Career Objective Or Resume Objective Samples

Career objective or resume objective acts as the pitch of your resume.

It mentions the goal and objective of your career.

Even though it is not a strict requirement to include a resume objective in your resume, a well-written objective can help you catch the attention of the recruiter.

But, before you build that powerful resume and start applying, make sure you know ways to find a great place to work.

Now, let us have a look at general career objectives .

General career objective examples

Take help from these examples to write a strong resume objective:

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Below are career objective samples for 20 different industries .

1. Marketing career objective examples 2. Finance career objective examples 3. Accounting career objective examples 4. Sales career objective examples 5. IT career objective examples 6. Education/Teacher career objective examples 7. Management career objective examples 8. Recruitment/HR career objective examples 9. Banking career objective examples 10. Architecture/Interior Designing career objective examples 11. Supply Chain/Logistics career objective examples 12. Travel/Hotel career objective examples 13. Media/Journalist career objective examples 14. BPO/ITES career objective examples 15. Medical/Healthcare/Hospital career objective examples 16. FMCG career objective examples 17. Engineering career objective examples 18. Legal career objective examples 19. Textile/Garment professional career objective examples 20. Real estate career objective examples

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1. Marketing career objective examples

Highly motivated individual and a certified digital marketer with strong SEO and SEM skills, attention to detail, and a solid online marketing background looking to obtain a position of SEO Specialist with XYZ company.
A resourceful individual with a proven track record in implementing successful marketing strategies, boosting organic traffic, and improving search rankings seeks a position of Marketing Associate at ABC company to maximize brand awareness and revenue through integrated marketing communications.
An MBA with specialization in online marketing, working knowledge of Google Analytics and Adwords, and 4 years experience in developing and managing marketing campaigns seek the role of Online Marketing Manager with ABC Inc. to provide thought leadership and implement best practices for digital marketing.
Seeking the role of Social Media Marketing Manager at XYZ Inc. to utilize my 6 years of social media, content development, and project management experience in identifying trends, engaging users and increasing brand awareness through unique and innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.
A highly creative thinker, grammar Nazi, and social media enthusiast seek the position of Social Media & Content Marketing Analyst to transform technical and digital information and processes into influencial stories.
Result focused individual with a strong understanding of traditional and digital marketing desires to work as a Marketing Associate with XXX Inc. to effectively handle offline and online marketing activities.

2. Finance career objective examples

Ambitious and self-motivated individual with 4 years of professional experience, excellent knowledge of financial modeling and reporting, and working knowledge of Tally and SAP seek a position of Finance and Accounts Manager at ABC Ltd. Hold an MBA in Finance from CBA University.
Seeking a position of Junior Financial Analyst to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment, where 5 years of experience, solid analytical and quantitative skills, accompanied with a strong passion for the finance industry can be put to use to enable accurate financial decision-making.
Seeking a rewarding Entry Level Financial Analyst position with ABC company to utilize learnings in financial reporting, forecasting, and planning and knowledge of accounting software.
A recent finance graduate looking for a position of Accounting and Financial Analyst to maximize learnings and experience with valuable accounting tools and systems to derive an accurate analysis of data from multiple sources.
Desirous of making a career in Financial Management at XYZ Finance Management Company to gain experience in multiple financial functions. Possess industry-recognized certifications.

3. Accounting career objective examples

Detail-oriented accountant seeks a similar position at ABC Company to further enhance my knowledge of tax and accounting software, computation, problem-solving, and analytical skills.
Seeking a position of accountant in your organization to utilize my educational qualification, bookkeeping, and analytical skills for mutual growth and success.

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4. Sales career objective examples

Sales professional with 4+ years experience in lead generation and lead qualification, proven customer service, and communication skills to effectively fill the Sales Associate role in your company.
Seeking the position of Regional Sales Manager where 5 years of sales experience can be put to use to identify sales opportunities through sales activation, people management, relationship development, and networking to improve sales bottom line and increase company revenue.
With 7 years of experience in sales and customer relationship management in national and international markets, I am desirous of utilizing best sales practices for ABC company with the role of Sales Manager.
Collaborative and result-oriented individual with an ability to generate high-quality leads and convert them into sales desires to work at MNC Inc. as a Business Development and Sales Executive.
Desirous of the position of Senior Sales Manager at ABC Ltd. where skills and expertise can be utilized to increase profitability and annual sales volume. Possess professional sales certifications, sales qualities, and superior communication skills.
Seeking the role of Sales Manager at XXX Inc. where five years of sales experience, team leadership, customer management, negotiation, and communication skills will be useful in developing effective client relationships and sales planning to drive revenue.

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5. IT career objective examples

Looking for a challenging role in a reputable organization to utilize my technical, database, and management skills for the growth of the organization as well as to enhance my knowledge about new and emerging trends in the IT sector.
Desirous of an IT Service Management role in a challenging workplace that welcomes innovative ideas and offers growth opportunities and positive environment for accomplishing projects. Hold B.Tech in Computer Science from XYZ University.
IT Technology Manager with several years of experience and a strong grasp of Cloud Computing SaaS, PaaS, IaaS fundamentals and experience in designing and implementing solutions is looking for a similar role and position in a progressive organization.
An excellent academic record, ability to understand and test software, working knowledge of Azure, and a strong understanding of core internet technologies. I seek to work as a System Engineer to further my knowledge in the IT domain and utilize my skills.
Seeking a position of IT Manager to put 5 years of learnings into use to help the business meet strategic and operational goals by identifying opportunities to deploy new technology. Possess expertise in networking and hardware, superior technical aptitude, and proven ability to manage complex tasks.

6. Education/Teacher career objective examples

To further the cause of education by implementing successful teaching practices learned over the past 5 years of working as a pre-school teacher with students of different backgrounds and cultures.
Seeking the position of Elementary English Teacher in a progressive institution to apply my strong knowledge of the subject and help students attain their highest potential.
Highly energetic and committed professional teacher with strong academic background and practical experience in modern and innovative teaching techniques seeks to provide top quality knowledge to students.
An organized professional teacher with strong subject knowledge, classroom management skills, and practical experience seeks to provide high-level teaching lessons to students.
A highly passionate and motivated Math teacher with seven years of teaching experience in prestigious private schools seeks a permanent teaching position at ABC School.

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7. Management career objective examples

With a Management degree from AB University and an internship experience at a renowned MNC, I have developed solid leadership and management skills; Seeking a management position to bring forth innovative ideas, analytical approach along with superior product knowledge and organizational abilities.
Result-oriented, intelligent, organized, and motivated individual is seeking an available management position with ABC company in an effort to utilize years of experience to fulfill the company's strategic requirements.
Seeking a Managerial position with ABC company; a highly motivated and organized individual who will use 6+ years of management experience and skilled leadership to maintain productivity and quality of service.

8. Recruitment/HR career objective examples

Human Resource Management Professional seeks an opportunity where experience in staffing, employee relations, project management, and superior communication skills will enhance overall strategic plan and direction of an organization.
Desire an HR coordinator position to put my experience and knowledge of negotiation, HR policy-making, and conflict resolution in use at ABC company.
A recent graduate in Human Resource Management, looking for an Entry Level Human Resource Administration position with XYZ Company to utilize high-level communication skills, leadership abilities, clerical skills, and knowledge of the domain.
Secure a responsible position in the HR department, sharing my 4 years of experience in end-to-end recruitment and sourcing, performance management and employee engagement framework, along with interpersonal skills and an ability to work across multiple stakeholders to further the growth of the company.

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9. Banking career objective examples

Energetic individual looking to showcase excellent presentation skills and transform theoretical knowledge of banking principles into practical applications of current and saving Account Opening, Wealth Management, and Forex Transactions.
8 years of experience in the banking sector. Seeking a Relationship Manager position with a reputed bank to showcase my excellent interpersonal and communication skills for making new clients, maintaining relations with existing clients, and increasing business revenue.
An enthusiastic individual seeking a mid-level position in a banking firm where I can use my negotiation and communication skills to achieve sales target. An MBA in Finance from Xyz University.

10. Architecture/Interior Designing career objective examples

Creative Interior Designer with 6 years of experience in Space Planning and Project Management is looking for a respectable position with a Real Estate firm. Hold expertise in AutoCAD for creating aesthetic quality residential and commercial designs within clients’ budget.
Innovative and result-driven creative Designer with remarkable experience in designing AutoCAD floor plans, elevations, and ceiling plans is looking for similar roles and responsibilities in a challenging environment of the hospitality industry.
Registered and professional architect with over 10 years of experience of managing design and administrative elements. Skilled at crafting high-quality scaled drawings and hold proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, and SketchUp. A good team player with an ability to multitask.
Seeking a position of Junior Architect to assist clients with the preparation and submission of construction and zoning documents. Possess hands-on experience in developing electronic drawing documents for large-scale residential and commercial projects.

11. Supply Chain/Logistics career objective examples

A dedicated Supply Chain Analyst with extensive experience of 8 years in purchasing quality raw materials and making timely transportation arrangements. Strong emphasis on factors like Freight Optimization, Trade Compliance, and Cost Avoidance. Looking for a similar job role in an MNC.
Deadline-driven Warehouse Manager with 5 years of experience. Proven track record in maintaining ideal inventory levels and managing capital and expense budget at different distribution warehouses. Looking for a similar job role in a reputed logistic company.
Professional Logistics Coordinator with proven expertise in Data Management, Contract Negotiation, and ensuring a smooth shipper and carrier communication. Looking to obtain Managerial position with ABC company.

12. Travel/Hotel career objective examples

Highly energetic Travel Consultant with 4 years of professional experience in the tour and travel industry. Seeking a role where preparing travel itineraries, making domestic air arrangements for groups and individuals, and resolving customers’ complaints are major job responsibilities.
A highly self-motivated Floor Supervisor experienced at recruitment and training activities of over 10-floor team members. Promoted to Assistant floor manager position within a year. Seeking a more challenging role in a rewarding environment.
Dedicated hotel General Manager with over 15 years of experience in managing housekeeping, front desk, and food service departments. Have managed over 50 employees at a reputed hotel. Committed at providing an international standard of hospitality services.

13. Media/Journalist career objective examples

Looking for a News Reporter position with a reputed media house where gathering and reporting information on several matters within strict deadlines are primary job responsibilities. Dedicated and energetic professional with 3 years of experience, open to working in a 24/7 environment.
A self-motivated copy editor with 8 years of experience in handling marketing materials, including website, brochures, press releases, magazine, etc. Areas of expertise include writing and proof-reading materials before final submission to the printing house.
A Mass Communication graduate with 2 years of full-time experience working as a journalist for a local daily newspaper and covering spontaneous and anticipated news for online and print media. Looking for a challenging role in a growth-conducive environment where hard work receives rewards and recognition.

14. BPO/ITES career objective examples

Project Manager with 6 years of experience in handling multiple projects in the BFSI domain right from quality training to operations division. Possess a knack of applying analytical and problem-solving skills to meet clients’ varied demands within strict deadlines. Ensures timely completion of identified goals.
Highly responsible Training Manager focused on developing and conducting unique training sessions for a better understanding of telecom company’s products and processes. Handled team of 25 trainers and conducted various leadership and motivational training materials for organizing company-wide training workshops.
An accomplished Team Leader with 3 years of experience in designing and managing Customer Service strategies & ensuring timely resolution of customers’ queries. Helped call centers in retaining the existing customers & increasing revenues by X% with a remarkable FCR (First Call Resolution) ratio.

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15. Medical/Healthcare/Hospital career objective examples

Licensed Physical Therapist practitioner with expertise in treating children and adults for mitigating physical disabilities, injuries, and illnesses is looking for a rewarding and challenging environment in offices, hospitals, and nursing homes to work for the betterment of overall human well-being.
Looking for a rewarding role as a Registered Nurse in hospital, nursing homes, or similar settings to provide quality healthcare services to patients and educate them about various health conditions. A dedicated team player, willing to work in both night and morning shifts.
An Orthopedic surgeon who holds expertise in treating musculoskeletal diseases, deformities, and injuries in patients with both surgical and non-surgical methods. Hands-on experience with the latest technology, a strong background of working in reputed India based hospitals and clinical settings from last 10 years looking for a similar position in the hospital of international repute.
An experienced and focused Pharmacist Assistant with relevant experience in delivering pharmaceutical support, counsel, and services to varied patients. Excellent data entry skills and stock management skills. Willing to work in same capacities in a reputed clinical setting.

16. FMCG career objective examples

An MBA graduate with specialization in Marketing. Seeking the role of Area Sales Manager where I can use 5 years of sales experience to identify new markets, provide sales support to a wide network of manufacturers and employees, and launch various sales campaigns.
Proactive Collection Manager with 6 years of experience in managing day-to-day operations of collection activities, spearheading collection policies, activities, and procedures. Seeking similar job role in FMCG sector in PAN India location.
Highly capable and value-driven professional, desirous for the position of Senior Product Manager. Over 10 years of experience in developing marketing plans for products and executing improvisation plans.
A passionate Administrative Professional with 3 years of proven experience in managing and supervising administrative activities. Seeking the role of Administrative Manager to exhibit my communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills in the best interest of the organization.

17. Engineering career objective examples

BSc in Mechanical Engineering from XYZ University with 2 years of professional experience at ABC company. Willing to find a relevant opportunity at a reputed automobile startup. Possess excellent research and data assimilation skills.
Detail-oriented Civil Engineer with 5+ years of experience in managing different phases of engineering operations, looking for a managerial position at ABC Company. Capable of handling multiple projects at a time with minimum supervision. Motivated to offer the highest quality of services with a complete focus on safety, environmental, and health issues.
Desirous of the position of Senior Executive Support IT Engineer to provide base level support for handling word processing, hardware, printing, software installation, email, and operating system related issues within strict deadlines.

