Maker Marquee


Introduction: Maker Marquee

Maker Marquee


I teach a Maker course at a Middle School so I thought it would be fun to create a sign above my classroom door that advertises the course. The sign is 3D printed and mounted on a piece of wood. Inside the letters are a series of NeoPixels that shine through the plastic letter covers. The NeoPixels can be programmed via an Arduino Pro Trinket. This sign shows students how to combine Art with the technologies of 3D printing and Coding. This project can be made without the electronics if you only want the 3D printed sign. The Maker sign also has a 3D printed version of "Makey" (the mascot from Maker Faire). He can be left out to create an even simpler design as well.

Skill Level: Moderate-Advanced

Prior Knowledge: This Instructable assumes you are already familiar with using an Arduino UNO/Adafruit Pro-Trinket as well as a 3D printer.

Supplies Needed:

Supplies for Just the Sign:

Supplies for the Electronics:

Step 1: Print All the 3D Parts

Print All the 3D Parts

Each letter is made up of 4 different parts. All the parts are printed in PLA. Here is a description of each part using the letter "M" as an example:

Filament Colors :

The letter and LED frames both have mounting holes that will allow you to screw them onto the board.

After printing the chest symbols for Makey, glue them onto the the front of the Makey Insert. Also, I used a black sharpie pen to color around the plastic eye coverings on the back of the Makey Insert so NeoPixels 0 and 1 only show up in the eye sockets for Makey when they turn on (see photos).


Step 2: prepare the board.

Prepare the Board

I mounted the letters to a piece of wood that measures 34" x 7.25".

download {{ }}

Step 3: Prepare the Electronics for Each LED Part

Prepare the Electronics for Each LED Part

Makey is more complicated than the rest of the parts so I would start with the letter "M". Once all the letters are completed, finish off Makey last.

Step 4: Test the LEDs

Before assembling the LED holders into the Frames, it would be a good idea to test each one to make sure they work properly.

Before continuing, you should take some time to become familiar with how to use NeoPixels so I have attached the Adafruit-NeoPixel-Uberguide here. Even though we are not using the traditional "strings" of NeoPixels our "custom strings" will be wired the same way. Pay close attention to pages 35-41 in this guide specifically.

Step 5: Attach the NeoPixels to the LED Holders

Attach the NeoPixels to the LED Holders

Once all of the testing has been completed you can now attach each set to the LED Holders.

Step 6: Mount the LED Sets

Mount the LED Sets

Once the LED sets have been tested it is time to mount them onto the wood.

After running this sketch, all of the NeoPixels will should turn on in sequence. If this is working correctly, move on to the next step.

Step 7: Assemble the Pro-Trinket Case and Electronics

The control system can either be the Arduino Uno you have been using or the Adafruit Pro-Trinket. I used the Trinket to keep the size of the control unit as small as possible. The case you use can be anything you have laying around but I have created a case that can be 3D printed if you want to use it. Best practice for NeoPixels (according to the Uberguide) says to turn on power to the NeoPixels before adding power to the Pro-Trinket (shutting off the unit should go in the reverse order) so I have included 2 switches to do that. The switch closest to the DC jack (SW1) turns on power to the NeoPixels and the next switch (SW2) turns on power to the Trinket. I have added a 5 second delay into the sketch so the Pixels don't start up right away.

Step 8: Add the Marquee Sketch

If you are using the Pro-Trinket there are a few changes to make in the Arduino IDE.

If all goes well your Marquee will come to life!!

Step 9: Add the Cover Plates

Add the Cover Plates

If the Marquee is working correctly you can go ahead and add the Inserts to each section. You should be able to push them in with some slight pressure. If the board you are using isn't quite flat you may have to persuade the Inserts to go in better by giving them a slight twist. If you need to remove one your best bet is to attach some masking tape to it and pull them up or gently pry them with a tiny flat head screwdriver..

