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Colorful product roadmap timeline

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

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microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

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Present the evolution of your product or company over time with this colorful premium product roadmap timeline template from PowerPoint. This professionally designed product roadmap template shows quarterly milestones and has three variations so you can pick the configuration that works best for your product and company.

Explore premium templates

Explore premium templates

See more premium templates.

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Home PowerPoint Templates 55+ Editable Roadmap PowerPoint Templates & Slides for Presentations

55+ Editable Roadmap PowerPoint Templates & Slides for Presentations

Roadmaps templates are indispensable for project management and project planning presentations. They are a crucial part of the business tools; PowerPoint roadmap templates are used to display product development roadmaps , business roadmaps, sales, marketing, and imperative plans for several businesses.

Mainly in all marketing roadmap PowerPoint slides , there is an evergreen demand for a slide where you have to create a timeline and present it of any sort.

When you make a roadmap PowerPoint template, it will satisfy your project tasks, milestones, and aims or activities grouped on several swimlanes. A compelling product roadmap will do amazing things and it will also perform a simplistic and realistic, obvious representation of your company’s goals. 

Featured Templates

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Table Timeline Template for PowerPoint

Infographic Timeline Presentation Slide

Curved Roadmap with Poles Milestones PowerPoint Timeline

Arrows Overlapping Flat Design PPT

Overlapped sections Roadmap PowerPoint Timeline

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Corporate Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Latest templates.

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

8-Milestone Timeline Slide Template for PowerPoint

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Blurred Circles PowerPoint Roadmap

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Animated Curved Timeline PowerPoint Template

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Agile Roadmaps Template Presentation

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Future Work Slide Template Roadmap for PowerPoint

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

7 Arrows Milestones PowerPoint Roadmap Template

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Go-to-market Roadmap Template for PowerPoint

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

5-Year Growth Metaphor Roadmap PowerPoint Timeline Template

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

RAG Dashboard Roadmap Template

Quarters Timeline Work Plan PPT Template

Annual Work Plan Template for PowerPoint

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Action Plan Slide Template for PowerPoint

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Simple 5-Year Timeline Design Concept Template for PowerPoint

When handling any project, you’ll probably require to build a project roadmap, which is a vital phase of the project goals. In PowerPoint, these roadmap templates play a vital role. Its goal is to visualize a clear plan for your business.

For assuring your roadmap’s efficiency, you’ll need to align every team in a roadmap presentation . Good project managers can use roadmap templates in their presentations to showcase their efforts. Roadmap presentation slides and templates cooperate with professionals to sketch any project plan, improve transition plan, training plan, and so on. Marketing professionals can use these roadmaps to list their marketing ambitions.

We have formed a list of product roadmap templates and free roadmap templates that will surely help you run your PowerPoint presentation and will save you time. Consider using these ready-made templates to save time and plan your product roadmap.

What Is a Roadmap?

The goal of your roadmap is to visualize a plain but elegant design across your business. Through a well-executed and pre-planned roadmap presentation , you have the opportunity to explain to collaborators that you get their level of confidence and motivation. 

What is a Roadmap PowerPoint Template?

These Roadmap Templates are a high-level overview of your product plan and how that goes into your business idea. It can display both the strategic and practical sides of your product presentation—the thought and planning behind your implementation choices.

How Can Roadmap Templates be Used In presentations?

Well, you can create an eye-catching roadmap in your ppt slides by :

All of these pre-designed templates come with a description and detail about templates. 

Download Unlimited Content

Our annual unlimited plan let you download unlimited content from slidemodel. save hours of manual work and use awesome slide designs in your next presentation..

microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

Project roadmaps: Tips and templates that can improve your skills

Today, both project and product owners are turning to sophisticated visualization tools to build comprehensive roadmaps for large strategic initiatives or business activities that require multiple projects running in parallel. Most tools offer technical flexibility and the ability to connect to other management products, making them useful for charting out overlapping short-, medium-, and long-term business objectives.

Building a roadmap can be complicated, especially for those who are used to dealing in more granular day-to-day management documents. Here are some tips and templates that can help you build a roadmap that fits your specific need case.

What is a roadmap?

A roadmap is a high-level view at of strategic initiatives or projects, visualized by a series of sequential or parallel milestones tasked to different teams and stakeholders. By marrying team-specific roles with the overall business objectives, roadmaps allow decision-makers to easily keep track of their company’s macro level progress.

When providing a roadmap definition, it’s just as important to understand what a roadmap isn’t. For starters, roadmaps are usually not granular process documents — they don’t list out day-to-day or even week-to-week objectives. They’re designed to sit at a higher level, tracking a project or company’s progress across months, quarters, or even years.