18. Legal career objective examples

An accomplished lawyer with proven expertise in legal drafting, arbitration, company affairs, and labor laws. Desirous of a top-level position in a reputed law firm to assist clients with the professional skills gained in the past 8 years.
2 years of working experience as a Junior Advocate in District and Session Court (home development, land development, commercial property development projects). Seeking a more challenging role in a similar environment.
Focused, confident, and committed Associate Lawyer. Interested in associating with major law firm committed to helping the aggrieved party (both individual and companies) by making optimum utilization of knowledge and rules of the Indian legal system.

19. Textile/Garment professional career objective examples

Creative fashion designer with an excellent understanding of fashion trends and techniques, manual designs, and CAD. Over 7 years of extensive experience in the fashion and textile business. Seeking a lucrative job role in a reputed fashion house where my designing and technical skills undergo a rigorous transformation.
A Merchandise Manager with 5 years of experience in handling multiple roles from purchasing quality fabrics and distribution to negotiating costs on garment manufacturer’s behalf. Looking for a similar job position with a reputed company where my adept knowledge about selecting quality print embroidery fabric brings praise-worthy results.

20. Real estate career objective examples

An organized and passionate real estate player. Deals in sale and leasing of commercial and residential properties in Delhi-NCR. A significant contribution to the growth of the company in the last 4 years by increasing revenue to 10% year on year basis with recurrent sales and leasing properties to corporate giants.
Working with a reputed real estate firm and looking after customer base of over 100 clients. Preparing important sales and clients’ related reports on a daily and monthly basis for senior management and playing an active role in developing customer retention strategy. Looking for a similar role with enhanced responsibilities with a reputed firm.

So, enhance your resume by adding a career objective to it.

You may also have a look at some useful resume keywords to grab the attention of the recruiters.

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Resume Objective Examples That Get You Hired

Lisa Tynan

A resume objective can quickly get you noticed—if it's done well. Here's the formula and some good examples for creating yours.

You're searching for a new (or perhaps your first) job, and you know your objective. However, do you know how to communicate it effectively on your resume?

While not required, a resume objective (also called a career objective, job objective, or employment objective) is a great way to let a recruiter or hiring manager quickly see a snapshot of your skills and experience, which can help you stand out from other candidates during the initial resume scan.

It also adds in additional key search terms that help automated resume screening programs to find you and flag you as a good potential hire.

In this blog we'll cover:

The basic components of a good resume objective statement

Important tips to remember when crafting your objective statement, sample resume objectives for a new job-seeker, resume objective examples for those looking for a career change.

Resume career objective examples for specific positions. Specifically:

Accounting/Finance Roles

Banking positions, computer industry positions, customer service jobs, engineering roles, human resources positions, internships, marketing/sales positions, medical roles, office/administrative roles, project management positions, real estate jobs, service industry jobs, teaching positions, writing/editing roles.

A good resume objective shares three kinds of information.

The first is who you are, which is generally a statement of your current job title as well as any skills, education, or certifications relevant to the job you're after.

 Second is a statement of what you will bring that's of value to that company such as your years of experience or particular training.

 The third part is a statement of how you will help the company to reach its goals through your specific talents.

This isn't a hard and fast structure but knowing these components can help put an effective career objective on a resume. This is the structure you'll see in many of the upcoming resume objective examples.

Tailor your objective to the specific job/career/industry you're applying for. This means that you should create a separate, customized resume for each application.

State how you'll help the company, not just how qualified you are.

Use specific facts/numbers/details whenever possible, without bragging or generalizing.

Keep it simple. Don't use flowery or expansive words as they can sometimes make you appear arrogant. Make it as easy as possible for a recruiter to quickly see you as a qualified candidate.

Reviewing the job description will provide the information to make your resume objective specific to the job and company.

With all this in mind, here are some good examples to help you create a great career objective of your own. If your job isn't listed, don't panic. While these examples don't cover every job out there, they should help you build a strong, targeted objective for your specific needs.

You might not have a ton of experience, but creating a good resume objective will absolutely help differentiate you from other applicants in a recruiter's eyes.

The trick here is to emphasize your strongest personal skills and characteristics as well as any educational successes since you can't provide specific work experience or accomplishments.

Here are two examples:

“Organized, fast-learning, and hard-working employee looking to join [company name] as accounts payable clerk. Looking to take advantage of my skills in Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks to help [company name] with their accounting objectives.”

“Recent graduate with a B.A. in Accounting looking to start their career in Finance at [company name]. Experienced in creating annual reports and analyzing financial statements for several university activities. Seeking to combine my theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience to help [company name] continue their strong market presence.”

Your goal here is to clearly show how your skills and experience from your previous career can be effective in your next job. Do this by mentioning your talents and knowledge that are relevant to the new job and stating how your previous career background will help you succeed/excel in the role.

“Customer service associate with over four years of experience in accounting technical support looking to leverage Excel skills and Great Plains knowledge as a Staff Accountant with [company name]. Proven customer satisfaction record solving complicated technical and accounting issues while in a remote role.”

Resume career objective examples for specific positions

“Experienced individual with solid analytical and quantitative skills and 5 years of experience seeks the job of Financial Analyst with [company name] where I can utilize outstanding knowledge of financial analysis and modeling to provide accurate and sound financial decision-making at all levels.”

“Detail-oriented graduate with AS Degree, problem-solving abilities, and analytical skills seeking the role of Accounting Associate with [company name] where I can effectively apply my exceptional knowledge of tax and accounting software for accurate budgeting and forecasting.”

“Current CPA looking to fill the role of Finance and Accounts Manager at [company name]. As well as being disciplined and self-motivated, I have extensive experience with financial reporting/modeling along with a proven knowledge of various accounting software models, all of which contribute to effective financial operations.”

“Experienced junior financial analyst seeking role of Senior Financial Specialist with [company name]. Skills include knowing how to make targeted and time-sensitive financial decisions by merging solid analytical, accounting, and quantitative skills with a strong passion for the finance industry.”

“Highly talented Head Teller with 8 years of experience in the banking sector seeking a position as a Relationship Manager with [bank name] to increase revenue by combining my banking background with my excellent interpersonal and communication skills to bring in new clients, maintain relationships with existing clients, and develop effective media campaigns.”

“Seasoned banking professional seeking a Bank Manager position with [name of bank or financial services provider] using my business and banking experience along with strong communication skills to provide effective problem-solving, customer service, and employee retention as well as interacting with bank customers in a positive, beneficial manner.”

“Self-motivated, reliable, number-loving individual looking for a position as a Bank Teller with [bank name] to apply exceptional math and customer service skills for customers. Key traits include trustworthiness, efficiency, and willingness to learn new tasks.”

“Highly motivated individual with 7 years of solid computer engineering experience and proven leadership skills seeking the position of SharePoint Administrator at [company name] where I hope to utilize demonstrated SharePoint expertise, knowledge of SharePoint solutions architecture, and advanced knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server to ensure exceptional technical performance.”

“Experienced IT professional with BA in Computer Science and proven technical, management, and communication skills seeking the position of Network Engineer at [company name] to utilize proven experience in systems management and configuration to benefit both internal staff and external customers.”

“Talented information technology specialist in search of a Senior IT Manager position at [company name] where my technical and team management skills can help improve existing processes for handling IT requests and efficiently accomplishing various technical projects.”

“Technical and database professional seeks the role of SQL Programmer within [company name] where I will utilize my excellent programming and organizational skills to enhance company market presence while also gaining a deeper understanding and utilization of the newest IT trends.”

“Smart and creative Customer Service Representative desires similar position with [company name]. I bring strong communication abilities, proven organizational skills, and a supportive, patient personality to help the company retain and grow its customer base in both existing and new markets.”

“Experienced customer service professional seeking a position at [company name] as a Customer Support Analyst where I can apply my excellent communication and organizational skills to provide customers with effective and efficient support which ensures ongoing retention.”

“Credentialed and experienced sales administrator seeks the post of a Contact Center Agent at [company name] where I can provide exceptional verbal, listening, and analytical abilities to ensure clients reach their desired objectives by correctly using [company name's] products.”

“Diligent Customer Service Agent with 5+ years of experience at a high-volume call center seeks a career move to a similar role at a company such as [company name]. I desire a fast-paced work environment and the top-rated customer service you provide where my organization and support skills can help meet current and future customer demand.”

“Graduate of [school name] with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and two years of work experience at ABC Company seeks a Mechanical Engineer role with [company name], a renowned automobile manufacturer. Possess excellent skills in research, data analysis, and time management. Hold patents for several innovative mechanical devices.”

“Experienced individual with 7+ years of experience managing engineer operations seeks a Civil Engineer role at [company name]. Proven ability to handle simultaneous projects with minimal supervision and bring a committed focus on health, safety, and the environment to the position.”

“Human Resource Management Professional looking for the opportunity to augment the overall strategic plan and market direction of [company name] as VP of Human Resources . Over nine years of experience in managing staff, handling employee relations, and coordinating project management. Strong skills in HRIS.”

“Established, successful HR recruiter seeks a Human Resources Coordinator position with [company name] where I can utilize my experience and in-depth knowledge of hiring processes, negotiation, conflict resolution, and policy development such as payroll and benefits.”

“Experienced and approachable Human Resources Coordinator with four years of experience seeks position as Human Resources Manager with [company name] where I can utilize my industry knowledge and HR experience to implement employee-satisfaction policies and improvements, develop hiring protocols, and create an environment where employees feel valued and satisfied.”

“Results-driven graduate with a degree in psychology (GPA: 3.8) and a minor in business operations looking for a role as a Junior HR Recruitment Agent at [company name]. Prior experience in interviewing and providing feedback as part of college projects in business classes. I will bring well-honed soft skills and strong knowledge of workplace psychology to assist overall HR operations while fine-tuning my skills in the recruitment processes.”

“Hard-working student (3.5/4.0 GPA) majoring in [specific area] seeks the Intern role with [company name]. Abilities include proven leadership and organizational skills and strong attention to detail. Dedicated team player who can be relied upon to help [company name] achieve its goals as I learn more about your market space.”

“Energetic, talented college student at [school name] working toward a Marketing Degree seeks to fill the Marketing Intern role at [company name]. General experience and knowledge of PR, advertising, consumer research, and product development strategies to help build customer base in emerging markets.”

“Accomplished corporate attorney with 8 years of direct experience seeking a top-level Lawyer role at [name of legal firm] bringing skills including legal drafting, arbitration, corporate affairs, and labor laws to assist clients both inside and outside of the courtroom.”

“Current public legal advocate seeks position as Senior Legal Researcher for [name of court district/city/legal firm]. I have two years of experience working in district and session courts in the areas of home development, land development, and commercial property development that will allow me to take on more challenging research projects to meet client needs in these areas.”

“Technically-oriented graduate with a B.A. in Internet Marketing seeking a Junior SEO Specialist position at [company name]. Working knowledge of SEO, as well as some hands-on experience with Google Analytics. Looking to further develop my online marketing skills as part of the [company name] team.”

“Certified digital marketer with strong content writing skills, SEO experience, and 5 years of proven online marketing abilities seeking the role of Digital Marketer with [company name] to help expand customer base into new markets.”

“Enthusiastic marketer skilled in copywriting and graphic design looking for a Social Media Marketing position at [company name]. Personally started and grew an Instagram page to 5,000+ followers and a Facebook page to 8,000+ likes. I believe my skills will help [company name's] clients improve sales via social media marketing through a strong online presence.”

“Licensed, experienced physical therapist seeking similar role at [hospital or clinic name]. With 6+ years of experience in treating children and adults with physical disabilities, injuries, and illnesses, I can contribute to the healing of each person's physical challenges and/or learning to navigate them successfully.”

“Registered Nurse seeking a new career as a Neonatal Nurse specialist at [hospital name]. Ten years of general nursing combined with a certification in neonatal nursing will allow me to provide outstanding care for both infants and their families, educating them about different health conditions and how to handle them. Working nights and weekends is not a problem.”

“Experienced home health aide seeks to obtain a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at [name of home health agency] applying my course knowledge and proven health-care skills to support and care for home-bound patients with various health needs.”

“Licensed Pharmacy Technician with 8 years of experience in search of similar position at [pharmacy or hospital name], assisting patients by successfully applying extensive experience and knowledge of pharmacy operations, technology, and drug distribution.”

“Former nurse seeking a part-time job as a receptionist at [company name]. Experience in working directly with people in nursing and for the last five years as an Avon representative. Organized with strong computer skills and professional presence.”

“Business-savvy office employee looking to work at [company name] as an Administrative Assistant. Experience as an Executive Assistant (1 year) and as a Department Secretary (3 years). Supported several key projects through strong organizational skills, timeliness, and solid computer abilities.”

“Experienced office manager seeking customer service leadership role to help [company name] provide outstanding customer satisfaction. Experienced in managing teams of 15+ at [current or former company names], handling various responsibilities from hiring new staff to managing data-input groups.”

“Freelance VA (virtual assistant) looking to transition to an on-site role as an Executive Assistant. Worked with 10+ online businesses, helping with everything from creating training documents to customer service and management support. Excellent organizational abilities and strong attention to detail. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Photoshop. Intermediate copywriting skills.”

“Experienced MBA graduate with outstanding time and project management skills and 10+ years of experience seeks the position as Director of Operations with [company name]. I believe I can ensure the company's ongoing success through my exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills and the ability to lead large multi-departmental operations.”

