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350+ Presentation Topics That Will Appeal to Any Audience

A presentation can be nerve-wracking, may it be for first-timers or pros, as you must turn a critical issue into a dynamic, persuasive, and informative one. Before you enhance your oratory skills and overcome your fear of public speaking , you must first brainstorm excellent fun topics for your presentation.

When doing a presentation, you cannot start a thing without coming up with a presentation topic . It is harder to find the best subject than preparing the lecture itself as you need to be specific about the topic you want to present.

Besides oratory skills and PowerPoint mastery, you need to have informative and fun topics for presentations that can influence the audience. Watch this and get more ideas about informative topics:

One of the best ways to nail a presentation is to choose the best presentation topics that fit your expertise and target audience.

How to Choose a Good Topic

If you want to create an informative speech or lecture, choosing the best one out of informative presentation topics can be daunting and confusing. Here are some considerations that you must know.

Tips on Turning a Boring Topic into an Engaging Presentation

communication for presentation topic

You might have been feeling dejected as you had to prepare for a talk with no fun topics for presentation. It is hard to turn psychology discussions into engaging ones, knowing that this field has jargon and cases that can make your lecture dull.

However, instead of blaming your subject for being boring, avoid being dull instead. Here are some tips on turning a boring topic into an interactive one.

communication for presentation topic

What are the Good Topics to Present in a Speech?

Now that you have skimmed through the tips and ways in choosing fun topics for presentation, making a speech on time needs a good presentation topic. Out of random presentation topics, here are some prominent ones that might give you some ideas.

Interesting Presentation Topics

Good Presentation Topics

5-Minute Presentation Topics

Fun Topics for Presentation

Safety Presentation Topics

Easy Presentation Topics

Controversial Speech Topics

Controversies are all around us, especially online resources. Finding a controversial topic must fit your passion and knowledge; otherwise, it might negatively impact your discussion.

Controversial Leadership Topics for Presentation

Controversial Topics for Teenagers

communication for presentation topic

What are Some Presentation Ideas for School?

For school purposes, you must find informative but fun topics for presentation as students have a lesser attention span than adults. Here are the presentation topics for academic and educational causes.

Science Topics for Presentation

For students and teachers in technical educational institutions, science presentation topics are among the most in-demand discussions. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Physics Topics for Presentation

Chemistry Topics for Presentation

Biology Topics for Presentation

Geology Topics for Presentation

Astronomy Topics for Presentation

Technological Science Topics for Presentation

Multimedia Science Topics for Presentation

Cultural and Social Presentation Topic Ideas

This aspect mostly concerns psychology and sociology students. Here are some fun topics for presentations that you can check out.

communication for presentation topic

What are Some Presentation Ideas for Healthcare?

There are many physical and mental health topics for school and other conferences , but having fun topics for presentations is essential to make your lecture less complicated. Here are some of the presentation topics that might suit your interest.

communication for presentation topic

Psychology Topics for Presentation

Mental Health Topics for Presentation

Health Topics for Presentation

Nutrition Topics for Presentation

Nursing Presentations

Dental Presentations Ideas

Medical Presentations

What are Some Presentation Ideas for Business and Management?

Finding business presentation topics is more difficult as you have to show in-depth knowledge regarding your chosen idea. Here are some of the presentation topics that you can check out.

communication for presentation topic

How a Good Topic Helps on Public Speaking (SECS Elements)

Having the right choice of presentation topics can help meet the Sincerity, Enthusiasm, Confidence , and Simplicity (SECS) public speaking elements due to these reasons:

Presentation topics are the key to a successful lecture, bringing more opportunities for your career. It can get confusing to choose among tons of ideas out there, but give it a serious thought as your topic impacts your overall presentation.

communication for presentation topic

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Master Public Speaking

What Is Effective Communication? Skills for Work, School, and Life

Improving your communication skills can benefit your career, education, and personal life.

[Featured image] A group of professionals in business suits sit in front of microphones at an international press conference.

Many of us communicate with people every day, whether in person or on the countless digital platforms available to us. But how much of our communication actually reaches the intended audience or person the way we hoped? Effective communication requires us to be clear and complete in what we are trying to express.

Being an effective communicator in our professional and personal lives involves learning the skills to exchange information with clarity, empathy, and understanding. In this article, we’ll define what effective communication looks like, discuss its benefits and offer ways to improve your communication skills.

What is effective communication?

Effective communication is the process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and data so that the message is received and understood with clarity and purpose. When we communicate effectively, both the sender and receiver feel satisfied.

Communication occurs in many forms, including verbal and non-verbal, written, visual, and listening. It can occur in person, on the internet (on forums, social media, and websites), over the phone (through apps, calls, and video), or by mail.

For communication to be effective, it must be clear , correct , complete , concise , and compassionate . We consider these to be the 5 C’s of communication, though they may vary depending on who you’re asking. 

While the effectiveness of communication can be difficult to measure, its impact is hard to deny. According to one study, surveyed companies in the United States and United Kingdom with at least 100,000 employees lost $62.4 million per year on average due to poor communication. On the flip side, companies led by effective communicators had nearly 50 percent higher total returns to shareholders over companies with less effective communicators at the helm [ 1 ].

Benefits of effective communication

The benefits of communication effectiveness can be witnessed in the workplace, in an educational setting, and in your personal life. Learning how to communicate well can be a boon in each of these areas.

In the workplace, effective communication can help you: 

Manage employees and build teams

Grow your organization more rapidly and retain employees

Benefit from enhanced creativity and innovation

Build strong relationships and attract more opportunities for you or your organization

In your personal life, effective communication can lead to:

Improved social, emotional, and mental health

Deeper existing connections 

New bonds based on trust and transparency

Better problem–solving and conflict resolution skills

Say it with your body

In face-to-face conversation, body language plays an important role. Communication is 55 percent non-verbal, 38 percent vocal (tone and inflection), and 7 percent words, according to Albert Mehrabian, a researcher who pioneered studies on body language [ 2 ]. Up to 93 percent of communication, then, does not involve what you are actually saying. 

Positive body language is open—your posture is upright and receptive, your palms are open, you lean in when speaking or listening, and nod encouragingly. Negative body language can include biting your lip nervously, looking bored, crossing your arms, putting your hands on your hips, or tapping your foot impatiently.

How to improve your communication skills

Communication, like any other skill, is one you can improve upon with practice. Here are a few ways to start improving your communication skills, whether at home or on the job.

1. Consider your audience.

Who are you communicating with? Make sure you are aware of your audience—those you intend to communicate with may differ from those who actually receive your messages. Knowing your audience can be key to delivering the right messages effectively. Their age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, income, education level, subject knowledge, and professional experience can all impact how they’ll receive your message. 

If you’re advertising a fast food restaurant, for example, you might want to deliver your message to an audience that’s likely to be hungry. This could be a billboard on the side of a busy highway that shows a giant cheeseburger and informs drivers that the closest location is just two miles away. 

Or suppose you’re telling your family about your engagement. You might host a gathering after to celebrate, send them photos of the engagement in a group chat, surprise them in conversation over dinner two weeks later, or post on social media. Your chosen form of communication will depend on your family dynamics.

2. Practice active listening.

Active listening is the practice of giving your full attention in a communication exchange. 

Some techniques include paying attention to body language, giving encouraging verbal cues, asking questions, and practicing non-judgment. Before executing your communication, be sure to consider your audience and practice active listening to get to the heart of their needs and desires. This way, you can improve your communication as a counselor, social worker, marketer, professor, colleague, or friend. 

Here are some examples of active listening in practice:

If you work in marketing, you might engage in social listening to gather consumer data on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

If you are a professor, you might take advantage of end-of-semester feedback forms and act on your students' needs by hosting one-on-one meetings during office hours. Likewise, your students might choose to participate in discussions after your lecture or at least sit attentively and ask questions.

If you are a team leader, you might read Slack messages from your teammates, gauge that they are frustrated with the workload, and respond by resetting priorities for the next few weeks. This communicates to the team that their voices are heard.

If you are a parent, you might have a disagreement with your child about finishing their homework, but if you probe deeper with open communication, they may confess that their teacher made a discouraging comment that left them unmotivated.

3. Make your message as clear as possible.

Once you have successfully identified your audience and listened to their intentions, needs, and desires, you may have something to communicate. To do this effectively, turn to the 5 C’s of communication to ensure your message is:


Prepare to communicate in a way that achieves most of these characteristics.

4. Use the right medium or platform.

Using the right medium or platform to communicate matters. Effective communication requires you to consider whether you need to meet in person or if Zoom would suffice. Is your message casual enough to use WhatsApp, or would a formal email be more efficient and thorough? If you are catching up with a friend, do you two prefer to talk on the phone or via old-fashioned letters? Whatever you choose should be intuitive and appropriate for you and your current situation.

You might assess the priority level and the type of communication needed. In a marketing campaign, is there a visual component on Instagram or is it a spoken podcast ad? Will the platform be a Facebook post, product placement in a film, or a printed poster hung in cafes? For a university lecture, do students prefer to be online or meet in person? Will there be a discussion afterward, and would it be fruitful to conduct it in a pub, cafe, or in a field outdoors? 

By considering your audience, practicing active listening, clarifying your communication, and choosing the right medium or environment, you are well on your way to exercising communication effectiveness.

Effective communication starts here

Start building better communication with Improving your Communication Skills from the University of Pennsylvania, Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills from the University of Michigan, or Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation from the University of Colorado Boulder. 

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Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: What’s the Difference?

What are Job Skills and Why Do They Matter?

Article sources

1. PRovoke Media. " The Cost Of Poor Communications ," Accessed February 3, 2022.

2. The University of Texas Permian Basin. " How Much of Communication Is Nonverbal? ," Accessed February 3, 2022.

This content has been made available for informational purposes only. Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals.

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A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Communication.

Video playlists about Communication

communication for presentation topic

The most popular TED Talks of 2022

communication for presentation topic

The most popular TED Talks of 2021

communication for presentation topic

Why do we tell stories?

communication for presentation topic

The art of finding common ground

Talks about communication.

communication for presentation topic

How everyday interactions shape your future

communication for presentation topic

The best way to apologize (according to science)

communication for presentation topic

Are video calls the best we can do in the age of the metaverse?

communication for presentation topic

4 things all great listeners know

communication for presentation topic

What you can learn from people who disagree with you

communication for presentation topic

The most powerful yet overlooked resource in schools

communication for presentation topic

How to stop the metaverse from becoming the internet's bad sequel

communication for presentation topic

Stories of photographing monumental people -- from Michelle Obama to Stephen Hawking

communication for presentation topic

The profound power of gratitude and "living eulogies"

communication for presentation topic

How to write less but say more

communication for presentation topic

The humans at the center of the US immigration debate

communication for presentation topic

Why art is a tool for hope

communication for presentation topic

Why can parrots talk?

communication for presentation topic

A second chance for fathers to connect with their kids

communication for presentation topic

The relationship between sex and imagination

communication for presentation topic

The secret to mastering life's biggest transitions

Exclusive articles about communication, this writer analyzed 100 graduation speeches — here are the 4 tips they all share, 4 ways to make people feel valued at work, even when you’re not all together, kicking yourself for not saying something at a meeting here’s how to speak up skillfully.

my custom essay

100 Best Communication Topics For Your Academic Paper

communication topics

The key to any great research project is developing an exceptional research topic. When it comes to communication topics we know that many students will struggle to come up with something that is both interesting and original while still being challenging enough to impress the strictest professors. Our experts have developed a list of 100 communication research paper topics that are sure to make a splash. Feel free to modify them in any way you please:

Nonverbal Communication Research Topics

This interesting group of communication research topics for college students deals with nonverbal cues we use to express our thoughts:

Mass Communication Topics for College Students

These mass communication research topics are ideal for college-level students and up:

Interesting Communication Topics for Grad Students

These topics about communication cover a wide range of study areas perfect for a graduate course where students can introduce communication topics:

Technical Communication Topics for Students Seeking a Doctorate

This group of possible topics for communication research represents the current issues being discussed by industry leaders and is perfect for those seeking a Ph.D.:

Health Communication Research Topics for Any Level

The following health communication topics explore the pros and cons of introducing new methods to improve the health and welfare of people from all over the world:

Organizational Communication Research Topics for Grad Students

This group deals with a lot more than business communication topics. Here you will also find several communication essay topics that are important to both domestic and foreign organizations:

Global Intercultural Communication Research Topics

These excellent intercultural communication topics are ideal of long research projects in college or graduate school. Our social media essay writing tips may help you here.

Research Topics in Media and Communication

These communication topics for research focus on the changing ways that media has changed the way we handle international affairs and address important issues from around the world:

Business Communication Topics for Research Paper

Business communication presentation topics can be hard to develop on the fly. If you’ve left your project to the last minute then these eight ideas might be right for you:

Interpersonal Communication Topics

Here is a list of interpersonal communication research topics ideal for a college senior-level or graduate-level assignment in this field:

Communication Topics for Presentation

This list of business communication topics for presentation is perfect for anyone who needs to put together a great presentation in a limited amount of time:

Communication Phenomenon Topics

Like the list above, these communication speech topics are great for a presentation. But they can also be used for any standard research paper project in the field:

We are a writing and editing agency that also specializes in developing communication thesis topics for every situation and every level. Keep checking back for updated lists of ideas and feel free to contact our essay writers to have a customized collection of communication research topics tailor-made for your specific project needs.

accuplacer essay topics

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Art of Presentations

15 Useful Presentation Topics for Business Communication

By: Author Shrot Katewa

If you are on this page, we know that you are a change maker in your business! We know that you understand the role that business communication plays in any professional setup. So, we want to give our best to enable you to make this change happen. Today, we want to talk about 15 useful topics for Business Communication that you can present in your organisation and empower others.