Step 10: Mount the Maker Marquee

Mount the Maker Marquee

The way I mounted my Marquee is by screwing it to the wall with 4 large screws that were 2 inches long each. Instead of having the screw heads showing, I 3D printed washers and caps that look like the ends of bolts that can be hot glued to the top of the screw head as seen in the photo.

Congratulations. Your are finished!! Remember you can use these ideas to create your own original sign in the future :)

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Version 3.25.0

Bug fixes and performance improvement

Ratings and Reviews

1.8K Ratings

Highly Recommended!!!

I only installed this Unique App yesterday and already in love with their operating system. They took their time to beautify everything about this App, it’s mouth opening with the premium version plus it’s cheap. I don’t normally write feedbacks whether I got what I expect or not... So Whoever reading this feedback, I want you to know this app is highly recommended. Quality not Quantity!!!!

Soo fun and easy

I had literally downloaded about 15 apps similar and this is by far the easiest and fun of all. Especially the ease of adding music and the ability of the app to get the timing a precise that it looks like the animals and or people are performing it. BTW: i’m 56 so if i say it’s easy then it will be cake for you.

This app is the best photo editing app

This app is very good great videos that I’m making I have not spent any money and I love it!!! Thanks for this app I am addicted to just edit a lot of my bad selfies! Thanks again and please make the songs longer

App Privacy

The developer, QuVideo Inc. , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese

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25 Best Free Slideshow Makers of 2023 (Desktop, Online & Apps)

Try Movavi Slideshow Maker!

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Join slides with dynamic transitions

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Do you love taking a lot of photographs? Is videography one of your hobbies of choice? Are you seeking an excellent way to highlight your work? Whatever you require, the best slideshow maker allows you to restore your video and photo memories for a lifetime. What’s more, most of the software available today is free.

Fortunately, you will find many best free slideshow makers with music available today, running on Mac, Windows, mobile devices, and web. In this blog post, we will present everything you need to create the best photo slideshow software you can find in the market these days.

Are you now ready? Let’s dive in!

Desktop software – Windows & Mac:

Movavi Slideshow Maker , ThunderSoft Free Slideshow Maker , Free Bolide Slideshow Creator , Apple iMovie , NCH PhotoStage , Focusky Presentation Maker , Freemake Video Converter , DaVinci Resolve , Microsoft PowerPoint , Icecream Slideshow Maker

Online Tools:

Fastreel , Renderforest , PixTeller Slideshow Maker , Adobe Spark , InVideo , Kizoa Slideshow Maker , Kapwing , Promo , Smilebox

Android Apps:

Movavi Clips , Pixgram , MoShow

iOS Apps [iPhone & iPad]:

SlideLab , Slide Maker , Videoshop

Best free photo slideshow software for desktop – Windows & Mac

The best free photo slideshow software is no doubt a vital tool for most people. No matter if you are putting together a photo collection for family, a business presentation, or just a simple slideshow with music. Whatever you require, the best slideshow maker which offers high-quality and professional results will be something you’ll wish to use.

Let’s take a look at the best desktop choice for Windows and Mac.

1. Movavi Slideshow Maker

OS : Windows, macOS

Licensing : free 7-day trial, paid subscription or lifetime version

Size : 58.2 MB

Our rating : 10/10

First on our list is Movavi Slideshow Maker. If you want to make a stunning slideshow from pictures or videos and add some music, this software is the easiest solution. Its intuitive interface allows you to use a large number of editing features and over 150 effects and filters. With this program, you can create amazing movies, even if you are a complete beginner.

Movavi’s slideshow maker software allows you to save your photo or video slideshow in all popular video formats and enables uploading it straight to YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive. This program has a trial version that you can download for free.

