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Operation Manager Cover Letter Examples

Operation Managers are responsible for planning and coordinating operations in an organization with the purpose of improving productivity and efficiency. This is a complex role, including a variety of responsibilities, such as supervision, budgeting, human resources, production, marketing, sales, and customer service. Operation Managers complete tasks such as developing budgets, maintaining inventories, implementing new technologies, finding ways to reduce costs, and overseeing quality assurance programs.

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For help with your resume, check out our extensive Operation Manager Resumes .

Let employers know that you mean business, with a professional cover letter. Learn how to write a cover letter in our detailed guide.

Also, read on to How to Become an Operations Manager .

Include These Operation Manager Skills

Comparable Operation Manager skills are presented in the cover letter example displayed below.

Dear Mr. Wright:

With the enclosed resume, I would like to express my sincere interest in the Operation Manager position you have available. As a highly skilled and successful leader with comprehensive experience coordinating personnel, equipment, resources, and general logistics while ensuring stringent compliance to regulations, I possess a wide range of knowledge and skills that will allow me to contribute toward the success of your company.

My expertise lies in successfully managing operational processes, developing best practices, planning inventory, monitoring equipment and personnel logistical activities, and leveraging internal systems to facilitate improved efficiency and performance. Through my more than 12 years of experience, I have become adept in ensuring adherence to organizational goals and requirements while facilitating streamlined logistical operations and motivating team members to peak performance levels.

The following achievements demonstrate my qualification for this position:

Achieving a record of success in managing strategic logistics / operational planning and execution, mentoring high-performing personnel, overseeing fiscal and budget responsibilities, and maintaining accountability for up to $4.75M worth of equipment.

Spearheading resource allocation, regulatory compliance, purchasing and procurement, data analysis, records management, and overarching operations to achieve deadlines and requirements.

Continually improving internal processes and procedures to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure seamless operations.

Overseeing all facets of special projects from inception through execution, identifying and securing necessary resources, equipment, and staff to meet project deadline and budgetary requirements.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration & Management from the University of Toledo.

My proven ability to optimize operations and team success—along with my solid skills in problem solving, critical decision making, and communication—will contribute immensely to the success of your company. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Daniel B. Burlee

How do you format your operation manager cover letter?

Follow these expert formatting tips for a neat-looking document.

Fonts Use a point size of 10-12 and a standard font that’s easy to read, such as Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial. Unusual fonts can confuse applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers use to scan cover letters and resumes.

Spacing Your cover letter layout should be single-spaced. Check out our cover letter examples to see this formatting in action.

Alignment The text should be left-justified throughout your cover letter layout. The one exception to this is your header, depending on the style you choose.

Length Your cover letter should be one page long, between 250 and 500 words.

File format It’s best to send your cover letter (and resume) as a PDF or Word document. Our builder lets you save your letter in both these formats.

What can you include in your operation manager cover letter?

There are six primary sections in a cover letter:

How can our builder help you create an operation manager cover letter?

JobHero's Cover Letter Builder lets you create a stunning, attention-grabbing document with no writing experience needed.

This AI-powered builder autogenerates industry- and job-specific content for a stellar cover letter. Enjoy a rich database of expert-written phrases and keywords to target your cover letter to the employer's requirements.

Once you've created your letter, simply download and save it as a Word document, PDF, SVJ or JPG.

A professional cover letter is the first step toward your new job!



Operations Manager Cover Letter Examples

When you need to find a new job quickly, having a strong cover letter can help speed the process up by grabbing the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter. For assistance creating your own cover letter, read over our operations manager cover letter example and the provided tips.

Operations Manager Advice

Are you interested in helping a small business succeed? Become an operations manager for a small business or entrepreneurial venture. The cover letter examples below are intended to help people looking for operations manager opportunities create a job-winning cover letter in minutes. With these cover letter examples, it’s easy to build an operations manager cover letter that gets results!

Cover Letter Tips for Operations Manager

Finding jobs as an Operations Manager requires a mix of hard skills, soft skills and a positive mindset. The tips below will help you with your job search goals.

