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Didnt think I would catch that ?

No DIRECT issue with driver. Ive had drivers in the past who fail to read directions and run all around the property, by time I either chase them down or they find my unit, the food is always cold. So twice I requested that gH doesnt send that same driver. Now, they have mixed up avatars so I dont know who it is delivering. Now, this is either a glitch, or they are underestimating my intelligence which I dont appreciate. The timing of my requests and then, mysteriously the avatars are incorrect, too perfect.

Date of experience : February 05, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Love grubhub.

I have had no problems with GrubHub I used to use DoorDash, and they would say it was delivered and it never was. This would happen at least 2, 3 times a month. And usually when that happened, they never took a pic. Yes, I would get credits, but I would have to wait for another order to be delivered. So far with GrubHub I have had no issues like this, orders have arrived on time. I have a year free as an Amazon Prime member, so you can not beat that deal! So far I am happy with their service!

Date of experience : March 15, 2023

They sent me a coupon for 20% off in my…

They sent me a coupon for 20% off in my email coupons not even working on the order then took my $10 on grub Plus membership they can't even refund me the $10 back never got my order then food from $18 is coming to $35 ruin my dinner I'll go to doordash from now on they lost a good customer Nina

The worst! I placed my order at 10:30 for delivery at 12:45pm only get a text saying it was delayed until 1:187pm. It wouldn't be a problem if I was just sitting on my couch waiting. But I ordered this for a staff lunch meeting. The driver and GrubHub already got there hefty tips! Seriously, I planned early and they still can't get the delivery on time!!! SMH never using this service again!! Sticking with Door Dash.

They take your money after you paid for…

They take your money after you paid for the gas to deliver items, use your own vehicle so wear n tear on your vehicle. Then you cash out and don't receive your money. Gh you are absolutely horrible to your drivers. Stop scamming your drivers to get ahead in your business. Horrible customer service. All foreign people that have no idea how to do their jobs

Date of experience : March 14, 2023

Grubhub is great!

I love using Grubhub because I don't need to leave for food to come. I have only had one issue in the past but Grubhub came through afterwards. Food is good. Usually comes hot. Service is quick. Website is easy to use. I definitely recommend Grubhub.

My husband Ordered food at a hotel and…

My husband Ordered food at a hotel and waited in the lobby. The Grubhub driver gave our food to someone else without checking who it was. Never ordering from them again.

Date of experience : March 16, 2023

Terrible Customer Service

Customer service will not try to correct your experience unless you threaten to cancel your membership or write bad reviews. Pray you don't have issues with your order.

Date of experience : March 17, 2023

What has made and will continue to make my experience w/Grubhub Awesome is your commitment to providing 100% accountability. The Grubhub Guarantee is a prime example of excellent Customer Service.

So disappointing.

Last time I used grub hub, i ordered Applebee's. It said it would take 55 minutes but we waited over 2 hours and by the time the food got to us it was soggy and the order wasn't even all there. This time we ordered Pompeii's and after waiting 40 minutes, my order was canceled so now I have to get up and go get something else. If it wasn't for the gift card my coworkers got me, I'd be done for good!

Date of experience : March 12, 2023

Too many times the ap said food was delivered when no driver showed. You can call amd they refund you but so what? You've been waiting an hour and a half and now teverything is closed and your hungry. They can't contact a driver to ask where the food is? Deleted. Use another service they dont care if you get your food.


DO NOT TIP ON THE APP. GrubHub is still using your tips for their couriers pay. My delivery person showed me their pay summary how GrubHub pays an average of $6 per delivery BUT GrubHub only paid him $1.00 in this case because I tipped $5 on the app. So in other words, if let's say you have a job and your boss told you that you will make $100 today, if you make $80 in tips then your boss only has to give you $20 because in the very beginning he promised that you will make $100 total. That's how GrubHub is scamming everyone, by subsidizing YOUR tips for their courier's pay. Save your money.

Date of experience : March 11, 2023

Excellent Service

The ordering process is easy, quick and there are plenty of choices to choose from. My order is delivered sooner than later and I'm content with the expected delivery time because my food is warm up on ordering.

Date of experience : March 13, 2023

I live in the middle of nowhere

I live in the middle of nowhere, and I can’t drive, so ordering on Grubhub makes it so I don’t have to beg someone for a ride. Plus it’s just convenient man.

Greedy Grubhub inflated price!

Greedy Grubhub inflated price! I thought I ordered a whole sandwich for 11.89. I received a half sandwich the restaurant charges 7.49 for. Grubhub jacked up the price over 4.00! Greedy, greedy! Never again, robbing people is bad Grubhub.

GrubHub is the absolute worst app I’ve…

GrubHub is the absolute worst app I’ve ever used. They always make u weight hours and then never fulfill it. The discounted delivery fees through having Amazon prime are absolutely not worth using this unreliable app. They waste hours of your time after a long day of work and then run you around in circles when you try to ask them to help you. I’d rather pay a delivery fee than use these jerks.

Date of experience : March 10, 2023

They have been on time with no…

They have been on time with no problems. People I have experienced are nice and very respectively. One time things got fuzzy and I didn't give a tip. I apologized, but the young man didn't get angry or have an attitude. He was very polite and told me not to worry about it

Date of experience : February 22, 2023

I love GrubHub because I don't have to…

I love GrubHub because I don't have to go run out, it saves me time and if by any chance there is a problem with my order they give me a refund no problem, great customer service!

By far the worst third party delivery…

By far the worst third party delivery company out there. On too many occasions, Deliverers have not delivered my food and kept it for themselves, delivered to the wrong address AND customer service not being useful at all. I reached out to THREE different customer service representatives and NONE of them helped, this resulted in my food not being delivered to the correct location. They also do not offer military base options and drivers are not vetted. Drivers include fake numbers in their profile and are not responsive if customer or grub hub rep tries to reach out

Date of experience : March 09, 2023

Deceptive business practice

I placed an order and received a reasonable ETA for delivery. 1 minute later the ETA was changed to an hour later. I immediately attempted to cancel but was told I could not because the original ETA had not passed. This is deceptive and ridiculous, chat representative said it was passed up to "escalation team" meantime restaurant started preparing food thus preventing me from cancelling. Deception, Deception, Deception. Beware of this website, order from DoorDash or Uber instead .

Date of experience : March 08, 2023

How do you leave a review on grubhub?

Assuming you would like a Yelp-like review for Grubhub: If you're anything like me, you're always on-the-go and don't have time to sit down at a computer to write a review. Luckily, Grubhub has made it easy to leave a review right from your phone. Here's how: 1. Open the Grubhub app and sign in.

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This Is the Best Way to Write a Memorable Restaurant Review

Joanna Cutrara

A great restaurant review can point you toward your new favorite spot—or help you avoid a dining disaster. Review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor have an abundance of restaurant reviews to browse, but if you spend any time on these sites you’ll notice not all reviews are helpful.

Some reviews are positive, but are so vague that you question their legitimacy. Some might have helpful information, but are so poorly written they’re unintelligible. And other submissions read more like a personal rant than a restaurant review.

Think you’re ready to share your own two cents? Don’t let your review fade into the background of mediocrity! In today’s post we’re sharing how to write a restaurant review that’s captivating, memorable, and useful for your fellow diners.

Here’s a tip: Want to make sure your writing always looks great? Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites.

Here’s How to Structure a Memorable Restaurant Review

1 set the stage.

Let readers know immediately that the review contains useful information and is worth reading. Open the review with an enticing line that promises an interesting payoff (whether delicious or dreadful).

Next, share some context. Why did you decide to try this particular restaurant? What time of day did you go? What size was your party? How did the waitstaff treat you? What was the ambiance like?

It may look like your average neighborhood pizza joint, but Acme Pizza is anything but!

