How to Write an Essay on Birds: 9 Interesting Areas to Focus

How to Write an Essay on Birds

How to write an essay on birds? There are some interesting facts you can write about. Information about birds can be an excellent source for a creative essay. Birds are found in every part of the globe, creating a large variety of species to write about, especially when well-researched. Interesting bird facts can create wonderful topics for an essay, including unique theses that a student can explore and develop an enjoyable piece of writing.

When writing an essay about birds, it’s important to consider researching these facts, especially their biological composition. For instance, one can write an essay about birds by highlighting some distinguishing characteristics between bird species. This type of writing would be most interesting in English, particularly due to the distinctive nature of scientific descriptions. You can also include a short note about their biological differences in each section to make the essay more appealing.

Interesting Facts for Writing an Essay on Birds

Feather distinction.

One of the most interesting topics for an essay on birds is their feather diversity. Birds have distinctive appearances in structure, order, and color. Feather distinction is one of the distinguishing characteristics between species. However, some species have different colors based on various biological and environmental factors. For instance, some bird species have distinctive differences between the feathers of a male and a female. In other cases, the differences may appear disorderly but are worth investigating.

Migration marvels and global distribution

Some bird species are migratory, traveling between regions, even continents. Since the migrations coincide with seasons, they create some migration marvels worth writing about. For instance, seagulls migrate between winter and summer, running from the cold weather. During their travels, the birds create awesome displays of their traveling routines, mating habits, and hunting traditions. This topic is most suitable for nature lovers, people willing to investigate many species for their beauty and scientific facts.

Nesting prowess

You can also write an essay on birds based on their architectural techniques. Birds build their nests differently depending on their size, primary predators, and location. While the weaverbird prefers loosely hanging tree branches, the penguin can only nest on the ground near mountains and ocean shores. The structure and composition of the nest also differ significantly, creating an array of architectural designs to compare. Any person interested in birds understands the importance of a nest, especially during mating and incubation.

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Egg laying facts

Birds are oviparous or egg-laying animals in English. Different species lay different egg sizes, colors, and shapes. They have distinctive characteristics based on their egg-laying habits, including location and responsibility. Some birds, such as the Cuckoo , exhibit parasitic behaviors in brooding. They lay their eggs in other birds’ nests, forcing the foster parents to incubate a foreign egg and feed an adopted chick afterward. Egg-laying habits can be quite an impressive topic for an essay on birds, especially due to the amount of scientific evidence available online.

Sociocultural rituals

Another interesting concept you can write about birds is their social lives. Like humans and any other living thing, birds socialize on different occasions. Some live in large groups, while others are loaners. However, all birds have distinctive mating rituals. Some specials engage in colorful, elaborate courtship traditions. They display marvelous moves to attract mates, using their wings and, in some cases, their avian architectural prowess to assert dominance. Birds engage in long relationships that resemble marriage in humans. The bald eagle is a good example of a bird species that marries or mates for life. The differences in sociocultural behaviors can create an amazing topic for a good essay.

Cognitive capacity

Some bird species are worth writing essays about, especially those that have shown high intelligence. Students can investigate intellectual abilities in birds to find impressive topics for their term papers and final research. You can even hire an experienced academic writer to help with the information gathering and drafting. For instance, CustomWritings professional essay writing service is a prominent helper with over ten years of experience supporting students’ journeys. While intelligent avian is attractive, finding accurate and reliable supporting evidence on such a topic can be daunting. With professional assistance, you can access scholarly articles and integrate findings from research in your essay on birds.

Vocal abilities

Birds are also known for their vocalization capabilities. While students cannot transcribe bird songs into writing, investigations into singing abilities can constitute a good essay. Most importantly, one can research birds’ ability to vocalize or mimic different sounds. Some bird species are known for their vocalization, especially when imitating humans and other birds. Others can produce relatively unique sounds, making them an attractive piece of marvel for analysis.

Scholars and researchers tend to focus on the biological differences between birds. Notably, biologists have invested significantly in understanding the genetic differences for classification and knowledge gathering. With this information, students can develop exciting topics for their essays or end-term research papers. Another interesting point of focus is the survival instincts and abilities of birds. While some species rely on camouflage for safety, others are birds of prey. The details about each bird’s genetics can help explain distribution and preferences.

Life expectancy

Similarly, the biological differences explain the differences in life expectancy. It’s difficult to ascertain the length of life in wild birds due to constant migration. However, scientific evidence suggests that some birds live longer than others. A good essay writer would consider analyzing the reasoning behind these differences and identify genetic and environmental characteristics affecting the length of life.

How Do I Write an Essay on Birds?

The best approach for writing an essay on birds involves conducting sufficient research. A good student would start by identifying an interesting fact to write about birds and research it. The information gathered from the knowledge search can then be used to create a comprehensive essay topic with a compelling thesis. The interesting facts about birds can also be a good hook for the introduction. The essay on birds should be organized professionally, adopting a basic paper structure with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Writing an essay on birds should also incorporate scientific and scholarly evidence. A good writer understands the need to integrate external sources with supporting and counterarguments. This approach will make your essay more interesting to read and easy to grade. Your professor may be impressed by your capacity to research a wild topic and investigate evidence found in scholarly works. Besides, supporting your arguments with reliable and verifiable arguments makes your writing believable. You can also impress the reader with ideas corroborating your knowledge of birds. For instance, you can integrate information about mating in an essay about birds’ vocal abilities to demonstrate a connection between the two issues. In the end, your essay about birds should be compelling and informative.

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Writing Beginner

How to Describe Birds in Writing (17 Best Tips & Examples)

Let’s spread our creative wings together and explore the art of describing birds in our writing.

Here is how to describe birds in writing:

Describe birds in writing by focusing on their feathers, songs, movements, and behaviors. Use vivid words like “iridescent” or phrases like “wings slicing the air”. Employ sensory descriptions, symbolic meanings, and cultural contexts to bring avian characters to life in your narratives.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to write about birds in your stories.

Types of Birds in Writing

Colorful parrot image for a blog post about how to describe birds in writing

Table of Contents

Birds, with their vast diversity and striking characteristics, offer a rich palette for writers to paint vibrant scenes and convey emotions.

From tiny, flitting hummingbirds to majestic eagles soaring high, each bird carries its own symbolism and narrative potential.

In this section, we’ll explore a variety of bird types, each with a brief description that captures their essence, providing a broad canvas for writers to draw inspiration from.

  • Sparrows – Small and unassuming, sparrows symbolize simplicity and the joy found in everyday life.
  • Eagles – Majestic and powerful, eagles are often used to depict freedom, strength, and a bird’s-eye perspective on life.
  • Hummingbirds – Tiny and energetic, hummingbirds represent joy, agility, and the incredible beauty of small things.
  • Owls – Mysterious and wise, owls often symbolize knowledge, the unseen, and the secrets of the night.
  • Robins – Cheerful and common, robins are harbingers of spring and symbols of renewal and new beginnings.
  • Peacocks – Vibrant and flamboyant, peacocks epitomize beauty, pride, and the splendor of nature.
  • Crows – Intelligent and adaptable, crows often represent transformation, adaptability, and the mysteries of life.
  • Pigeons – Ubiquitous and resilient, pigeons are seen as symbols of peace, love, and the persistence of life in urban landscapes.
  • Swans – Graceful and elegant, swans are often used to represent love, purity, and the beauty of monogamy.
  • Canaries – Bright and vocal, canaries symbolize happiness, the power of voice, and sometimes, a warning.
  • Penguins – Endearing and unique, penguins represent adaptability, survival, and the joys of companionship.
  • Flamingos – Striking and social, flamingos symbolize balance, community, and embracing one’s uniqueness.
  • Parrots – Colorful and vocal, parrots often stand for communication, mimicry, and the vibrancy of the tropics.
  • Vultures – Misunderstood scavengers, vultures symbolize cleansing, renewal, and the cycle of life.
  • Doves – Gentle and serene, doves are universally recognized as emblems of peace, hope, and spiritual messengers.
  • Hawks – Focused and fierce, hawks represent vision, power, and the ability to navigate life’s challenges.
  • Seagulls – Noisy and free-spirited, seagulls embody the spirit of the sea, freedom, and a carefree lifestyle.
  • Woodpeckers – Persistent and rhythmic, woodpeckers symbolize determination, opportunity, and the heartbeat of the forest.
  • Cardinals – Vibrant and spirited, cardinals represent vitality, faith, and the beauty of year-round color.
  • Blue Jays – Bold and vocal, blue jays symbolize assertiveness, intelligence, and the vibrancy of life.

