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Create a Word Cloud in a PowerPoint Presentation

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Word clouds are great visual tools because they help communicate ideas in a very direct way, putting the focus on the most important words. Here’s how to add one to your PowerPoint presentation using the Pro Word Cloud add-in.

Installing the add-in.

Generating your word cloud

Saving & using your word cloud

Click here to watch this video on YouTube .

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Sketch Engine

Word sketch – collocations and word combinations

' title=

Word Sketch tools

Word Sketch —  collocations and word combinations

The word sketch processes the word’s collocates and other words in its surroundings. It can be used as a one-page summary of the word’s grammatical and collocational behavior. The results are organized into categories, called grammatical relations, such as words that serve as an object of the verb , words that serve as a subject of the verb , words that modify the word etc. The words which will be included in the analysis are defined by rules written in the sketch grammar that detects potential collocations.

Word Sketch enTenTen20

change search criteria

download results

display or hide scores, frequency, change sorting, activate clustering

filter results by typing characters or a word

screen details – display search parameters and link to word sketch grammar

visualisation – display collocations as diagram

favorites – bookmark this word sketch for easy access

move this column to a different position

display all sentences or examples from which collocations in this column were collected

only keep this column and hide the others

hide this column

change the part of speech

use this word as the search word for other tools

How to use the word sketch

Visit the related Quick start guide or watch this video .

Hover the mouse over icons, controls and other elements to display the tooltips. Click the highlighted words to learn about the functions and settings.

Word sketch tooltip

What makes the word sketches unique?

Large modern corpora can contain billions of words with thousands of instances of each word. This makes it unrealistic to look at each concordance line. The word sketch solves this problem. Words surrounding the search word are processed by the word sketch and displayed in a compact, easy to understand format and organized from the most typical to the least typical collocations. The following word sketch was generated from over 9 million instances of the word team .  It shows the search word, its frequency, its collocates sorted into grammatical relations, the frequency of each collocate, typicality score, the most frequent representation of each collocation and a local menu with links to other tools.

Display this word sketch in Sketch Engine (login required) Display a similar word sketch in an open corpus (no login required)

word sketch - collocations of team

Working with the columns

For practicality, use the icons in the header of each column to reorder, close and display the columns again.  Use the icons next to each collocate or in the header of the column to display the collocates in context as a concordance. To focus on only one column, use the icon which will hide all the remaining columns with one click. Hover the mouse over the icons to display tooltips which explain their functions.

Sorted by the score (typicality)

By default, the word sketch is sorted with the most typical collocations at the top. This is the preferred option for most uses because what is frequent is usually not interesting or useful, but typical is. The logDice score is used for determining how typical (or how strong) the collocation is. Use view options to display the score.

A high score means that the collocate is often found together with the node and at the same time there are not very many other nodes that the collocate combines with or it does not combine with them too frequently. The bond between the node and the collocate is very strong ⇢ strong collocation.

A low score means that the collocate likes to combine with very many other words. The bond between the node and the collocate is weak ⇢ weak collocation.

It is not possible to set a universal threshold between weak and strong collocations because each word behaves differently. The main purpose of the score is to sort the collocates by their typicality or strength, not to decide whether a collocation is weak or strong.

The view options allow sorting by frequency if needed.

How is the score computed

Please refer to Statistics used in Sketch Engine and to Lexicographer-friendly score for the formula. Here is a simplified but sufficiently informative explanation.

Referring to the screenshot above, to determine the strength of the collocation management team compared to other collocations of team , all nouns modified by management are found first. The sketch grammar for English determines which nouns surrounding management should be regarded as the modified nouns. Then, each time management modifying team is found, management gets a plus point. Each time management is found modifying another noun, management is given a minus point. The logDice score is calculated to indicate whether there were many plus points or many minus points. The score is always presented as a positive number.

Interpreting the score

A very high score of the collocate means that there is little competition from other collocates. The node (the search word, the keyword) does not often combine with other collocates. In other words, the competitors are not frequent for either of these reasons or their combination:

A very low score means that there is extreme competition from other collocates for either of these reasons or their combination:

As a result, it is quite common that the most common and frequent words ( new, go, be, small, very ) hardly ever receive high scores as collocates because they are used so often in combination with so many other words that there is lots of competition. Exceptions can exist if the collocation is so extremely frequent and that it beats all its competitors.

Sketch grammar

The sketch grammar is a set of rules written in CQL which make use of POS tags and regular expressions to define which tokens should be included in each grammatical relation. For example, a subject may be defined as a noun before verb but the actual rule is much more complex defining more specific requirements for both the noun and verb, their relative position and compulsory and optional words between them.

The word sketch does not use any parsing information and a parsed corpus is not needed. However, sketch grammars using parsed corpora can be developed.

Instead of using the sketch grammars developed by Sketch Engine, users can develop their own and apply them to their own corpora but not to the preloaded corpora.

Requirements for the word sketch to work well

POS Tags and lemmas

The word sketch works with a POS-tagged and lemmatized corpus. Parsed corpus is not needed. Universal word sketches are available for corpora without tagging and/or lemmatization, see below.

The corpus has to be tagged in Sketch Engine or with the same tagset as the one used by Sketch Engine so that the tags are the same as the ones used in the word sketch grammar. A custom word sketch grammar has to be used if the corpus is tagged with a different tagset.

A word sketch can also be generated from a non-lemmatized corpus in which case each word form will be treated independently. Thus, using English as an example, a different word sketch would be produced for goes and a different one for went . Such word sketches exist only for languages where lemmatization is not supported by Sketch Engine.

Corpus size

The corpus size itself does not affect the quality of the result, what matters is the absolute frequency of the word for which the word sketch should be generated. At least a few dozen occurrences are required. However,  a minimum of a few hundred occurrences is required for a usable word sketch. To obtain a rich word sketch with lots of collocates, a few thousand occurrences are needed at least. The quality improves with each order of magnitude.

Universal sketch grammar

A so-called universal sketch grammar is used for corpora in languages where tagging and/or lemmatization is not available. The grammatical relations will be simplified to something like noun to the right , noun to the left , verb to the right , verb to the left , or even word to the right , word to the left . Although simplistic, they are a great help when working with large corpora and high-frequency verbs because data coming from thousands of occurrences can be reviewed quickly and easily.

Referencing word sketches

Detailed Sketch Engine manual

THOMAS, James Edward (2015). Discovering English with Sketch Engine  (DESkE) , chapter 9 Word Sketches, pp. 161–176.

Work on word sketch

Semantic Word Sketches ( presentation ). Diana McCarthy, Adam Kilgarriff, Miloš Jakubíček and Siva Reddy (2015). In Corpus Linguistics (CL2015).

Finding Multiwords of More Than Two Words . Adam Kilgarriff, Pavel Rychlý, Vojtěch Kovář and Vít Baisa (2012). In Proceedings of the 15th EURALEX International Congress , Norway, pp. 693–700.

A Quantitative Evaluation of Word Sketches . Adam Kilgarriff, Vojtěch Kovář, Simon Krek, Irena Srdanovic and Carole Tiberius (2010). In Proceedings of the 14th EURALEX International Congress. The Netherlands, pp. 372–379.

Towards disambiguation of word sketches . Vít Baisa (2010). In Text, Speech and Dialogue . Germany, Berlin: Springer-Verlag, pp. 37–42.

Word sketch for individual languages

The articles relating to individual languages can be found in the  Bibliography section  (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, etc).

Bilingual word sketches

Kovář, Vojtěch, Vít Baisa, and Miloš Jakubíček. Sketch Engine for bilingual lexicography .  International Journal of Lexicography  29.3 (2016): 339-352.

Vít Baisa, Miloš Jakubíček, Adam Kilgarriff, Vojtěch Kovář and Pavel Rychlý. Bilingual Word Sketches: the translate Button . In Proceedings of the 16th EURALEX International Congress. Bolzano, Italy, 15–19 July 2014, pp. 505–513.

Adam Kilgarriff. Terminology finding, parallel corpora and bilingual word sketches in the Sketch Engine . In Proceedings ASLIB 35th Translating and the Computer Conference , London, May 2013, pp. 129–132.

Read  this blog post to learn more about how the difference between the most frequent and most typical collocations.

Multiword Sketch — collocations with phrases

The multiword sketch is an extension of the word sketch. It processes the left and right context of a phrase and identifies the collocates of each word in the phrase. The collocations are only extracted from sentences which contain the collocation (phrase) in question. In other words, the collocates only come from contexts where the collocation (phrase) is used. Contexts where the members of the phrase are used on their own are excluded. This makes it possible to only display collocates related to a particular word sense or subject.

The multiword sketch can be accessed in two ways:

From the context menu

Locate the collocate you are interested in, click multiword sketch in the context menu.

By typing the collocation in the input form

Type the node and the collocate(s) directly in the input form. Their order is not important. Do not type words which are not a node or collocate(s), i.e. only words which would appear in the grammatical relations in the word sketch.

Multiword sketch

The input must only contain lemmas and only those that can be captured by grammatical relations, i.e. those that qualify as collocations. Typically, articles or other determiners and pronouns should not be included.

Multiword sketch of sugary drink

Multiword sketch for sugary drink

Bilingual Sketch — compare collocations in two languages

The multilingual word sketch displays a word sketch for the word and another word sketch for its translation side by side. This makes it easy to observe the collocations in both languages. This is the English – German multilingual word sketch for dog (Hund) using the English Web 2015 and German Web 2013 corpora.

The corresponding grammatical relations are aligned for easy comparison. Relations are not aligned if:

Bilingual word sketch compares collocations in two languages

Only monolingual statistics from the monolingual Sketch Engine can be displayed. The setting is in the view options visibility to display them. No multilingual statistics are available.

This tools works with any corpora. A parallel corpus is not required.

Word Sketch as a List — combine all collocations into one column

The Word Sketch as a List tab combines all collocations and all grammatical relations into one list. to allow searching, comparing and analyzing all of them together. It is typically used to:

The collocations are presented in the form of word sketch triples which consist of the node as lempos + name of grammatical relation + collocate as lempos , for example:

school-n modifiers of “%w” secondary-j (to be understood as: secondary is a modifier of school )

Any conditions or filtering should be applied to the whole word sketch triple. For example, to list all collocations which are modifiers, the filter should be set as containing the word “modifier”)

This function may take several minutes on large corpora, especially on multi-billion-word corpora.

The results can be sorted by raw frequency, relative frequency (frequency per million) or score.

This tool works with any corpora.

Word Sketch As a List - BNC

The screenshot shows that option containing  find all collocations with “shirt” in the node or collocate position. This also includes words such as t-shirt or sweatshirt because the word “shirt” is a part of these words.

for learners of languages

SkELL logo transparent

A Course in Lexicography and Lexical Computing

Logo of Lexicom – a workshop in corpus linguistics and lexicography

term extraction

Logo of OneClick Terms – term extraction tool

learn sketch engine

' title=

word combinations presentation maker


FREE-WORD COMBINATIONS. Definition of a word-group and its basic features Structure of word-groups Meaning of word-groups Motivation in word-groups. Word-Group. the largest two-facet language unit consists of more than one word studied in the syntagmatic level of analysis. Word-Group.