But first, let’s start with What is business communication? Business communication, in rudimentary terms, can be defined as a form of formal communication among professionals who are working for a common business objective.

While communication, in general, is important for any business to survive and thrive, in order to achieve success in business and for its respective teams, business communication becomes absolutely critical as success can’t be achieved without interacting with each other and having a common goal and objective in mind.

It is important to keep in mind that business communication is not just between your subordinates or your boss, you need to consider all stakeholders associated with your business. It can be one to many, one on one or many to one. Furthermore, it can involve various forms for communication medium such as email, telephone, intranet, presentations, video, social media, magazines, meetings, interviews, discussions etc.

So, what are some of the topics for business communication that you can give a presentation for your team? Let’s have a look –

A Quick Note Before We Begin – if you want to make jaw-dropping presentations, I would recommend using one of these Presentation Designs . The best part is – it is only $16.5 a month, but you get to download and use as many presentation designs as you like! I personally use it from time-to-time, and it makes my task of making beautiful presentations really quick and easy!

1. How to communicate business decisions during a crisis

Crisis management is one of the key moments when clear and coherent communication is of utmost importance. Any lack of communication or miscommunication during a crisis can lead to tragic circumstances for the business. A great topic for teams and companies to debate and create guidelines and response mechanisms to combat such issues.

2. Importance of Intranet

Intranet is a perfect platform to communicate business news and updates. As an internal business communication tool, it provides opportunities for information to be shared with the employees. Its importance can not be doubted. Taking up a topic like this one can help your team and colleagues truly understand the purpose behind deploying and managing the intranet within organisations.

3. Townhall and its benefits

This is often a forgotten mode of communication in many organisations. In today’s modern day of social media and other platforms, it is easy to forget the impact that a townhall can have on the employees of an organisation. An interesting presentation topic for business communication.

4. How to give an effective feedback

Giving feedback to your colleagues or team members can constitute one of the most essential types of communication as it ensures that the team has a healthy work relationship and there is no hindrance on the journey of achieving the common goal of the organisation. The best part about such a topic is that it is applicable across divisions and teams and can be useful irrespective for the background of your audience.

5. How to crack a business deal

Every organisation needs clients. Converting a potential lead into a successful client needs a lot more than business communication. However, understanding the need of your audience and communicating the right message, product or service that fulfils the requirement plays a key role in cracking a deal. It serves as a great topic for discussion on the importance of business communication among the sales team.

6. Managing relationship with you boss

There are many among us who don’t like their boss. Trust me, it is not uncommon! 🙂 But, part of the reason for the failure of a healthy relationship with your boss is business communication or the lack of it. A topic like this may not only enable you to come across colleagues who may resonate with your ideas, but also help improve relationships of your colleagues with their respective bosses.

7. Email Etiquettes

Let’s face it – email is the most common mode of communication among all employees in an organisation. Thus, it is of utmost importance that messages sent over an email communicate what was intended and not anything else. It is a great business communication presentation topic especially for the new employees who have recently joined your office.

8. How to communicate with your peers

Another important topic for most business settings. It is important for the employees to really understand the company’s policy on the work environment and communication among the employees. Having a presentation session on this business topic can be really helpful in setting up a healthy work environment for your employees.

9. Role of millennials in your brand success

I view this as a very interesting presentation topic for business communication. Why? Because, the role of millennials in the success of a brand is often not completely understood. With the onset of social media, millennials are finding it more and more easy to voice their opinion and impact a brand. This topic could serve as an interesting business communication presentation. 

10. Is the newsletter dead?

In this modern age where more and more information is consumed over digital mediums and the attention span of your audience is only diminishing, the importance of newsletter can form a good topic for not just a business presentation, but also include an interesting debate as an activity post your presentation.

11. Tips for successful business relationships with customers

Having a successful business relationship with customers goes way beyond just converting a potential lead into a customer. This is often a part of the business that gets missed out. Thus, considering this topic for your business communication presentation can be really fruitful.

12. Role of influencers for building a brand –

Social media has played a pivotal role of distributing the power to influence others from celebrities to individuals known as influencers. The role of an influencer is often not completely understood even though there are several influencers who now have the authority to influence your brand both positively and negatively. The lack of this understanding can impact the communication strategy of your brand. Thus, a very carefully curated session with this presentation topic for business communication can be highly effective in reaching success and achieving the goals of your business.

13. Brand guidelines and its importance

When we are talking about business communication, brand guidelines is a perfect topic as it sets the method of ensuring that the messaging and communication is consistent irrespective of which employee is engaging with a stakeholder outside your organisation. It is also really important that all employees understand the importance of consistent messaging.

14. Impact of social media for employees

We’ve come across several organisations that are struggling with leveraging their own employees across social media to create an awesome brand image. Furthermore, the impact of identifying the opportunities to leverage your employees towards a focused campaign is barely understood. Thus, considering this topic for your business communication presentation can be an eye opener for many within your organisation including business leaders.

15. Significance of company blogs

If you are a business communicator, you surely understand that each medium of communication is important as it often has its own pros and cons. Many believe that a company blog is turning out to be irrelevant. However, if a company blog is created with a correct strategy that is specific to a business, it can not just be successful but also push across customers. Taking up this presentation topic for business communication can, again, be a very interesting one. It may lead to an open debate and also help to work around and build upon your company’s existing communication strategy.

So there you have it. There is a lot to talk about when we need to share something useful on business communication. I would like you to consider these topics only as a conversation starter and build up from the brief pointers that we have mentioned. I also hope that you find the above topics really something that you can use and is effective in your business setting. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Our goal on this blog is to create content that helps YOU create fantastic presentations; especially if you have never been a designer. We’ve started our blog with non-designers in mind, and we have got some amazing content on our site to help YOU design better.

If you have any topics in mind that you would want us to write about, be sure to drop us a comment below. In case you need us to work with you and improve the design of your presentation, write to us on [email protected] . Our team will be happy to help you with your requirements.

Lastly, your contribution can make this world a better place for presentations . All you have to do is simply share this blog in your network and help other fellow non-designers with their designs!

10-Minute Presentation Topics | 50 Unique Ideas in 2023

10-Minute Presentation Topics | 50 Unique Ideas in 2023

Quynh Anh Vu • 20 Feb 2023 • 9 min read

For 10 minutes, what can you really do? A shower? A power nap? An entire presentation? You might already be sweating at the idea of that last one. Cramming an entire presentation into 10 minutes is tough, but doing it without even knowing what to talk about is even tougher. So let’s check out 10-minute presentation topics !

No matter where you’ve been challenged to give a 10-minute presentation, we’ve got your back. Check out the ideal presentation structure below and over fifty 10-minute presentation topics, you can use for your big (actually, pretty small) speech. So, let’s check out the best 50 10-minute presentation topics!

Tips from AhaSlides – 10-minute presentation topics

Start in seconds.

Get free 10-minute presentation topics and templates. Sign up for free and take what you want from the template library!

The 10-Minute Presentation Topics Structure

As you might imagine, the hardest part of a 10-minute presentation is actually sticking to 10 minutes. None of your audience, organisers or fellow speakers will be pleased if your speech starts running over, but it’s hard to know how not to.

You might be tempted to cram as much information as possible, but doing so is just going to make for an overbearing presentation. Especially for this type of presentation , knowing what to leave out is as much of a skill as knowing what to put in, so try and follow the sample below for a perfectly structured presentation.

This 10-minute presentation example format contains a fairly conservative 5 slides, based on the famous 10-20-30 rule of presentations. In that rule, an ideal presentation is 10 slides in 20 minutes, meaning a 10-minute presentation would only require 5 slides.

10 Ideas for College Students – 10-Minute Presentation Topics

A college student giving a SWOT analysis of his favourite 10-minute presentation topic

A 10-minute presentation is all you need as a college student to show your knowledge and forward-thinking values. So let’s check out few 10-minute presentation topics!

They’re also great practice for presentations you might be making in the future. If you feel comfortable within 10 minutes, chances are that you’ll be alright in the future, too.

10 Interview Presentation Ideas – 10-Minute Presentation Topics

More and more nowadays, recruiters are turning to quick-fire presentation as a means of testing a candidate’s skill and confidence in presenting something.

But, it’s more than that. Recruiters also want to learn about you as a person. They want to know what interests you, what makes you tick and what has changed your life in a profound way.

If you can nail any of these presentation topics in your interview, you’ll be starting next Monday!

10 Relatable 10-Minute Presentation Topics

Successful cheerful businesswoman company head presenting new project to multi-ethnic young employees, diverse people voting raising hands or business coach giving presentation to clients in boardroom

People love stuffs they can relate to their own experiences. It’s the reason why your presentation on the problems of the post office was a hit, but your one on the use of thermoplongeurs and suspension compression on modern fatigue carousels was an absolute travesty.

Keeping topics nicely open and accessible for everyone is a great way to get a good reaction. Check out these fun presentation topics below…

10 Interesting 10-Minute Presentation Topics

This one is the exact opposite of ‘relatable topics’. This one is all about super interesting scientific phenomena that a lot of people don’t know about.

You don’t have to be relatable when you can be fascinating!

10 Controversial 10-Minute Presentation Topics

Check out some controversial 10-minute presentation topics

Bonus Topics: Vox

communication for presentation topic

Vox is an American online magazine with a real knack for making insightful video essays on interesting topics you may never have thought about. They were the guys behind the ‘ Explained ‘ series on Netflix, and they’ve also got their own YouTube channel full of topics.

The videos vary in length, but you can choose any of these to present if you feel like it’s interesting enough for your crowd. Contract or expand the information in the video to 10 minutes and make sure you can present it comfortably.

Some of Vox’s videos include…

Wrapping Up

10 minutes is, categorically, not a long time , so yes, 10-minute presentation topics can be difficult! Okay, it’s a long time to spend on your turn on the karaoke machine, but it’s not a long time for a presentation. But those also can be the best ideas for video presentations!

Above is your choice of 10-minute presentation topics!

Nailing yours starts with the right topic. Any of the 50 unique ones above would be a great way to kick off a 10-minute presentation (or even a 5-minute presentation ).

Once you have your topic, you’ll want to craft the structure of your 10-minute talk, as well as the content. Check out our presentation tips to keep your presentation fun and watertight.

' src=

Quynh Anh Vu

Event banner

More from AhaSlides

220++ Easy Topics for Presentation of all Ages (Best in 2023)

Use this reference code when you checkout: AHAXMAS21

📢 AhaSlides Interactive Webinar 📹 Get the most out of AhaSlides!

100 Best Communication Research Topics For College Students

communication topics

Interesting communication topics are not impossible to find. Communication is the conveyance of meanings through the use of signs and symbols that are mutually understood. Communication can be divided into information theory, communication studies, and biosemiotics. Communication can be verbal, nonverbal, written, business, political, interpersonal, and lots more.

The channels of communication could be visual, auditory, etc., and is unique in that it uses abstract languages extensively. The many innovations in transportation, computing, and telecommunication have necessitated finding means to increase the frequency and ease of communication around the world.

Choose Our Communication Research Topics!

Nowadays, there are many interestingly complex areas that the communication discipline covers. This makes choosing the best communication topics a challenge for students. However, we have prepared 100 communication topics covering many diverse fields of communication. These topics about communication include:

Communication research paper topics Business communication topics for presentation Communication essay topics Communication phenomenon topics Other possible topics for communication research

So, you can explore this list of communication research topics spanning all major communication areas and make your pick! Ready to choose? Let’s roll!

Interpersonal Communication Topics

Every human being communicates one way or the other with other humans. This forms the basis for the field of interpersonal communication. For this, you may need some interpersonal communication research paper topics for your thesis or research. This is why we have made a pick of 10 interpersonal communication research topics for you!

Business Communication Topics

To succeed in business, one must be able to communicate effectively! Here are 15 business communication topics for the research paper. You can also take a look at our business ethics topics .

Intercultural Communication Topics

Sometimes, difficulties arise when people of different cultures try to communicate. Here are five intercultural communication research topics for you!

Mass Communication Research Topics

The world is a global village connected by the wildfire-like spread of information. Technology continuously spins new ways of reaching and communicating with a large number of people at a time. You may require some research topics in media and communication, and thus we have made this pick. Here are ten excellent mass communication topics for your research.

Health Communication Topics

Communication is essential in the field of health, whether it is communication between healthcare providers and patients or caregivers, or among healthcare providers. Here is a list of some excellent health communication research topics.

Technical Communication Topics

Technical communication is a means of conveying scientific, engineering, law, or other technical information. Only people in these technical fields fully understand what is written and said in technical language. This is why technical communication is vital. Here are ten technical communication topics for you!