I wandered in with two friends on a Friday night, and was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and incredible aroma of baking pizza. The restaurant was filling up quickly (it was almost 7:00 pm) but we managed to snag a table.

2 Deliver the Main Course

How was the food? If a dish was “great,” be sure to describe why . What were the flavors, textures, and appearance like? Carefully select a few punchy adjectives for your descriptions—too few will leave your writing bland, too many will bog it down.

We ordered the garlic knots and two medium pies to share: the XX (pesto, artichoke, red onion, bacon, feta, mozzarella) and the XY (marinara, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mozzarella).

The garlic knots were little bombs of buttery, yeasty goodness, and the garlic was robust but not overpowering. When our pizzas arrived, our expectations continued to be exceeded.

The crust was crisp, flavorful, and chewy. The toppings worked together beautifully. The marinara and pesto were packed with flavor, and the mozarella had a great consistency and very little oil. By the end of the meal we were planning our next visit.

3 Wrap Up the Takeaway

End with a punchy summary of why you think other diners should (or shouldn’t) visit the restaurant. Don’t let appearances fool you—the decor may be divey, but the pies are fantastic. This place is perfect for groups or a casual date night.

5 Essential Tips for Writing a Memorable Restaurant Review

Now that you know the basics, follow these tips to ensure your reviews are always captivating!

1 Take Notes (and Pictures!)

To write a vibrant review, you’ll want to capture your thoughts and experiences while they’re still fresh. Use your smartphone or notebook during the meal to jot down highlights and subtler details (e.g., the wait staff was welcoming and attentive, you enjoyed the agricole rum in your cocktail, the tiramisu was soggy and disappointing).

Happy November 8th AKA Cook Something Bold Day. ? by @slite_eats- homemade ? inspired by #difara pies. Cooking something bold today? Tweet and tag us! #difarapizza #difara #gordonramsay — Di Fara Pizza (@difara) November 8, 2017

2 Get Specific

Avoid vague words and phrases like “The service was bad” or “The pie was great.” Instead, provide specific details like, “The server was friendly but inexperienced and botched our drink order” or “The lemon meringue pie had a wonderfully flaky crust, a tart and tangy filling, and dreamy melt-in-your-mouth meringue.”

If you’ve visited a restaurant several times and only once had a bad experience, be sure to note this in your review. Everyone has an off night now and again.

. . .Also, if you love Korean cuisine and decide to try out the new Mexican-Korean fusion grill, please don’t write a review complaining how the bulgogi isn’t authentic enough.

4 Don’t Rant

Parking was an ordeal, you suffered through a long wait for your table, then endured a careless server and over-priced, disappointing food.

Writing a one-star Yelp review about “THE WORST PLACE EVER” may feel cathartic in the moment, but vague, emotion-laden reviews don’t carry much weight.  

Instead, describe the specific details of why your experience was sub-par. This will help other diners make an informed decision on whether they should give the restaurant a chance—or a hard pass.

5 Remember to Proofread

Want folks to take your review seriously? Be sure your spelling and grammar are on point. A review riddled with errors is likely to be written off, ignored, or even misunderstood.

how to write a review grubhub

You’re our first priority. Every time.

We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. And while our site doesn’t feature every company or financial product available on the market, we’re proud that the guidance we offer, the information we provide and the tools we create are objective, independent, straightforward — and free.

So how do we make money? Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products we review and write about (and where those products appear on the site), but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. Here is a list of our partners .

Is Grubhub+ Worth It?

Keith M. Rosso

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money .

If you regularly order food delivery from local restaurants, you may be wondering if a monthly subscription like Grubhub+ is worth it. For some, the monthly subscription cost could be cheaper than what they’d pay in typical delivery fees over the course of a month.

With so many competing food delivery services available, let’s take a closer look to see if Grubhub+ is a subscription you should consider.

» Learn more: Best credit cards for food delivery

How much is Grubhub+?

Grubhub+ is a $9.99-per-month food delivery subscription offering the following benefits:

Unlimited free delivery on orders of $12-plus at Grubhub+ eligible restaurants.

Access to exclusive deals at select restaurants.

Donation matching for No Kid Hungry.

Grubhub+ is currently offering a complimentary 14-day subscription. You have to enter credit card information to sign up, so if you decide to test it out, set a reminder to cancel before the monthly subscription charges begin.

Keep in mind that anyone can order from Grubhub without a subscription. However, you’ll be subject to delivery fees, which can add several dollars or a 10% charge to your bill at certain restaurants.

What Grubhub+ restaurants are in your city?

Although Grubhub's database features 300,000 restaurants in over 4,000 U.S. cities, not all of these restaurants are part of the Grubhub+ program. The Grubhub website makes it easier to filter Grubhub+ restaurants, and certain cities have significantly more restaurants that participate.

Before signing up, it’s a good idea to search for participating Grubhub+ restaurants in your area to ensure your favorites are included.

how to write a review grubhub

Alternatives to Grubhub+

DoorDash, Postmates and Uber offer monthly food delivery subscriptions similar to Grubhub+.

With DoorDash, you can sign up for DashPass, which is a $9.99-per-month subscription service offering free unlimited delivery on orders over $12 from participating restaurants. Those with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® and Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card can receive a complimentary DashPass subscription which is valued at around $120 per year (must activate by Dec. 31, 2024).

Some people prefer Postmates because it offers more than just food delivery. You can also order party supplies, groceries and more. A Postmates Unlimited subscription costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 annually, and you’ll receive free delivery on every order over $12.

Uber Eats Pass

Eats Pass is a $9.99 monthly subscription membership you can add to your Uber Eats account. The service charges a $0 delivery fee and 5% off orders of $15-plus at eligible restaurants. Note that taxes and service fees may apply and don't count toward the order minimum.

» Learn more: Is the Uber Eats Pass worth it?

Card considerations

Select cards offer higher rewards rates or credits when used toward purchases through food delivery services like Grubhub.

The Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card earns 4% cash back on dining, including food delivery.

The American Express® Gold Card earns 4x Membership Rewards Points on restaurants, including takeout and delivery. Terms apply.

The Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card earns 3% cash back in dining when you select it as your bonus category.

» Learn more: Credit cards and food delivery: What are the rules on rewards rates?

When Grubhub+ might be right for you

So, is Grubhub+ worth it? Depending on the restaurant, delivery fees can add several dollars to your order total, so the monthly subscription expense may be worth it if you order in often enough. Roughly speaking, you’d need to order delivery at least two or three times per month to come out ahead in savings.

However, other companies offer similar monthly subscription programs. The best option may depend on where you're located and the number of restaurants participating with that provider. It's wise to check the availability of restaurants in your area on each app and then subscribe accordingly.

The information related to the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card has been collected by NerdWallet and has not been reviewed or provided by the issuer of this card.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards of 2023 , including those best for:

Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

how to write a review grubhub

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Ratings On Other Platforms

Grubhub has a rating of 1.16 stars from 4,254 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Reviewers complaining about Grubhub most frequently mention customer service, delivery time, and next order problems. Grubhub ranks 156th among Food Delivery sites.

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What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights.

Critical highlights


The fact that you can order food other than pizza online from restaurants, and they bring the order right to the door should be all that she wrote! This app has been such a lifesaver for my husband and I! Every time that we have gotten home from work and was too tired to cook, this was and still is the app we turn to! There are so many restaurants to pick from, which we love that option! We couldn't be happier that they have a Grubhub for our city!

“Totally scammed”

Was ordering takeout from the parking lot of Qdoba and somehow was diverted to a yelp site that had me order the meal through GrubHub making it seem like that was what Qdoba wanted. I later found out I was charged almost $9 more (above Qdoba price) even though I was doing takeout and sitting in the Qdoba parking lot. I've never felt so raped by a company. Grub hub is the worst. I reached out and received nothing on multiple attempts to reconcile.

