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Chapter 6: Knowledge Integration

Case Study 1: Adult Client (continued)

1. Which findings are considered abnormal for this adult client? What medical terminology is used to define/label these findings?

2. What further assessment should the healthcare provider do based on this adult client’s findings?

Continue to assess for signs of dehydration:

3. What actions should the healthcare provider take based on this adult client’s findings?

Vital Sign Measurement Across the Lifespan - 1st Canadian edition by Ryerson University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License , except where otherwise noted.

Hayley-Foundations: Vital sign case study

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Students also viewed, vital signs.

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Rule of Nines practice

Vital signs exam 1, fundamentals chapter 30: vital signs (review….

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Hormonal regulation si worksheet- week 3, fon exam #1 study guide unit 2.

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Jeopardy- week 4

Exam #2 unit 4 objective notecards potter and….

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Ati lab values, pharm exam 4, hayley-pharmacology: (in class lectures week…, verified questions.

In the traditional Ethernet protocol, the frames are sent with the CRC. If the frame is corrupted, the receiving node just discards it. Is this an example of a Simple Protocol or the Stop-and-Wait Protocol? Explain

A small fly of mass 0.25   g 0.25 \mathrm{~g} 0.25   g is caught in a spider's web. The web oscillates predominately with a frequency of   4.0   H z ~4.0 \mathrm{~Hz}   4.0   Hz . At what frequency would you expect the web to oscillate if an insect of mass 0.50   g 0.50 \mathrm{~g} 0.50   g were trapped?

For the column decoder shown in Fig. , how many column-address bits are needed in a 256-Kbit square array? How many NMOS pass transistors are needed in the multiplexer? How many NMOS transistors are needed in the NOR decoder? How many PMOS transistors? What is the total number of NMOS and PMOS transistors needed?

List the secondary sex characteristics that appear in males at puberty.

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Clinical Reasoning Cases in Nursing

Health: The Basics 12th Edition by Rebecca J. Donatelle

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The Language of Medicine 12th Edition by Davi-Ellen Chabner

The Language of Medicine

Other quizlet sets, giełda pa pa patomorfa sem 2 część 1 part 3 (…, exam 3 questions. (ch. 11, 12, 14, 15, 18), clinical chemistry.

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Case Study VITAL SIGNS [Critical Thinking Skills]

rabi'atul adawiyah

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nursing case study vital signs

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CASE STUDY You are working in the night shift and noticed the following temperature readings in your client’s chart. When you assess your client temperature at midnight, it is 101.2˚F. Discuss the management of the patient as a nursing student.


nursing case study vital signs

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nursing case study vital signs

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nursing case study vital signs

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nursing case study vital signs

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Jamaica Amurao, Kenny Dadacay and Josh Perez

Sean is a 21-year-old male who was admitted to the emergency department after being involved in a motor vehicle accident with his sister Anna. Anna was pronounced dead on scene and Sean suffered mild loss of consciousness. Upon arrival to the emergency department, Sean was confused and complained of left upper quadrant pain, which radiated to his left arm. During physical examination, Sean’s vital signs were: BP 123/85 mmHg, HR 95 beats/min., RR 22 breaths/min, Temp, 98.6°F, and an Oxygen Saturation of 97%. Sean’s orders included strict spinal immobilization protocols, EKG, IV fluid bolus, morphine and zofran, ultrasound (FAST), and a CT scan. After the CT scan, Sean lost consciousness and vital signs significantly changed from baseline. Sean’s vital signs were: BP 93/56 mmHg, HR 132 beats/ min, RR 34 breaths/min. Temp, 95.6°F, and an Oxygen Saturation of 89%. The trauma team performed resuscitation interventions and then the patient was transferred to the operating room to treat the cause of bleeding. Sean was hemodynamically stabilized and transferred to the intensive care unit for further monitoring.

Nursing Case Studies by and for Student Nurses by jaimehannans is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License , except where otherwise noted.