17 Best Tips for Describing Birds in Writing

Describing birds in your writing can be a mesmerizing way to add depth, texture, and symbolism.

Whether it’s the delicate flutter of a sparrow or the majestic soar of an eagle, birds can bring a unique dimension to your narrative.

Here are 17 bird-themed tips to help you weave vivid avian imagery into your writing.

Each tip is explored in detail, offering you the tools to make your descriptions take flight.

1. Feathered Flourish – Focus on Feathers

Feathers define birds. When describing them, delve into their color, texture, and what they reveal about the bird’s persona.

For example, depicting a sparrow’s feathers could go beyond mere color.

You might say, “The sparrow’s feathers seemed brushed by twilight; each a small canvas capturing the soft glow of the setting sun.”

This not only paints a vivid picture but also introduces a sensory aspect.

It links the bird to the broader canvas of the natural world, allowing readers to feel the warmth, see the hues, and sense the bird’s place in the world.

This attention to detail can turn a simple description into an evocative image that stays with the reader.

2. Melodic Metaphors – Use Birdsong

Birdsong is more than a sound; it’s an emotion.

When describing it, use metaphors and similes to create an emotional connection.

Rather than saying a robin chirps, you might describe its song as “a melody rippling like a gentle brook, cutting through the quiet of dawn.”

This method transcends mere auditory description.

It paints a picture, sets a mood, and plunges the reader into a moment.

It’s about crafting a scene that’s almost palpable, using the bird’s song as a tool to transport the reader to that tranquil morning, where they can almost feel the coolness of the dawn and the serenity it brings.

3. Winged Whimsy – Capture Movement

A bird’s movement can be highly expressive.

Whether it’s an eagle’s dignified glide or a hummingbird’s frenetic dance, capturing this can add dynamism to your writing.

Consider a description like, “The hummingbird hovered in the air, its wings a blur, as if stitching the very fabric of time.”

This kind of imagery does more than describe movement.

It infuses the bird with a magical quality, making it a creature not just of feathers and flight but of wonder and fantasy.

Descriptions like this elevate the bird from a mere creature to a symbol, a bearer of meaning, and an entity that transcends the ordinary.

4. Aerial Acrobatics – Highlight Flight Patterns

Flight patterns can reveal a lot about a bird’s nature and the mood of a scene.

For instance, describing an eagle’s flight can convey majesty and power.

You might write, “The eagle ascended with a regal ease, each wingbeat a testament to its dominion over the skies.”

This goes beyond the physical act of flying. It touches on the eagle’s symbolic power, portraying it as a ruler of its realm.

It’s about capturing the grace, the strength, and the sheer majesty of its flight.

Descriptions like these can elevate your narrative, turning a simple action into a powerful metaphor that reflects broader themes or emotions in your writing.

5. Nest Narratives – Describe Bird Habitats

Bird habitats can set the scene and context for your narrative.

Describing a nest, a tree hollow, or even a cliff ledge can add authenticity.

You could say, “The sparrow’s nest, a woven tapestry of twigs and leaves, cradled the tree’s nook, a testament to nature’s ingenuity.”

This type of description does more than just portray a physical location.

It gives insight into the bird’s life and survival.

It can create a sense of intimacy, pulling the reader closer to the bird’s world, and highlighting the intricate connections between creatures and their environments.

6. Beak Banter – Focus on Vocalizations and Calls

Bird calls and vocalizations can be very expressive.

Describing these can add auditory texture to your writing. For example, instead of just stating a crow cawed, you could write, “The crow’s call was a harsh caw, echoing like a laugh across the empty fields.”

This captures the nature of the sound and its impact on the setting.

It’s not just about what the sound is, but how it resonates with the environment and the characters.

It can set a mood, be it ominous, cheerful, or soothing.

The key is to use these sounds not just as background noise, but as active elements that contribute to the atmosphere of your scene.

7. Plumage Palette – Explore Colors and Patterns

The colors and patterns of a bird’s plumage can be striking.

Describing these can add visual vibrancy to your narrative.

Take a peacock for example. Instead of simply stating its feathers are colorful, try, “The peacock’s tail unfurled like a kaleidoscopic fan, each feather a vibrant brushstroke of nature’s palette.”

This kind of description paints a vivid picture.

It turns the bird into a living work of art, inviting readers to visualize not just the colors, but the beauty and intricacy of the patterns.

It’s about capturing the awe and wonder such a sight can evoke, making the reader pause and appreciate the natural splendor.

8. Avian Antics – Capture Characterful Behavior

Birds often display unique and characterful behaviors that can enliven your writing.

Describing these antics provides insight into their personalities.

For example, a raven solving a puzzle or a bowerbird decorating its nest demonstrates intelligence and resourcefulness.

Writing such as, “The raven, with a click of its beak, nudged the puzzle piece into place, its black eyes glinting with a hint of glee,” invites readers into the bird’s world.

It’s about painting a fuller picture, showcasing birds not just as animals but as beings with their quirks, habits, and intelligence.

By bringing these behaviors to the fore, you can add another layer to your narrative and engage your readers on a deeper level.

9. Sensory Symphony – Engage All Senses

Engaging all the senses can make your bird descriptions more immersive.

Describe not just how a bird looks, but how its feathers feel, how its movement sounds, or even how its habitat smells.

For instance, “The duck’s feathers were a tapestry of textures, from the silkiness of its undercoat to the oil-slicked toughness of its outer quills.”

By involving multiple senses, you can create a richer, multi-dimensional portrayal of birds.

It’s about giving the reader a sense as if they’re experiencing the bird’s presence firsthand, making the encounter with the bird more vivid and memorable.

10. Behavioral Beacon – Signal Seasonal Changes

Bird behaviors often change with the seasons, and this can be a poignant aspect to capture.

Migratory patterns, mating dances, or nesting can signal the passage of time in your story.

Describing these seasonal behaviors, like “With the first blush of spring, the robin returned, its song a cheerful herald of warmer days,” can add layers of depth to your setting.

It aligns the life of birds with the rhythm of the natural world, providing a backdrop that can reflect changes in your story or the internal states of your characters.

11. Symbolic Soaring – Use Birds as Symbols

Birds have rich symbolic meanings across cultures.

They can symbolize freedom, hope, or even foreboding. Integrate these symbols into your writing to add a layer of meaning.

For example, an owl in a story might not only be a background creature but also a symbol of wisdom or a harbinger of change.

“The owl perched silently above, its presence a solemn reminder of the wisdom that comes with age and experience,” illustrates how you can weave symbolism into your description.

This allows the bird to embody deeper themes and resonate with the reader on a symbolic level.

12. Dynamic Duos – Contrast with Characters

Use birds to create contrast or to mirror your characters’ journeys.

A caged bird can reflect a character’s own trapped situation or desire for freedom.

For example, “As she watched the caged finch flutter against the bars, its plight echoed her own sense of confinement.”

This approach does more than depict the bird; it uses the bird as a reflection of the character’s emotions and circumstances, offering a powerful emotional connection and a mirror to human experiences.

13. Rhythmic Renderings – Mimic Bird Movement in Prose

The rhythm of your prose can reflect the movement of birds.

Long, flowing sentences can mimic the graceful soaring of a swan, while short, choppy sentences can echo the flitting of a finch.

For instance, “The heron glided over the water—a slow, seamless waltz—its reflection a ghostly dance partner below.”

By mirroring the rhythm of bird movements in your sentence structure, you provide the reader with a literary echo of the bird’s physical grace.

