How to download a Prezi presentation?

You can download a Prezi presentation with the Prezi Desktop App. Follow these steps;

  • Launch the Prezi Desktop App.
  • Find the Prezi to download.
  • Click on the three dots icon (this will open a new tab with the Prezi Card)
  • Click on the download Prezi button on the export section.
  • Choose between Presenting on Windows or Mac.
  • Click on export and choose where to save the Prezi on your computer.

There is also the possibility to sync your Prezi Desktop App with the cloud account. In this way, you won’t have your Prezi downloaded, but you will be able to present and edit offline.

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How to download a presentation from Prezi?

How to download a presentation from Prezi NEXT?


Thanks getting back…So do I have to upgrade my account to PREZI PLUS as my licenses is Pro(PREZI Classic) and Basic (PREZI NEXT)…

It is weird my PREZI NEXT license still in basic status but the PREZI CLASSIC one is pro already.

So it is impossible to download a presentation in NEXT without buying the PRO account? In Classic you could not edit, but you could present. Is this rightly understood?

I’ve updated your Prezi Next account to Premium. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I used to export my classics to a showable presentation file that I could use if my internet-connection was bad. But this feature has disappeared in the free version? So sad that you destroy your product, this means that NEXT will be completely worthless if I don’t go PRO. But I guess that is what you want all the way, to force us to choose the PRO version by taking away features in the “new improved version”.

Old Public license holders still have access to exporting portable prezis in Prezi Classic, but this feature is not available with either Basic licenses (Prezi Next) or newer Public licenses (Prezi Classic). Sorry for any inconvenience.

Excuse me Vera. How can export a prezi file from my Prezi Next for offline presentation? Before I make this always with Prezi Classic. I need this… Thks

@Gianpiero_Strisciugl Exporting a downloaded presentation is only possible through the Prezi Next desktop application. To access the desktop app, you need a Prezi Next Plus license. I hope it helps!

Sorry, how to download my prezi in prezi next?

Please see @Vanda ’s reply above.

I agree with @Olof_Brandt This is a really disappointing feature of Prezi Next. I have spent hours on two Prezis in particular that I’ll be using later in the week. I was used to being able to download the Prezi before I left town only to find this feature was unavailable with Prezi Next. I am not sure if the place I will be presenting will have appropriate wifi. With just a couple of days until the presentation, I’m left in a bind. Not sure why going to a newer version helps if it loses the functionality I enjoyed before. I have loved using Prezi in the past. This will not make me more likely to use it in the future based on current subscription rates.

Why don’t I have the option to download my presentation? I have a Prezi Plus account… Also why is there no way to get in contact with Prezi about this?? Very disappointed at the moment.

Exporting a presentation as a standalone file is only possible from the desktop application. Please open your Prezi Next desktop app and follow the steps of this article .

As for submitting a help request, based on your license type you should be able to reach out to our Premium Support Team. We’ll have a look into this issue and fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, we’re very sorry for any inconvenience!

I can download a Prezi Classic Presentation as Educational account, but not a Prezi Next Presentation…We don’t allways have Wlan in the school and I want to be sure, that I can do my lesson without problems!

Downloading a presentation as a portable presentation or a PDF file is possible with a Plus or Edu Plus license in Prezi Next.

I am a longtime Prezi user (edu account). The change to Next has been challenging, but I understand it was inevitable because of the imminent demise of Flash. However, I cannot understand the policy changes made unilaterally and without informing users. I am referring specifically to the restrictions to downloading Prezis. I have a meeting in Mexico in a few days and have two Prezi Next presentations I have been working on. Never mind the multiple system crashes due to the hogging of resources… But when I finished one of the Prezis and went to download it to install into my pen drive, I find that I cannot do that unless I upgrade to Edu Plus. In the past I loved Prezi so much that I would have upgraded. But not now. There is still a lot of debugging to be done, features to be reinstated or retooled and the unexpected policy changes are too much as is, without having to pay for what was a free service. As a consumer, I am angry and disappointed. With my cooler, MBA hat on, I am puzzled why you did not plan out a better strategy, such as giving all Classic users a free automatic trial of all the plus features, stating clearly the losses if the upgrade was not made at the end of the trial period. I for one, would have upgraded. What a shame that such a great product will not survive the tech changes, not bc of the tech, but bc of bad policy implementation… Such is the rise and fall of businesses I guess.