Presentation Transcript

Definition of a word-group and its basic features • Structure of word-groups • Meaning of word-groups • Motivation in word-groups

Word-Group • the largest two-facet language unit • consists of more than one word • studied in the syntagmatic level of analysis

Word-Group • the degree of structural and semantic cohesion may vary e.g. at least, by means of, take place – semantically and structurally inseparable e.g. a week ago, kind to people – have greater semantic and structural independence

Free-Word Combination • word-groups that have a greater semantic and structural independence • freely composed by the speaker in his speech according to his purpose

Features of Word-groups • Lexical Valency • Grammatical Valency

Lexical Valency (Collocability) • The ability of a word to appear in various combinations with other words, or lexical contexts e.g. question – vital/pressing/urgent/etc., question at issue, to raise a question, a question on the agenda

Lexical Valency (Collocability) • words habitually collocated in speech make a cliché e.g. to put forward a question

Lexical Valency (Collocability) • lexical valency of correlated words in different languages is different e.g. flower цветок garden flowers садовые цветы hot-house flowers оранжерейные цветы pot flowers комнатные цветы

Lexical Valency (Collocability) • different meanings of one and the same word may be revealed through different type of lexical valency e.g. heavy table, book heavy snow, rain heavy drinker, eater heavy sorrow, sleep heavy industry

Grammatical Valency • The ability of a word to appear in specific grammatical structures, or grammatical contexts

Grammatical Valency • the minimal grammatical context in which the words are used when brought together to form a word-group is called the pattern of the word-group

Grammatical Valency • restricted by the part of speech e.g. an adjective + noun, infinitive, prepositional group a kind man, kind to people, heavy to lift • limited by the inner structure of the language e.g. to propose a plan – to suggest a plan to propose to do smth -

Grammatical Valency • grammatical valency of correlated words in different languages is different e.g. enter the room - войти в комнату

Classifications of word-groups • according to the distribution • according to the head-word • according to the syntactic pattern

endocentric – central member functionally equivalent to the whole word-group e.g. red flower ( I saw a red flower – I saw a flower) exocentric – the distribution of the whole word-group is different from either of its components e.g. side by side, grow smaller, John runs Word-groups according to distribution

Word-groups according to the head word • nominal groups e.g. red flower • adjectival groups e.g. kind to people • verbal groups e.g. to speak well

predicative– have a syntactic structure similar to that of a sentence e.g.John went, he works non-predicative – do not have a structure similar to a sentence e.g. red flower, running John Word-groups according to the syntactic pattern

coordinative – elements of a word-group are coordinated with each other e.g. day and night, do or die subordinative – one member of a word-group is subordinated to the central element e.g. red flower, a man of wisdom Non-predicative and endocentric word-groups

Meaning of Word-Groups • lexical meaning • structural meaning

Lexical meaning • the combined lexical meaning of the component words • BUT the meaning of the word-group predominates over the lexical meanings of its components e.g. atomic weight, atomic warfare

Lexical meaning • polysemantic words are used only in one of their meanings e.g. man and wife, blind man • stylistic reference of a word-group may be different from that of its components e.g. old, boy, bags, fun – old boy (дружище), bags of fun

Structural meaning • meaning conveyed by the arrangement of components of a word-group e.g. school grammar – grammar school

Structural meaning • structural and lexical meanings are interdependent and inseparable e.g. school children – to school children all the sun long – all the night long, all the week long

lexically motivated - the combined lexical meaning of a group is deducible from the meanings of its components lexically non-motivated – the meaning of the whole is not seen through the meanings of the elements Motivation in Word-groups

lexically motivated e.g. red flower lexically non-motivated e.g. red tape – ‘official bureaucratic methods’ Motivation in Word-groups

Motivation in Word-groups • e.g. apple sauce – ‘a sauce made of apples’ apple sauce – ‘nonsense’

Motivation in Word-groups • Non-motivated word-groups are called phraseological units or idioms

word combinations presentation maker

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word combinations presentation maker

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word combinations presentation maker

Videos Add movement to your brand.

word combinations presentation maker

Infographics Share information visually.

word combinations presentation maker

Printables Create content for printing.

word combinations presentation maker

Charts and Graphs Bring life to your data.

word combinations presentation maker

Social Media Graphics Create scroll-stopping content.

word combinations presentation maker

Mockups Create high-quality mockups in seconds.

word combinations presentation maker

Branded Templates new Get a bundle of templates that match your brand.



Data Widgets


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Visme Video Tutorials Watch videos on how to use Visme.

word combinations presentation maker

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word combinations presentation maker

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Survey Results

15 Best Presentation Software for 2023 (Full Comparison Guide)

15 Best Presentation Software for 2023 (Full Comparison Guide)

Written by: Orana Velarde

best presentation software - header wide

Looking to create a stunning presentation that keeps your audience engaged? You need a high-quality presentation software to take your slides to the next level. Some of the best presentation software include Visme, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Microsoft Powerpoint, Canva and Google Slides .

In this comparison guide, we’ll analyze each of these tools and many more to understand what the difference is between them so you can  choose the best presentation maker for your business.

So, if you want to stand out from run-of-the-mill PowerPoint presentations and have a reliable presentation software that will help you collaborate with team members and design stunning slide decks in a fraction of the time, you’ll need this guide. 

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What is Presentation Tools

Presentation tools are software applications that enable users to visually present ideas or share knowledge. These presentations are delivered in a slide-show format using a combination of text, images and other graphic elements.

Presentation software is frequently used to pitch an idea to investors , present proposals to clients , introduce new products or services to customers, train staff on new policies or ideas , or teach your students new or complex concepts.

Best Presentation Software: A Visual Comparison

When choosing the right presentation software for your projects, there are some things to consider:

We'll take a look at all these aspects in the following list of best presentation software so you can make your own well-informed decision.

Last updated on October 27, 2022.

Best Presentation Software Visme

Visme is one of the most complete presentation software available online.

Making professional presentations is easy and straightforward. Pretty much everything can be customized or moved around. That's not all that Visme can do, though.

Best Presentation Visme

You can also use Visme to create other visual content, such as infographics, reports and interactive charts. There are tons of customizable templates that come built-in with the software.

Visme can be used for free to test it out for as long as you want. With a free account, you can create up to three projects.

To access all of Visme's capabilities, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans .

If you're a nonprofit organization, you may qualify for a discount. Visme also offers separate Education plans for students and teachers.

Ease of Use

Visme is quite easy to use. Switching from slide to slide is a breeze, and you can even save a slide in the slide library to reuse later.

The editor comes with a handy sidebar that lets you browse graphics and data tools and drag and drop relevant ones onto your slides. You can also use the search bar to quickly find what you need. The dynamic fields feature ensures you don’t miss out on any critical information. With single click, you can easily update content throughout your presentation.

word combinations presentation maker

Who Is It For

Visme is perfect for small and large businesses, marketers, project managers, educators, content creators and so much more.

Template Options

The template options in Visme are extensive and varied in style. From minimalistic to photographic, there are many presentation styles to pick from.

Presentation Templates

word combinations presentation maker

Ecommerce Webinar Presentation

word combinations presentation maker

Buyer Presentation

word combinations presentation maker

PixelGo Marketing Plan Presentation

word combinations presentation maker

Product Training Interactive Presentation

word combinations presentation maker

Company Ethics Presentation

word combinations presentation maker

Work+Biz Pitch Deck - Presentation

Create your presentation View more templates

You can choose from dozens of fully designed presentations tailor-made for specific industries and topics, or mix-and-match hundreds of slide layouts by choosing a presentation theme.

You can also start with a blank canvas, add new blank slides to existing presentation templates, and save custom slides to use later as your own templates.

Graphic Assets Library

When selecting the best tools for presentations, the visual capabilities and creative design elements should be a top consideration. Visme’s graphic library includes thousands of free icons, illustrations, stock photos, videos , 3D graphics , audio clips, charts and graphs to include in your presentations.

Best Presentation Software Visme

The best part is that every graphic asset that comes built-in with the Visme editor is fully customizable. Resize, rotate or change colors to fit your brand, content and theme.

Videos and GIFs

It's easy to insert or embed videos and GIFs inside a Visme presentation. Browse a selection of animated illustrations and characters to make your presentations engaging.

Adding audio to a presentation is easy on Visme. Either along with a video or as the audio on its own. You can also record a voice over.

Another great option is accessing our Presenter Studio to record a video of yourself presenting your content. You can turn on your camera or record audio only before sending a link to your audience. This is a great way to present asynchronously or save your presentation for people to view again and again.

Embed Third-Party Content

There is more content that can be embedded into Visme presentations, like polls, quizzes , forms and any content that can be turned into code to insert in an iframe.

You can also take advantage of several integrations to embed even more engaging and interactive content into your slides.

Animations and Transitions

With Visme, you can animate your content and create interactive experiences such as:

Features inside Visme presentations can be animated, and we also have a number of seamless slide transitions that make your content pop, like "Enter from Side" or "Staggered Fade."

Best Presentation Software Visme

If you want to make your content even more dynamic, you can access our Custom Animation feature. This is perfect for creating video presentations or making your elements look like they're floating on your slide.

Desktop or Cloud

Visme is an online cloud-based app that can be easily used on your computer. We also provide a desktop app that you can download and use outside of your regular browser for seamless content creation.

And if you need to create content on-the-go? You can easily edit existing projects right from your mobile device or tablet!

Visme offers a wide selection of data widgets that allow you to creatively visualize statistics and figures in the form of gauges, clocks, pictographs and icon arrays.

Available data widgets in Visme's editor.

Offline Viewing

Finished presentations can be viewed offline in four different formats.

The best option is to download it as an HTML5 file. That way it will maintain all the animations when opened on Google Chrome, even without internet. Downloading as an HTML 5 file is a premium feature. Presentations can also be downloaded as a collection of JPG or PNG images, as a PDF or as an editable PowerPoint file.

Create a stunning presentation in less time

Sign up. It’s free.

word combinations presentation maker

Collaboration Possibilities

Visme has a premium teams plan that lets all team members customize and complete projects together. Leave comments with edits and feedback, edit projects simultaneously and easily share with other people on your team to move the project along.

Branding Capabilities

Visme's brand design tool makes it easy to keep all of your content on-brand regardless of who's creating it. It works in three easy steps:

Then boom! All of your content will always have the same branding, helping increase brand strength and recognition.

Share to Social Media

Once a presentation is finished, it can be shared to social media seamlessly right from the editor. It can also be downloaded.

Best Presentation Software Visme

Privacy and Password Protection

Presentations on Visme can be published privately with password protection so that only the people you want can access it. It is advisable to only use strong passwords for this purpose. There are a few free password managers that could help you do that and keep your account secure .

Visme’s analytics is what makes it stand out as the best tool for presentation. When a presentation is shared via a live link, it can be analyzed for views and sharing.

Visme Analytics Tool

Access in-depth analytics that show you how much of your presentation is typically viewed, for how long and which slides seem to be the most popular.

Lead Generation

You can add a signup form to your presentations to collect leads that could potentially become clients. Simply head over to our  Advanced Settings tab before sharing your project and turn on  Requires Registration to collect emails from each person who views your content.

Best Presentation Software Prezi

Prezi offers a great alternative to the traditional presentation format that goes slide by slide. The creative idea behind Prezi is you can create an animated, non-sequential flow with topics and subtopics that are hidden until you zoom in.

While Prezi's interface can be slightly complicated to use, it's a good option for people who need to add a creative touch to their presentations.

Prezi is free for basic capabilities and limited templates.

For the paid plans, there are three tiers.

There are separate plans available for students and teachers.

Prezi has a slight learning curve, but once you create a couple of presentations, you get the hang of it. However, it doesn't offer too much customizability inside the templates.

Best Presentation Software Prezi

Businesses and educators who are in need of a different style of presentation. Prezi offers a “conversational style” of zooming and moving around between information. So, who Prezi is for really depends on who needs this sort of presentation style.

There are plenty of templates to choose from, and you can also start from scratch. The templates are different in color and style, but the idea of zooming into topics and subtopics is the same.

Prezi's templates.

The assets library has some icons and shapes available, the usual ones like arrows and buttons. Premium plans get access to over 80,000 icons and 500,000 images.

Videos can be uploaded or embedded from YouTube. Embedded videos are not viewable in offline mode. GIFs aren’t supported.

Voice over can be added in premium plans.

No other content can be embedded into Prezi presentations.

Prezi is all about animations between topics and subtopics. The presentations themselves are viewed as animations.

Best Presentation Tools Prezi

Prezi is a cloud app but can be accessed to view offline with premium plans.

Available to Create on Multiple Devices

Prezi presentations can only be created on a computer but can be viewed on all devices.

Prezi for teams is available upon demand and has a Slack integration.

Brand Kits are only available with Prezi's team plans, but each presentation can be customized to fit your brand with color customizations and some available fonts.

Prezi presentations can be shared to social media via a special share button at the top-right of the Prezi page. They can be shared to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Prezi sharing capabilities.

Prezi presentations can only be downloaded from the Prezi app. There are two options, as an EXE file for PC and a ZIP file for Mac. Presentations can then be viewed without internet connection or the need to connect to the Prezi app.

Presentations are public unless you have a paid account.

Analytics are available with premium accounts but it only applies to Prezi presentations you share via a link to someone.

There are no lead generation capabilities with Prezi.

3 Google Slides

Best Presentation Software Google Slides

Google Slides is the presentation software available via your Google account. Just like you can create documents and spreadsheets with Google Docs and Sheets, you can create presentations with Google Slides.

The Google Slides interface.

The setup is very similar to PowerPoint and is free to use for anyone with a google account. There is a business version called G Suite, which includes the same things with more storage and management capabilities.

Google Slides is free to use for anyone with a Google account. All features are available to everyone.

There are plans for business accounts so that teams can be created and information can be managed in a more organized way. Plans start at $6/user/month and go up to $18/user/month.

Compared to other examples of presentation software, Google Slides is very easy to use. The controls are very similar to Google Docs and Sheets.

Editing a presentation in Google Slides.

Business professionals, educators and students who need fast and easy access to a presentation software that can get things done.

There is a general collection of templates, but there are not very many. Presentations can also be started from scratch.

best tools for presentations

The graphic assets are average and simple. The shapes are classic and generic. Photographs can be uploaded from your desktop, your Google Drive, a URL or searched online.

best presentation software - google slides shapes

Videos can uploaded with a YouTube link or from Google Drive. GIFs can be added just like images.

