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How to Write a Performance Review

Employers and employees find value in performance reviews. The feedback can range from guidance to praise, thus allowing for both parties to engage in discussion regarding what’s working and what isn’t. It’s for that reason leaders need to learn how to write a performance review using these guidelines.

Regular Feedback is Critical

While a performance review typically has a bi-annual schedule, that doesn’t mean regular feedback in-between those dates shouldn’t be happening. Therefore, look up how to write a performance review sample, and use that as your springboard for regular feedback. In doing so, your employees are sure they won’t be hearing about their performance during their first review. When looking up how to write a sample performance review, you’ll find that they’re comprised of many fundamental components including communication, teamwork and collaboration skills, problem-solving, accuracy and quality of work, dependability, and attendance, and meeting deadlines.

Utilize the Employee’s Job Description

When you’re unsure where to begin, utilize the employee’s job description as a springboard for their performance evaluation sample. In doing so, you’ll can determine if they satisfied all the requirements and responsibilities of the job description’s listings. You’ll also be able to determine if there were aspects of the job description where they were lacking. Be sure the job description is up-to-date before working on the performance review. That way, you’re sure the position hasn’t undergone any changes since the job description was written.

Use Key Points

When writing the performance review, focus only on key points. For example, if the review is about whether or not the employee is achieving their goals, focus on those key points. Examples of performance goals samples include that the employee must complete a certain level of tasks before being considered for a promotion. Some sample resolutions if the employee is not achieving their goals would include that they would implement a strategy for meeting their goals and then set up another check-in with you to assess their progress.

Request Feedback from Colleagues

When writing the performance review, it’s essential to solicit feedback from colleagues who have worked closely with them. This action is often referred to as obtaining 360-feedback because you’re receiving feedback for the employee from his coworkers, boss, and any other relevant staff. Use of coworker feedback samples includes asking employees what they like or appreciate about their coworker, when they thought their coworker did a great job, or what they would like to see change about a situation.

Keep Track of Performance

When learning how to write performance reviews, keeping track of an employee’s performance is part of achieving that goal. You’ll be working with sample performance comments from other employees, as well as logging their attendance, following policies, how well their meeting deadlines, and if they’re achieving their goals. When working on these tasks, you may need a logbook sample that includes information about their daily job performance. For example, the ledger sheet sample could consist of information about if accidents occurred if it’s a factory or cash overages if you’re in the retail industry. It’s essential to keep policies on-hand, like a cash management policy sample or sample IT policies, for example, to ensure they’re up-to-date and ready to present during the performance review.


writing volunteer opportunities near me

The Startup

The Startup


Jun 18, 2019


Volunteer-From-Home Opportunities That Writers and Creatives Will Love

Did you know that you can volunteer from home?

What if I told you that you could help others just by being your lovely, creative, introverted self?

Volunteering from home is flexible and convenient. It’s also a good fit for people who prefer quiet pursuits over social events.

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I write about self-improvement, personal growth, and mindsets for success.

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Volunteer Writing Opportunity

Use your writing talents to inspire and educate others while supporting a women's nonprofit!

Gain writing experience

Build your published portfolio, make your voice heard, contribute to a social justice cause.

Your Dream  connects, mobilizes, and empowers a passionate community of over 300,000 annual readers!

Your Dream offers educational content on social issues as well as inspired reading for everyday life. It increases recognition for our mission and offers impactful content to keep our activists and donors engaged. It is also a resource for women and girls looking to carve their own paths to empowerment.

We tackle: Lifestyle, Activism, Education, Career, Finance, News, and Stories. 

As a nonprofit, almost all of our blog content is written by generous volunteers like you. 

Check out some articles to get inspired! »  is a movement fiercely dedicated to ensuring every woman and girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential, be free from violence, and live her dreams. We are powered by Soroptimist , a global volunteer organization that provides women and girls with access to the education and training they need to achieve economic empowerment.

What to Expect

As a volunteer writer, your mission is simple: contribute thoughtful, original, kickass content! This is a remote opportunity with flexible hours that you choose (so yes, write on the couch in your jammies, we won't judge).

On average our writers complete 1-3 articles a month. You’ll tackle both assigned topics (which may require some light research) and free choice topics (pending editorial approval).

Here are some examples (but new ideas are always encouraged!)

What can I write about?

Are there writing guidelines.

What's the process?

What do I need to succeed?

Cool! How do I get started?

Follow the application process below!

Start your application

Please complete our sign up form to tell us a little bit about yourself, your passions, and how you want to help.

STEP 1. Download the writing exercise and complete a sample article.

STEP 2. When your article is ready, submit it through the blog submission link below.