Organizational Communication Research Topics

Organizational communication refers to communication channels and forms within an organization as well as public-facing communications. Here are 15 great organizational communication research topics for you!

Nonverbal Communication Research Topics

Nonverbal communication is a fascinating field of communication. It refers to the use of tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions, posture, body language, eye contact (or lack thereof), and other techniques. Here are ten nonverbal communication topics for you!

Communication Topics for Research

Here are some communication topics for your research. This list also covers communication research topics for college students and communication thesis topics!

Communication Topics for Presentation

You may be required to give a business presentation or speech. To captivate your audience, you must choose communication speech topics and business communication presentation topics that are not only easy to grasp but enjoyable to hear. Here’s our pick of 10 communication topics to serve this purpose!

So here we are! One hundred communication topics just for you! Make your pick and get ready to have an A+! Contact our thesis writers for further help!

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Ukraine Live Updates

Useful Presentation Topics for Business Communication [The Top 12]

Business communication is the process of sharing information between people within and outside a company. Effective business communications help organizations reach organizational goals by allowing employees to interact with one another, as well as discuss topics that affect their work environment positively or negatively." In this blog post, we will be discussing 12 useful presentation topic ideas for your next meeting to help promote organizational growth.

1. The State of the Company

2. team meeting agenda.

If you are leading a team meeting, it's important to provide your team with an agenda ahead of time. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect from the meeting.

3. Project Updates

4. employee training .

Employee training is an important part of any company--it helps employees understand the company's policies and procedures, as well as their role within the organization.

5. Marketing Plans 

6. sales strategies .

Do you have sales goals that you're struggling with? Are there certain strategies that have been successful for you in the past? Presenting your sales strategies to your team can help them understand what you're working towards and give them ideas on how they can help.

7. Conflict Resolution 

8. feedback forms , 9. business ethics, 10. team goals.

If you're leading a team, it's important to set goals for the year. This presentation will help your employees understand what your goals are and how they can work towards achieving them as well."

11. Business Processes

12. customer service, increase business communications today.

Its clear that business communications are vital for organizational growth in so many aspects. Presentations that raise the business awareness amongst leaders, employees, and clients helps align organizational goals.

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Presentation on Communication Skills

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communication for presentation topic

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communication for presentation topic

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communication for presentation topic

200 Communication Topics You Should Use Right Now

Communication topics

Communication topics for research are critical for students pursuing communication studies in colleges and universities. In most cases, educators ask learners to come up with communication research topics or choose what to write about. However, this is not always easy for most learners.

The recent innovations in telecommunication, transportation, and computing have made communication a broad and diverse research area. For this reason, many students have difficulties finding the best communication topics for research. If struggling to decide what to write about, this article highlights some of the most interesting topics about communication that you can consider.

Incredible Communication Topics for Research Papers

Do you want to write a research paper on a topic that your audience or educator will be interested to read about? If yes, pick the idea to write about from this list of incredible communication research paper topics.

All these are possible topics for communication research. Pick any of them if your goal is to write a paper that your educator will be interested to read about. Nevertheless, take your time to research any of these research topics in media and communication to come up with a brilliant paper.

Interesting Communication Topics for Research

Maybe you’re looking for mass communication research topics your audience or educator will find interesting to read about. You might as well need ideas you will find interesting to research or work with. In that case, consider this list of interesting communication essay topics.

You can also find interesting communication speech topics in this category. All you need is to research the idea that you pick extensively to come up with an awesome speech or paper.

Amazing Interpersonal Communication Topics

Do you want to write a research paper or essay about interpersonal communication? In that case, you need to pick your idea from this list of the best interpersonal communication research topics.

Select any of these interpersonal communication research topics and then develop them. You will come up with a brilliant paper if you take the time to identify sources, gather, and analyze information before writing.

Business Communication Topics for Research Papers

Perhaps, you’re interested in business communication. Thus, you’re looking for a list of the best business communication topics for research paper. In that case, consider these ideas.

This category also has some of the best business communication topics for presentation. Nevertheless, you should understand the purpose of your research or presentation. What’s more, take your time to know the information you need to write about any of these organizational communication research topics. That way, you will pick a topic you can research and write about comfortably.

Great Communication Research Topics for College Students

Are you pursuing a college or university program in communication? If yes, your educator will most likely ask you to write papers about mass communication topics. Your goal should be to select an interesting topic that will compel your educator to award you the top grade. Here are some of the best communication phenomenon topics for college students.

You can also find great communication topics for presentation in this category. However, you should research your topic before preparing your presentation or writing your paper.

Intercultural Communication Topics for Research

Do you find intercultural communication interesting? If yes, you can write about any of these intercultural communication research topics.

This list also has some of the best communication thesis topics. However, take your time to research your topic to come up with an awesome paper.

Health Communication Topics for Research

Do you want to write a communication paper about health? If yes, here is a list of health communication paper topics to consider.

Pick any of these health communication research topics and then develop them through research. Ideally, identify good information sources to gather relevant and useful information for a paper on any of these topics.

Technical Communication Topics for Research

Whether you need business communication presentation topics or a technical idea to explore and write about, this category has something for you. Here are some of the best technical topics in communication.

Whether you opt to write about verbal or nonverbal communication research topics, take your time to investigate your topic extensively. That way, you will come up with information the educator or your audience will find interesting to read.

Racism Topics For Research Paper

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Ukraine Live Updates

communication for presentation topic

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How to Make an Effective Presentation (Guide, Tips & Examples)

How to Make an Effective Presentation (Guide, Tips & Examples)

Written by: Heleana Tiburca

communication for presentation topic

Learning how to make a presentation is an incredibly useful skill to have in your tool belt, especially since 55% of an effective presentation comes down to non-verbal communication .

We’ve rounded up the best tips for professional presentation-making and a step-by-step guide on how to make a presentation that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

If you're ready to create an engaging presentation, get started with our presentation software . Use hundreds of pre-made presentation templates , access built-in graphics, add multimedia and more.

Here’s a short selection of 8 easy-to-edit presentation templates you can edit, share and download with Visme. View more templates below:

communication for presentation topic

Table of Contents

Planning your presentation, writing the presentation content, designing your presentation, giving a memorable presentation.

“A person without a plan is lost before they start.” - Lewis K Bendele

This quote stands true for many aspects of life, but especially for making a presentation that’s powerful and memorable.

If you’re wondering how to make a presentation amazing, then you need to know that it all starts out by choosing a great topic angle, deciding on your presentation’s purpose, and creating a solid structure and outline.

In this section, you’ll find tips and tricks to help you better plan your presentations.

1. Choose the topic of your presentation.

Choosing the topic of your presentation is arguably one of the most important parts of presentation creation.

If you’re a student looking for presentation topics, check out our list of 150+ presentation topic ideas covering various subjects to find something you like.

If you’re a business professional, and you don’t have the luxury of picking out your presentation topic, that’s okay. You can always find a unique angle, such as focusing on a specific problem.

Even if it doesn’t seem to be an exciting topic, you can still make your presentation engaging with the right presentation skills and eye-catching presentation visuals.

2. Research your topic and know it inside and out.

When the time comes to present your presentation, you need to feel confident in yourself and your abilities in order to win your crowd’s trust.

One way you can achieve this is by knowing all the ins and outs of your topic. This way, you’ll feel prepared for any questions and know just how to answer them.

You can do in-depth research on any topic by reading up on related material online or in a library. But if you want to walk the extra mile, you can even get in touch with some of your audience in advance and ask them what they’d like to see in your presentation.

Public speaking expert TJ Walker explains this well in the short video below:

.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

This little trick will help you focus on the important areas, and find answers to legitimate concerns and questions that your audience will likely have.

Another positive note to knowing your topic well is that in case you’re zooming through your presentation and you end up having extra time on your hands, you can add in bonus information about your topic to educate your audience.

3. Consider your audience and speak their language.

Now, not only do you need to know your topic well, but you also need to know and study your future audience just as well. Why?

Because by knowing your crowd’s interests, attention span and pain points, you’ll be able to connect them through your presentation. Plus, you’ll be in a better position to solve their problems and add value to their lives.

For example, an advanced, data-driven presentation full of technical jargon might not be the best idea if you're presenting to someone who is new to your field and unfamiliar with complicated terms.

It might end up confusing them instead of leaving a strong impact. You need to be able to speak their language and meet them on their level.

Going back to the example above, your presentation would likely be more successful if you simplify the information and start with the basics before jumping into the data and technicalities.

Create a stunning presentation in less time

Sign up. It’s free.

communication for presentation topic

4. Decide on your presentation’s purpose.

For every presentation you create, you need to have an end goal and purpose in mind.

Every presentation’s goal can be summed up within one of the following purposes:

Your presentation’s purpose may even be a combination of the above four.

The idea of pinpointing your presentation’s purpose is to help you create your presentation’s subject matter, outline and structure more easily.

5. Create a solid presentation outline.

In order to make a great presentation, you need to have a great outline to piggyback off of.

According to the University of Arkansas , to create a compelling speech with impactful results, you’ll need three key things in your outline: a compelling intro, a strong body and a conclusion that drives your main points home.

Another important thing to consider when planning your presentation structure is how long your presentation is going to be, and how many slides you’re going to add.

That’s where the 10-20-30 rule can help you out.

The 10-20-30 rule represents 10 slides presented in about 20 minutes with a 30 point font minimum.

business presentation - infographic 10 20 30 rule guy kawasaki

This is not an end-all-be-all rule, but it is definitely great to follow loosely as it will help you stay on track and not overwhelm your viewers with too many slides with too little time or vice versa.

If you want a more in-depth guide on how to structure your presentation , we’ve created one just for you. Give it a read to take your presentation structure to the next level.

Now that you know how to create a presentation outline, let’s talk about what the content of your presentation should look like.

The content is the real “meat” of your presentation — you need to ensure that it’s credible, full of value and crafted in a way that makes it easy for your audience to understand it.

In this section, we’ll look at some tips to help you craft clear, concise and creative content that’s hard to forget.

6. Limit the amount of text on your slides.

Since we’re on the topic of not overwhelming your audience with too much information, it’s a great idea to try to keep your text to about 6-8 lines per slide, like in the example below.

communication for presentation topic

This will help result in clean and pleasing slides to look at and you won’t risk losing your crowd due to overstimulation.

7. Fact-check all your information.

If you want your audience to trust you, then make sure you’re getting all of your information from reputable sources and anyone can fact-check your data.

In fact, you’ll even sound more confident and authoritative when you’re able to prove what you’re saying is true.

Here are some resources to help you fact-check your information:

The worst thing you can do is use faulty information and lose your crowd’s trust because once you do that, it’s near impossible to get it back.

If you’re planning to share your presentation slides online, it’s a good idea to add your sources at the end of your presentation or at the bottom of your slides as footnotes.

8. Use storytelling to your advantage.

People are more inclined to remember stories that touched them rather than statistics simply listed out on a slide.

To make your presentation the most effective, you can use a combination of the two and tell a story to back up your main points and data.

For example, instead of simply presenting the numbers upfront, you can give some context by introducing the problem, and explaining what the statistics mean and who they’re affecting.

Learn more about finding stories in data in our detailed guide. Or, watch the video below for a quick summary:

communication for presentation topic

Another storytelling technique to keep in mind is to focus on characters, not objects and numbers. Humans are innately emotional creatures, and understand things best when they can relate to them on a personal level.

For example, if you’re presenting an environmental problem, talk about how it’s affecting people and animals instead of just introducing the problem in technical terms.

9. Include lots of practical examples.

Including numbers and data in your presentation is great, but if you don’t relate that information to the real world (i.e. give it context), your audience might get lost or bored.

One way to add context to your presentation content is to include a lot of practical examples. Telling people what a certain piece of information can mean for them in their everyday life can leave a much stronger impact than simply telling them the information exists.

Plus, relatable examples can make your presentation’s take-home message easier to digest and understand.

To explain this better, let’s consider an example (see what I did there?)

Look at the slide below — it’s taken from a redesigned Uber pitch deck that explains briefly how the ride-sharing service works and its key features.

communication for presentation topic

On its own, the slide above communicates little value. The audience knows how the service works, but they might not be clear about its real-world applications.

Following up with a slide like this one can help:

communication for presentation topic

Sharing potential use cases with the audience is a great way to show your audience why your idea is interesting, and how it can make a difference. In Uber’s case, it showed investors why the service was worth investing in.

10. Use presenter’s notes for additional information.

If you’re afraid that you’re going to forget important information and you’re tempted to write out all your talking points on your slide, stop right there.

Don’t make the mistake of cluttering your slides with text. If the information is too important to leave out, you can always add it into your presenter’s notes.

If you’re using a presentation software like Visme, you can include your presenter’s notes in the designated area at the bottom without sacrificing beautiful slide design.

communication for presentation topic

These notes will pop up as needed when you’re presenting, and you can choose to have them open on your computer screen while presenting the actual slides on the projector.

11. Incorporate your data in a visual way.

We’ve all been there; those long corporate meetings where you give it your all to pay attention to the statistics and numbers slowly being read off of an interminable spreadsheet.

