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100 Best Literature Research Paper Topics For Students

literary research paper topics

Literary research paper topics are among the most interesting to write about. Books are the best teachers for most learners. And, students love reading interesting literature books. But, when asked to write research papers, most students have difficulties choosing their topics. That’s because many issues can be investigated and written about.

For instance, literary topics can be about characters’ personalities in certain works. They can also be about particular characteristics of specific literary genres. Learners can also choose literary analysis topics that focus on the life story of famous writers or poets. But, regardless of what a learner opts to write about, they should choose interesting topics.

What are Interesting Literary Research Paper Topics?

Several factors make a topic interesting to write about. A topic for a research paper or a graduate thesis should generally be definite, specific, and innovative. Also, it should be interesting to research and write about. Here’s how to select interesting literature topics:

Think about something. Explore the idea to select a topic for which you can find sufficient research data from credible sources. Narrow down your subject if you find it too broad.

English literature topics can be classified into different categories. Here some of these categories and topics can be considered in each category.

Great World Literature Research Topics

Perhaps, you’ve been asked to write a literature research paper with a global perspective. Here are some of the literary analysis research paper topics that you can consider.

Top Literary topics for Research Paper

Some topics for literary analysis stand out among students. These are topics that educators recommend for students across the study levels.

These can also be great literary debate topics. That’s because learners can have varying opinions about them.

British Literature Research Paper Topics

Students have many topics to choose from when it comes to British literature essay topics. Here are some of the best literature topics from the works of British authors.

American Literature Topics

Some teachers ask students to choose American literature research topics for certain reasons. If asked to write on such topics, here are some of the American literature research paper topics to consider.

Some of the ideas here are great poetry topics. Nevertheless, they require careful research and analysis to write about.

High School Literary Essay Topics

Some topics in literature are ideal for high school essays. Here are examples of literary analysis paper topics for high school students.

Unique Research Topics in English Literature

Some literature research topics are unique and can be written about by learners at different study levels. Here are examples of such topics.

These are also great literary journalism topics. Nevertheless, they require extensive research to write about.

In a nutshell, students have many literary argument topics to consider. The most important thing is to choose an interesting topic that you can find sufficient data to write about. Also, don’t hesitate to check our history topics .

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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Purdue Online Writing Lab College of Liberal Arts

important literature topics

Literature Topics and Research

OWL logo

Welcome to the Purdue OWL

This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue University. When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice.

Copyright ©1995-2018 by The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use.

This handout provides examples and description about writing papers in literature. It discusses research topics, how to begin to research, how to use information, and formatting.

What kinds of topics are good ones?

The best topics are ones that originate out of your own reading of a work of literature, but here are some common approaches to consider:

How do I start research?

Once you have decided on an interesting topic and work (or works), the best place to start is probably the Internet. Here you can usually find basic biographical data on authors, brief summaries of works, possibly some rudimentary analyses, and even bibliographies of sources related to your topic.

The Internet, however, rarely offers serious direct scholarship; you will have to use sources found in the library, sources like journal articles and scholarly books, to get information that you can use to build your own scholarship-your literary paper. Consult the library's on-line catalog and the MLA Periodical Index. Avoid citing dictionary or encyclopedic sources in your final paper.

How do I use the information I find?

The secondary sources you find are only to be used as an aid. Your thoughts should make up most of the essay. As you develop your thesis, you will bring in the ideas of the scholars to back up what you have already said.

For example, say you are arguing that Huck Finn is a Christ figure ; that's your basic thesis. You give evidence from the novel that allows this reading, and then, at the right place, you might say the following, a paraphrase:

According to Susan Thomas, Huck sacrifices himself because he wants to set Jim free (129).

If the scholar states an important idea in a memorable way, use a direct quote.

"Huck's altruism and feelings of compassion for Jim force him to surrender to the danger" (Thomas 129).

Either way, you will then link that idea to your thesis.

105 Literature Review Topics + How-to Guide [2023]

105 Literature Review Topics + How-to Guide [2023]

A literature review is a variant of curtsy in scientific circles. It presents your acknowledgment that you are not the first to tackle the issue. Your predecessors have made progress in answering your research question, and you plan to start from the point they finished.

The picture contains a definition of a literature review.

This article features examples of literature review topics on multiple knowledge areas. Additionally, you will find exhaustive disambiguation of all the types of a literature review, as well as its purposes, definition, outline, and formatting.

🔗 References

🔝 top 15 literature review topics.

✍️ Literature Review Writing Tips

Speaking of a literature review , the definition is too broad to be used as writing guidance. It is an overview of credible materials on a particular research question. A literature review usually becomes chapter 1 in dissertations and theses , allowing to explore the current knowledge on the topic. It evaluates academic and professional articles, journal publications, books, and web-based resources.

A literature review is an indispensable part of a research paper. It serves many purposes, some of which are not evident.

What Is the Purpose of a Literature Review?

Types of Literature Review

Below you’ll find the 6 types of literature reviews.

The picture lists the 6 types of literature review.

Systematic Review

A systematic literature review is a most comprehensive and data-oriented type. It defines the timeframe of the selected literature and is subdivided into two categories:

Narrative Review

It is also called a traditional or critical literature review. The purpose is to summarize the available material, critique it, and identify the gaps and inconsistencies. This type works well for almost any research question, provided it is sufficiently focused and limited in time or subject matter.

Scoping Review

As the name implies, it estimates the scope of available literature on a literature review topic. Unlike a systematic literature review, which aims to find the most specific research question, this type looks for the most general one. It answers the question of what else can be researched in the field.

Theoretical Review

A theoretical literature review explores the pool of theories that have so far accumulated on a concept. It lists the existing ideas, their relationships, and gaps. The purpose is to develop hypotheses to be tested in the experimental section.

Argumentative Review

This type provides the most selective literature review to prove or refute an argument already established in the research literature. However, this is also the most biased review among all types.

Integrative Review

This literature review integrates, synthesizes, and critiques the available secondary data to develop new research frameworks and perspectives.

Systematic Review vs. Literature Review vs. Annotated Bibliography

Literature Review Outline

How long should a literature review be? It depends on the assignment requirements and your outline.

A literature review is often used as a part of a more general research paper. In such a case, you can limit yourself to the standard introduction –main body – conclusion formula.

In all the other situations, use the following literature review outline.

The picture lists the 5 components of literature review.

Literature Review Format

All citation styles require you to indicate the author’s name, book title, publication year, number of pages, and volume or issue number. This data is available in any printed edition, as publishers use it to identify their products.

It may sound simple until you discover that each citation style has a multi-page list of nuanced details specific to this format and inapplicable to any other.

Browse the guides for each of the most popular types below.

APA style is a format for scholarly documents. It is particularly popular in the fields of social and behavioral sciences. APA is well-known for its simplicity in source references. Thus, a vast majority of American universities and colleges prefer this format.

MLA style manual is an abridged version of the MLA Handbook published by the Modern Language Association. It was created for students to assist in their research aspirations. Its 8 th edition is addressed to secondary-school and undergraduate university and college teachers and students. The style is popular in humanities (modern languages, literature, cultural studies, and related disciplines).

Chicago style (also called CMS or CMOS) is a style guide for American English. The University of Chicago Press first published it in 1906. Since then, it has had 17 editions and has become one of the most popular citation styles in the US. The guide instructs on editorial practice, grammar, document preparation, formatting, and even the use of the singular “they.”

💡 Literature Review Topics

Literature review topics in education.

Political Science Literature Review Topics

Criminal Justice Literature Review Topics

Sociology Literature Review Topics

Nursing Literature Review Topics

Psychology Literature Review Topics

Biology Literature Review Topics

Easy Literature Review Topics

❓ Literature Review Topics FAQ

❓ what is discussed in literature review.

A literature review discusses the texts that are the most relevant to your research question. It summarizes, compares, evaluates, and critiques the available literature to find the points of intersection and blind spots. As a result, you will develop a specific topic for further research or pose a hypothesis.

❓ What are the 3 parts of literature review?

The three parts of this academic genre are the same as those of any other research paper. The introduction explores the background and importance of the topic. The main body analyzes the selected texts. It may also contain a methodology section that explains why you chose such or another literary review type. The conclusion outlines the perspectives of your research.

❓ What are the four stages of literature review?

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Quality Assignment Help

100 Best Literary Research Topics For Students

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When it comes to literature, there is almost no limit to the literary topics one can research. Literary research paper topics determine what your research will be all about. Easy right? The catch here, however, is choosing interesting literature topics that capture your readers’ attention and show your academic prowess.

The trick to getting excellent English literature topics is choosing an idea that you have an interest in, and that is worth writing about. Of course, we know that even the best of the best sometimes find it challenging to get remarkable topics in literature, and they is why we have come up with 100 mouth-watering literature topics to get you started writing an essay . Are you ready to blaze the trail? Let’s do it!

Literary Research Paper Topics

Choosing excellent literary topics for research paper is pivotal to the success of one’s research. We have crafted 20 outstanding literature research topics for you. These research topics in English literature cover several different themes. Enjoy!

Literary Analysis Essay Topics

Excellent literary analysis topics are essential, whether you want to write an analytical paper or a literary analysis essay. As you would have known by now, getting topics for literary analysis is not the easiest thing in the world. Choosing interesting literary analysis paper topics is vital if you want to keep your audience hooked to your work. Here are 20 carefully selected literary analysis research paper topics for your literary analysis essay.

Literary Debate Topics

Here are some literary argument topics you can choose from for your next literary debate!

Literary Journalism Topics

Poetry Topics

World Literature Research Topics

American Literature Research Topics

Here are five unique American literature research paper topics just for you!

British Literature Research Paper Topics

Literary Essay Topics

Here are some British literature essay topics and American literature topics that you could consider for your literary essay.

Get top grades, effortlessly.

Over 500 degree-holding experts are at your fingertips.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Ukraine Live Updates

435 Literary Analysis Essay Topics and Prompts [2023 Upd]

Literature courses are about two things: reading and writing about what you’ve read. For most students, it’s hard enough to understand great pieces of literature, never mind analyzing them. And with so many books and stories out there, choosing one to write about can be a chore.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

The picture says that literary analysis involves interpretation and evaluation.

But you’re in luck!

This article by our Custom Writing service experts presents a list of the most interesting and creative literary analysis topics. Additionally, you will find here:

This comprehensive article can be helpful not only for university or college students but also to students of high and middle school.

🔗 References

🔝 top 10 literature essay topics for high school.

🔮 Top 10 Literary Analysis Essay Topics for College

📜 Literary Analysis Essay Topics: Different Eras

Topics in ancient greek & roman literature.

Works of literature from Ancient Greece have a timeless quality. This is why they are still taught in schools centuries later. After thousands of years, there is little that hasn’t already been written about these works. That’s why we’ve gathered the only most outstanding topics that you will definitely find interesting:

Literary Essay Topics: 19th and 20th Century

Many great literary works in the English language were written in the golden era of the 19 th and 20 th centuries. These works, ranging from epic novels to short poems, provide insight into the themes that define the Anglophone world’s spirit.

“My mother is a fish” quote.

Contemporary Literature Essay Topics

Excellent books are still being written! Once in a while, your instructor may ask you to analyze a more recent work. Here are a few great books to consider for your next essay.