1. Customize your cover letter, cover letter and other job search materials for each application. No two jobs are exactly alike, and taking the time to tailor your materials could well make the difference between an interview and a rejected application.

2. Spread your net far and wide. Take your job search to job centers, job fairs and job banks.

3. Join professional organizations with local chapters that relate to the job you want. For optimal networking, attend meetings and volunteer to help at events.

4. Reach out to potential mentors, and ask for their assistance. Avoid centering your request around help finding jobs as an Operations Manager; instead, make your request about professional development.

5. Balance your job search with your personal life. Take care of yourself physically to keep your mind sharp and your job hunt senses on alert. Eat well, and get plenty of exercise.

Operations Manager Job Seeking Tips

When you are searching for jobs as a Operations Manager, your cover letter is often the first impression that potential employers have of you. Ensure that impression is positive by polishing your cover letter using a few tips.

1. Include a section headlined “Summary of Qualifications after your contact information. This section enables companies to skim your credentials and acts as a hook to get hiring managers to read further.

2. Arrange your employment history in traditional format. It goes like this: job title or position first, employer name, city and state, and dates of employment.

3. Unless you are a professor or doctor, or are applying for a position that specifically requests curricula vitae, limit your cover letter to two pages.

4. Employ numbers to illustrate your duties and successes. For example, use numbers to explain how many people you managed, how much money a cost-cutting measure saved a business, or by how much sales went up when you introduced a new idea.

5. Introduce each job responsibility or task with a strong action verb such as ““developed” or ““resolved”.  Avoid using verbs such as “work” and phrases such as “responsible for.

*As seen in :

cover letter operation manager

3 Operations Manager Cover Letter Examples for 2023

Stephen Greet

As an operations manager, you analyze how a business’ day-to-day activities impact its overall efficiency and profitability—and you’re looking for opportunities to improve. Your  job skills  cover everything from streamlining production schedules to collaborating across departments to ensure everyone functions in sync with the business plan. 

As an operations manager, you’ll also analyze KPIs and compare them against existing goal-driven infrastructures to optimize wherever possible. This role also involves employee evaluation and collaboration with HR to ensure everyone’s on their quickest path to success.

What you probably  don’t  want to do is spend time  writing your resume  and cover letter. That’s why we’ve put together these three operations manager cover letter samples with an outline and tips, so you’ll be ready to roll.

Operations Manager Cover Letter Example


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Block Format

Operations manager cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

Business Operations Manager Cover Letter Example

Business operations manager cover letter template

Senior Operations Manager Cover Letter Example

Senior operations manager cover letter template

Operations Manager Resume

Need a resume to pair with your operations manager cover letter?

or download as PDF

Senior operations manager resume example

Stand Out with Your Operations Manager Cover Letter

A purple laptop screen on a desk surrounded by paint materials and construction that looks like it is enhancing operations manager cover letter

Your cover letter is your personal introduction and should showcase the facets of who you are that make you a fantastic match for the operations manager role. Research the company and its current obstacles, go beyond your resume, and revise as many times as possible to nail your ideal message and tone.

cover letter operation manager

Tip 1: Learn all you can about the company and its needs

Way too many cover letters get tossed aside with a yawn. They’re too generic. What company were they even written for? Do your homework and research the company to avoid leaving your reader wondering whether you even care about the role. 

Seek out mission statements and objectives. Look for catchy phrasing to mirror in your cover letter. Keep an eye on company culture, too: Would they prefer heartfelt anecdotes or technical, succinct descriptions of hard skills that will solve their current challenges?

And, really—you can’t read that job description enough! The job ad is a mine of information about what the company wants; plenty of relevant skills are bound to match some of yours. Look for areas of overlap between yourself and the company, so you can reference them and demonstrate alignment with the company’s current needs.

cover letter operation manager

Tip 2: Avoid repeating your resume

Like your  operations manager resume , your cover letter should be only a page. Resumes are engineered to save space and to immediately lay as many of your cards out on the table as you can. But your cover letter is meant to go beyond your bullet points and show not only what you did but how your actions left a positive impact on your surroundings.