“Dynamic individual with exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills looking to fill the role of Manager of Clinical Operations at [company name]. I bring experience and expertise in overseeing clinical operations and managing technical and professional staff as well 8+ years of clinical research and supervisory experience in the medical field.”

“Deadline-focused professional with proven experience in project administration searching for a Project Management Position where I can utilize my knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership, problem-solving, team management, and oral and written communication to help [company name] exceed the bottom line.”

“ Real estate broker with a passion for organization and excellence seeks a similar role with [company name], utilizing my experience with sales and lease of commercial and residential properties in [location]. Recurrent sales and leasing of properties to large corporations in the last 5 years allowed me to increase revenue to 12% on a year-over-year basis, significantly contributing to the growth of the company.”

“Successful sales person seeks high-level position as Real Estate Broker at [company name]. Recent experience handling a customer base of over 150 clients at another reputable real estate firm [or name the company]. Skill set includes creating daily and monthly sales reports and assisting the implementation of customer retention strategies for senior management.”

“Excellent communicator and multi-tasker with experience in massage and esthetic services, interested in the position of Front Desk Wellness Sales with [company name]. I bring various strengths including phone, bookkeeping, and customer service skills that will help your font desk run smoothly.”

“Hardworking, organized, and reliable housekeeper looking for a janitorial position at [company name] to clean interior spaces utilizing my knowledge of efficient and safe cleaning practices as well as the use of effective cleaning equipment, environmentally sound cleaning agents, and excellent customer service skills.”

“Entrepreneurial and highly experienced caterer with 7+ years in the Foodservice sector seeking the position of Catering Manager at [company name] bringing proven management experience, culinary expertise, interpersonal skills, and a strong customer service approach to the role.”

“Friendly, upbeat, and detail-oriented individual looking for an entry-level, fast-paced Line Cook position at [restaurant name] where I can utilize my outstanding food preparation skills safely and efficiently.”

“Talented preschool teacher with 3 years of experience seeking the role of Kindergarten Teacher at [school name]. I have excellent skills and connections with special-needs students and collaborated with my superintendent to create and implement effective teaching practices for these children that can be used throughout the district.”

“Experienced elementary school English Teacher looking to fill the role of Reading Specialist at [school name.] This position in a progressive institution like [school name] would allow me to utilize my sound teaching skills and assist students in reaching their full potential by helping them to become strong readers.”

“Passionate, enthusiastic and experienced teaching assistant seeking the position of Para-Educator at [school name] utilizing my interpersonal skills and classroom experience to aid in the development of each student by interacting with them, providing support and resources, and directly supporting the teacher's lessons in the classroom.”

“Articulate recent graduate with B.A. degree in Media and Mass Communication desiring a Content Creator Role at [company name]. Hoping to use my writing skills and my experience in writing articles for local newspapers and online magazines to improve [company name's] blog, expanding current industry presence.”

“Editor with extensive writing and management experience looking to fill the position of Senior Editor with [company name], utilizing my time-management skills to ensure all projects meet deadlines and supervisory experience to effectively manage a team of writers and editors.”

Once again, this is by no means a complete list of resume objective examples, but it should help you understand the formula for creating a specific resume objective for whatever job you're after.

Take the time to do this right. Create a tailored objective for each position you want and you'll be easily found by both recruiters and automated applicant tracking systems searching for the keywords that are right there at the top of your resume.

The result? You'll be starting your new job well ahead of the crowd.

Still not sure about your resume objective or other aspects of your resume? Ensure it's submission-ready with  a free resume review or professional rewrite .

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20+ Resume Objective Examples: Career Statement for All Jobs

20+ Resume Objective Examples: Career Statement for All Jobs

A complete guide to writing a job-winning career objective + resume objective examples for all professions and industries!

Michael Tomaszewski, CPRW

As seen in:

You’ve just finished writing your resume, but something seems off. There’s work experience, education, skills, and contact details… But nothing to connect the dots. How will the recruiter know why you want this job?

Yep, it means it’s time to add a resume objective. A well-written career objective will prove to the recruiter that you’re just the candidate they’ve been waiting for. Even when you’re just starting out. And you came to the right place to learn how to write one.

This guide will show you:

Here’s a sample resume with a career objective. We created it in our builder.

Notice how the career objective statement stands out!

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here .

Create my resume now

sample resume templates

Sample resume made with our builder— See more resume examples here .

Looking for guidance on writing a resume for specific careers? Check out our guides.

And even more Professional Resume Examples .

In the next two sections, we’ll explain when exactly you should use a resume objective and how to write yours step by step. Everything you need to know about how to start a resume with an objective.

1. What Is an Objective on a Resume & When to Use It

Let’s start with the basics:

What Is a Career Objective on a Resume?

A resume objective is a short introduction of you and your career goals. To write a resume objective, mention the job title you want, add 2–3 key skills, and explain what you want to achieve in this job. Write 2–3 sentences. Resume objectives are best for candidates with little work experience.

See these general resume objective examples written for an administrative assistant position :

Sample Resume Objective Statements ( Administrative Assistant Resume )

This candidate refers to skills she learned through internships, volunteering, and college. And she clearly shows how her qualifications will benefit the employer.

This candidate simply said what she wanted out of the job. That won’t be enough to impress recruiters. All other candidates are looking for an admin assistant role.  

Need to write a mission statement in your application? Check here: 30+ Examples of Personal Mission Statements  

When to Use a Resume Objective?

Candidates with little or no professional experience in the industry should use career objectives for a resume. These are:

If you are in one of these groups and need good resume-writing advice, make sure to see one of our dedicated guides:

Got years of experience under your belt? There are a few other types of resume introductions for candidates with a relevant work history in their industries:

Not in the mood to read all that stuff? Have I got good news for you!

Our builder takes the hassle out of writing your resume: with a single click, you can add pre-written career objectives, customized to fit your job title and level of experience. Start building a professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

2. How to Write a Resume Objective

You’re keen on writing your resume objective. The problem is—you have no idea how to start.

Here’s a useful trick: before you write your resume objective, work on the rest of your  resume first.

Then, skim the cream. Pick the most important skills and qualifications you have. They all need to appear in your career objective.

Writing things like “I’m looking for a challenging role where I can expand my skill set,” is a relic of the nineties, according to HR experts . Nowadays, you need to use your objective on a resume to show recruiters how your qualifications can translate into their success .

Here’s how to write an objective for a resume:

Have a look at these resume objective examples:

Example of a Career Objective for a Resume

See? Just follow the formula as this candidate did.

There’s one more thing. You can’t just write one general resume introduction . You need to tailor every resume objective to the job offer. Look for keywords related to qualifications and responsibilities. Then, mention those in your objective.

Here’s a description of a legal assistant job with the most important keywords marked:

description of a legal assistant job

The candidate applying for this job hasn’t worked as a legal assistant yet . But she held a few part-time personal assistant jobs with responsibilities similar to those in the ad. Plus, she completed a legal assistant course with certification.

Here’s her tailored career objective for a resume, with highlighted fragments that match the job description:

Resume Objective Sample: Legal Assistant

See that? For your own career objective on a resume, you need to pick those nuggets from your experience and education that fit your desired job like spandex.

how to write an objective for a resume

See how writing a targeted resume works in practice. Learn more: Targeted Resume: How to Make a Resume Match the Job

3. Examples of Resume Objective Statements

In the following section, you’ll see career objectives for resumes for various professions and industries. But before we move on to that, here are some personal profile samples for common categories of candidates.

Sample Objective for a Resume Without Experience

Sample entry-level resume objective for a college grad, sample career objective for a college student, high school student resume objective example, sample resume objective for a career-changer (different industry), sample career-change resume objective (freelance to full-time).

Now you know the job-winning formula for writing a resume objective. If you need more inspiration, have a look at these job-specific examples of career objective statements below:

Resume Objective Examples for Specific Jobs

Administrative assistant objective statement sample, front-desk receptionist resume objective sample, executive assistant career objective sample, pharmaceutical sales representative resume objective sample, project manager resume objective example, junior marketing assistant resume objective sample, data analyst objective statement example, junior accountant resume objective sample, secretary resume objective example, human resources agent career objective sample, social media marketing manager objective statement example, waitress resume objective example, bartender career statement objective sample, entry-level teacher resume objective example, customer service agent career objective sample, accounts receivable specialist resume objective sample, nurse career objective statement example, babysitter resume objective example, house cleaner resume objective sample, shop assistant resume objective sample.

Once you’re done with writing your resume, there’s one more document you must focus on. Yup, it’s a cover letter.

If writing a cover letter from scratch sounds like a nightmare to you—we’ve got your back. You create an effective cover letter in a few minutes using our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:

matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Key Takeaway

good objective for resume

Here’s what a good objective for a resume should contain:

Do you have any questions about how to write great resume objective statements and start landing more interviews? Leave a comment. I’ll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions about Resume Objective Examples

What is a good objective for a resume.

A good career objective is tailored to the position you’re applying for, starts with a strong trait, names two or three key skills , and explains how your career goals answer the company’s needs in three sentences, tops. Just like this one:

“Hard-working retail associate, skilled in POS tech and inventory management. Seeking to increase sales and customer loyalty as a Sales Associate at Chiller Outfitters. Built volunteer retail experience at Goodwill as cashier and restocker, receiving management commendation for excellent customer communication.”

Where can I find some resume objective examples?

Believe us when we say we have 500+ resume examples with career objective samples for all professions . Are you a yoga teacher , a freelance business owner , or a basketball coach ? We’ve got you covered. You can be a stay-at-home mom , transitioning from military to civilian , or just changing careers and still find what you need.

What to put for a resume objective statement?

Every resume section , including the career objective, needs to mention the keywords you can find in the job ad—but resume keywords aren’t everything. Here’s what a resume objective statement should include, too:

Is a career objective necessary in a resume?

Not really, no, but you can be losing big time if you decide to leave this one out. First, it’s your chance to let the recruiter know you’ve done your research, then to insert more keywords into your resume, and finally, let your achievements shine through from the very top. Wouldn’t you like that?

Michael Tomaszewski, CPRW

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Resume Objective Statements: Examples, How-To, and FAQ

A strong resume objective statement introduces a resume to the hiring manager and aims to “sell” the job seeker by highlighting skills and career goals.

resume objective statement best

A resume objective statement is a short paragraph often included at the top of a resume. Not to be confused with a summary statement , the objective statement is used less often due to its many notable pitfalls. However, at the right place and time, the once-popular objective statement still has its purpose.

What is a Resume Objective Statement?

A resume objective statement introduces a resume to the hiring manager. As the name suggests, it answers the question, “What is the objective of this resume?” It usually states the position for which you are applying and may include your career goals.

Traditionally, a resume objective statement section might look something like this:

Resume Objective: To obtain an entry-level marketing position at a Fortune 500 company.

However, today’s resume objective statement not only states the applicant’s intention but aims to “sell” the hiring manager on the job seeker by highlighting their skills and career goals. It should be short, to-the-point, and customized for each resume .

Make your resume stand out and get noticed

Upload your resume to see what’s missing and get a free match rate.

View full results and optimize your resume

Strong Resume Objective Examples

Below, we’ll share a few examples of career-specific resume objective statements:

Process Integration Engineer

In my seven years as a Process Integration Engineer, I have acquired knowledge on process simulation, optimization and integration, inherently safer design principles, and PFD and P&ID skills. To enhance my knowledge and further my career, I’d like to bring these skills to the Supply Chain Manager position.

Medical Receptionist

As the Front Desk Receptionist at Seattle Chiropractic, I organized years worth of files and streamlined the check-in process. I’m now searching for a Medical Receptionist position where I can use my more than five years of experience to significantly improve productivity, organization, and patient satisfaction. 

Account Manager

Seeking employment in a professional environment where I can diversify and improve upon the skills gained during my ten years as an Account Manager. As the Director of Corporate Sales, I would focus on enhancing the company’s productivity and reputation while improving my own.

Marketing Manager

With my three years of experience as a Marketing Coordinator at Travel Now Agency, I increased conversion rates 150 percent, implemented email marketing campaigns, and boosted traffic 500 percent. As the Marketing Manager at Study Abroad, Inc., I would focus on leading your international team of marketers to increase your reach, impressions, conversion rates, and overall traffic across all your platforms. 

Social Media Manager

As a Social Media Coordinator at Kreative Agency, I helped launch award winning-campaigns, increased engagement on posts 120 percent, and boosted one client’s followers by 50,000 in three months. I’m currently seeking a Social Media Manager position where I can utilize all my skills and lead a team to master new platforms with even better results. 

Brand Manager

Brand Coordinator seeking leadership opportunity as a Brand Manager. With more than five years of experience, I am looking to take on more challenges and lead your team to develop unique brand and innovation strategies across all your channels. 

Public Relations Account Executive

As a Public Relations Assistant Account Executive, I honed my skills while landing clients consistent placements in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Wired. I’m now looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand my skill set, manage clients’ reputations, and develop/implement in-depth brand awareness campaigns. 

Sales Associate

Professional Sales Associate highly skilled in Microsoft Office Suite, SAP (ERP, MRP CRM), and other financial/planning tools. Seeking position at a business with focus on ethics, transparency, and professional development.

Sales Manager

As a Sales Manager at my current role, I ensured the achievement of 105 percent of strategic product goals and 98 percent performance indicators of the sales team. I’m seeking a new experience with more challenges and opportunities for professional growth. 

Sales Representative

Managed and developed territory with growth sales at Seattle Sales Consultants. Constantly applied dynamic and innovative techniques and developed territorial tactical plans. Now seeking an opportunity to work with larger territories and take on more responsibility. 