Part of the challenge in building useful roadmaps is striking the balance between the right information and inhibitive minutiae. Finding that balance takes an honest and ongoing dialogue with the business stakeholders who will be using the document. Their stated needs can help guide a project manager in what metrics to show and what timeframe to track them across.

That stakeholder feedback can help guide a roadmap into one of several broad categories.

Types of roadmaps

Executive vision roadmaps: This is as macro level as it gets. These roadmaps match product or revenue stream against company growth and market realities, helping senior decision-makers ensure their organization is staying current and competitive.

Product roadmaps: Oftentimes built for external audiences, product roadmaps sit at a very high level and should reconcile a product’s development and direction with the needs of the consumer it’s meant to service. These are usually built for clients or internal decision-makers that are far removed from the day-to-day.

Market strategy roadmaps: Another high-level roadmap variation, marketing strategy roadmaps map the objectives for selling a product to the consumer. These roadmaps can be visualized by industry, audience segment, product version, or even campaign.

Technology roadmaps: A more granular roadmap variation designed for internal audiences, technology roadmaps usually support product roadmaps by showing key milestones for engineering and development teams. In other words, product roadmaps anchor the features that a product will need, and technology roadmaps anchor the steps required to develop those features.

Project roadmap: Built for “product portfolio managers”, i.e. managers who deal with multiple projects that usually go through a standardized process. Examples of such roadmaps include investment project pipeline or construction projects. The roadmap allows managers to plan and prioritize their resources accordingly.

Regardless of what roadmap variation is needed, each depends on the ability to be easily understood, updated, and distributed. Whether you’re dealing with a more granular technology roadmap or a 50,000-foot view executive vision, objectives change frequently. Keeping roadmaps current and relevant is a key task for document owners, as siloed teams aligned on common objectives depend on it.

Roadmap templates

Looking for a little help to get started on your next roadmap? Here are a few tips and templates for building in a data processor, business presentation tool, and project management tool.

Data processor

Roadmaps are usually highly visual — in many cases, they’re even created by a design resource to simplify the data being presented. By their very nature, however, data processors can work perfectly for data-driven roadmaps. Per-cell functions can help aggregate key data — like total weeks or months, or resource allocation — in a way that is easily understood.

At its most aesthetic use case, a data processor can be leveraged for simple visualizations that show a clear timeline. If you need to break away from the industry-standard timeline approach, work board templates can also be used as a roadmap starting point. Updating data processor roadmaps can be a manual process, however, so choose them thoughtfully.

Business presentation tool

A long-tenured gold standard for conferences and slideware, a business presentation tool’s inherently visual nature and widespread use make it an excellent platform for roadmapping. Their animation features and wide design palette allow for both creativity and distinctiveness.

Such applications can be a powerful tool for executive vision roadmaps , especially for companies focused on a small number of critical objectives. They can also help with external-facing product roadmaps, which require a balance between aesthetics and high-level information .

Project management tools

On the whole, a modern project management tool’s adaptable nature and connectedness to various office applications can often provide the best of both worlds: auto-updated data and streamlined visualization options that can flex to meet the needs of any roadmap variation.

You can use such tools to both build your initial document, as well as continually update key tasks and milestones. Filter tools give you greater data manipulation abilities, as well. With the right permissions setup, you can even distribute up-to-date documentation with the click of a button.

Roadmaps, when deployed correctly, have a powerful effect on products and projects: they establish both a clear vision of success and the high-level sequence of events needed to bring that vision to life. Most importantly, they build a team-wide strategic consensus that can keep a project on track through its inevitable challenges and changes.

The artwork of their construction lies in compiling the right information for the job. From executive visions to market strategies, projects and product initiatives can have a variety of complex needs. These tips and templates give you the tools to build the right roadmap for each of them.

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Free Roadmap Templates

Discover the most useful roadmap templates built for Excel and PowerPoint. Download for free and easily customize them with your project data.

Create roadmaps with free Excel and PowerPoint templates

Save time with free roadmap templates for Excel and PowerPoint

Roadmaps are excellent visual tools that help you articulate your business vision to your clients and executives. But as useful as they are, creating them is a long and challenging process. With our pre-built templates, you can spend less time creating your roadmap and more time managing your project.

On this page you'll find six of the most common roadmap templates you can use in your next stakeholder meeting. We’ve developed each template in two versions for easy use with your usual MS Office tools:

a roadmap template for Excel , where you can use standard Excel features like shapes and colors to build your roadmap manually;

a roadmap template for PowerPoint , where you can use the free 14 days trial of the Office Timeline add-in to create your roadmap automatically or move the shapes by hand if you don't have Office Timeline yet.

To find out more about how to create roadmaps with Excel, PowerPoint and other roadmap tools, have a quick look at our tutorials section.