We understand that those of you who began using Prezi Classic might miss some features that were included in the old license packages. Please note that with the release of Prezi Next, the new licenses don’t exactly mirror the features of their pairs in Prezi Classic. Please also note that since November 2015, the free portable presentation download possibility was discontinued in Prezi Classic, as well, only users registering before this date could keep this feature without upgrading.

We are sorry if it caused any confusion or put extra work on your shoulders. On our new pricing page , you can get an overview of what the new feature packages look like or you can also take a look at this article providing further insight into all the licenses.

How to Save a Prezi

Last Updated: September 15, 2021

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With Prezi, you can create and share presentations online that aren't limited by features available in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. However, you generally need an internet connection to use and save a Prezi to the cloud. This wikiHow will teach you how you can save a Prezi to your computer so you can use it without connection to the internet.

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1. Go to . 2. Sign in or create an account. 3. Download the Prezi desktop app. 4. Log in. 5. Create a new presentation or select an existing one. 6. Go to your dashboard. 7. Click the three-dot menu icon in the bottom right corner of the presentation thumbnail you want to download. 8. Click Download . 9. Choose where you want to save the presentation and click OK . Did this summary help you? Yes No

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How to Download All Images from a Prezi


Have you ever wanted to download images or videos from your Prezi onto your computer?

Since the launch of Prezi, it has always been quite difficult to download of the original images or videos that you’ve already inserted into your presentation.

However with the launch of Prezi Next, extracting and download images (or videos) from your own or even someone else’s presentation is quite simple.

In fact I don’t think it can get any easier than this!

However there are various options, as it largely depends on whether you need all images, a single image, video or even content from someone else’s Prezi.

So let’s look at all the different options for downloading content from a Prezi and see which one is suitable for you:

Method 1 – Download All Content (images + videos) from Your Own Prezi

This first method is great if you need to download all the images and videos from your own Prezi.

It also works for both Prezi Classic and Prezi Next presentations (they both have separate Desktop App, or you can also convert your Prezi Classic to Prezi Next and use the method below.)

NB: If you only need to download 1 or a few images, then consider using the second method, as that is much faster!

But if you need all the content, then do it like this: 1) Open the Prezi Desktop App (example created in Prezi Next and Windows operating system)

2) Find your presentation and export it as a Portable Prezi

prezi presentation herunterladen

3) Find the .exe file you just exported, right-click on the file and choose “Extract to “Prezi WIN YOUR_PREZI_NAME

prezi presentation herunterladen

This will create a new folder with all the Prezi content inside.

4) Inside that new folder, navigate to \contents.portable\images

prezi presentation herunterladen

5) and voila! Absolutely all the media content from your Prezi is listed in this folder:

prezi presentation herunterladen

Method 2 – Download Images One-by-One from an Online Prezi Presentation (Also Works if The Prezi is Not Yours)

(if your Prezi is private, you should use the method described in the previous section with Prezi Desktop)

If your Prezi is public, do it like this:

1) Go to the public URL of your Prezi like this:

You might want to log-out if you are viewing your own Prezi (because it will open in edit view, instead of presentation view which we need), or use the incognito tab.

2) On the new Prezi URL, there is also an Outline section, where all slides are shown as static images.

prezi presentation herunterladen

Simply scroll down and find a slide which includes the images(s) you are looking for.

3) You’ll be taken to a new page which includes the overview of the slide…

however when you scroll down further, you’ll also see the section named “Visuals” with all the images used on that slide in full size.

Right click on the image you need, and depending on your web browser, you’ll an option to download the original image like this (Chrome)

prezi presentation herunterladen

Download Just the Background Image of Your Online Prezi (Inside the Edit Mode – for Advanced Users)

Sometimes you just might want to download the original full-size background image of your Prezi presentation.