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager looking for exciting new challenges. My goal at this point in my career is to capitalize upon new opportunities for career development within an organization that values hard work, integrity, and results. I look forward to hearing if I’m a good fit for the Head of Operations position.

Also, check out these top resume summary statement examples.

Is a Resume Objective Necessary?

These days, resume objectives are rarely recommended by career experts and professionals. It can be helpful to include one if you are radically shifting careers or tailoring your resume to the job listing since the objective statement presents a natural opportunity to include exact keywords and job titles. But as a general rule of thumb, if the job description does not explicitly state that an objective statement should be included, it’s unnecessary.

Here are a couple of reasons the traditional resume objective has fallen out of favor in recent years:

Resume objective statements are a little bit selfish

As mentioned above, a resume objective tells the hiring manager what you want professionally, not what you can do for them and their company. It’s great to showcase your career ambition, but companies will typically be more concerned with their own best interests.

Generic resume objectives leave hiring managers with questions

Your intentions and professional goals don’t explain to the hiring manager why you’re the best person for the job. Objective statements lack the broader context of a summary statement, often missing the “here’s what I can do for you” explanation.

Resume Objective vs. Resume Summary Statement

As resume introductory statements go, the resume objective isn’t as valuable as the modern resume summary statement .

One significant difference is that the summary statement highlights hard skills and accomplishments in the active voice rather than passive voice, making the job seeker sound more capable and assertive.

For example, “I achieved 25% sales growth” is active voice, while “25% sales growth was achieved” is passive voice.

Overall, a resume summary statement is more assertive in tone. It uses quantitative results to offer the hiring manager proof about the job seeker’s abilities and what they will continue to achieve if hired.

Here are a few examples of traditional objective statements compared to resume summary statements :

How to Write an Objective for a Resume

If a resume objective statement is suitable for your job search, these three tips can help you avoid common mistakes:

If neither type of introductory statement feels right, you don’t need to include one to build a strong resume . If you do have one, remember that while a resume objective statement can be useful for job seekers changing careers or switching industries, in most cases, a resume summary statement will be the best fit.

Resume Objective Statement FAQs

What is the definition of an objective statement.

An objective statement acts like an introduction to the resume. It tells a hiring manager exactly what you hope to relay with the rest of the resume.

What is a good objective for a resume?

A good objective statement tells the hiring manager the goal of your resume. An example of this can be something along the lines of: “An experienced social media manager with a proven track record of measurable results. I’m aiming to work for a brand focused on social justice initiatives.”

What is a good objective for an entry-level resume?

A good objective statement for an entry level resume can include experience and accomplishments you achieved in college, an internship, or an apprenticeship. An example would be: “A passionate recruiter with experience working with BambooHR, Recruitee, and Freshteam. Looking to help small businesses find the talent to take them to the next level.”

What is a good objective for a resume with no experience?

A good objective for a resume with no experience can pull from any soft skills you learned from other types of jobs or through schooling. An example of this is: “Highly motivated student seeking experience dog-sitting. I have a proven track record of babysitting for five years and have shown dedication, exceptional communication, and loyalty through my other jobs as outlined below.”

What is a good goal statement?

A good goal statement is similar to an objective statement. It shares your objectives and accomplishments with a hiring manager in the hopes to hook them into reading the rest of your resume.

If you’re creating your resume, we can help! Check out our free resume builder .

Originally published May 31, 2018. Last updated February 18, 2020.

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40+ Real-Life Resume Objective Examples [+How-to Guide]

Background Image

You’re scrolling down your LinkedIn, mindlessly browsing through countless irrelevant job ads, when you come across something unexpected.

There it is, the Perfect Job !

You’ve been looking for it for ages.

This job will not only help you with your student loans and crippling debt but it will also help you figure out the meaning of life and even get your crush to notice you. 

There’s a small problem, though. You don’t exactly have the right experience for the job.

If only there was a way to convince the hiring manager that you’re a good fit for the job, despite this drawback.

Well, here’s some good news - there is! You can win over the HR manager with a well-written resume objective. You can show them that you make up for your lack of relevant experience with passion and enthusiasm.

In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about resume objectives, including:

Looking for inspiration? We’ll also offer 40+ practical examples for all sorts of career fields. Skip ahead if you’re interested in any of the specific sections:

This guide is part of our larger series on resumes. Want to learn everything there is to know on how to make a resume ? Start with our comprehensive guide.

What is a Resume Objective? (And Why Is It Important?)

resume objective

A resume objective is an eye-catching statement of your career intent that’s placed on top of your resume. 

The resume objective provides a 2-3 sentence snapshot of your professional experience , skills , and achievements , and explains why they make you the right candidate for the job.

When to Use a Resume Objective

Over the past few years, a resume objective has, in most cases, become optional. If you’re an experienced professional, you’re much better off sticking to a Resume Summary , as it helps describe your top skills and experiences much better.

job search masterclass ebook

How to Write a Convincing Resume Objective [w/ 5 Pro Tips]

Resume objectives get a bad rep because they’re hard to write and even harder to write well. At their worst, they’re overly generic and say nothing new about the applicant. When done right, though, they can really help your resume stand out.

The resume objective is structured in three main parts: (1) Who you are (2) What you offer to the company (3) How you’ll help the company accomplish its goals.

Doesn’t sound too hard now, does it? To make this even easier, you can just follow our tried-and-tested resume objective template:


In practice, it looks something like this:

“ CPA-certified forensic accountant with demonstrated experience in financial record examination. Looking to apply my 3 years of experience at Deloitte, to help the team of XYZ improve their activity-based accounting techniques in the role of a managerial accountant. ”

If you follow the formatting, you’re already 90% ready with your resume objective. Now, all you have to do is ensure that your resume objective is in sync with the following 5 pro tips , and we’re done!

TIP 1:  Make sure to tailor your resume objective to the specific position or organization you are applying to. After all, a vague “Engineer looking for an Engineering job” doesn’t impress anyone.

TIP 2: You should include skills, knowledge, and abilities that you know will help the company achieve its goals . The resume objective isn’t about yourself or your own career - it’s about how you’re going to help the company.

TIP 3: Do not brag or use subjective language in your resume objective. Use as many facts and numbers as possible to back up your experience. It’s one thing to say “Expert at Advertising” and another to say “Facebook Marketer, experienced in managing 5-figure advertising spend.”

TIP 4: If you want to reach a career goal (usually when you have very little experience or are just starting out), make sure that it’s something related to the company you’re applying to.  

If you’re applying for a job as a Customer Support Representative , for example, you shouldn’t go on and on about your ambitions to eventually become a Professor.

TIP 5: Do not use complicated language on purpose. Don’t try to sound smart. It almost always makes a bad impression and makes you come off a bit arrogant.

Instead of “contemplate” for example, opt for “think” , or use “do” instead of “undertake” . They both mean the same thing anyway, and you want your achievements to speak more than your fancy word choices.

Job Description: 

XYZ Inc. is looking for a sales representative manager for its German branch . Minimum of 3 years of working experience in management. Daily duties: planning, directing, and overseeing the sales representative team.

“I am looking to appertain my exceptional skills in management by being part of a groundbreaking and innovative company for a few years, then eventually switching to a job in AI.”

Why it’s bad :

“Sales manager trained in Berlin. Looking to apply my 5+ years of management experience in XYZ Inc. by making sure the sales representative team is staffed and follows quality standards, helping XYZ increase revenue and market share in the process.”

Why it’s good:  

Resume Objective Examples [3 Most Common Cases]

Now that you know how to write a resume objective, you’re ready to write your own. Before you get started, though, you might need some inspiration.

In this section, we’re going to cover 40+ resume objective examples for every field, as well as examples for the top 3 most common cases.

Career Change Resume Objective Example

The most common situation you’d use a resume objective for is during a career change . 

A resume objective helps the reader understand how your skillset from a previous field helps translate into the job you’re applying for.

In such a case, you can mention:

And here’s how this works in practice:

“Customer support rep. with 3+ years of experience in over-the-phone technical support looking to leverage communication skills as a Sales Rep. at XYZ inc. Excellent track record in delivering quality support service, having maintained a 4.6+ star “Helpful” rating over the past 1.5 years.”

No Experience / Education Resume Objective

Even if you don’t have any work experience or education, you can still use a resume objective to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

In this case, you’d want to focus on your best personal traits and skills (instead of work experience / achievements / education)

So, for example:

“Organized & hard-working employee looking to join XYZ Inc. as a marketing assistant. Looking to take advantage of my skills in Photoshop and Copywriting to help XYZ inc. with their marketing efforts.”

Internship Resume Objective Example

Looking for your first professional job ? Writing a good resume objective is a good way to stand out from the rest and land that internship.

In this case, you want to focus on:

And here’s a practical example:

“Recent Graduate with a B.A. in business administration looking to start their career in Finance with an internship at XYZ Inc. Experienced in analyzing financial statements & annual reports for several university projects. Seeking to further develop my theoretical know-how with strong mentorship at XYZ Inc.”

40+ Resume Objective Examples for All Fields

Office / administrative jobs resume objective examples.

Office Manager Resume Objective

“Experienced office manager seeking to help XYZ Inc. provide a stellar customer experience & take the Portsmouth branch to the next level. Experienced in managing teams of 15+ in several different restaurants, such as Restaurant A and Restaurant B. Handled every aspect of the business, from hiring new staff to managing marketing initiatives.”

Click here for a complete office manager resume example .

Executive Assistant Resume Objective

“Freelance VA (virtual assistant) looking to transition to the position of an Executive Assistant. Worked with 5+ online businesses, helping with everything from data entry to customer support. Excellent attention to detail & organizational skills. Proficient in Excel, Photoshop. Intermediate copywriting skills.”

Click here for a complete executive assistant resume example .

Receptionist Resume Objective

“3rd-year Medical Student looking for a summer job as a receptionist at XYZ Inc. Experience in working face-to-face with customers, having worked part-time jobs as cashier and waitress. Social, positive, and hard-working.”

Click here for a complete receptionist resume example . 

Secretary Resume Objective

“Recent Communications graduate looking to apply for the role of a Secretary at XYZ inc. Extremely organized with good writing and multitasking skills. Practical experience in management gained through several university projects, which involves coordinating tasks between different team members and ensuring that everyone was in sync with the latest information.”

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

“Organized & hardworking employee looking to work at XYZ Inc. as an Administrative Assistant. Previous experience in several related fields, such as working as a Secretary for 3 years, in addition to being an Executive Assistant for 1 year. Strong organizational skills, as well as a keen eye for detail.”

Click here for a complete administrative assistant resume example . 

Business & Management Resume Objective Examples

Marketing Manager Resume Objective

“Recent graduate with a B.A. in Marketing looking to start my career in Advertising at XYZ Inc. Strong skills in copywriting and graphic design, coupled with a creative mind. Practical experience in creating social media ads (Facebook, Instagram) as a marketing intern.”

Click here for a complete marketing manager resume example . 

Project Manager Resume Objective

“Detail-oriented software engineer with 5+ years of experience in Node.js and React looking to transition into the role of an IT-focused project manager. Practical experience conducting daily scrum meetings and following agile project management methodologies.”

Click here for a complete project manager resume example . 

Human Resources Resume Objective

“Psychology graduate looking for a position in recruitment at XYZ Inc. Completed an HR internship at Recruitment Agency X. Solid entry-level experience doing recruitment work, which included pre-selecting qualified candidates and filtering them based on client needs. Looking to further develop my experience in the HR field and help XYZ Inc. go above and beyond their hiring needs.”

Business Analyst Resume Objective

“Business Student at University X seeking a summer internship as a Business Analyst at XYZ Inc. Strong business know-how, with a focus on analyzing and interpreting data. Completed 10+ real-life business consulting case studies as university projects. Skilled in financial and managerial accounting.”

Click here for a complete business analyst resume example .

Marketing Resume Objective Examples

Junior SEO Specialist

“Detail-oriented graduate with a B.A. in Business Administration looking to apply for a Junior SEO Specialist position at Digital XYZ Inc. Theoretical knowledge of SEO, including some practical experience in using Google Analytics. Seeking to further develop my online marketing skills as part of the Digital XYZ team.”

Social Media Marketing Manager

“Enthusiastic Marketing graduate with a passion for all things digital seeking an entry-level Social Media Marketing position at Digital XYZ Inc. Skilled in copywriting & basic graphic design. Personally started and grew a Facebook page to 5,000+ likes, and an Instagram page to 8,000+ followers. Looking to help Digital XYZ’s clients improve their social media marketing and establish an online presence.”

Content Creator

“Articulate graduate with a B.A. in Media and Mass Communication seeking a content creator position at XYZ Startup. Experienced in writing articles for local newspapers and online magazines. Hoping to apply my journalistic writing abilities to improve XYZ Startup’s blog on ABC Industry/Category.”

PPC Specialist

“Result-driven SEO specialist with 3+ years of experience designing and implementing SEO campaigns for e-commerce companies. Looking for a PPC specialist position at XYZ Agency to leverage strong knack for web analytics and SEM to drive traffic and increase sales.”

Food & Service Industry Resume Objective Examples

Waiter / Waitress Resume Objective

“Experienced service industry worker seeking to apply for the position of a waiter at XYZ Restaurant. Past experience includes working as a bartender, busser, and line cook. Thrives in fast-paced, high-stress environment.”

Click here for a complete server resume example . 

Line Cook Resume Objective

“Recent graduate from Houston Culinary Arts School seeking a position as a line cook at Fancy Restaurant XYZ. Looking to further develop cooking skills learned at school. Previous experience working in a high-stress environment as a part-time Sandwich Maker at Fast Food Place X.”

