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How to Resolve Limited or No Connectivity Errors in Windows

Troubleshoot limited internet access errors in windows.

how to fix internet limited connection problem

What to Know

This article explains how to walk through troubleshooting steps to correct connectivity issue errors in Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 that you may encounter when trying to set up or make network connections on a Windows computer. The error may look like one of these messages:

How to Troubleshoot and Resolve "Limited or No Connectivity" Errors

This error might result from any of several different technical glitches or configuration problems on the computer or on the path between the computer and the rest of the network. Try these steps to solve the problem:

First, start with this  How to Fix Common Internet Connection Problems  guide. If you don't have luck there, come back to this page and start with Step 2.

Restart your computer . This is a prevalent step for nearly any computer problem , and since the network issue may be tied up in your computer software, you should start with a reboot. You may have already tried this step, in which case you can move down to the next one.

Reboot your router or modem . If restarting your router doesn't work at all, or is only a temporary solution, continue with Step 4.

We're saying to reboot,  not reset . Rebooting is just powering it down, and then turning it back on while resetting the router means to restore all of its settings to default - a step that's a bit more destructive than what we're after right now.

Check the  Ethernet  cable if connecting to your network using one. Your cable may have failed. First, unplug the cable and then reattach it. Then, if you need to, temporarily replace your network cable with a new or different one to see if the problem has to do with the cable.

Run this command in an elevated Command Prompt to reset the Windows TCP/IP stack to its original state, a step that often fixes lots of network-related issues:

Here are some other  netsh commands you can try if resetting the network adapter didn't fix the network error. Also, in an elevated Command Prompt, enter the first command, then the second, then the third, in that order, pressing  Enter  after each of them.

Then, run this command to verify that the settings were disabled:

Finish with a reboot.

Check the sleep settings . If on Wi-Fi, when you see this error, the network adapter may be going to sleep to conserve power.

Find your local IP address if your network is using DHCP . 

If the IP address is set to a static IP address , you need to change the adapter's settings to obtain an address from the DHCP server automatically. Ensure that DHCP ends up enabled and that there isn't a specific IP address recorded for the adapter. If the local IP address your computer is using starts with 169.254, it means it's invalid and isn't obtaining a useful address from the router. Try running the commands ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew in a Command Prompt .

Try updating the device driver for the network card. An outdated card or corrupted driver might be the problem.

If Windows prompts you to try to fix the connection itself, then agree to that and run the Network Troubleshooter or Network Repair utility (they're called different names depending on your version of Windows).

If you're connected over Wi-Fi, and the router uses  wireless security , your  WPA  or another security key may not be set properly.  Login to your router , check the wireless security configuration on your computer's network and update it if necessary.

If there's still no connection , unplug your router and connect the computer directly to your modem. If this configuration works, and you no longer see the error, your router might be malfunctioning.

Contact the router manufacturer for additional support. However, if the error remains and the network still appears to be down, contact your internet service provider for support—the problem may lie with them.

To connect AirPods to a Windows 10 machine , open Action Center > All settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other devices . In the Add a device window, select Bluetooth > choose your AirPods > open the AirPods charging case and press the setup button to begin pairing.

To connect your Windows 10 PC to Wi-Fi , select the Globe icon in the bottom-right of the desktop screen and then choose your Wi-Fi network. Select Connect , then enter the Wi-Fi password (if needed).

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WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem [SOLVED]


Fix WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem:  If you’re facing Limited Connectivity error in your WiFi status then you won’t be able to access the internet until you’re again connected to the internet. You’re getting a message of Limited Access when you are connected to your WiFi which means you are connected to your Router/Modem but there is no Internet or worse, internet connection is available but your system is not able to receive it.

The limited connectivity error does not mean that your WiFi adapter is disabled, it only means that there is a communication problem between your system and the router. You use another PC or mobile in order to check if you’re able to connect to this network or not, if you’re able to use the Internet on other devices using the same network connection then the problem is with your System only.

20 Ways To Fix WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem

You may receive the following error:

This connection has limited or no connectivity. No internet access The connection is limited

So if only your system is not able to connect to the internet then it’s a serious issue as you won’t be able to access the internet and in order to fix limited connectivity problem, you need to follow the below-listed troubleshooting steps.

Make sure to  create a restore point  just in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Restart your modem or WiFi adapter

Sometimes this error can simply be resolved by restarting your Wifi modem or router and again try access the internet and see if you’re able to fix WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem. If you’re still facing the issue then continue with the next method.

click reboot in order to Fix dns_probe_finished_bad_config

In order to access your router admin page you need to know the default IP address, username, and password. If you don’t know then see if you can get the default router IP address from this list. If you can’t then you need to manually find the router’s IP address using this guide.

Method 2: Disable and Re-Enable your WiFi adapter

1.Press Windows Key + R then type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter.

ncpa.cpl to open wifi settings

2.Right-click on your wireless adapter and select Disable.

Disable the wifi which can't configure the ip

3.Again right-click on the same adapter and this time choose Enable.

Enable the Wifi to reassign the ip

4.Restart your and again try to connect to your wireless network and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Method 3: Flush DNS and Reset TCP/IP

1.Right-click on Windows Button and select “ Command Prompt(Admin). “

command prompt with admin rights

2.Now type the following command and press enter after each one: (a) ipconfig /release (b) ipconfig /flushdns (c) ipconfig /renew

ipconfig settings

3.Again open Admin Command Prompt and type the following and hit enter after each one:

resetting your TCP/IP and flushing your DNS.

4.Reboot to apply changes. Flushing DNS seems to  Fix WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem in Windows 10.

Method 4: Reset TCP/IP Autotuning

1.Right-click on Windows key and select “ Command Prompt(Admin). “

2.Type the following commands:

use netsh commands for tcp ip auto tuning

3.Now enter this command to verify that previous functions were disabled:  netsh int tcp show global

4.Reboot your PC.

Method 5: Run Windows Networking Troubleshooter

1.Right-click on the network icon and select Troubleshoot Problems.

Troubleshoot problems network icon

2.Follow the on-screen instructions.

3.Now press Windows key + W and type Troubleshooting , hit enter.

troubleshooting control panel

4.From there select “ Network and Internet. “

select Network and Internet in troubleshooting

5.In the next screen click on Network Adapter.

select Network Adapter from network and internet

6.Follow the on-screen instruction to fix Limited Connectivity Problem.

Method 6: Wake up your Wi-Fi Adapter

1.Press Windows Key + R then type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter.

devmgmt.msc device manager

2.Expand Network adapters then right-click on your installed network adapter and select Properties.

right click on your network adapter and select properties

3.Switch to Power Management Tab and make sure to uncheck “ Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. “

Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

4.Click Ok and close the Device Manager.

5.Now press Windows Key + I to open Settings then Click System > Power & Sleep.

in Power & sleep click Additional power settings

6.On the bottom click Additional power settings.

7.Now click “ Change plan settings ” next to the power plan which you use.

Change plan settings

8.At the bottom click on “ Change advanced power settings. “

Change advanced power settings

9.Expand Wireless Adapter Settings , then again expand Power Saving Mode.