Audio and Embed Third-Party Content

Anything from your Google Drive can be added in. Also there are some available “add-ons” that can be integrated for icons, stock photography and audio.

best tools for presentations

Elements inside each slide can be animated and so can the transition between the slides.

example of presentation software

Google Slides is a cloud-based program.

Google Slides can be used fully on any device with their respective apps for Android and iPhone. Presentations can be edited and viewed on all devices.

Collaborating with other people is easy with Google Slides

There is no brand kit feature.

Presentations can be shared via email or link.

Sharing in Google Slides.

Google Slides can be viewed offline with a Chrome Extension and the use of Backup and Sync.

Presentations can be shared privately, but there are no password capabilities, only invitations.

Analytics and Lead Generation

These features are not available.

best presentation software - keynote homepage

Keynote is the native Apple presentation software — one of the original PowerPoint Alternatives. Anyone with an Apple ID can use the Keynote editor. It is the most similar to PowerPoint and also Google Slides.

Keynote is free for downloading and also accessing via the cloud with an apple ID.

If you know how to use PowerPoint or Google Slides, Keynote is a breeze. This feature makes it stand out as one of the best tools for presentation.

The Keynote interface.

Keynote is good for businesses, educators and anyone who needs a practical presentation software.

The templates are limited but come in standard or wide sizes. Templates can also be found outside of Keynote and uploaded into the program.

Templates or themes in Keynote.

There are plenty of classic symbols and icons available which are also customizable in terms of color and gradient. Images can only be added from your computer.

best tools for presentations

Videos are not embeddable in Keynote slides but that is sorted with a plug-in like LiveSlides. GIFs can be added as .gif images.

You can upload existing audio files in Keynote to play on specific slides. There's also an option to record your own voiceover to create a narrated presentation.

Including these is not available

Slides and objects can be animated in a number of ways, including path creation, scaling, bounce or jiggle effects, and more.

best tools for presentations Keynote

Keynote is available on both desktop and cloud.

You can create keynote presentations on any apple device and PC.

Keynote presentations can be downloaded as .pdf or as .pptx to view offline.

Keynote presentations can be collaborated on via a link or email with permission settings set to “can make changes”.

Collaboration features in Keynote.

Brand Kit, Share to Social Media, Analytics and Lead Generation

None of these are available on Keynote.

Presentations are private until shared and there is no password protection capabilities.

5 Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint templates.

This list wouldn't have been complete without the most popular presentation software in the world. Even though there are tons of more advanced presentation tools out there now, PowerPoint is still a favorite of many because of its familiarity, ease of use and availability.

The desktop-based PowerPoint program is part of Microsoft 365, which has different plans for businesses that start from $6/month and go up to $22/month.

You can download PowerPoint online for free on any device, including on mobile.

Most, if not every, computer user knows how to work a PowerPoint. The traditional sidebar interface is easy to use simply because it's familiar. But for people who are using PowerPoint for the first time, there might be a slight learning curve.

Creating a presentation in PowerPoint.

Businesses, individuals, students, teachers and anyone who uses a Windows PC or device. PowerPoint is also a good fit for people who want to create simple, conventional presentations, and aren't looking for fancy new features or capabilities.

There are dozens of themes that come built-in with PowerPoint, and there are all customizable so you can play around with the styles.

You can browse stock images, icons, stickers and more by searching for relevant keywords in PowerPoint's graphic library.

best presentation software - powerpoint graphic library

Videos and GIFs can be uploaded from your computer. You can also embed videos from YouTube and other online sources. However, this feature is only available to Windows users.

You can upload audio files from your computer. You can also record audio directly inside PowerPoint, and edit the settings for playback.

You can embed files created in other Microsoft Office applications, such as charts created in Excel, or any other programs that support Object Linking and Embedding (OLE.)

There are tons of animation and transition options available in PowerPoint, which can actually get confusing at times. However, if you know your way around these options, it gets easier to create a professional-looking slideshow.

There are both desktop and cloud versions of PowerPoint available.

You can download the PowerPoint mobile apps on both Android and iOS devices.

It's possible to share your presentation with specific people.

Sharing a PowerPoint presentation.

Brand kits are not available, but you can save custom themes.

Presentations cannot be shared to social media.

You can download your PowerPoint presentations in various formats, including PPTX and PDF. This makes it easy to access them on any device offline.

You can mark your presentations as read-only to prevent users from editing the file.

This feature is not available in PowerPoint.

The Ludus home page.

Ludus is one of the best-looking presentation tools available online. The main attractions with Ludus are the clean black screen to edit on and the amount of integrations that give importing capabilities for all sorts of content. From photography, to .svg to code builds.

Ludus starts at $14.99/month for teams of 1-15 people. Team that need more licenses are encouraged to contact for more pricing information. Ludus does offer a 30-day free trial.

Ludus is quite easy to use and includes lots of keyboard shortcuts. It is easy to learn how to use and pretty straightforward. It seems to be easier for designers than for non-designers to use.

The Ludus interface.

This presentation software is geared more towards designers or business owners who have some design knowledge to totally be able to use the broad capabilities.

There are no templates to choose from. You have to start from scratch or use smart blocks that you can create to use over and over easily. Smart blocks are kept in their own library.

Ludus has minimal in-house graphic assets like simple shapes, but the integrations are epic. You can import .svg icons and edit them inside Ludus quite easily. Photos can also be imported via Unsplash, Instagram, Facebook or uploaded.

Uploading graphics to Ludus.

Videos and GIFs are easily imported via the integrations like YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy and more.

Uploading videos to Ludus.

Audio can be embedded as an audio file from SoundCloud, Dropbox and other integrations.

You can pretty much embed anything into Ludus. The integrations are impressive and there are also iframe and HTML options.

Embedding third-party content with Ludus.

Internal elements can’t be animated but there are so many integrations that animations can be done in different ways.

Ludus is a cloud-based app. No need to download anything.

Presentations can only be edited on computers. Finished presentations can be viewed on all handheld devices that have access to the internet via a URL link.

Collaborations are possible with the team plans. This includes live collaboration, workspaces and more.

With collaborations, smart blocks and the Brandfetch integration, a brand kit can be organized quite easily. But it’s not an internal feature.

How to set up a brand kit in Ludus.

Finished presentations can be easily shared to social media straight from Ludus.

Sharing a presentation in Ludus.

Ludus presentations can be downloaded as .pdf or .html to be viewed offline.

Pro Plans have password protection.

There are no analytics or lead generation capabilities available in Ludus.

The Slides home page.

Slides is the only presentation software which promotes itself as being “pixel perfect” as the editor includes a built-in grid to help with composition. Slides has a lower cost at the highest price tag which is good for smaller businesses.

Slides is free to use, but finished presentations will be public and available to see and copy in the Browse / Explore tab.

The paid plans start at $5/month and go up to $20/month for features like unlimited collaborators, privacy, shared media library and Google Analytics.

Slides is very easy to use, the editing board is minimal but all tools are at easy reach. No need to get confused with Slides. There are no templates so presentations are built from scratch.

The Slides interface.

Small business owners or startups. Individuals that know what they want and don’t need templates to help them along. Also for developers because it has HTML and CSS building capabilities.

Slides has a very limited template library with just a handful of different options to choose from.

The available shapes and icons are common and minimal. Photos have to be uploaded or imported from a URL.

slides presentation software presentation tool graphic assets

Videos and GIFs are easy to add. Videos can be uploaded or linked and GIFs can be uploaded as .gif or .mp4 as video.

Including audio is not possible with Slides.

Anything with code can be added in an iframe.

Embedding third-party content with Slides.

All elements and features can be animated to fade in, fade out etc. Length of duration can be customized.

best presentation software - slides animation

Slides is a cloud-based presentation software that can only be used online.

Slides can be used on the computer and handheld devices. To edit and to view.

Paid plans have very capable collaboration possibilities. Users can leave comments with feedback for the creator to review and make edits.

slides presentation software presentation tool collaboration tools

There is no set section for a brand kit but branded decks can be created and then cloned to use as a template.

Yes, quite easily.

slides presentation software presentation tool share to social media

A Slides presentations can be downloaded as a ZIP file with an .html file inside that can be viewed offline on any browser.

Privacy and Analytics

Possible with paid plans.

This is not possible on Slides.

8 Slidebean

Best Presentation Software Slidebean

Slidebean is an easy-to-use presentation software with interesting templates and customizable content blocks.

The highlight of this presentation software is that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you put together the best possible slide layouts and configurations. They also have a team of experts that can both write and design your pitch deck for you if you don't want to take the DIY route.

The free plan has limited capabilities but it's enough to see how Slidebean works. To export your presentation, you'll need to upgrade.

There are three price levels from $8/month to $19/month to $149/month. The last one is the Founder's Edition plan, which includes help from the experts on your presentations.

If you choose to get their help on your presentation design, it starts at $29 per slide or $1,999 for the full project.

Slidebean is quite easy to use. You can choose between templates or start from scratch. Adding content is simple and to the point from a popup.

Editing can be done in outline or design mode. The editing is limited to how the content blocks are set up, but there are lots of choices. There's no free size changing or moving around.

Best Presentation Software Slidebean

Startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

There are plenty of template options. They are organized in sections and niche. The template collection has presentations by known brands like Snapchat and Buzzfeed.

Best Presentation Software Slidebean

There are plenty of icons and images to choose from. However, there are no shapes, but icons can be used as shapes.

best presentation software - slidebean icons

GIFs can be added via the Giphy integration in a content block. Video can be added in the paid plans.

There are no audio capabilities.

The code snippet content block has lots of options so a lot of different kinds of third-party content can be added in.

best presentation software - slidebean code

Content blocks and their elements can be animated with a couple features.

Slidebean is an online program on the cloud.

It can be used to edit or view on any device.

Collaboration is possible in the paid plans.

This feature is available in the paid plans.

Sharing to Social Media

Best presentation Software slide bean

Slidebean presentations can be exported to download as both .pdf and .html files to view offline.

This feature is not available.

Analytics are available in the paid plans.

9 Zoho Show

Best Presentation Software Show

Zoho Show is a presentation software that mimics Microsoft PowerPoint in the way it is set up, with a menu up top for all the actions. However, Zoho's version is much nicer and polished.

Zoho is a complete CRM for businesses and the company offers different types of apps for teams and office use — Zoho Show is only one of their programs.

Creating a presentation with Zoho Show is free for up to 5 users. For more professional features and storage, paid plans start from $3/user/month, paid annually.

Zoho Show is pretty easy to use. The content blocks can be chosen as themes but they can also be moved around freely and resized. The presentation can be viewed in three ways, with a handy grid view to see all slides next to each other.

Best Presentation Software Show

Businesses, entrepreneurs, educators and students. Anyone who needs to make a presentation.

There aren’t exactly templates, but there are themes. These do not come with images or lorem ipsum but are more like visual canvases that can be customized in terms of color, layout and more.

Best Presentation Software Show

The shapes are pretty good, there are quite a bit to choose from. An added bonus is the possibility to draw shapes or scribble anything yourself with the trackpad.

best presentation software - zoho show graphic library shapes

Videos can be added via the YouTube integration and GIFs can be added as an image.

Audio can be added via Soundcloud with an embed code.

There are a number of sites that are supported via Embed codes but not that many. Zoho Show says that you can ask your needs to be added in the permitted list.

All elements and transitions can be animated.

Best Presentation Software Show

Zoho Show is a cloud bases program and can be broadcast from anywhere and on any device. The live broadcast includes a chat window and the audience can download the presentation if they want to.

You can only create presentations on a computer.

Teams can easily use Zoho Show, even in the free version.

Custom branding is only available in the highest paid plan.

Sharing to social media is not possible unless downloaded as a PDF file and then uploaded to something like SlideShare.

Best Presentation Software Show

Presentations can be downloaded as .pptx or .pdf files for offline viewing.

Yes, this is possible on all plans.

Analytics are possible on the paid plans.

zoho show presentation software presentation tool sales dashboard

10 Beautiful.ai

Best Presentation Software Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is a presentation software that helps you create great-looking slides with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This means that your presentation will look professional every single time, regardless of who designs it.

Beautiful.ai currently offers a Pro plan at $12/month and a Team plan at $40/month, both billed annually. They offer a 14-day free trial to test out their tool.

This is probably the best thing about Beautiful.ai — it's incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is add smart slides, plug in your content, and choose from different preset layouts.

Of course, that also means that you have limited customization options. But if you're looking for a simple solution and you don't trust your design skills, this may be a good option for you.

Best Presentation Software Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is a great tool for absolute beginners and non-designers who are looking for a no-nonsense presentation software.