Restaurant Manager Resume Objective

“Seasoned Server with 10+ years of hospitality industry experience looking to help Restaurant XYZ take its business to the next level. During my time as a server, helped 3+ restaurants with hiring and training new staff, as well as coming up with promotional strategies for specific foods and drinks.”

Click here for a complete bar manager resume example . 

Education Resume Objective Examples

Teacher Resume Objective

“B.S. in Education from University XYZ with a concentration in Chemistry seeking to start my career as a teacher at XYZ High School. Passionate about teaching, both in and out of the classroom.” 

Click here for a complete teacher resume example . 

Tutor Resume Objective

“Skilled Mathematics graduate looking to apply for the position of a Math tutor at XYZ School. Worked as a part-time Linear Algebra tutor during my time at University X. Strong knowledge of Advanced Linear Algebra, Calculus I-IV, Mathematical Statistics, and Trigonometry.”

Sales and Customer Support Resume Objective Examples

Sales Associate Resume Objective

“Charismatic, communicative employee seeking an entry-level sales job at XYX Inc. Tech-savvy, with the ability to pick up product knowledge fast. Previous experience as a sales clerk at Random Retail Store X.”

Click here for a complete sales associate resume example . 

Store Manager Resume Objective

“Experienced employee looking for a job as a Store Manager at XYZ Inc. Skilled in inventory management, having worked as a warehouse manager in two separate organizations. Dependable math skills from working as a cashier at Company X.”

Account Manager Resume Objective

“Diligent graduate with a B.A. in Business Management at University Y seeking to provide excellent client service at XYZ Inc. as an account manager. Strong communication skills from my job as a Sales Manager at Company X. Outstanding project management skills, having worked on over a dozen business projects in university.”

Customer Service Specialist Resume Objective

“Multi-lingual employee looking to help XYZ Inc. provide stellar customer experience. Strong communication skills. Fluent in English, French, and Russian. Basic knowledge of CRM systems.”

Click here for a complete customer service specialist resume example . 

Technical Support Specialist Resume Objective

“Information Technology student seeking a part-time role as a Technical Support Specialist at XYZ Inc. Experienced in using help desk & CRM systems. Skilled in written communication with an intermediate knowledge in the IT-sphere.”

Cashier Resume Objective

“Enthusiastic, courteous waiter seeking the role of a Cashier at XYZ Inc. Currently working part-time at Restaurant ABC, looking to fill up the rest of my time. Strong communication skills, and a genuine love for working with people. Good at carrying out mathematical calculations.”

Click here for a complete cashier resume example . 

Finance & Accounting Resume Objective Examples

Accountant Resume Objective

“Graduate with an M.A. in Accounting and Finance seeking the position of a Junior Accountant at XYZ Inc. Highest grades in relevant courses, including Intermediate Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Advanced Finance, and more.” 

Click here for a complete accountant resume example .

Financial Analyst Resume Objective

“Finance student with 3.92 GPA seeking an entry-level Financial Analyst position at XYZ Inc. Skilled in financial data analysis, reading financial sheets, with excellent knowledge of accounting and tax legislation.”

Click here for a complete financial analyst resume example .

Bank Teller Resume Objective

“Customer Support Representative with 2+ years working client-facing roles seeking a job as a Bank Teller at XYZ Inc. Experienced in working with customers over the phone, as well as by email. Excellent math skills, having graduated high school with a specialization in Mathematics.”

Click here for a complete bank teller resume example .

Data Entry Resume Objective

“Meticulous graduate with a B.A. in business administration looking for a data entry clerk position at company XYZ Inc. Skilful typer with an average typing speed of 85 WPM. Possessing 2+ years of experience using typing tools such as Ms Word and Ms Excel for task tracking and automation.”

Click here for a complete data entry clerk resume example .

Technical Resume Objective Examples

Computer Scientist Resume Objective

“Graduate with an M.Sc. in Computer Science and Information Systems seeking a position as a Research Assistant in the computer science department of XYZ University. 2+ years of experience in designing and implementing deep convolutional neural networks with TensorFlow and Scala. Enthusiastic about furthering research conducted on the study of artificial intelligence.”

Click here for a complete computer scientist resume example .

IT Specialist Resume Objective

“Competent Support Specialist with 3+ years of experience in AWS storage cloud services. Maintained constant customer satisfaction rate at 98% while working at XYZ Agency. Currently looking for a position as an IT Specialist with a focus on cloud services at ABC Inc.”

Click here for a complete IT specialist resume example . 

Data Analyst Resume Objective

“Enthusiastic recent graduate with a B.A. in Business Administration and Mathematics seeking a Data Analyst position at Data Analysis Co.. Competent in mathematical statistics and possessing a certification in business analysis from ABC Institute. Hoping to apply my extensive knowledge of SQL databases and SQL as a querying language to help Data Analysis Co. fulfil its goals.”

Click here for a complete data analyst resume example . 

Software Engineer Resume Objective

“Result-oriented QA Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the banking and finance sector looking for a Junior Software Engineer job at XYZ Bank. Strong understanding of software engineering paradigms and testing frameworks for C++, Java, .NET (C#).”

Click here for a complete software engineer resume example .

Data Scientist Resume Objective

“Diligent Computer Science and Mathematics student with a 3.98 GPA looking for an internship at XYZ Inc. as a Junior Data Scientist. Specialized in statistical analysis and experienced with packages such as R, SQL, STATA, and Python.”

Click here for a complete data scientist resume example .

Medical Resume Objective Examples

Nurse Resume Objective

“Recent RN graduate seeking to help Hospital XYZ provide an excellent level of patient care. Experienced in working in high-stress environments. An excellent team-player who thrives under pressure. Passionate about helping people and making an impact.

Click here for a complete nurse resume example . 

Medical Assistant Resume Objective

“Certified, energetic medical assistant with volunteering experience for XYZ Hospital looking for a position as a Medical Assistant at ABC Clinic. Dedicated team player with the ability to work both day and night shifts.”

Click here for a complete medical assistant resume example .

Dental Assistant Resume Objective

“Licensed and enthusiastic dental practitioner with 1+ years of experience working at a private Dental Practice ABC seeking a Dental Assistant position at XYZ Dental Inc. Highly meticulous at carrying out dental procedures and assisting during surgeries.”

Other Resume Objective Examples

Warehouse Worker Resume Objective

“Retail worker seeking the position of a warehouse worker at XYZ Supermarket. Previous experience doing several retail jobs, including working as a stocker for produce and groceries at XYZ Family Market. Skilled in stocking, inventory replenishment / tracking, processing relevant paperwork and utilizing electrical pallet stackers / pallet jacks.”

Click here for a complete warehouse worker resume example .

Housekeeper Resume Objective

“Seasonal worker seeking a Housekeeping job at XYZ Hotel. Diligent and organized, having spent the past 3 summers working in Nantucket. Previous roles include bussing at Restaurant Y and prep cooking at Local Restaurant X.”

Key Takeaways

So, let’s go through everything we’ve learned...

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50+ Resume Objective Examples for Your Career in 2023

Stephen Greet

The Resume Objective in a Nutshell

Write a Resume Objective That Rocks

As a job seeker, you know getting a job isn’t easy. Even with the increase in salary information thanks to new  pay transparency laws , finding a job that suits your talents is challenging.

Now it’s time to start writing your resume, which means deciding if you’ll add optional sections like an objective statement. An objective can add valuable information, but knowing when to include one is tricky. Plus, an objective is often confused with a  resume summary .

We’ll tell you the differences between a summary and an objective, and we’ll help you write an objective that highlights the best parts of your resume. Whether you’re currently  building your resume  or doing preliminary research, we’ve got the answers you need to write an amazing objective. 

Social Worker Resume

Get started customizing your own resume by clicking on this social worker resume below:

Associate social worker resume example with 10 years experience

First: What is a resume objective? Well, it’s basically a snapshot of your best and most relevant expertise, given the position you’re hoping to snag.  The primary purpose of your resume objective  is to quickly highlight your relevant skills and alignment with the specific company’s values and/or goals.

You want to ensure that any recruiter or potential employer sees why it would be ridiculous  not  to hire you! Your objective should hook the reader, persuading them to continue reviewing your resume—and, ultimately, shoot you an email or a phone call.

How do I know the difference between a resume objective and a summary?

Don’t worry if you’re confused about whether an objective or  resume summary  is the best choice for your resume. They’re pretty similar, and their contents can overlap quite a bit depending on the applicant, so there’s no need to overthink it! Still, there are a couple of differences to keep in mind if you’re struggling to decide:

Resume Objective:

If you’re either switching careers or just starting in your field, then an objective statement could be the perfect intro to let employers know you’re the right pick. Resume objectives should stay between two and three sentences and  focus on your short-term career goals and how you’re qualified to start pursuing them .

Resume Summary:

A summary, which is also two or three sentences, usually best fits folks with more experience within their career. This statement summarizes a candidate’s extensive skills and work history. The  resume summary  could be your ideal option if you’re looking to progress in your career.

When Do I Need a Resume Objective ?

Young lady sitting at her laptop writing her resume

If a resume objective seems right for you, first consider whether you need one at all. Any stellar resume will fall at a page, and you’ll need to make every bit of paper space count. So, it’s essential to consider whether your objective will add value to your resume or just waste space.

An objective generally suits those who are entry-level or are changing careers. This statement summarizes a candidate’s most relevant, job-specific skills and identifies why they want to work for a target business. The resume objective could be a wise choice if you want to break into a new career, show the employer that you genuinely desire to work for their business, or resourcefully fill up a little extra white space.

Resume objectives can add value if:

But when should you discard the resume objective entirely?

Keep in mind that, on average, hiring managers spend six seconds or less reviewing your resume before determining whether they’ll take a closer look. That’s a narrow window, so if your resume errs on the side of generic or bland, omitting it may be best. This could be the case either due to sparse experience or a lack of time to customize your objective to the job description with company names/keywords.

A PC monitor and laptop showing well written resumes

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, especially if this is your first time writing your resume objective statement. But luckily, seeing samples of how others have handled similar obstacles can help more than you might think—just remember to inject your personality and make each objective statement as unique as you are. And while comparing others’ statements to your own, ask yourself: “Which of my achievements look the most impressive?”

Plus, we’ve got a fantastic formula for you that will make things more uncomplicated than ever:

The process is as easy as X + Y + Z = Eye-catching resume objective!

X = Your characteristics and personality traits Y = Years of experience and quantified success/results Z = How these results apply to the specific job role

Keep this formula in mind, and you’ll surprise yourself with professional and engaging results like the objective below:

Project manager career objective

X =  Ambitious, adaptable, eager, self-motivated, and efficient

Y =  2 years of intern experience within the field, learned skills/experience

Z =  Technical and soft skills tie in with forging strong teams and client connections

7 ingredients to resume objective success

Not sure where to start? Check out these seven helpful tips on how to add the maximum value to your resume objective and launch yourself into the top  20 percent of job applicants who actually get interviewed  for a single job:

Don’t worry if this is a little overwhelming at first glance! Many job seekers linearly work through their resumes, but  save your summary for last  even though it appears first. Once your other sections are fine-tuned, it’ll be easier to pinpoint choice details to fill in the formula and complete your perfect summary. (And who says you have to nail your summary the first time you write it?! Go through as many iterations as you need when you  outline your resume .)

1.  Inject your personality

Bonus points if you tie your personality traits in with the company’s values through skillful word choices! No one wants to read a bland resume objective that doesn’t connect the person with the company—they want to know  who  they’re hiring.

2.  Lead with your strengths

These strengths could be notable projects or extensive educational background for entry-level applicants or graduates. For anyone changing careers, include successes like past work projects that demonstrate overlapping skills/values with the role you’re currently seeking. Mention relevant certifications in your objective, too!

3.  Minimize personal pronouns and contractions

Details like these may seem inconsequential or even helpful when trying to save space, but they can make your resume too informal. Also, referring to yourself instead of your skills can make it seem like you’re only interested in what the company will do for you.

(Hint: Gauge the company’s tone in its  job description  and website. You can get away with contractions more readily with informal companies).

4.  Keep it at two or three sentences

Again, resume space is invaluable! Make the most of this real estate by ensuring your objective is long enough to provide eye-catching value but short enough that it won’t get skipped. Critique it visually, too—how does it look on the page?

5.  Talk about your relevant skills

 Revisit the job listing for crucial skills that match your expertise and leverage that in your objective.

6.  State why you’re interested and why you fit the role 

Other skilled applicants undoubtedly applied for this same role—so what makes you a perfect fit? Mentioning why you’re interested in the position and how you’re a good match will help you stand out from the crowd.

7.  Use a resume template that gives you the option to include an objective

Why reinvent the wheel? All our  free Google Docs resume templates  have space for your objective. Take advantage of a  resume template  (you can edit the one just below!) already laid out for your specific needs rather than dealing with the frustration of a template breaking because you tried to add one.

Middle School History Teacher Resume

Middle school history teacher resume example with 3 years experience

Common resume objective roadblocks

If you’re struggling, remember that starting in the wrong place is a common but avoidable pitfall: many applicants try writing their objective first, only to find they don’t know where to begin.  Lessen your stress by drafting the rest of your resume first . Writing a quality resume objective will become easier once your qualifications are laid out on the table. 

Since your objective needs to take up so little space, get selective while skimming the cream of the crop from your resume bullet points. What previous roles resulted in your most impressive contributions to a company? Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and think of what they’d want in their next hire, then write your objective based on your most dazzling selling points. 

Return to our objective samples in this post anytime you need some inspiration. You can also better prepare with a  resume outline . Planning out the arrangement of your background and skills will make filling your resume simpler when the time comes. 