10.Next, you will see two modes, ‘On battery’ and ‘Plugged in.’ Change both of them to Maximum Performance.

Set On battery and Plugged in option to Maximum Performance

11.Click Apply followed by Ok. Reboot your PC to save changes. This would help to resolve WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem but there are other methods to try if this one fails to do its job.

Method 7: Enable Download over metered connections

1.Press Windows Key + I then click Devices.

2.From the left-hand menu make sure Printers & scanners is selected.

3.Now enable “ Download over metered connections ” by toggling the switch.

enable download over metered connections

4.Reboot your PC to save changes.

Method 8: Use Google DNS

1.Open Control Panel and click on Network and Internet.

2.Next, click Network and Sharing Center then click on Change adapter settings.

change adapter settings

3.Select your Wi-Fi then double click on it and select Properties.

Wifi properties

4.Now select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.

Internet protocal version 4 (TCP IPv4)

5.Check mark “ Use the following DNS server addresses ” and type the following:

Preferred DNS server: Alternate DNS server:

use the following DNS server addresses in IPv4 settings

6.Close everything and you may be able to Fix WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem.

Method 9: Disable IPv6

1.Right click on WiFi icon on system tray and then click on “ Open Network and Sharing Center. “

open network and sharing center

2.Now click on your current connection in order to open settings. Note: If you can’t connect to your network then use Ethernet cable to connect and the follow this step.

3.Click Properties button in the window that just open.

wifi connection properties

4.Make sure to uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IP).

uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP IPv6)

5.Click OK then click Close. Reboot your PC to save changes. This should resolve your WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem and you should again able to access the internet but if it wasn’t helpful then continue to the next step.

Method 10: Uncheck Proxy Option

1.Press Windows Key + R then type “ inetcpl.cpl ” and hit enter to open Internet Properties.

inetcpl.cpl to open internet properties

2.Next, Go to Connections tab and select LAN settings.

Lan settings in internet properties window

3.Uncheck Use a Proxy Server for your LAN and make sure “ Automatically detect settings ” is checked.

Uncheck Use a Proxy Server for your LAN

4.Click Ok then Apply and reboot your PC.

Method 11: Uninstall Network Adapter

1.Press Windows Key + R then type “ devmgmt.msc ” and hit Enter to open Device Manager.

2.Expand Network Adapters and find your network adapter name.

3.Make sure you note down the adapter name just in case something goes wrong.

4.Right-click on your network adapter and uninstall it.

uninstall network adapter

5.If ask for confirmation select Yes.

6.Restart your PC and try to reconnect to your network.

7.If you’re not able to connect to your network then it means the driver software isn’t automatically installed.

8.Now you need to visit your manufacturer’s website and download the driver from there.

download driver from manufacturer's website

9.Install the driver and reboot your PC.

By reinstalling the network adapter, you can get rid out of this WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem.

Method 12: Update WiFi Drivers

1.Press Windows key + R and type “ devmgmt.msc ” in Run dialogue box to open device manager.

2.Expand Network adapters , then right-click on your Wi-Fi controller (for example Broadcom or Intel) and select Update Drivers.

Network adapters right click and update drivers

3.In the Update Driver Software Windows, select “ Browse my computer for driver software. “

Browse my computer for driver software

4.Now select “ Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. “

Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

5.Try to update drivers from the listed versions.

6.If the above didn’t work then go to manufacturers website to update drivers: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/

7. Reboot to apply changes.

Method 13: Disable WiFi Sense

1.Press Windows Key + I to open Settings then click on Network & Internet.

Network & internet settings

2.Now click Wi-Fi in the left pane window and make sure to Disable everything under Wi-Fi Sense in the right window.

Disable Wi-Fi Sense and under it disable Hotspot 2.0 networks and Paid Wi-Fi services.

3.Also, make sure to disable Hotspot 2.0 networks and Paid Wi-Fi services.

4.Disconnect your Wi-Fi connection and then again try to reconnect. See if you’re able to  Fix WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem in Windows 10.

Method 14: Change Bitdefender firewall settings (Or your Antivirus Firewall)

1.Open Settings of Bitdefender Internet Security and choose Firewall.

2.Click on “ Advanced Settings ” button.

3.Make sure that “ Enable Internet Connection Sharing ” is checked. NOTE: If you don’t have the above setting then disable “ Block Internet Connection Sharing ” instead of above.

4.Click OK button to save changes.

5.And if it doesn’t work try disabling your Antivirus Firewall and enabling Windows Firewall.

For maximum people changing firewall settings fixes the  Limited Connectivity Problem ,   but if didn’t work for you don’t lose hope we still have a long way to go, so follow the next method.

Method 15: Change Adapters Settings

1.Open the Bitdefender, then select Protection module and click on the Firewall feature.

2.Make sure the Firewall is turned ON and then go to the Adapters tab and perform the following changes:

Adapters tab in bit defender

3.Restart your PC to apply these changes and see if the Limited Connectivity Problem is resolved or not.

Method 16: Set Roaming Aggressiveness to Maximum

1.Right click on Network icon and select “ Open   Network and Sharing Center. “

2.Now select your Wi-Fi and click on Properties.

wifi properties

3.Inside Wi-Fi properties click on Configure.

configure wirless network

4.Navigate to the Advanced tab and find Roaming Aggressiveness setting.

roaming aggressiveness in advanced properties wifi

5.Change the value from Medium to Highest and click OK.

highest vale in roaming aggressiveness

6. Reboot to apply changes.

Method 17: Disable Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility

1.Press Windows Key + X then select Control Panel.

control panel

2.Then click on Network and Internet > View network status and task.

click Network and Internet then click View network status and tasks

3.Now on the bottom left corner click on Intel PROset/Wireless Tools.

4.Next, open settings on Intel WiFi Hotspot Assistant then uncheck “ Enable Intel Hotspot Assistant. “

Uncheck Enable Intel Hotspot Assistant in Intel WiFi Hotspot Asisstant

5.Click OK and reboot your PC to Fix WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem.

Method 18: Delete Wlansvc Files

1.Press Windows Key + R then type services.msc and hit Enter.

2.Scroll down till you find WWAN AutoConfig then right-click on it and select Stop.

right click on WWAN AutoConfig and select Stop

3.Again press Windows Key + R then type “ C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\ ” (without quotes) and hit Enter.

4.Delete everything (most probably the MigrationData folder) in the Wlansvc folder except for profiles.

5.Now open the Profiles folder and delete everything except the Interfaces.

6.Similarly, open Interfaces folder then delete everything inside it.

delete everything inside interfaces folder

7.Close File Explorer, then in services window right-click on WLAN AutoConfig and select Start.

Method 19: Forget WiFi Network

1.Click on the Wireless icon in the system tray and then click Network Settings.

click Network settings in WiFi Window

2.Then click on Manage Known networks to get the list of saved networks.

click Manage Known networks in WiFi settings

3.Now select the one which Windows 10 won’t remember the password for and click Forget.

click Forgot network on the one Windows 10 won't remember the password

4.Again click the wireless icon in the system tray and connect to your network, it will ask for the password, so make sure you have the Wireless password with you.

enter the password for the wireless network

5.Once you have entered the password you will connect to the network and Windows will save this network for you.