🖋️ Literary Analysis Essay Topics: Poetry

Many of the great works of literature are poems. Writing about them requires a special approach. Here’s a tip: don’t be afraid to quote the poem heavily and give several alternative interpretations. But first, check out this list of excellent topics:

🎭 Literary Analysis: Shakespeare Essay Topics

Romeo and juliet essay topics.

How many Romeo and Juliet personal responses and analysis essays have already been written? There are too many of them to count, but there’s still room for more. Romeo and Juliet essay examples can help you find a unique topic for an essay about the play. Another option is to check out top Romeo and Juliet themes below:

Hamlet Essay Topics

Shakespeare’s Hamlet may be the most widely assigned play in the English courses. Here are the top Hamlet essay topics worth exploring.

Macbeth Essay Topics

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is the last (and shortest) of the three big Shakespearean plays every high school student reads before graduation. Like the rest of William Shakespeare’s tragedies, it is full of meaningful themes that can serve as topics for literary analysis essays.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

Lady Macbeths real name was Gruoch and Macbeth’s real name was Mac Bethad Mac Findlaich.

Shakespeare wrote many more plays beyond the big three listed above. Here are a few more topics and works that show the range of the Bard.

By the way, you can find all of Shakespeare’s works on our website for free.

📚 English Literature Essay Topics: Different Authors

Some can find it easier to focus on particular authors and their works. Are you one of them? Here are possible topics for those who like traditional approaches.

Literary Analysis Essay Topics: Geoffrey Chaucer

Literary Essay Topics on John Keats

Literature Essay Topics on Oscar Wilde

George Orwell Literary Analysis Essay Topics

💡 Literary Analysis Topics in Non-Fiction

The world of literature goes far beyond William Shakespeare and fiction in general. Here is a bunch of more literary analysis paper topics for other great works of literature that deal with real-life events.

⭐ Literary Analysis Topics: Other Ideas

Literary essays don’t have to be devoted to analyzing a particular work. They may also include textual analysis essays, literary interpretations, critical response essays, and topic analyses. Here are some excellent options for you to consider:

Just $13.00 $10.40/page , and you can get an custom-written academic paper according to your instructions

Alice Walker won Pulitzer prize.

Profound Literary Analysis Topics in Women’s Literature

Literary analysis on the topics of gender and women in society is critical to understanding the modern world. Here are a few powerful essay topics in this area.

Powerful Literary Analysis Topics within the Subject of Race

Death-Related Literature Essay Topics

Literary Analysis Essay Topics: Man and Nature

Literary Essay Topics on Religion

Literary Analysis Topics: Justice and Judgment

Literature Essay Topics on Good & Evil

Literary Analysis Essay Topics on War & Peace

Literary Essay Topics on Vices on the Society

Interesting Literature Topics to Analyze: Literary Influences

Literature Essay Topics: Various Genres

Literary Topics: Uncommon Themes in Literature

🖊️ Literary Analysis Prompts: Top 21

We’ve gathered a total of 21 excellent literary analysis prompts for you. They cover a wide variety of genres and epochs, so you’ll surely find something that suits your needs. Check them out to gain inspiration for your assignment or project!

The Cask of Amontillado Literary Analysis Prompt

A Rose for Emily Literary Analysis Prompt

The Story of an Hour Literary Analysis Prompt

Tell-Tale Heart Literary Analysis Prompt

Fahrenheit 451 Literary Analysis Prompt

Prompt for a Literary Analysis of The Canterbury Tales

Prompt for a Literary Analysis of Barn Burning

Make sure to check out our Barn Burning study guide to learn more facts about the story.

Death of a Salesman Literary Analysis Prompt

Want to know more? Check out our Death of a Salesman study guide .

Frankenstein Literary Analysis Essay Prompt

Hamlet Literary Analysis Essay Prompt

To understand the play better, check out our Hamlet study guide .

Hamlet has been translated into Klingon.

Prompt for a Literary Analysis of Night by Elie Wiesel

Othello Literary Analysis Prompt

If you want to understand this literary work better, make sure to check out our Othello study guide .

Pride and Prejudice Literary Analysis Prompt

Don’t forget to check out our study guide on Pride and Prejudice to learn more about the novel’s elements.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Literary Analysis Prompt

The Great Gatsby Literary Analysis Essay Prompt

The Lottery Literary Analysis Prompt

Kafka’s Metamorphosis Literary Analysis Prompt

You’re welcome to read our The Metamorphosis study guide to learn more about the story.

The Necklace Literary Analysis Prompt

The Odyssey Literary Analysis Prompt

To understand the poem better, check out our The Odyssey study guide .

The Yellow Wallpaper Literary Analysis Essay Prompt

Don’t forget to check out our study guide if you want to know more.

Wuthering Heights Literary Analysis Prompt

✍️ Writing a Literary Analysis: Step by Step

Now, after you’ve decided on your topic, it is time to write your analysis.

Don’t know where to start? Well, we got your back! Here are some steps for you to write a great literary essay.

Plagiarism definition.

If you wish to learn more, you can check out our guide on how to write a literary analysis.

Best Tips for Writing a Literary Analysis

There are many things to keep in mind when writing about literature. But there’s no need to worry: we are here to help you. Here are the four components that will help to make sure you get an excellent grade on your essay:

📃 Literary Analysis Example for Free

Looking for a fully-formatted literary analysis example? Look no further! Download our excellent sample in PDF format below.

The Little Match Girl is a short story by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s a touching tale about a poor girl who spends New Year’s Eve working on the streets, dreaming of a better life, and warming herself by lighting matches she failed to sell. Some of the main themes include loneliness, struggle, and cruelty.

We hope that you found some inspiration to take your essay on the next level. Let us know what literary studies topic you like the most and other literary analysis ideas you have!

❓ Literary Analysis Essay FAQs

If you’re writing a literary analysis, make sure you don’t summarize the text you are analyzing. Instead, focus on your thesis and the supporting evidence. You should also avoid using phrases such as “in my opinion.”

A literary analysis should always include information on the text’s components. They include plot, setting, themes, motifs, imagery, tone, and character analysis. Don’t forget to write about the way the author uses these elements and how they contribute to the overall work.

The introductory part of your literary analysis should include a thesis statement that conveys the structure of your essay. Don’t forget to mention the author and provide background information about the text. Remember to start your body paragraphs with a topic sentence.

A literary analysis is usually 5-paragraphs long. The introduction and conclusion consist of one paragraph each, while the main body has three.

A literary analysis is a type of writing assignment containing an analysis of a literary piece. In a literary analysis, you should evaluate and interpret the work by analyzing its plot, setting, motifs, themes, characters, and style.

Further reading:

Thank you so much! That gave me a great start!

Custom Writing

Glad to help!

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255 Unique Essay Topics for College Students [2023 Update]

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Easy Persuasive Speech Topics: 285 Simple Ideas for 2023

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348 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas for 2023

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217 Motivational & Inspirational Essay Topics

217 Motivational & Inspirational Essay Topics

Sometimes you just wish there was a marketplace with vendors shouting, “Topics for argument essays! Who wants inspirational topics to write about?” Well, you are lucky enough: you’ll find plenty of inspiring things here! Coming up with some argument essay topics is quite easy! In this article, you’ll find some...


162 Literary Research Topics can Establish Your Success

Table of Contents

Literary Research Topics

Feel free on selecting a literary research paper for your subject? Are you searching for the best scholarly research paper topic which admiring your propensity on the course? We present you with the right platform. The fascinating part of research is taking an ideal topic for your study. Once, you pick up a leading topic you are ready to write; it’s become a mesmerizing experience in your student career.

We have an enormous number of well-engaged experts panel who can research and writes professional papers for you. As scholars in college, we always  flee, runoff for  high payment rates. That can be most frustrating. We perceived your thrusting concerns and present competitive rates for great-quality performance.

Literary Research Topics

Propitious Literary Research Topics for the University Students:

Literary Research Topics

Literary study Research Topics:

Achieve a standard Literary research paper topic can exhaust a lot of solitaires. In our collection, you will sustain some of the best literary research topics.

Research Topics on Literary study :

Read more: Literary Techniques | Improve Your Writing Skills to Gain Good Grades

William Shakespeare- The greatest dramatist of all time. Literary Research Topics on Him:

The popularity of Harry Potter among the youngsters Influence of literature on male chauvinism. How British Literature Portrays elements of romanticism

Some Wondered Literature Topics:

We think of the transformation of literature and how it has changed in the present day. Conceptualize literature writing topics for experimental work is effortful, we present more options for you.

Detailing of British Literary Research Topics:

Detailing Ideas for Ancient American Literature:

Detailing Ideas on Literature Topics for a Research Paper:

In this appeal, you will get an ample classification of literature topics that you can use for your research.

Literature Research Paper Topics:

In this segment, you will take to associate one sight with the other. It is also based on some famous novels. When thinking of literary topics for a research paper, think about your extent of knowledge and curiosity in the topic.

We offer the most trustworthy advice on  research paper help to earn top ranks. Examine our variety of topics to find the largest access for your study.

important literature topics

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Jacob Smith

I am an Academic Writer and have affection to share my knowledge through posts’. I do not feel tiredness while research and analyzing the things. Sometime, I write down hundred of research topics as per the students requirements. I want to share solution oriented content to the students.

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150 Impressive Funny Speech Topics and Ideas To Consider

225 captivating world history topics to consider for writing academic papers, 160 excellent ap research topics that will boost your scores, top 120 geology research topics and ideas to consider, 170 top trending group discussion topics and ideas, literary techniques | improve your writing skills to gain good grades, what is criminology | is it the right career choice for aspirants, bachelor of arts in australia | find the best career opportunities, english techniques | the most helpful techniques to learn in australia, poetic devices | know the secrets of poems with poetic examples, get help instantly.

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Excellent essay writing blog for students seeking help with paper writing. We provide exclusive tips and ideas that can help create the best essay possible.

100 Literary Research Paper Topics (Updated for 2022)

literary research paper topics

If you are reading this blog post, you are probably looking for some great literary research paper topics. The good news is that we have exactly what you are looking for right here on this page. And no, it won’t cost you anything to read and even use any of the literary topics you find on our list.

Finding Literary Research Paper Topics

We have everything from American literature research topics and British literature essay topics to some great topics for literary analysis. Every topic is listed on this page. The list if updated frequently. This way we can ensure that we can help as many students as possible. Of course, we can’t guarantee that none of your classmates have gotten here first. Even though we strive to keep the topics fresh, there is always a possibility that one of more of your peers have picked their topics already.

Use Our Literary Analysis Essay Topics

Our literature topics can be used for free. You can use them as they are or reword them. Also, we want to let you know that our academic writers (some of which worked on compiling this list) are here to help you. If you need some topics that you can be sure are 100% original, get in touch with us. We can put together a list before you start your literary essay in no time.