Don’t make that same mistake in your presentation. Incorporate your data in a visual and engaging way by using charts, graphs, maps and data widgets.

The slide template below visualizes website traffic data with the help of a line graph.

communication for presentation topic

Imagine if all of this information was written out in the form of a complex table full of intricate rows, columns and numbers — yawning? So are we.

When you use a presentation software like Visme, you can add 15+ different types of charts and graphs to your slides, and customize them to fit your design needs. Change their colors, add or remove legends, and even animate the charts.

You can also drag and drop thermometers, progress bars, radials and other data widgets to visualize percentages and stats. Or, use the map generator to visualize geographical information, like in the slide template below.

communication for presentation topic

You can make this map interactive, too. So, for example, when someone hovers on one of the regions on the map, additional data can be displayed.

Learn more about what data visualization is , why it’s important, and how to create your own impressive visual data.

Or, watch the quick video tutorial below to learn how to create a chart or graph in Visme.

communication for presentation topic

12. Use multimedia to engage your audience.

People’s brains love to be met with the unexpected. Unfortunately, many times presentations are just predictable slides with some text and bullet points on them.

You can make your presentation more exciting for your audience by adding multimedia into the slides. But multimedia presentations include more than just static photos.

They can also include media like embedded videos, GIFs, audio narrations, music, or interactive elements like quizzes, forms, hover effects, links, pop-ups and more.

You can easily create a similar presentation of your own using Visme’s presentation maker , which comes with a built-in GIPHY integration.

Another benefit of adding multimedia is that it will give you a nice little break from talking where you can regroup your thoughts and get ready for your next big point.

If you want to learn more, check out our complete guide on creating a multimedia presentation .

13. Prepare thought-provoking questions.

We humans are curious creatures who love to learn and have our brains picked at.

Use this to your advantage and captivate your audience’s attention by preparing some questions that require deep thinking on their part.

Here are some ideas:

Preparing questions in advance for your audience will have their wheels turning and attention on you for the upcoming answer.

14. Simplify your sentences.

One of the best ways to minimize the number of text on your slides is by using punchy phrases that aren’t full sentences.

For example, instead of writing, “The advantages of social media marketing are that it increases brand awareness, generates more inbound traffic, improves search engine rankings, higher conversion rates, provides more brand recognition authority and much more,” you can simplify this idea as:

SMM Advantages:

As you can see, these concise phrases aren’t full sentences and include less punctuation but still communicate the same message without distracting text.

Now that we know how to create a presentation outline and we also know what kind of content we need to prepare for our presentation, it’s time to jump into the actual design side of our presentation.

There are so many stunning presentation design ideas and trends you can follow, as well as presentation design tips you can implement to your presentation.

We’re going to cover a few of the most important design tips for you to follow to create a sleek presentation design your audience will love.

15. Consider your presentation’s mode of delivery.

Just as it’s important to figure out your presentation’s purpose in order to create its structure, likewise, you need to know how you will deliver your presentation in order to determine the design of it.

For example, for standalone presentations, it’s a great idea to add more text into your slides. But on the other hand, if you’re holding an in-person presentation, it might be a good idea to have less text on your slides.

Once you determine your presentation’s delivery, you can then determine the best presentation design style for it.

16. Choose your fonts carefully.

One of the best tips we can give you for sleek presentation design is to use only up to 3 fonts per slide.

If you end up using more than 3 fonts, you forfeit having a nice presentation design and you’ll risk looking messy and unprofessional.

Not only should you limit yourself to using 3 fonts, but you need to make sure that they are similar in style and complement each other, like in the example below.

communication for presentation topic

One way you can do this is by using font templates from Visme that are predesigned and handpicked by professional designers.

This way, you’ll never have to wonder if your fonts match or look good together ever again.

It’s also important that you keep the fonts you choose consistent throughout your design. This will give your presentation a polished and professional look overall.

If you want to change up the appearance of your font throughout your presentation, then play with the weight, styling, color and size of the text.

17. Use high-quality images, icons and visuals.

It’s very important that whatever visuals you choose to add to your presentation are of high quality.

Avoid using pixelated photos, images that have watermarks on them or blurry vector icons in your presentation. By not using high-quality content, you risk off-putting your audience.

Our presentation software has millions of high-resolution stock images and videos, and thousands of high-quality icons for every occasion for you to choose from.

communication for presentation topic

You can also upload your own images, videos, icons and other visuals from your computer, such as branded graphics or original photos.

By using high-quality visual content for your slides like in the example above, you’ll be taken much more seriously by your audience.

18. Keep everything in line with the grid.

Another key point to mention for optimal presentation design is to make sure every element lines up well with each other and is visually pleasing.

Symmetry is directly correlated with beauty , so integrate this knowledge into your slide design and try to keep everything balanced, symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

communication for presentation topic

You can easily line everything up to each other by using a grid within our presentation editor, like in the example above.

19. Use a single, eye-catching transition.

Static presentations are a thing of the past. Make your presentation more engaging for your audience by using an animated transition between slides.

communication for presentation topic

Visme has lots of different transitions that you can choose from, as seen above, but we recommend that you use one style of transition for your entire presentation to keep everything cohesive.

20. Focus on one main idea per slide.

In order to keep your design sleek and to not overwhelm your audience, it’s best practice to have one main idea or take away per slide. This way, you stay on track, your audience isn’t overwhelmed and your design will be on point because nothing will be cluttered.

You can also use an entire slide to ask a crucial question or highlight an important quote. If you want to bring attention to your next big point, try displaying a single concept on an entire slide.

communication for presentation topic

This will make for a great change of pace for your audience by quickly going through your slides, thus keeping them engaged with your presentation, and it will also showcase the importance of your next point.

21. Choose a cohesive color scheme.

There’s no doubt that color is important. In fact, studies show that colors can directly affect our mood and the way we feel.

Doing some research into the colors you should use for your presentation will greatly benefit your outcome.

This applies not only to the primary color you choose, but the supporting colors as well. It’s important to have a great complementary color scheme throughout your presentation.

communication for presentation topic

If you’re not sure what colors work well together, you can choose one from Visme’s color theme presets, as seen above, that are hand-picked by professional designers for your presentation.

If you have a business, then using your brand colors in your presentation is a great idea and will help with building brand recognition. With Visme, you can upload your brand colors directly to the editor or extract them from your logo.

It’s also important to note that you don’t use two light shades for both the background and text of your slide. To make your text stand out, you need to use contrasting colors.

For example, you can make the background black and your text a bright shade of green to make it stand out, or vice versa. Just be sure that your text is easily readable for your audience.

22. Proofread and polish your presentation.

As soon as you have a rough draft of your presentation, you need to begin the proofreading and polishing process.

One helpful trick of the trade when it comes to writing is using free grammar and spell-checking tools. Many times, they’ll catch things you may have never even noticed or seen before.

There are lots of free grammar tools out there for you to use. To name a couple, you could use Grammarly or ProWritingAid .

communication for presentation topic

After going over your presentation a few times, it becomes easier for you to start seeing unnecessary information on your slides.

To make your slides more visually pleasing and less cluttered, you can shorten your text and sentences and condense them into main points and ideas. This will increase negative space in your slide and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t just quickly glance over your presentation once and call it a day. Go over your presentation a second, third time and even fourth time to make sure that it’s absolutely perfect.

In fact, have a second pair of eyes read over your presentation.

Many times, we become desensitized to our own work and miss out on little mistakes here and there. So, it’s important to let someone else have a look over it before you call it in.

23. Keep your slides on-brand

While designing your slides, always keep your brand identity in mind, especially if creating a crucial business presentation. It will distinguish you from competitors, prompt people to refer your products and services to others and connect people with your brand emotionally.

So, consider your brand colors, brand fonts, logo and other elements of your company’s visual identity. If you have not defined any of these elements, try choosing the design elements that match your brand personality and the theme of your presentation.

Use the presentation template below to put together brand guidelines for your company.

communication for presentation topic

However, if you are struggling to define your brand’s visual identity, you can download our free Brand Guide Handbook to get help. If you already have set your brand guidelines, you can use Visme’s Brand Design Tool to create slides according to your branding easily.

Visme's Dynamic Fields can help you ensure key brand information is accurate across all your slides. Simply create new dynamic fields or edit existing ones and assign values and your data will be updated in real-time.

You can have the most amazing presentation in the world on paper, but without proper delivery, it can turn into a complete flop.

So, now that you have all the knowledge on how to make a presentation, it’s time to discuss how you can deliver that presentation in a powerful way.

In this section, we’ll cover tips on how to give a killer presentation that leaves an impact.

24. Rehearse your presentation.

Practice, practice and practice again. That’s the way to presentation perfection.

That’s right, no matter how crazy you might sound to the downstairs neighbors practicing your speech out loud alone in your apartment, you need to do it.

Why? Because when you can actually hear yourself present your ideas out loud, you may realize that you’re missing key points of information.

While you’re at it practicing out loud, go in front of a mirror and strike some power poses.

Body language is everything when it comes to presenting your presentation in a powerful way. It can make or break your entire speech. So, use open-handed gestures, smile often and loosen up a bit to come across as a confident presenter.

If you’ve been allotted a certain amount of time for your presentation, then you need to practice while using a timer.

By practicing out loud with a timer, you’ll be able to adjust and readjust the information on your slides to make sure you get all your important information across to your audience.

Another way you can boost your confidence and kick stage fright before the big day of your presentation is to do a practice run of your presentation in front of others.

This will not only help you get used to public speaking, but it also gives them a chance to give you honest feedback on your presentation and let you know if there was anything that could use improvement.

25. Memorize your presentation.

Memorizing your speech for your presentation is no easy task. But the more you can remember while you’re up on stage and the fewer “umm’s” and “uh’s” you say, the better.

We rounded up the best ways to memorize a presentation that will significantly help you with your presentation delivery, but we’ll share a few with you here as well.

communication for presentation topic

Apply the memorization techniques above while you’re rehearsing your presentation, but make sure you also understand each and every word.

26. Start strong to hook your audience.

When it comes to giving presentations, first impressions are extremely important.

The way you start can set the stage for the rest of your talk — you can either have the audience sit up in their seats and give you their full attention, or have them ready to doze off.

There are several proven techniques you can use to start your presentation in a powerful way, such as:

If you want to learn more about these presentation hooks and more in detail, read our guide to starting a presentation with examples from famous TED talks.

If you prefer watching a video instead, we’ve got you covered.

communication for presentation topic

27. Observe your audience’s behavior.

Remember, a presentation — or any talk for that matter — is not a one-way conversation. Effective communication involves constant feedback from the listener, and requires the speaker to react to that feedback appropriately.

So, how does this apply to presentation delivery?

When you’re up on the stage giving your presentation, make sure you constantly observe your audience and their reactions — this includes their facial expressions, body language and even questions.

You might sense your audience is getting bored, for example, if you see a few people fidgeting in their seats, yawning or looking at their phones.

This is your cue to switch things up a bit. For example, you can:

Similarly, if you see your audience is engaged with what you’re saying, continue with your enthusiasm and try to keep them hooked till the end.

28. Be authentic and vulnerable.

When giving a presentation, the worst thing you can do is try to be someone else and come across as pretentious and unoriginal.

In this TED talk, Brene Brown starts by revealing that she felt so vulnerable and embarrassed after one of her talks that she didn’t leave her house for three days.

Successful presenters are authentic, even if they are not perfect. They are relatable, grounded and vulnerable. Instead of hiding their failures, imperfections and insecurities, they share them with the audience and build an emotional connection.

When the audience finds you relatable, they are more inclined to listen to you and take you seriously.

29. Conclude your presentation on a high.

Just like it’s important to start your presentation with a powerful hook, likewise, you need to conclude your presentation in a way that it impacts your audience and leaves them thinking about your take-home message for a long time after.

There are several ways to close your presentation with style:

Here’s an infographic summarizing the main points above and more.

how to end a presentation visme infographic

Read our guide to learn more about how to close a presentation in a powerful way.

30. Leave time for questions at the end.

Our last piece of advice for preparing for and presenting an effective presentation is to get your audience involved and allocate time for their comments and questions at the end of your presentation.

Everyone wants to be heard, and if you did your job correctly, you should have sparked some conversation starters from your audience by the end of your presentation.

Give them your time and attention at the end of your presentation to show them you care about your presentation and most importantly, them.

31. Prepare backup content.

No matter how well prepared you are, it’s always better to have a backup because not everything may go the same as you planned.

Despite whatever your intention is, as a presenter, you should always have a plan B, C and sometimes D for your presentation. Put together statements that will cover you if you find yourself upsetting the audience.

Problems may occur due to location changes, technical difficulties and many other factors; you must always be prepared. Your backup content can be anything that can change the game as needed.

For example, you can prepare some backup questions that you can ask according to the situation, some additional relatable examples or even a few slides with different design elements that you might need to meet the requirements of your audience.

Ready to Make a Powerful Presentation?

Creating an impactful presentation requires careful planning, attention to content details and a good eye for design. But even the best presentations can fail if they’re not rehearsed and delivered properly.

If you’re ready to create an engaging presentation, we recommend using an intuitive presentation software like Visme.