Once you’ve filled in your  resume outline , look your bullet points over to find your absolute best achievements—the ones that come with stories of how you improved people’s lives through your role as an operations manager. For instance: 

cover letter operation manager

Tip 3: Presentation is everything

While establishing a well-researched connection with the company and describing relevant accomplishments are excellent steps, you’re not done yet!

Since you don’t have space to waste on your single-page cover letter, handle each fork in the road with care. Don’t hesitate to write several versions of a sentence or paragraph and compare them against the job description and company site. Which one best matches the company culture and tone?

Don’t hesitate to write several versions of a sentence or paragraph and compare them against the job description and company site.

Never underestimate the power of rewriting, revising, and editing. Typos and mistakes have no place in your cover letter, so pay careful attention to your overall message.

How can you best phrase each paragraph to  show  “This person knows what they’re talking about?” After all, your role focuses on assessing all aspects of a business strategy and then streamlining it to everyone’s highest advantage—do the same for yourself with your cover letter.

If you feel like you’re going in circles, don’t get discouraged. Take a break, then re-read the job description and company’s about page before returning to your cover letter with fresh eyes. The effort and time will all be worth it when you get that interview.

Outline Your Operations Manager Cover Letter for Success

Yellow computer screen with construction workers made to look as if they are outlining an operations manager cover letter

Now that you’ve seen our three operations manager cover letter examples, let’s dig into the specifics with a cover letter outline. We’ll break down each element of operations manager cover letters, so you have some handy tips to use while starting your own.

cover letter operation manager

How to start an operations manager cover letter

Your contact info:  Add your name, address, phone number, and email (alongside your LinkedIn or any other professional social media) if you use a cover letter template. 

664 Fictional Street Libertyville, IL 60048 (123) 456-7890 

Date:  The date should reflect the exact submission date for your application materials. 

Inside address:  The inside address is just the address to whom you’re sending your cover letter. Make sure you research their name, include it, and then follow up with their company role and address.

Micayla Handley, Hiring Manager Ferguson  5722 49th Street Maspeth, NY 11378

Greeting:  Also referred to as the salutation, this is essentially the “handshake” of your cover letter and your chance to make a good first impression. Do whatever research it takes to find the recipient’s name and use it—just don’t use boring, dated terms like “Dear Hiring Manager.”

Dear Ms. Scott: Dear Ms. Handley,

cover letter operation manager

How to write your operations manager cover letter

Body:  The body of your operations manager cover letter will be three or four paragraphs demonstrating your interest in the role, qualifications, and enthusiasm for future contact and discussion.

Opening paragraph:  If you only had a dollar for every generic cover letter opener out there, you’d be seeking an operations manager role for fun instead of for the income! Take a look at these opening paragraph examples and see how they compare.

I know lots of people get sick, so it’s a good thing to help them. I’ve managed all kinds of projects, so I think the next step up for me is to work as your operations manager.

Why It’s Bad:  It could be worse, but it definitely doesn’t offer anything specific. In fact, it sounds somewhat self-serving and offers no qualifications whatsoever.

After witnessing the turbulent childhood of my chronically ill nephew, I can say with the utmost confidence that I deeply understand the value of excellent patient care. I would love to help further Medsien’s vision of improving care for all with my team-building and communication skills, confidence in uncertainty, and ability to roll up my sleeves to provide superior chronic care management services as your operations manager.

Why It’s Good:  Between the personal link to the company’s mission of chronic care, the outright reference to its mission statement, and all the related skills listed in between, this opening paragraph is awesome. The skills also tie directly into the job description, showing that the applicant has done their homework and knows what they’re talking about.

Paragraphs 2-3:  Now’s the time to make good on the claims you laid out in your stunning opening paragraph. You don’t have room to ramble, so focus each of your paragraphs on a single, clear accomplishment. You might mention an especially prestigious project you worked on or an innovative project coordination plan that revolutionized how your former company still does business today. Use only the most relevant metrics to substantiate your examples.