For example, startups and entrepreneurs can use this software to create a nice-looking pitch deck or proposal quickly without any design help.

There are a handful of slide themes available, but they're mostly basic in terms of design. You can play around with the layouts inside each theme to put together a unique presentation.

Best Presentation Software Beautiful.ai

The graphic assets library comes with a bunch of free stock photos and icons to choose from, but the options are pretty limited.

Videos and GIFs can be uploaded from your computer. You can also import videos from YouTube and Vimeo to embed in your slides.

Audio can be uploaded from your computer.

It's not possible to embed third-party content into Beautiful.ai presentations. However, you can add interactive links to your slides.

Each slide comes with a preset animation style that you're unable to customize. However, you can change the speed, timing and triggers for the animations. 

Beautiful.ai is a cloud-based application.

The software only works on your desktop computer.

You can invite people to collaborate on your presentation by either giving them "view" or "edit" access. Collaborators must have a Beautiful.ai account to view or edit the presentation.

While there's no brand kit feature available, you can customize a theme (colors and fonts) and save it to your library to use in future presentations.

There are several options to share your presentations. Send an email invite, share a public or private link, generate an embed code or share directly to social media.

Best Presentation Software Beautiful.ai

You can export your presentations to PDF or PowerPoint to view offline.

There is no password protection, but you can use the Secure Viewing option to only share your presentation with other Beautiful.ai users via an email invite.

This feature is only available in the paid plans. You can access a number of viewing and usage statistics for your presentations.

This feature is not available in Beautiful.ai.

11 Genially

A screenshot of Genially's website.

The main idea behind the Genially presentation software is interactivity.

This program is good not only for presentations and video presentations, but also for other visual graphics. It’s great for adding a modern, interactive feel to your presentations.

There is a free plan in Genially, which gives you unlimited creations but limited resources.

There are two types of paid plans; education and business. The education plans start at $1.25/month and go up to $20.82/month, billed annually. The professional plans start at $7.49/month and go up to $79.15/month, billed annually. You can also ask for custom plans by reaching out.

Genially is easy to use if you are accustomed to programs with lots of choices. There is a lot that can be done with the features in Genially.

Any change can be applied to all slides with a single click of the button in the menu. When editing, there is a "design view" and a "layers view."

A screenshot of the Genially interface.

Professionals and educators of any field who can benefit from interactive presentations.

There are plenty of template options. Some are free and some are only available via the premium plans. Presentation templates are also available as "video presentations."

A screenshot of Genially's templates.

The graphic assets in Genially are quite varied; there is plenty to choose from. Images can be uploaded or found on the Pixabay integration.

A screenshot of graphic assets available in Genially.

Videos can be added via a YouTube link and GIFs can be imported with the Giphy integration.

Audio can be uploaded from your computer, added via SoundCloud and a couple of other integrations, or recorded directly in Genially.

Third-party content can be added to your presentations with Genially integrations. For example, you can add an interactive map via Google Maps.

A screenshot of third-party embed options in Genially.

All elements can be animated, as can the transitions between slides. Animation effects are quite extensive. There is a similar tab called “interactivity,” which are pop-ups and hyperlinks supplied with lots of button choices.

A screenshot of animation capabilities in Genially.

Genially is a cloud-based presentation program.

This program is only available to edit on computers but can be viewed on any device.

It seems that a professional plan allows 5 team members, but the pricing plan shows that all plans have collaborative capabilities. Collaborators can be added in the dashboard where  all creations are stored.

Brand kits are available in the premium plans. It is an internal feature with easy access.

Finished presentations can be shared to social media.

A screenshot showing how to share presentations in Genially.

Finished presentations can be downloaded as a set of .jpg images, as a .pdf or as an .html5 file which will keep all animations.

Premium plans have these features.

This is not available in Genially.

Last updated on February 4, 2022.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Canva is not only a presentation software but also a full editing program for all visual needs. Presentation creation is only one of the possibilities with Canva. It has become a favorite with bloggers and home-based businesses.

The free version of Canva is pretty extensive.

The only restrictions are the use of premium resources that can be either bought separately or through the Canva Pro plan. Canva Pro is charged at $12.99/month or $119.99/year.

Canva is easy to use as all elements are easy to find and are mostly customizable. Presentations are viewed scrolling; there is no master view and you can’t change something on all slides at once.

Bloggers, small home-based businesses and startups

There are lots of customizable template options, and each slide inside the templates can be used individually.

Best Presentation Software Canva

There are plenty of options in the graphic assets library, including shapes, icons, photos, frames and stickers. Some are free, while others are paid.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Videos and GIFs can be uploaded to Canva.

You can add music to your presentations using the available options inside Canva.

Canva offers dozens of integrations and media embed options, including YouTube, Google Maps, Vimeo, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and more.

There are several animation options that apply to entire slides inside Canva. You can also add animated stickers to your slides.

Canva is a cloud-based app. Presentations can be seen on any device.

Canva is available as an iPhone app and an android app for editing capabilities.

Presentations can be shared for editing with team members.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Canva Pro has a brand kit feature.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Presentations can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Best Presentation Software Canva

Presentations can be downloaded as a group of .png or .jpg images or as a .pdf. You can also download it as an MP4 video for offline viewing.

All designs on Canva are private unless they are made public or shared via a link. There is no password protected sharing though.

These features are not available in Canva.

13  FlowVella

Best Presentation Software Flowvellla

FlowVella is a downloadable presentation software that can be used offline. The main attraction of FlowVella is the Kiosk Mode, in which you can create interactive presentations like the ones used in museums or information counters at malls or hotels.

FlowVella is free to try out. You can use it free forever but the options are limited and the finished presentations has a watermark.

FlowVella is pretty easy to use, and the controls are straightforward and uncomplicated.

Best Presentation Software Flowvellla

This presentation software is for professionals and educators that need to be able to create presentations offline. Also for those who can take advantage of the Kiosk Mode.

The template options are quite varied and well designed.

Best Presentation Software Flowvellla

The graphic assets library is very limited. Photographs and images need to be uploaded from your computer.

Videos can be uploaded or found via YouTube, iCloud and Dropbox integrations when online. GIFs can be added as images.

best presentation software - flowvella video

Audio can be uploaded from your computer, or added via iCloud or Dropbox.

You can add PDF files.

Only the transitions are animated minimally.

This is a desktop-based application. It must be downloaded.

There are iPad and device apps available for editing on those devices as well.

Paid premium plans can work with teams.

Brand kits are not available.

Presentations can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Since this is a desktop application, offline viewing is not a complication.

These features are available in the paid plans. Analytics can be viewed once the presentation has been published online.

best presentation software - flowvella analytics

This feature is not available on FlowVella.

14  Haiku Deck

Last updated on October 8, 2020.


Haiku Deck is a presentation software that is straightforward with a simple interface that makes quick and practical presentations. Presentations can be created on the computer and on mobile devices.

Haiku Deck can be tried for free with one available presentation. The Public plan is USD 7.99 a month, Pro plans are USD 9.99 a month billed annually and USD 19.99 billed monthly, and Premium plans are USD 29.99 a month.

Haiku Deck is quite easy to use and menus are easy to follow. There are word size limiters and specific text placement choices for each slide. Charts are simple to create and can be customized. The editor can be connected via cloud to all devices. The new addition, Zuru, is an Artificial Intelligence system that creates creative presentations from simple PowerPoint files or outlines.


The Haiku Deck presentation software is geared mostly at educators and classrooms. Businesses and bloggers can also use it for practical purposes.

Templates on Haiku Deck are more like an inspiring collection of photographs for a specific niche with some suggestions on where to place the text and what charts to include.


The available graphic assets library in Haiku Deck are millions of photographs, numerous font choices and charts and graphs.


YouTube videos can be embedded easily in a Haiku Deck. GIFs cannot be added to Haiku Decks but a finished presentation can be turned into a video or into a GIF.

Narrations and voice overs are easily recorded on a presentation in Haiku Deck.

Only videos can be embedded.

Features can't be animated in Haiku Deck

Desktop or Cloud / Available to Create on Multiple Devices

Haiku Deck is a cloud-based app that is available for editing and viewing on your laptop and also as an app on phones and tablets.


Haiku decks can be downloaded as .pptx files for offline viewing.

Presentations can be easily shared to social media from the editor.


Haiku Deck offers team possibilities upon request.

There is no brand kit, but you can add your logo to the finished product.

Pro and Premium plans have private and password-protected capabilities


Premium plans have analytics for who has viewed your presentations.

Emails cannot be captured with Haiku Deck but slides and presentations can be sent with invitations to your existing email contacts.

15  Microsoft Sway

best presentation software - sway

Microsoft has its own alternative to PowerPoint — Sway.

This online presentation software is completely different from PowerPoint and introduces a new concept of building "Sways" instead of "presentations."

Sway is free to use for anyone who has a Microsoft account.

It's super easy to use Sway and kind of fun too. It has a non-traditional storyline editor, which lets you add "blocks" of content that the software configures into layouts.

best presentation software - sway storyline editor

Sway is mostly for people who don't want to spend too much time designing a complex presentation. For example, students and nonprofit organizations.

There are several templates for different purposes, such as photo slideshows, sales trainings and even personal portfolios.

You can upload your own media or search from various sources inside Sway, including Flickr and Bing Images. There are no shapes and icons included.

best presentation software - sway graphic library

You can upload videos from your device or embed from YouTube.

You can add audio to Sway by uploading or dragging and dropping the audio file onto your storyline from your computer.

You can embed images, videos, maps and other content from tons of websites, including Google Maps, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Sway automatically adds animations to your slides. You cannot change or customize them; you can only increase or decrease the level of animation added to your Sway.

Sway is an online, cloud-based software.

Sway works on any device with an internet browser.

You can invite people to view or edit your Sway presentation.

Sway presentations can be shared directly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can download your Sway as a Word or PDF file to view offline.

There is no password protection available, but you can choose to share your Sway with specific people, anyone with a link or only people in your organization who have a link.

You can view reader statistics for your Sway if you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

This feature is not available in Microsoft Sway.

Looking for a Presentation Software?

The best presentation software for you depends on your budget, needs and number of users. If you're looking for an easy-to-use presentation maker that also comes with unique features that you won't find in most other tools, Visme might be a great option.

You can look for the right pricing plan for your needs and even apply for a discount if you're a nonprofit organization. And if you just want to try out Visme to see if it's a good fit, sign up for a free account and use it for as long as you like — no strings attached.

Which of these best presentation software options fits your needs? If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you below.

Create beautiful presentations faster with Visme.

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Beyond PowerPoint: Presentation Tools for Small Businesses

Matt D'Angelo

The prevalence of PowerPoint has made company presentations all too routine. It can be hard to get and hold your audience’s attention with mundane slides full of bullet points. It may be an effective tool in some scenarios, but there are tons of other presentation solutions out there that can help you engage with your audience and communicate key ideas.

While traditional tools such as PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote can all be used to create presentations, you can break the conventional method – basic points on simple slides – by including images, creating movement, and limiting each slide or section to only a couple key points.

If you’re looking to shake things up and connect with your audience in a fun and engaging way, it may be time to try one of these solutions.

Visme  is a cloud-based presentation tool that allows you to create highly visual presentations to engage viewers and communicate your ideas. It features an intuitive, drag-and-drop design method for creating presentations. The business version also prioritizes brand consistency and company-wide image storage. When you or your employees create a presentation, it will feature colors, logos and images that are on brand for your organization. This promotes consistency across presentations among your employees. Visme also offers a built-in analytics system, so you can see who has viewed your presentation and who finished it.

Visme offers multiple plans ranging from $20 per user per month to $60 per three users per month. It’s also possible to get a free live demo to see how the technology works before you try it out.

2. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck  is a platform that prioritizes simplicity. Business owners can create elegant, basic presentations with high-quality images. The spartan approach allows for connecting with audiences instead of losing them in information overload due to text-heavy slides. What separates Haiku Deck from traditional presentation tools is its library of images and array of fonts. It makes it easy to craft simple, powerful presentations that are accessible on any device.

Haiku Deck offers three plans, ranging from $7.99 to $29.99 per month.

3. Pitcherific

Pitcherific  is not only a presentation solution, but also a platform for building and practicing your presentation. It’s a template-based program that guides you through the presentation creation process. Instead of drafting a few slides, Pitcherific prompts you to write out the areas of each part of your speech. The outline for an elevator pitch, for example, includes a hook, problem, solution and closing. There are various templates for different kinds of pitches and presentations, so you’ll have guidance on many kinds of speeches and presentations. Pitcherific also recommends a character count for each section and a timeclock, allowing you to track how long your speech or presentation is and stay within a desired range.

Pitcherific’s pricing depends largely on your business and its needs, so you’ll have to reach out to its sales team to get a direct quote. Pitcherific does offer a free trial in case you’re curious to see how the platform works.