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I ordered lunch the night before I work in a hospital and wanted my food at a certain time. Well 5 messages later a lunch that should've arrived at 8:30 all of a sudden last message said I will get it by 11, are you freaking kidding me. I called chipotle and I was told my food was on the counter for 2 hours I didn't want to bother requested money back please don't use GrubHub do the other ones if you want your order and on time. If I could give it zero star I would

Thumbnail of user stevem2051

I had a gift card for Grub Hub and could not order anything. It would come back as "cancelled and refund" every time I try to order! Others online have the same problem! How are they still in business? Customer Service is useless! Management never returned my call after 3 tries. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! What a scam! I'm changing to Door Dash!

Tip for consumers: Do not use! Grub Hub is having problems rejecting all orders and no customer service to respond!!! BEWARE!!

Products used: None. Their site will not let my orders go thru!! It's a problem for many people online also! How are they in business and still listed as a too company??? NO CUSTOMER SERVICE TO RESPOND TO ISSUE!

Thumbnail of user erikd61

I have Grubhub through Amazon so a year for "free" not only do I pay Uber Eats monthly to use them, I use them more than raggedy azz GrubHub…can never get an order at the scheduled delivery time…food always 30-45 minutes late and cold…Grub Hub is the worst

Grubhub product 1

Deceptive business practice I placed an order and received a reasonable ETA for delivery. 1 minute later the ETA was changed to an hour later. I immediately attempted to cancel but was told I could not because the original ETA had not passed. This is deceptive and ridiculous, chat representative said it was passed up to "escalation team" meantime restaurant started preparing food thus preventing me from cancelling. Deception, Deception, Deception. Beware of this website, order from DoorDash or Uber instead.

Tip for consumers: Don't use this site

Thumbnail of user marcelow15

I placed my orders hours in advance. Both orders arrived on time but cold. Not even luke warm. The prices are ridiculous too. Way, way way overpriced considering the quality. You'll have a much better experience and be served better portions dining in.

Tip for consumers: Stick with dine in

Grubhub product 0

They won't tell me why, and all I get is meaningless gibberish and random customer service representative mumbling. I've confirmed with my bank that my credit card is in good standing. See their letter to me: Sean F. (Grubhub) Nov 12,2021, 8:19 AM CST Hello H**, We are sorry for the trouble you've experienced placing an order on Grubhub. Since this transaction did not process it will be reflected on your bank statement as a VOID, and the charge will disappear entirely from your statement within 24 hours. After careful inspection, we have determined what kept your order from processing and have corrected this error. Please go ahead and order again. We're sending a discount code as an apology in a separate email. It can be applied by clicking on the "Add promo codes" link located below the tip section on the final payment page. Thank you for taking the time to contact us and sorry again for the inconvenience. - Sean F. Grubhub Advanced Transaction Review

Tip for consumers: Have a plan B, don't place an order at last moment, high chance it will go wrong.

Products used: Call restaurant directly

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GubHub offers food delivery from local restaurants.

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TAKING 5 TO 6 DAYS BEFORE MY CREDIT WHEN THEY MESSED UP! I have been homebound unable to drive for three years and depend on reliable delivery service. Today was the straw that broke this camel's back. I placed an order to Taco Bell before 10 a.m. and was told it would be here by 10:32. I always watch the car on GrubHub and I saw they were going the wrong way to get to my home. Then I go to Grubhub and it shows it as delivered at 10:13 a.m. So, of course, I had to call GrubHub only to get a woman who said her name was J.T., I asked her for her name not her initials and she stated it was Joy. She informed me that she did not know why Taco Bell didn't call me and advise me that breakfast couldn't be delivered. And she stated it will take 5 to 6 days for my credit to be issued. THIS IS A CROCK AND I HAD TO LEAVE THIS REVIEW TO AVOID OTHERS FROM GOING THROUGH THIS! I have mistakenly used GrubHub for 3 years, it seems it is past time for me to try DoorDash or stick to local deliveries who now are adding that service fee which to me is to highly-priced.

If I could give ZERO stars I would. The driver dropped off a $100 worth of food to the wrong address. It is not the first time. It takes, of course, up to 5 business for a refund. So, no food and no money for days. It is an awful experience. Customer service has no empathy and no recourse for inconsiderate drivers who just drop off your order wherever they please. They Grubhub driver who was responsible for the delivery of this order is a JERK and I hope they see this post.

I HATE being lied to. I pay a monthly fee for free delivery but several times I have been charged a delivery fee. Upon phoning I was told that restaurant does not participate. I then went back online and saw "free delivery". A second call to a different person got me an admission that it should have been free. I supposedly will be receiving a refund in 5 days. I also wonder what the "service fee" is.

I ordered wings from Wings Over Fort Worth around 5pm. The wings were supposed to arrive at 5:49pm. I waited 2 and half hours and never received my wings. The driver switched to another driver out of the blue, with no explanation, and mysteriously, my order got cancelled. This is ridiculous. I'm hungry and now I don't have anything to eat. Thank you.

They supposedly guarantee on time delivery, but orders get delayed. Sometimes multiple times. And every time that they delay the order, they send a different driver. I had one order get delayed until after the restaurant was closed. They cancelled that order. Most recent order was picked up by the wrong driver. How does that happen? That order was also cancelled. I will not order from them again!

my gift card order was cancelled because there was not a delivery driver available. I went on chat line an asked for a number to talk to a human about getting the money put backn on my card. She directed me to a site to pay $1.00 for an answer and that the service would be so much a month after that.. Totally ridiculous.

I ordered my food and specifically chose face to face contact because the first time I had ordered food it never got delivered to me but went to a different house that had my same street number. I decided to give them a second chance. Again my food did not get delivered. I texted the driver to ask where it was and he said it's off to the side of the house. That is not what I had asked for I asked for someone to hand me my food so I was sure it made it to me this time. Luckily GrubHub did refund my money and gave me a $5 coupon for next time. One there will be no next time and two now I have no dinner. I work a full-time job and in five and a half months pregnant and just wanted a relaxing dinner at home. PB&j it is I guess.

how to write a review grubhub

I have been ripped off by grubhub twice. They never delivered my food and I went to the trouble of reporting it and the sent me a text and email that I would recieve a full refund in 3 to 5 days. Well its been over 2 weeks and nothing but a loss. I'll be using UBER EATS from now on. Don't appreciate being ripped off by grubhub

I ordered Chinese food, I should have gotten chopsticks, I even requested them just to be sure they didn't forget. This is why tipping in advance is stupid. I'm not eating Chinese food with a fork. Why'd I pay $25 for a quart of noodles but can't even get the chopsticks I asked for? If I have to use a fork I'll just spend a dollar next time and eat a couple packs of instant ramen😒

I have ordered from GrubHub 5 times. The first time the food never came, the driver tok it to an entirely different neighborhood. The second time, the order came, and the order was correct. The third time the order was wrong, missing items. The fourth time it was missing one item, but not an important one. AND, the LAST TIME, JUST NOW, WHILE I HAVE PEOPLE OVER WAITING FOR DINNER, MY ORDER NEVER CAME. IM LIVID. The order was reported "arrived" and just like the first time, it never came. We waited and waited and I had to go through 4 different online people (the only one that actually tried was "AL - Christalyn JA". Ultimately, I had to call the number, and I was offered my money back, and 2 months of free GH+. I CAN GUARANTEE, IT WILL NOT BE USED.