You can use both of the above methods for achieving this, however this trick is for the lazy people, because there is no need to leave the edit mode of your Prezi…

Do it like this: 1) inside your Prezi edit mode, click on Style menu

2) hover over the Background area and make a right-click

3) then choose “Inspect” (In Chrome – might be different in other browsers)

4) Click on the DIV with the class= sc-hizQCF dlQVah

5) This will reveal the URL to the full background image, which you can insert into the address bar and download your image in full size:

prezi presentation herunterladen

That was it – 3 methods for downloading the original images from your Prezi.

If you wish to save a quick screenshot from your Prezi from any slide, you can also use a method described in this blog post.

I hope this tutorial was helpful, but if you need help with downloading images, don’t hesitate to share your ideas or questions in the comments.

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Too many thanks!!!!

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Prezi Download for Free - 2023 Latest Version


prezi presentation herunterladen

While Prezi has a Basic Plan that is free, if you want to download the software and create presentations offline you will need to sign up for one of its premium plans. The good news is with a 7-day free trial (sometimes it’s extended to 14-days), you can create your presentation and cancel the subscription before you’re ever charged .

How to Download Prezi For Free (Credit Card or PayPal Required)

Prezi Total Billed Now

How to Cancel Your Prezi Subscription

If you’re only planning on using Prezi for a short time, I recommend that you cancel the subscription right after you complete the purchase. The account will stay active until the next billing cycle, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to cancel the subscription.

Prezi Account settings

How to Uninstall Prezi

If Prezi isn’t the right presentation tool for you, or your free trial has ended, check out the free alternatives below . You can completely remove Prezi Next from your computer in 3 simple steps.

Add or Remove Program

Prezi Overview

If you’re looking to create beautiful presentations that don’t have the dated corporate look of PowerPoint, Prezi is for you. Instead of presenting a slide show, your presentation will be displayed on an animated canvas that moves along the path you create. It uses a zoom in and out style to highlight the section of the presentation you’re presenting.

Easy To Use

Creating an animated presentation may sound intimidating, but in reality, the software is very easy to use . Start off by choosing from the hundreds of templates or work with a blank canvas. Then, create your presentation path and add in the text, images, and videos to your Prezi. Each new section will mark a new spot along your presentation path. The Prezi will zoom in and out of each section, and your presentation will look like it was created by a professional.

Collaborate with Others

Sharing a Prezi is really simple. All the work is saved to the cloud, which means instead of uploading a large file, you can just send a link . If you want, you can give others access to edit the Prezi. You’ll be able to see who is currently viewing or editing your Prezi because the other users’ initials will appear on the side of the section they are working on.

Prezi Video

If public speaking or giving presentations is something you’d rather avoid, Prezi Video can be helpful. Use your webcam to record the spoken part of your presentation and then use the editing tools to sync it up with the Prezi display. This feature can use some improvements as the editing tools for the video are pretty limited.

Alternatives to Prezi

Is there a free version of Prezi?

Yes, Prezi Basic is 100% free, although it’s very limited. You will be able to create and share presentations and even use the Prezi cloud storage. However, it’s strictly an online subscription and you won’t be able to download the software or your presentation.

Can I import PowerPoint slides to Prezi?

Yes. Prezi makes it easy to upload PowerPoint slides to your Prezi presentation. Just click on the Convert PowerPoint button and you’ll be able to add PowerPoint slides to your Prezi presentation.

Can I download a Prezi presentation?

You can only download Prezis that are created on the desktop app. To do this, you will need a Plus subscription or higher. When the Prezi is completed, click on the 3 dots on the presentation’s thumbnail and then click on the Download button on the panel on the right side.

Can I download Prezi Classic?

Prezi Classic is an older version of Prezi that is still available for download on the Prezi website. Unfortunately, you can’t create a new Prezi classic account. The only people who can use it must have an account that was created before April 2017.


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