Literary Analysis Research Paper Topics

When you need the best literary analysis research paper topics on the Internet, you absolutely need to take a look at our ideas:

Literary Debate Topics

Do you want to have the best debate ever? If so, just read our literary debate topics and pick the one that appeals to you the most:

European Literature

Our writers have put together a list of the best literary analysis paper topics about European literature. Take a look and choose one right now:

Literary Journalism Topics

Truth be told, finding top quality literary journalism topics can be a daunting task. Fortunately, you have plenty of examples below:

Literary Topics for Research Paper

We are happy to say that we can help you with exceptional literary topics for research paper. Here are some ideas that should be exactly what you’re looking for:

Literary Argument Topics

Getting access to a list of original literary argument topics can be difficult. Our writers managed to put together a list of original ones for you:

Hot English Literature Topics

We have plenty of topics in literature, including some hot English literature topics. If you need more ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Literary Analysis Topics for College Students

We are very proud of our academic writers. They managed to compile a very nice list of literary analysis topics for college students:

British Literature Research Paper Topics

Yes, we know that finding good British literature research paper topics is difficult. You need to find an original idea, so why don’t you use one of our topics:

Interesting Literature Topics

Need interesting literature topics? Want to get an A+? Fortunately, we have just the topics you need. Pick one of them and start writing now:

Research Topics in English Literature

If you don’t want to do a lot of research, why don’t you choose some relatively easy research topics in English literature? We have some examples right here:

American Literature Research Paper Topics

It’s not difficult to find some decent American literature research paper topics. But are they original? The following ones are:

Literature Research Topics for High School

If you are in high school, you are probably looking for easier topics. Take a look at these literature research topics for high school students:

Controversial Topics in Literature

Yes, there are plenty of controversial topics in literature. They aren’t easy to find, but they are there. Here are some examples from our writers:

Easy American Literature Topics

If you want to write the paper in just a couple of hours with minimal effort, you need one of our easy American literature topics. Pick one now:

World Literature Research Topics

Our professional writers managed to come up with a list of great world literature research topics. You can use any of our topics:

Poetry Topics

Writing about poetry topics is not simple, we know. This is why we tried to find some topics that are relatively easy to tackle:

Western Literature

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without at least some ideas of western literature topics. Here is what our writers consider to be interesting:

Here it is, a list of 100 amazing literary topics for your essay! If you need more, don’t hesitate to contact our professional essay writers .

Take a break from writing.

Top academic experts are here for you.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Ukraine Live Updates


206 Literary Research Topics – To Gauge in the Literature

Table of Contents

Writing a literary research paper would seem to be a pleasant task, wherein you will have the freedom to select the topic you like the most. To create the best literary research paper, some relevant research would be required.

Choosing a topic which you like can make the task easier to be executed and convince your audience using your emotions. However, if you choose a topic that is not convincing for you, then by no means it is going to convince your audience. The most evident decision would be to choose literary research topics that are connected to your feelings and emotions, and trust me you are going to do a great job.


Categorizing a literature work, searching for common attributes that will portray that a literary piece belongs to a specific category, and describing the same could be a daunting task. Challenges are most likely to occur when the selected topic is controversial and it is difficult to decide whether it can be categorized into a specific group or not. However, if you like the subject of your research, it can be very beneficial for you, because you can swiftly explore plenty of books that would be written in your most preferred style.

What is literary Research?

To select suitable literary research topics, first, it would be important to understand the meaning of literary research. Also, if you don’t understand its meaning, then it would be problematic for you to choose the appropriate topics.

A literary research paper is different from other types of papers. In a literary research paper, the viewpoints of other people are not important, but the interpretation made by the person writing the research paper plays a crucial role.

A major portion of the paper would include the interpretation of the author, the language, visuals, rhythm, structure, and choice of words, repetitions, and the portrayal of characters, feelings, places, and events. Also, the core task of the writer here would be to evaluate the literature piece and offer his interpretation on the same or even by taking a stance to write the paper. Get in touch with us now for the best online research paper help .

What is literary Research?

Literary Research Topics- Author’s and their Works

A popular type of literary research topic would be the authors and their work. Attempts should be made to concentrate on the literary endowment of the author and the influence of their life events on their literary work. Moreover, special attention should be given to not turn your research topic into a biography, because nothing can be more monotonous than it.


Another good option would be to relate the author’s idea at the introduction of the research paper and the conclusion of the research paper. After the comparison, the gap between both the introduction and conclusion would be analyzed.

It will be advisable to select a single book for your research paper. If you select multiple books, then you will make a mess out of it, because the application of multiple books would require extraordinary research. Also, it would be wise not to add a new point to already organized research of the traditional research pieces. Adding something new can be complex, but if you select a research piece that is not so popular, then you can easily depict your significant points, using quotes from the original piece. This will help you to stay in alignment with the people who did not read the book before.

Read more: What You Know About Modern Age of English Literature?

Selecting Literary Research Topics

A good literary research paper help always starts with a writer. Though you have read a text comprehensively, still it could be difficult for you to limit your options to a topic that would truly be exciting for you.

Are you worried about your literary research topics? I have a list of popular literary research topics that can be applied to almost any literary work you ever come across.

Personal Roles

Family, gender, socioeconomic and occupation are few examples of personal roles. A story adapts customary family and gender roles. In your story, there can be one character who occupies an exclusive position and can comment on the life of other people, because of his profession. A working-class person or a royalty group can play a vital role in your work. Also, it would be recommended to evaluate the conditions due to which the characters you choose would find their place in the customary roles.

Customs & Traditions-

To select a good topic, it would be essential to realize that few literary pieces are very old. So, it would be wise to invest your time in studying the traditions elucidated in the book you select. Try to understand the social expectations suggested by the tradition of that place and time. Also, attempts should be made to explore how these traditions have hurt its characters.

Objects, actions, groups, or a person are symbols. In case of an intermittent image in texts or characters, try to understand the specific purpose these objects are trying to serve and the meaning it is trying to convey.

Love, joy, hope, anger, and hate are types of emotions. Emotions are intermittent themes in literature . Thus, attention should be given to understanding how such emotions influence the characters in the story.

Character Traits

Character traits include both good and bad characteristics. Kindness, determination, strengths, and courage are examples of good character traits, while lust, laziness, pride, and selfishness are examples of bad character traits. Few stories portray the heroes to have good character traits only, while the villains to have bad character traits only.  The author frequently makes the whole situation complicated, he either puts a major flaw on the hero or he portrays something restorative about the villain.

To create an outstanding literary piece, you should be analyzing these irregularities in just one character or you can even be exploring the personality of two or three characters either clashes or coordinates with each other.

Historical & Cultural

To create an excellent literary piece, it would be advisable for you to select literary research topics that would explore society as a whole. There is no need to analyze the core of a character or their particular role in society.

To give you a better understanding of this category, I have listed few topics below:


Are you a graduating student or an upper-grade student? Writing a theoretical literacy piece would be the most relevant option for you. You can easily make use of a theoretical model and apply the same to a school of philosophical belief. Marxism, Ecocriticism, and deconstructivism are few examples of critical thinking literary research topics that can be applied by the students of graduation or any other upper-grade students.

What is Next?

Go through the above conditions and accordingly choose the topic that is most relevant to you. Don’t just jump to any theme assuming it to be popular among others, instead focus on selecting a topic that would be interesting to you.

Never make the mistake of choosing a complicated topic assuming that it is going to impress others. You will ruin your research work if the complexity of the topic is beyond your level. So, focus on impressing yourself first and then go ahead impressing others.

Points to Remember

Having difficulties in choosing your literary research topics? I have listed few important points below that will help you to make a good choice for your research paper.

Few Actions

Show the list to your professor for him to help you to identify the pros and cons of a topic and assist in taking a suitable decision.

Select your thesis, both the topic and the stance that you are going to take wisely, before proceeding with the research. This creates a high chance for ensuring originality in your work and there would be very little chance of picking up someone else’s idea.

Let us now explore some of the literary research topics that can make your research paper flawless:

Best ideas for british literary research topics.

Best Ideas for Early American Literature

Best Literary Research Topics for High School

Best Literary Research Topics for the University Students

Current British Literary Research Topics

Most Trending Literacy Research Topics

High-Standard Literacy Research Topics

Unique and Fresh Ideas of Literary Research Topics

Unforgettable Literary Research Topics

Unbelievable Literary Research Topics

Literary Research Topics you can’t ignore

Learning more Literary Research Topics

Literary Research Topics that can give you good marks

Literature Topics Ideas to deliver a quality paper

Trending Literature Topics and Ideas

Literary Research Paper Topics for Academics:

What can you do?

Go through the suggestions and choose the topic that is closest to your heart. If a literary review topic has the power to convince you, only then can it persuade your target audience?

In case of further doubts, don’t hesitate to connect with our English assignment help experts, who will guide you through the whole process, making your work easier.

Read through this blog, understand the category of a research paper, select your topic or seek our assistance to choose for you and deliver an excellent literary research paper to your audience.

important literature topics

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Tops 50 Literary Essay Topics

Literature courses are usually all about reading and then writing about what you have just read. Sometimes, it’s quite hard to comprehend what you are reading about, let alone to write an essay and analyze everything. Luckily for you, this article will summarize all the literary analysis topics and ideas you might come across and it will provide insights that will help you a lot when you start writing a good-quality literary essay.

Handy Tips for Composing Good Literary Essays

Before we go to the themes and topics you can approach when writing a literary essay , let’s first take a quick look at some basic rules that you need to keep in mind when writing about literature. It’s nothing too complicated but remembering these rules and applying them when writing could definitely change the end result. Here are 3 things you’d want to take into consideration:

One final thought before jumping into the subject of topics and ideas for your literary essays. Keep in mind that the topics and fine details are important but you need to have a strong understanding of the basics in order to have a good product. In other words, you need to have a straightforward introduction, a well-defined body, and a strong and comprehensive conclusion.

How to Write Perfect Shakespeare Essays

If you’re studying English, there’s no way in the world to do that without going through the work of William Shakespeare and that’s the main reason we will be starting this article with a list of Shakespeare-based essay topics. Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the most used topic by students all over the world, however, there are still a lot of good essay examples that you can use. Here are some helpful topics if you need to write a Shakespearean literary analysis essay.

Romeo and Juliet

Even though there are a lot of essay examples on this subject all over the internet and the feeling is that you can’t possibly find a new topic on the subject, here are some ideas that you can use to start your paper.

Fate’s Role in Romeo and Juliet

It’s common knowledge that Romeo and Juliet are the first star-crossed lovers in literature. And there are all kinds of clues that Shakespeare introduced all over the text that their love story was, up to a point, sealed by fate.

Dark and Light in Romeo and Juliet

Light and dark, both from a contrast point of view but as well as moments of their love story are present throughout this literary piece. Actually, it is embedded in the entire language of the play and even the character of Romeo has these characteristics present while dealing with contradictory feelings.

Time in Romeo and Juliet

Another very interesting subject for a good-quality essay is the matter of time and the love story between the two characters. Romeo comes to visit during the night and always makes promises of a return in the future. All these happen in a play that has a total timeline of around a week, symbolizing how short our time really is.

Love in Romeo and Juliet

Even though it might seem to be a predictable topic at first glance, love is and will be the ultimate theme and symbol of Romeo and Juliet. The tragic destiny is that the bond of the couple has become a theme for romantic fatalism and that’s the reason it is the number one topic in the literary essays written about Shakespeare’s work.

The competition between Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet in which piece of work of Shakespeare is the most assigned in English courses is tight, however, we’d like to consider Hamlet to be in the second place simply because of the sheer volume of essays written on Romeo and Juliet. If you’re going to focus on this monumental play written by the English genius, here are some topics that should help.

Hamlet and Mortality

If you look closely at Shakespeare’s work, you will notice that a lot of the characters end up dead. Hamlet makes no exception to this rule and there’s so much to analyze and speculate about mortality in this play that you should be just great and write a pretty big essay on this topic.