And don’t worry—you don’t have to get everything perfect the first time!  When you hit a roadblock, write out a few possibilities and compare them  to see which one comes out on top. Once everything’s laid out in front of you, the best choice often becomes obvious. You can do this!

Resume objective knockouts, hopefuls, and wannabes

To give you some examples of what we’ve been talking about, let’s look at a mock  job description for a data scientist  and compare three resume objective statements to see what passes muster.

Data scientist job description example:

Currently seeking remote data scientist for Infinity Solars who’s self-starting, innovative, and skilled with various data tools to design/create predictive customer behavioral models. Must be able to translate data for all levels of communication to support leadership groups, give team members actionable business insights, and lead machine-learning algorithm development. Must exhibit exceptional critical thinking skills by gauging the effectiveness and accuracy of data quality and mining techniques.

Now, let’s see how these example resume objective statements stack up:

I can definitely talk to people since I just got out of college for biology. I’m good with group projects and know a lot about computers.

Why it’s just not good:   Leave out bland objectives like this one, which lacks the valuable info necessary to justify taking up space. What kind of job is this even for?. 

I love solar power and could use my background in data analysis to help your company. I’m also a big team player and have plenty of qualifying technical skills.

Why it’s just okay:  At least there’s some personality here, although it’s a little informal. This candidate should also specify skills that would benefit the specific company.

Knockout:  Check out our example!

Data scientist career objective

Why it’s great:  Nice—personality traits and skills that align with the job description! We also see years of experience with well-rounded skills that would benefit the company, presented with compelling and enthusiastic word choices.

3 Resume Objectives That Are General but Not Generic

Young man sitting behind his computer screen happily typing away

Keeping a few general (but not generic!) resume objective statements nearby enables you to customize your resume at any time quickly! Take a look at these general examples and note how to make them specific to you: 

Software engineer resume objective

Make resume objective #1 specific to you by:

Elementary teacher resume objective

Make resume objective #2 specific to you by:

Business analyst resume objective

Make resume objective #3 specific to you by:

7 Resume Objective Examples by Career Stage

Young lady going over notes on a blackboard

The current stage of your career journey is crucial regarding the tone of your resume objective—a senior-level candidate who’s changing careers, for example, should sound different from a fresh graduate. See what we mean?

1. Entry-level resume objective

Data scientist career objective

Entry-level resume examples >>

2. No experience resume objective

Store associate career objective

3. Internship resume objective

Product manager career objective

4. Changing locations resume objective

Program manager career objective

5. Student resume objective

Recruiting assistant career objective

Graduate student resume examples >> College student resume examples >> High school student resume examples >>

6. College graduate resume objective

Marketing assistant career objective

College graduate resume examples >> MBA resume examples >>

7. Changing careers resume objective

Business analyst career objective

Career change resume examples >>

20 Resume Objectives Tailored to the Job Description

Now that you’ve made it this far, we’ve put together 20 more resume objective examples—specific to various professions—so you can see how they exemplify our tips and tricks from earlier!

1.  Accountant resume objective

Accountant job description  key details:

Accountant resume objective:

Accountant resume objective

Why this resume works

Accountant resume examples >> Accountant cover letter examples >>

2. Attorney resume objective

Attorney job description  key details:

Attorney resume objective:

Attorney resume objective

Attorney resume examples >> Attorney cover letter examples >>

3.  Business analyst resume objective

Business analyst job description  key details:

Business analyst resume objective: 

Business analyst resume objective

Business analyst resume examples >> Business analyst cover letter examples >>

4.  Customer service resume objective

Customer service job description  key details:

Customer service resume objective: 

Customer service resume objective

Customer service resume examples >> Customer service cover letter examples >>

5.  Data analyst resume objective

Data analyst job description  key details:

Data analyst resume objective: 

Data analyst resume objective

Data analyst resume examples >> Data analyst cover letter examples >>

6.  Data engineer resume objective

Data engineer job description  key details:

Data engineer resume objective:

Data engineer resume objective

Data engineer resume examples >> Data engineer cover letter examples >>

7.  Data scientist resume objective

Data scientist job description  key details:

Data scientist resume objective:

Data scientist resume objective

Data scientist resume examples >> Data scientist cover letter examples >>

8.  Graphic designer resume objective

Graphic designer job description  key details:

Graphic designer resume objective: 

Graphic designer resume objective

Graphic designer resume examples >> Graphic designer cover letter examples >>

9.  Human resources (HR) resume objective

Human resources (HR) job description  key details:

Human resources resume objective:

Human resources resume objective

Human resources (HR) resume examples >> Human resources (HR) cover letter examples >>

10.  Nursing resume objective

Nursing job description  key details:

Nurse resume objective:

Nurse resume objective

Nursing resume examples >> Nursing cover letter examples >>

11.  Operations manager resume objective

Operations manager job description  key details:

Operations manager resume objective:

Operations manager resume objective

Operations manager resume examples >> Operations manager cover letter examples >>

12.  Product manager resume objective

Product manager job description  key details:

Product manager resume objective:

Product manager resume objective

Product manager resume examples >> Product manager cover letter examples >>

13.  Program manager resume objective

Program manager job description  key details:

Program manager resume objective: 

Program manager resume objective

Program manager resume examples >> Program manager cover letter examples >>

14.  Project manager resume objective

Project manager job description  key details:

Project manager resume objective: 

Project manager resume objective

Project manager resume examples >> Project manager cover letter examples >>

15.  Recruiter resume objective

Recruiter job description  key details:

Recruiter resume objective: 

Recruiter resume objective

Recruiter resume examples >> Recruiter cover letter examples >>

16.  Sales resume objective

Sales job description  key details:

Sales associate resume objective:

Sales associate resume objective

Sales resume examples >> Sales cover letter examples >>

17.  Scrum master resume objective

Scrum Master job description  key details:

Scrum master resume objective: 

Scrum master resume objective

Scrum Master resume examples >> Scrum Master cover letter examples >>

18.  Social media manager resume objective

Social media manager job description  key details:

Social media manager resume objective:

Social media manager resume objective

Social media manager resume examples >> Social media manager cover letter examples >>

19.  Software engineer resume objective

Software engineer job description  key details:

Software engineer resume objective:

Software engineer resume objective

Software engineer resume examples >> Software engineer cover letter examples >>

20.  Teacher resume objective

Teacher job description  key details:

Teacher resume objective:

Teacher resume objective

Teacher resume examples >> Teacher cover letter examples >>

20 More Specific Resume Objectives

While you look through these next 20 resume objective samples, just imagine they’re tailored to a specific job description you might have come across—and look for ways you could do the same while writing your own.

1.  Account manager resume objective

Account manager resume objective

2.  Barista resume objective

Barista resume objective

3.  Chef resume objective

Chef resume objective

4.  Computer science resume objective

Computer science resume objective

5.  Construction worker resume objective

Construction worker resume objective

6.  Consulting resume objective

Consulting resume objective

7.  Dentist resume objective

Dentist resume objective

8.  Electrician resume objective

Electrician resume objective

9.  Front desk receptionist resume objective

Front-desk receptionist career objective example

10.  Full-stack engineer resume objective

Full-stack engineer resume objective

11.  Hostess resume objective

Hostess resume objective

12.  Medical assistant resume objective

Medical assistant resume objective

13.  Network engineer resume objective

Network engineer resume objective

14.  Personal trainer resume objective

Personal trainer resume objective

15.  Pharmacist resume objective

Pharmacist resume objective

16.  Product owner resume objective

Product owner resume objective

17.  Programmer resume objective

Programmer resume objective

18.  Real estate agent resume objective

Real estate agent resume objective

19.  Truck driver resume objective

Truck driver career objective example

20.  Web developer resume objective

Web developer resume objective

Resume Objective Takeaways and Your Next Steps

We know it’s easy to get lost amid so many details and tidbits of information: But don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. Refer to the above objective examples and take inspiration from our  1,000+ resume examples . 

And when it’s time to write your own resume objective statement, take a step back and don’t forget about our easy formula: 

X + Y + Z = Eye-catching objective statement! 

X =  Your applicable personal characteristics and traits 

Y =  Years of experience and/or quantified success/results 

Z =  How these results (or other relevant and comparable qualifications) apply to the specific job role 

Remember that, whenever applicable, this formula will be your resume objective statement’s lifesaver! If you don’t have experience yet, just try to balance that out with your previous achievements or character traits that align with the company and its vision—these will show you’re a desirable hire even if you haven’t had the chance to prove it just yet. 

Lastly, remember that we have plenty of other helpful tools available to ensure the rest of your resume is as gorgeous as your objective statement! Stop by and check out our  resume builder  and handy  resume tips . You’ve got everything you need to get started—so get ready to let yourself shine!

Create my free resume now

How to Write an Objective for a Resume

Use these tips to stand out from the crowd and land the job.

Resume Objective Tips and Examples

According to the Pulse of the American Worker Survey by Prudential, about 1 in 4 workers plan to look for a new job after the pandemic. Whether you plan on looking for a new job or have your eye on a promotion now that things are opening up, it's important for all professionals to create and maintain a smart, tailored resume. However, it can be intimidating to present your best self on a piece of paper. One way to get started is by writing a solid objective statement.

Young woman using laptop in home office, working with smile on face

(Getty Images)

Do You Need a Resume Objective Statement?

A resume objective statement is a few sentences stating your value to the employer, strengths and why you are seeking the position relevant to your long-term goals. Sometimes, an objective statement is not necessary, since it takes up prime real estate right on your resume, where you could be selling yourself instead. In some cases, it could be repetitive. For example, if a company accepts a cover letter , you will want to use your cover letter to explain your goals and reasons for wanting the position in greater detail, making the resume objective statement unnecessary.

On the other hand, many companies are no longer asking for cover letters since many professionals have been furloughed or laid off due to the pandemic; in this case, using a resume objective statement is worth considering to address those items immediately on your resume.

If you decide that you need to include an objective statement on your resume, here are tips to help you get started on crafting one that stands out from the crowd:

Create a Long Version

Narrowing down your short-term goals and why you want to work for the company into a few sentences can be tough. It's best to first create a long version of your objective statement. Once you have written down all of your short-term goals and reasons why you want that particular position , you will be better equipped to narrow down your objective to a few sentences with only the most essential details. The long version will also help you have a good starting point to delete or add details as you continue to perfect your statement with the following tips.

Include Any Important Information

Are you only looking for part-time work due to the pandemic? Are you applying for a remote job in another state or country? Are you relocating or changing industries ? Make sure to include those important details in your objective statement to avoid being disqualified from the hiring process.

Resume Objective Mistakes to Avoid

The step-by-step guide to career success.

Alternatives to a Resume Objective Statement

A resume objective statement may not be the best option for your resume. In this case, you can substitute your objective statement for your branding statement . Many times your branding statement makes more impact than an objective statement. An advantage of using your branding statement is that it’s already personalized and doesn’t change for each job position.

Another alternative to a resume objective statement is making good use of the summary of qualifications section on your resume. This is where you can restate your qualifications in a slightly different way than from your cover letter. This area of your resume should also be tailored to each job position. Make sure to include the keywords from the job posting that you qualify for in this section.

Another alternative is to skip this section altogether. If your experience clearly shows that you qualify for the position, you may determine that it's better to use that space to showcase your professional experience section on your resume instead of including an objective statement.

Resume Objective Statement Samples

If you're seeking out inspiration before crafting your own resume objective, check out these statements:

Resume Sample

To see where your objective statement should go on your resume, see the following sample below.

AVA JONES 111-222-1212 | [email protected] |

MARKETING DIRECTOR I am a highly-skilled, dedicated, and approachable professional with more than 10 years of experience in the marketing field. I am seeking the position of Marketing Director to help Company Name get amazing stories out into the marketplace.

KEY COMPETENCIES (SKILLS) Analytical | Process Improvement | Dedicated Project Manager | Relationship Management | Motivational Mentor | Excellent Communication Skills | More Skills Here

PAST WORK EXPERIENCE Complete this section and onward as you would on a typical resume, filling in the details of past jobs, education, etc.

Careers With the Most Job Security

Engineer checking the machine

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Entry-Level Resume Objective Examples Are Outdated--Use a Career Summary Instead

Trends are common in fashion, music, food, and, yes, even resumes. Case in point: Resume objectives are no longer considered requirements for resumes—the career summary is far more common nowadays and is critical to include when you’re applying for entry-level jobs and other full-time jobs . There are some similarities between the two, which we’ll talk about, but the ultimate goal of both is to quickly pitch yourself to a hiring manager.

Historically, entry-level objectives explained to a hiring manager what your ultimate goal was in your job search. Therefore, it was especially necessary to include resume objectives when job seekers were changing industries or targeting specific jobs or positions . (Entry-level job seekers would include a resume objective, regardless.)

A career summary, however, is more practical in that it tells a hiring manager about your professional qualifications and background. This can be especially difficult to write because you likely don’t have loads of work experience , but you do want to solidify the fact that you know the type of career you’re looking for and the value you’d bring to a company.

A good entry-level resume objective was practical and straight to the point, and so too is a good career summary (also known as a resume summary ). Here’s where one significant change lies: If you were open to being hired for any position, you could leave off a resume objective. But nowadays, every resume—even entry-level ones—should have a career summary.

Tips for Writing a Great Entry-Level Summary

A resume’s career objective would often point out the obvious. A typical entry-level resume objective would read something like: "Objective: To secure a role as a software engineer at Company X." Hiring managers will look at that and think, "Well, this candidate applied for that job, so I kind figured this out already." A career summary doesn’t waste space like that.