This creates a harmonious reading experience that’s almost like watching the bird in motion.

14. Habitat Harmony – Align Descriptions with Environment

Birds are deeply connected to their habitats, and reflecting this in your descriptions can add authenticity.

Describe how a bird interacts with its environment, like a woodpecker tapping into a tree or a seagull wheeling over the ocean.

You might write, “The woodpecker drummed against the old oak, a staccato rhythm that seemed to breathe life into the forest.”

Such descriptions root the bird in its setting, giving a sense of place and showing the interconnectedness of nature’s tapestry.

15. Perspective Play – Vary Your Viewpoint

Changing your narrative perspective can offer a fresh angle on bird descriptions.

Describe a bird from far away, then up close, or even from the bird’s perspective. For example, “From afar, the hawk was a mere speck against the vast blue. Up close, every feather was a detail in a masterpiece of evolution.”

This technique can add depth and scale to your descriptions, offering a richer visual experience and drawing readers into the scene more effectively.

16. Emotional Echo – Reflect Mood through Birds

Birds can be used to echo the emotional landscape of your story.

A joyful scene might be accompanied by the lively chatter of sparrows, while a somber moment could be underscored by the solitary call of a crow.

Writing that “The crows’ solemn cries seemed to mourn the day’s end, as shadows gathered in the silence,” can tie the atmosphere closely to the narrative, using the birds to deepen the emotional impact of your scenes.

17. Cultural Context – Weave in Folklore and Myth

Birds often have a place in folklore and myth, and tapping into these stories can add a layer of richness to your writing.

Integrate cultural stories or myths about birds to give your descriptions a deeper resonance.

“The raven, long a harbinger of fate in local lore, watched from atop the church spire, its black eyes knowing.”

This not only gives your bird descriptions a more profound significance but also ties them to the cultural and historical context of your setting.

Check out this video about how to describe birds in writing:

30 Best Words to Describe a Bird in Writing

Here are 30 of the best words to talk about birds in writing.

  • Plumage-rich
  • Resplendent

Each of these words holds the power to conjure a specific image or feeling about birds.

Use them to craft descriptions with precision and emotion.

Moving beyond single words, crafting phrases that reflect the nuanced behaviors and attributes of birds can add an evocative layer to your writing.

30 Best Phrases to Describe a Bird in Writing

The following phrases blend imagery and emotion, ideal for enhancing your narratives with finely-tuned bird descriptions:

  • Wings slicing the air
  • Beak glistening at dawn
  • Tail feathers fanning out like rays of the sun
  • Eyes gleaming with intelligence
  • Song piercing the morning haze
  • Silhouette against the twilight sky
  • Claws gripping the branch with silent authority
  • Nest cradled in the crook of a tree
  • Feathers ruffled by the whispering wind
  • Shadow flitting across the ground
  • Plumage blending with the autumn leaves
  • Beating wings stirring the calm air
  • Calls echoing in the forest canopy
  • Flight cutting through the mist
  • Dance of courtship, intricate and full of zeal
  • Reflection skimming the surface of the lake
  • Perched like a sentinel atop the old pine
  • Darting through the underbrush
  • A flash of color in the verdant meadow
  • Aloft in the updraft, effortlessly suspended
  • A symphony of calls at dusk
  • The soft cooing at day’s end
  • Feathers coated in the morning’s dew
  • A swift chase over the water’s surface
  • Migratory arc etched across the sky
  • Preening meticulously, every feather an artifact
  • The sudden stillness before the strike
  • A solitary silhouette on a weathered fence post
  • Inquisitive gaze from within the thicket
  • The serene float on a tranquil pond

3 Examples of How to Describe Birds in Writing (in three Different Genres)

Let’s look at examples of how to describe birds in writing in different kinds of stories.

Fantasy Genre: The Enchanted Eagle

In the twilight-shrouded realm of Eldoria, the Great Eagle, guardian of the Whispering Woods, unfurled its shimmering wings. Each feather shimmered with ethereal light, casting prismatic glows against the gnarled branches of the ancient trees. With eyes like molten gold piercing through the dusk, the creature let out a call that sang of ancient magic and secrets untold. Its talons, relics of a bygone era, grasped the mystical Stone of Sight, which pulsed in harmony with its heartbeat. The Eagle soared upwards, the air around it alive with whispers of enchantment, its majestic form a silhouette against the canvas of the constellations.

Mystery Genre: The Clue of the Crimson Cardinal

Detective Lila Grey stood motionless, the crunch of the autumn leaves underfoot breaking the silence of the morning. Her gaze fixed on the flash of red that flitted above the crime scene—a cardinal, its vibrant plumage a stark contrast to the somber mood. The bird’s keen eyes seemed to scrutinize the area, darting from the body to the blood-stained note left behind. As it sang a trilling melody, Lila pondered if the cardinal was an unwitting witness to the misdeed. The way it circled, almost protectively, around the oak tree, hinted at a secret only this avian bystander knew.

Romance Genre: The Dance of the Doves

Amidst the gentle hum of the garden party, two doves cooed softly, their gentle ballet a mirror to Eleanor and Thomas’s newfound love. The birds, with their silken white feathers, glided side by side, wings almost touching, embodying the tenderness shared between the two hearts below. As the pair nuzzled beak to beak, so too did Eleanor and Thomas lean in for their first, shy kiss, their audience of doves bearing witness to the silent promise of enduring affection. In the soft glow of dusk, the lovers and doves alike were wrapped in the warm embrace of a love as pure as the driven snow.

Final Thoughts: How to Describe Birds in Writing

With feathers unfurled and tales told, remember that the sky’s the limit when describing our avian friends in writing.

And if this flight of fancy has your creativity soaring, wing your way through our trove of articles for more literary inspiration.

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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (Research on Birds)

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If I Were A Bird Essay - 100, 200, 500 Words

  • Essay on if I Were a Bird -

If you asked me what my perfect afterlife would be, I would love to be a bird. I've always wished I could soar far into the air. I have always been in awe of the many beautiful bird species that soar above us. It is so wonderful to see birds flying over the sky in the sunlight. Here are a few sample essays on ‘If I were a bird’ .

100 Words Essay on if I Were a Bird

200 words essay on if i were a bird, 500 words essay on if i were a bird.

If I Were A Bird Essay - 100, 200, 500 Words

Everybody wants to live a life free of all limitations . At some point or another, we all desire to live peacefully and away from materialistic things. We are required to behave in accordance with social norms and uphold a social life because we are humans. While we are required to abide by certain social rules, birds are free. The best example of a creature that understands freedom is a bird. Because of this, the dove is a symbol of liberation. If I were a bird, I would enjoy soaring high until sunset so I could watch the sun sink into the water. I would adore jumping into the ocean, touching the water, and catching fish in rivers.

When I think about how amazing it is for birds to be able to fly so high into the sky, I sometimes think about how they must feel like as living entities, in this world. It would strike any human thinker, and it also strikes me that birds have a talent for communicating with one another and the capacity to comprehend weather changes. I do often consider what my actions and feelings would be if I were a bird. I occasionally ponder which bird I would like to be in the realms of fantasy.

One day, if I were a bird with two powerful wings, I could fly to the highest of the skies and see many strange things that I can't even begin to imagine right now. I would have travelled to a foreign country and migrated there for a few months along with other species of birds that are uncommon in my home country, just as an aeroplane flies to far-off places and migratory birds cross oceans and mountains every year to reach far-off lands to temporarily settle there. I can’t imagine how it would feel like—to have so much liberty that you can fly anywhere you want without having to think much. I have no doubt that I would have found that to be an odd but wonderful experience.

Birds are incredibly distinctive creatures with defining characteristics that they all share. They share features like two legs, wings, and feathers . Furthermore, all birds lay eggs and have warm blood. They are extremely significant to our environment and come in many different breeds.