Sure, you can whip up a plain-looking presentation in PowerPoint any day. But if you want your presentation to look creative and different from the rest, you need to use an innovative tool.

With features like data visualization tools, built-in stock images and videos, the ability to add your own fonts and brand colors, and hundreds of presentation templates for you to choose from, once you try it, you’ll likely never go back to anything else.

Not only will you be able to create stunning presentations, but you’ll also be able to share them, embed them and present them right from inside the editor.

Create beautiful presentations faster with Visme.

communication for presentation topic

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3 Real-Life Elevator Pitch Examples to Help Nail Your Own [Including Templates]

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15 Unique & Interesting Presentation Topics for Business in 2022

Sarah Joy

Are you a business owner who needs to give a presentation, but you're unsure of finding interesting business topics to present? Do you need to make a good impression with your next presentation? Perhaps you need to impress investors or other stakeholders...

Business Presentation Topics

Interesting presentation topics paired with professional presentation templates can help.

Why use a professional presentation template? A professional presentation template saves you time. Just add the information that you want to present and you're ready to go. 

A template also ensures that your presentation looks professional and impressive. Slides that are unprofessional and sloppy distract from your topic. Not to mention, they reflect poorly on your business.

In this article, we'll help you find some interesting business presentation topic ideas. And once you've found your unique speech topics, you'll want your presentation to look good. Along with the topic ideas, we'll share some ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">professional presentation templates from Envato Elements.

Check Out Our Free Online Presentation Guide

If you're reading this article, you're probably about to create a presentation. We'll help you out with some topic ideas below. But we've got even more presentation help available.

In our free presentation guide, The Complete Guide to Making Great Business Presentations , we'll take you through the complete process to get you ready for your next business presentation—from start to finish. Avoid common mistakes and learn how to plan and write powerful business presentations.

The Complete Guide to Making Great Business Presentations

Don't miss our new free online presentation guide. It's chock full of powerful business presentation advice. It will help you make your next business presentation your best yet. Why not take a look at the Complete Guide to Making Great Business Presentations in 2022 today?

Where to Find Professional Presentation Templates

You can find hundreds of the best PowerPoint presentation templates for your ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">unique speech topics on Envato Elements. Envato Elements has a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price. 

ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Explore Presentation Templates

Envato Elements

All you've got to do is pay one low price for a subscription. Then you get unlimited use of the PowerPoint presentation template of your choice.

15 Interesting Presentation Topics for Business (With Unique PowerPoint Designs) 

If you're unsure about what to cover in your next business presentation, here are some ideas. We've also included a template suggestion to go with each unique speech topic.

Here are the business presentation ideas:

1. Meet The Team

Agio Template

Getting to know your coworkers is crucial for a healthy work environment. When your team members get to know each other, they'll be able to collaborate better. A simple presentation can work really well for this purpose. 

You can include a brief professional bio and a few interesting facts about each team member. You can even make it more interactive. Share the professional bio and invite each team member to share interesting facts. 

The ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Agio template is a multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template. It comes with several slides that are perfect for highlighting team members. It includes over 600 slides, custom icons, media placeholders, and more. It's also fully customizable and comes with nine premade color schemes.

2. Portfolio

Clea PowerPoint Template

Showcasing your skills and past projects is always a good idea. You can use this type of presentation to explain your process. Or speak about the results you've gotten for your clients. 

Use this type of presentation to explain your process and style to new employees. You can also use it to pitch new potential clients. 

The ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Clea PowerPoint template works beautifully for portfolio presentations. It features a modern design with 30 unique slides. You'll find plenty of image placeholders to share your past work. The template also includes other important slides for a complete presentation. Present your team members, share product information, and more. 

3.   Marketing Plan or Strategy

Marketing Plan

Marketing is important. Your marketing strategy depicts your company as both professional and appealing. Every business should have a marketing plan. It makes a great business topic for presentations to investors or managers. A marketing presentation informs the audience what your business is all about. 

This template is great for anyone wanting to present their marketing plan. The Marketing Plan template comes with over thirty different slides. Add as much information as you need to your presentation. 

This template also comes with ten premade color schemes. Plus, it includes device mockups. You can show what your website looks like on different devices. It also comes with infographics and data charts.  

4. New Products

Product Presentation

Is your company coming out with a new product? 

This is a good management topic for a presentation in PowerPoint. When you introduce a new product, it's important that everyone in your company know what it is and how it works. If they don't know about the product, they can't effectively use, explain, show or sell it. Presenting information through a presentation is a professional way to introduce new products.

The Product Presentation template comes with twenty slide masters. This gives you plenty of layout choices. This template package also comes with charts, diagrams, and table slides. This allows you to put your data into the presentation in a visually appealing way. 

Most objects in the template can be moved, reshaped, and edited. This template has a nice modern feel that'll allow you to present your new products.

5. Business Plan

Business Plan

Business plans document your long-term and short-term objectives. A business plan can help you generate ideas on what to do when your business encounters problems. 

It also helps your stakeholders know that you have a well-thought-out strategy. This tells them that you take your business seriously and it shows that you know what you're doing.

This business plan template has a contemporary and professional design. With this template, you get thirty unique slides and 150 total slides. That'll allow you to add as much information as you need to your presentation. Easily add any images you need to by dragging and dropping them into the image placeholder. This template comes with five color schemes. You can choose the colors you want to have in your presentation.

6. Pitch Deck 


Maybe you're starting out, and you're pitching your business to stakeholders or investors. A pitch deck template is a perfect way to present your business professionally. 

Using the Pitch Deck template permits you to present all your information in one place. The graphics and charts will help your investors understand and remember the information. It shows your potential investors everything they need to know about your business idea.

This template also features modern colors so that your presentation doesn't look outdated. This template comes with over 120 slides. Infographics, data charts, timelines, and price tables slides are also included. The flexibility and options make it easy to present any type of data you may have. This presentation will impress anyone who hears your presentation.

7. Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Do you have a lot of data to present?

Going over your data analysis can be a good business presentation topic idea. A data analysis presentation allows you to present how your business is doing. When presenting data, it's common to present it in different ways. This template package gives you the tools to do that. 

Analyzing your data helps you and your audience recognize current and future problems. Putting your data in charts makes it easier for people to visualize it.

This data analysis template has 35 total slides. The slides provide ample space to present all your data. This template comes with 11 color schemes. This allows you to choose what you want your presentation to look like. You also get handmade infographic templates that help your presentation look more professional. This template also comes with graphs and charts making it easy to present your data in many visual ways.


Your business finances are important. Presenting finances makes a good business topic for presentations. 

There are many types of interesting finance presentation topics. You could give a quarterly financial report that allows you to show how great your business is doing. Or you could explore ways that your business could improve. They can also be useful when you're trying to receive financial backing for a new business idea or a new product.

This Finance PowerPoint template comes with 30 multipurpose slides. That gives you enough slides to add all your financial information. This template also comes with five premade color schemes. This template has a modern design yet remains professional.

9. Diversity


Whether you're a new company or you've been around for a while, diversity in your company is important. Having a diverse company helps the company to be more creative and productive. 

The Diversity presentation template has a vibrant and creative design. This template is a great if you want to present information about diversity. It comes with over 50 unique slides. This allows you to add as much information as you need to on why diversity is important in the workplace. 

Also, this template can be easily edited. Choose to change the colors or add images. It's got visual elements such as infographics and icons. All this allows you to make your presentation more visually appealing.

10. Newsletter


This allows you to update your employees about what's happening. Likewise, it's important to keep employees updated with a graphical, well-written newsletter. Why not combine the two?

Use this Newsletter presentation template to present important information to employees or stakeholders. This template has a modern and creative design on all 30 template layouts. It comes with five color scheme options. You can choose the colors you want in your presentation. You can also add any image of your choice by dragging and dropping the image into the image placeholder. 

11. Sales Data


This interesting presentation topic is an important part of a company. Sales are how many companies make money. So, it's good to inform your company stakeholders how your product is selling. A sales presentation can also be used to present information on a new product. 

Use this Sales Data presentation template to show projected sales or show how a product is currently selling. The template could also be used when trying to get funding or investors for a new project. With a template, you'll show your audience that you're serious about your product. 

This template comes with over 150 total slides. That's enough slides for detailed product information and projected sales. This template comes with five unique color schemes. A bonus is that this template comes with a sales expectations slide, a product information slide, and a company budget slide—making this a versatile package.

12. Business Organization and Processes

business organization

Keeping your business organized is an important problem that many businesses face. When a business is disorganized, it causes problems. These problems could end up costing your business a lot of money. A presentation on the importance of a company organization can convince your employees to take action.

Organizer is a multipurpose presentation template. This template comes in standard format and widescreen format. This allows your presentation to look good on different devices. Organizer comes with 32 different slides. You can put as much information as you need in your presentation. This template comes with five premade color schemes. Giving you options to choose from on how you want your presentation to look. This template has a modern design while remaining professional. This template can easily be edited to customize the presentation to fit your needs.

13. Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines PPT template

Brand consistency is important. It's how you develop familiarity and trust with your customers. Brand consistency involves using the same messaging. It also means using a consistent visual style across all your marketing channels. 

To ensure brand consistency, everyone needs to be familiar with your brand guidelines. That's where a presentation on your brand guidelines comes in.

The ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Brand Guidelines PowerPoint presentation will help you put this presentation together quickly. It's got a modern design and includes 30+ creative slides. You can include all the important elements of your brand strategy. 

14. Customer Lifetime Value

CLV Customer Lifetime Value Presentation Template

Knowing your customer's lifetime value is important. It costs less to keep an existing customer than to get a new one. So, it's in your company's interest to nurture your customers and get them to buy from you again and again. Customer Lifetime Value refers to the total amount a customer spends with your business for the duration of the relationship. 

You can use this presentation to show stakeholders how much your customers are worth. This metric can also show you early signs of attrition which you can use to improve your offers. 

The ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">CLV Customer Lifetime Value Presentation template is handy in this situation. It comes with 20 unique slides and ten premade color schemes. You'll also find many different charts, graphs, and other infographic elements. 

15. Sales And Digital Funnel

Sales and Digital Funnel PPT Template

Sales and digital funnels are the backbone of every business. They can be simple or complex. But what's important is that everyone understand how your funnels work. 

Why not create a simple presentation that outlines every step of your funnel? This ensures that everyone in your company understands the whole process. It also ensures that each funnel is created in a similar fashion. 

The ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Sales and Digital Funnel PowerPoint template comes with plenty of infographic elements. It also includes other slides necessary to outline your sales strategy.

5 Quick Business Presentation Tips for Great Impact in 2022

Choosing a great topic and the right template is only the beginning of a great presentation. Here are five quick business presentation topic tips on designing and writing presentations:

1. Tailor the Template to the Topic

Pick a template that was designed with your presentation topic in mind.

For example, for a business presentation, choose a business-themed template. Similarly, for a fashion presentation, opt for a fashion presentation template. This will ensure that you’ll get slides that are in line with the topic. Plus, they can easily be customized with your information. 

ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Armio Business PowerPoint template is great for all kinds of business presentations.

Armio Business PowerPoint Template

2. Use the Built-In Slides to Help You Come up With Content Ideas

All the best PowerPoint templates have tons of content ideas built in. If you’re wondering what to include in your presentation besides raw data and facts, look to your PowerPoint template for inspiration.

3. Show Data Visually

Abstract data is hard to visualize and understand. Use the built-in charts, graphs, and infographic elements to display data. This will make it easier to understand. 

ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Circles PowerPoint template is an excellent example of an infographic template done well. Use it for any sort of unique topics for presentations. This includes business communication PPT topics to commerce topics presentations.

Circles PowerPoint Template

4. Keep Your Audience Engaged With a Question Slide

You spent hours working on your presentation. The last thing you want is for your audience to get bored and stop paying attention. Keep them engaged by including a question slide and encourage them to take part in a discussion.

5. Use Color 

The use of color is the perfect opportunity to build brand recognition. Color adds emphasis to your unique presentation topics. Use it to draw attention to important information. Another way to use color is to put it as an overlay over your images to make the text stand out more. 

The ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Sparrow PowerPoint template uses color in many creative ways. It would serve marketing presentation topics well.

Sparrow PowerPoint Template on Envato Elements

Where to Find the Best PowerPoint Templates in 2022 

Envato Elements is a top choice for finding ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent"> modern and beautiful PowerPoint templates . And they all have stunning designs. But what makes Envato Elements a great choice?

1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium subscription service. Once you sign up, you can download unlimited creative templates. They cover different digital asset needs for a low monthly fee. That’s certainly a compelling offer. 

Download as many PowerPoint templates as you need. Plus, you can download web templates, fonts, add-ons, and other graphic assets. There are tons of ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">quality PowerPoint templates with on-trend designs on Envato Elements:

Unique and interesting PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements

If you own many brands or if you’re a designer working with many clients, Envato Elements is a perfect choice. It'll give you the best bang for your buck. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Sign up for Envato Elements now .

Envato Elements - Design Without Limits

Learn More About Using PowerPoint

Now that you have some interesting presentation topics, put them into a business presentation. We can help you learn more about using PowerPoint. 