If there was a way to give a big fat 0 I would!! This delivery service is definitely not worth a second look!! Last night I ordered dessert from a reputable restaurant because I don’t drive at night. I received a text message to say that my order was on its way. Then one that stated my order was delivered. It was not outside my door! When messaged customer service for assistance they told me there was no way to communicate with their driver! Unlike other reputable delivery services! Which also tells me that they are NOT about customer service at all… they don’t care for the reasons you chose them instead of driving to get your own food or not, and sure don’t care about accuracy!! I’m done!! And will tell ALL my work from home colleges the horrible experience I had !!!

We don’t use GrubHub but we ordered delivery from subway who does use GrubHub and every time we do there is an issue with their driver they never show up to our address and the last time we ordered from them they never delivered our food but said they did… We were told they were going to issue us a refund and it takes 3 to 5 business days to get our money back we waited a week and called to find out where our refund was because we never received it. Magically they could not find our account via phone number or email or name and was requesting an order number when I went to retrieve the order number from my email all of my emails from subway were magically missing out of my phone to suspect as hell and they were absolutely zero help so now we were out 37 dollars and never even got to eat… We will never use GrubHub and we will never order from anyone who does to deliver and I suggest you do the same they are the worst company ever and the worst customer service ever!!!!! I’ll give them negative stars if I could… We are reporting it fraud…

I'll NEVER use them again! I was trying to order a delivery for my cousins that just lost their sister and living out of state was something I could do for them. After completing the order online and getting the confirmation let them know it was coming and when it should be there. I didn't look for over an hour and a half and noticed that 15 minutes later I got an email that the order was cancelled. I have never been so embarrassed to have to call and tell them it wasn't coming.

It is the restaurant typically when their is an issue but today, it 100% was the driver Chelsea in Ohio who stole my entire order, marking delivered as she sat a block away from my house. You’re trifling road side garbage. Do better grub hub. Making money is important but you’ll soon see how fast you decline if you hire any trash that applies.

I would say eight other 10 times I’ve ordered from them have been delivered to the wrong address. And I’ve always asked for a refund. The same thing happened to me today and they said I requested too many refunds and then wouldn’t give me a refund. So I pay for something I never received. There are pathetic company please please do not order from them

horrible service. I scheduled a delivery then it was delayed. I then received a call that they would have to cancel my order because the driver's card was declined at the restaurant. I paid for the order, however the card being used by the driver didn't work so I had to get a refund. They didn't offer to get another driver or offer any other accommodations. First time using and will NEVER try again!

I never used grub hub before first timer It seemed promising driver called said was leaving the place I said ok meet you outside let's just say I got an refund first called driver no answer. Got an text a aying food still on way I'm still waiting so basically I'm under believe that driver left food someone took off with it site said delivered or it never was delivered or possibly still on way again remind you I'm still waiting and seen uber eats delivered an order Save your self the headache DO NOT ORDER FROM GRUB HUB BAD BAD BAD FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Worse service EVER. Next time they send someone smart enough to look at the numbers on a home before they just drop it off anywhere. Or maybe he just got hungry and kept it for himself because none of the neighbors who I have known for the past 3-4 years seem to know what I’m talking about when I went looking.

If I could give zero stars, I would. I placed an order for a gift to a family member. Received a weird text from the driver and then they left. No further information or how to resolve the issue. I finally asked what happened and the driver said to call GrubHub. I was told the restaurant just never received my order. They don’t care. First and last time I’ll ever use them.

I placed an order the day before I needed the food. Day of i recieved a text that the order would be about 30 minutes late. And then I received a call that the order was cancelled due to the restaurant. This was for a work functioni, and this is the 2nd time that Grub Hub has done this to me. I placed the same order with Uber Eats and it was delivered 20 minutes later.

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how to edit a review on grubhub

how to write a review grubhub

I gave a bad review on grubhub, I feel bad it was my fault.

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About Grubhub

This profile has not been claimed by the company . See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review .

Grubhub connects users to restaurants that offer delivery and pickup options. Simply type in an address and get matched with hundreds of restaurants nearby. Grubhub regularly has promos that waive or reduce fees, making it a low-cost, low-hassle option to get the food you want conveniently.

Overall Satisfaction Rating

Bottom Line

Grubhub is a convenient way to order your take-out favorites directly to your home or office. Because users can search by cuisine or restaurant name, it’s easy to get exactly what you want from where you want.

How does Grubhub work?

Grubhub helps customers find and order food from their current location.

Type in an address on the app, and Grubhub shows you restaurants that deliver to that location and shares multiple nearby restaurants with pickup services. You can also search by cuisine, restaurant name or menu item to have the app filter the results according to your specifications.

Once you find what you’re looking for, you can place your order online or by phone. The company then sends you a confirmation email with details of your order. Keep in mind that most restaurants require you to meet a minimum dollar amount before your order can be processed.

Grubhub app

Most orders are made on the secure Grubhub app. From the app, you can track your order, view previous orders and locate receipts. You can place an order up to four days in advance and save multiple delivery locations, such as your home and office. The app also provides access to reviews, coupons and special deals and gives you the option to decline napkins and plasticware at checkout for more eco-friendly delivery.

Grubhub fees

There is no cost to create a Grubhub account. When you place an order, you pay for your food plus sales tax when applicable and any tips you wish to give the restaurant or delivery driver. For delivery orders, you may also be charged a delivery or service fee.

Customers pay an order processing fee for each prepaid order. The rate is applied at 3.05% plus 30 cents per order. Grubhub frequently offers promotional codes you can use in-app to receive discounts on your order.

Grubhub payment options

Grubhub accepts all major credit cards, Grubhub gift cards, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amex Express checkout. Payment is charged as soon as you place your order. The company also sells gift cards.

Grubhub FAQ

Is grubhub worth it.

Busy, on-the-go people benefit from using Grubhub. Though the company charges delivery or service fees for every transaction, the ability to order food and drinks from any participating restaurant with just a few clicks is valuable to people who don’t have much spare time or don’t want to cook. We recommend Grubhub for its varied options, intuitive app and eco-friendly initiatives.

Grubhub Reviews

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For more information about reviews on please visit our FAQ .

Grubhub used to be great. I’m not sure what’s happened. They market their Grubhub plus in a way that sounds like you get $10 per month towards a delivery order, but once you try to use it, it’s only for pickup. They also have exorbitant prices for food. $28 for a pint of chicken soup? Overall the service is not worth it. I’m cancelling soon because the last two months I’ve tried to use my Grubhub plus rewards for pickup and it will not allow me to order because it says I haven’t input a phone number. Of course I have! When I try to put it in again, it won’t save to my account. I contacted customer service and they said they can see it on their end, so just ‘delete app and uninstall, thanks.’ I did what was recommended, no change. No offer to give me the $10 from last month either. Steer away from Grubhub— they’ve gotten greedy and it’s not worth it.

how to write a review grubhub

My order was delivered to the wrong house. The people that received it were told by the restaurant to go ahead and eat it because it came inside their house. Their house is not signed with a number. Mine is signed! And I gave very specific instructions. After three hours of dealing with this crap GrubHub would not give me a discount on the order. They said that they would give me 40% off on my next order. I was given the example if you purchased $100 worth of food you will only pay $60 well the coupon they sent me says 40% off up to $25 so that was wrong again. Also, the fact that my neighbors got my food on time for FREE and I pay full price is the most disgusting thing I’ve had to deal with this holiday season out of every crappy store, restaurant, and facility contact I’ve had!