Importance of Birds

Depending on the species, birds can range in size from 2 inches to 2.75 metres—take the smallest, the bee hummingbird, and the largest, the ostrich. Birds first appeared 160 million years ago . Birds come in many different varieties, each with its own special qualities. Penguins, for example, are unable to fly. Also, there are intelligent birds such as parrots and corvids .

We also have peacocks, which are elegant and represent rain and pleasant weather. Then there are the vultures and bats. Birds are highly intuitive and highly connected to their environment.

They can forecast weather, and some of them are kept close to coal mines to help prevent mine explosions. They enjoy singing and are very sociable. Birds like to fly around freely and without restrictions.

My Favourite Bird

The parrot is one of my favourite birds . It is a vibrant bird that can be found all over the world. It has a wide range of colours, sizes, and shapes. Vibrant colours make parrots a popular pet.

While some have a single, vivid colour, others have a rainbow of hues. The majority of what parrots eat are seeds, nuts, and fruits, and they are typically small to medium in size. The species of parrot determines how long they live.

While smaller birds like love birds only live for about 15 years, larger birds like cockatoos and macaws live for 80 years . Parrots are actually quite intelligent. Because of their capacity to mimic human speech, they are frequently kept as pets. As a result, they are the most sought-after species of bird for commercial use. People are making efforts to ensure that parrots receive good care all over the world. They are regarded as sacred in many cultures.

Because parrots are highly intelligent, it's best to let them live in the wild without being caged. My parrot, Shiro, was never caged when I was younger. It used to follow me everywhere I went and never flew off. I have fond memories with him.There is no other type of bird that I like more than a parrot.

Saving Birds

The ecological balance is being disrupted by hunting, poaching, and habitat destruction, which are causing many species of birds to go extinct. As a result of pollution and the advancement of science and technology, the number of aquatic birds like swans, ducks, and others is also drastically decreasing. Therefore, it is up to us all to take the necessary steps to help the birds survive and prevent their extinction. In addition, the government should also be aware of these and pass certain rules and regulations to protect birds from extinction. We all need to protect birds because they are essential to the health and balance of our ecosystem.

Applications for Admissions are open.

JEE Main Important Physics formulas

JEE Main Important Physics formulas

As per latest 2024 syllabus. Physics formulas, equations, & laws of class 11 & 12th chapters

ALLEN Digital Scholarship Admission Test (ADSAT)

ALLEN Digital Scholarship Admission Test (ADSAT)

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Aakash iACST Scholarship Test 2024

Aakash iACST Scholarship Test 2024

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JEE Main Important Chemistry formulas

JEE Main Important Chemistry formulas

As per latest 2024 syllabus. Chemistry formulas, equations, & laws of class 11 & 12th chapters

PACE IIT & Medical, Financial District, Hyd

PACE IIT & Medical, Financial District, Hyd

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Essay on Peacock for Students and Children

500+ words essay on peacock.

Peacock is a bird that carries huge national importance in India. Most noteworthy, the bird is famous for its beautiful vibrant colours. The Peacock is popular for its spectacular beauty. It certainly has a hypnotic appearance. Watching it dance during the Monsoon season is a great pleasure experience. Its beautiful colours instantly bring comfort to the eyes. The Peacock has significant religious involvement in Indian traditions . Due to this, Peacock was declared as the National Bird of India.

Physical Appearance of Peacock

Peacocks are the males of the species. They have a stunningly beautiful appearance. Due to this, the bird gets a huge appreciation from around the World. Furthermore, their length from the tip of the beak to the end of the train is 195 to 225 cm. Also, their average weight is 5 kg. Most noteworthy, the head, neck, and breast of Peacock are of iridescent blue colour. They also have patches of white around the eyes.

Peacock has a crest of feathers on top of the head. The most remarkable feature of the Peacock is the extraordinary beautiful tail. This tail is called a  train . Furthermore, this train becomes fully developed after 4 years of hatching. The 200 odd display feathers grow from the back of the bird. Also, these feathers are part of the enormous elongated upper tail. The train feathers do not have barbs to hold the feathers in place. Therefore, the association of the feathers is loose.

The Peacock colours are a result of intricate microstructures. Furthermore, these microstructures create optical phenomena. Also, each train feather ends in an eye-catching oval cluster. The back wings of the Peacock are greyish brown in colour. Another important thing to know is that the back wings are short and dull.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Behaviour of Peacock

The Peacock is famous for the striking elegant display of feathers. The Peacocks spread their train and quiver it for courtship display. Also, the number of eyespots in a male’s courtship display affects mating success.

Peacocks are omnivorous species. Furthermore, they survive on seeds, insects, fruits and even small mammals. Also, they live in small groups. A group probably has a single male and 3-5 females. They mostly stay on the upper branches of a tall tree to escape predators. Peacocks prefer to run rather take a flight when in danger. Most noteworthy, Peacocks are quite agile on foot.

To sum it up, Peacock is a bird of mesmerizing charm. It is certainly a fascinating colourful bird that has been the pride of India for centuries. Peacock is a bird of exquisite beauty. Due to this, they have been a source of inspiration for artists. Catching a glimpse of this bird can bring delight to the heart. Peacock is a true representative of India’s fauna. It certainly is the pride of India.

FAQ on Peacock

Q1 What are the colour of a Peacock’s head and neck?

A1 The colour of a Peacock’s head and neck is iridescent blue.

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  • Our Country Essay
  • My Parents Essay
  • Essay on Favourite Personality
  • Essay on Memorable Day of My Life
  • Essay on Knowledge is Power
  • Essay on Gurpurab
  • Essay on My Favourite Season
  • Essay on Types of Sports

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  • School Education /

Essay on Birds in 600 Words for School Students in English

easy bird essay writer

  • Updated on  
  • Jan 15, 2024

Essay on birds

Essay on birds: Did you know that the fastest bird, the Peregrine Falcon, can fly at a speed of 300km per hour? Birds are an important part of our environment and help with the ecological balance.

We all love the chirping sound of birds. But do you know that listening to the chirping birds can help you reduce your stress? Yes, it is about wondering how the language of any creature can help humans in their tough times.

Another, most interesting fact about birds is that they are found everywhere in the atmosphere. From the coldest region on Earth to the warmest place on Earth, you can find birds everywhere, and this way they bring you closer to the natural world.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Types of Birds 
  • 2 Why Birds are Important for the Environment 
  • 3 Why are Birds Endangered?

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Types of Birds 

It is assumed that in total there are 11,000 species of birds and among those species, there are 50 billion birds that live on the Earth. In the huge population of birds, we can classify the population based on their habitat, the type of food they eat, how they appear, their vocalization and as well as the fact of fun, which generally belongs to the family of corvid, the strongly built and stout billed birds around 9 to 28 inches long. 

Why not share some details about the type of birds in short? 

The habitat birds or bird habitat are the type of birds that are restricted to a specific area. These areas meet all the requirements of the essentials needed by the type of habitat birds. 

It is surprising that birds too have their unique tastes related to the type of food they eat. 

We can classify such categories into sub-categories such as Carnivorous which feed on meat, Avivorous are the birds that eat other birds, Insectivorous are the birds that feed on insects, Granivors main food includes grain and seeds, Mucivorous feed on the mucus of plants and trees, Nectivorous are the birds which are feed on the nectar of flower, and last but not the least Palynivorous are the birds which only eats pollen of flowers. 

Why Birds are Important for the Environment 

Where on the one hand birds provide peace to the human brain so on the other hand they also help the ecosystem. It helps in pollination, and fertilization and helps in bringing a new flower into the world. As scavengers birds, they also help bring back nutrients into the ground and help the ecosystem keep clean by consuming the dead organisms. 

It will be a surprising fact for you that even the poop of birds can fertilize the land for your crop. All the services of birds that help the planet keep growing are called ecosystem services. 

Why are Birds Endangered?

After learning about the list of benefits of the birds for the environment, it becomes more important to know why the birds are at risk or endangered.

One of the major reasons for the extinction of birds is the expansion of the human population and its settlement. Cutting down trees, clearing the forest for timber or urbanization makes further mating and availability of food difficult. Also, the spreading of pollution, and the use of pesticides which when consumed by the birds not only make them unhealthy but also become one of the major reasons for their death. 