Key Features :

Save time with automatic slideshow creation

Join slides with dynamic transitions, enhance picture quality

Make your slideshow more personal by adding voice over

Adjust the images to the beat of the music

Sleek design and intuitive interface

Automatic slideshow creation

Plenty of editing features

Some features behind a paywall

2. ThunderSoft Free Slideshow Maker

OS : Windows

Licensing : free version, paid extended version

Size : 31.4 MB

Our rating : 7/10

ThunderSoft Free Slideshow Maker is an excellently simple-to-use software package that allows you to create slideshow from your videos and pictures. You can include transition effects, play music, apply captions, use clip art, and so much more.

Create HTML5 videos

Export directly to YouTube right from the app

More than 70 different templates

Export as ready-to-use HTML code

Multilanguage support

Wide range of ready-made templates

Outdated design

3. Free Bolide Slideshow Creator

Licensing : free

Size : 8.6 MB

Our rating : 6/10

This one of the best slideshow makers with music provides different customization features that include effects, tunes, and transitions. The good thing about this software is that you can easily drag images on the timeline at the bottom of the page. You can also customize the preferred way by clicking on the “effects,” “transitions,” and “audio files” tab on top.

Media library

Audio tools

Brand overlay

Speed adjustment

HD resolution support

Video stabilization

Only basic features

Old-fashioned design

Size : 466 MB

This famous photo slideshow maker with music from Apple has been around for quite a long time, and it has focused only on its one philosophy: ease of use in an elegant and clean interface. It’s a perfect place to begin if you prefer to learn to edit videos. That’s because the basic workflow of the software is the same as that of more sophisticated software.

Plenty of built-in effects

Free-to-use soundtracks

Green screen effects

Excellent design

4K-resolution support

Available for mobile devices

Not available for Windows

5. NCH PhotoStage

Licensing : free version, paid home and pro versions

Size : 5.5 MB

The optimal slideshow software is NCH PhotoStage, for its easy operations and strong functionality. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to grasp the employing tricks within a few glances even if you are not computer savvy. What’s more, you can easily personalize your slideshow by including background music, transitions, as well as a time interval between each picture.

Wide range of export features

Embedded photo editing tools

Computer library of built-in effects

Real-time preview

Video formats support

Audio editing features

6. Focusky Presentation Maker

Licensing : free version, paid subscription or lifetime version

Size : 273.54 MB

Our rating : 8/10

On the other hand, Focusky is a fully-featured best free slideshow maker with music made to help you make captivating offline and online documents for work or study. These files can be shared through Windows, Mac, or online. Therefore, the software allows you to make dynamic presentations that can be distributed to a vast number of users. That’s true irrespective of the operating system they use.

Screen sharing

Offline editing


Customizable templates

Built-in media library

Excellent web work environment

The full version may seem a little bit expensive

7. Freemake Video Converter

Licensing : free version, paid pro version

Size : 50 MB

Freemake Video Converter is another software that enables businesses and individuals to make broadcast-quality videos and professional logos. You see, it’s a rather simple video creator that helps you create beautiful and powerful videos swiftly and effortlessly.

Sharing to social media right from the program

DVD burning

Ready-to-use HTML code for websites and blogs

Simple interface

Mobile screen support

Blu-ray support

Watermark in the free version

8. DaVinci Resolve

OS : macOS, Windows, Linux

Size : 1.6 GB

Our rating : 9/10

You can make videos for different uses within a few minutes, ranging from commercials, infographics, slideshows, and a lot more. With this platform, your imagination is only the limit. DaVinci Resolve has a vast video template catalog too, where you can pick your desired preset and begin your work from there.

Color correction tools

Sound editing station

Blackmagic RAW and MP4 format support

High-quality visual effects

Audio mixing

Professional video editor

9. Microsoft PowerPoint

Licensing : free trial, paid home and business licenses

Size : 700 MB

In case you didn’t know yet, PowerPoint functions by automating the process of making presentations by just automating the slideshow making procedure. If you are a user, all you need to do is upload images and choose a template of your choice, and the software does the rest.

