another for personal gain, which is often difficult to prove, graft only requires that the official gains something of value, not part of his official pay, when doing his work. Large “gifts” qualify as grafts, and most countries have laws against them.

For example, any gift over $200 value made to the President of the United States is considered to be a gift to the Office of the Presidency and not to the President himself . The outgoing President must buy it if h wants to take it with him.) Another example of graf is a politician using his knowledge of zoning to purchase land which he knows is planned for development, before this is publicly known, and then selling it a significant profit. This is comparable to insider trading in business.

Extortion and Robbery

While bribes may be demanded in order to do something payment may also be demanded by corrupt officials who others threaten to make illegitimate use of state force in order to inflict harm.  This is similar to extortion by organized crime groups. Illegitimate use of state force can also is used for outright armed robbery. This mostly occurs in unstable states with lacking control of the military and the police. Less open forms of corruption are preferred in more stable states.

Patronage refers to favoring supporters, for example with government employment. This may be legitimate, as when a newly elected government changes the top officials in the administration in order to effectively implement its policy. It can be seen as corruption if this means that incompetent persons, as payment for supporting the regime, are selected before more able ones.

In nondemocracies, many government officials are often selected for loyalty rather than ability. They may be almost exclusively selected from a particular group (for example, Sunni Arabs in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, the nomenklatura in the Soviet Union, or the Junkers in Imperial Germany) that support the regime in return for such favors.

Nepotism and Cronyism Favoring Relatives

This may be combined with bribery, for example demanding that a business should employ a relative of an official controlling regulations affecting the business.


Embezzlement is the outright theft of entrusted funds. It is a misappropriation of property.

A kickback is an official’s share of misappropriated funds allocated from his or her organization to an organization involved in corrupt bidding. For example, suppose that a politician is in charge of choosing how to spend some public funds. He can give a contract to a company that isn’t the best bidder, or allocate more than they deserve.

Some argue that the following conditions are favorable for corruption:

Information Deficits

  • Lack of government transparency
  • Lacking freedom of information legislation. The Indian Right to Information Act 2005 has “already engendered mass movements in the country that is bringing the lethargic, often corrupt bureaucracy to its knees and changing power equations completely.”
  • Contempt for or negligence of exercising freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
  • Weak accounting practices, including a lack of timely financial management.
  • Lack of measurement of corruption. For example, using regular surveys of households and businesses in order to quantify the degree of perception of corruption in different parts of a nation or indifferent government institutions may increase awareness of corruption and create pressure to combat it. This will also enable an evaluation of the officials who are fighting corruption and the methods used.
  • Tax havens tax their own citizens and companies but not those from other nations and refuse to disclose information necessary for foreign taxation. This enables large-scale political corruption in foreign nations.

Lacking control over and accountability of the government

  • Democracy absent or dysfunctional. See illiberal democracy.
  • Lacking civic society and non-governmental organizations which monitor the government
  • An individual voter may have a rational ignorance regarding politics, especially in nationwide elections, since each vote has little weight
  • Weak rule of law
  • Weak legal profession
  • Weak judicial independence
  • Lacking the protection of whistleblowers
  • Lack of benchmarking is a continual detailed evaluation of pressures and comparison to others who do similar things, in the same government or other, in particular comparison to those who do the best work. The Peruvian organization Ciudadans al Dia has started to measure and compare transparency, costs, and efficiency in different events depends in Peru. It annually ars te bet pratic which has received widespread media attention. This has created competition among government agencies in order to improve.

Opportunities and Incentives

  • Large, unsupervised public investments, combined with complex or arbitrary regulations and a lack of oversight
  • Sale of state-6wned property and privatization
  • Poorly-paid government officials
  • Long-time work in the same position may crate relationships inside and outside the government which encourage and help conceal corruption – – and favoritism. Rotating government officials to different positions and geographic areas may help prevent this.
  • Costly political campaigns, with expenses exceeding normal sources of political funding.
  • Les interaction with officials reduces the opportunities for corruption. For example, using the Internet for sending in the required information, like applications and tax forms, and then processing this with automated computer systems. This may also speed up the processing and reduce unintentional human errors.
  • A windfall from exporting abundant natural resources may encourage corruption.

Social Conditions

  • Self-interested closed cliques and “old boy networks”.
  • Family and clan-centered social structure. with a tradition of nepotism being acceptable.
  • In societies where personal integrity is rated as less important than another characteristic (by contrast, in societies such as 18th and 19th Century England, 20th Century Japan and postwar western Germany, where society showed almost obsessive regard for “honor” and personal integrity, corruption was less frequently seen)
  • Lacking literacy and education among the population

Wy fight Corruption?

Corruption is one of the more serious unethical practices that undermine public trust and confidence in Government. The public official only reclaims possible confidence by establishing a reputation of integrity. Their power should therefore be exercised with the highest possible degree of propriety and they should not only avoid impropriety but also the appearance of impropriety as they perform their roles of public service delivery.

  • Corruption must be fought because of the adverse impact it has. Some of the problems associated with corruption have been identified as follows:
  • corruption raises the cost of goods and services;
  • it increases the· debt of a country and carries with it  recurring debt-servicing costs in the future;
  • it leads to lowering of standards, as sub-standard goods  and services are provided and inappropriate technology is acquired;
  • it results in project choices being made based more on capital (because it is more rewarding for the perpetrator of corruption) than on manpower, which would be the more useful for development;
  • resources tend to be directed towards non-productive areas such as the police, the armed forces, and other organs of social control and repression as the corrupt seek to protect themselves and  their ill-gotten wealth;
  • Corruption erodes the observance of the principles that are the very essence of democracy such as free and fair elections, the Rule of Law, transparency, and state accountability;
  • It also undermines the legitimacy of political leaders and public institutions, making the government less able to rely on the cooperation and support of the people;
  • Corruption also has an adverse effect on the promotion and protection of the fundamental human rights of individuals. When leaders are corrupt they lose the confidence of the people and there is a tendency to violate certain fundamental human rights. The examples given include detention without trial of political opponents, censorship of the press to prevent the exposure of corrupt government officials, election malpractices or outright denial of the right to vote to mention but a few;
  • Corruption negatively impacts the economic growth of a country. When people perceive that the social system is untrustworthy and inequitable, their incentive to engage in productive economic activities declines;
  • Corruption destroys the moral fabric of society. The anchors of any society are the social values that guide all aspects of life in that society. Without the moral principles that are part of the value system corruption and other social vices abound. With the passing of conscience, social peace and stability are also destroyed;
  • Corruption allows organized crime and terrorism to flourish because corrupt practices facilitate drug trafficking and organized crime. Corruption is associated with money laundering and illicit international money transfers, which can be used to support international terrorists.

In recent years, the government of Pakistan has been actively trying to become a more open economy in order to attract more foreign direct investment. It has tried to implement economic reforms that include privatization, liberalization, and deregulation aimed at making the economic system more investor-friendly and less bureaucratic. However, recent dramatic political events and the following instability and violence are hampering Pakistan’s attempts to develop investor confidence and attract investments.

As corruption is omnipresent in Pakistan business is also seriously impeded by it. Operating and conducting business in Pakistan can be cumbersome and slow affair although the government has taken measures towards creating a more efficient business environment. It is not only in meetings with public officials that companies are confronted with bribes and other unsavory practices. The business sector is also part of the problem. That corruption is an impediment fr conducting business is further substantiated by the fact that 40% of companies in Pakistan state that corruption is one of their major concerns.

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Essay Outline and Intro: Corruption in Pakistan

Corruption Essay Outlines

Corruption in Pakistan is on the decline, as Transparency International Berlin released its annual global report 2015 showing Pakistan further improving its ranking from the 50th most corrupt country in 2014 to 53rd in 2015. The political will of the government to fight corruption is lacking which has resulted in the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo-moto action against mega corruption in NlCL, Pakistan Steel, Rental Power Plants. The CPI 2010 reveals that corruption in Pakistan is increasing, while in Bangladesh it is decreasing. Bangladesh was perceived to be the most corrupt country in 2001, 2002 and 2003 and its ranking in 2010 is the 39th most corrupt country. Reduced corruption has paid dividends to Bangladesh whose annual GDP growth last year was over 5%, while Pakistan’s GDP growth last year was near 2.4 %. Delay in formation of an Independent Accountability Commission by the parliament may further aggravate the situation.

The word “Corruption” has its origin in a Latin verb “corruptus” meaning “to break”. Literally, it means “a broken object”. In simple words, corruption means “the misuse of entrusted power for private benefit.” Conceptually, corruption is a form of behaviour which departs from ethics, morality, tradition, law and civic virtue. The term corruption has various definitions. The United Nations Manual on Anti-Corruption, the Transparency International, and the multilateral financial institutions like the World Bank and Asian Development Bank define corruption as, “abuse of public office for private gains” The National Anti Corruption Strategy (NACS) has defined corruption as “a behaviour on the part of office holders in the public or private sector whereby they improperly and unlawfully enrich themselves and/or those close to them, or induce others to do so, by misusing the position in which they are placed.”

Section 9 of the National Accountability Ordinance 1999 has defined corruption and corrupt practices in a comprehensive manner. It has enlisted about twelve different shades of corruption. Illegal gratifications, bribery, extortion, abuse of office, fraud, cheating and criminal breach of trust are some of the corrupt practices mentioned in the NAO 1999 (Annex A). Starting with the Prevention of Corruption Act 1947, there are about sixty pieces of enactments and rules that deal with offences of corruption and corrupt practices in Pakistan (Annex B). The most comprehensive definition of “corruption” can be found at the web site of the Global Infrastructure Anti Corruption Center (GIACC) It says “In its wider sense, corruption includes one or more of bribery, extortion, fraud, deception, collusion, cartels, abuse of power, embezzlement, trading in influence and money laundering.”