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nursing case study vital signs

Vital Signs Case Study

Wrongful death case: the hill v. ohio county.

The Hill v. Ohio County involves a wrongful death case in which the hospital refused to admit Juanita Monroe. She thought she was in labor. As a result, she delivered her child at home without medical attention and died shortly after giving birth. The plaintiff was Lorene Hill, administer of Monroe’s estate, against Ohio Country Hospital. The question arises whether there was a breach of duty by the hospital in accordance to the institution’s admission policy. The staff nurse followed all protocols defined by the hospital. When Monroe arrived at the hospital there was no apparent emergency. Moreover, the nurse went above and beyond to provide for her, she gave Monroe information where to get OB services and even offered an ambulance

The Tell Tale Heart Case Analysis

Your Honor and Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, the defendant in Edgar Allen Poe’s “The tell-Tale Heart” is insane; using the McNaughton rule it will be proven that the Caretaker should be placed in a state hospital for the criminally insane. The McNaughton rule states that one has a mental disorder or disease that compels them to commit the crime, the accused can not resist the urge to commit the crime, and that he or she did not know what he/she was doing, and the Defendant did not understand that what he/she was doing was wrong/illegal.

Nursing Ethical Dilemma Paper

Ethical dilemmas, also known as a moral dilemma, is a situation in which there is a choice between two options, neither of which resolves the situation completely. In other words, both options will result in negative results based on society and/or personal guidelines. Labor and delivery nurses are often confronted with ethical dilemmas in practice. To help student nurses prepare for this eventuality, nursing programs do their best to incorporate education about ethics and professionalism into courses. This introduction to ethics in nursing school also assists future nurses to begin recognizing and managing their own personal values in a way that can help guide them in resolving ethical conflicts they will encounter throughout their professional careers.

Becoming A Nicu Nurse Essay

In the world of college, there are many majors or professions to choose from. Whatever career I choose to take, I know that there are many doors open for me to walk through. Planning for life after high school, I am considering going into the medical field to become a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse (NICU).

Positive And Negative Communication In Nursing

Neuroscience tells that each human being have a different and unique way of communicating, speaking, and interacting, and that humans have different experiences of conflicts that allows one human to connect with the other (Teitelbum, 2016). Having the power to communicate with one another is a privilege, but being able to connect and speak from the heart is a gift. Nursing is a profession that allows a person to give comfort and care through an effective communication which bridges in healing a person’s body. Being unable to positively communicate with the patient causes an enormous struggle in building a relationship between the patient and the nurse. This paper will point out the positive and negative communication a nurse used to interact with her patient and will offer alternatives to improve the nurse-patient relationship.

Nr 602: Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies

The last past eight weeks have provided an opportunity to achieve several program outcomes that will prepare me as my role of nurse practitioner. This course NR 602 has provided me with an opportunity to meet the MSN program outcome #6, the MSN Essential VII, and the Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 8. These program outcomes will institute a base upon which care can be delivered with quality.

Jamaica Kincaid's Girl: Journal Analysis

At the start of our class, I was deeply inspired with the TED video that we watched in week1. I was thinking about how do we often just assume something with our own perspective and own experiences. Also, me and my psychology professor were discussing about this problem or should I say, this tendency. This was very interesting project for me to study. I’m glad that I have encounter to this similar topic.

Ethical Issues In Human Services

Using a structured technique can bring about moderation and gets rid of extremism (Miller, n.d.). Internal conflict can be worked with my mediation. Domenici and Littlejohn (2001) feel that mediation works because of collaboration. The mediation model takes after a transformative way to deal with conflict. The thought is to change the groups or individuals of contention through a procedure of intervention that utilizes empowerment and acknowledgment (Domenici & Littlejohn, 2001). Wronka (2008) mentions that using human right approach affects services. Human service professionals understand human rights ensure equal treatment, fair conduct and allows both sides to be heard. Reamer (2015) writes about self-regulation helping the human service professional to avoid roles that will lead to problems. Knowing weakness, strengths and bias thoughts will bring about more ethical practices and helps the professional work through any conflict that may