Canva  is an online platform that provides templates for a wide range of business-related publications, like resumes, newsletters, business cards, media kits, brochures and infographics. You can also use it to construct presentations. There are hundreds of design layouts and templates to start with, and you can upload your own images or choose from more than 1 million of Canva’s stock images. As you build your presentation, you can adjust text and fonts, add filters to images, and drag and drop different elements for design. You can also upload and save your company logo.

Canva offers a free version equipped with all its features. If you’re a startup or very small business owner, this is a good option. For larger businesses, Canva for Work offers team management features for $12.95 per month (or $9.95 per month when you pay annually). You can try this version free for 30 days.

5. SlideCamp

SlideCamp  provide slide templates for creating company presentations. You can adjust color schemes, add company logos, import charts and data, build infographics, and organize presentations into sections with SlideCamp. This is a great solution for maintaining presentation consistency across multiple presentations from your organization. After you set up branding details, employees will be able to work with predesigned slides to easily craft professional presentations. It’s geared for larger businesses, so if you’re a startup or one-person company, this may not be an ideal solution for you.

There are a few plans available, which range from $49 to $499 per month depending on the number of users who will access SlideCamp. There is a demo version as well, so you can try out the service to see if it’s right for your business. 

6. Microsoft Events

While PowerPoint may be a tired way to handle a business presentation at times, Microsoft has other tools that can introduce a new level of practicality to the standard presentation. It recently introduced the ability to create live and on-demand events in Microsoft 365. These events can be viewed in real time or on demand by remote co-workers or even workers who were present in the meeting but want to reference what was said. It combines HD video with machine learning to create a speaker timeline, speech-to-text transcriptions and time coding, and closed captioning.

Live events are part of the Office 365 subscription plans. If you’re already a subscriber, you can use this tool for no additional cost.

Powtoon  is an animated presentation and video platform for creating short informational videos and presentations about your brand or product. Explainer videos are an important part of a brand’s message, and Powtoon is an affordable tool for creating animated videos and presentations to educate consumers and clients about your business. You can easily edit presentations and videos, add voiceover, and build a professional experience for your customers.

Powtoon offers a free version, but there are more robust offerings at $19 and $59 per month.

8. VideoScribe

VideoScribe  is a whiteboard video presentation platform that allows small businesses to customize their presentations to fit their needs. These videos, which feature a whiteboard and hand that “draws” different objects and slides in the presentation, are ideal for quick explainers and marketing videos on your business or product. You can easily place objects, insert text, and even draw your own objects or text with VideoScribe’s platform.

VideoScribe is available for either $29 per user per month or, if paid annually, $12 per user per month. If you want to extend VideoScribe to a larger team, you’ll have to pay $110 to $130 per user, depending on the number of users. You can also make a one-time payment of $665 for a single user.

Prezi  is another template-based presentation solution that you can use to create persuasive and engaging presentations with unique movement between “slides” and key points. Prezi maps out your whole presentation on an overall track that you decide. When you switch slides, it doesn’t simply advance to the next one; it takes the viewer through the track to the point that needs to be made. This allows your audience to visualize the progression of your presentation. You can arrange content under different sections and create an overview so your audience can see your entire presentation plan. This method keeps the presenation organized and your audience engaged. You can also navigate freely through your presentation – your track is not locked in and you can adjust when you address which points as you’re presenting.

Prezi is either $50 or $59 per user per month, depending on the number of users.

word combinations presentation maker

word combinations presentation maker

Create a SmartArt graphic from scratch

Create a SmartArt graphic to quickly and easily make a visual representation of your information. You can choose from among many different layouts, to effectively communicate your message or ideas. SmartArt graphics can be created in Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word, and they can be used throughout Office.

For an overview of SmartArt graphics, including considerations for choosing the best graphic and layout type to display your data or convey a concept, see Choose a SmartArt graphic .

Insert a SmartArt graphic and add text to it

On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click SmartArt .

SmartArt on the Insert tab

In the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box, click the type and layout that you want.

Enter your text by doing one of the following:

Click [Text] in the Text pane, and then type your text.

Copy text from another location or program, click [Text] in the Text pane, and then paste your text.

If the Text pane is not visible, click the arrow control on the left side of the SmartArt graphic.

To add text, like a title, in an arbitrary position close to or on top of your SmartArt graphic, on the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Text Box to insert a text box. If you want only the text in your text box to appear, right-click your text box, click Format Shape or Format Text Box , and then set the text box to have no background color and no border.

Click in a box in the SmartArt graphic, and then type your text. For best results, use this option after you add all of the boxes that you want.

Add or delete shapes in your SmartArt graphic

Click the SmartArt graphic that you want to add another shape to.

Click the existing shape that is located closest to where you want to add the new shape.

Under SmartArt Tools , on the Design tab, in the Create Graphic group, click the arrow next to Add Shape .

The Add Shape button in the Create Graphic group

If you don't see the SmartArt Tools or Design tabs, make sure that you've selected the SmartArt graphic. You may have to double-click the SmartArt graphic to open the Design tab.

Do one of the following:

To insert a shape after the selected shape, click Add Shape After .

To insert a shape before the selected shape, click Add Shape Before .

To add a shape from the Text pane, click an existing shape, move your cursor before or after the text where you want to add the shape, and then press ENTER.

To delete a shape from your SmartArt graphic, click the shape you want to delete, and then press DELETE. To delete your entire SmartArt graphic, click the border of your SmartArt graphic, and then press DELETE.

To add a shape like a callout or a line, see Add shapes .

Change the colors of an entire SmartArt graphic

You can apply color variations that are derived from the theme colors to the shapes in your SmartArt graphic.

Click your SmartArt graphic.

Under SmartArt Tools , on the Design tab, in the SmartArt Styles group, click Change Colors .

The Change Colors button on the SmartArt Tools Design tab

If you don't see the SmartArt Tools or Design tabs, make sure that you've selected a SmartArt graphic. You may have to double-click the SmartArt graphic to open the Design tab.

Click the color variation that you want.

Apply a SmartArt Style to a SmartArt graphic

A SmartArt Style is a combination of various effects, such as line style, bevel, or 3-D, that you can apply to the shapes in your SmartArt graphic to create a unique and professionally designed look.

Under SmartArt Tools , on the Design tab, in the SmartArt Styles group, click the SmartArt Style that you want.

Insert SmartArt from the ribbon

In the menu of types that appears, point at the type you want and then select a layout.

On the SmartArt Design tab, in the Create Graphic group, click the arrow next to Add Shape .

Add a shape to a SmartArt graphic

If you don't see the SmartArt Design tab, make sure that you've selected the SmartArt graphic. You may have to double-click the SmartArt graphic to open the SmartArt Design tab.

To add a shape while using the Text pane, click an existing shape, move your cursor before or after the text where you want to add the shape, and then press ENTER.

On the SmartArt Design tab, in the SmartArt Styles group, click Change Colors .

Change the colors of a SmartArt graphic

On the SmartArt Design tab, in the SmartArt Styles group, click the SmartArt Style that you want.

To see more SmartArt Styles, click the More button.

Click the downward pointing arrow to see more SmartArt graphic style options

On the Insert menu, select SmartArt Graphic .

On the SmartArt tab of the ribbon, in the Insert SmartArt Graphic group, select at the type of graphic you want ( List , Process , etc.), and then select a layout.

If the Text pane is not visible, click the editor control on the left side of the SmartArt graphic.

Control-click the existing shape that is located closest to where you want to add the new shape.

On the shortcut menu, point at Add Shape , and then select the insertion option you want:

On the SmartArt tab, in the SmartArt Graphic Styles group, click Colors .

On the SmartArt tab, in the SmartArt Graphic Styles group, click the SmartArt Style that you want.

Click the downward pointing arrow to see more SmartArt graphic style options

In PowerPoint for the web, you can add and edit SmartArt graphics.

On the Insert tab, select SmartArt .

On the Insert tab, select SmartArt

On the dropdown menu, select the layout that you want.

The graphic is inserted on your slide. A text editor appears on the left of the graphic. Each bullet item in the editor corresponds to one item in the graphic.

Add text to the SmartArt graphic in its text editor on the left side

To enter text, click next to a bullet in the Text editor, and then type your text, or paste text that you've copied from elsewhere.

You add shapes in the Text editor by pressing the Enter key to add another bullet item.

You delete shapes in the Text editor by backspacing over the bullet item that you want to remove.

You can apply color variations (which are derived from the presentation's theme colors) to the shapes in your SmartArt graphic.

On the Ribbon, under SmartArt Tools , select Change Colors .

Under SmartArt Tools, select Change Colors to open the color gallery

On the menu that appears, select the color variation you want.

Apply a SmartArt Style to a graphic

A SmartArt Style is a combination of effects, such as line style, bevel, or 3-D, that you can apply to the shapes in your SmartArt graphic to create a professional look.

On the Ribbon, under SmartArt Tools , select Styles .

Under SmartArt Tools, select the More Styles arrow to open the SmartArt Styles gallery

On the menu that appears, select the style you want.

Point your mouse at any option to see a description name for the option.

Reverse the order of the shapes in a graphic

By default, the shapes in a graphic are ordered from left to right (or clockwise, if the graphic is circular). 

To reverse the order of the shapes:

Select the graphic.

On the Ribbon, under SmartArt Tools , select Right to Left .

Change the list level of an item

The Text pane works like an outline or a bulleted list that maps information directly to your SmartArt graphic. Each SmartArt graphic defines its own mapping between the bullets in the Text editor and the set of shapes in the SmartArt graphic.

To indent a line in the Text pane, select the line that you want to indent, and then under SmartArt Tools , on the Design tab, click Demote .

To decrease the list level, select the line that you want to indent, and then click Promote (or press Shift+Tab).

To resize your entire SmartArt graphic, click the border of your SmartArt graphic, and then drag the sizing handles in or out until your SmartArt graphic is the size that you want.


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Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

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Microsoft 365 training

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Microsoft security

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Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

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The Best PowerPoint Alternatives in 2022

PowerPoint is the most universal presentation program. Whether used by businessmen or teachers, it’s used by over 500 million people worldwide. Unfortunately, PowerPoint has become uninspiring to its users because of its limitations with design assets and animation.

That being said, users want to be able to produce a quick, easy, and enticing presentation that deviates from basic PowerPoint decks. In this article, we’ll explore the best PowerPoint alternatives in 2022 that will allow you to impress your audience and stand out from the crowd!

What makes a good presentation software?

When choosing the perfect presentation platform to use, here are some key elements that you should be looking for:

Leading PowerPoint Alternatives

Are you ready to get to work with these incredible PowerPoint alternatives? These presentation makers will change the way you create and deliver your presentations. 

01 | Powtoon 

Used by over 30M people worldwide, Powtoon is the leading PowerPoint alternative presentation platform because of its ability to create engaging and interactive video presentations. Creating video presentations empowers individuals, teams, and enterprises to transform information into powerful presentations with a professional look & feel. Powtoon’s online presentation software makes presentations easy to create, simple to manage, and quick to distribute. With 100s of templates, characters, stock footage & images, easily create in every style – animation, whiteboard, infographics, screen recordings, and beyond!

Powtoon Highlights:

Pricing Options:

Powtoon offers free memberships for personal use, plus premium subscriptions with monthly and annual plans. 

Ready to start creating? Sign up for free to start producing amazing presentations without any prior experience or skills needed. 

Are you tired of the plain linear presentation? With Prezi’s PowerPoint alternative, the unconventional presentation software allows you to create moving, zooming presentations that won’t leave you bored or restricted. This allows the user to focus on topics and subtopics that can be arranged in a way they want. Thus, making presentations flow in a natural, conversational way. 

Prezi’s Highlights:

Prezi offers a free 14-day trial and a free plan which includes up to 5 visual projects. The paid plan starts at $5/month.

Canva offers a highly functioning presentation maker with a collection of creative templates to choose from. The majority of templates are free to every user and are tailor designed for education or business purposes. 

Canva’s Highlights:

Canva offers a free plan, while the Pro version starts at $9/month and includes additional features like Brand Kit and custom design templates. 

04 | Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai uses artificial intelligence to create unique presentations and allows it to lead the way. When using this PowerPoint alternative, there is no stress or fiddling with slide layouts or transitions – the platform’s technology takes care of that. Beautiful.ai offers the perfect balance between automation and customization. 

Beautiful.ai Highlights:

Beautiful.ai’s free plan provides unlimited slides, 60+ “smart slide” templates, and collaboration features. The paid plan starts at $12/month and includes secure sharing and revision history. 

05 | Google Slides

Google Slides is the perfect PowerPoint alternative for anyone looking for a simple space to create traditional presentations. This presentation software boasts efficiency as one of its biggest benefits with their great collaboration features. All users need to do is share the link to their presentation and they can receive feedback and comments in no time. 