Essay Outline: Corruption in Pakistan

  • Definition of corruption
  • Essential components of corruption
  • Lack of accountability
  • Absence of rule of law
  • Low salaries
  • Lack of independence of judiciary
  • Weak political institutions
  • Political collusion with top management of a department
  • Denial of basic facility of life
  • Bad governance due to corruption
  • Findings of National Anti-Corruption Strategy
  • Examples of corruption
  • Effects of corruption
  • Increase salaries of the government employees
  • Speedy judicial justice
  • Role of NAB
  • Police reforms
  • Judiciary and legal profession
  • Access to justice programme
  • Accountability courts
  • Public sector financial management
  • Financial oversight bodies
  • Independent Anti-Corruption Agencies
  • Local government
  • Freedom of Information and Media

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essay on corruption css

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Corruption in Pakistan

January 13, 2015 CSS Special , January 2015 Leave a comment

Causes, Repercussions and Solutions

Good governance flourishes in a situation that is necessarily corruption-free. Pakistan is unfortunately way down on the ladder on this account. Our society is facing a very grave problem of corruption since long and it is rampant to such an extent that the very basic foundations of our society have been shaken. It’s a cancer that has gobbled up all the socio-economic prospects of development. Corruption of all magnitudes — mega, moderate and petty — permeates all tiers of governance and all segments of the society may it be public, private, political, judicial, commercial or even religious. Since corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency, it severely impacts the life of the citizens through lesser returns on resource use and adds manifold to their cost of living.

Corruption that is defined by the Transparency International as the “abuse of entrusted power for private gain” because “it hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority” is a universal curse and exists in all the countries as a common phenomenon, both in developing or poorer countries and developed countries. The difference is only of the degrees of corruption. It is unfortunately endemic in Pakistan as well. No structure, no tier and no office of public sector is immune from it as it has affected every organ of state and has put its claws even on judiciary and legislature. It would be no exaggeration to say that the whole body of the state of Pakistan is suffering from this malaise and is wailing under its dead weight. So enormous is its incidence that Pakistan is ranked 126th in Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2014. Though this ranking is up a notch from last year’s ranking of 175 countries, it is still not, at all, enviable or even acceptable. The roots of corruption in Pakistan date back to the colonial period when the British rewarded lands and titles to those who were their loyalists leading to nepotism and corruption. Two major crises played a fundamental role in the genesis of corruption in this part of the world; the spiral in the defence related purchases during and after the World War II, and allotment of evacuee property after the partition of Indian Subcontinent. This was followed by industrial and trade licensing and patronage schemes. Bhutto’s nationalization policy of the 1970s also created opportunities for corruption and gave birth to a new breed of corrupt government officers. The decade of 1980s witnessed the surge of corruption in religious and business circles. Serious attempts at accountability originating in mid 1990s and fortified on the turn of the century farcically turned into tools of political patronage or victimization.

Today, a more disturbing and distressing fact is that over the period acceptability of corruption has increased in the society and at present the situation has deteriorated and people seldom feel guilty about their own role in corruption. It is so because corruption provides options to even those who lack power, and empowers them to rise above their circumstance. Put another way, corruption empowers as it allows people to buy the power they can exercise for their own benefit.

In Pakistan, the scale of corruption is highest in development projects and procurements including even defence and public sector corporations, and the bank loan write-offs. Whereas mega corruption is mainly in development projects, bank loans and procurements which rock the foundation of the economy, the common man is more interested in the petty and middle level corruption that he encounters in the daily dealings in the government offices.

Candidly, corruption is simply a cold and calculated theft of an opportunity from the segment of society that is least able to protect itself. This menace continues to lurk where opacity rules. Moreover, evils such as fraud, forgery, dishonesty, and other malpractices which are harmful for the society come under the umbrella of corruption. Although it has wide-ranging deleterious effects on society and governance, it’s most deadly impact is always on the poor. It undermines democracy, hinders good governance and weakens democratic institutions. It hampers economic growth and sustainable development. When countries improve governance and reduce corruption, they reap a “development dividend.

The causes of this malady are to be found in the socio-cultural and political matrix of the Pakistani society which presently is faced with a gradual loss of value system and even identity. The causes of corruption are multidimensional. Among them, no punishment and “soft forgiving” culture for the corrupt individuals is the most preeminent. Unfortunately, in our country, corruption is considered as the low-risk and high-reward activity. Those involved in corruption are generally not caught. If, caught they are not punished in most cases due to the “soft forgiving” culture in our country or they go scot free due to ‘lack of evidence’. If the corrupt people are punished befittingly, then corruption would not penetrate in the Pakistani society.

Moreover, ambiguous and dubious practices have also marred the prospects of transparency. Non-disclosure of information is also promoting corruption in our country. If people do not know about the things which take place behind the closed door, then corruption will grow and prosper without any bounds. This is due to this evil that the Pakistanis innocently and unknowingly elect the same crooked politicians time and again.

Besides, the poor judicial infrastructure and improper prosecution is also one of the main reasons of soaring corruption. Unfortunately, our flawed judicial system has never inspired confidence among the people that the looters of public money and those misusing power shall be brought to book. Due to malpractices of the officials, on the other hand, it becomes virtually impossible for prosecutors to prove allegations against the corrupt. In most of the cases of corruption, the records are tempered with and it results in the acquittal of the accused. Further, the mechanism of judiciary is also not praiseworthy due to its inefficiency in the disposal of cases. For instance, the former chief minister of Sindh, Syed Abdullah Shah, was proved guilty of corruption years after his death.

Tax evasion and culture of writing off loans is also responsible for the growth of this canker worm of our society. A taxpayer is loyal to his country because he serves the interests of the state. As Ronald Reagan said:

“The tax payer — that’s someone who works for the federal government but does not have to take the civil services examination.”

Sadly, in Pakistan most people, including our rulers, do not pay taxes. A report from a study entitled “Representation without Taxation” by investigative journalist Umar Cheema said: “According to the findings, President Asif Ali Zardari did not file a tax return in 2011 and neither did 34 of the 55 cabinet members including Interior Minister Rehman Malik. Of the 20 cabinet ministers who did pay, most made only negligible contributions, including Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, with 142,536 rupees ($1,466) and Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar with 69,619 rupees ($716). The cabinet member who paid the most was state minister for commerce, Abbas Khan Afridi, who paid 11.5 million rupees last year ($118,677). Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah paid the least with 43,333 rupees ($446).”

According to the report, more than 60 per cent of Pakistan’s cabinet and two-thirds of its federal lawmakers paid little or no tax during that year, despite an estimated average net wealth of $882,000.

Are these appalling figures justifiable in any way for the so-called system of democracy in Pakistan and its people? Is this not a shameful revelation for the Pakistani public who votes them into power and then depends on them for lawmaking, and even a bigger embarrassment in the eyes of the nations whom we go back to begging for loans?

In Pakistan the tax evasion ratio is so high that less than 1 million people are paying tax in the population of nearly 200 million. This has brought Pakistan equal to Afghanistan in tax-to-GDP ratio.

A true leadership is necessary for a nation as water for a plant because this is the leader who guides the people according to the circumstances. Once a reporter asked from Nelson Mandela; what is the difference between leader and politician. He replied that leader thinks about the next generation while the politician only thinks about the next election. This maxim is really fit in the case of Pakistan. We do not have any such leader who sets examples for the masses to follow. A leaderless nation always involves in corruption.

Poor governance is another cause of corruption in Pakistan. There is no concept of rule of law and only rule of individual is ubiquitous. This is the poor governance which leads to the acquittal of many culprits.

Paradoxically, nowadays people are more influenced by the materialistic approach than the religious or ethical teachings. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“Beware of bribery for verily it is sheer infidelity, and the briber will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise.”

But, how saddening is the fact that we have forgotten this lesson. This is religion and ethics which guide an individual in his course of life. But today people hardly care about the religious edifices as they want to earn money as much as they can. Gone are the days when corrupt elements faced social boycott by the rest of the society.

As far as its effects are concerned, corruption lowers economic development and undermines poverty alleviation. The social contract obligates that the state should provide an environment where people can realise their full potential. Corruption scuttles the level of revenues which consequently reduce the capacity of the state to fund basic social services.

Corruption also affects targeting of social programmes. If corrupt practices are pervasive, leakages in such programmes will usually be high. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the money allocated for various social spending and poverty alleviation programmes have not reached the intended targets. A substantial percentage of such funding was squandered away during the process of distribution. Further, targeting of the poor was riddled with nepotism and patronage.

Corruption also enhances the operating costs of the government and reduces the resources available for social spending. The budget for the health and education sectors gets squeezed. It is an open secret now that the major chunk of the funds allocated for development of infrastructure like roads, schools and hospital buildings is eaten into by corruption in the form of commissions and kickbacks by the engineers, contractors and construction companies. And so corruption undermines development, deepens poverty and exacerbates other human rights violations.

Corruption can also violate human rights directly. If a corrupt judge takes a bribe to decide a case against an individual or a corrupt police officer takes a bribe not to properly investigate, that corruption directly violates human rights like the right to a fair trial. Corruption can manifest itself as the worst abuse of human dignity and rights.

Corruption also impedes Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) which is so badly needed to generate economic activity, create employment, and support the dwindling foreign exchange reserves. The world economic forum’s Global Competitiveness Report (2007-08) identified corruption as the 3rd biggest problem for companies doing business in Pakistan, after government bureaucracy and poor infrastructure.

The corruption cycle is really vicious, to say the least. Rampant corruption in tax and customs and excise collection and costly public sector purchases, and inefficient major public sector entities like PIA, Railway, Steel Mills, etc. cause a major deficit for the government every year in term of resource generation and expenditure that makes the government borrow from IMF and other foreign and domestic resources, and it through increased debt repayments broadens the gap and compels the government to increase the price of the utilities like electricity, gas, CNG and petroleum products. That takes a heavy toll on the people of Pakistan. Resultantly, corruption which is done at far away and much higher places from the common citizens has a direct and deep impact on their lives. Thus, act of corruption, whether direct or indirect, close or remote, is not innocuous for common man.