Start with our ultimate guide on how to use PowerPoint . Or turn to one of the tutorials below:

communication for presentation topic

Find More Great PowerPoint Templates for Your Business Presentation Ideas

If none of the templates in the article were what you were looking for, check out the articles below:

communication for presentation topic

Download a Professional Presentation Template for Your Unique Speech Topics

Making a presentation is a good way to present important information. Now you have some good business topics for presentations that you can create quickly. 

All the featured templates are easy to edit. They will save you time from having to make your own presentation. A template also ensures that your presentation is professional looking. If you're looking for more ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">professional business templates check them out on Envato Elements.

Editorial Note : This tutorial was originally published in September of 2019. It's been revised to make it current, accurate, and up to date by our staff—with special help from Brenda Barron .

Sarah Joy


Educational Updates

' src=

1000+ Best General Topics For Presentation (Updated 2021)

communication for presentation topic

This is a list of more than 1000+ best general topics for presentation updated in 2021. These presentation topics are useful for PowerPoint, Google Slide as well as Prezi presentations.

These presentation ideas will help students, teachers, researchers, and professionals to prepare a stunning presentation. These technical & non-technical topics can be used for seminars, webinars, conferences, oral presentations, speeches, essays, and research papers.

List of Latest Topics For Presentation

These are trending topics which covers recent happenings in India and the world updated in 2021.

5G Technology: boon or bane?

The World in 2021: How global politics will change this year

The world after Covid-19 pandemic

The Farm Bill: Why farmers protest?

Article 370: What’s happening in Kashmir!

Are We Prepared for the Next Pandemic?

India China Standoff: The cost of the cold war!

Babri Masjid Demolition: Verdict & Impact

Online Ratings: How reliable!

India And Its #MeToo Movement: Where Are We Now?

Brexit: Analyzing the impact – what changed and what doesn’t!

5 Minute Presentation Topics

Future of Communication

Time is Money

7 Wonders of the world

How to win friends easily

Data is the new oil

Love Vs. Attachment

Importance of Silence

Power of Meditation

Health is Wealth

A World Without Weapon

My favourite teacher

How to say no?

What is real love?

The secret of happiness!

Social Media and Privacy Issues

Out of the box thinking!

Honesty is the best policy

Pollution: Effect & remedies

Data Privacy: Concerns & Dangers

These are short presentation topics can also be used for 3 minute, 5 minute or 10 minutes PowerPoint or oral presentation.

Interesting topics for presentation

These are slightly different and mysterious topics for presentation which may generate interest.

Aliens and UFO’s: Are they real?

Smart City: More Livable Future!

Ancient science: direction for new technology?

Bermuda triangle: Truth?

Beauty is subjective

Borderless World: Still far away?

Global Warming: Myth or Reality?

Love: A choice or A Feeling!

Do opposites really attract

How do astronauts vote from space?

You are more than you think!

Elon Musk: A real superhero!

Presentation Topics For School & College Students

Solar: The Future Fuel

Electric Vehicles: Future Of Transportation

Plastic Recycling

Discipline in the classroom

E-Learning: Future of education?

Green Technology

Unlimited benefits of sports

Indian Topics For Presentation

Cricket Mania in India

Chaturbhuj Project India

Indian Culture

Indian Festivals

Indian Hospitality

Indian Wars

Incredible India

Swachch Bharat

Make In India

Ancient India

Indian Economy

Assam Riots/ violence 2012

Science Presentation Topics

Black Holes: Still Mystery?

Earth beyond earth: Life Possibilities in the universe

How old is the universe?

The mystery of Dark Matter!

Amazing World of Quantum Physics

Gene Therapy: Future of Medical World!

Is the Earth an organism?

What Does Quantum Theory Actually Tell Us about Reality?

Technology Presentation Topics

Android OS: Revolution in Mobile Experience!

Adaptive signal processing in wireless communications

In Search of Best Operating System

Sixth Sense Technology

Google Glass: Better but banned!

Anti-theft devices for homes

Intelligent Traffic Control Using Image Processing

Autonomous Car: Miraculously Self Driving!

Symbian OS: Leader to Nowhere!

Unmanned Aircrafts

Robot that can camouflage itself

Video Games: Impact on Children

The power of social media

Robotics For Military Applications

Mobile: Future of Technology

Self Driving Car

Electronic Governance

Electronic Media

Embedded Systems

Genetic Engineering

GPS (Global Positioning System)

Greenhouse Effect

Grid Computing


Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Molecular Electronics

Nuclear Technology

Quantum Cryptography

Super Conducting Generator

Telecom System


Touch Screen Devices

Touch Screen Monitors

Blu Ray Disc


AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode)

Biomedical engineering

Biometric Voting System

Digital Books

Digital Divide

Digital Signature

Evolution of Telecom System

History of Computer

Driverless Car

IT Topics For Presentation

Ethical Hacking

Moving towards paperless world!

Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Monday

Future of Computers

Future of Technology

Business Presentation Topics

Ethics in Business

Globalization & its impact

Visual Resumes: New way to present yourself

WTO (World Trade Organization)

Bill of Exchange

SEZ (Special Economic Zone)

Share Capital

Share Market

Commercial Geography

Consumer Behavior

Mass communication

Foreign Investment

Foreign Exchange Management

Direct taxation

Distribution channels

BRIC Countries

Anti Dumping

Integrity at work

Easy Presentation Topics

Save Earth Save Humanity

Stress Management


Tree Plantation

Time Management

Social Topics For Presentation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The (harsh) Truth?

Inter caste marriage (Inter caste marriage act)

Role of Cinema in Social Awareness

Online Education: Social Impact

Social Media: Pros and cons

Social Networking

Social Responsibility

Social Welfare

Women’s Rights

Human Biology Topics for Presentation



Anorexia Nervosa

Biological Engineering

Biological Weapons

Healthcare Presentation Topics

Alternative Medicine: The Future of Healthcare?

Abortion: Need, Psychology & Hurts!

Birth Control: Challenges & Solutions?

Blood Donation: Let’s contribute

Food Poisoning

Economy Presentation Topics

Black money: Good or bad?

Borderless world: Good for the world economy?

Need for a better World Health organisation!

Green Economy

Law presentation topics (Legal topics)

Company Act

Consumer Protection (Consumer Protection Act)

Consumer rights

Copyright (Copyright Act)

Anti Ragging act

Child Labour and related issues

Education Presentation Topics

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Freedom

Future of Education

Real-Life Uses of the Pythagorean Theorem

E-Book Vs. PaperBook – Which is better?

Unschooling: Legitimate pedagogy or foolish fad?

The Hardest Languages in the World to Learn

Distance Education

Animal Presentation Topics

Animal Rights

Animal Cruelty

Animal Abuse & Cruelty

The life of deep sea fish

How to train your dog

Why all kids should have pets

Wild animals should stay wild

Experimentation with Animal or In Vivo Testing: Right or wrong?

Environmental Topics For Presentation

Acid Rain: Reasons & Solutions

Global Warming: causes, effects & solutions!

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas): Eco-Friendly Future

Climate Change: Who is responsible!

Conservation of Energy: Need of the hour!

Anti Pollution: New Challenge

Save Papers. Save Trees. Save Earth.

Green House Effects & Climate Change

Go Green to save the earth

Water Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Anti Pollution

Alternative Fuel


Natural Calamities/Disasters: Reasons and Solutions

Eco-friendly products & technologies

Conservation of Natural Resources

Renewable Energy

CNG: Future of Fuel?

CNG: Fuel for Vehicle – Analysis

Renewable Resources

Natural Calamities or Disasters: Who is responsible?

Is Global warming real!

Energy Conservation

Soil Conservation

Soil Erosion

Solar Energy

Save Energy. Save Earth.

Save Tigers. Save Earth.

Save Water. Save Earth.

Rainwater harvesting

Forest Conservation

Silicon Solar Cell

Buy Nothing Day

Air Pollution

Natural Gas

Natural Resources

Ozone Depletion

Ozone Layer

Plastic Pollution

Agriculture Topics

Is Organic Farming Profitable?

Zero Budget Natural Farming

Agricultural biodiversity

Agricultural Policy

Organic Vs. Natural Farming

Topics For Management Presentation

Impact of Advertisement on Buying Behaviours

Marketing Myopia

Competitive Intelligence

Copycat Marketing

Work-life balance

Risk Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrating business and family

The change challenge

Organizational Behaviour: Changing Environment

Management by objectives

Time management in the workplace

Simple ways to be a better manager

Pareto’s Principle: The 80/20 rule

Black Friday: Deals beyond deals!

Business Ethics

Presentation on Maths Topic

Vedic Mathematics

Art of Mathematics

Math & Connections with Nature

History of Mathematics

Timeline of women in mathematics

The numbers of nature: the Fibonacci sequence

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio

Mathematics behind fingerprinting

Demographic Presentation Topics

Ageing Population

Population: Threat or Opportunity

Abuse of The Elderly

Ageism or age discrimination

Spiritual & Religious Presentation Topics

Vedanta Philosophy

Vedic Astrology

Miscellaneous Topics

Abused Women

Acoustic Coupler

Affirmative Action

Alcohol Abuse

Airline Safety

Alternative imprisonment

Animal Communication

Animated Dictionary

Animated Movies



Arab-Israeli Conflict

Armed Conflicts

Arms Control

Atomic Energy

Ban on Gutkha


Bio photography


Bionics (Biomimicry, biomimetics, bio-inspiration, biognosis or bionical creativity engineering)

Blind Faith

Bluetooth: Applications

Body Language

Capital Punishment

Child marriage

City Planning

Cordic Implementation

Corporate Communications

Corruption and related issues

Cosmetic Surgery

Crime / Criminal Activities

Cyber Crime

Disaster Management

DNA Computing

DNS Changer


Ethnic Violence

Extraterrestrial life

Eye Donation

False Memory syndrome

Farmer Suicide

Female Foeticide (Feticide)

Fibre Antennas

Foreign Oil Dependence

Head Hunting

Healthy Lifestyle

Human Cloning

Human Rights

Human Trafficking

Inclusive Growth

Infant homicide

Information Technology Act

Insect Eating Plants

Landrover Robot

Law of Attraction

LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

Liquid Funds

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)


Lokpal Bill

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magneto Electronics

Management Style

Match Fixing

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

National Consumer Dispute act

National Game

Negotiable Instruments

Neural Network

Open Source Applications

Open Source Projects

Optical Coherence Tomography

Organ Donation


Ozone Therapy

Plasma Antennas

PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

Project Blue Book

Promissory Note


Right to Information Act

Roswell Incident

Rural Development

Save a girl child

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol, in Voice Over IP telephony)

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

Special Economic Zone

Special Investment Region (SIR)

Stress on Students

Surface Plasmonics

Syndicated Services

Terror Attacks: Analysis

Traffic Problems

TV Media Censorship

Wireless Energy Transmission

More Categories (Coming Soon)

Topics For Group Presentation

Creative Presentation Topics

Topics for communication presentation

Artificial Intelligence Presentation Topics

Politics presentation topics

Critical thinking presentation topics

Leadership presentation ideas

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communication for presentation topic

Important Presentation Skills for Workplace Success

Alison Doyle is one of the nation’s foremost career experts.

communication for presentation topic

Steps To Create a Presentation

Skills that help make an effective presentation, how to make your skills stand out.

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Whether you’re a high-level executive or an administrative assistant, developing your presentation skills is one key way to climb in an office-based job. Leaders make decisions based on information shared in presentation format, and hardly any business changes its mind without first seeing a persuasive presentation.

It is important for any office employee to know what steps go into creating an effective presentation and what presentation skills are most important to employers. Highlighting these skills will also help you stand out during your job search.

Key Takeaways

What Are Presentation Skills? 

Presentation skills refer to all the qualities you need to create and deliver a clear and effective presentation. While what you say during a presentation matters, employers also value the ability to create supporting materials, such as slides.

Your prospective employer may want you to deliver briefings and reports to colleagues, conduct training sessions, present information to clients, or perform any number of other tasks that involve speaking before an audience.

Giving engaging and easy-to-understand talks is a major component of the strong  oral communication skills  that are a  job requirement  for many positions. Not all presentations take place in a formal meeting. Many presentation skills are relevant to one-on-one consults or sales calls.

Any presentation has three phases: preparation, delivery, and follow-up. All presentation skills fit into one of these three phases.


Preparation involves research and building the presentation. Consider the audience you'll be presenting to and what most interests them. This may mean crafting the entire text (or at least writing notes) and creating any slides and other supporting audio/visual materials.

You will also have to make sure that the appropriate venue is available, properly set up beforehand, and ensure the projector (if you'll need one) works and connects with your laptop.

You'll also want to practice your presentation as many times as you need to to feel comfortable delivering it with ease and confidence within the time allotted for the presentation.

Skills related to preparation include conducting research related to your presentation topic, devising charts and graphs depicting your research findings, and learning about your audience to better tailor your presentation to their needs. You'll also need to create digital slides, using statistics, examples, and stories to illustrate your points and effectively to persuade the audience.

Preparing handouts or digital references is an added courtesy that will help the audience pay attention because they won't be preoccupied with note-taking.

Your delivery is the part of the presentation that the audience sees. A good delivery depends on careful preparation and confident presentation and requires its own distinctive  skill set . 