Misogyny and Women in Hamlet

The play takes place in a time when women did not have too many rights or a certain place in society. You can clearly see that in characters like Ophelia or Gertrude that are not treated well at all. They’d make the main subject of an essay regarding the place of women in the society of those times.

Hamlet and the Theme of Madness

If you’re going to write an essay on Hamlet, you can’t leave out the motive of madness. Just like an essay on Romeo and Juliet couldn’t go without the theme of love, madness is one of the essential characteristics of the play.

The shortest of the mandatory Shakespearean plays, Macbeth is just as full of symbols and meaningful themes and motives that can easily turn into a good literary essay. Here are just a few that you can focus on when writing a piece on Macbeth.

Ambition and Its Corrupting Influence

The main character of this play is in the middle of a quest and there are several moments when he alone decides that the ends justify the means, a theme that can be exploited as an essay topic. Alternatively, you can focus on Lady Macbeth that has quite the same philosophy when it comes to her goals.

Witchcraft in Macbeth

The prophecies issued by the three witches are the main reason why Macbeth is set into action. This theme is often left aside when considering good essay topics in the favor of Lady Macbeth sleepwalking. You could really build something interesting if you choose such a topic since the world of the supernatural is always appealing and attractive.

Another great play by Shakespeare that can be the base of a lot of essay topics. Many of those that had the honor to play the king in this piece have sustained that it’s one of the most intriguing roles due to the king’s slow descent into madness, making him one great essay topic. Apart from that, madness itself is a great approach if you’re going to write a literary essay based on King Lear.

You wouldn’t consider a sonnet to be a good essay topic, however, Sonnet 18 is so succinct and rich in meaning that it can actually give you at least two or three essay topics. First of all, you have adoration and love, which can be a very inspiring topic. Besides that, you have the ever-present theme of jealousy that can, again, make a great topic.

Essays Beyond Shakespeare

It’s natural that the literature world doesn’t end with Shakespeare but it certainly starts there. In the following rows, we will analyze other relevant essay topics derived from big titles of other famous English writers.

Night by Elie Wiesel

This memoir of the holocaust and the events that surrounded it is quite difficult to read for students, the reason why it is often avoided. But what can you do when your teacher requests a Night essay? Well, obviously, you need to start looking for some good topics that will help you develop the structure of the piece you’ll be writing. We’ll give you a helping hand with that by letting you know that you definitely have to touch the subjects of religious faith and the inhuman side of people that are put in extreme situations. When you’re not dealing with fictional literature, it may seem easier to find good topics so the list can go on.

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

The story of the 22-year-old McCandless Christopher also known as Alex Supertramp, who decides to abandon society and the modern world to take a 2-year trip into the wilderness of the US. There are a lot of topics and themes that can be extracted from this book. Among them, the escape from society, rebellion against the rules, and sheer power of nature are the favorites when deciding to write a literary essay.

Essays on Ancient Greek Literature

The literature from those times gained a timeless stamp due to the fact that it is so old and is still present in the educational system and did not lose any of its value. From another perspective, since thousands of years have passed between the time these works were written and the moment you have to write an essay on them, the vast majority of topics have already been approached in other works. But even so, there are some things that can be done to bring something new into literary essays based on ancient books.

The Republic – Plato

Plato is, without a doubt, one of the most influential philosophers in the Western World so you can imagine that writing a paper on his very powerful ‘The Republic’ is not at all an easy task. Before you start writing anything, you should take some time and understand the philosophic approach that Plato had. After that, you will be able to find a lot of topics about ‘The Republic’ such as human nature, fight for power, and hierarchy.

Antigone – Sophocles

Another great mind of those times, Sophocles had some really interesting views that he shared in his masterpiece ‘Antigone’. If you’re looking for topics and themes to write about, you can easily go with civil disobedience, human law, and even faithfulness and honor.

Literary Analysis Topic on the Subject of Race

The subject of race was of a great interest to a lot of writers and a lot of books have this subject as a central piece. If you’re looking to write an essay that touches the subject of race, you should definitely take the following works into consideration.

Waiting for the Barbarians – J.M Coetzee

‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ is quite a powerful piece of work that even brought the author a Nobel Prize for Literature. Talking about such an award-winning work, if you were to do a summary of it, you should definitely approach the topic of tension between the fictional town-colony and the surrounding population.

Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad

This is the story of Marlow and his journey on the Congo River. On his journey, he meets an ivory trader called Kurtz and there are a lot of themes being explored in the book: imperialism, racism, and even how civil the western society is compared to the indigenous population.

Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain

Mark Twain is very famous for his fictional pieces that really appeal to a lot of true characteristics that can be found in the society. Huckleberry Finn makes no exception and it includes a lot of characters that depict the political class and the struggle that the population was left with. If you were to write a piece on this book, themes like slavery versus freedom or man versus nature are a must.

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

This is another example of a great classic. Like a lot of other great pieces of the 20th century, Harper Lee’s book is focused on the South of America and it explores a lot of subjects of justice and race.

Profound Literary Analysis Topics in Women’s Literature

We approached this subject a bit when we were discussing Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, but it’s time to go deeper into the subject and check out some books dedicated to gender and the place of women in society.

The Works of Alice Walker

Alice Walker is a great literary figure of the 20th century, being the author of a lot of notable books and short stories. From all her portfolio, two works are the musts when it comes to literary analysis.

The Color Purple

Perhaps the most famous work of Alice Walker, this book won a lot of awards for the way it approaches themes like racism, sexism, and modification of traditional gender purpose in the society. All these topics can be successfully used for in-depth literary essays as well.

Everyday Use

This is a short story that approaches the subject of heirloom possessions that are being passed from one generation to another. These are also the main themes and topics that can be used if we are talking about essays since the differences between generations are something quite hot nowadays.

Jane Austin’s Works

Even though she departed early, the talent she has shown was tremendous and the breakthroughs she managed to obtain were incredible for a woman living at the end of the 18th century. She explored the role of women in that society and focused on how much hard work they had to do in order to secure respectable places in society.

Pride and Prejudice

Wealth and social position are just two of the main themes and topics of this book that follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet that must choose between two men. One is a better individual from a moral and physical point of view while the other has a better social position. The topic here is clearly about how wealth can change someone’s standards and it also makes a good essay starting point.

Yet another book that fits perfectly in the pattern we were discussing above, Emma is the tale of a woman that is more interested in seeing her sisters married. This book explores the constraints placed upon women in that period and the symbolism of marriage in that society.

The 19th and 20th Century Period

A lot of the literary works that are now studied by English students were completed in the golden era that included the 19th and the 20th centuries. Everything from extraordinary novels to short poems is providing insight into topics that define the Anglophone world and can as well be used in a lot of literary essays.

Part of ‘The Adventures of the Speckled Band’, Sherlock Holmes arose as a very influential character among teachers and students. Essays on the topics of good versus evil and overall order in chaos are among the favorites when writing an essay on this short story.

Lord of the Flies – William Golding

Yet another awesome example of what the golden period of writing had to offer to readers and essay writers alike. The topics approached in this title are shaping around the dangers of group thinking and how irrationality and rationality are sometimes in conflict that is then expanded into morality or immorality.

The Princess Bride – William Goldman

A very entertaining book that was also transformed into a movie touches the topics of the arbitrary nature of history and time and how love tends to conquer all in the end.

The Rocking Horse Winner – D. H. Lawrence

Lawrence is one of the geniuses of the 20th century in literature and this short story is the best demonstration of his skill. It tells the story of a family that struggles and the main themes that are being explored are greed, money, and a bit of fiction.

Of Mice and Men – John Steinbeck

This book captures the struggles of medium-class individuals during the Great Depression. The central theme is the following of dreams and how powerful the human spirit is when it has a clear goal to fight for.

A Streetcar Named Desire – Tennessee Williams

Considered by most the best-known American dramatic play, it approaches the themes of fantasy and reality in an eternal conflict as well as the era’s tendency of women to depend on men.

Topics and Themes for Analysis of Poetry

Stephen Crane gave the world ‘War is Kind’, a collection of poems that touched deep and powerful themes such as war, violence, and human greed and all the inspiration came from his personal experience with the American-Spanish and Greco-Turkish wars.You can use it for your poem analysis essay .

John Donne, a total opposite of Stephen Crane, focused his work on sonnets that approached the topics of love, death, religion, and social criticism. It’s true that they lived in different times as well.

Contemporary Literature

If you’re thinking it’s a pity you were born in these times because no good books are written anymore, you are mistaken. What we now consider big classics were not so hot during their times either and that’s the cycle of literature, to become valuable a certain time after the book is released. So, if you want to go with contemporary literature for your essay, here are some suggestions.

Reservation Blues – Sherman Alexie

Depicting the story of a young group of men that get their hands on an enchanted guitar that once upon a time belonged to a legendary bluesman, the book touches sensitive subjects of the Native American life such as endurance, overcoming everyday obstacles, and poverty.

Montana 1948 – Larry Watson

Set in Western American state of Montana, this novella is about a family that struggles to survive in the tough conditions they have to face. Themes of loyalty, family obligations and bonds or even justice are approached by Watson and they can be great sources of inspiration for good essays.

The Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold

This book follows the story of Susie, a young woman that dies but her spirit leaves the body and watches over the investigation of her case. Obviously, the recurrent themes here are justice, mortality, and grief.

Feel free to explore other essay title examples in our blog.

What Response Essays Are and How to Tackle Them

important literature topics

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120 Fresh and Thought-Provoking Topics for Literature Reviews in Different Disciplines

A literature review is an account of the scholarly works published on a topic. It is different from an annotated bibliography – and far more interesting at that. Instead of being just a list of summaries, a literature review synthesizes the information from all available sources in an overall relationship to your guiding concept. This may be the problem you are discussing, a statement you are arguing, a theory you are verifying, etc.

The goals of a literature review may vary:

That is why good literature review topics are often formulated as research questions. This type of paper is not an easy writing. You will need to parse immense volumes of information, synthesize and summarize coherently. You also need to devote plenty of time to reading.

This post contains a list of literature review topics suggested for various subjects. However, when choosing the most fitting one to dig into, ask yourself, what are the passions that you can apply to this research? This assignment will take a while, so you will need more than just a good study discipline to soldier on. A bit of enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation will get you much farther.

Literature Review Topics Examples on English and World Literature

Some of the suggestions in this post are linked to literature review examples in our free database. By clicking on a title, you get to a corresponding sample page, where you can read the entire text. If the topic you like isn't linked, but you would like to read an example, you can order it. We will arrange the most qualified paper writer to prepare it for you exclusively.

Ready? Let's start with topics for literature review papers on English and World Literature.

Lit Review Topic Ideas on Science and Technology

Next are some literature review topic ideas on science and technology.

As the field is vast, we can barely scratch the surface with these suggestions. To help you with brainstorming, here are a few tips on how to choose good topics for a literature review yourself:

Follow these guidelines, and you are on a path to some great ideas!

Psychology Literature Review Topics

When brainstorming topics on psychology, don't forget about the subdisciplines: biopsychology, social, educational, organizational, etc. If the suggestions below won't be enough, try looking for inspiration in Biology, Sociology, Education, or Business. The most exciting topics are often at the intersection of different areas of knowledge!

Nursing Literature Review Topics

Nursing lit review topics are probably the most diverse in scale, as you can see from the examples below. They can describe a larger issue or a concrete solution applied to a narrowly defined problem. Following this principle, you can modify our lit review topics suggestions zooming out or in on the subject material.