Corruption also undermines democracy and good governance. It erodes the legitimacy of the government and democratic values. It also makes the loss of international trust. On one hand, we are the victim of terrorism and on the other, of the overcrowded market of corruption. The rampant corruption is also jeopardizing the development works in the country. The funds are not used for the welfare of the people and are only found in the pockets and in the bank accounts of the crooked politicians. Due to this apathy, people are deprived of hospitals, schools, roads, etc. Furthermore, relief work also comes to halt as witnessed in recent floods

Now solutions, if to be implemented the reign of corruption can come to an end.

Corruption is not a problem that can be attacked in isolation. It is not sufficient for the criminal law to search for bad apples and punish them. Of course, the state may need to establish credibility by punishing highly visible corrupt officials, but the goal of such prosecutions is to attract notice and public support, not solve the underlying problem. Following suggestions can be helpful in achieving a corruption-free Pakistan.

Firstly, there must be transparency.

Secondly, information of funds’ amount and disbursement time must be publicized.

Thirdly, media should play the role of a watchdog.

Fourthly, accountability must be ensured. Because in the absence of credible and independent accountability mechanism, there is no effective means to deal with the endemic malaise of corruption.

Fifthly, rule of law must be ensured.

Sixthly, legislation should be done on the laws which provide shelter to the offenders.

Seventhly, education should be used as a medium to make people aware about their rights and duties.

Eighthly, reforms must be brought to fix the genuine problems. It is like renovating and reinforcing the foundations of a building which is about to collapse when the termite of corruption is done away with. Then, new and wide avenues of progress and prosperity are opened.

If this society is to be saved and the country has to shake off the tag of a failing or failed state, urgent and stringent measures need to be taken. A host of measures are needed to eradicate this menace. The awareness in the general public and emergence of a strong civil society, vociferous media and an independent judiciary all by themselves stand as a guarantee to the success of any future programme of accountability.

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essay on corruption css

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May 25, 2021

essay on corruption css

Pakistan Military Strength

May 7, 2021

essay on corruption css

Zara Naeem: Another Shining Star of Pakistan

April 29, 2021

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Corruption in Pakistan Essay in English With Outline

Corruption in Pakistan plays a role in termites in the country. It slowly and gradually consumes all the strengths and power of the country, leaving it with hollowness. In Pakistan corruption is more like a national game. It is present at every level of profession, whether it’s the noblest profession i.e. teaching and Medical any other profession in the world. In the government education sector, teachers are corrupt. They get a salary for teaching in schools or colleges but they do not play their role as a good teacher in college which enforces students to get tuition from the same teachers privately.

Essay Outline On Corruption In Pakistan

  • Corruption Definition
  • Different Elements of Corruption
  • Causes of Corruption
  • Accountability in our Country
  • No Rules and Laws
  • Salaries are Low
  • Our Judiciary System
  • Basic Facility of Life in Pakistan
  • Need to Find Some New Anti-Corruption Strategy
  • Effects of Corruption on Country
  • Role of NAB
  • Steps to Take for Corruption

If we talk about the medical profession, corruption is there. A survey was conducted which reported that 42% of individuals responded that gaining access to hospital services was by a method other than the standard procedure of admission.  Country Politics is becoming the domestic game for the people. They are playing politics and corrupting every field of life.

Let’s put light on the other sector of government.  According to research, corruption is very much evident in the lower levels of the police in Pakistan. We can imagine if our protection provider people are corrupt this country can be safe. In fact, many citizens consider the police to be the most corrupt sector of the Pakistani government.

Corruption in Pakistan Essay in English With Outline

The threat of corruption in Pakistan is neither the government nor party-centric but it is the system and framework driven. As per figures performed by Transparency International, Pakistan has lost an unbelievably heightened amount just because of corruption, bad government, and tax evasion which was more than Rs. 8.5 trillion (US $94 billion), because of corruption, bad government, and tax dodging. According to an advisory of Transparency International, Pakistan does not require a single rupee as foreign aid if it starts correcting its internet governance and systems. This proves that Pakistan is a pretty rich country but only because of corruption and dishonesty does it lack in development and growth.

We as citizens, if united, can get rid of all the corruption in our country and can contribute to making this country beautiful and worth living.

Corruption Free Pakistan Dream Or Reality

As we all know the fight on top of corruption has been taking the shape of global dimensions. It is all stepping across in order to realize the grave socio-economic threats being posed by the side of corruption.  In all the spheres of the human regions, Pakistan has been much affected by Corruption.  It has been on the whole coming out to be known as one of the Pakistan nation’s most formidable challenges and threats for the future generation too.

If we talk about the recent case of corruption. So the opposition leader was arrested by the hand of NAB and millions of rupees were recovered from them. So NAB is the only department who trying to control corruption and recover money from corrupt people. According to a recent report of Transparency, our country has almost control over corruption but in some departments, many people are still doing the corruption. We can say our country is going out from corruption and as soon we will enroll in those countries that are corruption-free.

The campaign in opposition to corruption is one such kind of criterion that we have been witnessing with the direct and important staking. Corruption has been on the whole retard with the pace of development and hence impedes development-based activities.

The government of Pakistan is not paying much attention on top of the removal of corruption and hence no brighter future is being figured out.  It is leading to the way of a serious reduction in the timeline of the development programs and hence resulting in the increase in the maintenance of public assets.  Over the aspect of the stability of societies, corruption has come about to emerge as one of the major potential threats. This has definitely caused breaches in the social order of the world. It is simply damaging and appears to be the biggest threat to the long-established values which has evolved over the long centuries of the civilized struggle. Now here we end today’s topic which is “Essay on Corruption Free Pakistan Dream Or Reality “.

Say No To Corruption

Corruption is one such word that you might have to listen to every single day from the world of politics. Not just the politics but sometimes this action does take place in our surroundings as well. But still, we would never get to learn the idea of why we stay silent on it, and finally, we do end up facing its repercussions. We would be aware or might not be aware of the fact that this is damaging the roots of our society slowly but on the hardest scale. Old generations do the corruption but the coming generations have to suffer from its destruction. Now the main question that does hit so many minds is where the corruption starts! It does take place from the upper level and then slowly and silently it does hit lower-level people as well.

How Corruption Takes Place in Pakistan?

Pakistan is no doubt in the stage of its development and the maximum percentage of the population in Pakistan is on the line of poverty. People want equal rights but none of us bother to listen to their problems and finally, they took hold of the wrong path of corruption. They do put them in the actions or activities of bribery as they do get any chance. A maximum percentage of the Pakistan population is involved in most of the wrongdoings. The largest sum of corruption takes place in Government sectors in the middle of the high officers and clerks.

Raising Slogan of “Say No To Corruption” in Pakistan:

In the past few months, the raising slogan “Say No To Corruption” has started off which is somehow raising a little sum awareness among the new generation. But on the same side, some people are making fun of it which is a quite thought-provoking moment. Corruption will never end up with its roots in raising slogans or sending messages on mobile phones. It is one such root that should be cut down through mutual discussion and plans.

How To Reduce Corruption Level in Pakistan?

In terms of reducing the level of corruption in Pakistan, it is important that the people of Pakistan should collectively think about resolving the issues so that both poor strikes and rich people would get equal rights in their custody. If you do watch any person involved in corruption then you should stand up and reveal their basic needs. Manpower is one of the basic factors that can slow down the level of corruption to much extent. It would stop the chances of ruining the coming generations.

Effects of Corruption in Pakistan

Definitely when people doing corruption then your economy is badly affected. Right now in Pakistan, corruption exists in every government department as well as all departments are affected badly even if they cannot fulfill their expenditure. They burden the provincial and federal government and then the government increases the tax ratio on the public. Then inflation will increase.

Types of Corruption in Pakistan

  • Supply Versus Demand Corruption
  • Grand Versus Petty Corruption
  • Conventional Versus Unconventional Corruption
  • Public Versus Private Corruption


This is all about the Corruption in Pakistan Essay in English With an Outline from our side thanks for reading.

Moin akhtar

I am committed to helping Pakistani students craft successful career paths by merging their individual passions with market trends. As a career counselor, we'll explore both well-established fields and modern industries to find the best fit for you. With personalized counseling and strategic planning, we aim to transform your educational journey into a thriving professional future.

Its really outstanding article in simple wording but brilliant if we save pakistan it is our brilliant effort and we must have to fight against……..

i was suffering from very crusial circumastances for the knowledge of this topic that from where i collect information about corruption but i saw this essay it is very beneficial for me. Thanku for uploading this.

true lines of a muslims heart.nice sir thanks…..,

no bad ;satisfactory

Its realy outstanding essay… 🙂

its realy outstanding essay….

thanks for this good effort for student it is for pakistan not anyone

there has been given excelent efforts to unveil the facts…

its realy outstanding article..brilliant effort every thing has been explained in simple wording….if we want to save Pakistan we must have to fight against curruption…

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essay on corruption css

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How to Stop Corruption Essay: Guide & Topics [+4 Samples]

Corruption is an abuse of power that was entrusted to a person or group of people for personal gain. It can appear in various settings and affect different social classes, leading to unemployment and other economic issues. This is why writing an essay on corruption can become a challenge.

Our specialists will write a custom essay specially for you!

One “how to stop corruption” essay will require plenty of time and effort, as the topic is too broad. That’s why our experts have prepared this guide. It can help you with research and make the overall writing process easier. Besides, you will find free essays on corruption with outlines.

  • ✍️ How to Write an Essay
  • 💰 Essay Examples
  • 🤑 How to Stop Corruption Essay
  • 💲 Topics for Essay

✍️ How to Write an Essay on Corruption

Before writing on the issue, you have to understand a few things. First , corruption can take different forms, such as:

  • Bribery – receiving money or other valuable items in exchange for using power or influence in an illegal way.
  • Graft – using power or authority for personal goals.
  • Extortion – threats or violence for the person’s advantage.
  • Kickback – paying commission to a bribe-taker for some service.
  • Cronyism – assigning unqualified friends or relatives to job positions.
  • Embezzlement – stealing the government’s money.