6.Reboot your PC and again try to connect to the same network and this time Windows will remember the password of your WiFi. This method seems to  Fix WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem in Windows 10 .

Method 20: Mark your Home Network as Private instead of Public

1.Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the System Tray.

2.Then again click on the connected Wi-Fi network to bring out the sub menu and click Properties.

click properties under connected WiFi network

3.Under “ Make this PC discoverable ” toggle slider to ON.

Set make this PC discoverable slider to ON under WiFi settings

4.If above didn’t work for you then type Homegroup in Windows Search bar.

click HomeGroup in Windows Search

5.Click the option HomeGroup and then click Change network location.

click Change network location

6.Next, Click Yes to make this network a private network.

click Yes to make this network a private network

7.Now right-click on the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray and select “ Open Network and Sharing Center. “

8.Verify that the network listed shows as Private Network then close the window and you’re done.

change your WiFi to private network in oder to Fix WiFi keeps disconnecting issue on Windows 10

Recommended for you:

Fix Can’t Connect to this network issue in Windows 10

That’s it you have successfully Fix WiFi Limited Connectivity Problem in Windows 10 if you still have any queries regarding this post feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.

Aditya Farrad

Aditya Farrad

Aditya is a skilled tech writer with 10 years of experience in the field. He has a strong background in Troubleshooting, and has a talent for simplifying complex technical concepts for a general audience. He has worked with a variety of clients in the technology industry, creating user manuals, technical documentation, and instructional materials. With his combination of technical knowledge and writing talent, he is able to create clear, accurate, and engaging content that helps users get the most out of their technology.

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After some exploration I found the WLANSVC (called WLAN AutoConfig) service would not stop and restart.

I found kill instructions. Essentially find the PID and terminate it using command prompt as admin. See below:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>sc queryex “WLANsvc”


C:\WINDOWS\system32>taskkill /pid 3716 /f SUCCESS: The process with PID 3716 has been terminated.

I found that unplugging and then plugging your Router Cable back in after 20 seconds and then letting it turn back on and then restarting your phone once your Router is back on fixed the issue

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9 Best Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Showing Limited Connectivity in Android

Many times, even though you are connected to your Wi-Fi, you cannot open any webpage on your Android phone. And, when that happens, you will see your Wi-Fi icon has an exclamation mark or an X sign on it. Sometimes, you will even get a notification that says Limited connectivity. In this post, we will tell you how to fix that on Android phones.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android fi2

Limited access means that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi network isn’t connected to the internet. That means the Wi-Fi doesn’t have a working internet connection. You can take all the benefits of a Wi-Fi network in this situation, but you won’t be able to use the internet to open websites or apps.

Let’s see various solutions to fix the Wi-Fi showing limited connectivity notification on Android.

1. Restart Devices

You should begin by restarting your phone and router. To reboot your router, turn off its switch and unplug it for 20-30 seconds. Then, plug it back.

2. Check Date and Time on Phone

Once you have restarted the required devices, check the date and time of your phone. Sometimes, there is a mismatch between the actual time and the one on your device, so correct it.

To do so, go to Settings > System (or General Management). Tap on Date and time. Choose Automatic date & time or Use network-provided time.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 1

3. Forget Wi-Fi SSID Connected to Your Phone

Next, you should forget your Wi-Fi network from the phone. As in, disconnect or remove the saved network details. After that, you will have to enter the password again for your Wi-Fi.

To forget the Wi-Fi password and details, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone. Tap on Connections or Network & internet.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 3

Step 2 : Tap on Wi-Fi. Then, tap on the Wi-Fi SSID name that is having a problem.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 4

Step 3: Tap on Forget on the next screen.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 6

Step 4 : Try to connect to the same Wi-Fi SSID again with the correct password.

4. Switch Between IP Settings

You should also try switching between the dynamic and static IP settings to fix limited connectivity. In the former case, you don’t have to do anything as IP, and everything else will be set automatically. In the latter, you will have to enter some of the details manually, as described in the next solution.

To change the IP mode, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your Wi-Fi settings as shown above. That is, go to Settings > Connections/Network > Wi-Fi.

Step 2 : Tap on your Wi-Fi SSID name. Now, tap on the Advanced options. On Stock Android, you will have to tap on the edit icon followed by tapping on the Advanced options.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 7

Step 3: You will see the IP settings options. Change the mode from static to DHCP or vice versa. If you are switching from DHCP to static, follow the next method for the settings.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 9

5. Use Correct IP Settings

Sometimes, there is an IP conflict between various devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. Switching to Static IP and manually entering the IP address has fixed the limited connectivity problem on Android for many users.

To do so, repeat the steps mentioned in the above solution, i.e., select Static IP address. After that, you will notice, new options open up for you such as IP address, DNS, etc. You need to change the IP address and pick one from the standard IP address range that your router and your region supports.

The first three digits are always the same, i.e., 192.168.1, as in my case. After that, you can enter any number between 1 to 255 to replace X. So, your final address will be something like The Gateway should be similar to your IP address, usually ending with 1. You can also try using the Google DNS 1 as and DNS 2 as Keep the rest unchanged. Finally, hit the Save button. Restart your phone.

Tip : Keep trying 2-3 random IP addresses to see if one of them connects properly.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 10

6. Change Wi-Fi Privacy (Android 10 or higher)

On phones running Android 10, the issue can be fixed by changing the privacy of Wi-Fi network too. For that, open your Wi-Fi settings on the phone. Go to your Wi-Fi network. Tap on Privacy or MAC address type. On some phones, you might find it under the Advanced option.

You will find two options – Randomized MAC and Device MAC. Switch to the second option from one that is currently set. For instance, if it’s Device MAC right now, change to Randomized MAC and vice versa. Restart phone.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 11

7. Change Network Usage

Another setting that can be responsible for limited connectivity on Android is network usage. To fix it, you need to change your network to Unmetered.

For that, open your Wi-Fi network settings. Tap on Network usage or Metered network. Look under Advanced if it’s not directly visible. Select Unmetered. Restart phone.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 13

8. Change Modem Settings

If you have access to your router or modem, you should try changing a few settings for that as well. Firstly, you need to change the Wireless mode. It will be present under the Wireless settings of your modem. Try using the modes such as 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and so on to see which one does the trick for you.

Secondly, change the password type from WPA2 to WPA/WPA2 in your router settings. Once you change any setting, restart your modem. Then, try to connect your phone to it. Hopefully, the limited connection notice will go away.

9. Reset Network Settings

Lastly, you should reset network settings on your Android phone. That will not delete any of your personal data. However, all your network settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., will be reset to their original values. Learn in detail what happens when you reset network settings .

To reset the network, follow these steps:

Step 1 : Open Settings on your phone and go to System or General Management.

Step 2: Tap on Reset. Then, tap on Reset network settings or Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

Wifi showing limited connectivity android 15

Look in a Different Direction

In case the issue persists, maybe the problem is not at your end. We mean the issue could be from your service provider’s side too. So, give them a call to confirm.