Education Literature Review Topics

To get more ideas from these literature review topic examples, try isolating an issue and put it in another educational context. For instance, student motivation in primary school vs. middle school or sleep deprivation in high school vs. college. This should give you plenty of material for brainstorming.

Sociology Literature Review Topics

The best advice on finding current sociology topics is to look at the challenges your community faces. Become the first one to notice and address these issues!

Political Science Literature Review Topics

Political science is one of the more formal disciplines on this list. Being heavy with abstract concepts, it doesn't lend itself easily to casual brainstorming. Well, at least start with these:

Criminal Justice Literature Review Topics

Criminal justice is a complex field. It's ripe with variance and challenges – which is good for topic ideas at least. And you have state, federal, and international levels to add more variables.

Chemistry and Biology Literature Review Topics

Biology is fascinating. It has something for everyone: from biochemistry and genetics to ecosystems and nature preservation. Here are some suggestions to guide your choice:

Business and Marketing Literature Review Topics

Finally, here are some business and marketing topics as well. These disciplines might be relatively new, but they are among the most dynamic and information-rich – which means great fun to explore.

Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart came to WowEssays.com with a mission to put together and then slice and dice our vast practical experience in crafting all kinds of academic papers. Jana is an aspired blogger with rich expertise in psychology, digital learning tools, and creative writing. In this blog, she willingly shares tricks of pencraft and mind-altering ideas about academic writing any student will find utterly beneficial.

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100 best literary research paper topics for 2022.

literary research paper topics

Did you know that your professor will most likely award you bonus points simply because you came up with the most literary research paper topics? Or that writing essays on the best literary research paper topics is quicker than writing about other topics? Our list of literary analysis topics, literary analysis research paper topics and English literature topics is exactly what you need. All the topics are completely free to use and entirely original. We are working hard to update the list periodically to make sure we can help as many students as possible.

The Ultimate Literary Research Paper Topics List

Stop searching all over the Internet for excellent literary essay topics. Take a look at our list of literary topics and pick the one you like right now. We have plenty of topics for literary analysis split into different categories, so high school and college students can easily find what they are looking for, not matter if it’s rhetorical analysis essay or a paper related to specific period in literature. In addition, our literature topics are fresh. In other words, they are a great option in 2022. Get the best topics in literature in mere minutes right here (literary debate topics included).

Top 10 Literature Topics

Take a look at our list of the best 10 literary analysis essay topics ever and select the one you like. Remember, all these topics are original (at the time of writing):

British Literature Research Paper Topics

Are you interested in writing something interesting about British literature? If so, you may be interested in some of our amazing British literature research paper topics:

Interesting Literature Topics

Did you know that if you manage to surprise or impress your professor, you will most often get some bonus points? To achieve this, just choose one of these interesting literature topics:

Easy British Literature Essay Topics

We know, you want to write an interesting essay about British literature but don’t want to spend 4 days on it. Here are some easy British literature essay topics you will surely appreciate:

Research Topics in English Literature

Do you want some of the best research topics in English literature on the Internet? You are in luck. We have some fresh topics that would work great in 2022:

Western Literature Topics

Writing about Western literature can be a thrilling experience. Here are some topic ideas to choose from:

Literary Argument Topics

If you want to write a literary argument but don’t know where to start, we recommend you select one of these easy literary argument topics and start writing the paper today:

American Literature Research Paper Topics

Don’t postpone writing the American literature essay. We know you don’t know where to start, so we have put together a list of awesome American literature research paper topics just for you:

Easy American Literature Topics

In case you want to write an essay about American literature but don’t want to spend too much time on it, we have some very interest and very easy American literature topics for students:

Literary Analysis Paper Topics

Let’s face it: writing literary analysis essay can be a very difficult thing to do, especially if you don’t have academic writing experience. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of original literary analysis paper topics:

European Literature

Are you interested in European literature? Don’t worry, we have some excellent topic ideas you can choose from right now:

American Literature Research Topics for College

College students should pick more complex topics to write their essays about. Our skilled writers managed to create a list of American literature research topics for college students that are entirely original:

Literary Journalism Topics

Interested in writing about literary journalism? We will make things as easy as possible for you. Just select one of these unique literary journalism topics and start working on your paper in minutes:

World Literature Research Topics

It can be pretty tough to write a great essay on one of the many world literature research topics. Fortunately for you, we have some interesting ideas that don’t require extensive research:

Poetry Topics

Do you like poetry? If you do, you are most likely interested in writing an essay about it. Here are some great ideas that will get you started (all poetry topics are 100% original):

Eastern Literature

Eastern literature has some unique traits that you won’t find anywhere else. If you are intrigued about this and want to write about Eastern literature, pick one of the topics below:

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We know that some students want even more interesting topics. Or perhaps you want some complex topics that will surprise your professor. Our writers are here to help you with anything you need. We can send you another list of literary research paper topics in no time. Each and every topic will be original, so you can safely use any of them without having to worry about plagiarizing anything.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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221 Awesome Literary Research Paper Topics To Choose From

literary research paper topics

Are you looking for the best literary research paper topic or wondering how to choose a topic for a literary research paper? You are at the right place. The hardest part of doing research is getting an ideal topic. Once, you get a great topic you are good to go.

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Literature Research Topics

Getting an ideal literature research paper topic can consume a lot of time. In this category, you will get some of the best literature research topics.

Interesting Literature Topics

Did you know that there are interesting literature topics? They deal with the evolution of literature and how it has grown till the present time. Thinking of literature topics for research paper is challenging, so here are some more options.

Literature Topics for a Research Paper

In this category, you will get a wide variety of literature topics that you can use for your research. A well-written research paper will help you get top grades.

Literature Research Paper Topics

In this category of research paper topics, you get to relate one phenomenon with the other. They are also based on some well-known novels. When thinking of literary topics for research paper, consider your scope of knowledge and interest in the topic.

English Literature Research Paper Topics

In English literature, it focuses on how various novels, classics, or books are written to explain a certain phenomenon. Here are some literature topics that you can start with:

Topics in Literature

Literature requires full concentration to get to the bottom of a certain phenomenon. We have simplified the topics to make it easier for you to do your assignment in college.

Research Topics in English Literature

In this category, there are comparison topics that you can analyze for your research. These are based on well-known books and novels in English.

Literature Topics for Research Papers

These are some of the best literature topics for research papers. They require minimal effort to submit a well-written research paper.

Literary Topics for a Research Paper

Literary topics are diverse. This can make it hectic to choose an appropriate one for your research paper.

Research Topics in Literature

These research topics are based on various societal aspects and impacts on the world. They also deal with people’s emotions and behaviors in different contexts.

Literature Paper Topics

Here are some of the best literature paper topics that you can use for your research. As long as you narrow down the research topic, getting relevant information will be easy.

American Literature Research Paper Topics

Finding an ideal research paper topic in America’s context can consume a lot of time. Here you will find simplified topics for your research paper.

Literature Research Paper Topics for College Students

Are you a college student looking for an ideal literature research paper? Here are some topics for you!

Literature Review Topics Examples

Do you know how to do a literature review on various topics? Try any of this and see your proficiency in the sector.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Literature.

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important literature topics

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important literature topics

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Exclusive articles about literature, how literature — yes, literature — can help you better connect with others, required reading: the books that students read in 28 countries around the world, how do artists make a living an ongoing, almost impossible quest.

Literature Research Paper Topics: 250 Top Ideas


Table of contents

Are you looking for an engaging literary research paper topic? Whether you're writing a college-level essay or a master's thesis, the right literature research paper topics can make all the difference. They range from exploring particular genres or authors to examining the use of language in literary works. By researching these topics, you will gain a greater understanding of the ideas, improve your critical thinking skills, and learn to appreciate the nuances. This article will explore such literature topics for research and open up endless possibilities for analysis and interpretation, ranging from classic to modern-day texts. Are you ready to choose a trending topic and write a paper that will win your professor’s heart? 

What Are Literary Research Paper Topics?

Literary research paper topics focus on a particular literary work, such as a book, poem, novel, play, or story. They provide a great starting point for researching the specific aspect you're planning to explore for a better perception of the idea and help to eliminate any artificial facet. Literary research topics may analyze a single text, compare different writings by the same author, or contrast different authors' styles.  Common literature topics for research papers comprise symbolism, characterization, themes, plot structure, historical context, point-of-view analysis, biographical contexts, and intertextual connections. These research paper topics may also focus on how an author has been interpreted or evaluated over time, analyzing the critical reception of their works and examining any changes within literary canonization. Additionally, these topics can explore how literary works intersect with other disciplines, such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, politics, or economics.

Characteristics of Good Literature Research Paper Topics

Literary research paper topics are usually considered good when they are:

With these important characteristics of literary topics for research papers in mind, you're ready to start writing!

How to Choose a Literature Research Paper Topic?

Choosing a literature research paper topic can be daunting, but with careful thought and planning, you're sure to find the perfect one. In order to do this, you need to complete the following:

With these tips, you can find the perfect literary research paper topic! Don’t have time for reading piles of books? Get professional help with research paper writing from StudyCrumb and have your study completed by a real pro.

List of Literature Research Paper Topics

A list of literature topics for research offers a wide range of literary-related issues that can be explored and studied for your project. It includes ideas that could spark your creativity and help you choose the best title. Whether you're interested in exploring the works of Shakespeare or examining modern literature, this list of literary research paper topics has something for everyone!

Interesting Literary Research Paper Topics

If you are interested in classic books or modern trends, these ideas can be a fascinating starting point for your project. They include theories, criticism, comparison, and specific authors or genres. Besides providing an analysis of the work, a literary research paper topic could also comprise examining different themes. Explore the following interesting literature topics for your project:

Great Literature Research Paper Topics

A list of great literature research topics provides a variety of ideas related to literary works. These research topics in literature can offer an exciting starting point for your English paper:

Unique Literature Research Paper Topics

Unique literature topics for research papers can help students explore new concepts and gain a deeper understanding of their subject. Below are rare literature paper topics for you to review:

Spotted any ideas for your literature research paper? Now it’s time to compose your study. Leave us ‘ do my research paper ’ notice and get a professional writer to work on your project. 

Controversial Literary Research Paper Topics

Controversial literary research topics can provide students with an opportunity to explore complex and sometimes contentious issues related to literary texts. Find below a controversial literary research paper topic for your dream English project!

Fresh Literature Research Paper Ideas

Coming up with fresh ideas for literature research topics can be daunting. Students may want to look at the works they have studied or venture outside the traditional reading list and explore different authors and genres. Some literature research paper ideas comprise studying how certain authors influenced the literary movement, analyzing how language has been used throughout history, or examining gender, race, and class representations from a literary text. Here is a perfect list of fresh ideas!

Literature Research Paper Topics for Students

For students looking for research topics in literature for study, there is a wide variety of options available. Depending on the level and course, they might focus on analyzing particular authors, literary movements, or genres, exploring the use of language throughout history, or examining representations of gender, race, and class in books. You also need to study literary devices and their effects on readers when exploring literary topics for a research paper . Below are examples of literature topics for different students:

Literature Research Paper Topics for High School

These are literature topics to research, specifically tailored to high school students. They involve exploring the influence of literary work on culture, analyzing a single author's literary movement or genre, or investigating language use throughout history. This list of research topics in literature for high school provides an original starting point for your literary project!