Google Slides Highlights:

Google Slides is free to all users for personal use, or can be accessed with a Google Workspace account for business use.

06 | Slidebean 

Slidebean is a PowerPoint alternative software known for its ready-to-use templates that have been recreated from big name start-up companies. This is a great presentation platform to use if you do not have time to design your own slides. 

Slidebean Highlights:

Slidebean’s paid plan is $96/year per user.

07 | Zoho Show 

Zoho is a PowerPoint alternative that provides users with conventional presentation tools similar to PowerPoint’s. However, Zoho differentiates itself with eye-catching animation and slide transitions. The features are more standard than the other companies listed above, but it’s worthy to note that the software makes it very easy to create your own presentation.

Zoho Show Highlights:

Zoho Show’s paid plan from the Workplace Bundle starts at $4/month per user. 

Make your next presentation shine with an expert PowerPoint alternative!

If you are ready to transform your presentations from uninspired to impressive, get started with one of these PowerPoint alternative presentation makers today!


' src=

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5 Tips for Finding the Best Royalty-Free Images for Your Videos

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The Best Free Video Editing Software in 2022 

10 consulting presentation tips from the experts at powtoon

10 Consulting Presentation Tips from the Experts at Powtoon

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15 Best Presentation Websites Alternatives to PowerPoint in 2023

15 best investor pitch deck examples from successful startups.

15 Best Presentation Websites Alternatives to PowerPoint in 2023

‍ What is a presentation website?

Presentation websites are applications created to present information as a slide show. Slideshows are presentations that comprise charts, images, videos, and the standard text. They ensure that data is displayed clearly, summarized, and readable to the audience.  

Slideshows work best when presented on a projector or a big screen. Intermittently, some users might print out slide shows as documents, but this is ill-suited for that purpose. 

Any presentation tool must have three fundamental functions:

Slide shows often consist of a combination of text, video, images and charts. Their primary function is displaying clear, readable and summarized data to an audience.

Most presentations are shared and presented on a larger screen or through a digital projector. In rare occasions, slide presentations are printed out as a replacement for text documents, but this is a really inefficient way to review data, that Garr Reynolds calls ‘ PresDocs ’ (Garr Reynolds is the author of Presentation Zen, one of the most important go-to reference for successful presentations).

Related Read: What Makes Up the Best Presentation Templates?

What makes the best presentation software?

When looking for the best presentation apps, there is a need to consider not just pitch decks but also school lectures, religious sermons, and adverts. Therefore, an excellent presentation app should be affordable, have enough sharing and collaboration options, have a range of pre-built templates, and be flexible. 

Visualization in presentations

A presentation without visual aids can be very boring. It's hard to remember things if they are just words on a page or screen. But with visuals, people retain information much better. So, ensure you have some great images to help your audience understand what you're talking about.

Consider using infographics if you want to add some spice to your presentations. Infographics are visually appealing ways to present complex information in a simple way. They can include charts, graphs, maps, diagrams, timelines, etc. Many online tools are available to create them, including Piktochart , Visually, and Canva . 

Presentation or visualization names of websites

Presentation websites allow you to create amazing presentations through the use of web technologies.

There are many cases when you might need to create a presentation for a particular purpose. Creating a presentation on PowerPoint is easy, but that doesn't mean it's the best option. That's why we'll talk about how to create a presentation without PowerPoint and how to get the best out of these presentation website alternatives. 

However, there exist today, numerous applications, software, and websites that can help create stunning designs and art for presentations other than PowerPoint. From Slidebean to Google Slides, there are more than enough presentation apps to help you. No matter your tastes, needs, and specifications, there is always one that fits your bill. Read on to find out more.

What makes a great PowerPoint Alternative?

Not everyone prefers PowerPoint. Why? Because it can feel and look clunky at times. But not every PowerPoint alternative works the same way. To find the best one for you, look out for features such as:

Best Presentation Websites Alternatives to PowerPoint

1. slidebean.

word combinations presentation maker

Slidebean is a presentation software that uses the online approach to operate design software and it is referred to as one of the most spontaneous presentation tools profitable today.

Slidebean offers numerous presentation templates for many slideshow presentations, ranging from pitch decks to sales proposals. The templates are highly customizable, offering a wide range of designs.

Slidebean also offers a pioneering approach to sharing slideshows by creating a link where your slides can be reached when you are on a different device. This is very useful when you are without your device, and slides created on Slidebean automatically scale to the screen size used. The online format also allows team collaboration and offers metrics and analytics when you need them. 

This helps you know what you can change when needed. These figures are primarily helpful when prospecting different clients; they make you aware of who is looking at what and where you need to make changes to both design and speech before your final interviews.


Related read: Best Presentation Software list

word combinations presentation maker

Prezi is a web-based presentation tool with a strong focus on animation. While it might need some creativity and design skill, its output always beats mainstream. Prezi helps create visually stunning slideshows and boasts a feature no other software has – presenting content over a user's video feed.

However, as said above, Prezi needs some technical design skill, and when that is missing, the output might not be so great.

3. Google Slides

google slides presentation website logo

With the popularity of Google, it's no surprise that Google Slides is one popular presentation app and by extension, an alternative to PowerPoint.

While the app is free as long as you have a Google account, a consensus is that it is basic and extremely limited.

word combinations presentation maker

Visme is considered a complete package when it comes to online presentation software. Alongside having high customization features, it is also a good choice for graphic

5. Beautiful.ai

word combinations presentation maker

Spacing issues are one of several problems that tire out designers. You just do not know what to do with all that free space. Fortunately, that is what this Beautiful app was created to solve. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, the app handles all the spacing issues and gives you enough time to focus on your presentation content. This makes for an almost perfect balance of customization and automation. 

word combinations presentation maker

Keynote is the presentation tool preloaded in Apple products. Like Google Slides, Keynote is easy to operate for people with a previous experience with PowerPoint. While the interface is friendly, the not-labeled functions and basic features give a too-minimalist experience. 

The most obvious disadvantage? It is only usable for Mac users and not web-based, eliminating the collaboration and sharing option.

moovly presentation website logo

Moovly is considered an animation presentation tool than a traditional PowerPoint replacement. Its main benefit is the smooth incorporation of animations into presentations and numerous templates to choose from. Also, it is online-based, so cloud saving and collaboration are a yes-yes. It is free to use, but some components require paid accounts.

8. Mentimeter

word combinations presentation maker

Mentimeter is a new presentation tool with the mouthwatering feature of audience engagement and the offerings of a standard presentation tool. Mentimeter also has a survey section (hence the "meter") and good templates that can help design your slides, whether formal or animated. 

Mentimeter possesses two collaboration features named Collaboration and Mentimote. As the features suggest, this presentation tool focuses on the audience rather than the user. 

9. Zoho Show

word combinations presentation maker

Zoho Show as a presentation platform found in a Zoho Office suite, is a handy tool, especially for Zoho Suite users.

Zoho Show offers excellent transitions, animations, effects, collaboration and editing. It also possesses a comment feature for slides, online publishing, and online broadcasts and discussions. 

word combinations presentation maker

A presentation software launched in 2020, Pitch is already referred to as a “PowerPoint killer”. It was created to help non-designers (or beginners) create excellent pitch decks. 

Pitch has an extensive library of presentation templates, but this is just one of its benefits. This software emphasizes collaboration and even includes built-in video collaboration for remote teams to work together. Pitch presentations can also be integrated with Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and similar applications.

word combinations presentation maker

This cloud-based presentation tool proffers a user-friendly alternative to PowerPoint. Its sleek editor interface allows you to add your preferred background images, import a variety of designs, and collaborate easily with others. It is known to be very user-friendly.

Slides offers access and edit features from any device, as long as it is internet-connected. It also helps manage privacy rights, allows presentations offline, offers analytics management, and allows for adding GIFs and images. 

However, it is limited in slide options and templates and does not offer graphic inclusions.

12. Microsoft Sway

word combinations presentation maker

Funny that Microsoft decided to create an alternative to its own product. However, as amusing as it seems, it is a smart move, considering the fact that it has everything PowerPoint does not. Sway is cloud-based and can be opened via Microsoft app accounts such as Outlook. 

Sway’s color and font customization have a range of images. It enables storyline editing and allows for multiple language usage. However, it does not offer graphic and visual data. 

13. Mind Maps

word combinations presentation maker

Mind Maps is a presentation tool that offers a different mode of displaying files, using visual symbols to show relationships between different concepts, and offering an over-the-top map that can be broken down into details for further understanding. It allows for a top-to-bottom plan that moves distinctly from part to whole and vice versa. This makes it easier to handle details for each sub-topic at all levels.

14. ClearSlide 

word combinations presentation maker

SlideRocket, launched in 2008, was acquired by ClearSlide and is now named after the new company, although many people still refer to the tool by its old name. ClearSlide offers features that mainly focus on the analytics and metric part of presentations. While the tool provides some basic design features, it also allows for easy import of existing slideshows. All features are for paid accounts, and the closest thing to a free account is the 30-day free trial you get when you register. 

15. Animatron

word combinations presentation maker

Animatron is another tool that offers online free presentation design services in a very short time. Over hundreds of preloaded animated objects can be customized to your taste and specifications. 

With a simple whiteboard animator interface, Animatron helps engage your audience with visual stories and gives a feel different from the usual slideshow feel. 

Another helpful feature Animatron offers is real-time collaboration, which allows multiple users to work on a job simultaneously. And the best part, it offers a free plan.

How do I create a presentation without PowerPoint?

Numerous alternatives to PowerPoint are on the Internet. The issue is not about creating a presentation without PowerPoint but getting that presentation tool or software that can help achieve your goal. 

While many tools offer free accounts to peruse and utilize online and offline presentations, some do not. This does not mean the free tools are not good, rather, it is just a marketing idea. 

What can I use instead of PowerPoint for free?

Here are some presentation tools you can make use of instead of PowerPoint;

WPS Office boasts functionality and a well-designed, along with offline document capabilities. Sometimes accused of having very similar features to Microsoft Office, users can efficiently work on PowerPoint files. It also offers many templates. However, collaboration might be a bit stressful. 

WPS Office is available on Android, Web Windows, iOS, Linux, and macOS.

If there is one thing Canva has, it is templates. Canva makes PowerPoint look simple with a vast array of templates for every specification. If you have a problem with making decisions, do not use Canva.

However, that is its Achilles heel; many people find themselves scrolling for so long. Not all templates are free but, it helps narrow down your options. 

InVideo is considered a cloud-based online video editing tool with the feature of creating slideshow videos. it contains a huge selection of slideshow templates, stock footage, photos, and music to make great slideshow videos without a watermark. Although it is available for free, some features require a premium subscription.

Without a doubt, it can be stressful to get that one presentation software that can fit your exact specifications and give the required output. Although utilizing Slidebean can be very flexible, it can also be use to produce the best infographic presentation that compares data in an easily-understood manner.

word combinations presentation maker

We’ve created the best presentation software list with tools to ensure you make the right call in the platform you select. This articles is the result of several weeks of research and review of 50+ presentation tools currently available on the web. 

word combinations presentation maker

We're bringing a review of the best Powerpoint presentation software alternatives for 2023.

Slidebean Logo

This is a functional model you can use to create your own formulas and project your potential business growth. Instructions on how to use it are on the front page.

Financial Model Example

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Presentation Design Guide: How to Summarize Information for Presentations

By Midori Nediger , Oct 30, 2019

presentation design

Bad presentations. We’ve all had to sit through them.  Heck, we’ve probably all given one or two. I know I have.

You know the type: twice as long as they need to be, slides chock-full of text, no visuals in sight. 

How can you ensure you don’t fall victim to these presentation faux-pas when designing your next presentation for your team, class, or clients?

Let’s get started:

Include less text and more visuals in your presentation design

Watch: How to design a presentation [10 ESSENTIAL TIPS]

According to David Paradi’s annual presentation survey , the 3 things that annoy audiences most about presentations are:

The common thread that ties all of these presentation annoyances is text. Audiences are very picky about the text found in presentation slide decks .

In my experiences speaking at conferences and in webinars over the past few years, audiences respond much more positively to presentations that use visuals in place of text.

Audiences are more engaged, ask more questions, and find my talks more memorable when I include lots of visual examples in my slide decks. 

I’m not the only one who has found this. We recently surveyed nearly 400 conference speakers about their presentation designs and found that 84.3% create presentations that are highly visual.