Top free roadmap templates

Explore our series of roadmap templates for Excel and PowerPoint specially designed to save you time and get you started quickly:

Choose from these most popular roadmap examples, download for free and customize them with a few clicks to make them suit your project.

1. Product roadmap template

A product roadmap is a high-level overview of your product strategy and how that fits into your business vision . It can show both the strategic side and the practical side of your product offering, the reasoning, and the planning behind your implementation decisions.

Your product roadmap template can include important aspects like product features, iterations, and the releases that are planned in the future, and you can represent them on the roadmap as key milestones, tasks or on different swimlanes.

To help you fast-track your next product strategy meeting, here are two pre-populated templates that you can easily customize in Excel and PowerPoint (using the Office Timeline free trial ).

Product Roadmap Excel Template

Product Roadmap Excel Template

Product Roadmap Powerpoint Template

Product Roadmap PowerPoint Template

2. Project roadmap template

When managing any kind of project, you'll probably need to create a project roadmap, which is a strategic outline of the project goals and the key deliverables . When you build it, it's best if you present project tasks, milestones, and goals or initiatives grouped on various swimlanes.

The project roadmap is an extremely useful tool for stakeholder buy-in and communication, since it helps create a common understanding on the strategic reasons for sponsoring a project. When all stakeholders are on the same page, you can overcome obstacles easier and deliver your project on time and within budget.

Use the templates below to turn your project roadmap presentation into an effective meeting. Choose between Excel and PowerPoint (with the Office Timeline free trial ) to create a project roadmap that would impress your stakeholders.

Project Roadmap Excel Template

Project Roadmap Excel Template

Project Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Project Roadmap PowerPoint Template

3. Technology roadmap template

A roadmap can be a useful tool when it comes to a product or project, but it can just as easily help you make strategic decisions regarding your technology investments. And since roadmaps are strategic planning instruments, it's useful to create a technology roadmap to document your infrastructure initiatives too. You can organize the swimlanes to include infrastructure solutions, tools, or processes that are in place today and what's envisioned for the future.

Working with templates can make things a lot easier for you and save you hours of work. Check out these examples of technology roadmap templates we've created for Excel and PowerPoint (and the Office Timeline free trial ) to get started faster.

Technology Roadmap Excel Template

Technology Roadmap Excel Template

Technology Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Technology Roadmap PowerPoint Template

4. IT roadmap template

Another frequent type of roadmap you may be creating is an IT roadmap, which is basically an overview of the way your organization uses IT systems to achieve its business goals . For example, an IT roadmap can show the strategic plan created to migrate your organization's data or adopt a new tool.

You can include various IT initiatives like apps, internal processes, or new technologies and you can use color-coded swimlanes to represent each initiative or goal. You can use the IT roadmap to show current capabilities or the developments that are planned.

Here's an example of an IT roadmap template that you can download and change the deliverables to make it work for you. There's an Excel version and a PowerPoint one (with the help of the Office Timeline free trial ) so you can choose whichever suits you best.

IT Roadmap Excel Template

IT Roadmap Excel Template

IT Roadmap PowerPoint Template

IT Roadmap PowerPoint Template

5. Strategy roadmap (or Business roadmap) template

A visual representation of the key moments that mark your strategic business initiatives is extremely useful, especially if you need to include different themes and span across a longer time frame. Communication with stakeholders becomes easier if you show them a strategy roadmap, a more general plan that explains the overall vision for growing your business .

The strategy roadmap (or business roadmap, as it’s sometimes called) can present your initiatives or themes on different swimlanes and include current state, long-term goals, and future steps needed to implement the business strategy.

Discover the strategy roadmap templates we have built using Excel and PowerPoint (and the Office Timeline free trial ). These will help you create a simple but clear strategy roadmap for your next stakeholder meeting and show off your presentation skills.

Strategy Roadmap Excel Template

Strategy Roadmap Excel Template

Strategy Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Strategy Roadmap PowerPoint Template

6. Agile roadmap template

As more companies embrace the lean and agile environment, creating an agile roadmap for your project or product can help you align your daily work to your long-term strategy, while remaining flexible enough to rapidly respond to any market changes.

This agile roadmap is a high-level visual plan that displays what user stories your agile teams are focusing on over the course of one or several Scrum sprints and helps you see how this contributes to achieving the overall product vision. It’s also an excellent tool for communicating the product strategy to all the stakeholders, from every team member to clients or executives.

To give you an idea of how the agile roadmap can help you improve clarity and transparency in any project, download these templates – there’s one for Excel and a similar one for PowerPoint that uses the Office Timeline free trial add-in and color codes to indicate team work and implementation of strategic goals.