Next up: Did you know you can use your Android phone as a Wi-Fi repeater? Find out how to do so from the next link.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.

Fix Wi-Fi showing limited access on Windows 11


Wi-Fi is one of the biggest transmitters of communication signals.

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Internet connection is limited in Windows 10/11 [Full Guide]

Ivan Jenic

what to do if Internet connection is limited in Windows 10

Network problems are common in Windows 10, and in this article, we’re going to show you how to solve one strange network problem, a problem with a limited internet connection in Windows 10.

So, if you’re facing this issue, I hope these solutions will help you.

How do I fix problems with limited connection in Windows 10?

Limited Internet connection messages can cause problems and prevent you from accessing certain websites. Speaking of this message, users reported the following problems as well:

1. Restart your modem or WiFi adapter

limited internet connection windows 10

2. Update your drivers

If you’re getting Limited Internet connection message on your PC, the problem might be your drivers. Outdated drivers can cause this problem to appear, and in order to fix it, it’s advised to update your drivers.

There are several ways to do it, but the easiest possible way is to use a dedicated professional solution like DriverFix .

It’s so easy to update your drivers automatically using this awesome solution that it only takes 3 steps:

⇒ Get Driverfix

3. Check your antivirus settings

Having an antivirus is important, but sometimes certain issues can occur due to your antivirus. Many users reported that the Limited Internet connection message can be caused by your antivirus and in order to fix that you need to change your settings.

Several users reported that their antivirus was the cause, and after adjusting a couple of settings the issue was resolved. If you can’t find the settings that are causing this issue, we advise you to temporarily disable your antivirus and check if that helps.

If the issue still persists, you’ll need to uninstall your antivirus completely and check if that solves the issue. If removing the antivirus solves the problem, you should consider switching to a different antivirus solution .

Before starting to tweak your old antivirus, we recommend switching to a security solution that doesn’t interfere with your system and it has a very low impact on its resources.

4. Reset the TCP connection

Limited internet access yellow triangle

5. Run the Windows Networking Troubleshooter

Limited internet connection on laptop

If your troubleshooter doesn’t load or you encounter an error, check out this useful guide that will help you solve the problem.

6. Assign a manual IP address

Limited access WiFi Windows 10

Limited access WiFi Windows 10

Note: Keep in mind that these numbers might not work for you, so you’ll need to change your IP address according to the format of your Default gateway.

To find out what is the Default gateway on your PC, just check the network properties on your PC or on any other device that has Internet access.

Expert tip:

Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is. Click here  to download and start repairing.

If your IP address is set manually, select the Obtain IP address automatically option and check if that solves your problem.

7. Change your DNS

Limited access WiFi Windows 10

Note: If you prefer OpenDNS you can use it instead of Google DNS. After switching your DNS, check if the problem is resolved. Keep in mind that this solution might slow down your network connection a bit.

If you are already using a custom DNS, select Obtain DNS server automatically option and save changes.

8. Reset your router

According to some users, sometimes, the Limited Internet connection message can appear due to your router’s configuration.

Several users reported that they fixed this problem simply by resetting their router to default, so you might want to try that.

To reset your router, you need to access your router’s configuration page and choose the reset options from there. However, you can also reset your router by pressing the hidden reset button on your router.

For detailed instructions on how to reset your router, we advise you to check your router’s instruction manual. Keep in mind that by resetting your router, your Wi-Fi network will become disabled, so you’ll have to set it up again.

File History Doesn’t Recognize This Drive: How to Fix It

Virtual disk service error: the object is not found [fix], intel wifi 6 ax201 not working how to fix it in 7 steps, 9. reset bios to default.

Few users claim that they fixed this problem simply by resetting their BIOS to default. If you have a built-in network adapter, you might be able to configure it from BIOS.

Sometimes your BIOS settings might interfere with your network configuration, and in order to fix the problem, you need to reset your BIOS to default.

This is rather simple, and to see how to do it properly on your PC, we advise you to check your motherboard manual for detailed instructions. This is an unlikely solution, but few users claim that it works, so be sure to try it out.

If you don’t know how to access your BIOS, here’s an excellent guide to help you with that.

10. Rollback your network driver

Limited internet connection unidentified network

Once you uninstall the network driver, restart your PC and Windows will install the missing driver automatically.

If you successfully rolled back your driver and want to avoid similar issues in the future, you can block Windows 10 from auto-updating a certain driver with the help of this step-by-step guide .

That would be all, I hope at least some of these solutions helped you with the limited internet connection problem. If you have any comments, suggestions, or maybe some other solutions for this problem, reach in the comment section below.

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What is “Limited Connectivity” and How Do I Fix it?

Obscure network connection problems..

“Limited connectivity” happens when your computer can connect to the network In computing, a <strong>network</strong> is simply a collection of computers and digital devices continuously interconnected in such a way that they can exchange data.<br />(Click on the term for full definition.) " href=https://askleo.com/glossary/network/ data-gt-translate-attributes='[{"attribute":"data-cmtooltip", "format":"html"}]'>network . . . but can’t.

The limited connectivity issue

It’s that last one that needs a little explanation.

IP addresses & DHCP

“Here ya go: you will be By the way, when you want to talk to others on your network, here’s some more information, and when you want to send something to the internet, send it here.”

DHCP failure

Limited connectivity.

So what do you do?

Fixing limited connectivity

Sometimes routers just get confused and need to be rebooted. It’s silly, and in an ideal world shouldn’t be needed, but it is what it is.

If your firmware is up to date and the problem repeats frequently, I would try a new router or access point to see if that clears things up.

Podcast audio

Related video, 67 comments on “what is “limited connectivity” and how do i fix it”.

Basicly you are connected to the router, but it doesnt want to know you without the correct key.

I had this experience in a public library’s hot-spot. I was assigned an IP and it is an open (no security) wireless connection. Yet, I got limited connection. May be the router was kaput like Leo says. My trouble was that whatever I did with my computer, I got the same IP and same “no connection”.

You have got to know your settings. Computer systems are still not ignorant friendly.

Wasn’t the Librarian of help?

I doubt you’ll get an answer. That comment is 14 years old.

Although I don’t usually get the “limited connectivity” errors, I find that some routers (I have a Speedtouch one) drops the wireless whilst keeping the ethernet somewhat active, though in this state the router is extremely slow, sometimes unresponsive and I usually either wait for it to reboot itself – though I still haven’t figured out how or why it does that – or just restart it manually.

We also get the “limited connectivity” when our ISP broadband feed isn’t working. Since Comcast and Insight swapped coverage areas in the Midwest this year, this has been happening while they do their maintenance.

I had Limited Connectivity for at least five months, I had to re-boot every time I looked at my computer, I tried everything I could read about,but then I put my computer in for a service as I needed help, they sorted it right away, it was my Panda Antivirus plus Firewall that was at fault, it was running but blocking use of the computer,Panda is now running perfect.hope this helps, JIM.