A great example of a high visual presentation is the iconic AirBnB pitch deck design , which includes no more than 40 words per slide. Instead of repeating the speaker’s script on the slides, it makes an impact with keywords, large numbers, and icons:

presentation design


Learn how to customize this presentation template:

To help you take your presentations to the next level, I’d like to share my process for creating a visually-focused presentation like the one above. I’ll give you my top presentation design tips that I’ve learned over years of presenting:

You can then apply this process to our professional presentation templates  or pitch decks , creating unique presentation decks with ease! Our online presentation maker tool makes customizing these templates easy.

We’ll cover the most important steps for summarizing lengthy text into a presentation-friendly format. Then we’ll touch on some pre sentation design tips to help you get visual with your slide decks. Read on for the best creative presentation ideas.

How to summarize (and organize) information for presentations

1. identify one core message to center your presentation design around.

We know from David Paradi’s survey that audiences are easily overwhelmed with lots of text and data, especially when presentations are long.

confused woman meme

(You when you see a presentation with lots of text and data and it’s long)

So unlike in a white paper , report , or essay, you can’t expect to tackle many complex ideas within a single presentation.

That would be a recipe for disaster.

Instead, identify a single central message that you would like to communicate to your audience. Then build your presentation around that core message.

By identifying that core message, you can ensure that everything you include in your presentation supports the goal of the presentation .

As seen below, a great presentation tells you exactly what you’re going to learn (the core message), then gets right to the facts (the supporting information).

presentation design

To ensure you create an asset that’s clear, concise, impactful, and easy to follow, design your presentation around a single core message.

2. Create a strong presentation outline to keep you focused

Think of your outline like a roadmap for your presentation. Creating a strong presentation outline straight away helps make sure that you’re hitting all of the key points you need to cover.

Take this presentation outline example:

These are all things that we know we need to talk about within the presentation.

Creating a presentation outline makes it much easier to know what to say when it comes to creating the actually presentation slides.

Corporate pitch deck template


You could even include your presentation outline as a separate slide so that your audience knows what to expect:

Topics of discussion presentation outline example template

3. Eliminate any information that doesn’t support the core message

Next, use that core message to identify everything that doesn’t belong in the presentation.

Aim to eliminate everything that isn’t immediately relevant to the topic at hand, and anything remotely redundant. Cut any information that isn’t absolutely essential to understanding the core message.

By cutting these extra details, you can transform forgettable text-heavy slides:

presentation design

Into memorable slides with minimal text:

presentation design


Here’s a quick checklist to help you cut out any extra detail:

Get rid of:

presentation design

This step may seem obvious, but when you’re presenting on a topic that you’re passionate about, it’s easy to get carried away with extraneous detail. Use the recommendations above to keep your text in check.

Clarity is key, especially if you’re presenting virtually rather than in-person. However, Lisa Schneider (Chief Growth Officer at Merriam-Webster) has had plenty of experience making that adjustment. She recently shared her tips for adapting in-person presentations into virtual presentations on Venngage that you can check out. 

4. Use text to reinforce, not repeat, what you’re saying

According to presentation guru  Nancy Duarte , your audience should be able to discern the meaning of your slides in 6 seconds or less.

Since your audience will tend to read every word you place on each slide, you must keep your text to an absolute minimum. The text on your slides should provide support for what you’re saying without being distracting.

Never write out, word for word, what you’re going to be saying out loud. If you’re relying on text to remember certain points, resist the urge to cram them into your slides. Instead, use a tool like Venngage’s speaker notes to highlight particular talking points. These can be imported into PowerPoint — along with the rest of your presentation — and will only be viewable to you, not your audience.

Speaker notes by Venngage

For the actual slides, text should only be used to reinforce what you’re saying. Like in the presentation design below, paraphrase long paragraphs into short bulleted lists or statements by eliminating adjectives and articles (like “the” and “a”).

presentation design

Pull out quotes and important numbers, and make them a focus of each slide.

presentation design

5. Design your presentation with one major takeaway per slide

As I mentioned above, audiences struggle when too much information is presented on a single slide.

To make sure you don’t overwhelm your audiences with too much information, spread out your content to cover one major takeaway per slide.

By limiting each slide to a single simple statement, you focus your audience’s attention to the topic at hand.

My favorite way to do this is to pick out the core message of whatever I’m talking about and express it in a few keywords, as seen in this presentation slide below.

presentation design

This helps ensure that the visuals remain the focus of the slide.

presentation design

Using the text in this way, to simply state a single fact per slide, is a sure-fire way to make an impact in your presentation.

Alternatively, pull out a significant statistic that you want to stick in your audience’s minds and make it a visual focus of the slide, as seen in this popular presentation by Officevibe .

presentation design

This might mean you end up with a slide deck with a ton of slides. But that’s totally ok!

I’ve talked to many professionals who are pressured by their management teams to create presentations with a specific number of slides (usually as few as 10 or 15 slides for a 30-minute presentation).

If you ask me, this approach is completely flawed. In my mind, the longer I spend sitting on a single slide, the more likely I am to lose the interest of my audience.

How many slides should I use for a 10 minute presentation?

A good rule of thumb is to have at least as many slides as minutes in your presentation. So for a 10 minute presentation you should have at least 10 slides .

Use as many slides as you need, as long as you are presenting a single message on each slide, (as seen in the lengthy presentation template below). This is especially important if you’re presenting your business, or delivering a product presentation. You want to wow your audience, not bore them.

presentation design

6. Use visuals to highlight the key message on each slide

As important as having one major takeaway per slide is having visuals that highlight the major takeaway on each slide.

Unique visuals will help make your message memorable.

Visuals are a great way to eliminate extra text, too.

You can add visuals by grouping and integrating information into visual frameworks like timelines :

presentation design

Or flowcharts  and funnels :

presentation design

Or by representing simple concepts with icons, as seen in the modern presentation design below. Using the same color for every icon helps create a polished look.

Using visuals in this way is perfect for when you have to convey messages quickly to audiences that you aren’t familiar with – such as at conferences. This would also make the ideal interview presentation template.

presentation design

You can alternatively use icons in different colors, like in the presentation templates below. Just make sure the colors are complimentary, and style is consistent throughout the presentation (i.e. don’t use sleek, modern icons on one slide and whimsical illustrated icons on another). In this example, presentation clipart style icons have been used.


Any time you have important stats or trends you want your audience to remember, consider using a chart or data visualization to drive your point home. Confident public speaking combined with strong visualizations can really make an impact, encouraging your audience to act upon your message.

One of my personal favorite presentations (created by a professional designer) takes this “key message plus a visual” concept to the extreme, resulting in a slide deck that’s downright irresistible.

presentation design

When applying this concept, don’t fall into the trap of using bad stock photos . Irrelevant or poorly chosen visuals can hurt you as much as they help you.

Below is an example of how to use stock photos effectively. They are more thematic than literal, and are customized with fun, bright icons that set a playful tone.

presentation design


The content and visual design of a presentation should be seamless.

It should never seem like your text and visuals are plopped onto a template. The format and design of the slides should contribute to and support the audience’s understanding of the content.

How to make your presentation design more effective

Impactful presenation templates

1. Use scaffolding slides to orient your audience and keep them engaged

It’s easy for audiences to get lost during long presentations, especially if you have lots of slides. And audiences zone out when they get lost.

To help reorient your audience every once in a while, you can use something I like to call scaffolding slides. Scaffolding slides appear throughout a presentation to denote the start and end of major sections.

The core scaffolding slide is the agenda slide, which should appear right after the introduction or title slide. It outlines the major sections of the presentation.

At the beginning of each section, you should show that agenda again but highlight the relevant section title, as seen below.

presentation design

This gives audiences the sense that you’re making progress through the presentation, and helps keep them anchored and engaged.

Alternatively, you can achieve a similar effect by numbering your sections and showing that number on every slide. Or use a progress bar to the bottom of each slide to indicate how far along you are in your presentation. Just make sure it doesn’t distract from the main content of the slides.

presentation design

You can imagine using this “progress bar” idea for a research presentation, or any presentation where you have a lot of information to get through.

Leila Janah, founder of Sama Group, is great at this. Her  Innovation and Inspire  talk about Sama Group is an example of a presentation that is well organized and very easy to follow.

Her presentation follows a logical, steady stream of ideas. She seems comfortable talking in front of a crowd but doesn’t make any attempts to engage directly with them.

2. Use text size, weight, and color for emphasis

Every slide should have a visual focal point. Something that immediately draws the eye at first glance.

That focal point should be whatever is most important on that slide, be it an important number, a keyword, or simply the slide title.

presentation design

We can create visual focal points by varying the size, weight, and color of each element on the slide. Larger, brighter, bolder elements will command our audience’s attention, while smaller, lighter elements will tend to fade into the background.

presentation design

As seen in the presentation template above, this technique can be especially useful for drawing attention to important words within a long passage of text. Consider using this technique whenever you have more than 5 words on a slide.

And if you really want your audience to pay attention, use a  high-contrast color scheme like the one below.

presentation design


When picking fonts for your presentation, keep this technique in mind. Pick a font that has a noticeable difference between the “bold” font face and the “regular” font face. Source Sans Pro, Times New Roman, Montserrat, Arvo, Roboto, and Open Sans are all good options.

presentation design

The last thing to remember when using size, weight, and color to create emphasis on a slide: don’t try to emphasize too many things on one slide.

If everything is highlighted, nothing is highlighted.

3. Apply design choices consistently to avoid distraction

Audiences are quick to pick out, and focus on, any inconsistencies in your presentation design. As a result, messy, inconsistent slide decks lead to distracted, disengaged audiences.

Design choices (fonts and colors, especially), must be applied consistently across a slide deck. The last thing you want is your audience to pay attention to your design choices before your content.

To keep your design in check, it can be helpful to create a color palette and type hierarchy before you start creating your deck, and outline it in a basic style guide like this one:

presentation design


I know it can sometimes be tempting to fiddle around with text sizes to fit longer bits of text on a slide, but don’t do it! If the text is too long to fit on a slide, it should be split up onto multiple slides anyway.

And remember, a consistent design isn’t necessarily a boring one. This social media marketing presentation applies a bright color scheme to a variety of 3-column and 2-column layouts, remaining consistent but still using creative presentation ideas.

presentation design

4. Split a group presentation by topic

When giving a group presentation it’s always difficult to find the right balance of who should present which part.

Splitting a group presentation by topic is the most natural way to give everybody the chance to attempt without it seeming disjointed.

Smith corporation global presentation template

When presenting this slide deck to investors or potential clients, the team can easily take one topic each. One person can discuss the business model slide, and somebody else can talk about the marketing strategy.

Top tips for group presentations:

5. Use a variety of page layouts to maintain your audience’s interest

Page after page of the same layout can become repetitive and boring. Mix up the layout of your slides to keep your audience interested.

In this explain the designer has used a variety of combinations of images, text, and icons to create an interesting and varied style.

Yellow start up pitch deck presentation template

There are hundreds of different combinations of presentation layers and presentation styles that you can use to help create an engaging presentation. This style is great for when you need to present a variety of information and statistics, like if you were presenting to financial investors, or you were giving a research presentation.

Using a variety of layouts to keep an audience engaged is something that Elon Musk is an expert in. An engaged audience is a hyped audience. Check out this Elon Musk presentation revealing a new model Tesla for a masterclass in how to vary your slides in an interesting way:

6. Use presentation templates to help you get started

It can be overwhelming to build your own presentation from scratch. Fortunately, my team at Venngage has created hundreds of professional presentation templates , which make it easy to implement these design principals and ensure your audience isn’t deterred by text-heavy slides.

Using a presentation template is a quick and easy way to create professional looking presentation skills, without any design experience. You can edit all of the text easily, as well as change the colors, fonts, or photos. Plus you can download your work in a PowerPoint or PDF Presentation format.

How to deliver an impactful presentation

What makes a presentation memorable?

It usually comes down to three things:

All three elements work together to create a successful presentation. A good idea will give the audience a purpose for listening. A good presenter communicates the main idea so that the audience cares about it. And compelling visuals help clarify concepts and illustrate ideas.

But how the presenter delivers their presentation and what visuals they use can vary drastically while still being effective. There is no one perfect presentation style, or presentation design.

Here are some top tips to consider to help you deliver an impactful presentation:

1. Include examples of inspiring people

People like having role models to look up to. If you want to motivate your audience, including examples of people who demonstrate the traits or achievements, or who have found success through the topic you are presenting.

2. Dedicate slides to poignant questions

While you might be tempted to fill your slides with decorative visuals and splashes of color, consider that sometimes simplicity is more effective than complexity. The simpler your slide is, the more you can focus in on one thought-provoking idea.

Presentation design tips slide example template

3. Find quotes that will inspire your audience

A really good quote can stick in a person’s mind of weeks after your presentation. Creating a slide that features a quote can be a nice way to either begin or finish off your presentation.

A great example of this is with Tim Ferriss’ TED talk:

tim ferriss inspiration presentation example

Check out the full talk below.