Literature Research Paper Topics for College Students

These titles entail more serious and in-depth scrutiny than a high school literary paper. A college-level literary research paper topic provides students with a broader range of analysis. It encompasses looking at literature as a form of political commentary to get its relationship with other art forms. Below are literature research paper topics for college students:

Literary Research Paper Topics by Categories

Research paper topics for literature by category offer an exclusive and stimulating perspective on literary analysis worldwide. They can be grouped into literary movements, authors, and genres, as well as topics related to language and history. If you are interested in European, American, and English literature topics, these ideas will help you find the perfect literary research paper topic for your project.

World Literature Research Paper Topics

Research paper topics for world literature allow students to explore literary works from any part of the world, including texts written in English, Spanish, and other languages. Below is a list that provides original world literature research topics for any project:

American Literature Research Paper Topics

In research paper topics for American literature, you examine the works of early American writers and poets, as well as those from later periods. Here is a list of American literature topics for your paper!

British Literature Research Paper Topics

In British literature research topics, you explore works from early British writers to contemporary authors. Ideally, research topics for British literature should encompass works written by authors from all eras, including Medieval, Renaissance, and modern. Here is a list of English literature research paper topics for your perfect essay!

Did you know that you can generate a bunch of title ideas using our Research Paper Topic Generator ?

European Literary Research Paper Topics

European literature research paper topics offer an excellent opportunity to explore the works of European authors. They allow you to study and analyze the academic traditions and cultures of some of Europe's most influential writers. You can find such literary research paper topic ideas in the list below:

Literature Research Paper Ideas by Periods

You may aspire to find literature topics for research papers from different historical periods. This involves studying literature from various cultures or eras, such as ancient, medieval, or modern ones. These ideas also cover the examination of themes and symbols used in writings and scrutinizing characters and their development through various works. Other topics include the exploration of texts from a political perspective in relation to their historical contexts. These ideas contain some literary research topics from various periods:

Ancient Literary Research Paper Topics

There are many exciting options to consider if you're looking for ancient literature research paper topics. They can be studied with regard to history, culture, art, and philosophy. To gain more insight, you could explore the works of Homer, Henry James, Virgil, and the Mahabharata, or old Egyptian writings, such as The Iliad and Odyssey . Below is a list of ancient literature topics for research you can choose from.

Read more: History Research Topics for Students 

Medieval Literature Research Paper Topics

The medieval literary study provides a unique opportunity to explore literature research topics of the Middle Ages. From Beowulf to The Canterbury Tales , these works offer insights into this era's cultural beliefs and values. Here are such literary topics for research papers to focus on:

Renaissance Literary Research Paper Topics

The Renaissance literature research paper ideas explore works of literature during the Renaissance era, which spanned from the 14th to the 17th century. They focus on the themes, authors, and literature of this period to provide a better understanding of how literary works have evolved within this timeframe and their impact on our current literature. Some of the most influential figures who contributed immensely to writings during this era were William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. If you are interested in researching this period, you can consider a literature research paper topic from the list below:

Romantic Literature Research Paper Ideas

Romantic literature emerged during the late 18th century and flourished throughout the early 19th century in Europe. It is characterized by its focus on emotion and depictions of nature. This movement had a lasting impact on literary works and has been highly influential. Research topics in literature can explore the writings of authors such as Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and William Wordsworth. Here are some ideas related to romanticism:

Modernist Literary Research Paper Topics

Modern literature emerged during the early 20th century until the end of World War II. It is characterized by a rejection of traditional conventions and focused on experimentation with form. This movement had an unprecedented impact on literature research topics and is highly influential today. If you are looking for literary topics for research papers that focus on modernism, consider exploring the following:

Current Literature Research Paper Ideas

Current literature paper topics can look at the latest trends. They include exploring contemporary works such as Harry Potter by J.K Rowling and Stardust by Neil Gaiman. These topics may also involve analyzing social media's effects on literary writings. If you are looking for current literary topics for a research paper, consider the following:

In case you need more paper topics, feel free to browse our blog. We have a wide arsenal of ideas starting from philosophy research paper topics to education research paper topics .  

Bottom Line on Literature Research Paper Topics

Literature topics for research can explore a wide range of themes and works. Whether you are looking for visionary ideas about poetry, fiction, or books from different eras, there is no shortage of literature paper topics to choose from. To narrow down your focus and find the best idea for your project, consider researching literary movements, reading widely, and thinking about the areas that interest you most.  Literature topics for research papers should be chosen based on students' interests and areas of expertise. By conducting in-depth research, you will gain a greater appreciation for literary work and its impact on society. With this article as a guide, you can take the time to find a topic that speaks to you and create an engaging research paper.

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Literature Research Paper Topics

120 literature research paper topics.

In the modern world, more and more people have started to interest in researches in the literature. However, it is, it is rather challenging to choose a topic. You will bring up a question – what topic will be suitable for me?

Our team created this list of best literature research paper topics for your consideration, so you would have the line of ideas to write something unique, which surprised your teachers and groupmates. This article consists of several categories, so you can welcome information and make a choice quickly. So, it is all with the introduction, and we hope you will find an exciting topic.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Literature Research Paper Topic?

It would be good to start working with some instructions before

List of Literature Research Paper Topics

20 Interesting Literature Research Paper Topics For College Students

20 Modernist Literature Research Paper Topics

20 World Literature Research Paper Topics

20 Renaissance Literature Research Paper Topics

20 Great Literature Research Paper Ideas

Need Help w/ Research Paper Topics About Literature?

Any research needs excellent effort, and it is an exhausting and challenging task. You have to find, analyze and organize the information which you want to present in your paper. This work is taking so long, but our time is more valuable than money. You can spend it with your family or friends, while we will provide a high-quality piece in the short term. Stop wasting your time and let our paper writer makes your life easier!


Why Literature Is Important

By: Author Paul Jenkins

Posted on March 28, 2022

Categories Reading , Inspiration , Knowledge , Productivity , Self Improvement , Storytelling , Thinking , Writing

The importance of literature is immense, what you learn will change your perception of the world and how you interact with people by using a wealth of literary devices such as tone, mood, and figurative language. You will be able to share your ideas and thoughts in better ways through writing that conveys meaning clearly to your reader. The best part is that you won’t even realize when you’ve started learning all these aspects. Reading literature will seep into your mind and work almost by osmosis!

What Do We Mean By Literature

Let’s define terms first: ‘literature’ means any collection of written work, but it tends to refer to writing produced with artistic intent: novels, plays, poems, and essays. In this way, literary work differs from – for example – journalism, business, or technical writing.

Literature is the art of discovering something extraordinary about ordinary people and saying with ordinary words something extraordinary. Boris Pasternak

Be a Better Communicator and Writer

The fact is that people who read a lot of literature are better 21st Century communicators. This might seem ironic, given the multitude of technology and media that surround us.

Reading gives you access to so many different points of view that you can understand different perspectives and make up your own thoughts and feelings about them.

People who get involved with literature – reading, writing, or both – have an advantage because they’re better at getting to the point or expressing themselves. If you’ve ever been in the situation of arguing a point or explaining something complex, all that practice will help you communicate.

Your communication will benefit both in terms of your written communications, and how effectively you can express your thoughts and feelings verbally.

Reading literature also helps you develop a sense of perspective about the way other people see the world, and helps you understand their point of view more clearly. All this will make you a better communicator, and it will make you a better writer, too.

Gain a Better Understanding of the World

Literature helps us understand others and the world around us. Works of literature are windows on other worlds, and windows on the worlds of others.

When we read books written by people from other backgrounds, we learn about and accept other cultures and ideas. We can learn about ways of doing things that are different from our own. This gives us a broader perspective and helps us think about things in a new way.

In my opinion, as we live in an increasingly globalized world, it is all the more important to retain sensitivity to its great diversity. Literature from other countries and cultures helps us do that.

By reading and discussing world literature, and investigating different literary genres, we gain an understanding not only of the authors’ ideas but also of the cultural and historical context in which the ideas originated.

It’s not only English literature or American literature that holds all the pearls, by the way. These days, you can find great translations of important literary works from:

and many other literary traditions.

Get New Insights Into What Seemed Familiar

Conversely, it’s important to read books written by people who come from similar backgrounds to ours so they can give us perspectives we may not have considered before.

Related: Why Books Are Important .

Literature helps us understand and relate to others who’ve had experiences similar to our own, such as illness or family problems (just as reading about the loss of another person helped me process my own). It helps us to give our own real-life meaning.

When you read a work of literature, you can experience things that don’t happen in your life, and you can see yourself in different situations. You also learn about how people have dealt with problems throughout history, which can help you solve your own problems.

You’ll take a deep dive into human nature, and its many mysteries.

Language is an incredibly important part of the quest by humans for our identity. Therefore, as ‘linguistic beings’ literature is naturally a high expression of the human personality, every bit as much as painting or music.

Cultivate Empathy for Others

Literature enables us to develop empathy and understanding for others, which contributes to our social skills. It gives us a chance to imagine and live out in our minds social situations even though we may never experience them directly.

A famous academic study in 2013 (Kidd and Castano) found that literature increases empathetic skills more than nonfiction and popular fiction – perhaps because of the more complex character featured in literary works.

It is one of the important facets of literature that it explores the internal world of human life – the thoughts and feelings – of its characters in a way that visual and auditory media such as films and theater cannot. This is because character development in writing relies much more heavily on internal portrayal rather than external expression.

By connecting with the human experience of others, you enrich your own. Literature enables us to better understand what it is to be a human being.

Benefits of Literature in Education

It’s great to get kids excited about literature. Many children are social misfits and loners because they’ve difficulty forming bonds with others. When kids read about people who’re different from them, they begin to develop empathy and understanding for others. This can then be transferred to real life: children can better understand their classmates at school and make friends more easily.

Kids who read more children’s literature in high school show better social skills than children who don’t.

People who are in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers can also benefit greatly from literature. It’s noteworthy that many leading physicists, for example, are also avid readers of literature.

Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become. C. S. Lewis

Helps You Be More Creative

Literature can help you become more creative and improve “thinking outside the box.”

The most obvious reason for this is that literature by its very nature is an exercise in creativity, and relies on the imagination and curiosity of its readers to function. Ask any group of twenty readers of a piece of literature how they would describe the main character, and you’ll get twenty different responses! Readers enjoy thinking up their own scenarios (what the characters will do next) or plots (the way the story will be resolved, for example).

Literary fiction often leans heavily on the use of symbolism, allegory, and metaphor to project its power. All of which demands significant amounts of creativity on the part of the authors and their readership.

In this way, literature functions as an immediate and direct appeal and stimulus to our creativity.

No matter what your career goals are, creativity is a valuable skill. Most professions require you to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to problems; in fact, in some professions, such as art and design, it’s mandatory!

Reading classic literature has been shown to improve creative thinking and the ability to come up with new ideas. Even if you don’t immediately become an artist or designer by reading literature, it can help you become more creative and improve your lateral thinking.

It Helps Critical Thinking Also

Literature may also improve critical thinking skills. You have to spot the flaws in a story, analyze its plot, and figure out the motivations and meaning of the characters.

One important area where literature can help us reflect and find solutions is the area of human conflict.

A literary text is a playground to examine ideas and causality between them – why and how one thing follows another.

An Essential Part of Creative Writing Skill

If engaged in any kind of creative writing, then reading and studying literature to at least some degree is a must. You will learn a huge amount about character motivation, story structure, etc.