Interface:   Internet Address Physical Address   Type       02-10-40-4c-3c-8c dynamic

This should work with other OSs and other versions of Windows too as ARP is a TCP/IP thing rather than a Windows thing, but the command syntax may differ.

My internet connection was working one day and failed to connect the next day with limited connectivity. I tried everything I read from the web but was unable to resolve it. Fortunately, I check the list of install softwares/update and found that the last thing installed on the laptop was an antivirus update. When I uninstall the update, things started to work again.

I’m on vista too.

Limited no connectivity this so simple you need to contact your network provider to provide you for the following : the IP address, Submet mask, Default gateway, and pefereed DNS server number after you acquired all click START – NETWORK CONNECTIONS – PROPERTIES – on the Description uncheck the Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity and check the show Icon on notificationare when connected Then highlight the Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)tab -go to Properties – General tab, click Use the following IP address and input the number given by your network provider, Subnet mask, Default gateway and the tab Use the following DNS server addresses and then input Preferred DNS server number given by the network provider then press OK that will solve your problem

I have connected to the new modem i bought, the LAN icon says its connected to a network but its limited connectivity.The status of LAN shows that no packets are received by my laptop.I have checked pinging the modem, but its not working. How is it possible that LAN says its connected but the modem is not responding while i do the ping test in the command prompt. what do you suggest? Operating system is Vista Business. Modem manufacturer is Seimens, Model no. SL2_141.

Regards, Divjot.

Started getting this error message after a teenage visitor in our home downloaded games to one of our pcs. He had asked to check his email but once on the computer decided he wanted to do other things. We tried using AVG and other s/w to “clean” the PC. But, never were able to fix it using any of the suggestions we found on line. Tried changing wireless adapter (USB to PCI) but never was able to get the error corrected. Called cable company & their technician couldn’t troubleshoot and resolve and they found no problem with the router/cable modem. So, last effort was to carry the pc to the vendor where it was purchaed & have their tech check it out. He found that Window XP was corrupt and re-installed. This kid had downloaded Win32Heurvirus onto the PC. We did switch to the PCI wireless card and have had no problems since reconnecting this computer to our wireless network. I did not see this solution on any of the sites where I researched this problem….hope it helps someone

I need some help on this one. I have a desktop (running XP) connected to a DSL modem and a laptop (running Vista) that is on a wireless connection. Everything has worked very well for the past year with no connection problems. Last week, I clicked on an automatic update for my Norton software (upgrade from version 2.0 to 3.0). The update worked fine and then prompted me to restart. The restart didn

thanks so much for the information! i love the conversational style of your writing. it made this issue very easy to understand. i just reset my router and wha-la! it works… oh why aren’t all computer problems this easy to fix?!

I am trying to connect directly to an external drive via ethernet cable and experiencing a Limited Connectivity issue. I have tried using ipconfig at the command prompt to release and renew and it didn’t help. I have even changed cables, trying 8 different ones and problem still exists. Is it supposed to be Limited if plugged directly into the PC, by passing any router? I have tried all three of my PC’s and they all say Limited Connectivity with this external drive which i never had a problem with before. Do I need to use a cross over cable instead of a straight through? It should be able to connect to it without the use of a router.

I have a similar issue. I have a westell wireless router supplied by Verizon DSL. It works fine and has for years. I also have an airlink101 repeater so I can use my laptop in the back yard. My laptop ( Winxp sp3) has no problem connecting when in range of the westell router and all works fine. However, when it connects through the airlink I get limited connectivity. Now here’s the weird part. If I disable WEP all is fine, works great. But when I enable WEP it does not. I have reset the passphrase repeatedly on both routers to be sure they matched. Any Idea what may be causing this because I really do not care to run the wireless without security.???

I am having trouble with the wireless network connection on my HP laptop. No matter where i’m tring to connecty I recieve the Limited connectivity problem. I tried connecting in several places where others can conect to the internet, and I keep recieving the problem.

I am unable to connected to he internet my computer say’s, ipv4=internet and ipv6=limited. I tried all types of fixes for it but still has a problem with “software loopback interface” what is that. how do i connected.

Thanks Leo. Your explanation about limited connectivity was very helpful. I am so happy to have found your website.


hi leo i already have a bt broadband router that my son uses for his laptop using a wireless connection but the problem i have is that my computer shows limited connectivity when i try to connect. can you help as i think i may have missed something when i installed my bt software cd thanks any help is gratefuly appreciated

Hi Leo, I’m getting limited connectivity on my Inspiron 1525 laptop for my Wireless connection, but there’s another computer in my house which has a perfectly good wireless connection and we’re both using the same router and everything, it’s just that the other computer isnt a Dell, and uses Windows XP, whereas I have Vista. Any insight would be appreciated.

Hi Leo, I have a router which keeps gving me limited connectivity on all the 5 different PC’s which I have tried it on; hence I searched for the firmware update online and it was available for update, unfortunately I need to still access the router setup/admin in order update the firmware but still faced with the same limited connectivity issue. Is there another way to update the router firmware?

I hope this works because I have tryed evertying for the last few day’s and nothing has happened my internet only works when Im by my router when I’m away from it…it connects but has limited connectivity.

Alex, I’ve got the same exact problem. Two lap tops one running XP and the other Vista. Same network and the Vista connection is crap. Have you fix your problem. I need some help, I’m pulling my hair out trying to fix it.

Leo, I appear to have a similar issue as other postings, I’m trying to access via wi-fi a hot spot. (BT openzone) I have not had any issues previously in accessing this site but over the last couple of days I have not been able to connect with the messages limited connectivity and unable to repair dynamic IP address. Windows Vista is the operating system, any suggestions? – reboot has not worked

Could be your ISP disconnecting your router if you have had to many downloads, but don’t expect them to tell you that

Leo Sir, I have desktop computer (A) with internet connected via Nokia mobile. ICS is enabled on this PC and it works as a host. PC A has nvidia network adapter installed. Another PC (B)which is client with Realtek8139 network adapter connects with the host (A) through cross cable and everything works fine (The internet and file sharing with all icons displaying such as network connection. Now when I connect this third PC (C) in place of (B) as client with same cross over cable and same realtek 8139 network adapter card there is limited connectivity on the client pc (C) and I’m unable to share file & folders and the internet, but host pc (A) show LAN connected with no sharing of folders. workgroup is same on each pc (A,B & C). I have tried the following on the third pc (C): winsockfix utility, netsh commands, disconnected mobile and restarted after switching it off for 5 minutes. Third pc (C) shows no error in terms network card and cross cable and sending packets or frames (datagrams) but does not receive any from host, likewise host (A) is also sending but no receiving packets. Tried static ip on client (C)but to no avail. I’m turning nuts over this issue for the past one week. If someone could help out. Thanks a lot in advance. I have tried everything on the planet but still struggling.

sir, ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew and i used this program winsock to reset ip

A little more detail is that the 169.xxx IP address which is called a local host address is in fact a temporary IP so that the computer can talk to the router in order to setup a secure connection(hopefully). Think of the 169.xxx as a temporary PIN that the router gives to the computer. Once that computer connects through DHCP the 169.xxx is released and can be used for another computer. I too occasionally have the limited connectivity and the only way I’ve been able to “fix” it is to reboot. What drives me nuts is that my teenager never has the problem with his computer, so I’m of the opinion it may have something to do with the network card in my laptop. It only happens 1 or 2 a month so not a big deal, just frustrating.