Additionally, I gained ample experience driving the change-management process at Meridian, developing business plans to simplify and standardize business processes across 4 departments to ultimately result in an 18% improvement in online education platform performance. This boost in performance, combined with my determination to negotiate with vendors, saved Meridian $1.4M in one year

Why It’s Good:  This applicant nails it by highlighting personal and company growth, describing achievements, and backing them with solid metrics. The candidate also provides just the right amount of detail.

Closing paragraph:  Now’s the time to sign off with style, summarizing how you align with the needs expressed in the job description and the company values displayed on the company site. Work in a few more of your high points to reinforce your qualifications, and end with a call to action that invites further discussion.

Can’t wait to hear back from you. Ferguson seems great, don’t hesitate to ask me for more info.

Why It’s Bad:  Again, the wording here could be worse, but it’s far too informal. The last sentence also lacks enthusiasm (not to mention that it’s a fragment)—it sounds like the apathetic applicant only put it there because they had to.

I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to work for North America’s leading value-added distributor and help streamline the company’s policies, production strategies, and employee efficiency in ordering and distributing materials. I’d appreciate the chance to share more information on how the people-focused environment at Ferguson would bring out the best in my qualifying managerial and data integration skills as your senior operations manager.

Why It’s Good:  Leading with phrasing about the distributor echoed from the company site is a smart move, and closing a powerful list of relevant skills only makes it better. Even the call to action references the company culture.

cover letter operation manager

How to end an operations manager cover letter

Signature:  If you didn’t thank the reader for their time in your closing paragraph, make sure you do so now. Then, add a professional close and always use your real name.

Thank you for your time,   

Sabrina Johnson

Enclosure(s):  This important piece signals that there’s more material to review after your cover letter. Operations managers should, of course, include their resumes as well as any required application forms and professional letters of recommendation. 

Enclosures:  Resume Application Letter of Recommendation Certified Business Professional (CBP) Certification

Next Steps after Your Operations Manager Cover Letter

Yellow envelope with blue checkmark in the clouds depicts completion of operations manager cover letter

Congrats for making it this far! One thing, though: Your operations manager cover letter isn’t the only thing you’ll need to present. It’s time to get your resume in top shape so that everything is impressive and packaged together.

It’s easier to write your cover letter after writing and  formatting your resume . Remember that once you have all your key points assembled, it’ll help you get into the headspace you need to make your cover letter outstanding.

If you’ve already got an old resume that could use some dusting off, upload it to our  easy resume builder  or add the contents to some of our  modern resume templates  just like the one below to start polishing.

Operations manager resume example with 4+ years of experience

No matter what stage you’re at with your resume and cover letter, we offer tons of resources, so you can dazzle your potential employers and get the phone call or email you’ve been waiting for in 2023!

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Operations Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

operations manager management resume example

Average Rating

What it’s like to work in the operations manager field.

An operations manager’s day can be comprised of dealing with a wide variety of issues within a company. The operations manager is responsible for primarily making certain that all of the logistics dealing with shipping, inventory and warehousing all run smoothly. But many operations managers also get involved with other parts of company policy as well. An operations manager might be responsible for coordinating building maintenance, or with arranging to have contractors come into the company facility for various reasons. The work day for an operations manager is very busy and filled with responsibility.

Benefits Of Working In The Operations Manager Field

An operations manager enjoys a substantial salary along with the possibility of moving into the executive team. An operations manager also has plenty of responsibility to worry about, but that also creates a significant sense of accomplishment when a project is completed. An operations manager usually has a large staff of personnel, which allows the operations manager to develop employees and take pride in their success.

Why You Need A Cover Letter

The broad responsibilities of an operations manager makes a good operations manager cover letter essential in any successful job hunt. Your operations manager cover letter needs to outline your basic experience and give the hiring manager a strong indication as to what kinds of responsibilities you have handled in the past. For help with your operations manager cover letter, you should visit MyPerfectResume and utilize our set of professional operations manager cover letter resources. We have free templates and samples that you can use to generate an operations manager cover letter that will definitely get your resume read by the right hiring managers.

Related Skills

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More Cv Examples for the Next Step in Your Business Operations Career




cover letter operation manager

The cover letter is critical for your job search and must be tailored to your industry to be successful. Our free operations manager cover letter templates are a great place to start. You have unique abilities that a hiring manager needs to see right away, and the cover letter is key to getting you noticed. The tips below will help you understand just how to craft a cover letter that sets you apart from the crowd.