Skills related to delivery include giving an attention-grabbing opening for a talk, providing a summary of what will be covered to introduce the presentation and provide context, and using  body language  and eye contact to convey energy and confidence.

Make sure you pause to emphasize key points, modulate your vocal tone for emphasis, and articulate your speech clearly and smoothly.

Don't be afraid of injecting humor or speaking with enthusiasm and animation—these techniques can help you in projecting confidence to your audience.

Summarize key points at the conclusion of the presentation, and be sure to have a plan for how you'll field any audience questions.

Presentation follow-up includes properly breaking down and storing any equipment, contacting any audience members with whom you agreed to communicate further, and soliciting, collecting, and analyzing feedback.

In some presentations, you may collect information from audience members—such as names and contact information or completed surveys—that you also must organize and store.

Skills related to follow-up include creating an evaluation form to solicit feedback from attendees, interpreting feedback from evaluations, and modifying the content and/or delivery for future presentations. Other follow-up skills include organizing a database of attendees for future presentations, interviewing key attendees to gain additional feedback, and emailing presentation slides to attendees.

To create and deliver the most effective presentation takes a variety of skills, which you can always work to improve.

You must be able to look honestly at your performance, assess the feedback you get, and figure out what you need to do to get better. That takes  analytical thinking .

More importantly, you need to have a firm grasp of the information you are about to communicate to others. You need to analyze your audience and be prepared to think quickly if asked questions that force you to demonstrate that you are fully aware of the material and its implications.

The kind of analytical skills you need to be an effective presenter include problem sensitivity, problem-solving , reporting and surveying, optimization, and predictive modeling. It also helps to be adept at strategic planning, integration, process management, and diagnostics. With these skills, you'll be better able to objectively analyze, evaluate, and act on your findings.


You do not want to be the person who spends half of their presentation time trying to find a cable to connect their laptop to the projector. Many things can and do go wrong just before a presentation unless you are  organized .

Presentation preparation also means keeping track of notes, information, and start/stop times. You will want to proofread and fine-tune all the materials you plan to use for the presentation to catch any mistakes. Make sure you time yourself when you rehearse so you know how long it will take to deliver the presentation.

A presentation that's finished in half the time allotted is as problematic as one that's too long-winded.

Some key organizational skills to work on include event planning, auditing, benchmarking, prioritization, and recordkeeping. Make sure your scheduling is on point and pay close attention to detail. Quick thinking is an important skill to have for when things inevitably go wrong.

Nonverbal Communication

When speaking to an audience, the way you present yourself can be just as important as how you present your information. You want to appear confident and engaging. You can do this through good posture, the use of hand gestures, and making eye contact with the audience.

Practice your  nonverbal communication  by filming yourself doing a practice presentation and observing your body language carefully. Your physical bearing and poise should convey a degree of comfort and confidence in front of an audience, while active listening , respect, and emotional intelligence will help you in facilitating group discussions.

Presentation Software

Microsoft PowerPoint is the dominant software used to create visual aids for presentations. Learn to use it well, including the special features outside of basic templates that can really bring a presentation to life. Even if someone else is preparing your slideshow for you, it will help to know how to use the software in case of last-minute changes.

Other software that is good to learn includes Microsoft Office, Apple Keynote, Google Slides, and Adobe Presenter.

Public Speaking

You need to appear comfortable and engaging when speaking before a live audience, even if you're not. This can take years of practice, and sometimes  public speaking  just isn't for certain people. An uncomfortable presenter is a challenge for everyone. Fortunately, public speaking skills can improve with practice . Some skills to work on include articulation, engagement, and memorization. You should be able to assess the needs of the audience and handle difficult questions. Controlling your performance anxiety will help you communicate more effectively.

Research is the first step in preparing most presentations and could range from a multi-year process to spending 20 minutes online, depending on context and subject matter. At the very least, you must be able to clearly frame research questions, identify appropriate information sources, and organize your results. Other useful skills include brainstorming, collaboration , comparative analysis, data interpretation, and deductive and inductive reasoning. Business intelligence is a skill that will help you evaluate what information you need to support the bottom line, while case analysis and causal relationships will help you parse and evaluate meaning.

Verbal Communication

Public speaking is one form of  verbal communication , but you will need other forms to give a good presentation. Specifically, you must know how to answer questions. You should be able to understand questions asked by your audience (even if they're strange or poorly worded) and provide respectful, honest, and accurate answers without getting off-topic. Use active listening, focus, and empathy to understand your audience. Skills such as assertiveness, affirmation, and enunciation will help you restate and clarify your key points as it relates to their questions or concerns.

You may or may not need a written script, but you do need to pre-plan what you are going to say, in what order you will say it, and at what level of detail. If you can write a cohesive essay, you can plan a presentation.

Typical writing skills apply to your presentation just as they do to other forms of writing, including grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and proofreading. The ability to build outlines, take notes, and mark up documents will also be useful.

More Presentation Skills

In addition to the skills previously mentioned, there are other important skills that can apply to your presentation. The other skills you need will depend on what your presentation is about, your audience, and your intended results. Some of these additional skills include:

Include skills on your resume. If applicable, you might mention these words in your  resume summary  or  headline .

Highlight skills in your cover letter. Mention one or two specific presentation skills and give examples of instances when you demonstrated these traits in the workplace.

Show your presentation skills in job interviews. During the interview process, you may be asked to give a sample presentation. In this case, you will want to embody these skills during the presentation. For example, you will want to demonstrate your oral communication skills by speaking clearly and concisely throughout the presentation.

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Speech Topics to Meet Oral Communication Standards

Use one of these fun ideas for an impromptu oral presentation topic.

Speech topics are a key element for impromptu oral presentation activities. Coming up with them can be a challenge for the teacher. You can use this collection of speech topics for oral presentations or use them to inspire your own variations.

Impromptu Oral Presentation Activity

Put all of the topics on slips of paper and have your students pick out of a hat. You can either have the student begin the presentation immediately or give a few minutes to prepare. You may have a student pick the topic just before the student before them presents so they have that time to think. In this case, give the very first student a few minutes to prepare.

Impromptu Oral Communication Speech Topics

communication for presentation topic

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communication for presentation topic

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Good PowerPoint Presentation Topics and Ideas for Students

Updated 22 Feb 2023

The importance of effective skills goes beyond the walls of the classroom at school or lecture room at college. Students are always looking for inspiring presentation topics for their academic assignments because employers look for people who have excellent communication and presentation skills . They are the perfect candidates for business negotiations and deal with different subjects. They also excel as managers because they know how to communicate effectively with others. This is why students are always asked to work on their skills and learn how to deliver their message in an effective and interesting way.

Such skills are crucial in exchanging and delivering relevant information in the academic and professional environment. But sometimes students struggle with finding interesting presentation topics or personal essay topics . They want to choose something that will keep their audience engaged and would be tempting enough for them to stay focused till the end.

communication for presentation topic

Academic Presentation – what is it and how to create it?

Simply, this is a presentation done for academic purposes. It usually takes place at school or college. Your teacher or professor will pick a certain topic or ask you to choose an interesting one for you. You have to study this topic, research, and analyze it to prepare an amazing PowerPoint presentation.

An academic presentation is an effective task that develops a student’s communication skills . They later use these skills in their professional and personal lives in the future after studies. Shy students might struggle with talking in front of an audience but learning about the true power of speech will help them overcome their fears. The classroom is a safe environment where students get to share their ideas and opinions with others. It later helps them to join reputable US universities and firms that only recruit the best. Getting an A+ on your essay? Use a professional essay writer to get top marks.

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Why Finding Unique Presentation Ideas to Inspire your Audience Is Essential?

What will keep your audience interested? First of all, you need to choose an interesting topic. Your topic should be relevant to the academic course of material you are studying. You might refer to the course book to find something that needs further research. Or you can think out of the box and choose something that would raise questions.

There are certain presentation topic ideas that are better avoided or won’t be accepted in the school, college or university environment. This is why you should always check this to avoid unnecessary problems. Nevertheless, your idea should stir up some controversy as this could keep your audience interested in what you have to say. Here are some unique ideas and subjects :

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Vital Components for Making a Good Presentation

In order to impress your audience in a professional or academic setting, you need to make sure that you are well-equipped with the right tools. Here are the main components that make your demonstration session a total success:

How to Create an Effective Presentation: Easy Tips and Tricks:

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How to Structure a Presentation in the Perfect Way?

Finding a great topic for presentations is only half of the work. You need to make sure that your assignment has the perfect and adequate structure. People listening to you will feel inspired and informed if you follow a simple, yet structured format. This is the only way they can keep up with you and understand your message properly.

A perfect presentation starts with greeting your audience and introducing yourself. This is something that you should do even if you are in a classroom where you think that everyone knows you. You could be wrong!

Start with a short but informative introduction. It should include the thesis statement or topic sentence that you will discuss further. There shouldn’t be any details or examples in the introduction. Present the challenges and issues that you will explore in your discussion. Follow this with a visual that shows the outline and course of your presentation, so everyone knows what to expect.

The body of your demonstration is where you discuss the main topic. Start by giving out handouts to keep people focused, so they can easily keep up with you and follow the discussion. Divide your main topic into various segments and discuss each one of them separately. Provide a short summary before moving onto a new point. Show relevant visuals including comics, diagrams, infographics, statistics, and graphs. Give your audience time to take notes.

The purpose of your presentation is summarized in the conclusion. This is where you sum up your findings, express your point of view, or help people change their mind about a certain issue. Most people ignore the conclusion or don’t give it much weight. This is extremely wrong as the conclusion acts as the wrap up for the entire discussion. After you are done, you should thank your audience and invite them to ask questions.

List of 150 Topics for a Speech or Presentation

Finding good presentation topics helps you improve your academic performance by showing your professor or teacher that you have strong communication. It can also be your chance to go to a reputable US college or university where you get to enjoy high-quality education. Here are some intriguing ideas to consider for your upcoming assignment:

Business Presentation Topics:

Academic Presentation Topics:

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5-Minute Presentation Topics:

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Animals Presentation Topics:

Family Presentation Topics:

History Presentation Topics:

Art Presentation Topics:

Food Presentation Topics:

Sport Presentation Topics:

Funny Presentation Topics:

Criminal Presentation Topics:

Health Presentation Topics:

Media Presentation Topics:

Entertainment Presentation Topics:

Financial Presentation Topics:

Preparing a killer presentation in 2023 takes a lot of time and efforts. But you might always get help on  powerpoint writing services online . They may help you by providing an interesting idea that would attract your audience and show everybody that you’ve worked hard. Are you sceptical about your skills? Submit your idea and contact an expert writer to edit it and present it in the right way. You may also check your presentation for authenticity using a reliable plagiarism tool at EduBirdie. You are guaranteed that your hard work will not be wasted.

Developing good demonstration skills begins at an early age. It helps in creating a positive learning experience that boosts students’ self-confidence and esteem so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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130+ Reflective Essay Topics For All Students

When trying to think about the best topic ideas, you may end up with endless possibilities. Because this can turn out to be a very daunting task, y...

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communication for presentation topic


List of PowerPoint Topics

Last updated on November 16th, 2022

PowerPoint has emerged as an effective tool for communication with a large number of audience in one go. These presentations can be widely used by people regardless of their field. However, what makes a PowerPoint presentation worth the time of the audience and the presenter is a well-crafted set of slides with the right mix of content. That alone can be more conveniently achieved if your presentation topic is appropriate and inspiring.

List of PowerPoint Topics and Presentation Ideas

Let us categorize some important fields of PowerPoint presentation into separate lists and the type of topics that can be used for making awe-inspiring presentations.

Presentation Topic Ideas For Students

Students prepare presentations for multiple reasons, including some basic slides for important topic so that they can review the course content quickly at the time of examination. But the type of presentations which may get them the applause of their teacher or some extra marks are the one assigned by their teachers or the ones presented to explain an elaborate topic (e.g. to compliment an assignment).

Presentation Ideas for Education

Below is a list of some generic topics that you might find useful for your next assignment (no particular order):

Presentation Topic Suggestions For Students:


Some Visually Appealing PowerPoint Templates For Impressing Your Teacher:

Tip: Try to use a template which has vibrant colors, however, make sure that the colors are easy on the eyes. Moreover, presentations should never include content which may be deemed inappropriate for someone. If for educational purposes you choose a provocative topic, make sure that it opens a discussion and does not pass a verdict against a specific community.

For other visually appealing slides for presentations, you can check out the professional presentation templates provided by Read the full review from

communication for presentation topic

Convey Your Message Effectively Get Access to 30,000 PowerPoint Templates for your Presentation Topic Ideas

Subscribing to SlideModel you can get access to a huge content catalog of presentation templates. Convey your message and topic ideas with a visually appealing slide.

Presentation Topic Ideas for Businesses (+Examples)

Business is yet another important sector where PowerPoint presentations are widely used. You can use presentations for a variety of purposes, such as to convince your customers with the help of presentations, or even provide them details of your newly launched product .

Business presentations are also used by people to communicate about some new reformations in business techniques. If you get a chance to deliver a business presentation, you can choose a topic from the list given below.

communication for presentation topic

Important Business Presentation Topics To Train And Motivate Employees: 

Here is a list of some presentation ideas for business presenters that need to convey a message effectively.