Plenty of ready-made templates

Slides with animated transitions

Ease of use

Animation and transitions

Customizable themes

3D object support

Limited functionality

No video export

10. Icecream Slideshow Maker

Size : 20.8 MB

Icecream’s slideshow maker with music is another software where you can make a slideshow with any choice of music. It’s a flexible platform that enables you to create, collaborate, share, and present presentations and documents. Along with editing and drag-and-drop features, this photo slideshow maker is undoubtedly a responsive and flexible video creator.

User-friendly interface

Looping music

4K format support

Various export formats

High-quality video processing

No multiplatform

Trial limitations

Best free online slideshow makers

Free online slideshow makers do not fundamentally differ from each other and many desktop applications. Anyway, we'll point out some general information and their features.

11. Fastreel

Licensing : free version, subscription to the premium version

Fastreel is a simple online editor from Movavi. With its help, you can edit and cut videos and slideshows right in your browser. Registration is not required. The website has two options: online editing tools and ready-made templates.

Online video editing tools

Video compression

Merge and cut videos

Video looping

Free-to-use with unlimited functionality

No previous experience needed

Wide range of video editing options

12. Renderforest

Licensing : free version, subscription plans

Renderforest offers pretty good online tools to create high-quality videos, logos, mockups, and websites with minimal investment of time and effort. Use easily customizable scenes to create engaging videos in just minutes.

24/7 live support

Different templates

Modern design

Easy-to-edit templates

2D and 3D animation

Inability to create square videos

13. PixTeller Slideshow Maker

Licensing : free version, premium subscription plans

PixTeller is incredibly simple and straightforward to use. There are no ads; it starts quickly and works with no freezes. There is no limit for photos to upload. You can add beautiful transitions between photos, as well as music.

Custom title fonts

Download as PNG, JPG, or PDF

Automated publishing

Content management

No official tutorials are available

14. Adobe® Spark®

Licensing : free version, paid subscription

Adobe ® Spark ® is an integrated suite of multimedia content creation applications for mobile and web applications developed by Adobe ® . It consists of three separate design apps: Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video.

Video montage

Lots of templates

Step-by-step instructions

Absolutely free version

Share on social media

Easily adaptable layouts

Beautiful designs

Lack of available customizations

Difficult registration

15. InVideo

InVideo aims at the business and any other people who make presentations for professional purposes. It offers all the basic features you need to create an amazing video, from small intros to a full-fledged promotion video.

Supportive staff 24/7

Updates and improvements based on user feedback

Control over all aspects

Privacy options

Text overlay

Video capture

Registration required

16. Kizoa Slideshow Maker

Licensing : free and paid versions

This online software offers a solution for the biggest challenges for photography experts, which is storing and managing RAW files. The business version gives you unlimited storage space for RAW files, regardless of file type.

Ability to create your own GIFs

Cloud storage space

Customer support

Rich export options

Full HD video processing

Pay once, no annual/monthly payments

Limited functionality in basic and starter packs

Duration limitations

17. Kapwing

Kapwing offers many tools for online video editing – and they are outstanding. One of the best features is Subtitler, which allows you to autogenerate subtitles for video in almost any language. And this is really useful!

Multi-language support

AI auto-generated subtitles

Free version available

No music library

No social sharing

Promo is a web-based visual content creation platform. This powerful web slideshow creator is a perfect choice if you don’t have much free time. What is more, it has a trial version, but you can also purchase a premium version.

Working online without any downloading needed

Great for making promo videos and ads for various social media

Animated subtitles

Easy sharing of slideshows

Large collection of templates

No ability to download created videos in the free version

Certain features can be a little tricky to use

19. Smilebox

Smilebox offers an easy way to create animated slideshows and offers a variety of templates for doing so. Although Smilebox has a free version, many features require a subscription. Apart from the web version, Smilebox offers separate installers for Windows and Mac.

Categories for templates

Includes templates for greeting cards, photo albums, and scrapbooks

Storage space for created slideshows

Wide range of templates

Easy to save and share slideshows

The interface can be confusing sometimes

Most of the features and templates require a subscription

Best free slideshow creators – for Android

20. movavi clips.