Second , you should carefully think about the effects of corruption on the country. It seriously undermines democracy and the good name of political institutions. Its economic, political, and social impact is hard to estimate.

Let’s focus on writing about corruption. What are the features of your future paper? What elements should you include in your writing?

Just in 1 hour! We will write you a plagiarism-free paper in hardly more than 1 hour

Below, we will show you the general essay on corruption sample and explain each part’s importance:

You already chose the paper topic. What’s next? Create an outline for your future writing. You’re better to compose a plan for your paper so that it won’t suffer from logic errors and discrepancies. Besides, you may be required to add your outline to your paper and compose a corruption essay with headings.

At this step, you sketch out the skeleton:

  • what to write in the introduction;
  • what points to discuss in the body section;
  • what to put into the conclusion.

Take the notes during your research to use them later. They will help you to put your arguments in a logical order and show what points you can use in the essay.

For a long-form essay, we suggest you divide it into parts. Title each one and use headings to facilitate the reading process.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions. Cut 20% off your first order!

🔴 Introduction

The next step is to develop a corruption essay’s introduction. Here, you should give your readers a preview of what’s coming and state your position.

  • Start with a catchy hook.
  • Give a brief description of the problem context.
  • Provide a thesis statement.

You can always update and change it when finishing the paper.

🔴 Body Paragraphs

In the body section, you will provide the central points and supporting evidence. When discussing the effects of this problem in your corruption essay, do not forget to include statistics and other significant data.

Every paragraph should include a topic sentence, explanation, and supporting evidence. To make them fit together, use analysis and critical thinking.

Get an originally-written paper according to your instructions!

Use interesting facts and compelling arguments to earn your audience’s attention. It may drift while reading an essay about corruption, so don’t let it happen.

🔴 Quotations

Quotes are the essential elements of any paper. They support your claims and add credibility to your writing. Such items are exceptionally crucial for an essay on corruption as the issue can be controversial, so you may want to back up your arguments.

  • You may incorporate direct quotes in your text. In this case, remember to use quotation marks and mark the page number for yourself. Don’t exceed the 30 words limit. Add the information about the source in the reference list.
  • You may decide to use a whole paragraph from your source as supporting evidence. Then, quote indirectly—paraphrase, summarize, or synthesize the argument of interest. You still have to add relevant information to your reference list, though.

Check your professor’s guidelines regarding the preferred citation style.

🔴 Conclusion

In your corruption essay conclusion, you should restate the thesis and summarize your findings. You can also provide recommendations for future research on the topic. Keep it clear and short—it can be one paragraph long.

Don’t forget your references!

Include a list of all sources you used to write this paper. Read the citation guideline of your institution to do it correctly. By the way, some citation tools allow creating a reference list in pdf or Word formats.

💰 Corruption Essay Examples

If you strive to write a good how to stop a corruption essay, you should check a few relevant examples. They will show you the power of a proper outline and headings. Besides, you’ll see how to formulate your arguments and cite sources.

✔️ Essay on Corruption: 250 Words

If you were assigned a short paper of 250 words and have no idea where to start, you can check the example written by our academic experts. As you can see below, it is written in easy words. You can use simple English to explain to your readers the “black money” phenomenon.

Another point you should keep in mind when checking our short essay on corruption is that the structure remains the same. Despite the low word count, it has an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, body section, and a conclusion.

Now, take a look at our corruption essay sample and inspire!

✔️ Essay on Corruption: 500 Words

Cause and effect essay is among the most common paper types for students. In case you’re composing this kind of paper, you should research the reasons for corruption. You can investigate factors that led to this phenomenon in a particular country.

Use the data from the official sources, for example, Transparency International . There is plenty of evidence for your thesis statement on corruption and points you will include in the body section. Also, you can use headlines to separate one cause from another. Doing so will help your readers to browse through the text easily.

Check our essay on corruption below to see how our experts utilize headlines.

🤑 How to Stop Corruption: Essay Prompts

Corruption is a complex issue that undermines the foundations of justice, fairness, and equality. If you want to address this problem, you can write a “How to Stop Corruption” essay using any of the following topic ideas.

The writing prompts below will provide valuable insights into this destructive phenomenon. Use them to analyze the root causes critically and propose effective solutions.

How to Prevent Corruption Essay Prompt

In this essay, you can discuss various strategies and measures to tackle corruption in society. Explore the impact of corruption on social, political, and economic systems and review possible solutions. Your paper can also highlight the importance of ethical leadership and transparent governance in curbing corruption.

Here are some more ideas to include:

  • The role of education and public awareness in preventing corruption. In this essay, you can explain the importance of teaching ethical values and raising awareness about the adverse effects of corruption. It would be great to illustrate your essay with examples of successful anti-corruption campaigns and programs.
  • How to implement strong anti-corruption laws and regulations. Your essay could discuss the steps governments should take in this regard, such as creating comprehensive legislation and independent anti-corruption agencies. Also, clarify how international cooperation can help combat corruption.
  • Ways of promoting transparency in government and business operations. Do you agree that open data policies, whistleblower protection laws, independent oversight agencies, and transparent financial reporting are effective methods of ensuring transparency? What other strategies can you propose? Answer the questions in your essay.

How to Stop Corruption as a Student Essay Prompt

An essay on how to stop corruption as a student can focus on the role of young people in preventing corruption in their communities and society at large. Describe what students can do to raise awareness, promote ethical behavior, and advocate for transparency and accountability. The essay can also explore how instilling values of integrity and honesty among young people can help combat corruption.

Here’s what else you can talk about:

  • How to encourage ethical behavior and integrity among students. Explain why it’s essential for teachers to be models of ethical behavior and create a culture of honesty and accountability in schools. Besides, discuss the role of parents and community members in reinforcing students’ moral values.
  • Importance of participating in anti-corruption initiatives and campaigns from a young age. Your paper could study how participation in anti-corruption initiatives fosters young people’s sense of civic responsibility. Can youth engagement promote transparency and accountability?
  • Ways of promoting accountability within educational institutions. What methods of fostering accountability are the most effective? Your essay might evaluate the efficacy of promoting direct communication, establishing a clear code of conduct, creating effective oversight mechanisms, holding all members of the educational process responsible for their actions, and other methods.

How to Stop Corruption in India Essay Prompt

In this essay, you can discuss the pervasive nature of corruption in various sectors of Indian society and its detrimental effects on the country’s development. Explore strategies and measures that can be implemented to address and prevent corruption, as well as the role of government, civil society, and citizens in combating this issue.

Your essay may also include the following:

  • Analysis of the causes and consequences of corruption in India. You may discuss the bureaucratic red tape, weak enforcement mechanisms, and other causes. How do they affect the country’s development?
  • Examination of the effectiveness of existing anti-corruption laws and measures. What are the existing anti-corruption laws and measures in India? Are they effective? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Discussion of potential solutions and reforms to curb corruption. Propose practical solutions and reforms that can potentially stop corruption. Also, explain the importance of political will and international cooperation to implement reforms effectively.

Government Corruption Essay Prompt

A government corruption essay can discuss the prevalence of corruption within government institutions and its impact on the state’s functioning. You can explore various forms of corruption, such as bribery, embezzlement, and nepotism. Additionally, discuss their effects on public services, economic development, and social justice.

Here are some more ideas you can cover in your essay:

  • The causes and manifestations of government corruption. Analyze political patronage, weak accountability systems, and other factors that stimulate corruption. Additionally, include real-life examples that showcase the manifestations of government corruption in your essay.
  • The impact of corruption on public trust and governance. Corruption undermines people’s trust and increases social inequalities. In your paper, we suggest evaluating its long-term impact on countries’ development and social cohesion.
  • Strategies and reforms to combat government corruption. Here, you can present and examine the best strategies and reforms to fight corruption in government. Also, consider the role of international organizations and media in advocating for anti-corruption initiatives.

How to Stop Police Corruption Essay Prompt

In this essay, you can explore strategies and reforms to address corruption within law enforcement agencies. Start by investigating the root causes of police corruption and its impact on public safety and trust. Then, propose effective measures to combat it.

Here’s what else you can discuss in your essay:

  • The factors contributing to police corruption, such as lack of accountability and oversight. Your paper could research various factors that cause police corruption. Is it possible to mitigate their effect?
  • The consequences of police corruption for community relations and public safety. Police corruption has a disastrous effect on public safety and community trust. Your essay can use real-life examples to show how corruption practices in law enforcement undermine their legitimacy and fuel social unrest.
  • Potential solutions, such as improved training, transparency, and accountability measures. Can these measures solve the police corruption issue? What other strategies can be implemented to combat the problem? Consider these questions in your essay.