GrubHub is the worst and my experience with people eating $116 worth of food while I paid full price for the food three hours later and after having to spend almost an hour on the phone. They didn’t even automatically reorder the food when the Grubhub driver, who felt bad, told them the situation. The driver said all they were willing to do was refund me which they weren’t even in the process of doing when I called. My family has been sick all week and Grubhub actually made it worse and more miserable. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!

how to write a review grubhub

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AVOID GRUBHUB AT ALL TURNS AND OPPORTUNITIES!!! GrubHub is a very unsavory scam! My first impression of GrubHub was an unpleasant taste in my mouth after its cofounder Mike Evans said that he started the company after falling into someone's armpits on a Chicago bus. Eewww! Then, I was unable to use a GrubHub $55 e-gift card, that was provided at an event, for an $11 pickup order. When I contacted them through Facebook, I was told that I had to provide a debit card to use their electronic gift card. It was terrible!! Many participants, like me, at the event were unable to use the gift cards. Reality check: Using gift card should be an enjoyable complimentary experience. Whenever, in the past, I have used gift cards from retailers and e-retailers, I have never had any problem. And ideally, a gift card does a good job at converting gift card guests into future customers. But not so with this crappy company!!!

Thankfully, the organizers of the 24+ hour event has tons of snacks. I now have a renewed appreciation for granola bars. Finally, GrubHub had no acceptable way for me to gift the unused GrubHub e-gift card to someone else. In their emails, they wanted info like "Your address associated with your GH account: The last 4 digits of your credit card used in a previous transaction. If PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, please provide the correct email address, and username or let us know if Apple Pay or Google Pay was used. Gift Card Number: Reason for unlink request". I did not provide them with unneeded info.

My last email to them included "This entire experience, especially these back-and-forth messages ... and your procedure to gift an unused gift card definitely makes GrubHub unpalatable and undesirable. RIDICULOUS!! KEEP YOUR GIFT CARD!!! NO REPLY NEEDED!!!! DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN!!!". I rate this company as many negative stars, thumb-downs.

I had noticed an unauthorized membership charge on my bank card. I asked Grubhub to give me information about it, cancel, and refund because I had not used it and it wasn't attached to my account. They told me to log into the account and cancel. I restated that I did not know the account and that was why they needed to cancel, refund, and provide details. This went on for more than two months, which means I was charged another $20 in membership fees on top of the existing fees I had been disputing. In the end they finally canceled the account (allegedly) and only refunded me $10 of the $50. They are entirely useless. I spoke to at least six agents via chat, email, and phone. They should get zero stars. Stay away from these clowns.

how to write a review grubhub

After paying to become a Grubhub+ member, I tried to update my card and received an error message. Customer support consisted of them telling me to check my card number, delete and reinstall the app, and to keep trying until it works or to cancel. I asked to speak with tech support and this is a glitch within the platform and they said they were all there was. 2 of the 7 reps just ended the chat and hung up. I then reached out to their CTO who never responded. I have not been able to add payment info since and will never use GrubHub again.

I ordered food around 8:30 pm. The initial estimate of delivery was 9:17 to 9:27, then 9:56 to 10:06. At 10:04 I got a text that my food was left outside my front. BUT NO FOOD WAS DELIVERED. INFURIATING! FRUSTRATING! HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED! Never again will I order through Grubhub. THEY SUCK!

I purchased a Grubhub digital gift card for a friend in another state who had recently had surgery. When they tried to use the gift card, it would not allow the card to be used. After each of us calling (being told by the “customer service” reps that they had to talk to the other) and spending hours on the phone, being re-routed innumerable times and given the run around, we were told the card had been fraudulently used AND Grub Hub would not issue a refund. This business is a SCAM and I warn anyone that uses them that their money, time and sanity is at risk!! At best, the customer service is a JOKE as it is just people answering the phone, reading from a script and routing people endlessly till they give up. Hopefully my lost $100 will not be for nothing and this will warn people away from this company and eventually they’ll have to go out of “business”…

I haven't used GrubHub in over a year because I had a bad experience before. I thought I would try them again and instead I got my orders canceled on twice in a row after over an hour of waiting for each. So by the time the 2nd order canceled it was too late to order from another app or anywhere else. When I tried to talk to customer service about it they were completely unhelpful. The first customer service agent cut off the chat while I was still talking. Doordash is superior in my book.

Grubhub Plus charged my credit card starting in Feb. 2020 monthly for a GrubHub+ membership that I NEVER signed up for. I guess I should've paid more attention to my statements, but ten bucks a month wasn't noticed until now (Oct. 2021). I called their customer service number and the two people I spoke to admitted that I never signed up for the service, but that after I ordered from GrubHub once, they automatically signed up customers for their "Plus" service/subscription (without their permission). And now they are telling me that their policy is to not refund subscription charges *even though I never actually subscribed or approved the charges!* I went round and round with the GrubHub rep by phone, and she said too bad, "I understand you didn't order it, but our policy is to not refund for past months." I argued, got nowhere. Wow, I cannot believe this!! They owe me $200!!!

I ordered a food from Crazystone and never got delivered to my house, called customer service and they offered a refund which I don’t need a refund, I wanted my food and not the money back. Terrible customer service.

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Grubhub for Restaurants

Grubhub for Restaurants

What is Grubhub for Restaurants?

Recent reviews, gh for restaurants.

Grubhub for Restaurants

What is Grubhub for Restaurants ?

Grubhub for Restaurants is an online ordering marketplace and delivery-as-a-service solution, an alternative to building out one's own delivery an online ordering system.

Entry-level set up fee?

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Alternatives pricing.


What is ChowNow ?

ChowNow in Playa Vista provides branded online ordering systems for independent restaurants across the US — via restaurants’ own websites, on Facebook and Google pages.

Square POS

What is Square POS ?

Square POS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as accept credit cards with your iPhone, Android, and iPad along with the flexibility to accept credit card payments anywhere, from Square headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Product Details

Grubhub for Restaurants Technical Details

Comparisons, compare with.


Paytronix CXP


GloriaFood Online Ordering & Table Reservation System an Oracle Company

Bite Squad

Dishop Fleet


eTab - Online Order and Delivery Platform

Reviews and ratings.

Tanya Li | TrustRadius Reviewer

Use Cases and Deployment Scope

Pros and cons.

Likelihood to Recommend

Most important features.

Return on Investment

Other Software Used

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How To Rate Grubhub Driver? (What To Know!)

Ratings are crucial in building a good online reputation and establishing credibility. High ratings show that service providers are dedicated to providing quality and timely services for their customers.

Grubhub lets customers leave ratings and reviews after they have received delivery services. Grubhub App customers who are satisfied with their services can leave reviews and ratings to encourage others to use it. This article will explain how to rate Grubhub drivers.

How to Rate a Grubhub Driver

Grubhub apps don’t allow you to rate delivery drivers. Grubhub apps allow you to leave reviews. To leave a review, you will need to locate the restaurant page in the Grubhub app. You can see their menu page for the review button. To share your Grubhub experience, click on the Review button.

After placing an order, you can email Grubhub your review. Grubhub will inquire about your order and you can base the response on the experience you had. Grubhub allows you to leave a review by using the email reply service.

A review link can also be used to leave a Grubhub review. Grubhub may send you a link and ask you how your meal was at the restaurant you chose in your previous order.

This link allows you to rate the restaurant and share your experiences with it.

Can You Rate A Grubhub Driver?

Grubhub apps do not allow you to rate drivers. Once an order has been placed, you can complete a survey asking several questions. Answer the questions to share your Grubhub experience with drivers.

How to Write a Review for Grubhub

Grubhub appreciates honest feedback from customers because it allows them to identify areas that need improvement. Grubhub customers should leave reviews that include both good and bad experiences. These are the guidelines that you need to follow when you leave feedback about Grubhub.

Grubhub will publish your review within 48 hours. If your review is not published within 48 hours of your submission, please read it and make any necessary edits to ensure that it conforms to the company’s guidelines.

Grubhub Rating for The Restaurant

Grubhub’s system collects on average 70,000 data points per customer. These data points are provided by diners after they have gotten and eaten their meal.

When a diner logs in to Grubhub, a text survey and a series of questions appear.

The system aggregates customer responses to determine if a restaurant has a star rating or a score for each aspect of the ordering experience.