In fact, although a career summary is about your experience, what you’re really doing is showing a company how your skills can be of use in their business. So, in reality, it’s less about you and more about them. (A resume objective was the opposite.) In a couple of sentences, reflect to the recruiter how your background and experience aligns with the company's values, along with the value you could bring to the role.

To write an effective career summary, you need to research the company to which you’re applying and include specific language that references their mission and/or the position itself. When you tailor your resume to the job posting , you’re more likely to get a call for an interview.

Resume Objective Examples and Corresponding Career Summaries for Entry-Level Job Seekers

Once you’ve determined that including an objective will benefit your resume, here are some entry-level resume objective examples you may want to consider. Let’s say you’re applying to graphic design jobs at a popular company:

World-class design firm Company A is looking to hire an entry-level designer. Candidate must be passionate about design trends, be comfortable with Color Software Program, a creative problem solver, and eager to pitch in on multiple projects in our collaborative work environment.

Objective: To build a long-term career in graphic design with opportunities for career growth. Summary: As a lead designer of State University’s student newspaper, I look forward to staying on the cutting-edge of design trends as I progress throughout my career.

Objective: To enhance my educational and professional skills in a stable and dynamic workplace. Summary: I welcome the chance to advance my formidable knowledge of Color Software Program even further at Company A, which is renowned for exceptional design.

Objective: To solve problems in a creative and effective manner in a challenging position. Summary: I enjoy creative problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects, and I would excel in the collaborative environment on which your company prides itself.

Objective: To obtain employment with a company that offers a positive atmosphere to learn and implement new skills and technologies for the betterment of the organization. Summary: I’m eager to join the collaborative work environment at Company A and learn everything I can about the latest in design and technology. As a fast learner and team player, I would thrive here.

Objective: To obtain an entry-level graphic design position at a respected organization and utilize the educational qualifications I’ve obtained at State University. Summary: A job at Company A is my ultimate career goal, and I believe working at such cutting-edge design firm will inspire me to enhance my skills and collaborate within a positive atmosphere.

Objective: To bring my strong sense of dedication, motivation, and responsibility to Company A, and to utilize my design qualifications obtained through State University. Summary: In addition to my design qualifications obtained through State University, I will bring a strong sense of dedication, motivation, and responsibility to Company A, which is renowned for cutting-edge design and a collaborative work atmosphere.

Objective: To obtain an entry-level position as a junior designer that will allow me to utilize the skills gained at State University and build a long-term career in design. Summary: The Color Software Program skills I gained at State University would be of great value to your cutting-edge design projects. As an entry-level designer, I look forward to helping Company A continue to dominate the design industry.

Get an Objective Review

Writing an eye-catching career summary can be difficult for entry-level job seekers, but highlighting your educational achievements, skills relevant to the position, and positive attitude can help your resume stand out from the crowd. Want to make sure you're on the right track? Get a free resume evaluation today from Monster. We can show you where your resume needs some improving so that you can start off your career strong.

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When to Use a Resume Objective Statement

What is a resume objective statement (and who needs one)?

Anatomy of a resume objective statement, how to write a resume objective (with tips), resume objectives for each job search situation (with examples), resume objectives by industry and job title (with examples), resume objective writing dos and don’ts, more resume resources, create a professional resume in minutes.

A resume objective, sometimes called a career objective, is a two to three sentence introductory statement placed near the top of a resume that tells recruiters who you are and why you want to work for them.

People often confuse resume objective statements with summary statements because they share common goals — namely, introducing a job applicant — but they’re not the same.

While a resume objective communicates an applicant’s goals and explains why they want the job, a summary statement focuses on their work experience, accomplishments and what they bring to the employer or position.

Career objective statements are best if you are:

Seeking your first job.

Returning to the workforce after a long absence.

Changing careers.

Applying for a different role within the same company.

Read on to learn everything you need to know to determine when and how to use an objective statement, with plenty of resume objective statement examples to get you started.

Let’s take a close look at a well-written career objective example. The objective statement below is written by an experienced job seeker who is hoping to transition to a different role with their current employer.

Career Objective

(1) Astute and performance-driven senior project manager with 10 years of experience at ABC Sales Corp who (2) wants to transition to an account manager in the same division. I am ready to apply my (3) attention to detail, time management, organizational and relationship-building skills to (4) establish trusted business relationships with customers and prospects to surpass the company's sales goals.

Now let’s break it down piece by piece so that you can apply these lessons to your resume . This resume objective example works because it:

Begins with the applicant’s current career status. Use your resume objective statement to mention your current position, whether you’re working, volunteering or nearing graduation.

Mentions the company and the job the applicant is interested in. At this point, you should lay out your career objective — what transition are you hoping to make?

Highlights applicant’s most relevant skills. A good objective for a resume shows the potential employer why you’re a great fit for the role. Read through the job ad to identify employer-desired skills and use the exact wording in your statement.

Addresses a primary pain point. Explain how your skills and career objective align with the employer’s goals — and give this some oomph! This is where you drive home what makes you a top candidate.

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A good objective for a resume will communicate your career goals in terms of a company’s goals, leaving no question you are the best fit for the role. As you write your statement, use this checklist to make sure you hit all key points:

Place your objective statement directly under your contact information on your resume. Resume formatting is critical — and regardless of the format you choose , your statement will always go at the top.

Identify yourself clearly as someone who fits the job description. Tailor the language you use in your statement based on what you find in the job ad.

Customize your career objective for the job. Broad, general resume statements are a dime a dozen. You have to customize your skills and goals to catch the hiring manager’s attention.

Tailor your objective statement to focus on the employer. In communicating your career goals, make it clear to the employer your aspirations align with their needs.

Limit your resume objective statement to three sentences. Your statement is your elevator pitch, your one chance to hook the audience. It must be compelling, brief and to the point.

Express your interest in the company. Employers want to know why you’re a good match. Using your career objective to explain why you’re interested in the company shows you did your research.

Write your resume objective statement with a purpose. Whether you’re finishing school or coming out of retirement, your unique job search situation will dictate your approach.

The following are common reasons some job seekers might use a professional objective for a resume, with examples for each one.

You’re nearing high school or college graduation

If you want to finish high school or college with a job lined up, you must submit applications months before graduating. A career objective statement will help the employer understand how the skills you’ve developed in school will serve you well in the workplace.

Resume objective example:

Motivated high school senior graduating this spring with a track record of academic excellence looking for work in the retail industry. Intends to develop customer service and marketing skills while providing knowledge of latest trends and superb communications skills honed in year-long professional communications track.

The above resume objective works because it:

Tells the employer the applicant will be graduating.

Shares information about the applicant’s academic track (in this case, communications).

Explains how the educational path lines up with the job they are seeking.

Highlights the skills they would like to grow in the workplace, evidence that they are investing in their career.

You recently graduated

New graduates need to advocate for themselves without necessarily having the work experience employers prefer. Use a career objective statement to showcase how your specific achievements and skills will help an employer meet its goals.

Career objective example:

Recent graduate of the University of Kentucky skilled in social media marketing, analytics and copywriting seeking the role of social media marketing associate with Social Marketing, LLC. Aims to increase social media engagement, enhance brand awareness and diversify market reach for your firm. Well-developed social media and marketing knowledge, and skills as a marketing student and a volunteer working on Lexington’s Habitat for Humanity social media accounts.

Mentions the name of the company and the job title.

Explains how the applicant gained helpful knowledge and skills.

Shows understanding of the company and its product.

Details the applicant’s goals for the position.

Outlines the applicant’s intention to help the company succeed.

Pro tips for first-time job seekers

Volunteer work, part-time gigs and internships count as work experience, so you should mention them in your resume objective statement.

If you are a recent grad, you can highlight any relevant school studies that apply to the position.

You’re applying for an internship

Whether you’re changing career paths or fresh out of school, internships are a great way to experience a new field. Telling a prospective employer why you’re pursuing an internship, what you’d like to get out of it and how your skills make you a natural fit will go a long way in landing the gig.

Enterprising public health graduate student at San Diego State University seeking an internship with Manix. Offering proficiency in research, scheduling and records management, with a solid background in retrieving, analyzing and presenting data in meaningful formats. Eager to collaborate on results-driven public health research projects.

Immediately states the applicant’s relevant educational background.

Mentions a variety of skills (“research,” “scheduling,” “records management”) found in the job ad.

Emphasizes how the applicant meaningfully applied their data presentation skills.

Displays a willingness to learn and collaborate — essential traits for a successful intern.

You’re applying for your first job

Being direct about what you want increases your chances of landing a job. Resume objective statements will help you put your best foot forward. They provide insight into who you are, what you can do, what you want to do and what you offer the company.

Newly licensed, ASE-certified automobile mechanic seeking employment in a fast-paced shop. Fast learner with a friendly personality who likes to work with customers as much as on cars. Can perform diagnostic repairs on all makes and models of domestic and imported cars and trucks.

Kicks off with the critical fact that this applicant is licensed and certified.

Mentions “fast-paced shop,” which shows an expectation to work hard and quickly.

Displays customer service skills not possessed by all mechanics.

Showcases playfulness and strong writing skills with the line “likes to work with customers as much as on cars.”

Drives home the core skill set in the closing line.

You’re trying a different career path

An objective statement can help you stand out even if your skills are not a one-to-one match to the job at hand. Use your message to explain why you want to change careers and to point out how your transferable skills will make you a valuable asset.

Motivated corporate benefits administrator with three years of experience in the financial services industry making a career change to banking. Will transfer financial acumen and demonstrated success in budget analysis and compliance to the bank teller position at National Credit Union. Natural attention to detail and superior customer service skills will benefit your organization’s customer retention goals.

The above career objective works because it:

Includes applicant’s history in corporate benefits administration.

Emphasizes related and transferable skills and how they apply to the new position.

Uses words such as “certain” and “superior” that convey confidence.

Mentions the organization’s goals and how they align with the applicant’s.

Specifies how the applicant will add value.

Contains power words “demonstrated success,” which invite the reader to learn more.

Pro tips for job changers

Highlight your transferable skills and how they can help you excel at the job in your career objective.

Back up your skills and successes with data. For example, “Introduced online ordering process, which increased profits by 38% in three months.”

You’ve hopped between jobs frequently

Some companies see frequent job-hopping as a red flag. While you shouldn’t address job-hopping directly (your cover letter would be a better forum), you can assuage their fears with a well-written objective statement that brings your fractured work experience together into a compelling whole.

Personable store associate with eight years of experience in retail sales and customer service seeking management role in Best Buy’s home entertainment department. Committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere, delivering memorable experiences and using advanced knowledge in consumer electronics and upselling techniques to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Lists the number of years working in the industry.

Uses words like “commitment” to hammer home that the applicant is a devoted employee.

Mentions “advanced knowledge” to accentuate the extent of relevant experience.

Explains how the applicant will bring their skills to bear on the bottom line.

You’re returning to the workforce after a long absence

You must be honest when explaining employment gaps to potential employers. Orville Pierson, the author of “The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search,” says that explaining yourself and giving context upfront can remove doubt from a hiring manager’s mind to see you as trustworthy. Bearing that in mind, it’s a good idea to mention the gap upfront in your objective statement.

Resume objective sample:

Accomplished and tenacious sales representative with ten years of experience in the automotive industry, returning to the workplace after year-long maternity leave. Aiming to apply in-depth knowledge of luxury automobiles, broad experience with diverse markets and solid prospecting skills to the role of sales consultant for Tesla of Northridge. Impressive track record of closures and knack for developing rapport with customers.

Explains how long the applicant has been out of the workforce and why.

Uses name of the company and the job title.

Mentions the job applicant’s number of years of related experience (optional).

Contains a balanced mix of hard and soft skills.

Uses power words such as “Impressive,” “in-depth” and “tenacious.”

Pro tips for formerly retired job seekers and those with employment gaps

Don’t hide your career gaps. Instead, use an objective statement to show how you developed in your time away and how that growth can positively impact the job at hand.

Do highlight appropriate classes, volunteer work, travel experiences or applicable hands-on skills you picked up inside and outside the workforce.

You were recently laid off or unemployed

Don’t be ashamed about unemployment. There is no need to explain a layoff in your objective statement — unless you’ve been out of the workforce for a very long time. In most cases, your statement can help you target and address the source of an employer’s concerns by highlighting your level of experience, skill set and commitment to your career goals.

Flexible and resourceful assembly line worker with more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry seeks a leadership position at Davison Automotive. Accomplished in reading blueprints, implementing processes and working in team-based environments. Prepared to take on increasing responsibility and grow with the company.

Lists various hard and soft skills, both of which will be critical in a management role.

Focuses on the future rather than lingering on a recent layoff or long-term unemployment.

Showcases extended experience (15+ years) in a single industry.

Stresses interest in taking on a more significant role in advancing career.

You want to get a different job at the same company

Let’s say you’ve enjoyed being a customer support supervisor for five years but a new sales assistant role at your company looks appealing. With hundreds of job seekers outside of the company competing for the same job, you’ll have to update your resume and send it through the system like everyone else. Let the hiring manager know you’re a top contender right away with a compelling career objective that tells them exactly why you want the job and what you bring to the table.

Dedicated and self-driven residential carpenter with 12 years of experience and commitment to quality seeking to continue service with Smith Property Group, Inc. in a new role as a residential project manager. Advanced from apprentice to journeyman carpenter and finally lead carpenter during my tenure. Will harness in-depth knowledge of the company’s policies, procedures and client base to help our company continue to succeed.

The above objective statement example works because it:

Highlights the job applicant’s long tenure with the company.

Shows a resounding rise in rank while at the same company.

Points to the applicant’s knowledge of the employer’s procedures, policies and clients.