¨I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.¨ 

D. H. Lawrence

In conclusion, birds are just not the mode of entertainment or bringing peace to our minds. They are the best gift from the almighty to our Earth and desire to live in the same way as any other creature exists. Dreaming to live like a bird is easy but to endanger a bird without our profit is a bit hard, but as humans, we can do this and return them what they give us. 

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Ans: Birds help in the process of pollination, their poop can fertilize the soil, they help in controlling pests, and helps in the dispersal of seeds. 

Ans: A bird is a warm-blooded animal, featured with feathers that are modified from forelimbs.

Ans: The five characteristics of birds are: Birds have feathers; not all birds can fly; the beak of birds is made up of a bony core which is surrounded by a layer of keratin that is thin; all birds lay eggs with a hard shell mostly made up of calcium; and birds help in reducing stress.  

Ans: Yes, birds are adoring and attractive pets. 

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Essay On Birds – 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay

Essay On Birds – 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay

Key Points to Remember When Writing An Essay On Birds For Lower Primary Classes 

10 lines on birds for kids, paragraph on birds for children, short essay on birds in english for kids, long essay on birds for children, amazing facts about birds for children, what will your child learn from the essay on birds.

Birds, a beautiful part of nature , add joy to our world with their lovely colours, delightful songs, and graceful flights. This article presents a comprehensive bird essay in English designed to engage children and fuel their curiosity about these fascinating creatures. Writing essays on fascinating subjects like birds is a fantastic way to enhance a child’s cognitive abilities . It enhances their research, analysis, and writing skills , ultimately improving their academic performance .

Creating an engaging and informative essay about birds for lower primary classes requires a clear understanding of the subject. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Always start with an interesting introduction.
  • Keep the language simple, making it easy to understand.
  • Use fun facts to keep young readers engaged.
  • Include colourful illustrations, if possible.
  • Finally, end with a thought-provoking or fun conclusion.

In this section, you’ll find an essay on birds for class 1 & 2 children, consisting of 10 simple lines. This brief write-up gives children their first taste of essay writing , with a few lines on birds:

1. Birds are lovely creatures that can fly high in the sky.

2. They have two wings, two legs, and a beak.

3. Birds come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours.

4. They lay eggs, and their babies are called chicks.

5. Birds eat various foods like insects, seeds, fruits, and nectar.

6. Many birds migrate long distances when the seasons change.

7. Some birds can talk or sing beautifully.

8. The peacock is known for its vibrant, colourful feathers.

9. The owl can turn its head almost completely around.

10. Birds help in pollination and seed dispersal.

Next, let’s explore a bird paragraph tailored for young readers. This section, slightly more detailed than the last, provides an opportunity to dive deeper into the fascinating world of birds.

Birds are vital to our ecosystem, bringing it to life with their vibrant colours, charming songs, and remarkable abilities. They vary significantly in size, colour, habitat, and behaviour. Some birds, like sparrows and pigeons, live close to human settlements, while others, such as eagles and penguins, thrive in remote areas. Birds communicate through various sounds, and some can even mimic human speech. Birds are fascinating creatures; understanding them can provide valuable insights into the natural world.

Here is a short essay for students in classes 1, 2 and 3:

Birds, fascinating sky creatures, have captivated human beings for ages. Their grace, beauty, and flying ability make them unique among all living beings. From their colourful plumage to melodic songs, birds are essential to our ecosystem and hold a special place in our hearts.

Birds are delightful creatures that bring joy to our lives. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Some popular ones include sparrows, pigeons, parrots, and peacocks. Birds have feathers and wings that enable them to fly high in the sky, soaring through the clouds. They build nests to lay eggs and take care of their young ones. Watching birds in nature is a delightful experience that teaches us to appreciate the world’s beauty.

Birds, the enchanting creatures of the sky, have long captured the imaginations of people, young and old. From graceful flights to vibrant plumage and melodic songs, birds have an undeniable charm that makes them fascinating subjects to study. In this essay on birds for class 3 and above, we will delve into the captivating world of birds, exploring their diverse species, unique characteristics, ecological significance, and the places they call home. As we embark on this avian adventure, we hope to instil a deeper appreciation for these feathered wonders and their crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystems. So, let us spread our wings of curiosity and soar into the captivating realm of birds!

What Are Birds?

Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates characterised by their feathers, beaks, and the ability to fly. They belong to the class Aves and are found in various habitats worldwide, ranging from polar regions to tropical rainforests. With around 10,000 species, birds exhibit remarkable diversity in appearance, behaviour, and ecological roles.

Significance of Birds

  • Ecological Balance: Birds are crucial in maintaining environmental balance by controlling insect populations, dispersing seeds, and promoting ecosystem biodiversity.
  • Pollination: Some bird species act as pollinators for various plants, facilitating the process of reproduction and the production of fruits.
  • Indicators of Environmental Health: Birds’ presence and behaviour in an area can serve as indicators of the environment’s overall health and the impact of human activities.
  • Economic Importance: Birds contribute significantly to the economy through birdwatching tourism, poultry farming, and pest control services.

Characteristics Of Birds

  • Feathers: Feathers are a bird’s defining feature. They provide insulation, aid in flight, and display vibrant colours for courtship displays.
  • Hollow Bones: Birds have lightweight, hollow bones that reduce their weight, making flying easy.
  • Beaks: A bird’s beak size and shape are adapted to its diet, enabling it to catch, eat, and process food efficiently.
  • Endothermy: Birds are warm-blooded, maintaining a constant body temperature, essential for their high-energy activities like flying.
  • Oviparous: Birds lay eggs, which hatch into chicks, and the parents care for their young until they are independent.
  • Excellent Vision: Birds have well-developed eyesight, allowing them to spot prey from afar and navigate through various environments.

Type Of Food Birds Eat

  • Depending on their species, birds are omnivores, herbivores, carnivores, or insectivores.
  • Some birds, like eagles and hawks, are carnivores, hunting for small animals and fish.
  • Herbivorous birds, such as pigeons and doves, primarily feed on seeds, fruits, and plants.
  • Insectivorous birds like swallows and sparrows consume insects, helping control insect populations.

Places Where Birds Live

  • Forests and Woodlands
  • Wetlands and Marshes
  • Grasslands and Savannas
  • Coastal Areas and Seashores
  • Urban Areas and Gardens
  • Arctic and Antarctic Regions

My Favorite Bird

My favourite bird is the majestic peacock. With its stunning tail feathers, the peacock displays a mesmerising dance during courtship. It symbolises beauty, grace, and pride. The vibrant colours and intricate patterns on its feathers leave me in awe of the wonders of nature. Birds are integral to our ecosystem, providing aesthetic and ecological benefits. They teach us to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the natural world. Let us cherish and protect these beautiful creatures to ensure a harmonious coexistence on our planet.

Children love exciting trivia. Here are some amazing bird facts:

  • The smallest bird in the world is the Bee Hummingbird, less than 2.5 inches long ( 1 ).
  • The largest bird is the Ostrich , standing up to 9 feet tall ( 2 ).
  • Some birds, like the Arctic Tern, migrate over 25,000 miles yearly ( 3 ).
  • Parrots can mimic human speech ( 4 ).
  • Penguins are birds that cannot fly but are excellent swimmers ( 5 ).

This essay on birds helps children understand the vast diversity of birds and their vital role in maintaining the ecological balance. It also nurtures their curiosity, encourages their research abilities, and improves their writing skills.

1. Which was the first bird on the Earth?

The first bird on Earth was Archaeopteryx ( 6 ), which lived about 150 million years ago during the Jurassic period.

2. How many types of birds are there in the world?

There are about 10,000 known bird species in the world ( 2 ).

3. Why and How Should You Save Birds?

Birds play a crucial role in our ecosystem. We can save birds by conserving their habitats, avoiding harmful pesticides and single-use plastics, and supporting organisations that protect bird populations ( 7 ).