Learn more about Grubhub These related posts will help you learn more about Grubhub and how cash value can be used on Grubhub.

Reviews and ratings from customers can be found on the menu page of a restaurant. Company credibility is influenced by customer reviews.

Reviews may be helpful for Grubhub customers who plan to order food.

Positive reviews and many orders will help a restaurant build a strong online reputation.

Grubhub’s ability to get feedback from customers on every level of the delivery experience allows it to maintain high-quality standards for existing and new customers.

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how to write a review grubhub

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how to write a review grubhub

Grubhub Driver Review: How to Make More Than Average

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more information.

Grubhub Overview

Overall, Grubhub is one of the top-rated  food delivery services , but Grubhub drivers make less on average than drivers for competitors like DoorDash and Instacart. Despite lower pay, Grubhub driver reviews describe it as a solid way to supplement your income, great if you like to drive a lot, and good for self-motivated work.

This Grubhub driver review will explore what you can expect working for DoorDash, starting with driver requirements to how to make more than the average driver.


Key Features:

Founded in 2004, Grubhub was one of the first food delivery companies in the U.S. In 2013, Grubhub merged with Seamless and expanded its market to all 50 states and over 4,000 cities, and delivers food from local restaurants and major chains. 

Grubhub recently made the news for a free lunch promotion in New York City, and the app saw 6,000 orders coming in per minute! While that sounds good for drivers and customers, the promo backfired when the app crashed and restaurants weren't able to keep up with order demands.

Quick Links

How much do grubhub delivery drivers make, who pays more grubhub vs doordash driver pay, how to become a grubhub driver, how do grubhub drivers get paid, how does driving for grubhub work, 1. scheduling your time, 2. accepting orders, 3. paying for orders, 4. delivering the orders, about the grubhub recognition program & declining orders, grubhub driver reviews, how to make more than average as a grubhub driver, tip #1: be an efficient driver, tip #2: think about driving during bad weather, tip #3: track your mileage, tip #4: get to know your local restaurants, tip #5: schedule blocks during busy times, tip #6: drive for more than one delivery service at a time, for grubhub drivers in california, pros and cons of driving for grubhub, grubhub driver review – the final word.

Let’s start with how much Grubhub pays drivers. The Grubhub driver pay model is surprisingly transparent, which is a positive for drivers.

Grubhub made changes to its pay model after drivers complained that the previous formula didn’t provide for the time it took to fulfill orders or accurately account for mileage. The new Grubhub driver pay formula is based on mileage (to pick up and drop off), time waiting, and tip.

The new Grubhub driver pay model eliminates base pay, which was $4 per order and varied by market. Now, your pay is mileage per order + time spent on the road + tips + special offers.

Grubhub’s new driver pay model means drivers now earn an average of $12-$13/hour. Drivers keep 100% of their tips.

Here’s how the new and old pay models compare:

Let's go back to the average hourly pay for a second because it’s not as simple as working for 4 hours and making a consistent $13/hour.

Grubhub drivers don’t earn a flat hourly rate. Every order you accept in the app pays a slightly different amount, and that’s based on the calculation above. You could have an afternoon driving for Grubhub and not make a lot per order, but then take one really large order at the end of your shift that boosts your total pay for that day.

One of the things drivers like about working for Grubhub is that you can decide which orders you accept and decline. The Grubhub app gives you an estimated total and what’s in the order so you can decide whether that order is worth your time or not.

For example, a $7 order from Taco Bell is probably going to pay less than a $25 order from a Thai place. Grubhub lets drivers choose between orders so they can make more.

While drivers for both of these delivery services average a similar amount per hour, the pay range for DoorDash drivers is $15-$25/hour compared to Grubhub drivers at a range of  $12-$13/hour. The difference makes it realistic for DoorDash drivers to make $100/day .

Like Grubhub, DoorDash drivers aren’t paid a flat hourly rate so don’t think some of those drivers are consistently earning $15/hour. It’s more about the kinds of orders customers place in the app.

DoorDash also gives its drivers more chances to increase their earnings through promotions like Peak Pay (higher pay when driving during busier times) and Challenges (incentives for completing a certain number of orders in a set amount of time).

The reality is that you can drive for both DoorDash and Grubhub. This is what a lot of drivers do, and it increases your chances of making more because you can look at both apps and find the highest-paying orders.

Learn more in  DoorDash vs. Grubhub – Which is the Best for Drivers?  and  DoorDash vs UberEats – Which Company is Best for Drivers?

DoorDash Disclaimer:  Actual earnings may differ and depend on factors like the number of deliveries completed, time of day, location, and expenses. Hourly pay is calculated using average Dasher payouts while on a delivery (from the time you accept an order until the time you drop it off) over 90 days and includes compensation from peak pay, tips, and other incentives.

If you’re interested in becoming a Grubhub driver, look over these driver requirements to make sure you qualify:

The entire Grubhub driver application process can take around 3-5 days or up to two weeks if there's an influx of drivers. Once you’ve applied, you’ll be asked to authorize a background check through the Grubhub app. They use a third-party company called Checkr to perform their background checks. This looks at your driving record and criminal record over the past 7 years.

You’ll pass the background check if you don’t have any felonies, violent crimes, or major violations on your record. You can also be disqualified if you have too many small driving violations.

Once you pass the background check, you will need to fill out some new driver paperwork and set up your direct deposit information so Grubhub can pay you.

Like other side hustle apps , there's a Grubhub onboarding process that you’ll need to complete. This can be done online in most cases, and it’s basically a slideshow that explains how to make deliveries. You’ll learn how to schedule time to drive and use the Grubhub app.

Grubhub then sends you an insulated bag to keep food hot or cold while you’re out on delivery. You’ll also receive your Driver Card to pay for orders that haven’t been paid for in advance.

Grubhub sends payments on Thursday via direct deposit, and it can take 3-5 business days for banks to process payments. Most Grubhub driver reviews say that they see the money hit their account around Tuesday of the following week.

There is an Instant Cash Out option if you want to access your earnings immediately, but there’s a $0.50 fee for each Instant Cash Out transaction. The fee is waived for drivers who set up direct deposits using a Chase bank account.

Related: Best Jobs to Work Online and Get Paid Instantly

Let's walk through the four steps of delivering for Grubhub:

Grubhub requires its drivers to schedule blocks of time in the app before they can drive. The idea is that if drivers schedule hours, they can make sure there is a high enough volume of orders to make it worthwhile to drive.

Time blocks are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis based on your program level (more on this further down). You’ll see which time blocks are available, and select the ones you want.

You need to drive to a predefined delivery area before you can start accepting orders. You can see the boundaries for the delivery area in the app under “View Region Boundaries.”

After you’re in the right place, you switch your status in the Grubhub app to “Taking Offers.” You’ll hear a cowbell ding when an order comes in, and then you have 90 seconds to accept or decline the order. The order is offered to another driver if you don’t accept it. The 90-second window gives you a chance to see the customer, restaurant location, and estimated earnings before you accept an order or not.

Clicking the "Accept" button gives you directions to the restaurant. Once you get inside the restaurant, click the “Arrive” button in the app. There are also buttons for “got order” and “leaving.” This keeps the customer updated on the status of their order.

Most of the orders you get will be paid by the customer in the app – you just drive to the restaurant, pick it up, and go.

But the app offers Place and Pay Orders for restaurants that haven’t partnered with Grubhub.

You’ll need to pay for Place and Pay Orders with your Grubhub Driver Card. This is a prepaid card that has money on it once the customer places the order in the Grubhub app. You might have to place the order too, and the new Grubhub pay formula accounts for the extra time you spend on that.

If you pay for the order using your personal debit or credit card, Grubhub won’t reimburse you for the total. It’s better to contact Grubhub and wait for a response.