💲 40 Best Topics for Corruption Essay

Another key to a successful essay on corruption is choosing an intriguing topic. There are plenty of ideas to use in your paper. And here are some topic suggestions for your writing:

  • What is corruption ? An essay should tell the readers about the essentials of this phenomenon. Elaborate on the factors that impact its growth or reduce.
  • How to fight corruption ? Your essay can provide ideas on how to reduce the effects of this problem. If you write an argumentative paper, state your arguments, and give supporting evidence. For example, you can research the countries with the lowest corruption index and how they fight with it.
  • I say “no” to corruption . This can be an excellent topic for your narrative essay. Describe a situation from your life when you’re faced with this type of wrongdoing.
  • Corruption in our country. An essay can be dedicated, for example, to corruption in India or Pakistan. Learn more about its causes and how different countries fight with it.
  • Graft and corruption. We already mentioned the definition of graft. Explore various examples of grafts, e.g., using the personal influence of politicians to pressure public service journalists . Provide your vision of the causes of corruption. The essay should include strong evidence.
  • Corruption in society. Investigate how the tolerance to “black money” crimes impact economics in developing countries .
  • How can we stop corruption ? In your essay, provide suggestions on how society can prevent this problem. What efficient ways can you propose?
  • The reasons that lead to the corruption of the police . Assess how bribery impacts the crime rate. You can use a case of Al Capone as supporting evidence.
  • Literature and corruption. Choose a literary masterpiece and analyze how the author addresses the theme of crime. You can check a sample paper on Pushkin’s “ The Queen of Spades ”
  • How does power affect politicians ? In your essay on corruption and its causes, provide your observations on ideas about why people who hold power allow the grafts.
  • Systemic corruption in China . China has one of the strictest laws on this issue. However, crime still exists. Research this topic and provide your observations on the reasons.
  • The success of Asian Tigers . Explore how the four countries reduced corruption crime rates. What is the secret of their success? What can we learn from them?
  • Lee Kuan Yew and his fight against corruption. Research how Singapore’s legislation influenced the elimination of this crime.
  • Corruption in education. Examine the types in higher education institutions . Why does corruption occur?
  • Gifts and bribes . You may choose to analyze the ethical side of gifts in business. Can it be a bribe? In what cases?
  • Cronyism and nepotism in business . Examine these forms of corruption as a part of Chinese culture.
  • Kickbacks and bribery . How do these two terms are related, and what are the ways to prevent them?
  • Corporate fraud . Examine the bribery, payoffs, and kickbacks as a phenomenon in the business world. Point out the similarities and differences.
  • Anti-bribery compliance in corporations. Explore how transnational companies fight with the misuse of funds by contractors from developing countries.
  • The ethical side of payoffs. How can payoffs harm someone’s reputation? Provide your point of view of why this type of corporate fraud is unethical.
  • The reasons for corruption of public officials .
  • Role of auditors in the fight against fraud and corruption.
  • The outcomes of corruption in public administration .
  • How to eliminate corruption in the field of criminal justice .
  • Is there a connection between corruption and drug abuse ?
  • The harm corruption does to the economic development of countries .
  • The role of anti-bribery laws in fighting financial crimes.
  • Populist party brawl against corruption and graft.
  • An example of incorrigible corruption in business: Enron scandal .
  • The effective ways to prevent corruption .
  • The catastrophic consequences of corruption in healthcare .
  • How regular auditing can prevent embezzlement and financial manipulation.
  • Correlation between poverty and corruption .
  • Unethical behavior and corruption in football business.
  • Corruption in oil business: British Petroleum case.
  • Are corruption and bribery socially acceptable in Central Asian states ?
  • What measures should a company take to prevent bribery among its employees?
  • Ways to eliminate and prevent cases of police corruption .
  • Gift-giving traditions and corruption in the world’s culture.
  • Breaking business obligations : embezzlement and fraud.

These invaluable tips will help you to get through any kind of essay. You are welcome to use these ideas and writing tips whenever you need to write this type of academic paper. Share the guide with those who may need it for their essay on corruption.

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  • Canadian Identity Essay: Essay Topics and Writing Guide
  • Nationalism Essay: An Ultimate Guide and Topics
  • Human Trafficking Essay for College: Topics and Examples
  • Murder Essay: Top 3 Killing Ideas to Complete your Essay

🔗 References

  • Public Corruption: FBI, U.S. Department of Justice
  • Anti-Corruption and Transparency: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
  • United Nations Convention against Corruption: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  • Corruption Essay: Cram
  • How to Construct an Essay: Josh May
  • Essay Writing: University College Birmingham
  • Structuring the Essay: Research & Learning Online
  • Insights from U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre: Medium
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Thank you for these great tips now i can work with ease cause one does not always know what the marker will look out fr. So this is ever so helpfull keep up the great work

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148 Essay Samples and Topics on Corruption