4. How long can birds live?

Bird lifespan varies widely. While some small birds live for only a few years, certain species, like parrots and albatrosses, can live up to 60-80 years.

5. What are the threats faced by birds?

Birds face numerous threats, including habitat loss, climate change, pollution, hunting, and the introduction of invasive species. These threats often decrease bird populations and can even result in the extinction of certain species.

Birds are indeed one of nature’s most delightful creations. Their dazzling diversity, fascinating abilities, and integral role in our ecosystem make them a compelling subject of study. Writing an essay on birds encourages children to explore the intriguing world of these winged wonders and cultivates their appreciation for biodiversity and the need to preserve it. In understanding and valuing birds, we are, in essence, taking strides towards nurturing a generation that respects and protects our planet’s myriad life forms. So, the next time a bird flits across your path, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and consider its crucial role in the harmony of life on Earth.


1. Hummingbirds; BirdLife International;

2. Top 15+ Biggest Birds in the World; Geeks for Geeks;

3. Arctic Tern; Cornell Lab All About Birds;

4. Why Do Parrots Talk; National Audubon Society;

5. Why can’t penguins fly?; Cornell Lab All About Birds;

6. The Origin of Birds; Understanding Evolutions;

7. 7 Simple Actions to Live Bird Friendly; Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute;

Also Read: Beautiful Bird Poems for Kids

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Friday essay: on birds — feathered messengers from deep time

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Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing, UTS, University of Technology Sydney

Disclosure statement

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University of Technology Sydney provides funding as a founding partner of The Conversation AU.

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When I experienced a great loss in in my early forties — almost a year to the day after another — I went to see my mother in the family home. She wasn’t a hugger or giver of advice, so instead we fed the birds. As she had when I was a child, she stood behind me in the kitchen with her shoulder propped against the back door, passing slices of apple and small balls of minced meat into my hand.

Each bird, apart from the snatching kookaburras, was touchingly gentle in the way it took food from my fingers. The white cockatoos ate daintily, one-legged. The lorikeets jumped onto the sloping ramp on both feet, like eager parachutists, to quarrel over the apple and press the juice from the pulp with stubby tongues.

Lined up on the veranda rail, the magpies cocked their heads to observe me before accepting meat precisely in their blue-white beaks. They had a beautiful, carolling song, with a chorded quality in the falling registers. But the bright-eyed butcher birds had the most lovely song of all: a full-throated piping, which I’ve heard compared to the Queen of the Night’s aria in Mozart’s Magic Flute.

Over decades, a family of these little blue-grey birds, had come to stack their hooked meat-eaters’ beaks with mince, which they flew to deliver to young somewhere in our neighbour’s garden, though we had never bothered to try to work out where they lived. This afternoon, when my mother and I opened the door, they landed by our side as they always had, having spotted us from their watching places. For a brief moment, surrounded by these vital creatures, I felt as if I might still want to be alive.

Small agents

Birds have always been small agents charged with carrying the burden of our feelings simply by following the logic of their own existence. The Irish imagined puffins as the souls of priests. The ancient Romans released an eagle when an emperor died in the belief it would “conduct his soul aloft”. In the Abrahamic religions, doves are given powers of revelation. We have even been inclined, right up until the present, to imagine birds as the souls of our recently departed returned to us, if only for a moment.

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Even without being recruited into such labour, birds touch on our lives in small but significant ways. Once, in the botanical gardens of Melbourne, a boyfriend laughed until he almost cried at the mechanical, eager hopping of the tiny fairy wrens, a fact that only made me like him more. A friend tells the story of her uncle who ordered quail for the first time at a restaurant and cried when he saw it on his plate. “She had a raven’s heart, small and obdurate,” American author Don DeLillo writes of a nun in Underworld ; it is my favourite description in any novel.

In Japan, where my partner and I tried to ease our sadness, the calls of crows were ubiquitous in every town. Like the low sounds of its deer, they had a subdued, almost exhausted quality, as hollow as the bells that are rattled to call the oldest spirits to its Shinto temples.

In 1975, when his first wife left him, Masahise Fukase began to photograph these birds, which he had seen from the window of a train. He would keep taking their pictures – on a hilltop tori at dusk, grouped on the budding branches of a bare tree, in flying silhouette – for ten years. Ravens would become one of the most famous books of modern photography , hailed as a “masterpiece of mourning”. While some people see the birds in his photos as symbols of loneliness I see them as embodiments of pure intention. “I work and photograph to stop everything,” Fukase said. As if fulfilling a prophecy, he would spend the last two decades of his life in a coma, after falling down the stairs at his favourite bar.

Yet for all our emotional investment in them, we’ve never treated birds particularly well. To train a falcon in Qatar, owners sew the young bird’s eyes shut, unstitching and then restitching them for longer intervals, until it is entirely dependent on its keeper. In Asia the appetite for caged songbirds is so great that their calls are disappearing from its forests. Our careless acceptance that these extraordinary creatures are subject to our will is perhaps as damning as any direct mistreatment of them. This is symbolised for me by that fact that, in North America, owners of long pipelines add a putrid odorant to the natural gas they carry so that turkey vultures, circling over the deathly smell, will alert them to methane leaks.

We are currently draining marshes globally three times faster than we are clearing forests. Migratory Red Knots fly 15,000 kilometres per year between Australia and their breeding grounds in the Arctic Tundra, but they’re declining because of the industrial development of the Yellow Sea’s tidal mudflats, where they stop to feed and rest. One of the details that most haunted me in the reports of Australia’s mega-fires was the fact that many birds that survived the radiant heat would die of smoke inhalation because the continuous one-way airflow of their breathing systems and air sacs meant they couldn’t cough to clear their lungs.

easy bird essay writer

When we first moved into my childhood home, wattlebirds fed in the grevilleas, calling from the rockery with voices that sounded, as a poet once said to me, like the cork being pulled from a bottle of champagne. While their long forms ending in a slim, curved beak seemed the embodiment of alertness, they were the birds our cat caught most often. To see one, rescued but internally injured, vomit up its honey and grow limp was one of my first intimations as a child of the world’s evils. Unable to bear the thought of their sleek, streaky bodies in the bare earth, my mother would bury them wrapped in tea towels. But it was the 70s and no one thought to keep the cat inside.

As my mother entered her nineties, her life contracted around her birds. Although experts were now advising that the lack of calcium could soften chicks’ bones, I continued, against my conscience, to put through her weekly grocery order, which contained as much bird mince as food for herself. She had stopped feeding the cockatoos, which had chewed her windowsills and the struts of the back door, but when they heard us in the kitchen they would still plaster their chests like great white flowers against the window or poke their heads through the large holes they’d made over the years in the door’s wire fly screen.

But it was only the butcher birds that ever entered through these gaps to wait for her by the sink, feathers fluffed calmly. Once or twice, one would come and find her in the dining room and quietly walk back ahead of her to be fed. When I came with the children, she would press food into their hands as she stood behind them at the door, leaning against the kitchen counter for support. So she continued to be one of the estimated 30 to 60% of Australian households that fed wild birds, a statistic that suggests that we need them far more than they need us.

easy bird essay writer

Scientists began to think in the 19th century that birds might have evolved from dinosaurs, when the 150-million- year-old fossil skeleton of Archaeopteryx — which we now know was capable of short bursts of active flight — turned up in a German quarry.

The Victorian biologist Thomas Henry Huxley observed the bony-tailed, feathered fossil’s striking resemblance to small dinosaurs like Compsognathus and proposed that it was a transitional form between flightless reptiles and birds. Huxley’s theory fell out of favour until the last decades of the 20th century, when a new generation of palaeontologists returned to the similarities between the metabolisms and bird-like structures of dinosaur fossils and birds, and there is now a consensus that birds are avian dinosaurs. That the birds with which we share our lives are the descendants of the hollow-tailed, meat-eating theropods is a true wonder that never fails to thrill me.

easy bird essay writer

Birds, like us, are survivors. They escaped the Cretaceous-Paleogene (or K-Pg) mass extinction event 65 million years ago: the fifth and last great dying in the history of our planet, until the Sixth Extinction taking place around us now.