What to Include in an Operations Manager Cover Letter

When it comes to writing a cover letter, there are a few basics to consider at the start. For example, always keep your cover letter under one page. Utilize three to five paragraphs in an organized structure with no typos, grammatical errors, or unprofessional language. Find the name of the person who makes employment decisions and address it directly to that individual. But what goes into a cover letter? The start and end are especially important. Use a powerful opening paragraph that quickly outlines who you are, the job you seek, and why you are certain you are the right person for the job. Be confident and clear. End on the same note. Maintain a positive, professional voice.The middle of the cover letter is where you can shine. Do not rehash your resume. Use the job posting as a guide and highlight the specific qualifications you have that match the position. Include some soft skills that are relevant — such as strategic planning — and demonstrate what you can do for the company. Don’t focus on what you want the company to do for you.

Sample Cover Letter

Operations Manager Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter Content When I read your ad for a new Operations Manager, I couldn’t help but notice how well your requirements align with my experience, education, skills, and background. I am confident I have what you need and that I could step in to make immediate, positive contributions to your business operations.In more than 20 years of management experience, I have seen it all. I know how to meet daily operational needs but also how to address and overcome unique challenges businesses face in this ever-changing and globalized market. My consistent history of developing and implementing effective business strategies demonstrates my commitment and ability to ensure long-term business success.I have been passionate about business since I was young. (I followed my dad to work every chance I got.) I learned from a young age the value of caring for employees but also the need for making tough decisions. Whatever your company needs to stay ahead and continue to grow, I can take on the tasks and meet each need.If your organization is looking to get the most out of its operations, I strongly encourage you to consider me for this position. I thank you for your consideration.

In addition to the Operations Manager Cover Letter example, be sure to check out our Management resume example .

In addition to the Free Operations Manager Cover Letter Example, be sure to check out our Management CV Templates


cover letter operation manager

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Free Operations Manager Cover Letter Sample

Even if the job description hasn't expressly asked for a cover letter, always craft quality and attractive operations manager cover letter . Not many know the cover letter for the operations manager draws the attention of the screener and gives them a reason to peek at your resume. A well-written cover letter operations manager piece is impactful. With operations manager cover letter samples and tips you can get ahead of every other applicant and get a call for an interview.

Free Operations Manager Cover Letter Template

operations manager cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for the operations manager. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

Supported formats

Operations manager cover letter sample (text).

Fred Santis Home: 543-298-1298 Cell: (555)-494-1092 [email protected] 22 Jump Street, Silk City, CA 9345 March 12, 2018 Mr. Mason Meckler Floyd Octane Ltd 21 Jump Street, Silk City, CA 8756

Dear Mr. Meckler,

As an experienced Operations Manager your ad on hryours.com for a new Operations Manager was of high interest to me. My accomplishments and experience are almost copycat of the qualifications and skills you are seeking at Floyd Octane Ltd, particularly my duty as the Operations Manager at Methodical Propane Company.

My 10-year Operations Manager experience has made me adept in team building, financial oversight and administrative duties, increasing skills, and generating revenue. My on-the-job expertise has given me a well-rounded managerial skill-set including problem-solving skills and acute analytic abilities. I am efficient at exceeding goals and meeting benchmarks in the delivery of great results.

I have been fortunate enough to have:

Do get in touch through my email or phone number at your earliest convenience. I am highly grateful for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Fred Santis Home: 543-298-1298 Cell: (555)-494-1092 [email protected]

Tips for Writing Operations Manager Cover Letter

How to Edit Operations Manager Cover Letter Template

It is easy to edit PDF cover letter templates for operations manager with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor . This easy-to-use PDF editor has powerful features to make changes to the PDF templates. You can create and edit, annotate and protect, convert and transfer PDF files easily.

operations manager cover letter samples

Step 1. Open the Operations Manager Cover Letter Template

cover letter operations manager

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter for operations manager

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Operations Manager Cover Letter

operations manager cover letter

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