Licensing : free version and paid versions

Size : 74 MB

Movavi Clips is an easy-to-use picture slideshow maker available for both Android and iOS. With this app, you can quickly turn your pictures into a slideshow video: upload your photographs to the app, add filters and effects, add transitions and music. You can also share the results with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Free to use slideshow software

Fast performance

21. Pixgram

Size : 10 MB

Our rating : 5/10

With Pixgram, you can create a slideshow in three simple steps. It has all the same features as any online slideshow maker: mix pictures and videos into a collage, add music and video filters, and others. Developers claim that you can export the resulting video in HD quality.

Video filters

Instant sharing to social media

Adjustable exports settings

Music adding

Restrictions in the free version

Size : 100 MB

Developed by Picadelic, this online alternative to the best free slideshow-making apps is a good choice if you plan to post your slideshow on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The app has a variety of different cinematic effects for your slideshow. Note that if you’re using a free version of this app, you can save videos up to 30 seconds long.

More than 40 different styles

Instant previews

Mixed transitions

Glitch effects

Slick design

Good performance

Reliability of work

Limited functionality in the free version

Poor export video quality

Best free slideshow maker apps – for iOS [iPhone & iPad]

23. slidelab.

Licensing : free with in-app purchases

Size : 205.2 MB

SlideLab offers many useful features – you can touch up pictures using filters, add transitions and background soundtrack, and many more. Save a slideshow on your phone or easily share it on social media.

Add your choice of music

Edit and crop

Use different themes

Pretty good design


Main features behind a paywall

24. Slide Maker

Size : 54.9 MB

With Slide Maker, you can enhance your photographs with filters, add free built-in or your own soundtracks to a slideshow, crop, and rotate pictures. This free slideshow-making app also adjusts the length of your slideshow for Instagram.

Create photo slideshows

Add stylish transitions

Pretty good video edits

A free-to-use app

Reliable performance

Strict limitations unless you pay

No import from iCloud

25. Videoshop

Size : 147.6 MB

Videoshop is a powerful video editor that you can also use as a picture slideshow maker. It has a wide range of features: add music and sound effects, trim and rotate, apply filters and stickers. Additionally, the app provides advanced options, such as tilt-shift, distort effect, and screen capturing.

Enables video-editing options

Screen capture capability

Music and sounds processing

High-tech design

Video-editing tools

There are many so-called best slideshow makers for different devices with different capabilities. But if you’re seeking not a really reliable solution for your PC instead of any mobile or online slideshow makers – we recommend you to opt for Movavi’s video slideshow maker. It’s the best value for money mixed with a sleek design, fast performance, and a wide range of functionality. Check all the benefits you can get from this app right now!

Comparison of the best slideshow makers

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Windows, macOS

free 7-day trial, paid subscription or lifetime version

ThunderSoft Free Slideshow Maker

free version, paid extended version

Free Bolide Slideshow Creator

NCH PhotoStage

free version, paid home and pro versions

Focusky Presentation Maker

free version, paid subscription or lifetime version

Freemake Video Converter

free version, paid pro version

DaVinci Resolve

macOS, Windows, Linux

Microsoft PowerPoint

free trial, paid home and business licenses

Icecream Slideshow Maker

free version, subscription to the premium version


free version, subscription plans

PixTeller Slideshow Maker

free version, premium subscription plans

Adobe Spark

free version, paid subscription

Kizoa Slideshow Maker

free and paid versions

Movavi Clips

free version and paid versions

free with in-app purchases

Slide Maker

Frequently asked questions

What is the easiest slideshow maker.

Here are some of the easiest slideshow makers:

How do I make a slideshow with music for free?

You can use any slideshow maker that supports adding music to the slideshow. Check out the list below for possible options:

What is the best slideshow maker for Windows 10?

It depends on the tools and functions you are looking for. You can choose yourself which program from the list below is the best slideshow maker:

What common file types are used for slideshow makers?