My desktops work fine and they are hardwired to the router. My laptop works fine with a wireless connection. My wife gave her newer laptop to our son and I have upgraded the ram,battery and hard drive in the old Toshiba. It is running a lot better but is giving me the limited connectivity message. I think it might be time to try to update the firmware. I am wondering if the wireless card, or chip or however they do it on the laptop is bad. Of course maybe a fw upgrade might bring it back to life.

Sir leo, one thing to add to the thread if all else is not working and u have a firewall (norton, comodo etc) installed and it has been accidentally set to block all. Your network will not be able to assign an ip to the pc and u will get the limited conectivity message. Very frustrating if u dont know it was turned to block all. Thought i would share just in case someone else encounters this issue.

Another relatively quick fix that has worked for me on XP (but is somewhat annoying) is to go to the settings:network connections: wireless network connections, choose “view wireless networks,” disconnect from the “limited connectivity” network and then reconnect. This has worked for me to get a good connection on a couple of different laptops in different Wi-Fi spots and should be a lot simpler than rebooting the router. I probably need to set the ip config etc. as suggested to eliminate the problem.

problems: My PC’s IP address = (for LAN with cable) and everytime i want to turn on wireless, always appears caption “Limited Connectivity” … finally after I checked, it turns out by chance the wireless network router gives an IP on my PC =, This is what causes the “LIMITED CONNECTIVITY”

Researching this issue on the internet, there were many possible causes and suggested solutions. None of those solutions worked for me and I’m just glad it just occurred to me to simply disconnect the router and then plug it back in. About a week prior to the issue, I had installed Norton Internet Security on the laptop and thought this may be the cause of the problem but uninstalling it did not resolve the problem. I have reinstalled NIS and it works fine since employing the solution that worked for me. Before finding my solution I also looked at our router firmware but it was up to date and determined that was not related to the problem. Also tried some of the other ideas related to internet connection properties but again none of those were related to the issue.

Not sure if my solution will work for others but it’s a pretty easy step to take when looking to resolve this problem.

Wow. thanks leo! this has happened at least 3 times to me now, and the first 2 times were very annoying since i didnt know how to fix it. now it’s fine. again, thanks!

I have been seeing the limited connectivity error message lately. I have a windows vista laptop with virgin mobile broadband to go usb drive stick. I restarted the computer and took out the usb, but it hasn’t fixed the problem. I’m going to try looking at the antivirus and firewall setings, but is there anything else you can suggest? Thanks!!! :)

Leo Sir, Some one is using my broadband IP address, and when he or she use it I cant use my internet connection. When I change my IP to another one (ie. and again the main IP ( I can use internet connection for few seconds and then it again disconnected! I am sure that some one is using this connection. How I will be able to use my IP? Is there any software that can make my IP permanent………. I am using tp-link router (TLWR841N) thanks for reading all.. Please sir help me.

People can’t “use” your IP address unless they’re physically connected to your local network, so there’s something else going on here. Why do you say someone is using your IP address? What is it that makes you believe this is happening?

hi all.. got one pc at office that show limited and after following tips from u guys…the conn showing local only with unidentify network. problem is…my comp still cant access internet… im using fixed ip. 10.2.5.xxx. how to solve this…. some of my frend said tht the wall port is faulty. is it.?…i using win vista how to solve??

Cheron, your computer probably isn’t configured to be on the same subnet as your gateway(router, firewall, swtich). Do some research on IPv4 subnetting and if you still don’t understand it, I would suggest not using static IP addresses as they can be a headache.

If your computer isn’t on the same subnet as the device it’s trying to talk to is, it won’t talk to it.

I’m running windows 8, and I have been having little to no problems since I started using the internet at my house, but last night I was listening to music and playing league of legends when my internet just suddenly cut out. I looked and it said limited connectivity, and I’d had problems that looked like this where my computer needed an update and if I put it off for too long it would restrict internet access. However, I have also been having this problem with my phone, which has NEVER happened before. Usually when we have problems like this restarting the router works just fine, but I have restarted my laptop and router twice already and nothing’s changed. It appears our modem is the problem as it’s affecting multiple devices with different OS’s, and I’ve been searching the internet on 3g for a solution, but currently it seems like the only solutions are “buy a new modem/adapter” or “somehow get a new IP address and make it standard for every device in the house”.

My sister is getting a limited connectivity error on her desktop. But, she has a program for her business that WILL connect to the internet. I haven’t gone over there yet. I will be reseting the router and checking the IPv4 settings (DNS, IP, etc). I’ll also check her firewall. Anything else I should be prepared to check?

I have a problem setting my usb internet mordem bt i once finished and recieved an email saying i must open it and finish the settings, the problem is i can’t find it i dont know where to look for it?

i want to make my wifi limited because it is costing me a lot … how do i limit it.

What you are really looking for is a way to track your usage. “Limited connectivity” means your computer can’t connect even though the service is good. If you want to limit your wifi use to save money then the first thing is to understand how it works. Here’s an article that will help you sort through that: http://ask-leo.com/how_does_what_i_do_on_my_computer_use_bandwidth.html

I have had experience this issue. And i reported it to my network provider,I’ve been experiencing this for 13 days now. They had it checked and changed my modem twice but still experiencing it. There are times i have internet connection but then it will become “limited connectivity”. I have no router, the service crew of my network provider told me that probably maybe my LAN card is malfunctioning so I had it replace it to a new one but still experiencing the same problem. On the third time they checked it they said they can’t see no problem with my modem so they said probably that my PCI clot is malfunctioning. Can you please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

If still no go then if possible connect your computer directly to your Modem with an Ethernet cable, thus bypassing the wireless router and see if you get internet OK. If you can then the problem could be (1) your wireless router is failing or (2) wireless router needs to be reset or (3) the computer’s wireless drivers need to be reinstalled. If other people/computers seem to be able to connect to the same wireless signal OK then you could hope for easy resolution by going to your computer manufacturer’s support site (using another computer if necessary) and downloading and reinstalling the wireless driver for your model of computer. In my experience, hidden malicious software is the usual culprit if a simple reboot of the router or re-installation of the driver doesn’t work. A much less common occurrence is that the computer’s wireless card is faulty.

I found this artticle equally important on solving the connection problem http://www.gigatricks.com/2016/04/how-resolve-limited-connectivity-error.html?m=1

I was just working on a client laptop with same symptoms. Someone set up static IP so where ever he connected, the router would reject it. Allow it to use DHCP instead resolved his problem.

Generally no.

I just had my internet upgraded from, don’t laugh, 1.5 to 6. AT&T. Now I cannot connect to internet. It Is saying “limited connectivity “. Before I did upgrade my internet was painfully slow as you can imagine. But I was able to get by. I am not tech savvy at all. I have been struggling and fumbling with some of these fixes, but I have gotten no place. I am so frustrated and wish I was smarter.