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  • Essay on Corruption, Its Causes, and Effects However, people have used political activities and offices to advance their gains and neglect the need to be accountable and responsible to the public.
  • Corruption: A Development Problem of Bangladesh There are statistics that show the extent of corruption in Bangladesh and the effects of the problem in the country’s economic development. We will write a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts 808 writers online Learn More
  • Corruption in Nigeria: How to Solve the Issue This paper will discuss the causes of corruption and the reasons why a strong corruption is viewed in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A bureaucratic corruption is a form of corruption which is primarily seen […]
  • Power and Corruption in Shakespeare’s Plays Macbeth ascends to the throne, he is determined to hold on to the throne, and so he must get rid of Banquo and his family because the witches had predicted that the throne would go […]
  • The Corruption of the Catholic Church in Chaucer’s Works Using the central theme of religious hypocrisy, Chaucer successfully used the Pardoner, the Friar, and the Summoner characters to expose the church representatives’ corruption and evil practices.
  • Alienation and Corruption in “The Trial” by Franz Kafka The novel presents the incompatibility of the “divine law” and human law, and the protagonist’s, Joseph K, inability to understand the discrepancy.
  • The Film ‘Chinatown’ and Corruption in the American Society One of the ways through film directors can achieve this objective is to focus on the political issues in the society. According to Kavanagh, ‘Chinatown’ is one of the films that highlight the social and […]
  • Nissan Corporation’s Corruption Scandal Investigation The key objective of this paper is to discuss this case in terms of business ethics and understand the meaning of Ghosn’s behaviors.
  • The Acts of Corruption Committed by the Church The purpose of this paper is to list some of the prevalent acts of corruption committed by the church and its followers and to understand the reasons behind them.
  • Corruption in Russia: IKEA’s Expansion to the East The first problem is associated with the improperly designed ad campaign that was perceived as immoral due to the fact that despite the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the local population preserved its mentality related […]
  • Corruption and Society: Critical Analysis Because of the latter, the political and social traditions of these societies are built on the beneficial effects of corruption. However, it is a mistake to believe that the social structure of traditional societies will […]
  • Leadership, Power, Corruption in Today’s Politics The concept of leadership, especially in the political arena is complex and the perception of a good leader differs from one school of thought to another.
  • Causes of Corruption in a Country One of the major causes of corruption in a country is the poor design of policies and laws that are being implemented by the government.
  • Corruption in the South African Public Sector Studies done have clearly shown that most of the public is fully aware of corruption in South Africa and also that the public is aware of the efforts being made to root out corruption in […]
  • Addressing Corruption in the Engineering Field I chose this topic because corruption is a moral ill in society, especially among engineers and in the recent past it has led to deadly consequences such as the death of people, destruction of the […]
  • Corruption in Law Enforcement Some developments in the state fought the criminality of the state machinery indirectly, such as the endorsement of the civil rights in 1964.
  • How Pushkin Illustrates the Theme of Corruption in the “The Queen of Spades?” Alexander Pushkin in his writing, “The Queen of Spades”, takes the reader through the world of faro gambling at the time of the Imperialist Russia in the beginning of the early 19th century.
  • Concepts of Corruption as Threat of Security The political officers who are charged with the core obligation of discharging their mandate with the cardinal objective of protecting the interest of the public have gone astray and turned a threat to the welfare […]
  • Robert Bolt “A Man for All Seasons”: Corruption Theme The 16th century was a period of political conflict and corruption in England; the theme is presented through the statesman Thomas More who is considered to participate in the struggle between the state and the […]
  • Corruption and Accountability of Police Work In this regard, lack of strong and proper policies on misconduct and unethical behavior in the line of duty has helped to perpetrate the corruption of law enforcement officers in various sectors of their work.
  • Civil Society Role in Combating Corruption Causes of corruption can be summarized as follows: The lack of political will to combat corruption at the leadership level; The weak judicial system and the absence of the rule of law; The weak parliamentary […]
  • Corruption Imagery in R.W. Fassbinder’s “Lola” (1981) It is the second in the said trilogy with The Marriage of Maria Braun being the first and Veronika Voss the last.
  • Corruption and Integrity: The Broad Context of Moral Principles One of the approaches in comparing the most and least corrupt is evaluating the economic positions of the countries. Another significant difference between the most and least corrupt countries is in terms of the effectiveness […]
  • Causes of Corruption in Africa’s Developing Countries Corruption is the leading cause of underdevelopment and challenging economic conditions in Africa’s developing countries. Finally, legal and media institutions lack the freedom to practice justice and expose corruption.
  • What Contributes to the Corruption? Neo-liberalism and corruption One of the major factors that contributed to the apparent rise and spread of corruption and which is a subject of debate is neo-liberalism which started in the 1970s and the 1980s.
  • Public Policy on Corruption The rationale of the policy The rationale of this policy is to eliminate corruption. Besides, this model will ensure that there is universality when it comes to the application of these policies.
  • Witches Against Corruption in Miller’s The Crucible Play Through their portrayal in the play, the accused witches have become powerful symbols of strength and resistance for women who want to take a stand against corruption and injustice.
  • Terrorism, Corruption, and Climate Change as Threats Therefore, threats affecting countries around the globe include terrorism, corruption, and climate change that can be mitigated through integrated counter-terror mechanisms, severe punishment for dishonest practices, and creating awareness of safe practices.
  • Discussion: Bribery and Corruption Is an Issue That Threatens Sustainability Therefore, multinational enterprises should audit their supply chains to eliminate unsustainable practices such as bribery and the use of child labor and promote socially and environmentally responsible production.
  • Determinants of Corruption in Nigeria Therefore, in this research, I am planning to focus on the empirical part of the topic and attempt to make a positive change in society.
  • The Saudi Aramco Company and Corruption The main idea behind the company’s engagement in a public offering is believed to be driven by the need to make Saudi Arabia’s dependency on oil income through diversification of the economy.
  • Corruption in Bell, Gilchrist County, Florida The main form of corruption, as evidenced in the video, is embezzlement. The second form of corruption evidenced in the video is graft.
  • Corruption in African Region: Causes and Solutions In this regard, the major objectives included investigating the current situation in African organizations, identifying the causes of corruption in African developing countries, studying the impact of neo-patrimonialism on African corruption, and examining unethical business […]
  • Corruption in Leading African Companies The research topic is dedicated to the exploration of corporate governance and business ethics within the scope of studying corruption in leading African companies.
  • The Key Challenges of Detecting and Prosecuting Corruption in Law Enforcement However, while this is true to some extent, the truth is that the lack of international anti-corruption law, geopolitical considerations, inefficiencies and inherent weaknesses of the Magnitsky Act, opaque banking industries in some countries, and […]
  • The Police Culture and Corruption Goal misalignment between the community and police occurred as a result of militarized police starting to view themselves as armies battling on the front lines of war instead as public servants.
  • How Corruption Violates Fundamental Human Rights of Citizens This essay seeks to establish how corruption leads to breach of fundamental human rights of citizens and determine which rights in particular are mostly risky due to corruption.
  • Corruption in Education: Opposition and Refutation Therefore, corruption in the educational sector is not the absolute cause of poor education and increased social problems in the DRC.
  • Corruption in Infrastructure of the Democratic Republic of Congo The mining companies are negatively affected by rampant corruption and a culture of everyday transactions, which has resulted in the misappropriation of public funds.
  • Corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo This is a comprehensive report published by the IMF that examines in tremendous detail the corruption, policy, and frameworks of governance and corruption in the DRC.
  • Police Corruption: A Crime With Severe Consequences Police corruption is a severe crime that can lead to adverse consequences for the officer-criminals and society. The documentary “Seven Five” shows the story of one of the most criminal police officers Michael Dowd.
  • Noble-Cause Corruption Prevention In conclusion, it is difficult to restrict noble-cause corruption, and the only way to affect its outcomes is to promote the right values among police officers.
  • Corruption: What Everyone Needs to Know Besides, the poor personnel policy of the state permits the spread of corruption and opportunities for promotion independent of the actual results of the employees’ activity.
  • Ethical Issue: Public Corruption The theory of ethical formalism that is represented in the works of Immanuel Kant and John Rawls argues that “the only thing truly good is goodwill, and that what is good is that which conforms […]
  • A Moderate Approach of Treating Corruption Propositions The more corruption is entrenched in the government, the more difficult it is for businesses to exist in conditions of local competition with other corrupt officials.
  • The Effects of Corruption in Politics on Economics Developed countries report a low level of corruption and tend to be more reliable and financed from the outside. In contrast, the absence of corruption indicates the ensured economic growth and prosperity.
  • Corruption During Disaster Relief One of the most notable elements about most of the disasters that have been documented in various parts of the world is lack of adequate preparation in case of their occurrence.
  • Public Corruption and Embezzlement For a party to be guilty of an offense, the elements of the guilty mind and the actual commission of the crime must be present.
  • Ethical Issues Related to the Internal Corruption In such regard corruption appears to be a considerably controversial ethical issue, as it is closely linked with the aspects of loyalty and trust.
  • Corruption in Kuwait: Analysis of Different Aspects of Kuwait’s Corruption Kuwait is a nation that is affected by corruption cases, and it is one of the states in the world that are highly corrupt.
  • Agency Interaction and Police Corruption One of the officers told me that I do not need to pay for my food at this restaurant because the owners give it free to the police officers.
  • Police Corruption, Misconduct and Brutality: When a Good-Cop-Bad-Cop Routine Goes Wrong The given cases show that, sadly enough, power abuse among the members of the police department is still an issue, and it is probably going to be as long as the means to coordinate the […]
  • Noble Cause Corruption – A Crime-Fighting Sub-Culture The term Noble Cause Corruption refers to a crime-fighting sub-culture that involves the law enforcement members being engaged in activities that would otherwise be considered criminal or unethical for the purposes of the greater good […]
  • Elite Squad 1&2: The Theme of Corruption The media sugarcoats the drug lords and extorts their reporting of the events in the Rio’s crime and corruption as seen in the film “Elite Squad 2” instead of exposing the truth.
  • Institutional Corruption: Praise the Lord Club For example, in the case of bribery, the crime is fuelled both by the person who asks for the bribe and the one who pays it out.
  • Corruption of Public Officials It has been identified that individuals of the upper class also commit crime by the virtue of the positions that they hold and the trust and power that is vested to them.
  • Anti-Corruption Strategies in Kazakhstan On the backdrop of the notion that corruption is an international issue of concern5, the aim of this paper is to evaluate the success of anti corruption strategies in Kazakhstan.
  • Public Corruption and Its Impact on the Economy Corruption is in itself a very negative aspect that impedes the economic growth of the affected country, or organization irrespective of the status of development.
  • Public Corruption as a Cultural Tradition This means that corruption as a wider topic of concern to most people has its roots in the cultural aspect of socialism and formed a fundamental aspect of the cultural aspect of human life.
  • Corruption and Integrity in Modern World The difference in the levels of corruption in these countries is a result of different parameters and at the same time, the effects are diverse.
  • Touch of Evil: The World of Drug Lords and Corruption Janet Leigh, who is considered to be an outstanding American actress of the 50s, perfectly played one of the leading roles in the movie, the role of Susan Vargas.
  • Corruption and Ways to Prevent Its Occurrence Power is the authority and ability to control. Emotional intelligence is the capacity and ability to integrate, assess and manage feelings of self or of others.
  • Police Corruption in “The Detonator” by Wesley Snipes Judging by the content of high-level corruption within the police as exhibited in the movies, it is only reasonable to say that police have deviated from their traditional role of being the custodians of social […]
  • Latin America: Administrative Reforms and Corruption The government agenda incorporated research agenda in 1995 with the shared but conflicting leadership between the presidency of the council of ministers with whom the emphasis was placed on the organizational and management aspects of […]
  • Corruption and Integrity: The Analysis of the Corruption System in the World In the territory of the Middle East this country takes the first place in corruption; the analysis of the corruption issues in the country carried out based on recent tragedy happening to Radhi al-Radhi being […]
  • African Corruption and Sapolsky’s “A Primate’s Memoir” The preservation of the wildlife is necessary in order to ensure that the animals are protected from being killed hence they do not become extinct as many other animals have furnished due to lack of […]
  • Corruption of Government in Church Some people argue that that most of the actions of the church in the course of its development cannot be regarded as corruptive whereas others state that the desire of the church to enrich itself […]
  • Relationship Between Lobbying and Corruption Lobbying can be defined as the act of influencing government leaders for the alteration of law or the creation of new legislation that will support the interest of a particular group or organization. The basis […]
  • Police Reform in Russia: Evaluation of Police Corruption Which individual, institutional, and organizational factors of corruption did Medvedev’s 2011 police reform target, and how successful was it in eliminating the practice of corruption among law enforcement officers in Russia compared to other states?
  • Police Corruption in Russia: Determinants and Future Policy Implications To critically review the present-day situation pertaining to police corruption in Russia To evaluate the effectiveness of measures that Russia currently undertakes to curb police corruption To analyse the main legal, economic, social, and […]
  • The Problem of Corruption in Government In addition to officials, citizens are also partly responsible for the existence of corruption as a daily occurrence, therefore, not only senior staff but also the population may be involved in combating bribery.
  • Corruption, Media and Public. Cocalero Documentary However, for the public to act against such cases, the media has to play its role in spreading nonpartisan information concerning the occurrence of corruption in a given area.
  • International Business: Corruption and Bribery in Latin America In the context of this paper, it could be claimed that in Latin America, the frequency of the occurrence of corruption and bribery tends to rise in response to the malfunction of inherent power mechanisms […]
  • Corruption in Kenya Evolves for a Digital Age At the same time, it is obvious that the interested parties are quick to catch up with the progress regardless of the legality of their actions.
  • Noble Cause Corruption in Police Officers One might argue that NCC has a reason to exist as it may serve as the means of safeguarding the wellbeing of the members of the community in dire situations.
  • Noble Cause Corruption and Police Misconduct However, the phenomenon is based on a misconception about the purpose of the justice system and the role that the members of the police must play in society.
  • Anti-Corruption Efforts in Trading With China Under this law, any person who is found guilty of operating business in a country in an effort to give property or money to customers so as to sell or purchase products is liable to […]
  • Noble Cause Corruption in Officer Employees Therefore, I present this memorandum for you to be aware of the principles of ethical behavior, which are obligatory for every officer, and expect your ethically-sound conduct in the future.
  • Corruption in New York and Ethical Obligations When discussing the violations of ethical principles in the case of Smith and Halloran, it is essential to mention that the established rules of ethics in political leadership are put in place to prevent classic, […]
  • Police Corruption and Citizen’s Ethical Dilemma There are three key stakeholders in the given situation, which are the policemen, who set the terms; the father, who is to take the pivoting decision; and the family, who depends on the decision which […]
  • Corruption Shaping Democracies in Latin America This research paper gives a detailed analysis of the nature of this problem and how it affects the welfare of different communities, regions, and citizens.
  • Private Prisons’ Ethics and Capital-Driven Corruption The promotion of private prisons in the U.S.context was a response to the identified crisis. Even though there is a slight propensity to justify the idea of private prisons as the tools for containing prisoners […]
  • American Police Corruption and Its Classification The invention of camera phones gave everybody the ability to document the wrongful actions of police and have undermined the trust people had in the police authority.
  • Noble Cause Corruption and Virtue Ethics The answer lies in the purpose and the implied public image of the police. The role of the policeman is to uphold the law dictated by the government and the constitution of the country.
  • Corruption in Arbitration in the United Arab Emirates As such, when conducting a research that focuses on corruption and how to deal with it, it is important to have a clearly guided approach of the study that can help in achieving the desired […]
  • Bribery and Corruption in International Arbitration The tendency towards the globalization created the basis for the improved cooperation between states, companies, agencies, individuals, etc.and preconditioned the shift of priorities towards the global discourse as the most promising mean of cooperation.
  • Public Corruption as a Phenomenon and Explanations Thus, to describe the phenomenon of public corruption, four major hypotheses exist the concept of “slippery slope,” the society-at-large hypothesis, the structural or affiliation hypothesis, and the rotten apple hypothesis.
  • Gift Culture and Corruption in the World The main argument in this kind of claim is that corruption is a critical attribute of many societies that embrace the gift culture practice.
  • Theater of Corruption in “Syriana” by Stephen Gaghan The aim of this paper is to explore the overlapping of oil and politics in the context of the movie. In scene 20 when discussing the negotiations of the prince’s brother with American lawyers, Woodman […]
  • The Corruption Issue in the Contemporary Society Further, pinpointing the necessary aspects that foster the development of the skill besides assessing the influence of faith and spirituality in the reinforcement of the quality would be the concentration of the paper.
  • Global Business: Culture, Corruption, Experiments This paper summarizes the main points of three articles focusing on international business, gives the writer’s respective position and rationale, and provides employer best practices in the specific areas examined.
  • Corruption in Charity Organizations However, certain rich people avoid paying taxes by giving lots of money to charities in the form of donations. The main reason why some people donate to charities is so that they can win the […]
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: United States vs. John Blondek, et al. Hence, the description of the chain of events that has led to the indictment, as seen by the Judge: “Blondek and Tull were employees of Eagle Bus Company…they paid a $50,000 bribe to Defendants Castle […]
  • Corruption in Business Environment For instance, the business environment of China is in the state of transition because of significant changes in political regimes and leaders.
  • Corruption and Corporate and Personal Integrity Bribery, embezzlement of funds and illegitimate procurement always impose extra and unjustified costs to the cost of acquiring public services and damages the credibility of those institutions that are involved in the vice.
  • Sociology: Is Guanxi Corruption? In China, Guanxi has been in use for a very long time and has been socially accepted as a way of life, both in the day-to-day activities and also in business practices.
  • Excessive Business Regulations and Corruption For the purpose of the paper, business regulation is taken to mean the laws and institutions established by governments to govern the establishment of businesses either by local citizens and companies or by foreign investors.
  • Political Corruption: Causes, Consequences and Strategies The ethics of the process deals with the methods that public officials apply in the execution of their duties. Political corruption exists in all countries and harms their systems of economic and political governance through […]
  • Corruption and Ethics in China’s Banking Sector The ranking of China among the most corrupt countries is illustrative of the rampant corruption both in the state and in the private sector. In America, corruption is a civil tort and perpetrators of the […]
  • Mexican Political Parties Role in Corruption and Insecurity The top political brass of Mexico is to blame for the misfortunes in the country. This separation led to reduced influence of the church in political activities.
  • Political Corruption in the Airline Industry The cartoon relates to this in that the two nationals may have used corrupt means to avoid security checks, and the pilot also had a personal political affiliation which may have caused him to divert […]
  • Political Corruption as a Trigger of Democracy Hence, the development of the political systems invites more active voters who contribute to the development of the democratic principles. Therefore, the democratic influence on political power is closely associated with the development of the […]
  • Political Corruption: Least and Most Corrupt Countries This has led to not only following of the laws to the latter but also avoiding the labeling of corruption in their work place.
  • Ethical Problems in Corruption The notion that in a court of law, it is normally the suspects’ arguments against the amount of evidenced presented before the courts have greatly contributed to noble cause corruption.
  • Global Financial Crisis: Corruption and Transparency Due to the large number of the emerging markets, the global financial regulators lacked a proper mechanism to handle the situation.
  • The Roles of Vertical and Shared Leadership in the Enactment of Executive Corruption: Implications for Research and Practice Responsibility disposition refers to the tendency of a leader to feel obliged to do the right thing for the welfare of the majority.
  • Judicial Corruption in Developing Countries It originates from the judges and lawyers who are at the center of the legal systems in Africa. There is a lingering culture of impunity in African leadership that is the primary cause of corruption.
  • Cairo Revolution Against Corruption and Injustice The success of that protest led to the formalization of the movement with a mission to organize and mobilize ordinary people to fight for their rights.
  • Does Corruption Grease or Put Sand in a System’s Cogs? The first advantage is that corruption enables a system to avoid bureaucratic structures that would cause delays in the progress of a system.
  • Corruption and Bribery in the Oil Sector in Nigeria and Angola It is identified that the west, through their MNCs, are solely to blame for the rampant cases of corruption in Nigeria and Angola.
  • Corruption and Bribery in the Oil Sector of Angola The oil industry in the African continent, particularly in the largest oil producers like Angola and Nigeria is the centre of corruption and there is a need to introduce transparency in the management of oil […]
  • Business Corruption in the American and Chinese Culture This paper presents ethical issues focusing on business corruption in the American and Chinese culture. Business corruption practices take place in the American and Chinese civilizations differently.
  • Corruption in Russia The rising corruption cases have been related to the 2006 Russian president’s policies that were meant to strengthen the state on the expense of the Russia’s civil society.
  • Corruption in Russia: Causes and Consequences In addition, because of the clear connection between corruption and increased crime, security standards have declined in Russia, because of the ever-increasing net of criminal gangs, which evade the long arms of the law, because […]
  • Public Policy vs. Social Norms and Corruption Political processes enshrined in democratic values of integrity and accountability must continue to shape the institutional framework in the region. Political and civil institutions in Sierra Leone could stop the escalation of illegal trade to […]
  • The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) Due to the fact that the Corruption Perceptions Index reflects the degree of corruption in countries, it can also denote the level of integrity performance.
  • Law Enforcement: Noble Cause Corruption Since the policeman knows the driver/occupant of the vehicle is a threat to the society, he dramatically puts some illegal drugs on the car which will act as a basis for his/ her arrest.
  • Corruption as a Social Phenomenon While all manners of corruption are inherently damaging to the society, this particular form of corruption poses the most significant threat since it is the political bodies in our country that are charged with guiding […]
  • Does Competition Kill Corruption?
  • Can Salaries and Re-Election Prevent Political Corruption?
  • Does Corruption Affect Health Outcomes in the Philippines?
  • Did China’s Anti-corruption Campaign Affect the Risk Premium on Stocks of Global Luxury Goods Firms?
  • Does Corruption Affect Income Inequality and Poverty?
  • Are Corruption and Taxation Harmful to Growth?
  • Does Corruption Affect Suicide?
  • Can Corruption Constrain the Size of Governments?
  • Does Corruption Affect Total Factor Productivity?
  • Are Corruption Levels Accurately Identified?
  • Does Corruption Cause Encumber Business Regulations?
  • Can Corruption Ever Improve an Economy?
  • Does Corruption Discourage International Trade?
  • Are Financial Development and Corruption Control Substitutes in Promoting Growth?
  • Does Corruption End the Dominant Party System?
  • Can Corruption Foster Regulatory Compliance?
  • Does Corruption Erode Trust in Government?
  • Are the Law, Democracy, and Socioeconomic Factors Related to the Level of Corruption in the Brazilian States?
  • Does Corruption Ever Help Entrepreneurship?
  • Can Corruption Function as “Protection Money” and “Grease Money”?
  • Does Corruption Facilitate Trade for the New EU Members?
  • Are There Differences Between Perception of Corruption in Public and Private Sector?
  • Does Corruption Foster Growth in Bangladesh?
  • Can India Get Rid of Corruption?
  • Are Top Managers Responsible When Corruption Is Afoot?
  • Can Institutional Reforms Reduce Corruption?
  • Are Women More Likely Than Men to Oppose Corruption in China?
  • Can Openness Deter Corruption?
  • Does Corruption Impede Economic Growth in Pakistan?
  • Can the Exchange Rate Regime Influence Corruption?
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  • Co-education; Merits and Demerits. (CSS 2009)
  • English as the medium of Education in Pakistan. (CSS 2009)
  • A critical analysis of Education system in Pakistan. (CSS 2012)
  • There should be colleges and schools just for men/boys and some just for women/girls. (CSS 2013)
  • Meaning and purpose of education. (CSS 2013)
  • Privatizing higher education-generating knowledge or making more money for the opulent. (CSS 2014)
  • Higher Education in Pakistan: Ills and Remedies. (CSS 2018)
  • Classrooms decide the future of the nation. (CSS 2019)
  • Women universities as agents of change. (CSS 2020)
  • Meaning purposive education. (CSS 2021)