Slideshow makers usually support popular video, audio, and image formats.

Video : MP4, MKV, AVI, MPEG, MOV, WebM, and others

Audio : MP3, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, and others

Image : JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and others

How do I make an amazing slideshow?

To create a well-made slideshow follow the tips below:

Think about the purpose of your slideshow beforehand and choose photos and music accordingly

Use only high-quality photos and music

Keep the slideshow short to engage the audience

Add text, animation, video clips, and transitions to spice up the slideshow

Choose a user-friendly slideshow maker

How to choose a slideshow-making program?

There are several features that you should look for in a slideshow maker:

Usability – the program shouldn’t be too hard to use.

Available tools – choose software that has a sufficient number of editing tools and special effects.

Licensing – if you don’t create slideshows for commercial purposes, there’s no need to buy an expensive program, you can use free tools. Conversely, you might want to use expensive sophisticated software for creating ads or promo videos.

Support – check out what support is available – for example live chat, online, or email support.

What is the easiest way to make a photo slideshow?

To find out what's the easiest way to make a slideshow, check out the video below.

Have questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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picture slideshow maker


Quick and easy video slideshow maker., explore vimeo create’s slideshow templates..

Vacation Memories

How to create captivating slideshow videos.

Get started →.

picture slideshow maker

The technicalities of video-making used to hold me back from including more video in my marketing. With Vimeo Create, I can edit still images together to create a video that’s much more straightforward and just as effective. Helena Bajaj Larsen Founder of Helena Bajaj Larsen
Using Vimeo Create has definitely saved me a lot of time and energy. Now I feel like I can be more creative with the overall framework of the videos. Carleigh Craparo Social Content Manager at Tappan Collective
Impressively intuitive. Vimeo Create’s easy-to-use tools [are] perfect for early-stagers like us. We created dynamic video content in minutes without the time suck or high price tag you would expect. Clare Sheehan Marketing & Operations at Pepper Pantry

Make a striking slideshow with video clips.

Slideshow videos can be powerful storytelling tools. These expert tips and best practices will help you create a professional-looking slideshow that engages your audience. 

summer 2020 slideshow video

Keep slideshow videos short.

Whether you’re creating a slideshow video to share with friends or a slideshow ad for Facebook or Instagram, a slideshow should contain short video clips. Short and concise video clips are best for keeping your audience’s attention, particularly if there’s a lot of other content to accompany your slideshow, such as an oral presentation or other written content. For a longer slideshow that contains a mix of photos and video clips, aim to keep each video clip at 20 seconds or less and screen each photo for three to five seconds.  Create a storyboard to plan your slideshow video.

To make a slideshow with video clips, your images, clips, and other content should all work together to tell a compelling story. If you’re making a video slideshow with music, you’ll also want to ensure that your video clips and still photos match the beat and underlying feeling of the music. 

When you’re working with multiple images and video clips, however, it’s not always easy to visualize how well it all flows together. A storyboard can be a helpful tool to plan your video and choose the right elements.

Create a storyboard or outline to plan out your content and develop a logical order for presenting each video clip, photo, and text. Then, use Vimeo’s slideshow editor to add all your video clips, images, and other elements, add text, customize colors and fonts, and fine-tune your project to create a professional slideshow that flows seamlessly and tells a compelling story. You can share your slideshow online to your preferred social media channels with our built-in distribution tools or save it to share or embed it on the platform of your choice.  

Add text to videos and images to convey your message clearly.

Use a slideshow video maker with text features (like Vimeo Create) to enhance your images and videos with captions and other text to highlight important points or reinforce your key messages. If you’re creating an animated slideshow for social media, keep in mind that many users browse social media with their sound off, so they won’t hear your voiceovers, music, or other audio unless they turn their sound on. To motivate them to hit the unmute button, you need to really capture their attention and spark their interest within the first few seconds, so make your slideshow introduction count with a captivating hook that they just can’t resist.

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