It’s well worth reading both classic literature and modern literature.

Develop a Better Memory

Reading can help you remember things better. When we read, our brains process the information we take in.

Literature, especially, with all its plot twists, flashbacks, foreshadowing, character arcs, and so on is like a playground for the mind and memory.

Poetry, with its rhythms and rhymes, can help your own associative mental processes. If using something like the Memory Palace technique, for example, then lines and ideas from poetry can be useful in the linking of objects in the rooms of your memory palace to something you wish to remember.

When people reading poetry have their brains scanned, the regions linked to memory and daydreaming are shown to increase activity.

Related: Memory Palaces

Improve Your Vocabulary

A wider vocabulary is beneficial for all aspects of your life, from school to work.

Reading literature increases your vocabulary and improves your understanding of language. The more you read, the better you can use words and choose the right ones for each situation.

The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean; not to affect your reader, but to affect him precisely as you wish. Robert Louis Stevenson

A good practice is to use a dictionary and thesaurus when you study literature. Not only will this help your precise understanding of what the author wanted to say (especially with more high-flown works) but it will also serve you to improve your own vocabulary and language use.

This skill leads to better communication with others, as you can better explain yourself and help others understand new ideas.

A large vocabulary can also help you with your writing. If you know how words are used in different contexts, you’ll find it easier to use them in your own work. And if you’ve access to a wide range of words, you’ve many more options than if you were limited by a weak vocabulary.

Enhance Your Ability to Concentrate

There are so many distractions all around in everyday life. Not the least of which are the screens that surround us every minute of the day.

The great thing about settling in with a book is that, unlike a computer screen, a book has only one purpose – to take you somewhere. Once you have engaged with the words, it’s almost impossible to stop reading. Reading literature improves your concentration, so you’re less distracted by your surroundings and therefore more effective in your work.

Whenever you find yourself losing focus, why not try grabbing the latest book on your list. Personally, I use a Kindle to read – one of the things I love about it is the bookmark feature, meaning that a page I’m reading can be bookmarked for later. Sometimes, weeks or months later.

Or pick up a short story if pushed for time.

Alongside a detrimental effect on your work or learning, constant distractions increase your stress. And not in a healthy way. Therefore, reading literature not only helps you concentrate – it helps you relax at the same time!

An Opportunity to Interact With Family and Friends

Literature provides an opportunity to have a meaningful and deep conversation with family and friends.

Works of literature normally take on meaningful and important subjects. Consequently, your family and friends will be interested in what you have to say about the topic.

The topics can be as broad as religion, philosophy, politics, and so on, or as specific as Dickens’s David Copperfield or Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

This kind of interaction doesn’t only have to be in person, of course. Sites like Goodreads are great to shoot the breeze with fellow readers, and exchange not only reviews of stuff that you have read, but also get into a discussion about the themes and motivations of the books.

Or you can find a local book club on Meetup, for example.

Helps Your Profile and Career

Not all motivations for reading literature are altruistic!

Reading good literature makes you more cultured and enables you to exchange and project the ideas you’ll find within it at work, and on your social profiles. Whether you are a student, or already in the world of work.

In modern society, knowledge is power, and insight is even more powerful. Books contain information that takes years to acquire firsthand; they contain advice and wisdom from people who’ve been in a similar situation before; they also open up whole new worlds: in your imagination, in other works of fiction like stories and poems, or in nonfiction like biographies or travelogues of fictional novels.

You don’t need to be an English major to benefit!

Examples of Important Literature

World Literacy Foundation


Home » Purdue University » What Is The Importance Of Literature?

What Is The Importance Of Literature?

Table of Contents

Literature allows a person to step back in time and learn about life on Earth from the ones who walked before us . We can gather a better understanding of culture and have a greater appreciation of them. We learn through the ways history is recorded, in the forms of manuscripts and through speech itself.

What is the importance of literature to students?

Literature provides a language model for those who hear and read it . By using literary texts, students learn new words, syntax and discourse functions and they learn correct sentence patterns, standard story structures. They develop their writing skills.

What is the purpose of literature?

The purpose of literature is to give pleasure to the reader .

What is literature and its importance essay?

Literature is the foundation of life. It places an emphasis on many topics from human tragedies to tales of the ever-popular search for love . While it is physically written in words, these words come alive in the imagination of the mind, and its ability to comprehend the complexity or simplicity of the text.

What is literature in your own words?

Literature is a term used to describe written and sometimes spoken material . Derived from the Latin word literature meaning “writing formed with letters,” literature most commonly refers to works of the creative imagination, including poetry, drama, fiction, nonfiction, and in some instances, journalism, and song.

What can we learn from literature?

Through literature, we develop emotional connections with characters and a shared community . We witness unparalleled kindness and terror. And though these experiences, we start to learn about ourselves and others. Reading the right passage can feel like the author knows us better than we know ourselves.

What are the benefits of reading literature?

Benefits of Reading Books: How It Can Positively Affect Your Life

How does literature relate to life?

So after the sequential elapse of time, it is proved that, literature definitely has profound sway upon life to a large extent. Literature influences us and makes us understand the every walk of life . Narratives, in particular, inspire empathy and give people a new perspective on their lives and the lives of others.

What does literature mean to you as a human being?

Literature is the foundation of humanity’s cultures, beliefs, and traditions . It serves as a reflection of reality, a product of art, and a window to an ideology. Everything that happens within a society can be written, recorded in, and learned from a piece of literature.

Why literature is important in the 21st century?

It teaches us about life by exposing us to the lives of different people through their stories, and from these vicarious experiences, we learn important lessons and values. Literature teaches us humanity – to be sensitive and empathetic towards others.

How literature influence the world?

Literature has had a major impact on the development of society. It has shaped civilisations, changed political systems and exposed injustice . Literature gives us a detailed preview of human experiences, allowing us to connect on basic levels of desire and emotion.

Can literature change a life?

Crucially, literature holds the power to change the self ; to reconfigure outlooks and imaginations, and to lead to increased understanding of our identities as well as question what we believe to be true about ourselves.

How does literature make us human?

Sharing a character’s experience through reading gives us a guide for experiences in the “real world.” Because these characters show us what humans have in common, literature can help tear down barriers in our divided society .

Avatar photo

By Travis Thornton

Travis Thornton is an education expert who has dedicated his life to helping students achieve their academic goals. He has worked as a teacher, tutor, and administrator in both public and private schools, and he currently serves as the dean of admissions at a prestigious university.

Travis believes that every student has the potential to succeed, and he tirelessly works to help them reach their full potential. He is a passionate advocate for education, and he believes that every student should have access to a quality education.

Travis is also a father of three young children, and he loves spending time with his family. He enjoys playing sports and watching movies together.

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Are you looking for English Literature Thesis Topics?

English Literature Thesis Topics

There is one of the greatest essayists named John Milton said once, “Literature is the mirror of society”. And literature students need to look at and understand society with the mirror of literature. Offering English literature research topics to students can better demonstrate their ability to review and interpret the literature better.

Most colleges need their students to first select creative and useful business management thesis topics which is also helping you on English literature research topics for their dissertations, after which they must compose their thoughts on the subject while supporting them with reasonable justifications. In this situation, assistance becomes absolutely necessary to match the demands of finding a suitable literature dissertation topic. This blog will provide useful thesis topics on English literature. Here are some ideas for literature students who want to write their dissertations on the following list of themes by selecting the most appropriate one for them.

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Major English literature Thesis Topics

How does modern cinema present our society, aim and objectives.

The basic aim of this study is to investigate the role of modern cinema in the representation of modern society. The other key objectives of this research study are explained below.

The importance of and reflection on social issues found in the major works of literature

The basic aim of this topic is to discuss the importance and to reflect on social issues found in the major works of literature. The other core objectives that this study seeks to find out are highlighted below.

The significance of understanding literary terminology in the literature

The basic aim of this study is to explore the significance of understanding of literary terminology in literature. The other major objectives of this current research study are described below.

How do critical theories relate to societal and literary issues?

The key aim of this research study is to investigate the relationship between critical theories and societal and literary issues. The other objectives of this current research article are indicated below.

The aim of this current research paper is to investigate the relationship between lesbian feminism and feminism and the other core objectives include:

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Historical Analysis of Children's Literature

This study aims to comprehend the historical analysis of the literature of children. This study also seeks to find out other key objectives which are mentioned below.

The key differences between symbolism and criticism?

The core aim of this research paper is to explore the key difference between symbolism and criticism. The other objectives of this study include:

What Are the Differences Between American and British Literature?

This current research paper seeks to find out the key differences between American and British Literature. The other objectives of this study are demonstrated below.

Thesis Topics for MA English Literature Students and PhD Topics in English Literature for PhD Students

Changes in the roles of women in the twenty-first century.

This study aims to explore the changes in the roles of women in the twenty-first century The other main objectives of this article are listed below.

The impact of secularization on the views of individuals.

The aim of this research paper is to explore how secularization impacts the views of individuals on life. The other main objectives are mentioned below.

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How science fiction affects English literature

The aim of this research article is to find out the impact of science fiction on English literature The other main objectives of this current research article are listed below.

The rise of postmodernism and the circumstances that shaped and transformed literature

The aim of this current research study is to explore the events that led to postmodernism’s rise and transformed literature. The other primary objectives of this study are as follows.

The impact of globalization on promoting and inspiring literature

The primary aim of this research article is to investigate how globalisation help in the promotion of literature. The other primary goals of the current research investigation include.

Writing styles of gender-based literary works

The main objective of this research thesis topic is to find out the writing styles of gender-based literary works. The other primary objectives of this study are highlighted below.

How racial discrimination influences the development of works of literature.

The key aim of this study is to investigate the impact of racial discrimination on the development of literary works. There are other number objectives that this study seeks to find out and these include;

Different kinds of historical fiction and their influence on today’s society

The primary aim of this thesis article is to explore the different kind’s historical fiction and to investigate the impact of historical fiction on todays’ society. There are other objectives that this study seeks to find out are described below.

How Literature Thesis Papers Contribute to Social Welfare?

Literature students have a close relationship with society, and when they write their dissertations and research papers, a field trip allows them to understand the problems that are now being faced. By illustrating these socially harmful behaviours in literature, governments can create new regulations to curtail them.

Spend some time reviewing the class materials, such as the course syllabus, curriculum, and some previously written works, to come up with the ideal topic on your own. You can get some wonderful ideas for your greatest thesis topic by using the resources provided. They can also help you save time on both the decision-making and the research processes. You’ll have more time to concentrate on writing, structure, revisions, and your creative abilities as a result. It is crucial to begin the idea-generation process first. Is the subject compelling? Is it pertinent to your class? Additionally, avoid picking a subject that your classmates might use for their own papers. Once you have an idea, discuss it with your peers or your professor and conduct further research to ensure you have all the necessary data to produce an excellent report. Change your topic instead of taking a chance if it appears that there will be some incomplete information. To organise your thoughts, create an outline.

A strong literature paper almost always contains an argument. You will be providing an analytical assessment, a critical interpretation, and a perspective. So having a thesis that is up for debate is a good idea. However, this is only a starting point recommendation! It would be a good idea to seek your instructor’s okay before you begin writing about anything you decide. You can be certain that your thesis topic for English literature does so in this manner. Once you have selected a topic, devote some time to continuously looking for research materials and making notes of what you uncover.