Scientists were able to work out, from unusually high deposits of rare iridium (which mostly comes from outer space) in the Earth’s crust that a ten-kilometre-wide asteroid hitting the area that is now Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula had killed off three quarters of the world’s living creatures by causing forest fires and then a freezing “nuclear winter,” which inhibited photosynthesis and rapidly acidified the oceans. Its blast was thousands of times more powerful than the combined force of all the nuclear weapons in the world today. The dust and debris it dispersed into the atmosphere eventually settled into a thin grey band of iridium-rich clay, which came to be called the K-Pg boundary and, above it, no trace of a non-avian dinosaur can be found.

In historical ironies whose obviousness would shame a novelist, it was geophysicists looking for petroleum in the 1970s who would discover the existence of the Chicxulub crater. Walter Alvarez, who discovered the “iridium anomaly”, was the son of physicist Luis Alvarez, a designer of America’s nuclear bombs, with whom he posited the asteroid strike theory; Alvarez senior had followed in a plane behind the Enola Gay to measure the blast effect as it dropped “Little Boy” on Hiroshima.

The ground-dwelling, beaked avian dinosaurs were able to scratch out a life for themselves in the ferny “disaster flora” that replaced the obliterated forests; their intelligence, their feathery insulation, their ability to feed on the destroyed forests’ seeds, and to digest the “hard, persistent little morsels” as one writer puts it, would help them to survive, and later flourish.

More incredibly, these dinosaurs were already recognisably bird-like, inside and out; capable of at least short horizontal flight like quails, the parts of their brains that controlled sight, flight and high-level memory as expanded as those of modern birds’, while our early mammal ancestors — small, nocturnal, insectivorous, shrew-like mammals — were hiding in clefts and caves.

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It is now thought that the world’s oldest modern bird, Asteriornis maastrichtensis , could probably fly and was combing the shallow beaches of today’s Belgium, in the way of modern long-legged shore birds, 700,000 years before the K-Pg mass extinction.

Because of a wealth of new fossil evidence in China, we now also know that feathers are far more ancient than we once thought; they didn’t evolve with birds 150 million years ago but are instead probably as old as dinosaurs themselves. In fact, many of the dinosaurs that we have been trained to think of as scaly, were at least partially feathered, including the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex , which may have used its primitive feathers, like a peacock, for display.

Powerful electron microscopes have allowed scientists to determine that the long filaments covering 150-million-year-old Sinosauropteryx , the first feathered non-avian dinosaur discovered, in China, in 1996, were “proto-feathers”; and even, looking at the melanosomes inside them, that they were ginger, running in a “Mohican” pattern down its back and ending in a stripey white-and-ginger tail. Similar examination of the melanosomes of another Jurassic-era theropod found that it had a grey-and-dark plumage on its body, long white and black-spangled forelimbs, and a reddish-brown, fluffy crown.

Scientists are puzzled about what dinosaurs’ feathers, which developed before the capacity of feathered flight, were “for”, but I don’t really care: the fact of them is startling enough, along with the imaginative readjustments we have to make in seeing the fearsome creatures of paleoart that we grew up with, locked in orgasmic conflict, as softly plumaged. Did their young call for them with the same open-mouthed yearning as baby birds, I wonder? Did they possess their own sense of beauty? If we imagine dinosaurs as being less alien and fluffier, does it make our own era’s potential annihilation seem more real?

Read more: Meet the prehistoric eagle that ruled Australian forests 25 million years ago

Over the last century folkorists and psychoanalysts have kept trying to account for birds’ deep hold over our imaginations; as agents of death, prophets, ferriers of souls, omens, and symbols of renewal and productivity. Some attribute it to the power of flight and their ability to inhabit the heavens, others to the way eggs embody transformation. But could it be that the vestigial shrew-like part of ourselves has always recognised them instinctively as the emissaries of a deep past, much older than we are? “We float on a bubble of space-time,” writes author Verlyn Klinkenberg , “on the surface of an ocean of deep time”.

easy bird essay writer

Recently, this deep past has begun to reassert itself as, even during coronavirus lockdowns, burned fossil fuels continue to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, bringing its concentration in the air to levels not seen since the Pliocene three million years ago when the seas were 30 metres higher. To try to help us understand the literal profundity of this moment in the history of the earth, writers have been looking increasingly below its surface, far beyond the human realm, to its deepest, billions-of-years-old strata.

In his astonishing Underland , English writer Robert Macfarlane travels physically far underground into caves, mines, and nuclear waste bunkers, to revive our ancient sense of awe as forces and substances once thought safely confined there begin to exert themselves above ground, but also to convey the enormity of the long shadow we will cast into the future of a planet that has already seen periods of great transformation.

In Timefulness , geologist Marcia Bjornerud argues that understanding the Earth through her discipline’s vastly expanded time-scales can help us avoid the almost unthinkably grave consequences of our actions. We live in an era of time denial, she writes, while navigating towards the future with conceptions of the long patterns of planetary history as primitive as a 14th-century world map. And yet, she writes, “as a daughter, mother, and widow, I struggle like everyone else to look Time honestly in the face.”

Yet here, I think, all around us on the surface of the planet, are our vivacious and inscrutable companions, feathered messengers from deep time, who still tell their own story of complex change.

easy bird essay writer

What lives and dies

At a writer’s festival in northern New South Wales, I remember, a magpie lark landed between the chair and speaker on stage to let forth a cascade of liquid notes, “as if, to say,” a droll friend sitting next to me said, “I too have something to contribute!” while I found myself wondering, yet again, how something with such a small heart could be so alive.

easy bird essay writer

To think about dinosaurs, as evolutionary biologist Steven Brusatte writes , is to confront the question of what lives and what dies. To think that dinosaurs were far more complex than we imagined, Klinkenberg muses, interrupts the chain of consequence we’ve been carrying in our heads, which assumes that deep time’s purpose was to lead to us as the end point of evolution. The history of feathers and wings, in which the power of flight appears to have been discovered and lost at least three times, shows that evolution is not a tree, but a clumped bush. And yet, Klinkenberg writes, “Because we come after, it’s easy to suppose we must be the purpose of what came before.”

The same could be said of mothers. When the time came to choose the photographs for my mother’s funeral, the images of her as a child in Mexico and Canada seemed as unreal as dispatches from the moon. The photographs of our mothers as young girls are so affecting a friend wrote to me, because they show them living lives that were whole without us. Now my own children turn their heads away from pictures of me as a girl, because, they say, “You don’t look like you.” And yet, if our minds struggle to encompass the deep time of our mothers, I think, how can they hope to stretch across aeons?

On my last visit to my mother, I left her on her front step throwing meat to the two magpies which had learned to come around from the backyard, away from the other birds, and would follow her on stilted legs around the garden. When she pressed her emergency pendant the next morning, I missed her call; it was my partner, hearing her faint answers, who called the ambulance. Unconscious in the hospital, she died having never known that she had left her home. When I stopped back at the house afterwards, one of the butcher birds, which I had never seen around the front, was on the windowsill of her dark bedroom, break pressed against the glass, looking for her.

This is an extract from Signs and Wonders: Dispatches from a time of beauty and loss by Delia Falconer, published by Simon and Schuster.

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Short Essay on My Favourite Bird [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF

Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Most of them look very beautiful and they can fly above the sky. In this lesson today, you will learn how to write a short essay on your favourite bird.

Feature image of Short Essay on My Favourite Bird

Short Essay on My Favourite Bird Peacock in 100 Words 

There are tens of thousands of birds in the world but my favourite bird is the peacock. A peacock is a beautiful bird. It has a shiny, dark blue neck and a crown on its head. Its tail feathers are colourful and long. During the monsoon season, peacocks spread their feathers and dance gracefully.

Their dance is spectacular and brings joy to those watching. Peacocks are the male birds of their species. The females are called peahen and are less colourful than the males. Peacocks live on the upper branches of tall trees and prefer running to flying. They are quite agile on foot. In India, peacocks have religious and cultural significance. They are the national bird of our country. 