The Grubhub app gives you directions to the customer’s house, and you’ll click the “arrive” button in the app when you get there.

Be sure to check the app for any specific delivery instructions. This is especially important now that Grubhub offers contactless delivery.

Here are a couple of examples of delivery instructions:

You’ll need to click the “delivered” button to complete the order and move on to the next offer.

We’ve mentioned a couple of times in this Grubhub driver review that you can pick which orders you accept or decline in the app. You’re not necessarily penalized for declining orders, but it will affect future opportunities.

The Grubhub Recognition Program is set up to reward drivers who complete as many deliveries as possible. There are three levels of the Recognition Program: Partner, Pro, and Premier. All drivers start as Partners which means you have third-ranked access to when you schedule your hours in the app.

The biggest perks for Pro and Premier drivers is that they get priority access to scheduling hours, and they’re eligible to deliver catering orders, which typically pay better.

Here are the requirements to move up through Grubhub's Driver Recognition Program:

Grubhub Driver Recognition Program

The attendance rate is the percent of scheduled blocks you attend. The acceptance rate is the percent of orders you accept. The block drop rate represents the number of time blocks you schedule but drop.

Grubhub bases those stats on what your record has looked like over the past 30 days, and your stats are updated weekly. New Grubhub drivers will start seeing their ratings after they’ve completed their 20th delivery.

Here are some Grubhub driver reviews from real Grubhub drivers. These are from Indeed, Glassdoor, and Reddit.

“Nice place to earn extra money on the side. If I could make this my main job that could pay my bills I would. The upper employees are very respectful and treat the drivers nice and always here to help when needed.”

“Great job if you like to change things up and drive a lot. Each order has a different value and you are allowed to selectively pick where you would want to go and how much you would want to make.”

“Self-motivated work. What you put in is what you get out of this company. “

“When you factor in vehicle maintenance and gas it’s about 15/hr wage. This is largely dependent on your type of vehicle and current gas prices.”

“Scheduling and promotions are a steep learning curve to try to earn more, and the hardest part is being the mediator between restaurants and the diners.”

There are a couple of things you can to make more than average as a Grubhub driver, and these tips apply to drivers for DoorDash, UberEat, Postmates, and more.

Grubhub doesn’t pay for your fuel, so anything you can do to lower your fuel costs will help you keep more of your driver pay. One of the easiest things to do is to use a map app that gives you directions for making more than one stop at a time. Waze is a good one, but Google Maps also give you directions for multiple stops.

A lot of people don’t like driving when it’s rainy or snowing outside, so there’s a good chance that more people will be placing orders in the app. Plus, customers have been known to tip better when the weather is bad. But please don’t drive in any conditions that you feel unsafe in.

Grubhub drivers can take a mileage  write-off on their taxes  at the end of the year. Keeping track of your mileage is one of the best ways to make sure you’re making the right deduction.  Everlance is a good app  for tracking mileage and time.

Knowing things like which restaurants take forever to put orders together and which ones are known for messing up orders can help you as a driver.

For example, say there is a burger place that  always  takes 20 minutes longer to complete orders, maybe you avoid accepting orders for that place. That can help you save time, which usually helps you earn more.

Being willing to drive during the dinner or lunch rush or on weekends can really increase your chances of earning more money. The lunch rush normally goes from 11 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday. Dinner is busy from 4:30 pm to 9 pm Monday through Friday.

Holidays are also typically busier, and so are days when there are big TV special events, like the Super Bowl, World Series, Oscars, etc. Think about when people don’t want to leave their house to get food.

We’ve mentioned this already, and it’s something that most successful food delivery drivers do. Driving for more than one company increases your chances of finding the highest paying deliveries.

Prop 22 is a new California law that went into effect for food delivery drivers in mid-December 2020. Depending on who you talk to it’s either a good or bad thing for drivers.

The gist of Prop 22 is that drivers are still considered independent contracts, not employees of gig economy companies like Grubhub, Uber, or DoorDash.

With Prop 22, drivers may qualify for a quarterly healthcare stipend used to put towards their insurance premiums. Drivers will also see guaranteed minimum earnings, which are based on the local minimum wage.

If you’re in California and interested in driving for Grubhub, do your research to see what it means for you.

If you are looking for a flexible way to make extra cash, delivering for Grubhub is a solid side hustle. The biggest downside is that Grubhub drivers make less on average compared to DoorDash , Instacart , and Shipt drivers. Fortunately, you can sign up multiple services and find out which one is the best for you and increase your earnings.

DoorDash drivers earn slightly more than Grubhub drivers on average. But remember, pay varies based on where you live and the orders you accept. Overall, DoorDash and Grubhub are really similar side hustles for drivers.

Yes, Grubhub drivers keep 100% of their tips. Customers enter the tip in the app before you accept and deliver the order, and they can change them if you provide excellent service.

Grubhub Scheduling

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Access more diners with rates as low as 5% (plus a 10% delivery fee) to help your restaurant grow

How to manage and respond to Grubhub reviews

[email protected], sign up for restaurant insights.

If you are a Grubhub partner, your customers can leave ratings and reviews on your restaurant’s Grubhub menu page. These reviews are based on real customer orders. Responding to reviews through your account is an opportunity to thank your fans, address disgruntled customers, and build your reputation online. If you do not see this feature in your Grubhub for Restaurants account , please reach out to your Account Advisor.

how to write a review grubhub

With the Ratings and Review feature, you can:

How to reply to reviews

How customers can view reviews

Once you post a reply to a review, all customers who visit your menu page will see your response, similar to the example below.

An example of a Grubhub review

Wondering how to respond to review and engage with customers? Take a look at how to leverage customer feedback and get tips on how to respond to bad reviews .

Not on Grubhub for Restaurants yet? Reach new customers and grow your business with Grubhub. Sign up today!

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how to write a review grubhub

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Since Grubuhb receives funds from customers and transmits those funds to your restaurant, the IR considers  Grubhub a...

Don't leave money on the table

The faster you partner with grubhub, the faster your business can grow..

Join Grubhub Marketplace and get access to all the benefits that go with it. All fields required

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Don't miss out - drive higher ROI for your Restaurant!

Nearly 9 out of 10 restaurant owners surveyed agree that Grubhub delivers a high ROI to their business - higher than the competition average*

Thrive on your own terms with flexible pricing and marketing rates as low as 5%.

*Grubhub Restaurant Intelligence Technomic Report 2022


You can also ask, how to review a restaurant on grubhub, the best answer to the question «how to review a restaurant on grubhub».

Taking Into Account The Following, Does Grubhub give you a rating?

Grubhub bases those stats on what your record has looked like over the past 30 days, and your stats are updated weekly. New Grubhub drivers will start seeing their ratings after they’ve completed their 20th delivery.

Also, Can Grubhub drivers rate customers?

Something you might not know about Grubhub is that drivers can actually see just how much you’re tipping-before they accept your delivery request. “If you’re only tipping something like 10 or 40 cents, there are drivers who will open that order, see it, and reject it,” Curtis says.

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how to write a review grubhub

Comfort Food

how to write a review grubhub

Tipping Guide

how to write a review grubhub

Can You Trust Restaurant Reviews?

It used to be that everyone just had an opinion. Now everyone has a platform, too. Knowing how much you can trust a ratings and reviews section can be tricky, but at Grubhub , we believe that ratings and reviews should work for you, so you can always find a meal that hits the spot. Bottom line, we’re dedicated to making our Ratings and Reviews feature functional and trustworthy. Here are some pro-tips for making the most out of your search for the perfect bite.

how to write a review grubhub

Filter your search by price range, distance from your address, and quality. Pro-tip: Compare the star rankings to the number of reviews a restaurant has received — if a restaurant has five stars with over a thousand reviews logged, there’s a good chance it’s pretty tasty!

how to write a review grubhub

Research shows there are 3 things that matter most to people on an order. 1: The food is good. 2: The delivery is on time. 3: The order is accurate. Well, we’ve put that info right up front. Hover over the star rating on any restaurant and see the percentages of how well they do in these areas.

how to write a review grubhub

If you’re reading a review that raves about a dynamite Dynamite Roll, guess what? You can go ahead and add that menu item to your bag — right from the review! No need to back peddle through to create the perfect order — in a few clicks it’ll be in your basket and on its way.