Agile Roadmap Excel Template

Agile roadmap Excel template

Agile Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Agile roadmap PowerPoint template

If you need any help with choosing a roadmap software, check out our dedicated section on roadmap tools and discover useful tips and tricks on getting the best results with a dedicated roadmap maker.

What is a roadmap template?

A roadmap template is a predefined visual overview of a product, project, or process . A roadmap should show at a glance your product or project story at the highest level. You can use roadmap templates as guidance and inspiration to create a roadmap that matches your business' needs, or as a starting point for a highly customized roadmap. Templates should be built with customization options, so that you can reuse them as needed.

What is a product roadmap template? What are the key tenets of roadmaps?

A product roadmap template is a predefined map of the vision and strategy for your product . Product roadmap templates make it easy to communicate your plans and create product presentations. They can be reused after customization.

Some of the key tenets of roadmaps include:

What should a roadmap template include?

First of all, a roadmap content depends on the intended audience. You’ll need different templates to use in different presentations for stakeholders and teams . Then, the content of a roadmap depends on what you want to focus on and the intended level of detail.

A template is a reusable roadmap that offers adjustment options to fit various presentations. Focus only on the key elements to include in a roadmap template, so that you can keep them unchanged if you need to update the content for your next presentation and make adjustments only to the details and secondary items.

For example, start with the product vision and goals, then work your way into the details that make up the roadmap.

There are some common elements that you can use in all types of roadmap templates :

Strategy processes and initiatives

Time reference

Does PowerPoint have a roadmap template?

Yes, you can find several basic roadmap templates in PowerPoint, in the online library. The templates can be downloaded, customized, and used in your presentation as needed. If you want to save time with customization or need higher functionality and improved design when creating and updating roadmaps in PowerPoint, try the Office Timeline add-in for PowerPoint for free.

Update your template in a flash

Install the free Office Timeline add-in and make all the changes you want to your PowerPoint roadmap. Or create your own with a few clicks.

Roadmap templates in PowerPoint


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Product roadmap powerpoint templates microsoft

Our Product Roadmap Powerpoint Templates Microsoft contribute to the evolution of concepts. Build a framework for the final form to emerge.


These PPT Slides are compatible with Google Slides

Compatible With Google Slides

Google Slide

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microsoft powerpoint template roadmap

PowerPoint presentation slides

Presenting product roadmap powerpoint templates microsoft. Presenting product roadmap powerpoint templates microsoft. This is a product roadmap powerpoint templates microsoft. This is a six stage process. The stages in this process are years, planning, business, icons, success.

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Product roadmap powerpoint templates microsoft

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How to Create a Professional Roadmap in PowerPoint

Professional roadmaps are great: it shows everyone what to expect with a project. Here's how you can make one quickly on Microsoft PowerPoint.

A professional roadmap is an indispensable project management tool that helps you to create a visual timeline for projects, goals, or assignments. It helps to track progress and ensure that all project participants are on the same page at every stage.

You can create a professional roadmap using different tools. However, today we'll show you how to create a professional roadmap in PowerPoint. It's free, simple, and easy to do once you follow all the steps. And once finished, you can easily share it with other team members or showcase it in your weekly meetings.

Creating a Professional Roadmap in PowerPoint

There are two major ways to create a professional roadmap in PowerPoint. You can either use ready-to-use templates or create one from scratch. If you want to use a template, you can check out this list of sites where you can get free animated PowerPoint templates .

The beauty of using templates is that it saves you time and contemplation, so you can hit the ground running. All you have to do is simply edit as you see fit by removing or adding stuff.

Starting afresh, on the other hand, gives you creative freedom and complete control. This is great if you're already experienced with creating roadmaps or skilled at creating engaging PowerPoint presentations .

At the end of the day, whichever path you choose, you'll still end up with a professional roadmap. Let's now go over both methods.

How to Create a Professional Roadmap in PowerPoint Using Templates

To create a professional roadmap using PowerPoint-provided templates:

When done, you can easily share your professional roadmap with other team members either as a PowerPoint presentation or as a PDF attachment.

How to Create a Professional Roadmap in PowerPoint From Scratch Using SmartArt

You can create a professional roadmap in PowerPoint from scratch using SmartArt. Here's how it's done.

Start Creating Professional Roadmaps in PowerPoint

Creating a professional roadmap in PowerPoint is so easy that it will only take you minutes to get started. How long you spend creating yours will depend on your project's complexity and skill level.

Another cool benefit of creating roadmaps in PowerPoint instead of paper is that you can always return to the drawing board and make edits as new information becomes available.

Also, creating and distributing digital copies of your roadmap with PowerPoint will ensure that all team members get updates whenever changes are made to the original document. This way, no one is left behind.


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