I’d recommend contacting your ISP.

What’s an isp?

Internet Service Provider. The people providing your connection to the internet.

Hi, nice article . But as you say , Wireless access points, those which are not routers but simply provide the wireless connectivity to a wired network, can sometimes also hiccup and fail in such a way as to cause this problem. I believe it happens when the wireless side of the device keeps working while the wired connection is, for some reason, This is the daily problem. Is there any fix, other than trouble shooting the router? When you power on modem, the wifi gets first internet access, and when you log on to router, the internet light is cut and reestablishes after trouble shooting? Is it because, in giving ip fresh to the pc. If my dsl is on, the wifi gets first internet connection before i get pc , internet access. Strange, please

My problem is that we are using a wireless router in the office, the other colleagues are accessing the internet but only my HP laptop does the fanny issues of Limited Internet access, which means no internet, what can I do, but previously it was working all of a sudden this morning it stopped, why?

What you say to this ? Please guide either way.

Uninstalling ExpressVPN fixed my ‘Limited Connectivity’ issue immediately.

Cutting the power resets the router, in some cases, even more thoroughly than pressing a reset button, as a complete shutdown. My router can only be reset by unplugging it from the power source. That being said, unless you are having connectivity problems, resetting the router is unnecessary.

Do you have any idea on why like- my internet can connect through LAN but our WAN is only working in one device- (my phone) I think it locked the IP and stuff to my phone only and it don’t give internet access to any other devices.

It can also connect to one desktop only and it is the desktop I use where the ethernet cord is directly connected from my desktop to our wifi

There’s no way for me to say without knowing exactly and completely how your network is structured. Sorry.

Ethernet doesn’t connect to WiFi. Ethernet is a wired connection, and WiFi is a wireless connection. Most consumer grade routers have both Ethernet and WiFi connections, but they are two different protocols built into one device.

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Limited Network Connectivity Windows 10? Fixed with 6 Tips [MiniTool Tips]

If you meet limited network connectivity error on Windows 10 and see a sign “Connection is limited” or “Limited or no connectivity” on Windows 10, you can try the 6 tips in this post to fix limited Internet connection errors in Windows 10/8/7. To recover lost data on Windows 10/8/7 PC, please turn to MiniTool software .

If you see a yellow triangle exclamation mark on the Network icon which is located at the right-bottom of Windows toolbar, it means limited network connectivity on your Windows 10/8/7 computer. You couldn’t access the Internet until you fix this Internet connection error.

You can try the 6 tips below to troubleshoot Internet connection problems and solve limited network connectivity error on Windows 10/8/7.

Touch VPN Free Download for Chrome, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Add free Touch VPN to Chrome, Edge, Firefox or download Touch VPN for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS to use this free VPN service to unblock and access any website.

Fix 1. Reboot Router, Restart Computer

Normally when you meet the limited Internet access error on Windows 10/8/7, you can try the easiest step first: restart your network device and restart your computer.

To reboot router or modem, you can directly turn off the power of it and turn the power on again after a few minutes.

To restart computer, you can click Start -> Power -> Restart to reboot your computer.

Check if the limited network connectivity error is fixed, if not, continue to try other solutions below.

Browsec VPN Free Download for Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Android/iOS

Learn how to download free Browsec VPN for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android, iOS, etc. to use it to access restricted content/websites.

Fix 2. Renew/Reset TCP/IP

Sometimes bad IP address or wrong TCP/IP configuration can cause the limited network connectivity error, you can use CMD to easily renew or reset TCP/IP on Windows 10.

Step 1. Open an elevated Command Prompt Windows 10 . You can click Start , type cmd in Search box, right-click Command Prompt app and choose Run as administrator .

Step 2. Type the ipconfig command lines below and hit Enter after each line to renew TCP/IP address, or reset TCP/IP configuration.

Fix 3. Run Netsh Winsock Reset Command

Programs need Winsock catalog to access Internet. You can also perform a Netsh Winsock reset in Command Prompt to see if it can fix limited network connectivity error on Windows 10.

Step 1. Still, follow the instructions in Fix 2 to run Command Prompt as administrator.

Step 2. Type netsh winsock reset in Command Prompt window, and hit Enter to reset Winsock catalog.

Using CMD to reset network settings like above, you need to restart your computer to make the operations work. Therefore, remember to restart computer in Fix 2 and 3.

Fix 4. Update Network Drivers

You should keep your computer network device driver up to date, since outdated network adapter drivers may also cause limited Internet access problem on Windows 10.

Step 1. Open Device Manager Windows 10 . You can press Windows + X on keyboard, and select Device Manager to open it.

Step 2. Locate Network adapters option and expand it. Right-click your computer network adapter device and select Update driver .

update network adapter driver

Learn about VyprVPN and check how to download VyprVPN for various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, etc.

Fix 5. Run a Network Troubleshooter

Windows own offers a network troubleshooter to help users fix some network connection issues. If you meet the limited Internet connection problem, you can run Windows network troubleshooter to fix connection is limited Windows 10.

Normally you can right-click the Network icon at the toolbar and choose Troubleshoot network problems .

You can also click Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Troubleshoot , then click Internet Connections option and click Run the troubleshooter button to find and fix Internet connection problems.

troubleshoot internet connections

Fix 6. Temporarily Disable Firewall or Antivirus

If you installed new firewall or antivirus software on Windows 10, it may cause the limited network connectivity issue on Windows 10. You can try to disable or uninstall the firewall or antivirus temporarily to see if your computer can connect to Internet successfully.

Hope you can fix limited network connectivity Windows 10 problem with these 6 solutions. If you have other ways to fix this issue, please do not hesitate to share with us.

Download VeePN for PC, Mac, Mobile, and Browser

This post gives a VeePN review and offers guides on how to download VeePN for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. to use this VPN service.

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Alisa is a professional English editor with 4-year experience. She loves writing and focuses on sharing detailed solutions and thoughts for computer problems, data recovery & backup, digital gadgets, tech news, etc. Through her articles, users can always easily get related problems solved and find what they want. In spare time, she likes basketball, badminton, tennis, cycling, running, and singing. She is very funny and energetic in life, and always brings friends lots of laughs.

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How to Fix Internet Connection is Limited or No Internet Error

The most important aspect of our daily work is now the Internet. We need the internet connection for our daily work, especially for the bloggers who owns half of this internet for providing valuable information to the users. Today, this is no hoax that everybody living in a house does not need an internet connection. We have been solving various internet connection error in our previous guides . And, in this article, we’ll show you how to fix Internet Connection is Limited error on different devices.

Before getting into the article, you must know this is not an error every time. Sometimes there might be a problem with your internet service provider where the internet is actually down due to various technical or hardware issues. Even in this case, you will see internet connection is limited or no internet access message on your device. Contact your service provider and they can only fix it. If you are sure there is no problem at ISP side, then there must be an issue with your device configuration and follow this guide to solve “internet connection is limited” error in Windows, Android, and Mac.