If you need more presentation topic ideas for your business presentations, you can browse our catalog of free PowerPoint templates design and pick one suitable for your need.

Some great Business Presentation Templates To Impress Your Audience:

Tip: Sometimes it is also worth using an apparently unrelated PowerPoint template that is easy on the eyes and generic enough to be molded according to your topic, like this Color PowerPoint Template .

Presentation Ideas in the Field of Information Technology (IT)

This is amongst one of the fastest developing industries wherein fresh topics are being introduced each day. Technology based topics are so diverse that one may require several templates and topic ideas to cover even the most basic subjects. Below are a few technology related topics and templates that you might find useful.

Technology Presentations

List Of Suggested Information Technology Presentation Topics


Technology PowerPoint Templates

Tip: You can also download generic technology PowerPoint templates or these  IT PPT templates for your tech and business needs. These abstract technology templates can help you present your ideas in a colorful and lively manner.

Presentation Topic Ideas for Healthcare and Medical Field

If you are a medical student, then you might be well aware about the importance of an effective PowerPoint Presentation. This field is vast and covers numerous branches within. Below are some suggested medical presentation topics that can be used for academic and professional purposes.

communication for presentation topic

Some Important Medical Presentation Topics:

communication for presentation topic

Some Useful Medical PowerPoint Templates:

Tip: For a complete collection of medical templates, see these free medical templates for PowerPoint . This website is dedicated in the provision of medical templates and provides slide designs related to various medical topics.

Getting Presentation Ideas From Slide Sharing Websites

You can also get PowerPoint and presentation ideas and topics from presentation sharing websites like or – For example, here you can get some nice presentation ideas like the following presentation.

Hope the above list of PowerPoint topics may prove to be beneficial for you while deciding for a presentation topic next time.

Click here to discover 30,000+ PowerPoint templates and slide designs for your presentations.

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communication for presentation topic

15 Training Presentation Topics to Upskill Your Team

Ximena Portocarrero

Training employees is essential for company growth. It’s not a secret that skilled workers bring in the most value to the business and constant training is key in the development of these talents. But which are the best training presentation topics for your team? And how to deliver them efficiently in your corporate e-learning program?

At 24Slides, we design thousands of decks for companies worldwide so, I’ve put together 15 of our most popular presentation topics for employee training and development. Plus, you’ll find amazing training presentation designs you can draw inspiration from.

How to Make the Best Use of Presentations for Online Employee Training?

Presentations are no longer a synonym of dull text blocks on a white background. Nowadays, you can create a wholly immersive experience with your slides and that’s what makes them one of your most powerful tools for corporate training. Before we dive into our presentation topics, let me show you some ways you can leverage PowerPoint for eLearning :

When doing remote training, it’s common to stuff your slides. After all, you won’t be there to deliver your speech and employees need to have everything on display. But, who wants to read overloaded PowerPoints? To avoid a tedious learning experience, use the power of design to guide your participants . You can incorporate icons next to relevant ideas, use a harmonic color palette so your texts don’t blend with your backgrounds, or add headlines to build content hierarchy. Here are some examples:

communication for presentation topic

PowerPoint allows inserting everything from images and videos to animations and audio into one presentation. And these last two elements have grown in popularity for eLearning. For instance, animations and transitions make your training presentation less rigid and add up to their flow. Regarding audio, voice narrations work as the perfect complement to remote training. However, if you’re going to use an LMS (Learning Management System), I recommend that you first double-check that it lets you import PowerPoint animations, audio, and other special effects.

You probably give multiple workshops for your employee training and development program. This means you have to create a presentation for every session - which, according to our survey, takes an average of 4 hours a week . And chances are you’re not the only specialist who gives training in the company. Then, how to make this process go smoothly for everyone? A library of branded presentation templates can be your answer. Companies all over the world already use template libraries to take away the tiring task of making PowerPoints from scratch. This assures all your business presentations stay on brand - every single time!

communication for presentation topic

Surprisingly, few people know that PowerPoint allows exporting one’s slides as JPG images, PDF files, and even MP4 videos. This opens up a whole range of possibilities for the additional material you can offer to your participants . For instance, you can easily create a PDF guide for a complex process you mentioned in your presentation. Or what about making a short training and development video? You can add some transitions to your slides and export them as a video . All these extra materials you create help employees interact with your key topics and make them memorable long after the training is over.

As you can see, presentations go hand in hand with effective corporate eLearning, but how much you can really cover in them? Keep scrolling to find superb training presentation topics.

Constant training offers numerous benefits to the business such as improved employee advocacy, increased team productivity, and job satisfaction - just to name a few. So, go beyond the traditional onboarding and get ready to upskill your team all year long. Here I’ve compiled 15 presentation topics you can employ for employee training and development:

1.- Time Management and Productivity

2.- Leadership Development for Young Professionals

3.- Women in Leadership

4.- OKR Goal Setting

5.- Communication in Remote Teams

6.- Keeping a Healthy Work-Life Balance

7.- Employee Mental Health

8.- First Aid Training

9.- Construction Safety

10.- Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

11.- Corporate Sustainability

12.- Digital Transformation

13.- Data Security Awareness

14.- Customer Service

15.- Product Onboarding

Check them out in detail below! I’ve grouped them into 6 business areas and included popular training presentation templates by 24Slides - in case you want some inspiration.

Employee Development

Time management , for example, is something that everyone in the company can benefit from - independently of their role. From the time-blocking method to the Impact Effort Matrix , there are countless techniques and tools you can share in a time management and productivity training program.

communication for presentation topic

Leadership is key for professional growth but it encompasses a long trail of skills that takes time to master. This means potential leaders are likely to have different training needs depending on which stage they’re at. To work this out, give a fresh twist to the worn-out leadership topic by focusing on your team’s profiles. Talk about leadership development for trainees or leadership skills for executives . You can also address the gender gap in business and provide training for women leadership .

communication for presentation topic

With the rise of remote work , we all need to develop and strengthen our digital skills. This adds up engaging and current topics on which to train employees. For example, effective communication in digital environments , goal-setting for remote teams , online collaboration tools , and more.

communication for presentation topic

Employee Health and Well-Being

Another way to empower your team is to encourage good work-life balance practices. And employee well-being programs are great to help your team cope with stress and do something about it. For instance, how to keep a healthy diet or an active sports life are topics for training and development that your employees would appreciate.

communication for presentation topic

But employee well-being doesn’t only involve the physical aspect. Mental health is also key for a rewarding life. So, address mental health in the workplace and talk about how the company can provide the team support if they ever need it.

communication for presentation topic

Team Safety

A safe workplace is a company’s responsibility to its employees. But when it comes to the industrial engineering sector, team safety takes on a whole new level. If your team works in construction, electrical installations, or excavations, a safety orientation is not enough. The company must carry out constant training on the best safety practices , proper equipment usage, and even evacuation plans .

communication for presentation topic

Another training presentation idea every business should implement is first aid . This is the type of training one hopes to never use, but it’s a must to be prepared. Tell your team how to react in case of an emergency in the office and how to assist colleagues until medical help arrives.

communication for presentation topic

Corporate Social Responsibility

Socially responsible companies use the power of business to do good and part of this is integrating social and environmental concerns into their practices. As one of the main company’s stakeholders, employees should be aware of how their work and actions contribute to the business’ CSR goals . Along the way, they’ll also learn how to be more socially responsible citizens in their communities.

communication for presentation topic

Corporate social responsibility encourages inspiring and engaging training for employees. For instance, you can launch a recycling program and motivate your team to go green. Another fitting training and development presentation topic for CSR could be diversity and inclusion in the workplace .

communication for presentation topic

In the digital era, personal data has become the new oil and consumers demand businesses to be transparent in how they collect and handle their information. But it goes further than that, customers also want companies to up their efforts for keeping their data safe and secure . And as you can imagine, employee training is key in this process.

Security awareness training could be a good start to help your team understand their role in protecting the company and customers’ data.

communication for presentation topic

Digital transformation also requires employees to be trained on cloud computing and technologies to perform at their highest level.

communication for presentation topic

Sometimes organizations put all their attention on product onboarding for customers but leave out one of the most important people who need to get that experience: Employees! Especially the teams that work directly selling it or talking about it.

So, before launching new products, make sure to power everyone from marketing and sales to customer service and customer success with product knowledge training .

communication for presentation topic

Level Up your Corporate Training with Custom Presentations!

After going through these presentation ideas for employee training, I’m sure you already caught an exciting topic to work on.

If you liked any of the slides in this article, click on them for a free download. You still need to do some editing but they’ll save you hours of layering shapes on PowerPoint.

But if you need a training presentation on-brand that TRULY captivates your audience, you might want to learn about 24Slides’ presentation design services . We help businesses all around the world elevate the impact of their corporate presentations. Plus, our designers are experts in presentation design and branding so rest assured you’ll get the professional slides your training deserves .

communication for presentation topic

Create professional presentations online

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    10-minute presentation topics People love stuffs they can relate to their own experiences. It's the reason why your presentation on the problems of the post office was a hit, but your one on the use of thermoplongeurs and suspension compression on modern fatigue carousels was an absolute travesty.

  9. 100+ Communication Research Topics For College Students

    Nonverbal Communication Research Topics Nonverbal communication is a fascinating field of communication. It refers to the use of tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions, posture, body language, eye contact (or lack thereof), and other techniques. Here are ten nonverbal communication topics for you!

  10. Useful Presentation Topics for Business Communication [The Top 12]

    In this blog post, we will be discussing 12 useful presentation topic ideas for your next meeting to help promote organizational growth. 1. The State of the Company. This is an important presentation to give in order to keep everyone up-to-date on the company's current status.

  11. Communication ppt

    Communication ppt 1 of 22 Communication ppt Oct. 03, 2013 • 1,436 likes • 983,311 views Download Now Download to read offline Technology Business Tirtha Mal Follow Assistant Manager at HIL Limited (C K Birla Group) Advertisement Advertisement Recommended Types of communication Vicky Risky 401.1k views • 33 slides Communication process Nursing Path

  12. 200 Amazing Communication Topics for Research Papers

    Communication topics for research are critical for students pursuing communication studies in colleges and universities. In most cases, educators ask learners to come up with communication research topics or choose what to write about. However, this is not always easy for most learners.

  13. How to Make an Effective Presentation (Guide, Tips & Examples)

    6. Limit the amount of text on your slides. Since we're on the topic of not overwhelming your audience with too much information, it's a great idea to try to keep your text to about 6-8 lines per slide, like in the example below. Customize this presentation theme and make it your own! Edit and Download.

  14. Unique & Interesting Presentation Topics for Business in 2022

    Marketing presentation topics capture attention easily. Marketing is important. Your marketing strategy depicts your company as both professional and appealing. Every business should have a marketing plan. It makes a great business topic for presentations to investors or managers.

  15. 1000+ Best General Topics For Presentation (Updated 2021)

    5 Minute Presentation Topics Future of Communication Time is Money 7 Wonders of the world How to win friends easily Data is the new oil Love Vs. Attachment Importance of Silence Power of Meditation Health is Wealth A World Without Weapon My favourite teacher How to say no? What is real love? The secret of happiness! Social Media and Privacy Issues

  16. Navigating the Challenges of Presentations: Lessons from 9 Years in a

    Of course, presenting can still be nerve-wracking, especially when you're presenting to important stakeholders. But the trick is to stay confident and remember that you're the expert. You know ...

  17. Important Presentation Skills for Workplace Success

    Verbal Communication . Public speaking is one form of verbal communication, but you will need other forms to give a good presentation.Specifically, you must know how to answer questions. You should be able to understand questions asked by your audience (even if they're strange or poorly worded) and provide respectful, honest, and accurate answers without getting off-topic.

  18. Speech Topics to Meet Oral Communication Standards

    Impromptu Oral Communication Speech Topics. You are an ant. Convince an anteater to not eat you. Explain three different ways to eat an Oreo cookie. Tell us about a nickname you have and how you got it. Convince us to vote for you as president of the USA. Explain three uses for a pencil other than for writing.

  19. Best Academic Presentation Topics for Students in 2023

    Family Presentation Topics: Tolerance or Acceptance in Improving Marriage and Relationships. Effective Communication with Kids: Making Your Message Heard. Self Concept Test among Western and Non-Western Children from 18 to 24 Months. Importance of Development of a Moral Compass in Children. Dogs Are Better Than Cats.

  20. 75+ List of PowerPoint Topics & Ideas for your Next Presentation

    Below are some suggested medical presentation topics that can be used for academic and professional purposes. Some Important Medical Presentation Topics: Embryology Presentation Anatomy Presentation Pharmacology Presentation Critical body disorders Diagnosing a disease Microbes Deadly Pathogens Brain Sucking Amoeba (Naegleria Fowleri)

  21. 15 Training Presentation Topics to Upskill Your Team

    Constant training is key in the development of a high-performing team, so here we've put together the 15 best presentation topics for employee training. About 24Slides Free templates. More Apple Keynote Business ... For example, effective communication in digital environments, goal-setting for remote teams, online collaboration tools, and more.