Mentions the applicant’s goal of using their qualifications to help the company succeed.

Pro tips for a job switch at current company

Point out how your experiences from your current role can impact the job you’re trying to get.

Leverage your in-depth knowledge of the company to place yourself ahead of the pack.

You want to move into a permanent position

Once you’ve established a great relationship as a contractor with a company, you may want to take the next step and become a full-time employee. Use your resume objective to parlay your extensive experience working with the company and your in-depth knowledge of their policies and procedures into a standout candidacy.

Determined construction contractor with more than five years of experience serving Superior Construction in various roles seeking to transition to a full-time laborer position. Extensive knowledge of company safety procedures, equipment and job site needs. Interested in strengthening relationships within the company further to collaborate across departments and eventually take on a management role.

The above objective statement works because it:

Highlights the job applicant’s extended work experience with the company.

Clearly states they are looking to transition into a full-time position.

Highlights unique selling points only a long-time contractor would have, such as knowledge of the company’s procedures and policies.

Makes the transition sound easy by citing established relationships and interdepartmental collaboration.

Explains what the applicant would like to gain from a full-time position.

You’re relocating or you’re traveling from location to location

Employers tend to prefer local job applicants over those from out of town because it’s more convenient and costs less for them to do so. That’s some heavy competition for a job seeker looking for work while taking time for significant travel or moving to a different city, state or country.

That’s why it’s critical to be upfront about your intentions at the top of your resume. A good objective for a resume outlines your goals and what you offer which can lead to employers giving your application more consideration.

Avid traveler and blogger with three years of experience writing for travel and airline magazines desires freelance work with an international online publication. Willing to travel anywhere in search of a good story. Creative storyteller highly skilled in SEO, research, interviewing, fact-checking and copy editing. Punctual, curious and outgoing. Fluent in French and Mandarin.

Points to the job applicant’s experience writing for blogs and magazines.

Mentions that they are open to traveling anywhere.

Highlights their hard and soft skills.

Emphasizes language fluency.

Specifies that they are looking for freelance work online.

Pro tips for movers and travelers

Be honest! If you know you won’t arrive at the new location for a month, or if you’re job-hopping to make ends meet on your travels, then make that clear in your resume objective statement.

Don’t rely solely on your objective statement to explain your living situation. Remember — you have to keep it short and to the point. Use your cover letter to elaborate.

You have an employee referral

Employee referrals offer you a substantial advantage over other job seekers (as long as the referrer is in good standing with the company). Before you write your resume objective statement, interview your referral in detail to get more information about what the job entails, what the company needs and how your skills apply to the role. A detailed, specific statement is more likely to get you noticed.

Results-focused academic with in-depth mixed-methods research experience seeking to transition into UX Researcher role at SoundCode. Skilled in communicating research insights to diverse stakeholders and scaling practices across an organization. Looking to apply strengths to the product development process.

States upfront the applicant is changing industries by using the word “transition.”

Includes the phrase “results-focused.” The applicant is moving from academia, where the accumulation of knowledge is the focus, to an industry in which the bottom line takes precedent.

Integrates vital information — the need to appeal to stakeholders — gathered from the employee referral.

Shows knowledge of the space by mentioning “product development process.”

You’re applying for an unadvertised job opening

Sometimes you learn about a new opening that the employer hasn’t posted. This information gives you a phenomenal advantage when writing your career objective statement. However you heard about the position, you need to learn more. Ask your source for the skills and qualifications required for the role to target the right words in your statement.

Quality-driven line cook with more than five years of cooking experience seeking internal promotion to sous chef with Third Coast Catering. Since joining the company, I rose quickly from busser to line cook. Proven expertise in food preparation, time management and equipment upkeep will help me excel in overseeing a well-organized, calm and fast-paced kitchen for a diverse staff.

Touches on years of experience working for the company.

Shows a clear line of advancement to the current opening.

Meets critical criteria the applicant learned from their source within management — that the company is trying to foster a comfortable and diverse workplace.

Includes hard and soft skills the applicant knows the company is seeking.

You’re making a cold call

At least 70% of jobs are never even listed. Cold calls can help you tap into this vast, hidden job market. An effective resume objective statement should be as specific as possible. Research the company. Review recent job openings in your department of interest. Highlight relevant skills. Once you’ve prepped, it’s time to tailor your career objective.

Creative game developer offering more than six years of experience generating video game prototypes interested in a position in Avalanche Gaming’s programming department. Seeking new opportunities to bring my high-level coding, programming and bug resolution skills to bear on a company recognized for its innovative gameplay mechanics.

The above is a strong example of a resume objective because it:

Expresses interest in a specific department at the company.

Highlights an impressive level of experience.

Shows knowledge of why the company is successful (“innovative gameplay mechanics”).

Attaches core skill set to the company’s bottom line using words found in the company’s current programming job openings.

You can write a career objective for any job or industry. Here are a handful of examples to get you started.

Accounting resume objective example

Dynamic and highly qualified sales professional looking to transition into an entry-level position as an accountant. With extensive knowledge of accounting principles, record-keeping and compliance tracking, I believe I am well-positioned to help your organization meet its goals.

Accounting resume examples

Advertising career objective example

Recent graduate with three years of experience managing the advertising department for a college publication, interested in advancing a career in advertising. Passion for budget analysis and skills in resource management have prepared me to support businesses’ bottom line.

Advertising resume examples

Administrative resume objective example

Detail-oriented college sophomore seeking entry-level role as a data entry clerk at Memory Ventures. Knowledgeable in Excel and Google Sheets. Adept at organizing and cleaning data.

Administrative resume examples

Architecture career objective example

Accomplished architect with 15+ years’ experience designing residential projects, returning to workforce after extended break to care for elderly parents. Aiming to leverage in-depth policy and procedure knowledge and strong customer service skills into a managerial role at Hebron Architecture Services.

Architecture resume examples

Art resume objective example

Recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design seeking role as a curatorial assistant at the Folk Art Museum. Looking to build on three years of experience overseeing a university gallery space. Adept at communication, problem-solving and interpersonal collaboration. Up to date on contemporary art and culture.

Art resume examples

Banking resume objective example

Customer service professional interested in applying excellent communication and interpersonal skills to a bank teller role at Chase. Experienced in data entry and handling money. Can quickly memorize product details and increase customer satisfaction.

Banking resume examples

Biotech career objective example

Experienced laboratory assistant relocating to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, seeking a position at Biochem Industries. In-depth knowledge of equipment maintenance, routine laboratory procedures and hazardous material disposal. Aiming for a supervisory role in the long term.

Biotech resume examples

Communications resume objective example

Veteran beat reporter seeking to transition to a role as a communications manager. Developed in-depth subject-matter expertise in sports and entertainment. Aiming to apply knowledge, communication skills and extensive network of sources to support the mission of Red Bull North America.

Communications resume examples

Computer software career objective example

College senior interested in beginning computer programming career at an innovative start-up. Knowledgeable in Linux, C++, JavaScript, MySQL, Oracle, API design and SharePoint. Proven ability to deliver projects on deadline.

Computer software resume examples

Construction resume objective example

Construction project manager moving to the pacific northwest seeking a supervisory role at a local company. Experienced in training, coaching and mentoring, as well as overseeing master project schedules. Ability to triangulate the needs of architects, subcontractors and vendors would make me a valuable asset to any team.

Construction resume examples

Copywriting resume objective example

Creative and collaborative content writer with four years of experience on the marketing team at Creative Media. Self-starter who can write in various formats for multiple audiences, juggle several projects simultaneously, and work with stakeholders across departments. I would like to apply the skills I’ve developed in my current role to the new content manager position within the same team.

Copywriting resume examples

Culinary career objective example

Recent college graduate with plans to work in a tapas restaurant, traveling through Spain for the next three months, hoping to refine her Spanish-cooking skills through a part-time in-house chef position. Proficient in kitchen safety, food preparation and all basic cooking techniques.

Culinary resume examples

Customer service resume objective example

Customer service representative with more than five years of experience in retail, thrilled for the opportunity to use excellent interpersonal skills in a call center supervisor role. Offers deep knowledge of upselling techniques, motivational tactics and maintaining high customer service standards. Experience leading panels and coordinating sales conferences.

Customer service resume examples

Data and systems administration career objective example

Recent graduate of Penn State University skilled in data storage, performance testing and bug detection interested in a data scientist position with Data Dragon, LLC. Delivers accurate database documentation and assists in scheme design, code review and SQL deployments. Helped develop code for university web services.

Data and systems administration resume examples

Dentistry resume objective example

Dental assistant with more than five years of experience relocating to the Sacramento area seeking a position at Johnson Dentistry. Present an upbeat, positive attitude with excellent communication skills, computer knowledge and tool maintenance. Interested in furthering my education to take on greater responsibilities.

Dentistry resume examples

Engineering career objective example

Accomplished civil engineer with more than 20 years of experience seeking engineering position with the City of Austin, returning to the workforce after a five-year break to raise a child. Masterful knowledge of environmental laws and building codes. Proficient in analyzing risk, procuring permits and conducting surveys.

Engineering resume examples

Film resume objective example

Recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago seeking a role as a videographer in Ursula Films’ marketing department. Delivered original video content for college newspaper on a weekly deadline. Shot and recorded on location and remote. Skilled in storyboarding.

Film resume examples

Health care resume objective example

Example of a medical receptionist transitioning to a new role at the same organization:

Highly-organized medical receptionist with four years of experience at Sutter Health aiming to transition into a medical billing role. Skilled in privacy compliance, filing medical records and maintaining a good attitude. Knowledgeable in our hospital system’s specific practices and procedures.

Health care resume examples

Hospitality resume objective sample

Server with more than three years of experience in fine dining, excited for a chance to bring my sales and customer support experience to a hotel concierge role. Offers deep knowledge of local culture, restaurants and nightlife. Experience leading tours as a summer volunteer with the National Park Service.

Hospitality resume examples

Human resources resume objective example

Seasoned human resources coordinator with deep knowledge of training, onboarding, performance management and policy implementation. I am looking to apply my financial acumen with demonstrated success in budget development to a role as a payroll administrator with a large corporation.

Human resources resume examples

Information technology career objective example

Long-time IT consultant for Innersystems seeking to fill the company’s recently posted IT manager role. Offering more than five years experience conducting network and data security checks for Innersystems. Interested in furthering my in-depth knowledge of the company policies, procedures and network structure to help advance your goals.

Information technology resume examples

Insurance resume objective example

Detail-oriented insurance professional with expertise in homeowners’ insurance relocating to Evansville, Indiana. Seeking claims adjuster position at Allstate with an opportunity to grow. In-depth knowledge of explaining policy coverage, investigating claims and coordinating vendor services.

Insurance resume examples

Legal career objective example

Diligent and accurate paralegal with five years of experience working for the Superior Court of New York seeking an opportunity to help grow a small litigation practice. Obtained Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP) certificate while on year-long medical leave recently. Can assist with all aspects of case management, including pre-trial preparation, depositions and discovery.

Legal resume examples

Medical resume objective example

Experienced radiology technician relocating to Florida in January in search of a job within the Tampa Bay area. Well-versed in routine radiology procedures, operating mobile equipment and patient care. Compassionate, patient and empathic with well-honed customer care skills.

Medical resume examples

Nursing career objective sample

Newly certified professional caregiver seeking entry-level role at the Senior Care Center. Returning to workforce after two years tending to grandmother’s needs. In this time, honed skills in routine activities like bathing, eating, dressing, grooming and physical therapy and medication monitoring.

Nursing resume examples

Retail resume objective example

Versatile retail associate relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area seeking a seasonal sales associate role at Crate and Barrel. Recognized for meeting sales goals and using upselling techniques without losing sight of customer comfort and satisfaction. Hope to transition to full-time.

Retail resume examples

Sales resume objective example

Astute and performance-driven senior project manager with 10 years of experience at ABC Sales who wants to transition to an account manager position in the same division. I am ready to apply my attention to detail, time management, organizational and relationship-building skills to establish trusted business relationships with customers and prospects to surpass the company’s sales goals.

Sales resume examples

Security resume objective example

Recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business management thrilled for the opportunity to take on a loss prevention role at Costco Wholesale. Knowledgeable in security techniques and theft deterrence. Passionate advocate for fostering a safe, positive atmosphere for customers.

Security resume examples

Social work career objective example

Compassionate and attentive social worker seeking a position working with at-risk youth in residential facilities as a case manager . Returning to the U.S. after a three-year stint with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. Eager to apply new sets of skills to my original career path. Fluent in Spanish.

Social work resume examples

Teaching resume objective example

Patient and energetic retiree with decades of experience as a high school teacher looking for a tutoring job in a community service organization. Able to ideate and implement activities that gain students’ interest and participation. Recognized for creating individualized lessons based on students’ needs. Impeccable listening and behavior modification skills.

Teaching resume examples

Now that you’re armed with resume objective examples, you’re ready to start writing. We’ve compiled a list of critical “do’s and don’ts” to help you draft an effective career objective statement.

We have plenty of additional resources to help with every aspect of your resume.

What is a career objective for a resume?

How should i use general resume objective examples, how do i describe my job objective for a resume.

Be concise. Aim for no more than three sentences.

Write a new objective for each job.

Focus on the employer’s needs.

Talk up your most relevant skills.

Mention your experience in the field if you have any.

What can I put on my resume instead of an objective statement?

How do you write a resume objective as a student, what shouldn’t be included in a general objective for a resume.

Lies. It pays to be honest!

Your hobbies or personal interests.

What you want to gain from the job.

More than three sentences.

Grammar and spelling mistakes.

What can I put on my resume instead of a career objective statement?

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