1. How to Write a Cover Letter: Template & Tips

    Simply sign off with: "I have attached my resume and look forward to speaking to you further about this opportunity.". Or "I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this role further." Finally, as you'll see in our cover letter template, you can close with the widely accepted "kind regards" or "sincerely".

  2. How to Write a Resume

    Follow the below standard resume structure when looking to write your resume. Don't forget to ensure you use clean and clear formatting. 1. Contact information. Start with the basics such as your name, phone number, email address (make sure the email address you use sounds professional) and LinkedIn profile.

  3. Why cover letters are still important, and how to write one

    Director, Hays Australia. Writing a great cover letter can really help your job application to stand out. Taking the time and effort to write a unique cover letter positions you as a proactive candidate. Not all candidates will make the effort to write a tailored and personalised cover letter. So, if you do, it's more likely that you will ...

  4. Hays Specialist Recruitment job employment agency

    Hays recruitment agency is an employment consultancy in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia. Search for contracts, permanent or temp jobs. Scam alert banner ... Cover letter template; Interview guide; Career goal planner; Job search planner; Refer a friend; Hays app; AU Footer.

  5. Submit your CV

    Submit your CV. Submit your CV to a Hays consultant for review. First Name. Last Name. Enter your email address. If you have any issues with applying to a position please visit our desktop site. Upload your CV. If you wish to include a covering letter as part of your application please include it as part of your CV document.

  6. How to write a cover letter: Template & Tips

    Recruiters & hiring managers often receive hundreds of applications for each job. You need to start with a great cover letter to gain attention. Learn how wi...

  7. Resumes & Cover letter tips and advice for employment from Hays

    Resumes & cover letter tips from Hays. When you apply for a job online the first thing a hiring manager will ask of you is to submit a resume, also known as a CV, and usually a cover letter. These are critical documents that enable you to showcase your skills, experience and professional profile onto paper to help support your case for securing ...

  8. Hays Australia

    Write your best cover letter yet with these #coverletterwriting tips. For more tips or to download our #coverletter template, visit: Hays Australia - Write your best cover letter yet with...

  9. Hays Australia

    Time to perfect your next job application Download your copy of the Hays Cover Letter Template and get your application to the top of the pile:...

  10. How to write a cover letter that stands out

    If possible, put your cover letter and CV in the same document, ... Jane McNeill, Director, Hays Australia. Jane McNeill joined Hays in 1987 as a graduate trainee in their London head office after graduating with an MA (Hons) in Psychology from Edinburgh University. She began her career recruiting accountancy & finance professionals, before ...

  11. Cover letter

    Revamp Your Cover Letter with Ease! Feeling daunted by the task of updating your cover letter? Don't worry - our straightforward and free guide...

  12. Career Advice

    Resumes & Cover Letters. Topics in this section include everything you need to know about drafting a winning resume & cover letters to impress.

  13. Hays Australia

    Ensure your job application makes a great impact with our cover letter template. Discover the power of the right job with Hays.

  14. Cover Letter Template

    We know cover letters can be challenging to write! That's why we have created a #Coverletter template to make your cover letter writing a breeze. ...

  15. Hays Australia

    Writing an on-point cover letter can be the hardest part of applying for jobs. Make it simple with our free template #coverletter # ...

  16. How to write a cover letter for job applications

    Sign off professionally. Conclude the main body of the cover letter with a power phrase such as, "I would like to discuss in greater detail the value I could bring to your organization," and close with the formal and widely accepted "Best regards" or "Sincerely". Spell check and ensure the formatting is correct.

  17. Writing a great cover letter

    Towards the end of your cover letter, confirm your availability and sign off with a power phrase such as, "I would like to discuss in greater detail the value I could bring to your organisation.". Then close with the formal and widely accepted "Kind regards" or "Yours sincerely". Make sure you include your phone number, email ...

  18. Common cover letter mistakes

    It's a crucial part of any direct job application, so try to avoid making one of these common mistakes. 1. Droning on. 83 per cent of employers report that the average length of time they spend reading a cover letter is under a minute. So, keep it short and snappy. Furthermore, don't try and be too quirky, and avoid clichés.

  19. Download your how to write a resume guide

    Download your 'How to write a resume' guide. Learn how to craft a resume and cover letter that will secure you to the next gig or job you want. Our 'How to write a successful resume guide' provides step-by-step instructions, examples and insider tips on how to stand out in a world of AI generated resumes and automated CV reviews.

  20. Simple Tricks To Help Your CV Stand Out

    Demonstrate bottom line contributions: reduced, decreased, consolidated, saved, yielded, increased. Demonstrate overall achievements: awarded, exceeded, outperformed, surpassed, earned, granted. Remember, these verbs are your prompt to provide an explicit example of a success you've had. It is this proof that will help your CV stand out and ...

  21. Resume & Cover Letter Career Advice

    Resumes & Cover Letters. Browse by Topic. Browse by Type. Topics in this section include everything you need to know about drafting a successful resume and cover letters to impress hiring managers. Click here to view all / clear filters.