Karen Rauppius

[email protected]

Articles should be:

They should also:

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7 Literary Orgs Where You Can Volunteer If You Love To Read & Write

writing volunteer opportunities near me

Being a reader and being a good citizen often hand-in-hand. If you're a reader looking to make an impact, you're in luck because there are so many great literary organizations that need volunteers just like you! By working together, book-lovers can use reading and writing to improve our communities and touch the lives of others.

There is so much important work that can be done by volunteering at a literary organization. Many of these organizations are only possible because of the work done by volunteers, and any task you do is immensely helpful. (And usually fun!) You can read with students, and help encourage blooming young writers. You can pitch in at events, or help organize resources. With your unique skills and preferences, you have something special you can bring to the table, and the world will be better for it.

No matter where you are, there's an organization nearby that can use your help. And if it's hard to leave your house, you're isolated, or you're constantly on-the-move, you'll see that many of these organizations are also looking for work that can be done remotely, such as video editing or help with their website.

It's time to dive in and make the world a better place. Volunteer with one of these amazing literary organizations, and you're certain to make a huge difference.

826 National

writing volunteer opportunities near me

No matter where you're living, it's likely that there's a chapter of 826 National near you. This organization is "dedicated to supporting under-resourced students ages six to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills and to helping teachers inspire their students to write." There are thousands of ways to volunteer, from leading workshops to working in one of their creative fundraising store fronts, such as the Super Hero Supply Store in New York or the Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco.

Lambda Literary

writing volunteer opportunities near me

Lambda Literary is a fantastic organization dedicated to promoting and supporting LGBTQ+ literature. Though they have offices in LA and New York, Lambda is also currently looking for volunteers on specific projects that can be done from anywhere.

National Novel Writing Month

writing volunteer opportunities near me

This nonprofit organization spearheads the efforts of millions of writers to write an entire novel in 30 days during the month of November. They also encourage creativity and provide resources through The Young Writers Program , Camp NaNoWriMo , and the Come Write In programs. If you live in the San Francisco area, you can volunteer in-person. But no matter where you are, you can also become a NaNoWriMo ambassador and help them with their efforts online.

Reach Out and Read

writing volunteer opportunities near me

Reach Out and Read is a national organization that pairs up with pediatric centers to encourage literacy in children. With locations in every state, you can volunteer to read to kids in waiting rooms and hospitals.

VIDA Women in Literary Arts

writing volunteer opportunities near me

VIDA's mission is "to increase critical attention to contemporary women’s writing as well as further transparency around gender equality issues in contemporary literary culture." You can volunteer remotely and provide support to this fantastic cause.

Reading Partners

writing volunteer opportunities near me

Reading Partners pairs volunteers with struggling students to read with them and help them learn to read. They have locations all over the country, and you can make a huge difference in a child's life.

Your Local Library

writing volunteer opportunities near me

No matter where you are, your library could use you! From shelving books to assisting with events, there's always plenty to do. Your library as an integral part of your entire community, so this is a great way to give back.

writing volunteer opportunities near me

American Red Cross Home

Based on Zip Code Change

Volunteer Opportunities

Urgent Need for Volunteers!

The Red Cross welcomes volunteers in all of our service areas. However, at this time, there are a few roles that need to be filled most urgently. If you are open to exploring those opportunities, please click the button below. 

Learn About Volunteer Opportunities

The vital work of the American Red Cross is made possible by people like you who contribute their unique backgrounds, talents and skill levels. Our needs change based on current events, adding flexibility to get you involved in an area that inspires you!

Explore typical opportunities on this page, or take a short quiz to discover the type of role that's right for you:

Your Local Red Cross Needs You

We have volunteer opportunities to match a wide range of interests and time commitment. Contact your local chapter to find out more about what is available in your area.

Contact your local chapter

Take a Leadership Role

Board Members

Serve on local boards and help with fundraising and marketing programs. Be the face of the Red Cross in your community and ensure we are serving your community well.

Volunteer Services

Assist with volunteer recruitment, placement, record keeping and recognition.

Community Volunteer Leader

Community Volunteer Leaders (CVL) act as a “face of the Red Cross” to the community and focus upon recruiting volunteers and managing key local relationships. 

Support the Red Cross Blood Team

Blood Donor Recruiter

Work with individuals, groups and companies to recruit blood donors and promote blood drives.

Blood Drive Volunteer

Greet and register blood donors.

Pick up donated blood units from a blood drive and deliver to the laboratory to be thoroughly tested and then sent to the hospital. 

Help During a Crisis

Disaster Services

Provide food, shelter, comfort and home for families affected by major disasters such as fire, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Disaster Action Team

Respond to single-family fires with a disaster action team supervisor. 

Educate Others

 Disaster Preparedness Presenter

Educate individuals and groups on how to be prepared before a disaster occurs.

Health and Safety Instructor

Teach community classes such as CPR, First Aid and water safety to children and adults.