The most important element of our Ratings and Reviews feature is you . Leave a review after your next meal, because the more people contribute, the better everyone will eat. As opposed to other reviews sites, each review is written by people just like you, looking for an awesome meal.

Now that you’re up to speed on how ratings and reviews work, find a meal you’ll want to rave about today.

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  1. Review Guidelines

    Reviews can take up to 48 hours to publish. If your review still is not published, take a look at the above guidelines again and edit your review accordingly. Also, your use of the ratings and reviews features on Grubhub, including your submission of any rating or review, is governed by our site's Terms of Use.

  2. Read Customer Service Reviews of

    GrubHub is the absolute worst app I've ever used. They always make u weight hours and then never fulfill it. The discounted delivery fees through having Amazon prime are absolutely not worth using this unreliable app. They waste hours of your time after a long day of work and then run you around in circles when you try to ask them to help you.

  3. How to Leave a Review on Grubhub?

    Step 1. Look for the restaurant page on the GrubHub app. Step 2. Check for the menu on the page of that particular restaurant. if ( aicp_can_see_ads () ) { } Step 3. Click on the review button available on the menu page. Step 4. And that's it. Now, you can write your review of a restaurant or GrubHub driver.

  4. Ruth Pena

    Grubhub Yesterday at 8:39 AM Someone whose name ends with "A" owes you chicken tenders. 🍗 Grubhub February 8 at 8:18 AM Sending love to Amazon Prime members—use your Grubhub+ membership to ... See more Grubhub February 7 at 9:00 AM The difference between a good day and a great day is ordering some tacos.

  5. Help

    Using contact-free delivery, supporting local restaurants & COVID-19's impact. Billing, payments & refunds. Check your refund status, update billing & payment info, etc. How to use Grubhub. Details about account set up & updates. Grubhub Guarantee. Lowest prices and on-time delivery, guaranteed. Grubhub+ membership.

  6. How do you leave a review on grubhub?

    Open the Grubhub app and sign in. 2. Tap the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen. 3. Scroll down and tap "Your Orders." 4. Find the order you would like to review and tap "Leave a Review." 5. Rate the order on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. 6. Leave a written review if you would like. 7. Tap "Submit" when you're finished. That's it!

  7. This Is the Best Way to Write a Memorable Restaurant Review

    1 Take Notes (and Pictures!) To write a vibrant review, you'll want to capture your thoughts and experiences while they're still fresh. Use your smartphone or notebook during the meal to jot down highlights and subtler details (e.g., the wait staff was welcoming and attentive, you enjoyed the agricole rum in your cocktail, the tiramisu was ...

  8. Is Grubhub+ Worth It?

    Grubhub+ is a $9.99-per-month food delivery subscription offering the following benefits: Unlimited free delivery on orders of $12-plus at Grubhub+ eligible restaurants. Access to exclusive deals ...

  9. Grubhub Reviews

    Grubhub has a consumer rating of 1.16 stars from 4,254 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Grubhub most frequently mention customer service, delivery time and next order problems.Grubhub ranks 156th among Food Delivery sites. Service 655 Value 609 Shipping 417

  10. grubHub Reviews, Complaints, Ratings

    Use Review Feeder to write a review. Reviews → grubHub 20 customer reviews of Add a review. Rochelle Sign in to contact user • Aug 14, 2022. Share. Report. If I could give ZERO stars I would. The driver dropped off a $100 worth of food to the wrong address. It is not the first time. It takes, of course, up to 5 business for a ...

  11. how to edit a review on grubhub : r/howto

    Plumbers discovered an opening behind the drywall behind our fridge. Roughly 1/4"-1/2" wide, goes up the first two floors of the house. No idea what to do about this. 1 / 2. Pipe was added to help us find the crack from the outside. 103. 31. r/howto. Join.

  12. Christina Song

    July 10, 2012 ·. How do I write a review on grubhub on mobile? I tried going to and it automatically takes me to a page to download the app and the app doesn't give an option to write a review.

  13. Grubhub

    Grubhub app. Most orders are made on the secure Grubhub app. From the app, you can track your order, view previous orders and locate receipts. You can place an order up to four days in advance and ...

  14. 8 tips for writing great customer reviews

    Be detailed, specific, and honest. There's no rule against only writing a handful of words in a review, but the more specific you can be, the more likely the review is to be useful. We suggest writing from your own individual perspective, keeping it honest and sticking to the facts. Help readers stand in your shoes.

  15. Grubhub for Restaurants Reviews & Ratings 2022

    Write a Review; Sign Up Log In; Grubhub for Restaurants. ... Grubhub for Restaurants is an online ordering marketplace and delivery-as-a-service solution, an alternative to building out one's own delivery an online ordering system. Read more. Recent Reviews. Previous Next.

  16. GrubHub Reviews

    Grubhub is really expensive. First of all, the price of each dish is a certain percentage higher than the price on the restaurant's menu. Second, you need to pay service fees, shipping, and tips. The price of using Grubhub to order a meal may be 1.5 times that of a meal in a restaurant.

  17. Responding to bad restaurant reviews

    According to a BrightLocal survey, 98% of consumers read online reviews when browsing for local businesses. In 2021, 77% of them did so 'always' or 'regularly' compared to just 60% of respondents in 2020. In other words, online reviews are becoming increasingly important to consumers — especially in the restaurant industry.

  18. How To Rate Grubhub Driver? (What To Know!)

    When writing a review, avoid making grammatical errors. To correct spelling errors, proofread your review before you submit it to Grubhub. Use profanity in your review. To express your disappointment with Grubhub, you can use words like unpleasant, below expectations, or disappointing. Grubhub will publish your review within 48 hours.

  19. Grubhub Driver Review: How to Make More Than Average

    How to make more than average as a Grubhub driver Tip #1: Be an efficient driver Tip #2: Think about driving during bad weather Tip #3: Track your mileage Tip #4: Get to know your local restaurants Tip #5: Schedule blocks during busy times Tip #6: Drive for more than one delivery service at a time For Grubhub drivers in California

  20. How to manage and respond to Grubhub reviews

    To respond to a recent review, select Respond. A window will popup, where you can see the customer's rating of your restaurant, the review they left, and what they ordered. Type your response to the customer. Visit this page best practices for responding to reviews. Before selecting Submit, be sure that you're happy with what you've written!

  21. How to review a restaurant on grubhub?

    Then, Does Grubhub give you a rating? Grubhub bases those stats on what your record has looked like over the past 30 days, and your stats are updated weekly. New Grubhub drivers will start seeing their ratings after they’ve completed their 20th delivery. Thus, Can Grubhub drivers rate customers?

  22. Can You Trust Restaurant Reviews?

    Pro-tip: Compare the star rankings to the number of reviews a restaurant has received — if a restaurant has five stars with over a thousand reviews logged, there's a good chance it's pretty tasty! Research shows there are 3 things that matter most to people on an order. 1: The food is good. 2: The delivery is on time. 3: The order is ...

  23. Working as a Delivery Driver at Grubhub: 218 Reviews

    I have delivered to addresses and then had people complain because they put the wrong address. I make it a point to confirm addresses, order items, and customer names. If they don't put the right information or order the right item, I'm not at fault. Just know that some people can't be satisfied.