Solving “Internet Connection is Limited” Error on Windows/Mac/Android

As we have seen our previous articles the error is caused by either the system or server side of the website or even your DNS servers . But, here the chances might be that there is some issue with your internet connection or with your router.

Fixing Internet Connection is Limited Error in Windows

Here are 4 ways to troubleshoot no internet access error in Windows laptops and PCs:

1. Restart your Router

A router is responsible to manage the traffic and route the internet to all connected devices. But sometimes due to fatal errors, the router fails to route the traffic to connected devices. In such cases, the router cannot take and handle the requests and you will see internet connection is limited error. Restarting the router will reset the conjunction and packets will start flowing normally across devices. Simply switch off the power connection to router and power it on again after a couple of minutes.

2. Re-enable Network Adapter

If internet connection is limited problem still exists even after restarting the router then you should try disabling and re-enabling the network adapters. In few cases, you may need to reinstall the network adapter drivers to get them working again.

Steps to re-enable network adapter:

Wait for a minute and it should remove the yellow triangle symbol on the ethernet/WiFi icon.

3. Change DNS

If you are still struggling with “Internet Connection is Limited” error, you should try an alternate DNS. Using custom DNS also makes your internet connection a bit faster but you should be very careful while picking a DNS provider. Always make sure you use secure and trusted DNS servers for serious security reasons. Follow the steps below to change the DNS servers to solve limited internet errors.

4. Troubleshoot Network Problems

Windows has their own amazing tool called Troubleshooter which automatically detects and solve the problems. No internet access is one of the error Windows can easily troubleshoot and suggest the solutions.

To troubleshoot the problem automatically:

Right-click on the connectivity icon from the system tray and choose to  Troubleshoot Problems.  Once you click on it, it will start detecting the problems. If Windows is able to detect the error, it will automatically suggest you the possible solutions and you can apply them in a single click.

Solving No Internet Error in Android Smartphones/Tablets

If you are unable to access the internet or mobile apps on your Android device, then you might have a bad or poor internet connection. You will either see a cross mark (x) or (!) mark depending on your Android version if there is limited internet connectivity. On Android, it is very easy to troubleshoot as there are only a few things you need to check and solve this error.

1. Check Mobile Data and Roaming

The first fix is to check whether your mobile data connection is turned ON. Many times we forget to turn ON our mobile data and try to browse the internet which never works. If mobile data is turned off, enable it and make sure that you have sufficient mobile data balance to browse the internet. If you are in roaming, you must enable Data Roaming as well to access the internet.

Additional charges might apply if you access mobile data when you are on roaming. 

2. Ask your ISP

Okay, you have a broadband connection and a WiFi router. Now, you have the internet connectivity or no internet error all the time. I myself have faced these situations many times. Yes, my internet is working but it does not load any website and sometimes shows “Internet Connection is Limited” error.

And I have to contact my ISP to solve this problem every time. Contact your ISP to confirm whether they had any problems with their network. This issue can also occur with normal SIMs.

For instance, Airtel these days had problems with their network at my area and I’m frequently seeing “No internet” message even with good signal. You need to either port to different network provider or move to some other area with good network conditions. I prefer former.

@Airtel_Presence At Office: Full Signal but receiver can't hear anything. At Home: Half Signal but says out of coverage Area. Mobile Data: 90% of times it shows No Internet (Check the screenshot attached) It's 2018, and I'm getting Edge or No Internet. Call charges too high pic.twitter.com/VD1wQVXbHz — Amar Ilindra (@AmarIllindra) October 19, 2018

Fixing Internet Connection is Limited Error on Mac

Apple recommends the users to keep their systems and their drivers updated to avoid such errors. So before trying to fix limited internet problems in Mac, make sure your device is updated to latest firmware with all the network drivers.

Also Read: How to stop flash SMS on iPhone after updating to latest iOS version

1. Check Your Connection

Just like we did above for Android device, here also you need to check whether your connection is working fine. You need to make sure you have properly connected to a network via Ethernet cable or WiFi router. If you are using Ethernet, try to unplug the cable and plug it back after cleaning the dust at ports and cable pin.

2. Restart Your Network Devices

You can fix most of the network related problems just by restarting the devices. Simply powering down your modem or router for few seconds and then again turning it on will fix limited internet access without any additional troubleshooting. Also, contact your ISP if there is some network problem or downtime they are encountering.

3. Checking TCP/IP, DNS Settings

If you have everything working fine and still unable to surf the web because of this limited internet access or no internet error, you must check your TCP/IP and DNS settings.

Conclusion for limited internet access problems

There will be plenty of ways to solve internet connection is limited or no internet access error in Windows, Mac, and Android devices. But before you try to troubleshoot the problem, you must make sure it is not due to your ISP downtime by contacting them in the first place. Rebooting the router and PC/Laptop will solve limited internet access errors in most of the cases. If you are seeing no internet messages on Android devices, move to an open place for strong signals.

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Abhilasha Gaur

Oct 25, 2017

4 ways to fix the issue of Limited Internet Access

Limited internet access is perhaps the most glaring issue that affects the majority of people who utilise the services of the internet. This problem can arise out of nowhere, and trying to find a fix for this problem can be extremely challenging since one needs to figure out the cause of the issue itself before figuring out the best course of action that one can take. There are four methods that you can take to guarantee that this debilitating problem will be fixed as soon as possible, so that you can again enjoy the services of uninterrupted network access.

1. Reset the TCP/IP stack: The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is basically a set of rules that governs the connection of devices to the internet. Sometimes, a fault in these rules can lead to the aforementioned problem of Limited Internet Access. The easiest way to fix this problem is by using the integrated NetShell Utility tool (netsh.exe) to reset the TCP/IP stack to its default configuration. This can be done by opening the Command Prompt and inputting the code ‘netsh int ip reset C:\resetlog.txt’. After this, reboot the computer and check if your problem has been resolved.

2. Configure the settings of your Wi-Fi: Sometimes, your network settings might be altered in such a manner that your device has the authority to put your network adapter in sleep mode to avoid any power wastage. However, activating this might lead to the problem of Limited Internet Access as well. In order to avoid this problem, go to your Wi-Fi setting, click on Properties and then on Configure. Pick the last tab that says ‘Power Management’, and check if the ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ option is on. If so, then switch it off and check if you’re still experience the problem of Limited Connectivity.

3. Reset TCP/IP Autotunning: If the above tips haven’t worked out for you, then the best thing you can do make sure that this problem is fixed once and for all is to reset the TCP/IP Autotunning. In case you were curious, Autotunning refers to the modification of congestion buffers to allow reliable connectivity. Open up Command Prompt and use these three commands to fix your problem –

· netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

· netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

· netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

These commands should ultimately reset the TCP/IP Autotunning, and make sure that you don’t experience the problem of Limited Internet Access ever again.

In case you still happen to face any problems when it comes to internet connectivity, contact your Internet Service Provider to help provide you with the best solution to fix this lingering issue. ISPs like Spectra provide the best troubleshooting services to fix your internet connection and let you enjoy the services of the internet without any delays.

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