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UGC NET 2023 Important Topics for English Literature

This article will provide the UGC NET 2023 English aspirants with a glimpse of where the questions will be asked in this year's UGC NET English paper. It also deals with the importance of having syllabus before getting on with the preparation for UGC NET 2023. 

UGC NET 2023 English Syllabus

Why is UGC NET 2023 Syllabus Important?

Detailed syllabus for ugc net 2023 english paper, ugc net 2023 english syllabus - important subtopics, how should the ugc net english syllabus be prepared.

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The specific subjects that will be covered in the exam are mentioned in detail in the UGC NET English Syllabus 2023. It enables you to get a head start on your studies and to develop a productive study schedule. The UGC NET English Syllabus is made up of 10 units with a variety of topics and subtopics. The National Testing Agency (NTA) will administer the UGC NET Exam for positions as "Assistant Professor" and "Junior Research Fellow" in Indian State Colleges and Universities. Utilize the direct link below to download the UGC NET English Syllabus in PDF format.

Candidates have access to both the UGC NET English Syllabus PDF and crucial study tips. To better grasp the themes and subtopics for Paper 2, candidates should thoroughly read them. Candidates can access the UGC NET English Syllabus PDF directly from this page.

Any syllabus of an entrance exam is an important preparation tool before that exam is conducted. Here we attempt to provide an exact answer to why it is so from the perspective of UGC NET 2023 exam:

The biggest role the syllabus plays in the preparation strategy is it bridges the gap between the students and teachers by setting pre-determined objectives which have to be achieved by the conclusion of the session

A course of action is laid out from the very beginning with the help of the syllabus

The syllabus comprises of all the necessary details to aid the students in their academic advancement at every step

The syllabus is the best and credible way to know about the course structure, outcome of learning and objectives

During the final stages of preparation, syllabus helps a lot as the students can simply go through the important topics in a detailed manner and by just grazing through the less important ones

With the syllabus already in hand, the students can also ensure to go through all the topics before fixing their minds over one which they want to cover on that particular day

The topics that will be covered on the test are detailed in the UGC NET English Syllabus. The Teaching and Reasoning Abilities, Research Aptitude, Comprehension, and General Awareness topics are included in the Paper 1 Syllabus. While the Paper 2 Syllabus focuses mostly on English-related topics. It evaluates a candidate's level of skill and understanding in the relevant field.

The UGC NET exam consists of two papers. 50 multiple-choice questions worth two marks each makeup Paper 1. English Paper 2 consists of 100 questions, each of which is worth two marks. The two articles will be presented simultaneously over a three-hour period with no breaks in between. There will only be a computer-based test for students.

The following section will focus on the topics and subtopics that comprise the UGC NET 2023 English paper syllabus. Firstly, we will provide you with all those topics from where the questions in the English paper of UGC NET 2023 will be asked:

UGC NET 2023 English Syllabus - Important Topics

Here is a list of all the important topics which will form the basis of the UGC NET 2023 English paper:

Unit I - Drama

Unit II - Poetry

Unit III - Short Story, Fiction

Unit IV - Prose (Non-Fictional)

Unit V - Language: Basic Concepts, Theories and Pedagogy (English in Use)

Unit VI - English in India: History, Evolution and Futures

Unit VII - Cultural Studies

Unit VIII - Literary Criticism

Unit IX - Literary Theory Post - World War II

Unit X - Research Methods and Materials in English

Also Read : UGC NET 2023 detailed syllabus of all subjects

Presented below are some of the important sub-topics from the main topics of UGC NET 2023 English syllabus given above:

Chaucer to Shakespeare

Jacobean to Restoration Periods

Romantic Period

18th Century Literature - Augustan Age

Modern Period

Victorian Period

American and Non-British Literature

Contemporary Period

Rhetoric and Prosody

Literary Theory and Criticism

Modern British Literature

Victorian and Pre-Raphaelites

Contemporary Theory

Literary Theory and Criticism (up to T.S Eliot)

European Literature from Classical Age to the 20th Century

History of English Language, English Language Teaching

Indian Writing in English and Indian Literature in English Translation

If the UGC NET 2023 aspirants go through the important topics in a detailed manner, they can expect to secure their desired marks to be eligible for the posts of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF), Lectureship and Assistant Professor. CollegeDekho wishes all the 2023 UGC NET aspirants all the best!!

Look out for the UGC NET English Preparation Advice offered by the experts. These strategies helped many candidates pass the test and earn high scores after studying the whole UGC NET English Syllabus.

Learn the material, and get familiar with the UGC NET Exam Pattern.

Establish a schedule for your exam preparation and get started. For preparation, review the exam questions from last year.

Continue daily review of all programme material, and use practise exams to gauge your progress.

Work hard in your studies and maintain good health.

How to Score More Marks in the UGC NET English Exam?

To score more in the English Paper, the candidate must follow the method given below to smartly cover the UGC NET English Syllabus.

Do smart work instead of hard work and don't become stressed out while studying for your exams.

Working on your weakest areas is a good idea. Every question from the previous year's exams should be practiced.

Solve the UGC NET Mock Test and can download the UGC NET Question Papers for regular practice and preparation.

All units should be given equal consideration. Don't study only one subject first. On average, 10 questions from each unit should be included in the final exam.

Quick Links

The aspirants can also click on the following links to get direct access to the various facets of the UGC NET 2023 exam -

No, it is not difficult, If you are dedicated to your goal with hard work. To qualify for UGC NET, A proper plan is required in which time must be divided smartly among all the topics.

Some of the most important topics for English Literature in UGC NET are 

The topics that are included in the UGC NET English Literature syllabus are Poetry, Short Story, Fiction, Cultural Studies, Language, etc.

Some of the best books for UGC NET English Literature are Chaucer to Shakespeare, Victorian Period, Modern Period, etc.

Yes, English Literature is one of the most important subjects for UGC NET where you can score good marks.

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James Patterson: If Florida bans my books, 'no kids under 12 should go to Marvel movies'

important literature topics

As the culture wars rage, books increasingly are on the front line. 

Across the country, local, state and some national officials are moving to ban certain titles on the grounds that books tackling racism, sexuality and gender identity pose a threat to younger readers. And some librarians and teachers who push back against such bans have faced harassment and dismissal. 

Many of these allegedly controversial books are familiar school staples written by long-dead authors such as "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger and "Beloved" by Toni Morrison.

But this week best-selling author James Patterson was pulled into the fray when Martin County, Florida school district officials removed his young adult series "Maximum Ride" from its elementary school library but kept it accessible for older students. The book follows the adventures of friends who are winged human-avian hybrids.

Patterson tweeted about the incident Monday, urging fans who found "mindless book banning troubling or confusing" to write to Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who has been aggressively waging the culture war. We caught up with Patterson Wednesday, who expanded on his concerns.

Question: Martin County did not ban "Maximum Ride," but instead has removed access for elementary school students. What do you make of the distinction? 

Answer: It’s a distinction with some merit but not a lot, because it’s not a book anyone should be taking out of elementary schools. There’s nothing in that book that should scare anyone. Kids who are into science and math love it, because I talked to scientists for it about whether you can put wings on kids, which is kind of fun.

If you are going to ban this book, then no kids under 12 should go to any Marvel movies.

Have Martin County school officials reached out to you?

No they haven’t. The troubling thing is the school district is making decisions about books. Individuals that haven’t read the book. If based on one person’s objection you take books off shelves, then we’re going in the wrong direction.

The only time I was banned was for "The Jericho Commandment" (a 1979 novel about terrorists at the 1980 Moscow Olympics), and that was banned in Russia. So that’s ironic.

You've mentioned this is personal for you. How so?

A lot of people talk the talk, but I do (stuff). I’ve spent 40 years funding teacher libraries. My mother was a teacher in Catholic schools. She paid for her own classroom library. But I’ve been funding independent libraries, hundreds of teacher scholarships, and I have an imprint for children.

But I also happen to own a house in Martin County, I bought it for one of my sisters there. And my niece has kids going to school in Martin County. So yes, that makes it a little personal.

You live nearby in Palm Beach County. Would you consider speaking directly to Martin County school board officials?

I almost went up there, and if the book had been totally banned, I would have.

But if I did speak to them, I'd say look, absolutely it’s important for you to keep your kids safe, and you should do a better job at that. If a book comes into your home with your child ask them, 'What’s it about? Are you enjoying it? Oh, you’re having nightmares, let’s talk about it.' But there are far scarier things on the internet than there are in libraries.

Can authors targeted by bans make a difference in this heated debate?

There certainly needs to be teeth in the response to this. If this continues, school boards will face lawsuits from publishers, from authors. And we’ll go right after the people on the school boards.

Because you just can’t go out there and make irresponsible decisions. These folks need to read the books, find out about the books, and in the rare case that there is something so incredibly objectionable, I suppose maybe then you react.

What's your worst case scenario for a nation that continues to ban books?

You’ll have a country of people with no sense of history or ideas. None, zero.

One of the wonderful things about books is it allows us to find out about different ways of thinking, of living, different problems people have, different ways of finding joy. You can explain a world through a library and that’s a good thing. To cut that down is not useful.

Keep reading:

The Economic Times

The Economic Times daily newspaper is available online now.

Ides of march 2023: know its significance, history and religious importance, the assassination of julius caesar, a significant roman general, is depicted in various works of literature, plays, and movies. this event is regarded as a pivotal moment in roman history, and its portrayal has increased the enduring interest in the ides of march..

Ides of March 2023: Know its significance, history and religious importance

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

Things to keep in mind when visiting universal studios hollywood, avoid visiting on peak times.

Universal Studios Hollywood is open everyday and gets a lot of rush during the holidays and summer breaks. It is advisable to visit when there is no crowd, so you can enjoy the views and rides.

Do Not Buy Tickets At The Gate

Try to book your tickets well in time to avoid it getting on the gate as it will not only cost more but will waste your precious time too.

Make A Mind-Map

It sounds exuberant to live in the moment but to enjoy every ride and have a thrilling experience, try to make a proper plan covering every ride and your favorite activities.

Use The Single-Rider Lanes

For the solo travelers out there or those who don't mind splitting up, using the single-rider lane will help you a ton of time.

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D-Street Indices Extend Losses for Fourth Day

Indian shares retreated on Tuesday, extending losses for the fourth straight session amid a selloff in global equities with investors panicking that the fallout from the collapse of two American banks may have a ripple effect on the world economy.

Summer Rush: Consumer Cos’ Production in Top Gear

For the first time in 18 months, consumer goods companies are ramping up production — anticipating a pick-up in demand — particularly for ‘summer products’ due to higher-than-usual temperatures.

Govt Urges SVB-hit Cos to Bank Locally

Domestic startups must “trust the Indian banking system more,” according to top lawmaker Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who also assured them of the Centre’s support to “navigate” the fallout from the abrupt collapse of US lender Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

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    Lit Review Topic Ideas on Science and Technology. Next are some literature review topic ideas on science and technology. Electronic library and effects of its implementation. Benjamin Franklin: scientist and inventor. Virtual Reality, science fiction, and society today. Science, Technology, and Society as a field of knowledge.

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    How literature — yes, literature — can help you better connect with others. What is literature good for? Plenty -- it increases our ability to "read" other people, lights up multiple parts of our brain and can even help reduce bias, says poet and creative writing teacher Beth Ann Fennelly. Posted Mar 2021.

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