Short Essay on My Favourite Bird Parrot in 200 Words 

There are many different types of birds in the world. My favourite bird is the parrot. Parrots come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. Some are single-coloured while others have bright, multi-coloured feathers. The colour of their plumage can range from predominantly green with some red to a vibrant mix of red, orange, green, blue, yellow, pink, and black. Some smaller species of parrots can only grow up to ten centimetres while some larger varieties grow up to a hundred centimetres and weigh over a kilogram. 

Parrots are omnivores and eat nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, plants, grains as well as small insects. They have a curved beak that helps them split fruits and nuts. These birds are quite intelligent and can mimic human speech. They are very playful and friendly in nature. Parrots usually build their nests in the hollow of trees and lay eggs twice a year. Baby parrots are called chicks and are very cute. 

In recent times, due to habitat loss, climate change, and wildlife trade, many types of parrots are becoming endangered. Many people keep parrots as pets in cages for entertainment and do not take good care of them. This needs to be stopped. Parrots are great birds and we should do our best to protect them and take care of them. 

Short Essay on My Favourite Bird Cuckoo in 400 Words 

I have seen hundreds of different types of birds and observed their unique quirks and I adore them all, but my favourite is the cuckoo. Cuckoos are black in colour and have long tails. They look like crows but are smaller than them. The sound that cuckoos make is very pleasant to listen to and they are quite famous for it as well. Their melodious call fills everyone with joy. Cuckoos live on trees and in bushes. They eat fruits, insects, and worms. They especially like eating caterpillars. 

Cuckoos are migratory birds and we often see them during the spring season. Hence, they are called the harbinger of spring. Cuckoos have a peculiar habit. They do not make nests and are infamous for laying eggs in the nests of other birds, usually crows. A female cuckoo can lay eggs in as many as 50 nests during the breeding season.

Cuckoos have evolved to lay eggs that mimic the eggs of crows. This prevents their eggs from being ejected from the nest. The crows mistake the eggs as their own and look after them. Cuckoo chicks hatch and grow up under the care of crows. 

In the village, we wake up every day listening to the chirping of different birds and during the spring season, it is beautiful ‘kuhu kuhu’ of the cuckoos that dominate. There are at least ten pairs of cuckoos that live in our orchard and we give them grains and fruits to feed on.

Although they are usually afraid of humans and don’t come too close, I once befriended a cuckoo. It had red eyes and used to come near the windowsill of my room every morning. I fed it grains that I got from my grandmother and also caught a few hairy caterpillars for it. One day, it brought along another cuckoo. Both of them looked quite similar. 

I had a great time interacting with the cuckoos in my village orchard and fell in love with them. When the vacation was over, we had to come back and I started missing the cuckoos. I read a lot of articles on these birds and filled my room with posters of these beautiful creatures. After a few months, when we went to visit my grandparents again, it was already winter and the cuckoos had migrated. I never saw my friend again but I still remember its amazing red eyes and melodious voice. Cuckoos have since been my favourite birds. 

In the session above, I have written three essays on three different birds. You can choose any of those according to your requirements. I have also tried to write the essays in a very simple language that every student can easily understand. If you still have any doubts regarding this session, please let us know through the comment section below. If you want to read more such essays on several important topics, keep browsing our website. 

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In ‘West Side Story,’ My Mother Saw a Latina Who Could Dance Her Way Out of Any Script

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By Deborah Paredez

Professor Paredez is the chair of the writing program at Columbia and the author of the forthcoming “American Diva.”

Some Latina mothers teach their daughters how to spoon masa or plátano onto a corn husk or banana leaf when making tamales or pasteles.

My Latina mother taught me to love musicals.

Or, more precisely, how to worship the diva at the center of a musical, the woman pulling at the seams of its tidy romance plot, unraveling in her wake a trail of delight and mayhem. Some days it was Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice in her mink hat and muff insisting that no one rain on her parade. Or Diana Ross easing on down the road. But most times it was Rita Moreno as Anita dancing her way beyond the borders of “Ameríca” in “West Side Story.”

In the decades since its opening night on Broadway in 1957, “West Side Story” has been the story, the persistent white fantasy of “Latinness,” that Latinas like my mom and I have had to reckon with. And yet my mom and I kept watching. Perhaps it’s because, like all musicals, “West Side Story” is a complex form of representation that revels in both its messiness and its marvelousness. My mother taught me to see in “West Side Story” not just the problems of brown-face makeup, but also the choreography of another Latina who could dance her way out of any script that sought to confine her or relegate her to a supporting role. My mother was showing me a diva who could move across these imposed limits. And who did it in a fabulous dress and heels.

It is not without a measure of sheepishness that I admit this now, long after the public and private conversations Latinos have engaged in about our vexed relationship to “West Side Story.” No doubt, it presents damaging stereotypes of “Latin” culture in America. Many of us have cataloged and condemned the musical’s depictions of criminal youth and blatantly sexual women all speaking in exaggerated accents.

Musical divas like Ms. Moreno helped my mother and me forge our bond as we made our own way in America from our working-class neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas, a city that has long had a Latino majority. “West Side Story” endures as a paradoxical — and often pleasurable — cultural text by which many Latinos have come to know ourselves and one another. Artists and thinkers like Lin-Manuel Miranda , Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the Supreme Court and Jennifer Lopez , to name a few, have turned to the musical as a means of understanding themselves or as a jumping-off point into a new narrative.

According to my mom, the first time we watched the 1961 film adaptation of “West Side Story” together was when NBC aired it over two successive nights in March 1972. I was a little more than a year old. In those days, she and I were sharing a bed in the front room of my grandparents’ house on San Antonio’s south side. My father was fighting in Vietnam. I spent countless nights in the years that followed curled up in bed with my mother singing along to “West Side Story.”

We learned every line, every lyric. We scoffed at the brown-cake makeup. Rolled our eyes at the accents. We believed that, yes, a boy like that could kill your brother. We cried every time Bernardo died. We cursed. We crooned. We held our breaths when Anita’s purple petticoat flared, her leg kicked up and stretching to forever, to the smattering of stars above, to some beyond somewhere far from here.

In “West Side Story,” Rita Moreno doesn’t just master the notoriously exacting rigors of Jerome Robbins’s choreography. She expresses undisciplined delight in her body’s movement beyond it. In Ms. Moreno’s mauve-blurred movements as Anita there is both a sense of well-rehearsed control and improvisatory curve, a sense of what my mother would call “movidas,” of finding a way when there seems to be no way, of creating space where none is ceded. Movidas are not just ways of making do but making do with Latina flair, of hustling so smoothly it becomes dancing.

Rita-as-Anita refuses to move in a straight line — and why should she when the playing field is so full of obstacles? Latinos know there are few straightforward paths toward securing a place for ourselves; the only constant is the well-rehearsed control and improvisatory curve and sartorial flair and audacious joy we perform in our movidas. We recognize in Anita’s movements the choreographies of our own refusals and striving for self-possession.

Again and again I saw in the film how Anita tends fiercely to Maria, the teenager left in her charge. Just as I joined my mother in bed to watch and cry and sing along, Anita joins Maria on her bed to sing the duet “A Boy Like That/I Have a Love.” It’s a pivotal moment when Anita, despite her own reservations, romantic attachments and aspirations, sacrifices herself to help Maria try to achieve what she wants. Anita and Maria are the only couple central to the narrative who survive.

My mother taught me to memorize the steps and the songs in a musical diva’s repertoire. Together, we studied the ways Rita-as-Anita moves across the battered gymnasium floor, across the rooftop, across the boundaries of turf and tribe. She showed me how to follow the diva who shows Latinas how to move and move and keep on moving, how to move until the skirts of our dresses achieve lift off, how to move past the violence done to our bodies and our boyfriends, how to move closer to one another across the borders that seek to keep us apart.

Deborah Paredez is the chair of the writing program at Columbia and the author of the forthcoming critical memoir “American Diva .”

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