4. Emphasize key points with text and images

When you pair concise text with an image, you’re presenting the information to your audience in two simultaneous ways. This can make the information easier to remember, and more memorable.

Use your images and text on slides to reinforce what you’re saying outloud.

Doing this achieves two things:

Don’t believe us? See this tip in action with a presentation our Chief Marketing Officer Nadya gave reccently at Unbounce’s CTA Conference . The combination of text and images on screen leads to a memorable presentation.

Nadya Unbounce Presentation Example

5. Label your slides to prompt your memory

Often, presenters will write out an entire script for their presentation and read it off a teleprompter. The problem is, that can often make your presentation seem  too  rehearsed and wooden.

But even if you don’t write a complete script, you can still put key phrases on your slides to prompt jog your memory. The one thing you have to be weary of is looking back at your slides too much.

Audiences don’t want to watch presentations with slides decks jam-packed with text. Too much text only hurts audience engagement and understanding. Your presentation design is as important as your presentation style. 

By summarizing our text and creating slides with a visual focus, we can give more exciting, memorable, impactful presentations.

Give it a try with one of our popular presentation templates:

presentation design

Want more presentation design tips? This post should get you started:

120+ Best Presentation Ideas, Design Tips & Examples

presentation design


14 Fonts That Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Stand Out

Presentation fonts, more generally known as typography, are one of the most neglected areas of presentation design .

That’s because when presentation fonts are used appropriately and correctly, they blend so well with the overall design that your audience doesn’t even notice it. Yet, when your font usage is lacking, this sticks out like a sore thumb. 

Over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are made daily. Therefore, when it comes to creating your own slide decks, you need to take every advantage you can get to make it stand out. Among other design choices, choosing the best fonts for presentations can provide a huge impact with minimal effort.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons why Steve Jobs was able to turn Apple into the brand it is today. His expertise in branding and design was fueled by the Calligraphy classes that he attended in his early years. This allowed him to find the best font family that accentuated his company’s brand and identity.

So no matter the subject of your PowerPoint presentation, the best font or font family will help you create a lasting impression and convey a powerful message. To help you shine through your next slideshow, here’s our cultivated list of the best fonts for presentations.

If you want to create a PowerPoint presentation, but don’t have access to PowerPoint itself, you can use Piktochart’s presentation maker to create a presentation or slide deck, and export it as a .ppt file.

Best Fonts for Presentations and PowerPoint

Before we proceed, you should know some basics of typography, especially the difference between Serif, Sans Serif, Script, and Decorative types of fonts. 

Serif Fonts : These are classic fonts recognizable by an additional foot (or tail) where each letter ends. Well-known Serif fonts include Garamond, Times New Roman, Lucida, Bookman, Century, and so on. 

Sans Serif Fonts : Differing from the Serif font style, Sans Serif fonts do not have a tail. The most popular Sans Serif font used in presentations is Arial, but Century Gothic, Tahoma, Calibri, Lucida Sans, Verdana, and Helvetica are also commonly employed renditions of Sans Serif typeface.

Script and Decorative Fonts : These are the fonts that emulate handwriting—not typed with a keyboard or typewriter. Script typefaces and decorative or custom fonts for PowerPoint vary immensely and can be created by a graphic designer to ensure these custom fonts are bespoke to your company/brand.

With these font fundamentals explained, you can also keep up-to-date with the popularity of such fonts using Google’s free font analytics tool here . Let’s now go ahead with our list of the best presentation fonts for your PowerPoint slides. 

1. Helvetica

helvetica font

Helvetica is a basic Sans Serif font with a loyal user base. Originally created in 1957 , Helvetica comes from the Latin word for ‘Switzerland’ where it was born. When you use Helvetica, the top-half part of the text is bigger than in other Sans Serif fonts. For this reason, letters and numbers have a balanced proportionality between the top and bottom segments. As a result, this standard font makes it easier to identify characters from a distance.

As a result of being one of the easiest typecases to read compared to different presentation fonts, Helvetica is great for communicating major points as titles and subheadings in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. If you are presenting live to a large group of people, Helvetica is your new go to font! It is the tried and tested best font that ensures the legibility of your slide deck, even for the audience members sitting at the very back. Though it looks good in any form, you can make Helvetica shine even more in a bold font style or all caps. 

futura font

Futura is one of the popular Sans Serif fonts, and is based on geometric shapes. Its features are based on uncomplicated shapes like circles, triangles, and rectangles. In other words , it mimics clean and precise proportions, instead of replicating organic script or handwriting. Futura is a great default font for presentations because of its excellent readability, elegance, and lively personality. 

As one of many standard fonts designed to invoke a sense of efficiency and progress, Futura is best employed when you want to project a modern look and feel in your presentation. Futura is a versatile option ideal for use in both titles and body content, accounting for why it has remained immensely popular since 1927. 

3. Rockwell

rockwell font, presentation font

The Rockwell font has strong yet warm characters that make it suitable for a variety of presentation types, regardless of whether it’s used in headings or the body text. However, best practice dictates that this standard font should be used in headers and subheadings based on its geometric style. Rockwell is a Geometric Slab Serif . It is formed almost completely of straight lines, flawless circles, and sharp angles. This roman font features a tall x-height and even stroke width that provides its strong presence with a somewhat blocky feel.

Monoline and geometric, Rockwell is a beautiful font that can display any text in a way that looks impactful and important. Whether you want to set a mood or announce a critical update or event, you can’t go wrong with this robust font.

presentation font, verdana font

Verdana is easily a great choice as one of the top PowerPoint presentation fonts. Its tall lowercase letters and wide spaces contribute significantly towards boosting slide readability even when the text case or font size is small. That’s why Verdana is best for references, citations, footnotes, disclaimers, and so on. Additionally, it can also be used as a body font to extrapolate on slide headings to nail down your key points.

Besides that, it is one of the most widely available fonts, compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. This makes this modern Sans Serif font a safe bet for when you are not certain where and how will you be delivering your presentation. 

raleway font, presentation font

Raleway is a modern and lightweight Sans Serif font. Its italicized version has shoulders and bowls in some letters that are a bit off-centered. What this means is that the markings excluding the stem are intentionally lower or higher as compared to other fonts. 

This gives Raleway a slightly artistic look and feels without impacting its readability (and without falling into the custom or decorative fonts category). In fact, many professionals think the swashes and markings actually enhance the font’s readability and legibility. Moreover, Raleway also has a bold version which is heavily used in presentations and slide decks. 

The bottom line is that Raleway is a versatile typeface that can be used in a variety of presentations, either in the body copy or in titles and subheadings. When the titles are capitalized or formatted as bold, captivating your audience becomes a breeze. 

6. Montserrat

montserrat font, presentation font

Montserrat is one of our favorite PowerPoint fonts for presentation titles and subheadings. It’s a bold, professional, and visually appealing choice for situations when you want your headers and titles to really capture the audience’s attention. 

Every time you move to the next slide, the viewers will see the headings and instantly understand its core message.  

Another major quality of the Montserrat font is its adaptability and versatility. Even a small change such as switching up the weight gives you an entirely different-looking typeface. So you get enough flexibility to be able to use the font in all types of PowerPoint presentations.

Montserrat pairs nicely with a wide range of other fonts. For example, using it with a thin Sans Serif in body paragraphs creates a beautiful contrast in your PowerPoint slides. For this reason, it is usually the first modern Serif font choice of those creating a business plan or marketing presentation in MS PowerPoint. 

Create powerful presentations with Piktochart

Piktochart is the easiest way to make powerful presentations. Import your own fonts.

Infographic header template showcase

Roboto is a simple sans serif font which is a good fit for PowerPoint presentations in a wide range of industries. Well-designed and professional, Roboto works especially well when used for body text, making your paragraphs easy to read.

Roboto combines beautifully with several other fonts. When you’re using Roboto for body text, you can have headings and titles that use a script font such as Pacifico, a serif font such as Garamond, or a sans serif font such as Gill Sans. 

bentham presentation font

Bentham is a radiant serif font perfectly suited for headings and subtitles in your PowerPoint slides. It gives your presentation a traditional appearance, and its letter spacing makes your content really easy to read.

You can use this font in uppercase, lowercase, or the title case, depending on how it blends with the rest of your slide. For best result, we recommend combining Bentham with a Sans Serif font in your body content. For example, you can use a font such as Open Sans or Futura for the rest of your slide content.

9. Libre-Baskerville

libre baskerville, libre baskerville font

Libre-Baskerville is a free serif Google font. You can pair this classic font with several other fonts to make a PowerPoint presentation with a traditional design. 

One of its best features is that works equally well in both headings and body copy. It’s clear and easily readable no matter how you use it. And when used for headings, it works really well in uppercase form. 

tahoma powerpoint font, tahoma font

Tahoma is one of the fonts that offer the best level of clarity for PowerPoint slides. It has easily distinguishable characters like Verdana, but with the exception of tight spacing to give a more formal appearance.

Designed particularly for screens, Tahoma looks readable on a variety of screen sizes and multiple devices. In fact, this significant aspect is what makes Tahoma stand out from other fonts in the Sans Serif family. 

11. Poppins

poppins powerpoint font, poppins font

Poppins falls within the Sans Serif font category, but is a different font of its own uniqueness. The solid vertical terminals make it look strong and authoritative. That’s why it’s great for catchy titles, and subheadings, as well as for the body paragraphs. Poppins is a geometric typeface issued by Indian Type Foundry in 2014. It was released as open-source and is available in many font sizes for free on Google Fonts.

When you want something that feels casual and professional in equal measure, pick Poppins should be in the running for the best PowerPoint fonts. 

12. Gill Sans 

gill sans presentation font, gill sans font

Gill Sans is another classic choice for PowerPoint presentations when you’re looking to build rapport with your audience. Gill Sans is a friendly and warm Sans Serif font similar to Helvetica. At the same time, it looks strong and professional. 

It’s designed to be easy to read even when used in small sizes or viewed from afar. For this reason, it’s a superior match for headers, and one of the best PowerPoint fonts especially when combined with body text using Times New Roman or Georgia (not to mention several other fonts you can pair it with for successful results). This is the right font for combing different fonts within a presentation.

13. Palatino

palatino presentation font, palatino font

Palatino can be classified as one of the oldest fonts inspired by calligraphic works of the 1940s. This old-style serif typeface was designed by Hermann Zapf , and originally released in 1948 by the Linotype foundry. It features smooth lines and spacious counters, giving it an air of elegance and class. 

Palatino was designed to be used for headlines in print media and advertising that need to be viewable from a distance. This attribute makes Palatino a great font suitable for today’s PowerPoint presentations.   

Palatino is also a viable choice for your presentation’s body text. It’s a little different from fonts typically used for body paragraphs. So it can make your presentation content stand out from those using conventional fonts. 

14. Georgia

georgia ppt presentation font, georgia font

Georgia typeface has a modern design that few fonts can match for its graceful look. It’s similar to Times New Roman but with slightly larger characters. Even in a small font size Georgia exudes a sense of friendliness; a sense of intimacy many would claim has been eroded from Times New Roman through its overuse. This versatile font was designed by Matthew Carter , who has successfully composed such a typeface family which incorporates high legibility with personality and charisma. Its strokes form Serif characters with ample spacing, making it easily readable even in small sizes and low-resolution screens. 

Another benefit of using this modern font is its enhanced visibility even when it’s used in the background of your PowerPoint slides. Moreover, the tall lowercase letters contribute to a classic appearance great for any PowerPoint presentation.  

Final Step: Choosing Your Presentation Fonts to Make Your Slide Deck Shine

Choosing the right PowerPoint fonts for your future presentations is more of a creative exercise than a scientific one. Unless you need to abide by strict branding guidelines and company policies, there are no rules for the ‘best font’ set in stone. Plus, presentation fonts depend entirely on the environment or audience it is intended for, the nature and format of the project, and the topic of your PowerPoint presentation. 

However, there are certain basic principles rooted in Typography that can help you narrow down the evergrowing list of available PowerPoint presentation fonts, and choose PowerPoint fonts that will resonate with and have a powerful impact on your target audience. As discussed in this article, these include font factors such as compatibility with most systems, clarity from a distance, letter spacing, and so on.  Luckily for you, our carefully researched and compiled list of best fonts for presentations above was created with these core fundamentals already in mind, saving you time and hassle.

As long as you adopt these best practices for standard fonts without overcomplicating your key message and takeaways, you’ll soon be on your way to designing a brilliant slide deck using a quality PowerPoint font or font family! From all of us here at Piktochart, good luck with your new and improved presentation slides that will surely shine!


Hitesh Sahni is an editor, consultant, and founder of http://smemark.com/ , an upscale content marketing studio helping brands accelerate growth with superior and scalable SEO, PPC, and copywriting services.

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