National Integration

  • The barbarity of ethnic cleansing. (CSS 2000)
  • National Integration. (CSS 2001)
  • Water crisis and national unity. (CSS 2016)
  • We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. (CSS 2000)
  • Dilemma of the water and energy crisis in Pakistan. (CSS 2003)
  • Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream. (CSS 2021)
  • Energy Crisis in Pakistan: Causes and Consequences. (CSS 2012)


  • Public office is a public trust. (CSS 2001)
  • Bureaucracy doldrums. (CSS 2021)

Poverty/ Progress

  • Progressive alleviation of poverty in Pakistan – an overview. (CSS 2000)
  • Strategies for the alleviation of poverty. (CSS 2005)
  • Look to the east for holistic progress. (CSS 2014)
  • Does foreign aid help to achieve economic stability? (CSS 2016)
  • Advancement in science and technology is the gateway to prosperity of a country. (CSS 2000)
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  • Promotion of tax culture in Pakistan: Perspective, prospects and challenges. (CSS 2016)
  • Real development should transform people’s lives, not just economic statistics. (CSS 2018)
  • New war fronts lie in economic zones. (CSS 2019)
  • Pakistan’s informal economy: the way forward. (CSS 2020)
  • IMF bailouts: roads to stability or recipes for disaster. (CSS 2020)
  • Is there such a thing as ethical consumerism? (CSS 2022)