Babysitting Course Instructor

Become certified and teach American Red Cross Babysitting courses to teenagers.

IHL Instructor

Conduct classes on International Humanitarian Law.

Support Our Armed Forces

Hospital Volunteer

Lend a hand to patients at Veterans Administration and military hospitals.

Armed Forces Caseworker

Ensure delivery of emergency communications for members of the military and their families. 

Assist with Fundraising Efforts

Special Events

Support fundraising and special events.

Thank a Donor

Make calls to thank Red Cross financial donors. 

Offer Health Care

First Aid Team

First Aid and CPR volunteers staff special events throughout the year.

Use Your Communication Skills

Grant Researching/Writing

Assist the fundraising team as they research, write and execute grants.

Provide presentations about Red Cross programs in the community.

Public Affairs

During disasters, tell the Red Cross story to your community.

Provide Office and Warehouse Support

Assist with administrative tasks.

Staff Support

Help with routine maintenance duties such as stocking supplies and checking inventory at shelters. 

Engage in Our Efforts Internationally

International Tracing Services

Assist in the international search for persons living overseas, in war-torn countries or thought to be living in your community.

Language Bank

Utilize your language skills to translate.

Disaster Volunteers »

Provide comfort and care when your neighbors experience a crisis.

Online Advocacy »

Engage your friends and followers on the topics that matter to you: like your support of the Red Cross.

Opportunities for Nurses and Nursing Students

Nurses have been vital to the work of the American Red Cross since 1888. Today, more than 15,000 of your fellow nurses are involved in providing disaster services, teaching and developing courses, managing blood drives and other leadership roles throughout our organization.

The Red Cross Nursing Network

National Nursing Awards

Student Nurse Volunteers

Jane Delano Scholarship

Opportunities for Young People

25% of Red Cross volunteers are age 24 or younger. Being young is no barrier to being able to help people in need, in your community and around the world!

School Clubs

Create, plan and participate in service projects to help your school, your community and make an impact around the globe.

Find a Red Cross Club Near You

Start an Elementary, Middle or High School club

Start a College Club

National Youth Council

Represent the 100,000 young Red Cross volunteers, advocate for youth involvement and advise Red Cross senior leadership on policies relating to young people.

Learn More About the National Youth Council

Sign Up for Youth Wire Newsletter


Gain hands-on experience in working for a non-profit! Exceptional undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply for summer internships at Red Cross headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Learn About Internship Opportunities

Club Red Networking

Network with other socially-conscious professionals while planning social fundraising events and participating in community service projects. The groups also offer leadership development and mentoring opportunities.

Contact Your Local Chapter

Opportunities for Groups, Clubs and Businesses

Mobilize members and employees to demonstrate their commitment to making a difference through a range of activities that build community resiliency and save lives.

Contact your local chapter  to find specific opportunities in your area.

View Typical Opportunities

Disaster response.

Receive training in Red Cross Disaster Services, including community disaster education, mass care and sheltering. Interested in formal training? Consider Ready When the Time Comes (RWTC), a corporate volunteer program that taps the human resources of corporate America, mobilizing them as a community-based volunteer force when disaster strikes.

Groups can also lend their facilities in times of disaster. Your local  Red Cross chapter  can tell you whether any of these opportunities are available in your area.

Preparedness, Health & Safety

Help the Red Cross deliver emergency and first aid safety information directly to area communities and families by providing local disaster education or by teaching CPR and First Aid.

Service to the Armed Forces

Work with members of the military, veterans and families in military and VA health care facilities providing recreational and therapeutic services and supporting special events.

Educate Your Group

Ask  your local Red Cross chapter  about educational forums or speakers bureau opportunities for your organization or business to learn more about local Red Cross history, services and programs.

Biomedical Services

Host blood drives , recruit blood donors, and greet and register blood donors onsite.

International Services

Educate others as an instructor on  International Humanitarian Law . Groups can also help support the  Measles & Rubella Initiative .

Volunteer Internationally

Help us spread hope around the world.  Find out more.

Restoring Family Links

The Red Cross works to reconnect families who have been separated by war or disaster. Your local Red Cross chapter may have opportunities for you to help overseas disaster victims find family members in your community.

Learn More About Restoring Family Links

International Humanitarian Law

Humanitarian principles are at the core of the Red Cross mission, and continuing this work requires inspiring and engaging the next generation. We offer engaging and challenging resources for students, teachers and law and policy professionals.

Learn About Humanity in War

International Disaster Response

Although many international disasters are managed and staffed by people living in the affected communities, volunteers with exceptional technical skills, Red Cross knowledge and disaster relief experience can apply to become part of our international disaster response roster.

Learn More and Apply

Support all the urgent humanitarian needs of the American Red Cross.


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