Registered Nurse Bratcher

The article, “Registered Nurse” by Emily H. Bratcher discusses information about registered nursing. As I plan to become a nurse, this article has caused my desire for nursing to grow increasingly. In the article it states, “They look at the entire person and their situation, not just what medical concerns they have.” (Bratcher) This quote displays how great of an impact a nurse can have on one’s life. I would like to make that difference. From the article, I learned that registered nurses can specialize in specific areas; those nurses are called APRNS. One APRN job is midwifery. Nursing along with midwifery is a career that I would now definitely like to pursue. I am in agreement with the article because it says how nursing is not limited

Nursing Sensitive Indicators Case Study

Nursing-sensitive indicators (NSIs), particularly those listed in the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI), identify care structures and processes that are influential to patient care outcomes (Montalvo, 2007). A robustly prepared indicator can accurately measure the structure or process it is designed to measure at a desired level of quality. Any deviation from this clearly defined outcome will hint on interfering issues in patient care.

Culver's Classroom Observation

The group that I chose to observe consisted of four members. Three of the members were part of a family, including the mother, the older sister, and the younger brother. The fourth member I soon noted was the older sister’s friend who had tagged along. They had all come to Culver 's later in the evening to get ice cream a little after dinner time. As soon as they had found their table and sat down the mother had asked the three children what they would like to have. The three gave their answers and the mother got up to take the orders. Before she left, the younger brother had asked if he could go talk to his friends who he had seen sitting at a different booth. The mother said he could and so he too ran off, leaving the two teenagers by themselves

Integrative Practicum Placement Analysis

It was difficult to read Carmen’s post about how she became burnt out during her first Integrative Practicum placement. My interpretation of her story was that moral distress was a large contributor to her burn out (Carmen, you can correct me if I am wrong). Moral distress occurs when a person knows the right action to take but is not able to carry out this action as a result of one or more barriers (Wagner, 2015). When Carmen asked the Personal Support Worker (PSW) on her floor for assistance with feeding one of her three full feed patients, she likely did so to ensure that each of them would be able to eat their meal in a timely manner from when it arrived to the floor. Sadly, the PSW rejected her request. If I was in her position, I would have felt quite distressed because although it is the morally right to feed each of these three patients when their food arrives, it is apparent that there were barriers in doing so. In particular, the barriers that stuck out to

Evidence-Based Model: Implications For Practice

Findings showed that for a proper care planning, vital stability factors as well as specific identified in the study must be dully addressed and considered. On this premise, the relevance and importance of our principal framework (Figure 3) transcends risk identification and elimination but provide an explanation on how the challenges each factor pose at different times and situations.

Women's Equality In The United States

In any age, women are classified as minority group, and they had been fighting against the society to assert their rights and equality. Especially, American women were earlier than women in other country to stand up for their social equality. At first, women were not allowed to have the right of education in the United States in the binning of 18th century. Young women and girls could not go to school, and help housekeeping with their mother. They did not have right to study how to read and write. Women were classified as property of husband after they got married. Then, during the 18th century, the US government gradually made some facility for women’s education. The government started educating women to teach nationalism, and the women educated

Tell-Tale Heart Insane Analysis

We hear about unbelievable murders in the news quite frequently. Some of them are mentally insane and get let off because, “It’s not their fault.” Or, “They were born like that”. The narrator in The Tell-Tale Heart was insane before he murdered the old man. But was he responsible for his actions?

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    During physical examination, Sean's vital signs were: BP 123/85 mmHg, HR 95 beats/min., RR 22 breaths/min, Temp, 98.6°F, and an Oxygen Saturation of 97%. Sean's

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    It measures how effective the circulatory, neural, endocrine, and respiratory systems are functioning. The vital signs include taking of temperature, counting

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    Lamont calls Laura, the nurse, and tells Laura that as he attempted to get up and go tothe bathroom he felt dizzy and had to sit down. Laura also observed that