Justice/ Rule of Law

  • Justice delayed is justice denied. (CSS 2001)
  • Will “Rule of law” always remain an impracticable myth in our country? (CSS  2018)
  • A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth man’s minds about religion. (CSS 2002)
  • Pluralistic vision of Islam. (CSS 2004)
  • Islam versus the West. (CSS 2005)
  • The image of Islam in the western world and responsibilities of the Muslim Ummah. (CSS 2007)
  • Peace; the essential message of our religion. (CSS 2008)
  • Materialism is the death of spirituality. (CSS 2008)
  • Fair play and life, as it is lived, in the land of the pure. (CSS 2011)
  • Let there be more light in the corridors of worship places. (CSS 2019)

United Nations

  • The future of UNO: Hopes and Hurdles. (CSS 2009)
  • The UNO has failed to measure up to the demands of its charter. (CSS 2010)
  • The United Nations in the 21st Century: Obligations and Limitations. (CSS 2012)
  • More and more international military engagements by the United Nations; is the world moving towards peace? (CSS 2017)

Women/ Gender

  • Persecuted poor woman. (CSS 2005)
  • The state of women rights in Pakistan. (CSS 2007)
  • Status of Women in Islam. (CSS 2009)
  • Why is there no status of the third gender in Pakistan? (CSS 2010)
  • Can women be equal to men in Pakistan? (CSS 2010)
  • Does Pakistan society regard women as the angel in the house or source of all evils? (CSS 2011)
  • Social and Economic Securities for Women in Islam. (CSS 2012)
  • Gender equality is a myth. (CSS 2013)
  • Women sports persons are new ambassadors of the soft image of Pakistan. (CSS 2014)
  • Gender equality is a myth! (CSS 2016)
  • Frailty, thy name is woman. (CSS 2016)
  • Feminism is not really a Third World issue. (CSS 2017)
  • New Waves of feminism and our culture. (CSS 2019)
  • Gender equality: a popular slogan. (CSS 2021)
  • The controversial issues of feminism in contemporary women’s rights movements. (CSS 2022)

Accountability/ Corruption

  • Without independent truth-finding commission , accountability is unachievable. (CSS 2010)
  • Religion has done more harm than help to human relations in the world. (CSS 2010)

Nationalism/ Minorities

  • Being a minority is a fate no one wants. Can nationalism be really inclusive? (CSS 2017)
  • The purification of politics is an iridescent dream. (CSS 2000)
  • Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary. (CSS 2002)
  • Personalization Of Pakistani Politics (CSS 2006)
  • Politics is the art of the possible. (CSS 2007)
  • Insanity in individuals is something rare but in groups, parties and nations it is the rule. (CSS 2011)
  • The emerging power of Public Opinion. (CSS 2012)
  • Not the economy but politics is the key to success. (CSS 2013)
  • The creation of new provinces in Pakistan: Implications for an integrated country. (CSS 2016)
  • Polarized politics: the issues and challenges of democracy in Pakistan. (CSS 2020)

Management/ Life/ Discipline / Ideology

  • Sweet are the uses of adversity. (CSS 2000)
  • “Turn not thy cheek in scorn towards folk nor walk with pertness in the land”. (Al-Quran) (CSS 2001)
  • Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. (CSS 2001)
  • Self-conceit may lead to self destruction. (CSS 2001)
  • Attitude of indifference. (CSS 2003)
  • Young habits die-hard. (CSS 2003)
  • Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny. (CSS 2006)
  • Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late. Benjamin Franklin (CSS 2006)
  • A country is backward because it’s people are backward. (CSS 2007)
  • Time management is the keynote of success. (CSS 2008)
  • Lack of discipline – a national disaster. (CSS 2008)
  • Dreams for the future rely on the work of today. (CSS 2008)
  • Health is not a condition of matter, but of mind. (CSS 2009)
  • Without good communication skills, life becomes impossible in the modern world. (CSS 2011)
  • Obesity is the root cause of all diseases. (CSS 2012)
  • Let me take care of today, tomorrow shall take care of itself. (CSS 2013)
  • Country life is better than city life. (CSS 2013)
  • The character of a nation can be judged by its symbolic narratives. (CSS 2014)
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  • Luxury predecessors become the necessity of successors. (CSS 2015)
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  • We have to learn to be our own best friends, because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies. (CSS 2016)
  • Is colonial mentality impeding Pakistan’s progress? (CSS 2016)
  • Ideologies thrive on notions of resistance, yet change is a simulation. (CSS 2017)
  • Life without controversy is no life. But why should one not choose the safe haven of conformism? (CSS 2017)
  • Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. (CSS 2018)
  • Beware the barrenness of a busy life! (CSS 2018)

Nuclear Politics

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  • The more developed a country, the more leathly it is armed. (CSS 2007)
  • International crisis of Terrorism. (CSS 2002)
  • Terrorism as a new threat to the contemporary world. (CSS 2007)
  • Pakistan’s War on terror and its impact on our psyche and politic socio-economic fronts. (CSS 2009)
  • How is terrorism and its perception shaped by the Mass Media? (CSS 2022)

Art/ Literature/ Poetry

  • Every art is an imitation of nature. (CSS 2002)
  • Art Critics and reviewers. (CSS 2003)
  • Humour in Urdu Literature (CSS 2006)
  • Poetry is the highest form of expression – the greatest proof is the Holy Quran. (CSS 2008)
  • Literature is the best criticism of life. (CSS 2010)
  • Literature as a great cultural artifact. (CSS 2014)
  • Language is a fit data for research in humanities and social science. (CSS 2014)
  • Can meaning be fixed? (CSS 2014)
  • The place of Urdu in Pakistan and Supreme Court’s ruling on making Urdu the official language of the country. 2016
  • Literature is a lonely planet of idealists. (CSS 2017)
  • Art for peace. (CSS 2019)
  • Do we really need literature in our lives? (CSS 2020)

Literary/ Philosophy

  • It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds. (CSS 2001)
  • Existentialism. (CSS 2003)
  • Liberalism (CSS 2006)
  • Brain, like hearts, go where they are appreciated. (CSS 2006, 2012)
  • There is no great genius without a mixture of madness. (CSS 2009)
  • Beggars can’t be choosers. (CSS 2012)
  • If gold rusts what shall the iron do. (CSS 2013)
  • Anticipation is often greater than realization. (CSS 2015)
  • Sometimes we do not see what we see. (CSS 2019)
  • I fall upon the thorns of life I bleed. (CSS 2021)
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge. (CSS 2022)

Diversity/ Freedom

  • Dialogue is the best course to combat terrorism. (CSS 2010)
  • Free speech should have limitations. (CSS 2013)
  • I disapprove of what you say, but I defend to death your right to say. (CSS 2015)
  • I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. (CSS 2020)

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Essay on Corruption for Students and Children

500+ words essay on corruption.

Essay on Corruption – Corruption refers to a form of criminal activity or dishonesty. It refers to an evil act by an individual or a group. Most noteworthy, this act compromises the rights and privileges of others. Furthermore, Corruption primarily includes activities like bribery or embezzlement. However, Corruption can take place in many ways. Most probably, people in positions of authority are susceptible to Corruption. Corruption certainly reflects greedy and selfish behavior.

Essay on Corruption

Methods of Corruption

First of all, Bribery is the most common method of Corruption. Bribery involves the improper use of favours and gifts in exchange for personal gain. Furthermore, the types of favours are diverse. Above all, the favours include money, gifts, company shares, sexual favours, employment , entertainment, and political benefits. Also, personal gain can be – giving preferential treatment and overlooking crime.

Embezzlement refers to the act of withholding assets for the purpose of theft. Furthermore, it takes place by one or more individuals who were entrusted with these assets. Above all, embezzlement is a type of financial fraud.

The graft is a global form of Corruption. Most noteworthy, it refers to the illegal use of a politician’s authority for personal gain. Furthermore, a popular way for the graft is misdirecting public funds for the benefit of politicians .

Extortion is another major method of Corruption. It means to obtain property, money or services illegally. Above all, this obtainment takes place by coercing individuals or organizations. Hence, Extortion is quite similar to blackmail.

Favouritism and nepotism is quite an old form of Corruption still in usage. This refers to a person favouring one’s own relatives and friends to jobs. This is certainly a very unfair practice. This is because many deserving candidates fail to get jobs.

Abuse of discretion is another method of Corruption. Here, a person misuses one’s power and authority. An example can be a judge unjustly dismissing a criminal’s case.

Finally, influence peddling is the last method here. This refers to illegally using one’s influence with the government or other authorized individuals. Furthermore, it takes place in order to obtain preferential treatment or favour.

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Ways of Stopping Corruption

One important way of preventing Corruption is to give a better salary in a government job. Many government employees receive pretty low salaries. Therefore, they resort to bribery to meet their expenses. So, government employees should receive higher salaries. Consequently, high salaries would reduce their motivation and resolve to engage in bribery.

essay on corruption css

Tough laws are very important for stopping Corruption. Above all, strict punishments need to be meted out to guilty individuals. Furthermore, there should be an efficient and quick implementation of strict laws.

Applying cameras in workplaces is an excellent way to prevent corruption. Above all, many individuals would refrain from indulging in Corruption due to fear of being caught. Furthermore, these individuals would have otherwise engaged in Corruption.

The government must make sure to keep inflation low. Due to the rise in prices, many people feel their incomes to be too low. Consequently, this increases Corruption among the masses. Businessmen raise prices to sell their stock of goods at higher prices. Furthermore, the politician supports them due to the benefits they receive.

To sum it up, Corruption is a great evil of society. This evil should be quickly eliminated from society. Corruption is the poison that has penetrated the minds of many individuals these days. Hopefully, with consistent political and social efforts, we can get rid of Corruption.

{ “@context”: “”, “@type”: “FAQPage”, “mainEntity”: [{ “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “What is Bribery?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “Bribery refers to improper use of favours and gifts in exchange for personal gain.”} }, { “@type”: “Question”, “name”: ” How high salaries help in stopping Corruption?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”:”High salaries help in meeting the expenses of individuals. Furthermore, high salaries reduce the motivation and resolve to engage in bribery.”} }] }

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